THE SECRET HATCHERY – US Military Involvement in Reptilian Breeding


US Military Involvement in Reptilian Breeding

Copyright 1999 – 2012 Ken Bakeman


The account that follows details an experience that took place in June of 1983 when I was 29 years old. By that time I had already been subjected to many years of training and conditioning in regard to partitioning my psyche in order to make it useful to the Gray Agenda.  More specifically the process I was subjected to was designed to make me a compliant and useful adjunct to my Reptilian handler.  Some  information about this is given here.  Compliance was a result principally from psychological and physical torture/reward training.  What was the reward?  Mainly it was a reprieve from being tortured along with ephemeral promises given in a diabolical ‘soul contract’ that would be amended from time to time to keep me roped in.  (The issue of ‘soul contracts’ is central to the way both Reptilians and the Grays operate and will be the topic of future entries on this web site as time permits.)

My usefulness derived from multiple sessions since I was a teenager that seem to have been intended to ramp up the scale and scope of my psychic sensitivity to make it more compatible with the physiology and in particular the nervous system of my Reptilian handler.  This involved exposure to some kind of extremely painful energy field that made my body feel like it was on fire.

Face of a mind controlled slave warrior who served the Gray-Reptilian Agenda:   from my 1984 International Driving Permit photo.

Eventually, when I was 21 years old, this process resulted in a Kundalini explosion of pure white, searing light that roared up my spine and exploded into my brain, leaving me in a daze and partially blind for several days.  It also resulted in what I would describe as a total ontological reset, almost as though all of the previous memes I had been infected with over the years had been completely obliterated and a new starting point, a rebirth as it were, was established.

A central point I’m trying to get at here is that my usefulness as related in the following account was to a significant extent a result of adjustments (to put it mildly) made to my nervous system over a period of many years, making it easier for my Reptilian handler to be a sort of voyager and to a certain extent pilot of my mind.  If you think this is total rubbish, then I respectfully suggest that you certainly don’t understand how the Reptilians and the Grays operate — take that as you may.  Another important element given here concerns the extensive involvement of the US Military in conjunction with a huge, international medical research institute in collecting and hatching eggs of cryptic species.

At the risk of rambling on too long in these introductory comments, I probably should briefly add that the “activities of the previous night” mentioned at the beginning of the ensuing account relates to an abduction event I had relating to the brethren of the red-eyed being who by some bad fortune had become incarcerated or perhaps even incubated and hatched in the Battelle lab hidden away in the New Jersey countryside.

Good grief!, I thought of something else that really needs to be included in this introduction.  The house I was staying at was in Maplewood, New Jersey.   From this point I drove in a generally southerly direction and ended up on a newly paved, two-lane road that meandered through the New Jersey countryside. 

It was after well more than an hour, probably closer to two hours, that I ended up at the destination my Reptilian handler had guided me to.  This was in a completely undeveloped, wooded area in the Pine Barrens — no other buildings were in sight, just a new tilt-up concrete building surrounded by a security fence.  A modestly sized sign was placed just outside the fence; it read, Battelle Primate Research Facility, or something very close to that.  At the time I didn’t know that Battelle was a giant multinational research organization and in my ignorance thought it was just a local telephone company, you know — the ‘telle part?  But why would a telephone company be researching primates?  That’s how naive I was back then . . . 


The activities of the previous night left me feeling less than refreshed in the morning, to say the least.  (refer to The Darklings.)  It was now Sunday and most of the household slept in a little later than usual.  Our host was already cooking breakfast and I enjoyed a strong cup of coffee, trying to wake myself up.  After breakfast, I felt a strong urge to leave the house and go on a drive by myself.  Byron said that he was going to be busy doing things with the other houseguests so I didn’t need to worry about him.  I invented an excuse for my restlessness, telling the host that I wanted to go shopping.  He pointed me in the general direction of the local stores, calling it the ‘valley of the malls’.
Aimlessly driving my van, my travels took me outside the suburban sprawl and after about a half-hour ended up in the New Jersey countryside.  A glowing red sphere the size of a grapefruit came into the periphery of my vision.  It had come up to the right side passenger window and was pacing my vehicle some three feet away.  At the next four-way stop this red energy sphere instantly converted into the body of Renjeck.  Without hesitation, he opened the side door and shoved his muscular body (tail and all) into the front seat.  He wore a silver colored backpack, the size of an attaché case, which forced his body forward in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position.  His clawed fingers held a wand about an inch in diameter and 18″ long, attached by a cord to the backpack.

The blare of a car horn jolted me out of my shock due to the suddenness of Renjeck’s appearance.  A lady in a station wagon had pulled up behind me at the stop and was now impatiently honking to get me moving.  (Fortunately for her, she couldn’t see inside my van because of reflecting film on the rear window.)  Renjeck turned around and pointed his wand at her, causing her face and body to become frozen into stillness.  I couldn’t help but wonder how long the poor lady would be stuck like that.  Mentally, Renjeck commanded me to continue driving.

Even though it was only about 10:30 in the morning, the day was already getting hot and humid.  Combined with the nerve-racking situation of having Renjeck seated next to me, this made for a less than leisurely drive in the country.  With my reptilian passenger crammed into the cab with me, we drove along the twisting and turning back roads of the valley.  These roads were newly paved and looked like they had only recently been carved through the rural landscape.  After driving in a generally southerly direction for about an hour, I was told to pull in front of a lonely concrete building with no visible windows.  It was completely surrounded by a tall chain-linked fence with barbed wire on the top.  The company sign posted in front of the fence read, “Battelle”.  Written under that name was “Primate Research Laboratory”.
Map showing my general route driving from the sleepy suburban town of Maplewood, NJ southward to the Pine Barrens.  This drive took somewhat in the area of 2 hours, most of which was on a newly paved two-laned blacktop road that wound it way through the countryside.

There was a small security box to the left of the sliding gate, apparently used to communicate with the interior of the building.  As my van idled in front of the gate, Renjeck focused his attention on the box.  Only after a few seconds the gate started to slide open by itself and Renjeck ordered me to pull forward.  We passed an unoccupied guardhouse and entered a fairly large, completely empty parking lot.  Quickly jumping out of the van, Renjeck pulled off his backpack and put it on the floor of the vehicle.  He mentally told me, “Follow me, right now”.  I was flabbergasted that this device was going to be left inside of my unattended, unlocked van.  Quickly, I flashed the reptilian this concern and he barked a mental command for me to forget about the pack and to follow him, immediately.  With Renjeck loping ahead in comically large strides (he could easily outrun me) we ran across the parking lot and approached a steel door on the far end of the building.  In a few seconds there was a buzzing sound and the door was unlocked. 

We entered a dimly lit hallway running lengthwise along the building.  Shelving reached up towards the tall ceiling on one side of this corridor.  Dozens and dozens of wire cages of different sizes were stacked along these racks.  After traversing the hallway we came to a set of large cages.  I stood in shocked horror looking at what was inside these cells.  Even in the gloomy lighting I could make out the forms of grotesque looking, living beings.  Renjeck stood calmly alongside of me, seeming to be gauging my response to this spectacle.  My nose registered the pungent smell of urine and feces, the stench of an unclean zoo.  About ten reptile and/or amphibian creatures stood staring back at me, peering out of their cages with a pathetic look of desperation.  Some of them were whining and moaning.  None of these animals were part of my ordinary world.  Like Renjeck himself, they had the look of alien beings.

Fluorescent light fixtures shining through a large window in a room directly behind the cages provided an eerie back light to this scene.  The deep red, almost glowing eyes of the being in the cage on the far right stood out in the shadowy setting.  This was the same class of being as the ones who had abducted me the night before.  However, unlike the defiant and imperious nature of those darklings, this individual stood on his two bowed legs in an attitude of sullen detachment.  To his left stood another biped alien.  This being displayed a (now droopy) dorsal fin at least as big as that of a sailfish.  The next cage over held a humanoid with loose flaps of skin hanging off its putty green-gray epidermis.  This guy was at least six feet tall, with heavily webbed feet and hands.  To his left were two reptilian-looking bipeds with scaly, alligator-like skin.  Their coloring ranged between shades in the light gray-green to blue-gray-green.  My eyes followed this gruesome lineup and next took in three quadrupeds.  They all had short, lizard-like legs but their heads were held in an upright position, more human-like than reptilian.  Their eyes stared at me with a terrifying intensity of intelligence.  The smallest of these three was the darkest, with a hide more like rough sharkskin than a reptile’s scaly covering.  With its weasely body, this creature reminded me of a nightmarish dachshund.  

Renjeck asked me to follow him.  We entered the small room behind the cages through a metal door with a wire-reinforced glass window.  Two men (caucasian humans) stood waiting for us.  They were both dressed in dark green military uniforms.  The shorter of the two men, whose uniform boasted a row of colorful decorations, reached out his hand for me to shake.  Automatically offering my hand in return, I tried to evaluate this guy.  What I saw was a stocky body with a jovial, rounded face.  His slightly graying hair was cut in a perfect flattop.  After introducing himself to me as Major Stevens, he turned to the other man and identified this younger and much more slender individual as Lieutenant so and so (I can’t remember the name).  

The room we were now in was only about twelve by twenty feet, with a drop ceiling and commercial grade, blue-gray carpeting.  A minimum of desks and filing cabinets lined one wall.  Even though this room was air-conditioned (unlike the ‘zoo room’), my body was dripping with perspiration.  Almost as though reading my mind, the Major asked me if I would like something to drink.  “Ice water or a pop”, he asked, pointing to a large Coke machine which stood in one corner of the room in colorful contrast to the rest of the austere furnishings.  I gladly accepted the offer and slurped down the drink in an attempt to cool down my overheated body.

I needed to know what was going on and fumbled to ask what should have been the obvious questions.  Major Stevens offered a few judicious responses that were clearly designed to adroitly avoid an answer.  The Lieutenant opened a briefcase he had been holding all during this time and brought out a small tape recorder and microphone.  It was succinctly explained to me that they would like my assistance in tapping into the minds of the creatures that I had been shown in the cages.  Before I could respond with any questions, the Major interrupted me in his polite manner.  He almost apologetically informed me that my Coke had a mild drug in it.  The reason for this, he explained, was to help calm me down so that the ‘experiment’ with linking to the creatures’ thoughts would be more successful.  This news gave me a sinking feeling.  Obviously I was being used to further their agenda and whatever I personally felt or thought was irrelevant.

Major Stevens quickly changed the subject.  He said that he wanted to show me another room in the building.  With the Major at the lead and Renjeck taking up the rear position, we exited the office area and walked down a wide hallway leading to the opposite end of the building from which my reptilian partner and I had originally entered.  After passing through double swinging doors we were now standing in a very large room, about eighty by eighty feet square.  I was immediately hit by this room’s extremely hot and humid air.  The temperature must have been well over ninety degrees.  Looking up, I saw an enormous ceiling-mounted heater noisily pumping out a steady furnace blast of hot air.  Row after row of benches supporting large white plastic trays filled most of the floor area.  Pipes arranged horizontally a few feet over the benches periodically sprayed a fine mist down towards the trays.  I could see that these trays contained eggs, ranging between the size of a small chicken egg upwards to the size of a big cantaloupe.  Each egg had hand written characters on it, presumably used for record keeping. 

In the far corner of the room, my attention caught the sight of a seven-foot tall biped reptilian with its arms reaching out towards us.  Reacting instinctively, I jumped back and let out a sling of profanities.  Major Stevens put his hand on my shoulder and while attempting to control his laughter, explained that the creature in the corner was ‘stuffed’ and not real.  It was simply a joke he liked to play on first time visitors to this building.  I didn’t think it was very funny.

There was only one other person in the room besides our little group.  This man wore a white lab coat and when coached by the Major came over to be introduced.  Both his name and his personality were completely forgettable.  I was told that Mr. ____ was in charge of monitoring the hatching of the eggs and keeping records of the species description.  This nerdy guy had nothing to say and seemed to be relieved when the Major allowed him to return to his paperwork.

My mind was swirling with questions.  Again in his casual manner, Major Stevens sidestepped my queries and began a rather automatic lecture on the purpose of this room.  Eggs of ‘anomalous’ species were occasionally found in remote regions of both the United States and parts of other countries around the world.  Their discovery would usually coincide with construction projects, especially road building through terrain previously undisturbed by humans.  It was the aim of the Major’s project to funnel as many of these unusual eggs to the appropriate research laboratories.  The eggs were assigned identifying markers (the writing on the shell) and sorted out by size and color.  If the egg produced a hatchling, the creature would be further identified and then transferred to a different site.  In some instances a hatchling would develop to adulthood and be kept for further research.  This brought us up to the present moment.  The live specimens in the cages were examples of anomalous species garnered through the process of raising eggs brought to the research laboratory.  Working in tandem with Renjeck, it was hoped that I could provide an insight into their minds.  

All that I could say at that point was that I had to go to the bathroom.  This seemed to set Major Stevens back a few cogs in his thinking, but only for a second.  “Of course”, he said.  “The Lieutenant will be happy to show you to the restroom”.  The bathroom was only a few yards down the corridor on the left.  The Lieutenant waited patiently for me just outside the door while I took a leak.  My mind was reeling from the impact of this bizarre experience.  I wanted nothing more than to escape. This was just one more case where Renjeck got me into a completely twisted adventure.  With the Lieutenant standing guard outside the restroom, I couldn’t reasonably plan an escape.  I was stuck with having to cooperate with Major Stevens and his experiment.

Note: This is one of the articles and accounts I have written to document some of my encounters with Saurian Humanoids and other cryptic beings that operate in and around the terrestrial landscape.

Copyright 1999-2012 Ken Bakeman
Presented with author’s permission

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PS Pine Barrens Area

Perhaps by coincidence, there are few military facilities in the area indicated in the article.
Using Google Earth one can explore restricted to the public (on the ground) facilities.

Could one of them be “the secret hatchery” ?



  1. Solarisquartz says

    Suspicious government officers are located regional security alert possible operation underway at the bay.

  2. death mother says

    When i have dream walked on military ships across the veil, the majority of both humans and fbi cia etc are all ASLEEP both the ones doing the experiments and the humans who are being experimented on, this has the been after 2012, they use peoples ASTRAL BODIES (the luminous emotional body) is what they are after, because magnetics of our emotional body grows things, just like the moon grows plants. Reptilians are desert and heat humans so the opposites meet, one the perpetrator and one the victim who cannot change their bad habits of alcohol, pot, medications etc so they remain asleep and are equally guilty as the reptilians themselves. When the veils start dropping and everyones dark astral body of their karmic lives for the past 3000 years start to happen, normal people will go insane. Its too late now to start a major healing on the self and discipline and going to energy healers, yoga etc… winter of the sun is coming, it goes black, and you better be awake in your dreams at night to be able to handle it. good luck

    • zoltanmate says

      this is a lie. reptilians are omnivorous but predominantly herbivorous creatures living in outerspace farther from the sun.

      humans are baboons, proboscis monkeys, some other monkeys mixtures or related monkeys mixtures compared to this.. probably there are breeder humans who mixed animal genes for creating several species some usefull propagated more so, several humanoid species you see are all humans with a little changes made to them to test how they behave several of them are put in positions where they could abuse power then after a number of decdes the master human race eradicates those proved to be corrupt humans and used their organs for sustenance (organs of corrupts and criminals who are in places such as secret police to abuse power for their own gain in causing accidents to harvest organs).

      but think about it while considering the actual time industrial development have taken being less then a few hundred years (as industrial machinery can replicate quite quickly) while wichever master race of human and associated have produced false documents and even false evidence about longer history.. etc.

  3. J.a says

    SO now what is to be had is bases where that government is located is fixed just as many here and there for them.

  4. j.apoyan says

    Now what happend they get involved then they use these beings then make us fear them for their own means without telling us our connections to star beings and when they are finished with them they try to get close to us by any means how wierd are these reporters if you are here try to have some logic what a joke hotter now.

  5. J.apoyan says

    These reptiles could teach a lot so may be the keepers out there can still acsess planetry codes through recognition of our interconnectedness to stellar thought,why do you suppose the us military is using these beings does it have anything to do with mars!one day we shall wake up and decide enough is enough we belong to the earth we are not alien just terestial.

  6. Brenda Brown says

    These things are no joke. There’s a reason why their appearance is usually preceded by some form of the occult. Everything about them is hidden, dark, heavy and weird. I’d be getting as far away from them and as close to God as I could.

  7. Ian says

    I am a Reptilian. All of this account is true…except, there’s more, much more. And it’s horrible, horrible I tell you! I can’t say more now.

    But my book, “Reptiles of the World Unite” will be out soon. Please buy it and Save The Planet..from…………The Reptiles…….Aaaaaagggghhhh!!!

  8. says

    This is a subject which needs exploring. Both Linda Moulton Howe and the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus speak of PUPAE – and Project Camelot with their interview of Dan Burisch (and others) also speak of breeding laboratories in Dulce and other places.
    The Off Earth laboratories (SUPER LUNAR NURSERIES Nostradamus calls them) are involved in up breeding the human as a being, hybrid breeding. There has been a number of abductees who have described their experience, David Huggins and Linda Porter being two of them. I mention them because they were taken to see the pupae.
    The Mantids are either in charge of the project or supervising for Others. The area of their origin is named as Cassiopeia by Nostradamus (in the Hidden Texts) and he says these are Pterosaurian. So this could be an insectoide/reptilian joint venture.
    The reason for all of it is simply 1) save the Earth and 2) provide a “better” class of human for the next round.


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