Sites of Antiquity and the New Jerusalem

by Doug Krieger


Hi all – Greetings from THE TRIBULATION NETWORK (a rather disturbing title to the possibilities of 2012 these days) – I have not forsaken you (not that you may have noticed J ) – I have been exceedingly busy with my 70th Birthday and feel as if I were prophetically destined to enter Daniel’s Seventieth Week!

That said – Teotihuacanhas absolutely consumed me – but in my torrid pursuit of the Dimensions of Paradise I pleasantly discovered that Stonehenge needs a 100% makeover and it is my duty to disengage her from her Druidian past and bring her into total conformity to the New Jerusalem.

Oddly enough, it has been done with the greatest of ease – along with Glastonbury – absolutely stunning discoveries – and, in the mean time the measurements of Noah’s Ark have been equated the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

As if Noah’s ark were not the consummate measuring line for it all … for with the discovery of the dimensions of the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20″ and its substantiation incorporated into the Imperial Mile of 5,280′ – all bets are off that these amazing sites of antiquity and sacred objects found in Holy Writ are not only similar but are Divinely Orchestrated for us and our posterity – especially now, at the close of human history…which is much closer than we think!

So, “As in the days of Noah…so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man” – finished this for my 70th birthday…not that “vast celebrations” did not frequent the occasion – however, such festivities were kept to a bare minimum – I mean, after all, these are not a Diamond Jubilee type activity!

And that is but the tip of the iceberg, as it were.  The Ark of the Covenant – the very presence of the Almighty – conforms as well to the Sacred Dimensions found at the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross in that the 21 by 21 platform of 26.4′ x 26.4′ x 26.4 x 26.4 squares (21 on each edge of her platform) or 26.4′ * 21 = 554.4 Linear Feet.  The Ark of the Covenant has 22 total Linear Cubits * 25.20″ (which is a rather glorious measurement) = 554.4 Linear Inches – thus the Ark of the Covenant and the measurements of the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross are aligned in miniature.

However, the British cannot escape my rapier – for we must excise the bizarre and oft contrary measurements of Aubrey/Stonehenge and see if they indeed conform to those of the New Jerusalem as Dr. John Michell suspects – but hardly did he see these marvels – marvels which perplex the stupidities of the skeptics who are all the more enraged over these Judeo-Christian intrusions into once was thought but pagan scribbles of the universe.

Thank God Almighty that Professor Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie’s long-established dimensions/methodologies of Aubrey Circle/Stonehenge taken in 1877 have stood the test of time – for it is from his original diameter that numerous conclusions can be derived in that his 184 1/2 Foot radius from the outer bank/moat/ditch to the midst of the Sarsen Circle when doubled gives us the diameter of this marvel as in 184 1/2′ (6 inches) * 2 = 369 Feet – and those, of course, are Imperial Feet (but please remember – however convenient it is for most skeptics to scoff at what they THINK is a more recent measurement known as the Imperial Mile,  Foot, Inch, etc. (which is in point of glaring and glorious fact) based upon the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20″ – therefore, unfortunate wanna-be academics like George Richards of Journey Into Time fame will find my conclusions disconcerting – another mystical and ridiculous attempt to substantiate the faith once delivered, I am sure.  (Incidentally, Flinders Petrie was first to number the stones at Stonehenge which numbering system stands to this day – so comprehensive was his survey.)

Yet, Mr. Richards is loathe to admit that we Judeo-Christian types – who he claims have corrupted history in general with our myths and fabrications and manipulative conclusions – seem to have united our fine efforts with those of Sacred Geometry to the extent that even he admits that the “squaring of the circle” has some merit – well then, let us proceed with the 369 IMPERIAL FEET (wholly under the dominion of the 25.20″ Sacred Cubit of those corrupting Hebrews and let’s just square Flinders Petrie’s Aubrey Circle wherein each of its square sides will match that of its diameter at 369′ – therefore, its two diagonals thus created will be via calculator 552 Linear Feet each or 552′ * 2 = 1,440 Linear Feet (and NO – I did not manipulate these figures…they are wholly substantiated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Great Britain. Therefore, the “144” on the face of one side of a “cubed Aubrey Circle/Stonehenge made into a square will have six faces of this “144” or 6 * 144 = 864 which is a fractal of the sun’s 864,000 diameter but, more so, Dr. John Michell’s brilliance whereby he takes the 12,000 furlongs of the New Jerusalem found in Revelation 21:16-17 and simply eliminates the zeroes of the 12,000 – making them 12 – thus, 12 * 12 (one face of the New Jerusalem) = 144 * 6 (faces of a cube) = 864 – therefore, the 864 of Aubrey Circle/Stonehenge is equal to the 864 of the New Jerusalem and is therefore a perfect reflection of the New Jerusalem!

I place hereunder a morsel for our audience so that when the next concert is held at Aubrey SOMEONE OUT THERE will know darn well around which they gather is not the haunt of witches and warlocks but the very expression of the New Jerusalem: THE DIMENSIONS OF PARADISE…and, if so – which I have no doubt it is – then they must probe in good conscience what that means and the possible obligations commensurate therewith!

Again – the Sacred Cubit’s dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant and their implications to that of the Peruvian Sun-Star and Cross’ 21 by 21 platform of 26.4 Ft. by 26.4 Ft. squares (21 in a row) are equal to 21 * 26.4 Ft. = 554.4 Ft. by 554.4 Ft. (which is the overall platform measurement of the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross) – it is this 5544 which equates to the 5544 of the Ark of the Covenant.

The Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross’ 21 by 21 platform includes the Sun-Star’s 12 by 12 platform or the “2112” and this “2112” – where Teotihuacan intervenes into the equation has everything to do with the Mexican antiquity’s platform wherein its clear measurement as proportionately determined by Hugh Harleston’s Standard Teotihuacan Units – which STUs are slightly deficient to that of the Imperial Mile’s Sacred Cubit’s based measurement – that is one concession which we have made toward Harleston – however, John Allen’s GPS measurements substantiate the stunning discoveries of the Imperial Mile/Sacred Cubit’s stamp all over Teotihuacán – from the Pyramid of the Moon to the Pyramid of the sun (2,640 Feet or .5 miles) and from the Pyramid of the sun to the Citadel’s peak at the Temple of the Feathered Serpent of 3,960 Imperial Feet or .75 miles and the very Citadel’s square of 1,320 Imperial Foot square base * 4 edges = 5,280 Feet which IS the Imperial Mile and validates the Sumerian foot of 13.2 inches in the engagement – i.e., Allen’s team  affirms the Sumerian foots engagement at Teotihuacan; however, again, this is only an affirmation of the Sacred Cubit/Imperial Mile’s domination of the entire Sacred District of Teotihuacan.

Therefore – when we consider the length of Teotihuacan at 7,920 Feet (which is the diameter of the Earth – the fractal of 7,920 miles) and her width of 2,640 Imperial Feet – therefore the perimeter of the Sacred District’s rectangle is clearly 7,920′ + 2,640′ + 7,920′ + 2,640′ = 21,120 Imperial Feet which clearly resembles the 2112 of the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross. These measurements are beyond happenstance and similarity – they are divinely orchestrated and being revealed to us all in this most critical time of human history – THEY ARE NOT MANIPULATED – they are engineered under the potent persuasion of the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20″ dimension and expressed.

Our future material on Glastonbury and that of Aubrey/Stonehenge will absolutely change the way we have perceived the previous interpretations of these antiquities – they are a dynamic expression of the Dimensions of Paradise as Dr. John Michell challenged us all. I am wholly committed to these discoveries on behalf of a greater understanding of their unbelievable metrologies – metrologies which heretofore were not perceived in the light of the New Jerusalem to the extent that they are now understood.

Again – to say that the Great Pyramid of Giza’s 3,024 Foot-base perimeter * 12″ = 36,288″ and this 36288 is truly a fractal of the 36288 which we discovered in the measurements wrought by the Sacred Cubit in the measurements of Noah’s Ark – this discovery in Genesis 6 is determinant based upon the 1,728 Sacred Cubits of measurement * 25.20″ = 43,545.6″ / 12″ = 3628.8 Feet (all the linear foot measurements of Noah’s Ark – so ARK = the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza or 36288 = 36288 – just as the Peruvian Sun-Star-Cross at 5544 = the Ark of the Covenant at 5544 and just as the “2112” of the Peruvian Sun-Star Cross equates to the 2112 of the perimeter of the Sacred District of Teotihuacan (7,920′ + 2,640′ + 7,920′ + 2,640′ = 21,120′ perimeter of the Teotihuacan Sacred District) – and, most certainly, just as we will wholly discover that the 144 and 864 of Aubrey Circle/Stonehenge validates the very measurements of the New Jerusalem’s 144 Wall of the New Jerusalem and the six faces of that Holy City cube of 144 * 6 = 864.

The compatibility of all these configurations – along with those of Glastonbury, Ezekiel’s Temple, Solomon’s Temple, the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and other sites of antiquity which we will uncover, are confirming assurance to the Sacred Geometry/Judeo-Christian Community world-wide that we are living in the most prophetic time of world history – the TRUTH IS OUT THERE and it is found in Sacred Text – Sacred Geometry simply confirms it. Now, the day comes when an Altar to the LORD at the border (literally, Giza) of Egypt will be acknowledged – unveiling its original intent its original wherein its capstone shall cry out GRACE, GRACE in accordance with Zechariah 4! Then shall arise with “healing in His wings” the very “Sun of Righteousness” bringing to the Earth perfect societal harmony (Malachi 4:1-2).

(C) 2012 Doug Krieger – [email protected]


Feel free to propagate this article any way you wish – this is my birthday present to you all – just make sure they come to the Tribulation Network as well…call the article anything you wish – blessings to you all! Doug



  1. j.apoyan says

    Intresting article for the measurement they where obvious derived from similiar math equations from a singular reference source the most accurate source would be form the most ancient structures,Doug from your perception which seems to be religous that was a influence further down the track of creation when other entities arrived more than likely the annunaki and there influence in the sumerian cultures they might of started a religion by interacting with humanoids the gods.

  2. Lona says

    Happy wonderful birthday !!! You are very great at writing and all this wonderful info is much appreciated ! Be “N~Joyin” Summer

    • says

      Hi folks – time to share a little more..

      Well, let’s put it this way – we’ve got most of the measurements – and that’s not bad – for one must concur that the following is the metrological reality of things regarding the Great Pyramid of Egypt – which has a great deal of similarity to Teotihuacan, the Peruvian Sun-Star & Cross, and especially, of all places, Stonehenge – let me explain:.

      First of all – the base edge agreement of the GPG is 756 Linear Feet or 756′ – let’s put the incredible Sacred Cubit Measurement into that figure and watch what happens: 756′ / 2.1′ (or 25.20″) = 36…now, we’re dealing here with the 360 degrees in a circle and the very fact that the Eternal God without Beginning or Ending is involved in the GPG – but there is much more.

      The GPG – and this is the first time in history, I believe, that this affirmation is herein announced – is based upon a 21 x 21 square platform or 441 small squares (its 756 x 756 base) – how’s that?

      Well, let’s see how many Sacred Cubits go into 756′ / 2.1′ = 36 (precisely) or 36 * 2.1′ = 756′ or, on a 21 x 21 platform which is 756′ by 756′ each of its 441 smaller cubes would have four edges which are 36′ x 36′ x 36′ x 36′ – little squares and some 441 of them.

      Now, does the GPG reflect the New Jerusalem’s Wall – let’s see: 36 Linear Feet per little cube (and there’s 441 of them on this 21 x 21 platform) = 4 * 36 = 144 – good grief, Scotty – that little square is the New Jerusalem!

      O.K. so the perimeter of the little 4-square base is 144 – and, so, if this were cubed * 6 = 864 (or 144 * 6 faces of a cube – using its 4-square linear measurement) = 864 and this “864” is precisely the very fractal/resemblance of the diameter of the Sun – just as the New Jerusalem’s Cube manifests the same – as in: 12,000 furlongs length, height and width or 12 by 12 = 144 * 6 faces of a cube = 864 – HELLO! (Ref. Rev. 21:16-17)

      Now, let’s not go over the top here – but really, say we have a little square that is 36 by 36 by 36, etc. and the four-square base is 36 * 4 – 144 and we simply multiply it by 3 (to arrive at 12 edges of a cube) and look what we find: 144 * 3 – 432? Say What? Say this: 432 if the fractal/resemblance of the radius of the Sun – i.e., 864/2 = 432.

      I could go on – and I will…

      432 * 441 little squares on this 21 x 21 Divine Platform = 190,512 linear feet which “digit sums” to “18” which is the perimeter measurement of the 12-edged New Jerusalem @ 18,000 miles as in 12,000 furlongs (stades) * 660′ = 7,920,000 feet *12 edges of a cubed NJ = 95,040,000 feet (which, by the way is the distance to the earth from the Sun at apogee and this number ./. by 5,280′ in a mile = 18,000 miles – so “18” but here’s what you didn’t see:

      This little 190,512 Linear Feet produced by multiplying the 432′ x 441 of these little GPG 21 by 21 cubes can be broken down into Sacred Cubits – WHICH SHOWS THE ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY OF THE HEBREW SACRED CUBIT OVER ALL SO-CALLED ROYAL EGYPTIAN, SUMERIAN, BABYLONIAN, PERSIAN, ASSYRIAN you name it cubits – I’m so fed up to here with how all this metric and take your cubit pick business keeps confusing the masses when the Earth simply rotates 360 degrees in one day * 7 days in a week = 2520 degrees and there’s your sacred cubit!

      So – let’s see here: 190,512 feet / 2.1′ (Sacred Cubit) = 90,720 Cubits – wait a minute – where have we seen this 9072 or 972 number set before? – Why of course:

      The very Great Pyramid of Giza herself! 756′ * 12 Edges of a cubed GPG = 9072 feet and there you have it!

      Now what’s the end game here? The Almighty is absolutely committed to the Eternal City of the Universe, the New Jerusalem – the Bride of Messiah and He has totally reflected that in the GPG in every way, shape and form – the entire structure exudes the dimensions of Paradise under the banner of the Sacred Cubit – Sir Isaac Newton sought it and we , because of him and John Taylor and others have found it: 25.20″ – and thank God the British preserved it and incorporated it into the Imperial Mile – a marvelous display of genius under Queen Elizabeth I and incorporated it into the King James Version of the Bible which the famed atheist, Richard Dawkins, now desires that every school child read because its the British cultural heritage!! Well – they have no idea what a treasure they gave up when they opted out for this consarn metric system – the Americans refuse to use metric because they’re just plain stubborn and thank God for it!

      But wait until you find out what’s happening over at Stonehenge! Now, our little witches and warlocks won’t like this – but the Brits have one of the greatest treasures ever found on earth! It rivals the GPG – so, let’s rejoice that these marvelous findings are now becoming commonplace and that all over the earth they shall become known!!


    • says

      News to so many – but wait until we get to STONEHENGE – absolutely stunning dimensions in every possible way! Johnson brings out (cir. 2008) the intensity of the geometric ramifications of Stonehenge – and I wholly concur – but everything about Stonehenge is such an incredible demonstration of the New Jerusalem – JOHN MICHELL WAS SPOT ON – and far more so than he had any idea! Would he could have lived to see this day!

      The New Jerusalem linear 12-edged prime measurement in 18,000 miles – even so – for a miniscule example the “Interior Blue Stones – 19 of them” were brought some 180 miles from where they were found to Stonehenge – do the math under the guidance of the Imperial Mile and ipso facto, the Sacred Cubit which has been around since the time of Creation and all such “creatures” REJOICE!! – if not – EVEN THE STONES WILL CRY OUT…so, today, they commence their CRYING OUT BIG TIME!

      So 180 miles * 5,280 feet (1 mile – 1 GLORIOUS IMPERIAL BRITISH MILE and wouldn’t know it – THE BRITS HAVE STONEHENGE FOR A REASON!!)…so the answer is: 950,400 or 18 * 528 = 9,504 which is the 95,040,000 miles between the Earth and the Sun at apogee – YES, YES, YES – Stonehenge celebrates the SUN – AND THE DAY COMES WHEN WE ARE ALL SUN WORSHIPERS – i.e., “The Sun of Righteousness shall arise on the Great Day of God with Healing in His Wings!”

      And what of the 1,800′ AVENUE – for “straight is the way” that leads to Aubrey Circle – and indeed it is a perfect 600 yards…before the outer chalk bank/ditch/moat is reached and the 184.5 foot journey commences to the heart of the Sarsen Circle…glorious math ’tis this!! But we must measure the Avenue’s Width – it is 47 Feet and what of the two parallel ditches of 12 feet wide on either side – don’t forget the DITCHES!! Nothing is wasted at Stonehenge. We may think these but worthless ditches – the gutter and all…but, these be greatly esteemed!!

      And why the ditches? To make this glaring point: 12′ * 1,800′ (for that is their dimension) = 21,600 sq. feet and thus, 21,600 sq. feet on either side and this 21,600 is both the 2,160 diameter of the Moon and the 21,600 Nautical Mile Circumference of the Earth for 60 miles per degree in a 360 degree circle and 60 * 360 = 21,600 miles and 21,600 miles * 2 (sides – those darn ditches) = 43,200 and this “432” is the Radius of the Sun – because that’s precisely what’s going on here!!! But wait, we forgot the very Avenue of 1,800 feet * 47 feet = 84,600 sq. feet – but this is not the 864 that we sought after for the 864 is the diameter of the Sun – THAT’S WHY YOU HAVE THOSE LITTLE DITCHES! But what are we really after here? Of course, the New Jerusalem – therefore: 864,000 – the diameter in miles of the Sun or 864 – 846 = “18” and there’s the New Jerusalem! The Sun (864) reaches His fullness when the New Jerusalem is added into the Avenue leading up to Stonehenge as in 846 + 18 = 864!

      Wait until you find out that there are “13 Circles” which can be formed around Stonehenge – equaling the 8 planets of the Solar System and the 5 dwarf planets and then, of course, ALWAYS THE ALTAR – the inescapable Altar Stone–“GO MEASURE THE TEMPLE” – “AND THE WORSHIPER AT THE ALTAR” (Rev. 11) that’s it folks, that’s it…

      And you want to know why there are 56 Aubrey Holes? And why there are 30 Y Hole Pits and 29 Z Hole Pits? Do the CIRCULAR 360 DEGREE MATH and you will know precisely why!

      56 * 360 = 20,160 and there your 216 again and again and again…
      30 * 360 = 10,800 and there’s your “18” again and again and again
      29 (and don’t add another – though it sounds/looks great) * 360 = 10,440 and there your “144” Wall of the New Jerusalem…again, and again, and again.

      And all three of these wondrous circular objects give us the very Name of God in “72” for 216 + 108 + 144 = 720 and “72” is the Name of God. And, look what we have here: 20,160 + 10,800 + 10,440 = 41,400…well, where did we see it – ah, this is a bit mind-numbing: Those darn ditches again – 12 * 1800 = 21,600 * 2 = 43,200 (Radius of the Sun at 432,000 miles) and the Avenue itself at 47 * 1,800 = 84,600 – now less those ditches at 43,200 and what do we find: 84,600 less 43,200 = 41,400 – DO YOU SEE IT? And is it but a bit of a stretch to see in the 414 something of the 144? I don’t think so..meaning – of course you can if you will for the “creature” (you and me) is the “4” and the “1” we all know is the Beginning – the ONE (and that’s not Obama) but the ONLY ONE and we surround the One.

      Yes, STONEHENGE is about to undergo a MASSIVE MAKEOVER – so that by the time the next little ditty of a concert takes place – WE’LL BE CELEBRATING PARADISE – THE NEW JERUSALEM – THAT’S IT

      Blessings to all – sorry about the witches and warlocks who can only dream of these dimensions – now, await the CRYING OUT OF THE STONES – “Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna!”

      • J.a says

        Creatures of the earth these monuments are protected just as much as you are from the stars into this world whatever happens be aware of our presence for we are with you on this ride make and sort all of this.


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