Baltic Sea Anomaly

Baltic Sea Anomaly

by Capers Jones

A company that locates and finds sunken ships recently turned up an unusual circular or oval formation in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Sweden on June 19, 2011. The discovery was made by the Ocean X diving team.  An artist’s reconstruction is shown below:


The actual sonar image of the site is more ambiguous than the artistic reconstruction:


A sonar image of the seabed showing the object at a depth of 100 metres in the Sea of Bothnia in the northern Baltic Sea

There seems to be a sort of cleared track way that runs for about 1000 feet leading to the structure.  The object itself is about 200 feet across and seems to be resting on a short column as shown in another artistic rendering.  The dome illuminated by a light is a creation of the artist and not part of the undersea structure:

UO_BalticSeaThe material from which the object is constructed is not yet known, although there are claims on the web that titanium has been found in unspecified quantities.  A sonar image from directly over the object shows its actual appearance:

Natural_or_Engineered_ObjectThis object is still being investigated and will probably turn out to be a natural rock formation of some kind.  The ambiguity of the structure and its resemblance to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon from Star Wars has made the object a hot topic on UFO and paranormal web sites.

A google search using the phrase “Baltic Sea anomaly” will turn up quite a few reports on this structure, but no solid evidence as to what it is made from.  However a spectroscopic analysis by Dr. Steve Weiner of the Weizmann Institute indicates the minerals limonite and goethite are the main components of the anomaly.

Another artistic reconstruction is shown below.  For some reason a number of artists have been commissioned to create images of this structure, perhaps for commercial reasons:

BalticSeaAnomaly_titleThe fact that the structure seems to be composed of natural minerals raises the odds of it being some kind of a natural rock formation, although an unusual one.  At the present moment in 2014 there are apparently no funds for additional exploration of this object.

In order for this object to be of archaeological importance, several additional pieces of information are needed:

  • The mineral composition of both the artifact and the column are needed.  If they are of different materials the object might be a dolmen, and in fact the largest dolmen yet discovered.
  • If the 1000 foot cleared area behind the artifact is due to some movement of the artifact itself, that would be quite significant.  If it is coincidental then it adds nothing to the significance of the artifacts.
  • If the artifact has any inner cavities or hidden structures that would be significant.  An opening has been reported, but no details were provided.

As situation now stands the Baltic Sea object appears to be a large and unusual rock formation but otherwise nothing special.

 Written by Capers Jones

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  1. T.G. Fisher says

    It will be amusing to see what the tinfoil hat wearers on Ancient Aliens will make of this. No doubt they can prove it was Han Solo’s craft. I can hear them now. Is it possible that this… And if so then could it be that…And therefore isn’t it possible that… Those people reinvented begging the question by using an opening question rather than an unsubstantiated declarative statement.

  2. Luis Rodriguez says

    Well what catches my attention is the rock material its made off can if heated has magnetic properties that one second anything made of rock cant fly to heavy so wh at i believe is that this anomaly is a landing pad where they landed on.

  3. says

    Hi Brenda Brown
    The ”Black Night” can be googled as well – it refers to quatrain 1 10
    which even on the face value words says Cepheus (King of kings) star group (”seven children” is an archaic term which always means Cepheus, just as seven sisters always means the Pleiades, adding ”Gran” and ”Nan” [nanny] makes the nine of the Pleiades, some like to say ”queen” and ”Atlas”). There is also a vignette which shows a queen’s head in the sky (Cassiopeia) and a king’s head (Cepheus) which is actually saying that the Cassiopeians (part of the Eloim alliance) are orbiting Earth – actually the Moon, and the Cepheus Seraphs are orbiting (hibernating) in the Black Knight. First – before trying to comprehend such a large subject one needs to fully accept dimension/time travel/porting. You can write to me at the email on the web site or just type in The Hidden Texts of Nostradamus and I can explain it more fully

  4. says

    Hi I have posted before but someone removes my posts as a hindu monk we have our sanakrit booke that go back over 5,000 years and talk of vimanas or ufos all hindu know of them I will not post more I will see if I my post are taken off here thank you

  5. says

    In my town, there are many aircraft/s put upon pedestals in memory of events associated with historical happenings. It is entirely possible that this thing is the same. It once was on dry land and positioned in memory of a time long past. It slid down to where it is now, and we do not know what memories it represents. This old Earth once was highly advanced and something set it back to a point where we have forgotten our own beginnings. We are so caught up in selfish endeavors that we might not ever find our true past due to jaded minds.

  6. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    Hum…American have alot of satellite that surround the Earth, seas, lakes, rivers, lands, all things are examine with different kinds of technologies. They even have the technology to see deep in the Earth things that could have an interrest or advantage to the progress of science.
    I wonder why they didn’t spread the news sooner. There are many subjects that could have been reported sooner. Perhaps this is normal, but I have doubts.

    It look like a sort of space ship, and if it wasn’t so, what could that be. In nature we don’t see that kind of structure, so it must surely be artificial. Well, all this to say that this could be created deliberatly, so that we could ask us many questions and try to solve it rationnaly.

    What strange about this “supposely ship”, is that he’s not circular, there is no logic reason to have a empty space, ordinarely “dynaspheric engin” (UFO) have regular forms, round triangular, cylindrical and other shape that are symetric in their forms.
    Sometime I think that this could be created by humans. This could be created in a hangar and put in the sea by helicopters, nature would take no time to do the rest, but the real question is why spend money to fool most of experts in that field.
    The only reason that I could think of, is to create a kind of “trauma” to those us in general. Why a trauma?
    Simply for those who don’t believe in God. But why do so? This is to sake them up so they could buy books of differents authors. For the little input of money invested, this could generate profit for the government.

    Think about the bug of 2000, this was a real master plan, just think the trauma that lead the public to spend their economies so they could have alot of food and water in reserve in case of a “blackout”. No electricity, no fuel, no radio, no real protection from bad peoples.
    But UFO is not the only thing that could shake certains persons, we have the fake “Global Warming”, this have been discuss for many decades now, but I don’t see real danger.
    Ok, we see more tornados and that sorts of things that grow with time, but this is due to many factors. It’s normal to have those kind of events, city are accumulator of warmess cause by calorific accumulation of ennergy emating from the Sun. But nature have an auto-regulator of tempeture, that’s why we in US the tornados have augmented. There is no mystery in that.
    But will see in the future decade what will happen.


  7. says

    It looks like those ice particles around thatthe space shuttle. tether (hope that’s spelled correctly) that broke off the space shuttle. Lol. This is not a natural formation. If it quacks like a duck, its a duck.

  8. says

    These are LyRan craft. There are three of the underwater sentinels.
    You can see the exact same craft at the ”space ties” as they were being deployed. You will note that no one was hurt in any way.
    Just google YouTube Space Ties.
    They are keeping these craft ready for the same event the Black Knight hibernating seraphs are waiting for.
    This information is from the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hello H C Parks.

      Googling YouTube Space Ties got me into talks between Russia and the Us on ‘space ties’ – so where are these ‘LyRan craft’ and the space ties you were mentioning? Also, what is the Black knight hibernating seraphs all about?

  9. Brenda Brown says

    So we have a 200 foot wide object, apparently sitting on a short column, with a 1000 foot long cleared pathway leading from it, across the Sea floor, with the object itself clearly standing out from the Sea floor around it. I don’t think this sounds too ‘natural’. It may have inches of mineral deposit on it, but it just doesn’t sound natural enough to be a mere rock formation. Very interesting.

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