51 Billion British Pounds (£)s to be paid in interest in 2013

Armageddon Now

 by Anthony Bright-Paul

The battle of Armageddon has already begun – in fact it began several years ago and is likely to continue for 100 years. Just as the Nazi reign of terror began in 1933, some years before the start of the World War 2, so also the last great battle has begun and begun in exactly the same way.

What did the Nazis do prior to the beginning of hostilities? They opened enormous camps, concentration camps, into which they herded all they considered to be dissidents; Jews, Gypsies, Marxists, Leninists and so on – anyone who disagreed with them. It was totally irrational and it is this complete irrationality that signals the beginnings of conflict.

That is why I say that Armageddon has in fact begun. It is not to be fought on some mound in the Middle East, which is just a symbol, but it is a huge battle, an enormous struggle between the forces of good and evil and is taking place and is taking shape before our very eyes – here and now.

What is the first freedom to go? It is the freedom to dissent. Every Sceptic knows this. The whole scientific method is challenged, and anyone who declares an allegiance to the scientific method is derided and scorned. Instead of Truth being worshipped, a pseudo-religion has appeared, that brooks no question.

Armageddon began when Mankind decided to overthrow the scientific method, when the testing of hypotheses was scorned in favour of a totally unproven belief that Mankind was warming the Globe and further that Mankind was creating or rather causing ClimateChange. I have to write this in one word, rather than changes of climate, since amongst the acolytes ClimateChange has become a noun.

I have issued a challenge to any man, woman, scientist, philosopher, theologian or any manner of layperson to prove that Mankind is warming the Planet by any means whatsoever. For I declare that that is not only a load of nonsense, and is quite impossible to prove for the very simple reason that it is not true.

I have had one reply to my challenge from a friend called David Eccles. He writes:

You are quite wrong here. Man has almost certainly had an effect on climate. However we cannot be certain of the amount of recent climate change that is due to human activity rather than to natural causes. Nor can we be certain of the proportions of the human effect that can be attributed to different human activities. Carbon dioxide, the ‘urban heat island’ effect and deforestation all have potential effects.

What David has argued here is correct, that is to say that mankind has affected his environment, of that there is no doubt. Every time a man builds a house, a hut or an igloo man is affecting his environment. Every time he builds a track, a road, a motorway; every time he builds a village, a town, or a city with high-rise buildings he is affecting his environment. Every time he clears land for tilling, every time he plants fields for corn, every time he cuts down forests and likewise when he plants the same, whether broad leaf or evergreen, he affects his environment. Every time he dams a river or alters its course, every time he dredges a harbour and builds breakwaters, he alters the environment.

All of that I concede to David Eccles. But has he altered the Climate? Here I will make use of his definition, used earlier in his email:

Climate scientists are concerned with the average of weather over large areas and factors that influence it over the long term.

So David defines ‘climate’ as the average of weather in a given area over a long term. Very good! But we need to think clearly what that means. So I will ask the question, I will assert my challenge in another form. Is there any man, be he scientist, meteorologist, astrophysicist, space traveller, or simple witch doctor who can change the weather anywhere at any time?

Because, if Climate is the average of the weather, then man would have to be able to influence, to control the weather, for him to be able to influence climate in any way.

So I repeat my challenge. I declare that it is utterly impossible for man to alter the weather in any way whatsoever, and it follows therefore that mankind can in no way alter any single one of the many climates upon this blessed Planet, so help me God!

I challenge any man to prove otherwise.

The fact is that around this climate nonsense has grown up a plethora of lies and half-truths, of obfuscations and deceit of the Public, and intimidation of those who would ask for clarity of thought and honesty of purpose, which is why I have declared that the great battle for the Truth that is called Armageddon has already begun and is likely to continue for 100 years.

An even bigger farrago of lies and falsehoods surrounds the business of Anthropogenic Global Warming. It is claimed that in the past century that atmospheric Carbon Dioxide has increased by some 30% to approximately 380 parts per million by volume and that this has been caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Let us examine this claim more closely. First of all even by this claim the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is only 0.038% of the whole, a minuscule quantity, of which mankind with all his industry has only contributed less than 3% of that total.  In the vastness of the atmospheres this amount of Carbon Dioxide is simply a trace, yet this trace is supposed to warm the whole of the lower atmosphere, the troposphere. Yet this is manifestly impossible. And why? Because the atmosphere at sea level is always warmer than the air at altitude, so the air at altitude cannot possibly warm the air lower down. Unless, unless, another lie is introduced by the propagandists, who call themselves scientists, and this lie is called back-radiation.

So back-radiation is supposed to defy the incontrovertible 2nd law of thermodynamics, and various reputable scientists stand on their heads and produce charts with little arrows showing this back-radiation. It is a lie that must stick in their throats. It is based on the idea that carbon dioxide is sensitive to infrared, warms up, high in the atmosphere and radiates down and heats the surface below. But we know that the air just 1,000 feet above wherever you, my friend, might be, will be some 2 degrees Celsius colder. We are supposed to swallow this manifest nonsense and furthermore to be harangued as dangerous ‘deniers’ if we question it!

So herewith I will deny this subjugation of the 2nd law. I deny that all this nonsense about Carbon Dioxide has any truth in it whatsoever. Far from that being the case, mankind desperately needs more Carbon Dioxide  for the health of everything green in plant life, for corn, our vegetables and our forests. Here we see the utter hypocrisy of the Greens, who are opposed in reality to everything green.

Furthermore I will even doubt the figures given for the increase in Carbon Dioxide. Why? Why will I pit myself against the might of the established cohorts of the Man -made Global Warming Scam?  For one very simple reason that is public knowledge, which is this. Every day when the sun shines on the oceans Carbon Dioxide rises into the air like a fizzy drink giving off its gas. Every day when night falls the same oceans dissolve masses of Carbon Dioxide. Will any scientist deny this? No way, because all scientists know that the oceans contain vast amounts of CO2. But what does this tell us? It tells us that the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, particularly the lower atmosphere, is being regulated by the oceans. It is not the atmosphere that warms the oceans – it is the oceans that warm the atmosphere.

Consequently we can dispose of another lie, another piece of pseudo-scientific fraud that is constantly visited upon us by the BBC amongst others, which is that the Arctic is melting due to the man-made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The atmosphere cannot possibly melt the ice – it has to be warm ocean currents. Water has a far greater heat capacity than air. Any ordinary layman can prove that to himself simply by boiling a kettle. The oceans retain heat over long periods of time. The melting of glaciers off Greenland were caused by the warm waters underpinning huge slabs of ice which broke away.

Such is the mendacity of our rulers that children have been taken to the Arctic wildernesses in order to watch the calving of glaciers as proof of Global warming. Children are encouraged to write Green essays, including to my grief my own granddaughters. Yet the eldest one did send me a text once to say that now at last she understood about the 2nd law of thermodynamics. I almost wept with joy to read that, fearing however she would not understand the import of what she had written.

You see what I mean, Armageddon is well under way. Just as the Nazis opposed dissent, they then set to work on the youth. Precisely the same is happening today. Even textbooks are being re-written so that these foul lies are embedded in the youthful mind.

While in the north of England, in the Isle of Man and the Isle of Arran, the snow is of such unprecedented proportions that thousands of sheep have been lost (the exact numbers will not be known until the snow melts). The government in the Isle of Man is so concerned about the mass slaughter of the sheep population that it is allowing the farmers to bring the carcasses to the huge island incinerator to be burnt at no cost, where formerly they had to pay.

Mendacity, mendacity, we are being swamped by mendacity. Today we read that our Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, a LibDem minister in the coalition, tries to fool us all that the prices of gas and electricity are going up because of world markets. Yet we know the truth, and the truth is that we are closing down our efficient coal-fired power stations in favour of renewables. Taxes are to be levied selectively in such a way that the cheapest power will become the most expensive. He justifies this by suggesting that by 2020 Green Power will be cheaper and we will all be better off. We would all be better off if he were to join his colleague now enjoying the delights of Her Majesties pleasure.

How can the Rt Hon David Cameron bear to have such a pompous nitwit in his government? The lights will go out sooner than expected, as we are unprepared for the great Global Cooling that is already upon us.  As spring advances into summer surely we will have some halcyon days and the people will be lulled asleep again, and calumny will be rained on the Prophets who have tried to wake the masses up to the reality of what is happening.

I will tell you what is happening. Poverty is being forced upon an intrinsically wealthy nation. While the Supermarkets are yet full, while food is relatively cheap, while colour TV is an ever-present anodyne, the people will be lulled asleep. But the real battle will begin once the Power is switched off, once there is no power for heating, for light, for television and for all the amazing smartphones. Amidst our plenty a little poverty can be borne with stoicism, but once we have to rely on Wind Turbines for our Power – who ever thought of calling them renewables – once all our smartphones go down, then will the populace rise up against those politicians who have fed them with one lie after another.

What is so nauseating is that so many well-meaning gullible people have been taken in by all the Man-Made Global Warming guff and sincerely believe that by cutting out fossil fuels they will be saving the Planet. Only when everything grinds to a halt, only when the central heating does not function, only when the petrol pumps go down, only when food no longer gets to the markets, only then will people wake up to the reality.

Only then will the people awake from their slumbers and call to account the traitors in their midst.

Anthony Bright-Paul
March 2013

The 2013 Budget at a Glance

51 Billion British Pounds (£)s to be paid in interest in 2013

by Anthony Bright-Paul

The chart below was published yesterday in the Daily Mail and I am borrowing it as it is a useful starting point. Let us get straight to the nub of it. The Government this year will spend £720bn, of which amount they will have to borrow £108bn. That establishes the income from Taxation – 720-108 = £612bn.
Ok, so the Treasury take is £612bn and the Government spends £720bn. What does that spell to you and to me, ordinary citizens? It spells disaster. As the Government has to borrow in order to bridge the gap between income and expenditure what happens? The interest to be paid is – wait for it –


51 Billion £s to be paid in interest!

That is more than we are spending on Defence, on our Armed Forces.

Now can we see the enormity of the problem, with which we have been served by successive governments of dubious morality!

Every Chancellor puts up a smokescreen, hands out a few goodies. Corporation Tax will be cut by 1%. There will be generous help for first time house buyers. Ok, Ok, that’s very nice, but it is just tinkering with the main problem. It is not we the British people who are living beyond our means, it is the wretched politicians who govern us who are living beyond our means, who are plunging us and our children into debt.

There is a sleight of hand, an enormous deception, which is not always easy to detect. That is when the Government gives us back some of OUR MONEY!!!! So the government gives aid to Corporations. Great. Or to a specific region. Great. Only it is OUR MONEY that they are doling out.

Are they the judges of how our money should be spent? Well, that is a moot point.

The Chancellor evidently believes that reducing Corporation Tax will encourage foreign investment in Great Britain. He may be right and he may be wrong. But one thing is absolutely certain; there is only one way to be completely sure that Great Britain is the place to invest in and that is by having cheap Energy.

Energy. Cheap energy. Competitive Energy

We have only to look at the emerging economies of the world like China and India to see what their success is based on. It is cheap energy.

If our Power, our electrical power, was competitive that alone would attract foreign investment. Far more important however would be the fact that our factories would immediately become more competitive. But what are we doing as a Nation? We are following a will o’the wisp idea about Anthropogenic Global Warming, in the face of which we are closing our coal-fired Power Stations and erecting a whole lot of inefficient wind-turbines, which cannot support themselves without subsidies and which are manifestly inefficient.

At one blow we cripple our industries, we destroy our industrial base! In the meantime Germany is quietly in the process of building 25 new coal fired Power Stations! They are not fools, are they? The Germans and the Russians have not given up their struggle for world domination. How much better it is to control gas, coal and oil than to fight another bloody war!

The world is changing as new sources of energy are found. We are an island sitting on a huge bed of coal. We are an island sitting on a huge bed of natural gas. But what do we do? I will tell you. We shackle ourselves with an absurd Climate Change Act.

This act is based on the idea that Man is warming the Planet, specifically by releasing too much Carbon Dioxide by the burning of fossil fuels.

I, Anthony Bright-Paul, do hereby declare that it is utterly impossible for mankind to warm the Planet in any way whatsoever. Moreover only the Sun can and does warm this blessed Planet.

Furthermore I hereby challenge any one person, be they a scientist, be they a philosopher, be they of the Jewish faith, be they Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Shintoists or outright pagans, I challenge anyone and everyone to prove conclusively that Mankind is warming this Planet. For I declare that that is a complete impossibility.

I note that some scientists refer to the ‘surface’ of the Planet. I beg them then to define the surface – is it within 1 foot, 10 foot, 100 foot, or 1,000 foot of sea level? What is supposedly being warmed? Is the Troposphere warming? Or the Stratosphere? The Mesosphere? The Thermosphere?

I challenge anyone, be they scientist, be they politician, be they priest, be they any kind of lay person to show proof conclusive that Man is warming the Planet, which supposition I declare to be utterly false, ill-founded and malicious, so help me God.

In every case what is declared to be man-made can be shown to have been caused by Great Nature and on this I make my stand.

This false idea has had a profound effect not only on the economy of Great Britain, but also of the economies of the USA, Australia and New Zealand. This goes to show the power of ideas. For far too long the economies of the world have been shackled by a false doctrine that cannot be proven.

The well being of the British people depends upon a right attitude towards Energy. Only then will we be able to bridge the Fiscal Gap, only then will we be able to release ourselves and our children from the onerous burden of National Debt.

Anthony Bright-Paul,
22 March 2013

PS. Abundant, cheap electricity has been the greatest source of human liberation in the 20th century. Every material social advance in the 20th century depended on the proliferation of inexpensive and reliable electricity. Giving women the freedom to work outside the home…

So said Canadian Economics Professor Ross McKitrick

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PS1 Common Misconceptions

There is a common misconception that the atmosphere warms the Earth and it is this misconception that is at the root of all the theories of Anthropogenic Global Warming, and that beloved offshoot of theirs, namely Climate Change.

So let me ask you a question? Why is the temperature at the surface of the Earth warmer than the atmosphere above it? Why does standard atmosphere state that the temperature falls by 2°C for every 1,000 feet of altitude? I used to ask, ‘Why is there snow on the tops of mountains’, but it comes to the same thing.

The atmosphere gets progressively colder with altitude.

Every airline pilot knows this, as it is called Standard Atmosphere. Every scientist knows it, as it is called the Adiabatic Lapse Rate.

So then why has Sir John Beddington, the chief scientific adviser to the government, who appeared on TV this morning, churned out all that business about emissions of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere? If the atmosphere at 1,000 feet is colder than the atmosphere at ground or sea level how can it possibly cause warming? The atmosphere does not warm the ground or the oceans. It is the oceans that warm the atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is a complete irrelevance. The cold cannot heat up what is warmer. He is confusing sensitivity with causation. It is the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that may get warmed by the oceans – not the other way round.

He is right in saying that there is sometimes a delay in Great Nature. Once again we see that he brings up the Arctic Circle as proof of warming. But it cannot be the atmosphere that warms the Arctic, can it? The radiation from the Sun has to encounter mass in order to produce heat. The atmosphere has very little mass so the radiation passes through the atmosphere until it strikes the earth and the oceans. It is the waters of the oceans that have the capacity to retain heat fifty times longer than the atmosphere. Therefore any warming of the atmosphere that does occur must come from the bottom up, not the other way round.

Nobody can deny that climates are changing, for the very simple reason that the whole Biosphere is evolving. If he, Sir John Beddington, truly imagines that man is causing Climate Change, let him prove it!

I hereby issue a challenge to Sir John, and to any scientist at the Meteorological Office, or at the Climatic Research Unit to show proof positive that Carbon Dioxide is causing Global Warming and that Carbon Dioxide is causing changes of climate.

For I declare here that it is completely impossible for Man to warm the atmosphere, and it is likewise completely and utterly impossible for Mankind to cause changes of climate anywhere upon this planet.

Anthony Bright-Paul

PS2 Catechism for Skeptics

Anthony Bright-Paul
March 2013

This is my shortest and most succinct article. Can you fault it?

  1. All heat has to be generated. (This is surely self-evident.)
  2. All heat by itself always flows from hot to cold and never vice-versa  (The irrefutable 2nd law of thermodynamics.)
  3. It is impossible to trap heat. (High temperatures can be generated in an oven or in a greenhouse, but only remain so long as heat is being generated.)
  4. It therefore follows that all talk of  ‘Man-made Global Warming’ has no basis in reality. For no gases generate heat, nor can they trap heat, least of all Carbon Dioxide.

Notes: – The cornerstone of the Warmists’ argument is that Greenhouse Gases, in particular Carbon Dioxide, are susceptible to the infrared radiation that is emitted from the Earth and Oceans. I quote here from an email from my colleague Max Potter, an ardent warmist.

This light (from the sun) is mainly absorbed by land, sea etc and converted to heat. When the energy is reradiated it is emitted as much lower frequency infrared (below or lower frequency than red). It is this infrared radiation that is absorbed by the “greenhouse gases” (including water vapour), which warm the atmosphere.

That is correct. In layman’s language that means that the molecules of CO2 are warmed by this infrared. The Warmists then argue that there has been an increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels. That is also correct. In percentage terms that can be construed as a big increase, but in fact it only seems big because the amount is still only a trace – less than 0.04% of the gases in the atmosphere.

However they argue further as follows – I quote again from this email from a colleague – that Carbon Dioxide traps heat. Here is how my colleague argues: 

You ask: “If a Carbon Dioxide molecule traps heat, how long is that heat trapped? Permanently? If not permanently, then how long?”
Heat (vibrational energy) is continually being exchanged between molecules of gas as they collide. If there are more CO2 molecules they will absorb more infrared radiation and share it with all the other molecules, whether they are CO2, O2 or N2 thus warming the atmosphere, i.e. “trapping heat”.

All the best, Max Potter

Can you see the fallacy in his argument? Or rather can you see how he has in fact conceded that there is no such thing as trapped heat? The warm molecules instantly pass their warmth to cooler molecules, thus vindicating the 2nd law of thermodynamics, as heat by itself always flows from hot to cold. The fact that there may be a few more molecules makes no difference whatsoever.  The heat is not trapped but is instantly passed on and on to cooler molecules.

In no way could a molecule, of equal temperature to another, affect it in any way. There would be no exchange. Likewise, if the Earth were as hot as the Sun no exchange would or could take place. Heat always flows from the hotter to the cooler. The concept of trapped heat is entirely fallacious – there is not and cannot be such a thing.

Red Herrings: – People who have never been to the Arctic, and are never likely to go there, are nevertheless fond of using the Arctic as proof of Anthropogenic Global Warming. Scare stories abound of the melting of the Polar ice cap with consequent massive flooding and climate change. In fact the Northwest Passage was first navigated by Roald Amundsen in 1903-1906. It is not unusual for the ice to melt in the summer months and reform in the winters.

For some people it would be a great blessing if there were a permanently opened passage for ship and trade.

But, what causes the ice packs to melt when they do so in the summer seasons? It is a common misconception that the ice melts because of the warmer atmosphere. But since the temperature rarely arrives at 5°C this is insufficient to melt pack ice. There is only one thing that can cause the ice to melt and that is warm ocean currents. As the waters in the Tropics are warmed by the sun so also are warm ocean currents moved both south and north. That is leaving aside the numerous hot water vents with which the ocean abounds.

Only warm water could possibly cause the ice pack to melt. And that depends on our journey round the sun and has nothing whatsoever to do with a trace gas in the atmosphere.



  1. SOLARIS says

    Just who does he think he is counter force now get ready again and again they might not got on the planet ever and never.

  2. J.a. says

    And have whatever more the British governance should be advised that unacceptable policies are just that so that must mean the as known currant mainstream media has not got authority so the invalid statements are void off any cause except the attempted implementation of invalid repeat invalid authority these are clueless the masses arnt when they are informed cause and effect strongly suggest immediate judicial prosecutions with international military support it is not just this subject but a culmination of impossible aims set forth they should be immediately informed of the processes against the common good of all nations which if the action suits the cause again.

  3. jason says

    The fact is the battle has already have won only the opportunists would tell ya other wise with their wealth at stake environmentalist dont pursue that theory is false stay tuned media documentary natural change in the climate.

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    The corporate main stream media weather now have a place detention trials from government is illegal and battle plans are made the soilders from a world order that lied to the planet request for a republic nation from truth.

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    Now that anthony the article presentor should be aware that this is just as much as that if you know what i mean w-m hope they understand as well this can be serious or it can be something to laugh at in a hundred revolutions dont get burnt the stakes are high the trial is low.

  6. J.a. says

    What interest is it for the clean energy sector to be involved with anthropogenic global warming theory when it could end up in court or in the trash can of history as it should nations have stated they dont want corruption in their energy sectors or be subjegated to population reduction schemes as intended that causes war which the fascist governments are planing due to the build up of military politics that are being planned through various summit meetings which only conflict with previous statements produced through leading nations make up or break up.

  7. Brenda Brown says

    Hello Anthony. I’m no meteorologist, so I can’t dispute that perhaps the carbon dioxide isn’t causing a global warming, though I have to say, something sure is. Nor do I have a problem believing that those ‘in the know’ are not telling us what they know, that in fact, they are lying about a lot, but that this is ‘Armageddon’, not true. Armageddon is exactly as it is described in the book of Revelation, and if you think people aren’t going to be thrown in death camps, or that wars aren’t going to interfere with the USA – even on her soil, think again. Just keep watching. You’re going to see wars, bombs hit the US, death camps, and an actual, real, just-like-it-is-described, Armageddon.

  8. j.a says

    Have then what interest is it to be apart of a hoax just like as stated their is not going to be major wars any more or corrupt taxes of the planet some one their is not going to be mass human slaughter f.e.m.a places where fascist herd people like sheep,The false policies are subjegated to criminal procedures as been media displayed,The management of affairs is under the authority from the alternative field,When reparation payments are made it is trial and error.


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