Unexplained “Band of Holes” – Pisco, Peru

Unexplained Band of Holes near Pisco Valley in Peru

Most people know about Nazca Lines  however another, less known,  unexplained mystery in Peru is located near Pisco Valley on a plain called Cajamarquilla. Thousands of man-sized holes are carved into the barren rock.  These strange holes, stretching for a mile over uneven mountain terrain, were here for so long that the local people have no idea who made them, or why. Funny thing is no one really saw the big picture until the area was seen from the air.  Archeologists have speculated they were dug to store grain in. Two problems with this, say the folks thinking out of the box:  there were a lot easier ways to create storage containers than the hard work and decades it must have taken to chip out all of these, and it would have made more sense, if these were to store grain, to build several huge chambers. OK, said the archeologists.  Perhaps they were used as one-person tombs? Vertical graves of  some sort? But no bones, artifacts, scraps, inscriptions, jewelry…not even a tooth or strand of hair has been found in them. They have no covers to seal them as you might a tomb and no sacred history or even myth was passed down to label them as such.  Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision; some run in rows that curve up in arches, some staggered lines. They vary in depth to about 6-7 feet deep yet some are merely shallow indents as if not completed – though surrounded by those that are.  To date, no one has a clue why they’re here, who made them or what they were.

Pisco Band of Holes

Length: approximately 1,450m
Width: approximately 20m
Number of holes estimate: 6,900

View it on Google Earth:
Lattitude:  13°42’55.37″S
Longitude:  75°52’28.46″W
Eye alt:  3,100 ft


Even von Daniken’s work begins to take on a realness when one finds an old National Geographic from 1933 corroborating the “Band of Holes,” that he personally inspected a few years ago. Each hole is a meter wide and just as deep. There are eight holes spanning 24 meters in width, marching in repetitive uniform fashion, from the Pisco Valley rolling over a mile through mountain terrain — finally disappearing in the misty mass of Peru. These holes remind this old West Texas boy of the traces left by a massive drilling rig moving along methodically, testing the geology of the Andes for precious metals. Lasers have also left such tracings in the ground. Archaeologists say they represented defensive positions or graves for the ancient ones, except why would you bury anyone on a slope in rocky soil at more than a 45-degree angle?

Photo source: http://www.nazcamystery.com/pisco_valley.htm

If you look at the most northern part of the band, you will notice that it ends within unnaturally darkened area (it almost looks like a remnants of an explosion)…

Few miles east from the band of holes, satellite photo shows structures that look like a remnants of an ancient settlement (these formations do not look natural and there is nothing similar in the entire area):

Remnants of an ancient city?
13 42’36.80″ S, 75 51’4.07″ W
Click on the image to enlarge



Nazca Lines are the most outstanding group of geoglyphs in the world. Etched in the surface of the desert pampa sand about 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes and pictures of animals and birds – and their patterns are only clearly visible from the air.  More about Nazca Mystery >>


  1. kII says

    more likely made by an automated machine, has anyone ever looked for trace of metal auger that drilled them? was the lander smelted by the Inca then later stolen by the spanish and melted again?

  2. RLR says

    I am just an average person but I wonder if soil samples were ever taken at the Band of Holes and compared to the soil of the Nazca Plateau? If they were Identical, we could be looking at the debris from the excavation at Nazca.

    This also leaves me to wonder if something was intentional buried under the Band of Holes and the mountain top debris was used to hide something of immense importance is hidden there?

    just a thought.

  3. Randy Andrews says

    I have spent hours and hours looking at these holes, and similar holes all over the region. I have noticed/confirmed that population centers are nearby every occurrence of holes and except for the number and liner arrangement, all the holes appear to be the same. The holes are adjacent to a water source (river). With the band of holes, there is an enormous population center in ruins on an adjacent mountain but within view of the band. The amount of terracing is impressive. What occurs to me is that the other holes in the region appear to be agricultural in nature, near the homes, and water run offs (seasonal streams and such). In my view the band is an orchard; the depth of the holes is related to the need to move fertile earth from the valley below in to the holes in order to ensure successful crops. Why would the indigenous people do this? The valley below shows evidence of massive floods and erosion; it may have been a simple alternative to avoiding crop damage by moving it up the hill. As with the extensive terracing in the region normally used for growing seasonal food, these holes would be suited for trees that offer sustainability. Over hundreds perhaps thousands of years the trees have rotted away, the loose soil has eroded, blown out by the wind or perhaps accumulating water over flowing with the lighter soil rising to the top etc. The population center establishes that a large population lived there, the ruins indicate an abandonment of the location rather than destruction. Climate change is the most likely culprit. The orchard may not have fully materialized before the demise of the population center, it may have been abandoned before its completion.

    • RichardPerry says

      I agree, when I first seen the holes I thought of trees in them. I can not tell from the pictures and was wondering if the placement of the holes allowed over flow of water from one hole to a lower hole on a incline.

    • Lawrence Garner says

      I’m afraid this is not correct. Having visited the holes, one can see that they are undeniably mad made. Each hole is lined with stones creating a wall around the edges. They’ve been bricked into place after having been dug.

  4. Scott Dawson says

    Judging from where the band begins and ends it appears to be exploratory mining. One likely found good color in the Pisco drainage as far up as the holes and then began to explore uphill searching for the vein. Perhaps the dark bowl at the top is the remnant of an ancient mining operation

    • maki says

      I think they are for exploration for materials or defensive fighting postions. Simple may not be absolute, but its generaly true.

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  6. says

    Secret of the Zebra…Catalyst to New Thought?

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  7. says

    I have written about these holes many times in the past and have tons of materials on other Ooparts. I once worked in association with the National Geological Survey when I was a member of the Texas Highway Dept. of Engineers. We utilized a two unit drill that was used to detect various data from the substructure/s out in West Texas. The information allowed us to design better structures in that part of Texas such as Highways.
    I used to look at those holes daily. Anyway, when I saw the pictures of this structure in the National Geographic Publication, I said to myself, that these folks had a better unit than we do today. It looks like they were testing for some very sophisticated information.

    • says

      Since I left the Texas Highway Department of Engineers, way back in 1964, I determined that I would turn down the scholarship to A&M and become a Advertising Designer and Marketer. Since then I have visualize many campaigns for large organizations and written a few books along the way. Every once in a while my mind flashes back to those days and those holes. I have since visualized a large unit with eight drills aligned across the form with a mechanized crawler moving across the landscape taking test holes as it goes along. This massive unit was from an advanced civilization and I believe that civilization is long dead, destroyed by an incoming comet during the Carolina Bays Event. This catastrophe must have produced standing waves of at least a mile high that swept the Earth clean and since it was a monster comet. That massive drilling unit might have been swept away in mid-testing right into the Pacific Ocean or in one of the massive Lakes still embracing Peru and Bolivia.

      It (the fragmenting comet) just might have gone into orbit with parts of it raining down on the planet over a period of perhaps 1,000 years. it became the Feathered Serpent of the Maya and the evil Dragon of the Jomon of Japan and the Chinese. It might have even led to the destruction of a great Pacific continent called Mu. Currently, I am writing a Metafictional book on this past event that few scientists even think upon, but something is drastically wrong when evidence like the holes and the expert masonry of various sites around the world (Egypt, Peru and especially Machu Picchu and Puma Punku) are given the cursory short story of rock banging into such perfect workmanship. I know what it takes to garner such perfection and we can find nothing in the infrastructure that even suggests that our ancient forefathers were savages incapable of highly developed engineering.

      Genetic Engineering is even another story and look how we turned out with what little we know now. Imagine a civilization that was highly advanced in Genetic Engineering some 12,900 years ago and then look for a perfect place to serve as your lab — South America. More on this later (see the Secret of the Zebra).

      Ron O. Cook > http://www.enigmni.com/

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