Revelations of Tray Caladan (Doug Yurchey)

Revelations of Tray Caladan (Doug Yurchey)

by T. S. Caladan 


     Russians put me on a UFO-type television show this February.  They read my “Inspiration for the World Grid article on World-Mysteries and asked to interview myself and psychic wife. 

The show concerns Atlantis and they wanted to feature my old theory of Tesla and the World Grid.  (The ‘ex-wife’ passed in 2006 and they settled for interviewing the ‘observer’ of a phenomenal psychic). 

     With permission from the Russian producers, World-Mysteries can now present interviews of one of their long-standing, Guest Writers…me. 
I was highly complimented that Russians did what the Italians had done 5 years ago (see the YouTube video in the article) …  and that was come to LA and film me. 
It’s nice that someone out there is interested in my story and believes…I know a few things.  Thank you. 

     Readers discovering this application of Nikola Tesla to pyramids and an ancient World Grid for the first time…may not be aware of such ‘alternative’ thinking or ‘backwards History.’  You will see this research has been my obsession, my fixation for over 40 years!  WHY?  Because the alternative History I lay out in my writings and talks are better answers to traditional views of big mysteries.  I feel…this is very important.  Here’s how it began…   (Please, no cracks on my age; see how you look at 65 in HD?) 

     Also, consider that like a few other (amateur) productions I was involved with:  I only had one shot at it; there was no Take 2.  Presented here was everything that was shot in the 2014 interview; much different than the edited, televised version.  Another reason for the article is to explain specific points where I misspoke in my one chance in front of the camera. 

     I said, ‘I asked Katrina’ but the truth is I asked the ‘entity’ in her body when she was in a trance.  This was on the order of Jane Roberts and ‘Seth Speaks.’ 

     Part 2 continues with the Red Planet and my ‘Mars New Genesis’ theory.  Consider that ‘Bode’s Law’ may have to be revisited since the Asteroids, Pluto and Sedna all fit near-perfect mathematical-distances from the sun like the rest of the planets (only Neptune is the exception). 


     When I first mention ‘Lemurians’ in lands around the Pacific Ocean, I failed to say they were Asians…in my opinion, which I do say later in the interview.  Hawaii may have been part of Mu; a very ancient, Asian colony. 

     To clarify, Edgar Cayce did not specifically state that the end of Atlantis was the destruction of the World Grid.  He did write that the destruction of Atlantis, 12,000 years ago, was ‘electrical.’  

     After speaking of Futurism in the distant past, I give the general answer as to how massive stonework was constructed.  Anti-gravity; powerful lasers and super-computers by humans are the answers or basically…via machines. 

     In a short time, I give a personal account of what happened to Atlantis.  Decades of investigations and possibly exploring my own feelings (psychic impressions or memories?) went into these conclusions.  Simply listen to the logic behind IF WE HAD THE POWER TO CLONE…what would happen?  What would occur if we had super Science and Technology; freedoms to do just about anything?  Wouldn’t those powers get out of control in future generations?  Something like the Class A, B, C and D-citizens in Huxley’s Brave New World; people manufactured out of labs?  (supported by Cayce and Plato). 


    I failed to reveal an important aspect of the ‘Fall of Man’ or Atlantean destruction of the (technical) Eden Paradise.  I expressed Cayce’s date for Atlantis and his revelation that it was ‘ELECTRICAL.’  I wished I had gotten out that what is considered ‘primates’ such as Australopithecus, Erectus, etc…we have completely misunderstood.  ‘Sub-humans’ with smaller brains indeed existed; but, they were mindless ‘slaves’ or ‘soldiers’ MADE BY CLONERS! 

Image Source >> 

     Who were the cloners?  They were the Atlanteans, Egyptians, Incans and other intelligent civilizations through time.  They were the ‘pilots’ in (much later) Bible times you’ve simplified by calling them ‘angels.’  They were the Chariot (vimana-craft) ‘gods’ that still retained remnants from older empires who possessed the ‘Forbidden Fruits’ of Science and Technology.  

     How about instead of calling our progenitors or Originators the ‘Anunnaki’ or ‘Elohim,’ we simply refer to them as Atlantean colonizers?  How about calling them ‘Cro-Magnons’ as Edgar Cayce did?  The correction in my statements is the fact that ‘Cro-Magnons had larger brains than humans’…I meant to say, ‘Cro-Magnons had larger brain cavities that MODERN men and women.’  It is not to say we are different than CMs, but instead…we are THEM many thousands of years later.  We are devolved Indians and the Cro-Magnons were our large-brained ancestors (‘gods’ and ‘demons’) over the course of many ages of downward-spiraling empires.    [Don’t miss: ‘Our Experience with Uri Geller’ article and short Geller interview].                        

     I failed to mention that I witnessed a few small objects that suddenly appeared!  A ‘piece of seaweed’ and what resembles a ‘copper cap’ to something like an underwater device…materialized…during one of these trance sessions when we were learning of sunken Atlantis.  I have the old objects to this day. 

     There was a reference to ‘I put together’ the World Grid as if I created it.  I certainly did not.  The Map was GIVEN in response to my question, ‘where did human life come from on Earth?’ 

tz - could add at any pt. about grid

     Do not miss the point of why Uri Geller is referenced.  Besides numerous firsthand experiences (only in the 70s) of watches fixing themselves; keys and spoons bending as well as the curling of metal clips on Flair pens…the point is we may all have latent, telepathic capabilities and the power of telekinesis within our subconscious and memory. 


These lost abilities could be reflections of prehistoric times when everyone used ESP (etc.) and took it for granted as we do breathing today. 


     Notice how uncomfortable I am with revealing that not only was the Great Flood done to ‘reduce radiation levels’ after nuking…but…also to wipe clean (real) mythological creatures or monsters such as minotaurs, hydras, centaurs, Pegasus and even unicorns as mad ‘genetic experiments.’  I certainly realize this sounds FANTASTIC!  Yet, Roman and Greek myths could be actual memories of what master-cloners (human-gods) produced.

      Note similar ‘dimples on a golf ball’ or ‘pixels on a geodesic sphere’ aspect of the 13-point map from 1974.  [My big ‘realization’ with Tesla and the pattern came in 1978, AFTER this ‘indirect Close Encounter’ or after the marriage].  Tiahuanaco was the real ‘Earth Base 1’ or landing-point where the planet was ‘surveyed’ and World Grid planned.  Colonies, like homes, need power first.   

     I should have mentioned Easter Island and the New Delhi Iron Pillar are on the exact opposite sides of the Earth from each other!  They were once MAGNETIC POLES to one another as in electro-magnetism.  A long/lost ‘birdman’ cult (memories) lingers from Easter Island, which parallels the recorded flying crafts of ancient India.  An IDENTICAL LANGUAGE (symbols) was discovered on Easter Island and the Indus Valley!  How could it happen in prehistoric times from opposite ends of the Earth? 

     One failure was to explore Easter Island more when at the Grid Map.  It is my belief that only one great statue or ‘moai’ served as the island’s Utility Pole or transceiver, originally.  It supplied all the power/energy needs for the very advanced Atlantean outpost or ‘station’ 2300 miles from the mainland, where no primitives should exist. 

     Imagine the shock to sophisticated Islanders that for the first time in their long, Utopian History…THE POWER WAS DOWN!  This occurred 12,000 years ago when a huge continent, probably with the primary Pyramid, SANK!!  There went the electrical power…isolating the 12 remaining colonies to later develop differences and even different skin colors/cultures over time (since World Weather Control was also ‘down’).  We were now stranded in the grid-points. 

     Easter Islanders, with local EM Power (possibly crystal batteries or resonating tuners), could still anti-gravitate massive weights; they just couldn’t beam off the Island anymore.  They wrongly assumed the One Statue or Receiver was faulty after the electrical Collapse.  So, they built another receiver and another…meaning another stone giant and another stone giant around the entire island. 

     Evidence shows panic; war; killings of ‘long-ears’ by the short ears and the total stoppage of great statue-making in the quarries.  I believe this was the point EI inhabitants realized: the problem was not their receiver or receivers, but the main transmitter-station of Atlantis (similar to old days when your TV picture went OFF; was the problem your set…or the station?) 

     The Holy land of the Mid-East was another area nuked 8000 years ago and after that time period.  The mentioned ‘green glass’ was discovered around the Red Sea and the American Old West.  Why do you think the DEAD Sea was given such a name?  Read Yurchey’s inspired article “High Technology in the Bible for a new view (one with science and technology) of the Old Testament. 

     Another failure on my part was to clearly define a unique perspective of exactly what the numerous stone ‘strongholds’ of Incas truly were high up in the Andes Mountains.  ‘Impossible’ fortresses constructed with monoliths in the hundreds of tons are at amazing altitudes.  Near Cusco (Peru) and the ‘Altiplano’ of Bolivia, there are strongholds such as Ollantaytambo and Sacsayhuaman.  Mammoth, monolithic, stone walls defy belief and were made with incredible precision. 

     Wait; couldn’t their enemies float bombs on balloons and attack the highly elevated fortresses?  They were still Incan fortresses like any fort.  Or, were they?  They had no roofs!  These were not European ‘dolmens’ of stone igloos.  How brilliant were they if so open to attack from above?  Here’s the answer: 

     Tesla developed the FORCEFIELD he called the ‘Wall of Light.’  You could tune an electrical frequency to where it becomes an impenetrable wall of force.  Incans were no dummies and had Retractable Roofs!  Ships or personal-packs as jet-packs levitated IN and OUT like we go through a door at the push of a button.  This explains no doors and very high windows on room after stone room of Andes fortresses.  How could anyone get in the many enclosures; you would need high ladders or helicopters?  

     No one has realized this, apparently.  It is only because we have been trained to not look for science and technology, which (of course) explains the impossibilities in rock.  Fantastic, soft interiors of the protected ‘strongholds’ are completely missing today.  We only have the ruins of titanic exteriors that are not so easy to remove over time. 

     Andes settlements seemed to have been built by high-tech survivors of Atlantis.  Were they braced for a Nuclear Age to come?  Not even atomics could penetrate the megalithic building-block walls and Force Field Roofs.  Were Incas keeping knowledge and information safe from Pirate-enemies, raiders?  Did Incas preserve knowledge from those that would misuse ancient secrets; reincarnated forces?  Were they waiting for a horrible age to pass and the next, future age of Maya in the lowlands to develop? 

     I also did not express the Power Station-principle when we see row after row of monoliths, standing stones, statues, stele or totems of ancient Indians.  Toltecs and Mayas had laser-straight, squared, stone columns or poles.  Atop the structure might be a platform that functioned as a ‘ship-charging station.’  Oscillating, resonating frequencies were probably BROADCASTED by the ‘stations’ like tuning forks as Edgar Cayce implied and Tesla really built.  We see this possible ‘utility pole’ function in impossible architecture of different ages.                                         


     An underwater (glass?) pyramid exists on the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle area or Atlantis continent area not far from Bimini.  What was unspoken about ‘strange disappearances’ in the Triangle was what I was told:  Those who have disappeared down through many, many decades…are still on their journey now; whether it was by ship or plane!  That is how far TIME HAS STRETCHED.  They, the missing, must have ‘hit the beam’ in a way that they have moved on without us.  They no longer move like us and virtually have disappeared or left our time/reality.  If someone disappeared in the 1940s, it would remain the 1940s to them (relatively speaking).  If true, it explains the phenomenon that relatives of those gone in the Triangle FEEL the missing are not dead…yet, they have been gone a very long time.  (families know). 

     Finally, about the interview at the Map…it was FOUR locations that my Map from 1974 anticipated BEFORE researchers found any anomalies there and not THREE.  Yonaguni underwater ziggurat, Brazil ruins under Amazon jungles, the Canadian Indian Face and you could also include the Russian stone-site in the Sayan Mountains…4; X-marks-the-spot!

     I made it clear it was not my CHANNELING, but the wife’s.  I was merely the ‘observer’ or ‘witness’ to very odd experiences usually NOT a part of young couple’s lives.  The experience COMPELLED me to study for 4 decades.  ‘Spock’ had to be stated as a scientist, yearning to LEARN.  I relate.  And, I confess that all this (my life’s work) was never supposed to be revealed. 

     I wanted to say so much about Arthur Matthews; a man I know to be Tesla’s secret son!  We were pen-pals before his death in 1986.  [Here is link to “Son of Tesla]. 

     The following are Arthur’s words to me in a private letter, although he never admitted that he was directly related to the super genius.  Matthews wrote: 

  ‘Tesla married in 1890, he had a son and died a very rich man.’ 

     Why did Wardenclyffe, the NY tower fail?  The traditional story of Tesla in the usual books where J. P. Morgan ‘pulled his funds’ is just not true.  Because something is repeated on the news or in the press does not make it true.  A very different story is told by a man who knew Nikola Tesla; a man I know to be his son.  (See article and family-resemblance). 

     The real story of why Tesla himself dismantled his life’s work, the nearly 200-foot Power Tower, a combination of Radio and Electricity…is told in the interview.  Did Venusians insist that Tesla stop?  Be prepared to throw away what you have been taught about Nikola Tesla and be open to something…remarkable. 

     I also forgot to mention interviewing Ralph Ring who happened to go on an experimental test-ride aboard one of Otis T. Carr’s Tesla-designed SAUCERS
See following articles: “Ring of Truth’ – interview with man who flew a flying saucer” and  Otis T. Carr’s Tesla-designed SAUCERS

     Also, the ‘realization’ I had in 1978 about the 13 ancient sites like the 9 modern (proposed) sites…was truly an amazing moment for me.  I never received an atomic particle of credit or recognition for my MOMENT that, to me, rivaled Newton’s Apple or Albert’s E=mc2!  I recalled my big moment of clarity on a few radio shows.  But, here you can look into my eyes and hopefully…believe me.  I sincerely believe each word I have uttered.  They did not come easy…only after a lot of scientific research and study.

     I did not know what Brian Petersen was going to ask, prompted by questions from the Russians.  I reacted with heartfelt words that have come from years of study.  Some are speculation; some have been what this investigator has put together and some information came directly from the ‘horse’s mouth’ or a true source of good inspiration. 

     When I said that Al Bielek went through Time by jumping off the USS Eldridge in 1943 during the Philadelphia Experiment, this is not news to Brad Steiger and many others who know Time Travel was actually achieved long ago.  I state one possible future that Al (Ed Cameron) saw…and came back to our time/reality and told us about it. 

     What fascinates me is how this future utopian age (return of Atlantis) was also confirmed by my old friend and Son of Tesla, Arthur.  [When I have the chance, I ASK].  I asked Arthur the ultimate Tesla-question…‘WHEN?  When will we have Tesla Technology?’


Tesla tech is not compatible with present-day society since it is MAGNETIC; the real reason Nikola was removed from western books.  As you know, we cannot put a magnet on our computers or technical equipment.  It means…we are doing everything wrong today.  There was a good reason I harped on the MAGNETIC properties of ancient sites; ley lines and EM grids. 

     Arthur’s stunning answer to my Tesla-question was, ‘it will be so long in the future before we use Tesla Technology that no one would even remember who Tesla was.’  Wow.  We have a long wait to realize the threshold of utopia or a Return to Paradise…or what nearly occurred over a hundred years ago.

     I answered the ‘Illuminati’ question as honestly as I could; just something I saw on YouTube.  And, ‘Al Bielek’ was spelled incorrectly.    

     When I rattle off the Indian ages or backward-cycling empires of retrograde technology, I misspoke and said ‘Incans’ twice.  Pretend, after Incas, I said, ‘…Toltecs, Olmecs, Mayas, Aztec and earthen Mound-Builders of Anasazi and Cahokians before the last ‘Fall of Indians’ to teepee-builders in the Old West.

     See how the final segment ends.  I am proud of my positive message that is revealed at the very end before the digital camera cuts off.  At least, the whole message was conveyed intact. 

     Through the years, I have been attacked by religious (so-called) ‘Christians’ or rightwing Fundamentalists that did not approve of taking their ‘God’ out of the equation…(me) in favor of a belief in real, physical things; placement of real mysteries and a firm FAITH in logical Science and Technology. 

     I have been attacked by dogmatic (so-called) ‘scientists’ or Darwinists who remain solid believers in Evolution (our earliest ancestors as only primitives) and thinking they have the scientific evidence to back their old, outdated claims. 

     I have also argued with New-Agers who ascribe our genesis as a result of ‘Alien-Engineering’ with the presumption that ALIENS answer all the mysteries.  They have made ‘aliens’ another religion.  Do your own independent research. 

     I have caught a lot of Hell because the one philosophy that 40 years of study have pointed to and appears to be proven…seems to piss everyone off!  So be it. 

     What I hope…in fact, my positive ‘message of HOPE’ or what I have learned after all the work is…what was uncovered near the end.  We have been brainwashed and programmed by the news media (etc.) that we are the WORST!  ‘To err is human’ and that we are only animals.  Universities support this mistake in thinking.  Another Cop Show on TV and crime is everywhere.  We are conditioned that war; killing; violence; hate; corruption and racism are normal and natural.  I assure you, good people…they are not. 

     When I touched my heart and said ‘war was not in our nature,’ I meant it! Eden, Paradise, Utopia, Eldorado, Shangri-la, Mega-Metropolis or a technical ‘Heaven on Earth’ truly existed in our distant past (much longer than all the conflicts and trouble) and will return again and again in the future.  Our true nature is one of Peace.  Someday, we will do things…right.

     One note: Katrina’s ‘entity’ (Isis) which I was only in contact with between the years 1973 and 1977…never told me about Tesla.  ‘She’ knew I would find Nikola Tesla in the next year; not in Scientific American, but in Ancient Astronaut Magazine (‘Man Who Fell to Earth’ by Harry Imber).  She knew I would make the Tesla Connection to the power-network or 13-point World Grid. 

     As I said on radio (‘Coast2Coast with George Noory’ before he yanked me off unexpectedly), the entity told me: 

   ‘It would mean more to you if you found out on your own rather than us giving you the answers on a silver platter.’ 

     My life has never been the same.  Before I die, I want to reveal everything.  I have to tell you what I’ve found.  This is important; this means something… 

Copyright 2014 TS CALADAN 




Doug Yurchey, Delhi Iron Pillar and World Grid


This post is Copyright 2014


  1. Tray Caladan says

    Hello Andromeda Lady – great site you have…check it out. I had to download that amazing picture of the missing mountaintop at Nazca. Your picture clearly shows the removed peak and how it was perfectly flattened – assuming it’s a large area, simply Unbelievable. Anti-gravity.
    wanted to answer a question of where are all the machines & flying saucers from ancient times? Outside of the nuking in the Old World and Great (worldwide) Flood…you might not believe the answer to be: Mulch! On YT you can see old film of Henry Ford’s 1st Model-T being pounded with sledgehammers! The panels were made from HEMP & stronger than steel! What they didn’t tell you is car parts made from Hemp will dissolve to nothing in 100 years – plastics, all oil products to hardest steel can be ORGANICALLY made and not have to end up on land-fills ruining the planet. That’s not how an intelligent society does things. Why make machines from Hemp which will decay in time? Because you have a perfect society without money where high-tech is freely GIVEN. Because you can spit out another one and another one, endlessly. Replicators on Star Trek are real…you put on clothes at start of day like picking a tissue from Kleenex and it’s destroyed in Replicator at end of the day – that’s how you do things right – without the hells of economy; wars and oppression…that’s the future…that’s the past.

    • says

      Tray Caladen thanks for visiting my blog. Yes it is probably true and your wright i believe that Anti-gravity have some thing to do with the moving of the mountain! thanks for taking your time i hope you come again! God bless…

  2. Tray Caladan says

    Brenda must please stop treading on me – I am not a Satanist – am not Dark in any way…I am of the Light; what does that make her? I am asking her to please, in GOD’s name, stop and desist. Please do not respond because I mention you now. When she spoke of not throwing stones at me, she doesn’t even realize that every word out of her mouth applies to HER. Look in the mirror; they apply to you.
    Thank you, Helen – for exactly pegging Bren for what she is – in my opinion, a follower of the anti-Christ that wants us to stay in the Middle Ages. She won’t question her simple training, EVER!…because she does not have the complexity to realize the complex and Higher Truths. She doesn’t know the Higher Teachings of Jesus (Essa) or the Higher GOD which I believe in with all my heart! FACT is…the Creator of ALL THE UNIVERSES is not in the Bible or has ever dealt with the micro, micro of a nothing we walk on called Earth. Miss Flintstone would never understand. She’s like 500 years ago when this was the ‘world’ and people were the full extent of Life. NO…future – futuristic views of infinite Big Bangs!! & infinite Life – true – Black Holes and Quasars connect Universes WITHOUT END!
    Bren couldn’t possibly fathom supermen like Tesla or the concept of ‘gods’; doesn’t have that gear. But she DOES have the arrogance to push her weight around my blessed, beautiful article and ruin it for me. Blind Bren can’t take the hint that her rock-throwing made me leave World-Mysteries and change my name! And she will not stop! PLEASE HAVE MERCY and back off! Write your own articles and stay off mine.
    She doesn’t even GET IT that maybe my wife’s channeling was NOT demonic possession, BUT ANGELIC POSSESSION…(for the most part)…and I’m sincerely after the real truth, which does not matter to her.
    For the kind and wonderful people out there that have sent me emails of congrats, it’s very much appreciated. thanks.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Doug,
      True, I wrote to you twice during this article, but never once called you a ‘Satanist’ or in the ‘dark way’, nor did I say your wife channelled a ‘demon’. Doug, you sent me the link and I respectfully disagreed with certain aspects of what you said. Disagreeance, without name calling or condescending scorn, but an explanation of why I disagree, is what these articles are all about, and can hardly make you a loser or Satanic, nor be termed as ‘getting on your back’. I have no problem leaving you to your opinions, and have no intention of trying to change them.

      • JAY says

        doug is this domain safe for users in general any more dont have to reply but any way the advertisements are opposite the hostile comments are intolerable the world at battle belongs to the supreme the planet is polluted the governance in some places are unbelievable earth changes with pole shift could occur the monetary system has collapsed and poverty is everywhere what on earth too do and who made who.

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hello Keldoone,
    It’s the ‘bren lady’ responding. It’s pretty hard to leave God out of the picture when we’re talking about where we came from. As a matter of fact, Doug asked his wife that question when she was in a trance, as he stated, and then brought up God himself in that same interview, so I’m just responding in kind. As for the ‘bruised religions’ – I’m not concerned about religions per se, some of them need a good bruising – as do those governments you were talking about. I don’t follow century old religions, but I do follow the living God, and when it’s applicable, I do talk about Him too.

  4. Tray Caladan says

    Hello Len – that was good info and I appreciate your thanks. I do have to argue a bit about channeling. FAR from believing everything, I don’t and didn’t. What was also missing from my ‘story’ consistent thru the decades…didn’t mention the wife’s head-turning or coughing up pea soup – that didn’t really happen; what I mean is the bad, terrible things that happened which led to divorce. It wasn’t Her anymore – losing Jekyll to the dark Hyde-side of things.
    Let me completely disagree with you saying Plato’s destruction was the Flood @ 5000 years ago and not 12. The Senate during that Platonic conversation where Solon was mentioned…what was the debated subject at the moment? It was Perfection and the IDEAL state – which brought back memories/stories of the Eden, the Ideal, that we have all lost. This was not a discussion of Noah’s times, but much earlier when there really was perfection here on Earth.

  5. Leonard Farra says

    First let me congratulate you for your forty years of dedicted research. Well done. I have been researching the Early World for 35 years but on different lines to you. I was also involved with psychic research and,like you,I have had a lot of experience of channelling through a psychic.One thing that you will have realised,and I trust that you have taken this into account in your research, is,as I explanied in my W.M article on channelling, is that you should not accept all communications at face value and they must all be judged on their merits.
    With regard to your comments on Atlantis, Plato,who was born 2400 years ago,said that it existed 9000 years before his time and this date has been passed on over the years.He also said that Athens led an alliance of tribes against Atlantis. However,this cannot possibly be because Athens was not in existence at that time.The reason for his error appears to be that he had no idea of time and,furthermore, he had adapted his story for home consumption.Plato also said that this story was told to Solon by the Egyptian priests. Thereis no mention of Atlantis in Egyptian records and there is reason to believe that the story told to Solon concerned the flood of 5,000 years ago(not 12000) which I have discussed in my current W.M article ‘E.T’s and a New History of Man.
    Leonard Farra

  6. Tray Caladan says

    Sorry – also reminds me EXACTLY of why Tesla failed…right idea at the wrong time. If the Power was to be used the wrong way; misused for WAR; for the Dark Side; for destruction rather than Creation…then, no one is going to have it! Same as Tesla not allowed to succeed with Wardenclyffe just prior to WWI. Hells of Atlantean wars all over again and we’re not going to utilize The Force until it can ONLY be used for the Good.

  7. Tray Caladan says

    I wanted to mention an important point I left out which could interest some of you following my view of Atlantis. WHY was Atlantis initially destroyed sinking a whole continent? We know, thanks to Edgar, it was done by high-tech/ advanced Cro-Mags and it was ‘Electrical,’ but…WHY did it happen? I know; and it may not be what you think. Sure, you can say a great empire became corrupt and fell from within…That’s general, here’s some specifics:

    After seemingly endless years of Super Utopia, 2 factions were in power (Belial & Law of 1) around 13,000 years ago. 1 kept the Old Ways sacred, but the New Breed (of cloners) of supermen explored those freedoms with monsters & armies mentioned in my talk. THE GOOD GUYS BLEW UP PARADISE! Don’t think yunze guys were expecting that! So…no one had the wireless, electrical power anymore.
    Can you not see the development of this new thing: Power and controlling others; how that could seduce you against old (holy) ways? What did Stan Lee say about Power and Responsibility? This is what I was told by the ‘Horse’s Mouth’ no matter if others refuse to believe me…
    Consider how the Tesla tower (pyramid/statue) functions. It indiscriminately broadcasts EM power…now, this wirelessly powers whole cities…AND Armies of Hell and Anarchy that were the new rage in late Eden.
    Old leaders of 1 decided to pull a ‘self-destruct’ switch or mechanism; some survivors knew ahead of time and escaped this tragedy of even floating cities falling!! Can you imagine destroying what you loved knowing that it would all return again in Pre-Egypt and Pre-Inca Ages? That’s how corrupt it became – and also starting a chain of cycles as the very same thing repeated again and again in later ages; always resulting in technology going backwards…as well as our mentality over time. Good guys knocked out the Grid, not bad guys…yet it was ultimately BECAUSE of the bad guys that had to ruin a good thing.

  8. keldoone says

    All very fascinating and mostly meaningless. I mean, we’ve done this how many times? And strangely enough we “think” we’re going to get it right? or left…
    Most everything we’ve been taught is not true if only partially true. For example: E does equal MC2… except when it doesn’t… as with the speed of light.. hardly a constant except to the scientist who has a unique formula where the speed of light is important. I have a good friend who says that the real history of Earth is stranger than science fiction fantasy… I agree.
    I also agree with Cayce – that Russia will save the planet… if we can just get the top three rogue nations out of the way.(usa, uk, is)… their demise is happening.
    I also agree with an aspect (only) of the bren ladies comment… that is we must be in our hearts not in our heads. (Leave the officially abused religions out of it. They are as bad as most governments))…
    I feel that ultimately, though interesting, the past is just that…past. We have opportunity to be aware that the house of cards (gov) is falling… they are desperate.
    We are the myth makers…by being in our hearts the way is shown and we CAN speed up the time table of the return to Tesla energy. I strongly believe we are on the leading edge of “free energy devices”… and they will be so simple that we will be amazed and wonder why we didn’t see it sooner. ( a wifi conversion?) It wasn’t time. (what ever the concept we call time is.)
    We are on an incredible roller coaster ride… some of it appears fun and some of it beyond our capacity to understand… “No event has built in meaning. Put positive meaning in and you can only get positive meaning out” from Bashar.
    I also highly recommend “The Ringing Cedars Of Russia Series” By Vladimir Megre.
    We are in free fall and we can be afraid or fly… the choice is ours.

  9. Tray Caladan says

    Thank you, Helen. I suddenly feel appreciated. A little like the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – I mean about the anagrams. Good info. Not that Tray’s anagrams were much better…for anyone interested: It was freeing to PICK a name rather than keeping the ‘Strawman’ or ‘paper’ name we were born with. (my story-character was perfect) We’re imprisoned enough these days. I wanted to change the SIGN on my cage…

  10. says

    Forgot to add:
    The texts of Nostradamus say that using electricity as a source of power after Scorpio (Halloween) in ”fourteen” (2014) will have its problems.
    Reiterating that the Hidden Texts will not be able to be published in FIFTEEN
    It seems to me that two events in Scorpio, possibly closely linked, will be the cause:
    Currently working on the YELLOUUFTONE (and see the forum UNDER 2017)
    YELLOUUFTONE which is almost finished – see the bottom line (literally) in
    10 82
    Cries, weeping, tears will come with daggers (from the sky)
    Seeming to flee, it will deliver a final attack YELLOWSTONE
    Parks to set up high platforms around
    The living pushed back and murdered instantly PLINY CLOUD
    The word ”murdered” is intriguing
    noting that the CIA were witnessed lurking at Yellowstone Park May 10 2013…/deadly-explosives-planted-in-yellowstone-np-for- martial-law-2642894.html
    8 65 Le vieux frustre’ du principal espoir

  11. says

    To Brenda Brown – the only ”illusion” we will all be facing, very soon, is that of the False ”Raptor” aka The Rapture which will be provided BY the governments via the format of holograms. Just keep in mind that the false messiah COMES FIRST. Not much point in the false messiah arriving AFTER the real one is there!…
    To Tray – firstly 65 is a really good age. Many do not even get here.
    Nostradamus did not – he; the Master of Anagrams.
    I am going to admit that I had no belief what so ever in anagrams for the first and the second trimester of my life.
    Even when I commenced the furtive study of Nostradamus in 1980, that belief held sway over me.
    You know who it was who changed that attitude of mine?
    Back in around 2007 or 2008 when I was first learning how to use a computer (yes, I did all the former Nostradamus work by hand) you published what was meant to be a whimsical article anagramming names of famous people.
    Now see the results of that!
    The Hidden Texts of Nostradamus were accomplished using the method that all Alkhemists used between each other for communication – anagrams.
    It was FROM WITHIN the hidden texts that I was led to find the ”Alkhemists list” of key words. (This is also published at the web site, people like Herschel could do with it as a tool)
    This same list assisted in decoding Da Vinci’s ”Riddles” and
    Hermes Trismegistos (I have not published that one yet)
    These same hidden texts took me to the ”triple method” of coding and decoding the quatrains (and all the other documents Nostradamus published).
    No wonder he had gout in his hands, writing all that with a quill and ink!
    Getting to the Point:
    What you write here is absolutely parallel with the information within the Hidden Texts –
    Most people have no idea about the life of the abductee Nostradamus,
    Centuries1 Q40 Line 3 One whose assignment requires history of Egypt… he
    spent six years studying in Egypt. This may or may not have been where he earned of the time gates, the one under Giza and the one at Rennes Le Chateau –
    instructions regarding the latter time dimension portal appear in his forum:
    at his web site…

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi H C Parks,
      From what you’ve stated, it sounds like you’re saying the rapture is a ‘delusion’ and that because it comes ‘first’, it would be the false messiah. I said nothing of the rapture, nor in what order it comes, but to the contrary, both what God is doing in this hour, and what the Anti-Christ is doing, are both developing in the natural and spiritual at the same time and rate of speed. God is revealing Himself to those who seek Him, and likewise, those who are looking for something and/or someone else to be their belief, are being drawn there. If you have an interest in what order the events of God will take place, I will gladly share that with you, but in all honesty, I don’t go ‘tit-for-tat’ on the points Doug speaks about – as I told him a year ago, because head-talk does nothing for anyone. We need to come with our hearts first, not just knowledge – that if someone doesn’t agree with, turns to mockery, degrading, and scorn. It then becomes destructive in nature, and there’s just no point in it.

  12. Tray Caladan says

    What arrogance…for her to think she and her delusions from hundreds of years ago are true…for her to not think for 1 second that maybe her ‘God’ (‘Him,’ she called it?)…could possibly agree with me and a futuristic POV, rather than her fundamentalism…for her 100% so sure I am wrong. I’m sorry, Bren, if my sweat and blood for 40 years offend you. To put it in the simplistic of terms for you…God knows.
    Do you understand the name change, Ron? Maybe they’ll stop throwing stones if it was some other guy?

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Doug/Tray
      I thought I would respond to a statement you made about me being offended at the work that you’ve put in 40 years sweat and blood into. I’m not offended at you Doug, and I assure you I don’t ‘throw stones’ at anyone, especially just because their name is Doug, Tray, or whatever. Although I am indeed open to hear about Atlantis, Tesla’s findings, and many other like topics, when people use some of that knowledge as a basis for ‘proving’ God didn’t create us or that He doesn’t exist, etc., I voice my disagreeance just the same as others voice theirs about things other people have said.
      It doesn’t matter how much we put our efforts into something, it can be entirely wrong, or have a few points wrong, truth is not determined by how much effort we put into an idea we have. Time and effort aren’t the ultimate in making any of us right. Nor is my disagreeing with some of your statements, a ridicule of your efforts. It’s difficult at times, to really get where someone is coming from just by the words they put on a page, so I thought I would clarify that I have reason to know that God true, and thus, just don’t agree with where you went with some of your knowledge.

  13. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Doug/Tray,
    I’m sure that you are thrilled that you have this all wrapped up and figured out, but Doug/Tray, I didn’t agree with you a while back, and definitely don’t agree with you now. I know you sent me the link because you are convinced of what you have learned, but it doesn’t matter what anyone ‘thinks’, what matters is what God knows, and if we’re listening to Him to hear clearly, what He has to say. I am well aware that the most of the governments, media, scientific fields, etc., are thinking along some of these lines, but it isn’t because it is true, it’s because it is the time of strong delusion, when the Anti-Christ is setting up his system and alluring people into what appeals to their minds. Unfortunately, minds do not and cannot discern whether something is of God or not, so while those following their minds and human fallen spirits, will may well be sucked into his deceits, God’s truth will be being revealed to those whose hearts are for Him.

  14. Tray Caladan says

    Ron – it’s a long story; personal issues; attacks on W-M forums; personal failures in life – wanting to distance myself from being a loser. I know from anagrams…there is something to names and life’s destiny; wish I could do it legally. I wanted to changed karmas…OK, I wanted to have a secret identity. Hey…Sam wrote under Mark Twain…to add mystery and TS Caladan sounds a lot better than Yurchey. See…you didn’t know TS was really me.
    Have to thank Alex (webmaster) for believing in me. (Paul is really dead). The name comes from an unbelievable fantasy I wrote called ‘The Continuum.’ I named myself after a character I created; 1 that was touched by the Zog! (told you: long story) So, I have become my character that was always me and it’s become my pen-name. [no one’s read my epic].
    Ron, thank you for asking…think you were the first. Better than Ocho Cinco or Metta World Peace.
    Look what’s happened since the change?…been on Russian TV; have new YTs and can leave behind a wonderful article as a legacy.

  15. says

    Doug, why did you think you had to change your name? I guess I will change mine to Queeg Stuckhill too. Anyway, thank you for the great things you bring to us. I have always enjoyed your material.

    Ron O.

  16. Tray Caladan says

    wow – thanks – I’m really touched…seriously. Hope the Internet is up and running for awhile. You know, the Easter Islanders thought they had it pretty secure too. But, you know…I’m glad Time changes things.
    I’m going on vacation…

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