Puzzling Feature of Nazca Glyphs

Puzzling Feature of Nazca Glyphs

by A. Sokolowski

Etched onto the arid “moonscape” of Peru’s southern desert lies one of man’s greatest mysteries; the Nasca Lines. These ancient lines are the most outstanding group of geoglyphs in the world. These geoglyphs consist of over 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes and pictures of animals and birds – and their patterns are only clearly visible from the air.


The high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world—the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nasca Lines. Ranging from geometric patterns to “drawings” of different animals and stylized human-like forms. More than 300 geometric and animal-like patterns have been discovered criss-crossing the pampas like a vast puzzle.

The ancient lines can only be truly taken in, their forms discerned, from high in the air, leaving generations mystified as to how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight.

Who built them and what was their purpose?
Ancient racetracks, landing strips for aliens, or perhaps a giant astronomical calendar?
Are the lines relics of  ancient people far more advanced then previously imagined (and capable of flight)? 
Or, perhaps, the lines were signs left by an alien race? Landing strips for UFOs?

You can learn more about the Nazca Lines by reading these articles:

Hundreds are simple lines or geometric shapes; more than seventy are zoomorphic designs of animals such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguar, monkey, or human figures. Other designs include phytomorphic shapes such as trees and flowers.

Here is the size of some of the most famous Nasca geoglyphs:

– The Spider, approximately 46m long,
– The Monkey, 55m long,
– The Guanay (guano bird), 280m long,
– The Lizzard 180m,
– The Hummingbird, 50m long,
– The Killer Whale, 65m long or
– The Pelican – the largest of them all – at 285m long.

New look at the Nazca Glyphs

Official explanation of how the lines were made:

The shallow etchings were made well over 2,000 years ago by Indians who cleared the stony surface, exposing the whitish soil underneath.


The pebbles which cover the surface of the desert contain ferrous oxide. The exposure of centuries has given them a dark patina. When the gravel is removed, they contrast with the color underneath. In this way the lines were drawn as furrows of a lighter color, even though in some cases they became prints. In other cases, the stones defining the lines and drawings form small lateral humps of different sizes. Some drawings, especially the early ones, were made by removing the stones and gravel from their contours and in this way the figures stood out in high relief.

Scientists continue to debate their purpose, offering such theories as a calendar, a map of underground water supplies, ancient “message in the bottle” for the future generations – even landing strips for space aliens.

New Theory about how the Nazca glyphs were made

In this short post we want to bring your attention to the puzzling feature common to nearly (we have not analyzed all of them) all glyphs:

All drawings were made with a single, uninterrupted line.

Perhaps these lines were not made from the ground but from the air with use of some unknown device/weapon (e.g. an acoustic beam)? Once turned on the beam had to complete an entire glyph/drawing with a single, uninterrupted line (which also does not cross itself).

Check it out!

 nascaGlyphs nazca_dog



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA spider_Nasca nazcawhale







Perhaps Crop Circles are also made from the air with similar technology?

See relevant crop circles links:

Nazca: 360 Panoramic View >>

Article by A. Sokolowski  

Copyright 2013 world-mysteries.com

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  1. says

    Even before I took my accidental photo of 10 UFOs that would eventually provide the key to solve the Nazca Lines, I had recognized a pattern in the Monkey and Duckling figures that made sense…they both have 7 fingers…Natl Geo claimed it was a mistake but it wasnt..”The number 7 is blessed more than all things under Heaven” The Bible is referred to as a “Book of Sevens” Proof of Gods existence is in how many ways HE designed the number 7 into our existence.. 7 intersteller molecules, 7 regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, 7 spectal classes of stars, 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 seas, 7 continents and so on ..its endless Then on 7/1/90 I accidentally photographed 10 daylight UFOs one of which is a projecting triangular shape just like the famous Nazca Markings “The Concorde” and the “Great Triangle” seen in Marilyn Bridges book “Markings” on page 7 & 29 This historic event has won front page coverage in every newspaper in San Diego and a CBS special
    Google “Mike Orrell” for more info

    • says

      You have perceived it correct by re-stating this universal truth:’ The number seven is blessed more than all things under heaven’. To know more about the significance of this, a detailed study of the divinely revealed book-the Urantia Book- would be much helpful! Let me quote a few statements from this book as some examples below:
      Total Deity is functional on the following seven levels:
      When we attempt to conceive of perfection in all phases and forms of relativity, we encounter seven conceivable types:
      Total, infinite reality is existential in seven phases and as seven co-ordinate Absolutes:
      The function of God the Sevenfold dates from the organization of the seven superuniverses, and it will probably expand in connection with the future evolution of the creations of outer space.

      It is much detailed. Mysteries are no more mysteries when they are exposed or revealed. Agree?

      Check my website for more info!

  2. says

    They represent constellations, the same as the animals of Gobekli Tepi and in the Voynich Manuscript (which also sports the cross of En.lil/YHWH). There is a small one with straight lines in this article here, which could be Aries formerly Musca. If you use that as a template point the rest might follow. “Ebonics” is the word used by Nostradamus how the crop circles were formed (by one of four Other Worlders who do them). This is similar to the M.E. weapon (the same mystery weapon of Sitchen) – aka as the Directed Energy Weapon (D.E.W.) or the Directed Energy Field (D.E.F.) which has 61 lines in the Hidden texts (not published yet). Both Nostradamus and the military industrial com plex call this the Medusa weapon. Used as “Ebonics” it is a modified laser tool. Based on sonic control (“Sine” in the texts) it is the same principle which lifted the blocks of masonry AND carved them, everywhere blocks of masonry have been lifted – see Ed Leedskalnin too. See Michael Tellinger and his “cones”.

  3. AT says

    Could have been symbols like our country flags. Different groups of aliens could have come to earth at different times, and to tell aliens from other ‘countries’ of the same planet (of even another planet) that they have landed on earth, they etched their ‘flag’. Just like USA planted their flag on the Moon.

  4. says

    An interesting suggestion! Like crop circles, many geoglyphs would seem to have been made from the air. I believe these phenomena have been and are being done to get our attention . . . although for what reason, I am not sure. As to the method, I would suggest scalar energy, that is, some form of torsion field. Something that has seldom been mentioned about the Nazca lines is that whole hilltops have been leveled to allow patterns to be uninterrupted. Torsion fields could easily do this–and quickly. I look forward to seeing more investigation of the geoglyphs. Hot-air balloons forsooth!

  5. says

    Hello M A. Sokolowski,
    The Nazca Lines are undoubtably one of the great mysteries of this planet and the history of humankind.
    I like your ” New theory about how the Nazca glyphs were made.
    All drawings were made with a single uninterrupted line.”
    I studied it its true.
    Somewhere Iv,e seen this before, Iv’e just found it, it’s in Graham Hancock’s book, Fingerprints of the Gods, page 43, Flight of the Condor, ” by the careful contouring of a single continuous line”
    The concept of designs set into the ground that could only have been made from above is intriguing the “Snake Mound’ in Ohio US is another example, any more ?

    • says

      As Nazca Lines are perceivable only from a considerable height in the air, it is logical to assume that some flight capabilities should have been there in the ancient past. In India, the Hindu mythology talks about large birds that had been used by people as living air transport vehicles. The Urantia Book (refer the links in my website or search the internet for it or for urantia-india ) gives more detailed information about the past history of earth that humans have lost due to collective negligence. This divinely revealed book now tells us some of those details of history that we have lost. It also gives us some interesting details of the extinct and domesticated flight bird with communication skills which is named in the book as ‘fandors’. Doesn’t it sound like ‘Condor’ ?

  6. m lane says

    they are simple paths to be walked. once a path is completed that person gains the powers of that particular glyph.

  7. Brenda Brown says

    I seriously doubt the ‘landing strips’ and ‘map the water’ theories – they’re almost laughable. I wouldn’t want to be landing some craft that needed a ‘strip’ to come to a halt, on the monkey, hummingbird, or spider for sure (watch out for those corners!); and wouldn’t you think they would have come up with a symbol for ‘water’ and just used it repetitively to mark the spots or borders where water is, rather than taking pains to run perfect lines in the shape of stylized animals? When you’re thirsty, who cares if its the spider or the hummingbird that marks the spot? That leaves a ‘message in a bottle’ idea, which I think is highly more probable.

    I can totally believe that they used an aircraft to draw these lines, but I highly doubt they’re connected to ufo crop circles. There’s a totally different feeling to crop circles than there is to these. Is there a design in the layout of these drawings? It might help to study the whole scene from an aerial viewpoint.

  8. says

    Based on observations of the crop-circle makers (CCMs) (yes, they have been observed), I would guess that scalar-beam devices, controled by computers, are responsible. I believe a similar method might have been used to make the Nazca geoglyphs. Since both can only be fully appreciated from the air, an aerial device would be logical. Why they have been made and what messages they might bear, is an open question. Correlation with underground water has been observed. . . .

  9. Elijah says

    The trenches that did have purpose were filled with water so that crops in the first month of frost do not freeze. The water is heated by the sun enough to prevent middle of the night freezing and then populations are fed in the millions instead of just 1000s. What slip up, and the whole city of millions will vanish the same way Las vegas disappears the day Hoover dam breaks, and as Katrina pushed New Orleans population away with the broken dike whose homes should have been first floor garages to keep the home above dry. The evil one controls us. But while religion says he is Satan, they ignore that Satan is all the controlling-people who have Satan in them.

  10. says

    Anyone, have you ever utilized an etch-a-sketch? One with a particle beam device from the air? These lines were shot in by persons who wanted to leave a message, had lots of time on their hands, were children, or wanted to leave us a message when they departed this planet. There must have been a departation zone located nearby for many craft to leave their mark/s. Or they might have been utilized to leave a message to those behind them as to where they were going. To say that natives in the future might have kept them cleaned up thinking they would return some day is not farfetched. Folks, we have been more advanced than we are now on this planet and it is self-evident. The messages are here for all to discern and if you cannot see, you do not have eyes to see. I digress.

    • says

      Optical Character Recognition could have been the reason for these glyphs if there were some point in the area where arial transportation devices might have locked on to a course toward a destination by inputting it to the navigational processor. A massive amount of data can be attributed to every twist and turn not to mention the numerical aspects necessary to computing flight instructions. Due to the number of pyramidal constructs for ascension, if a hovering type craft could house in that area, all it would do is input the information and go.

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