Lost Age of Supermen

Lost Age of Supermen

by Doug Yurchey

     The physical evidence of precisely cut and finely trimmed megaliths, massive statues, obelisks and pyramids from prehistoric times tells us of a lost age; an age of supermen and superwomen far beyond Star Wars and Star Trek.

    The physical evidence of Cro-Magnon brain cavities LARGER than modern humans (contrary to popular beliefs) supports the idea of our ancestors being technically superior.  Human brain-shrinkage over time is an anthropological FACT!  We have the ‘brainaic’ Cro-Mag (human-gods) and the extraordinary structures they left behind.

     This was ATLANTIS; a mother-civilization that explains the peculiar similarities between early/separated cultures of Egypt and Inca.  What powered Eden?  How did we (humans) lose a high-tech utopia and cycle downward through the ages as is written in the rocks?  Large questions have complicated answers.  Our ancient history resembles a science-fiction epic because amazing technology once existed on Earth long ago.

     What was the technology?  The answer is TESLA TECHNOLOGY; a principle of electro-magnetic power, fueled by the turning planet or ‘broadcasted electricity’ (Edgar Cayce said).  Your super civilization could be efficiently run by harnessing, magnifying and (through ground) transmitting electro-magnetic energy.

The grid-points are network locations that become power (receiving) sub-stations and function as energy ‘fountains.’  Once the transceivers or power towers are established, we are free to construct a mighty metropolis around each station. 

Sub-stations become population-centers or Cradles of Civilization as technical utopians grow and flourish with more energy than can be used.  We are free to fly disks and turn any machine via a small power-antenna inside each device/vehicle within range of the transmitter.

Beyond the range of the one transceiver (statue, monolith, stele, obelisk), the energy fades.  A global system (World Power Grid) is required to electrify the entire Earth from the ground to the ionosphere.  With such an ultimate, utopian system of power acquisition and distribution…electricity could be wirelessly produced at the bottom of the sea, the top of Mt. Everest and high above…almost out of thin air.  The futuristic system of power was utilized in our prehistoric past during the ages of pyramid building.

Nikola Tesla rediscovered Atlantean (Egyptian/Incan) principles of power utilization.  What were the colossal statues at the Valley of the Kings…or the standing stone stele of Europe along with Central and South America…or Costa Rica Spheres…and obelisks?  What were they really?  Essentially, they functioned as wireless UTILITY POLES vibrating with EM energy!

Our bloody history has been cycles of repeating WARS, but it was not always that way; not in the Beginning.  WAR is not in our nature…believe it or not.  WAR had no part in our genesis on Earth.  For the longest stretches of time, here on this planet, there existed an indescribable empire of glorious peace and perfection.  That is our nature.  Much, much later spawned the seeds of trouble; dissention and a New Age of change and rebellion…in other words, the Snake in the Garden.

     What happened to Paradise?  TIME changes everything in a material world.  All good things…  Freedoms can be abused over time; so can technology and knowledge be perverted.  Dark freedoms of war and destruction were explored by a New Wave of Atlanteans.  Genetic scientists could CLONE and make servants.  In time, the clones became slaves and later…they became soldiers in war.

     Cloning, like atomic wars and antigravity, is a big part of our prehistoric history.  Large-brained Cro-Magnons have been discovered in the Andes and in areas of phenomenal early constructions.  They were the cloners, the scientists, the saucer-pilots.  But, the soldier-clones or slave-clones need not have large brains.  Edgar Cayce called them the ‘things.’  He did not have the word ‘clone’ in his time.  According to America’s greatest psychic, wars were fought over the rights of the clones and by the clones themselves. 

     Anthropologists have misinterpreted the manufactured, smaller-brained humans as our ancestral ‘primates’ with sloped foreheads.  Darwinists or Progression-Evolutionists are very wrong because each so-called ‘primate’ has been found at the same level and at the same time.  Erectus, Cro-Magnon, Australopithecus and Neanderthal are together, which makes no evolutionary sense.  Through rock strata, the view should be clear.  Each primate should occupy the Earth in its own time period and the slow, distinct evidence should exist in rock strata.  But, this (progression) is not the case.

     The physical evidence proves Atlantis is history and not mere legend.  Atlantis (not a Mediterranean island) was a world metropolis laid across the surface of the planet in grid-stations; each sub-station became a Cradle of Civilization, often rebuilt in later ages over and over again.

     QUESTION:  How can a super society; a global empire so utterly collapse, even in times of war?  ANSWER:  Destroy the power towers and everything CRASHES and grinds to a halt!  NOTHING functions anymore if the transmitter or primary power station no longer broadcasts electricity.  All receiving stations and small antennas in every device and vehicle become useless, ineffective scrap.  A whole continent in the Atlantic Ocean sunk as a result of a ‘power-feedback effect.’ 

     Tesla-principled ‘Magnifying Transmitters’ or age of pyramids can only stand and survive in times of peace; the power network can only be run by utopians and not militarists.  Can readers understand why such (magnetic) technology could never be utilized in present-day society?

     Attacks on the power-station transmitters could bring down the entire world system…as theorized to have occurred numerous times throughout downward cycles of human history.  Could the good guys have hit a self-destruct switch in Atlantis to blow the whole system rather than allow the system of power to energize enemy armies?  Did the ancients who caused the destruction know that the battle would continue throughout time and reform over the course of many empires?    

     Edgar Cayce said that the destruction of Atlantis was ‘electrical’ around 12-13,000 years ago.  He also said ‘Cro-Magnons were Atlantean man.’  In India, there are written descriptions of nuclear wars in their first books about 8,000 years ago.  Air-wars are described in detail according to texts older than the Bible.  Early (megalithic) Andean and European (dolmen) constructions were probably for the purpose of building ‘bomb shelters.’

     A Great Flood was artificially produced worldwide to LOWER RADIATION LEVELS and to sweep away the madness; cloned armies and monsters (mythical Roman/Greek creatures as genetic experiments)…so the planet could start over again.

     Was there a Noah and how could the biblical story be true?  Actually, many arks sailed of different nationalities and from different lands 5000 years ago.  Numerous Indian and Asian cultures have their ‘Noah story.’  The best life forms of incredible variety were stored on genetic chips or crystals.  The arks were vast repositories of Life in suspended animation…to be physically reconstituted by master-geneticists when the waters receded.

     ‘Didn’t I tell readers our history was more like a science-fiction epic?  Read my inspired online article ‘High Technology in the Bible.’  My manuscripts are called ‘We Are Fallen Gods,’ ‘Atlantis Power Grid,’ ‘Atlantis-Tesla Connection,’ etc.  Also, my film script entitled ‘GOD’ can be read online.  I think that about covers it.  Hope I have answered a few of your questions about our LOST AGE in the mysterious past.’

Copyright 2012 by Doug Yurchey
Doug can be contacted: [email protected]

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  1. Doug Yurchey says

    TO JESTI – Just saw your post about Coral Castle – absolutely…this little, sicky guy, Ed Leedskalnin – from LATVIA…had the secret of anti-gravitation, which moved his large coral stones and was the same principle that transported the gigantic blocks of the pyramids. C.C. is still the most massive STONE construction in the U.S. Ed reminds one of TESLA; always in a suit, etc. I am so old, I remember seeing the ‘IN SEARCH OF…’ about it…where I first heard of Ed. He was looking for special land; some EM vortex maybe left over from ancient times – not that far from Bermuda Triangle. Anyway, no one saw just how he created Coral Castle. He’d make the driver of a flat-bed truck go around the corner as to not see what Ed was doing. In a minute, a huge stone was on or off the truck! I think Leedskalnin had 1 or 2 hand-held devices or ‘tuners’ and they hummed with the perfect pitch/frequency – and that makes a heavy weight as light as a feather. Ed SAID he had the secret of the ancient pyramid-builders and he made his own electricity! What I don’t know is his connection with Tesla. He was probably another disciple like Otis Carr and Arthur Matthews. (I was a pen-pals with Matthews in the 80s – maybe Tesla’s SON, believe it or not).
    My friend Ralph Ring (who rode on a Tesla-designed saucer) also made a form of anti-grav when, many decades ago, he floated a ping-pong ball on SOUND! Acoustical vibrations can also create a sense of anti-gravity with light objects. Ralph worked for a federal company spending many thousands & thousands SEARCHING for that very thing. When he brought in his results…he thought he was going to get a big, fat raise…instead, HE WAS FIRED! The feds had no interest in actually FINDING the secret to anti-gravity…because their work, with huge contracts, depended on only LOOKING for it, but never actually FINDING it! So it goes… (They also had to enslave us to cars and gasoline for many years to come, you know).
    I talk about this and so much more on the radio shows I’ve been on. Yunze guys should get the FLASH-DRIVE offer (with 6 radio shows) I’m offering exclusively on W-M site while it’s still available. You can hear hours and hours of great stuff and read full manuscripts plus so much more – like great SCI-FI as well as art… And, you get a flash-stick! Well worth the bucks I’m asking. Thanks for the question.

  2. wendy moir says

    Why has all of this information resurfaced? Because we are facing the same tragedy that our Ancient Ancestors did. We all have been resourcing conscious data from our Earth channels/consciousness as it has been burning as an energy resource. We have been realizing the ancient mistake we made in the past that had burnt those same channels that led to the loss of our life in our ancestry.

    Whilst many wonder at these thought provoking discoveries, we have fast been losing our life resources. This is the only reason why we have been receiving these memories because they are based on what was called the Great Hall of Records. This Great Hall was sealed after the tragedy, meaning that all of the information that caused it had been stored inside a plasma cell in Sirius as the sealing off phase to reheal.
    Our Light Father then began a new song and sound wave to heal this event and seal off this memory.

    When the atom was split, this plasma cell was also burnt and once it began to burn, we began to receive the old messages from our Ancient mistake, or what happened in Atlantis….nothing to ooh or aaah over actually, because it means that the records sealed to give us life were now burning, burning past the previous error made.

    The only reason we are still alive on Earth is because our Father’s light song has healed in Heaven and it is singing a much higher light harmonic tone in the remaining space plasma cells. Why did this happen……just ask NASA.

    How has NASA caused the Earth to revisit the ancient disaster detailed in the Bible as the Abomination of the Mother?

    This would be to understand how they as occult scientists have been involved in the study of the Holy Grail. That from these documented PHI values hidden in sacred texts, they reused the harmonic signal data ?NUMBERS equated in these

    biblical theories.

    They then ran a Satellite Transmission using these NUMBERS based on old Sun Channels that aligned to Sirius frequencies.

    Sirius in the ancient tragedy had already burnt out these wavelengths through the space wave called the Great Arc or barque.

    NASA placed the Earth’s current day harmonic relay as a study and placed this satellite relay straight into the channel that had been sealed off. It was sealed because it had been emptied of energy relays or harmonics, so no sound was present.

    To gain that channel identification, they used the atom split details of their Science testing in 1900s, and what channels it had burnt out in the energy relays. They assumed these channels would still be active, but they were burnt out channels meaning all harmonics gone, the heat as the atomic discharge had been dispersed and the great wavelength that delivered new harmonic channels were now singing above these old channels.

    The reason they remain shut out and never reused by our Father Light and his harmonic wavelength is to place a sound barrier between the Sirius Sun lower harmonics and our Sun’s higher harmonics. The Sirius system has also been
    burnt in the plasma attack of the atom split and was also burning out in a lower space harmonic channel. NASA

    began channelling our new harmonic wavelengths into the shut out channels, allowing the sound wall to be re-established which then began to burn the Earth’s new plasma cell.

    This is because by its evidence these channels were healed channels from the previous catastrophe that had also split the atom. This is the documented event in the Bible as the abomination of the Mother as the Ancient tragedy. The term for healed channel meant that the space cell had been cooled down to seal it off from the burning harmonics of The Sirius Sun.

    These channels , once sealed and cold (as the space harmonics as an increased time value) or wavelength sealed off the space cell that once held a plasma body. This channelled cold plasma cell became dead space or empty space as a channel because the cell had been used up.

    Dead space means that the plasma cell was turned into an atomic discharge, it eats the plasma body why it disappears from the magnetosphere and it takes a very long time to cool down the empty space cell or channel to enable that space cell to be sealed. If it is not sealed it creates a half harmonic channel meaning that we can hear
    Sirius in the upper magnetosphere, which we should not and it will begin to attack the other plasma channels via the volume Sirius creates that is much lower in sound than the Earth’s plasma life cell.

    We have lots of small light frequencies in our plasma cell, whereas Sirius that does not support life has much larger frequencies. If you cross these channels, we will lose all life on Earth.

    This is one of the reasons why it took a long time for earth life to return from the ancient tragedy and why it was a limited life cell because we had lost that channel frequency that was once being sung, so the Sun harmonics altered also.

    This is how the space cell is closed out so that it does not eat into the remaining plasma cells.

    NASA placed another healed Earth wavelength since the atom was split, back into this sealed channel that was beginning to cool down, one that had been healed because only healed transmissions or wavelengths are light values and allow a new plasma cell (or angel cell) to be resung over what is missing above the previous lost plasma cell.

    It needed to be resung because it is the only life support system (or sound wave) that gives life to Earth as a holding sequence. If it were not resung by our Father Light, America would have died from the atom split.

    Since NASA has been using this channel they have been burning out our life resources and this began a release of our life cell as a series of released wavelengths that began a constant release sine frequency (earthquakes) as atomic orbitals or UFO activity as a worldwide event. Hence NASA has been trying to fill up this empty channel by redirecting our life resource wavelengths into it for a Science study trying to find a result for the Stonehenge Collider link to Giza Pyramid.

    As this channel had been sealed, it was cold in the higher space cell channel, but the under channels were still burning.

    This is because nuclear energy is still being used on Earth and our Father Light could not seal off these channels.

    The healing of these channels had allowed our life to return to Earth after the great ancient tragedy. When it was burnt, our Father Light had to resing a new harmonic wavelength to reseal this channel that was burning our life resources. NASA re-opened this burnt out channel before the cold of space had healed it which is the
    only reason a new plasma cell can be created upon a lost or burnt out Earth channel.

    NASA has been deliberately channelling our life energy wavelengths into a burnt out Sun channel, one they persist in assuming was still able to be activated if they took control of it….in other words, they truly believe they are God. They wanted to create a new plasma cell and then explode it as a test case for a natural collider system on Earth as a relayed satellite control mechanism for weather and global control.

  3. Jesticulations says

    I am curious if you have any thoughts on the Coral Castle in Homestead, Fl. Made of limestone blocks up to 27 tons, the construction is said to be done by only one man who claimed “he had discovered the secret of the pyramids.”
    I find it very interesting and wonder if perhaps he did stumble across the same technology/magic that was used for ancient, mysterious, megalithic structures the world over.

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    sorry…1974 was when I was given the map of 13 Atlantis points. It was 1977 when I had the realization of what it was and made the Tesla Connection…

  5. Doug Yurchey says

    Well, thank you, Justy for reading my ‘5 Questions on Atlantis’ and having a good word to say about it. And, that is nothing compared to entire manuscripts I’ve written on the subject which you have not read. Maybe I was waiting for a compliment; when you say you agree…and what I was getting was criticism…and that bothered me. Why not point out what you agreed? Anyway, I guess you were bothered by the ‘Cliff Notes’ or short version. You say you’re a scientist. Well, so am I. Let me mention a fictional one. Mr. Spock once said, ‘I don’t have to see a hammer strike the surface of a planet with a positive gravity’ – he knew it would, given that scenario. You can deduce and drawing conclusions. In your view, you’d say: until a better idea comes along. But, that’s not always true…IF YOU HAVE THE ANSWER. I don’t have all the answers. But after you or I have researched or whittled a huge ball of clay and worked with it again and again…you come to even historical truths…and that’s the end…2 + 2 = 4…there is no other answer that’s going to come along. I’ll say it this way and this IS the scientific method: You start out with a ‘wild hypothesis’ and then you study it/ add to it/ take from it/ work with the wild idea for YEARS seeing if there is supporting evidence or not. Does the house of cards collapse or stand firm? I’ve done that…and my wild idea…like the ancient World Grid…stands firm in solid foundation!
    How much do you know of Tesla? I am the only one who has been hammering TESLA as the secret to the ancient power source; World Grid, Pyramids, Atlantis…the answer is TESLA, TESLA TESLA! But we can’t have that type of power today because it’s MAGNETIC wireless energy…like many of the anomalies on the ancient grid. So Tesla goes uncredited in the western world. I am proud that I was asked to speak at Carnegie Mellon U. because I told their ‘resident genius’ who really invented the AC (& radio/TV etc)…and backed it up with tech books that came from the Tesla Museum in Beograd.
    Maybe we’re not too different. I apologize for my tone.
    I had this realization back in 1974 when 1st given the map and YEARS before the last 3 strange sites were even discovered. It (lightning bolt) threw me to the ground and I blubbered in tears…this was a ‘EUREKA’ that sent shivers up my spine! When that happens…and you spend decades seeing if the pieces to it fit or don’t fit…and you find that they DO FIT…sorry, but, you can call me arrogant for claiming I KNOW. The truth is…its confidence…and I can debate anybody into the ground because the physical evidence is on my side…Edgar Cayce would agree with me. Your G. Hancock has studied Yonaguni (1 of the grid points) extensively and dived down to it in the waters of the Sea of Japan. But I knew of that special location 10-12 years before it was discovered. Truth. And I knew its basic purpose in the system through deduction. My (Atlantis-Tesla) REALIZATION back in ’74 was not wrong. Everything points to it, I’ve found; studying this obsession for decades.
    [email protected]

  6. Jesticulations says

    Also, Doug, as suggested by your comment, I am reading your “5 questions” article, and it is much better in it’s presentation. More convincing without simply telling me I should be convinced.
    I am not some close-minded fundamentalist. If I was, I wouldn’t be on this page looking for interesting things that might lead to a better understanding of any number of topics outside the deluded mainstream of society. I am no internet troll. I am a scientist, a writer, and one who constantly ponders and puzzles together deep and perhaps unanswerable questions about our natural world, ancient history, the Universe, human consciousness, and many other things. I live in a world of questions, both professionally and personally. A question is much like the head of a hydra: when one is sliced away by even the sharpest of answers, two more take it’s place. To express absolute certainty is to say that you have sailed to the edge of this flat world, seen all there is to see, your quest ended, all your questions answered. To be certain is to delude oneself as to the nature of knowledge — that to learn is to raise more questions. The voyage of understanding is an endless one, the shores ever-changing, the destination ever-distant. Knowledge is a process, not an absolute.

    That is why I was so critical of your writing: because it’s potential value was so weakened by it claims of infallibility that good ideas could be quickly dismissed as unfounded belief because of their presentation.

  7. Doug Yurchey says

    to Justiculations…I guarantee this dude is less than 45 years old. I’d bet my life on it. I know that because of the pure cynicism in his words. Notice how he compliments me by saying he also believes many of the things in the article – then he blasts me for being sure, confident, knowing what I am talking about and speaking with certainty…like that’s a crime. Maybe it is in this crazy blog-world where people who know very little can write OPINIONS and make it sound like wisdom. Like Everything is opinion and one can’t speak with certainty? I don’t give OPINION. What I write about are the results of over 45 years of intensely studying one subject, our mysterious past.
    You’ve come to your own conclusions yourself. Since you can’t handle these ideas, it is YOU who BELIEVE it is ‘conjecture’ and ‘speculation.’ ‘Not plausible’ – ‘hypothetical’ – but, what your words really reflect are your own inability to understand the historical reality of Atlantis. You don’t understand an earlier mother-culture that ties in Egypt and Inca similarities…is a necessity…a historic reality. It is you who can’t handle it, for some reason.
    You are wrong because you CAN come to exact conclusions once you’ve done the work, the research. The problem is…telling the world, filled with cynical people like yourself, what you’ve discovered. Did you read my ‘5 Questions on Atlantis’ article also on the W-M blog? Search a few pages and read it in detail because it is detailed answers that didn’t come easy. Some words have WEIGHT, but maybe you don’t know that. Anyway, just received news that those 5 questions (a few written pages) will be published in a real, physical book by another person – I was honored to help the author and pleased to say that it will be published. To Justy…please…before you criticize my decades of work, read my 5 Answers concerning Atlantis! In those questions, is a recently added LINK called ‘Atlantis for 5th Graders.’ That’s because I helped a 5th grader out with a class-project…and it was on Atlantis. I give this little dude all the credit in the world for his open mindedness. I answered his few questions and was careful to put it in a simple way. But, the substance of what I told him and which you can read in the link was not simple. Because the truth is not simple. I give the 5th grader so much more credit for his mind than YOURS, Justiculations…because he dreamed of the possibility, but you, my friend, in your speech just hammered your reluctance or aversion to anything complex.
    In fact, YOU DARE MENTION OCCAM’S RAZOR! as if the answers to the great questions in Life are simple??? What?! Nothing is simple!! Nature, the Universe; the Truth couldn’t BE more COMPLEX! But, there are plenty of fundamentalists like yourself who can’t get it to compute. I shouldn’t keep criticizing the younger generation for its ability to tear down anything anybody puts out there and lack of any real, original thoughts of consequence…and understand that SOME dudes like the 5th grader who really thanked me for assisting in his school-project…are alright. Maybe there IS hope for us after all.
    To the skeptic, again. I’ve put in the time and worked at this – I don’t get my views off television…but have come to true conclusions after RESEARCH and you can speak with certainty once you KNOW! Once you know, there’s no going back. Sorry, but I gave readers of W-M more credit than that; that they could deal with views that are DIFFERENT. Allow me to be different.
    A few of my credits are: I’ve been on television; national radio over a dozen times; published in magazines; have a patent and have lectured at 2 major universities. You done any of that, Justy? Oh, you’ve read a book – certainly not Cayce on Atlantis, like you say. But, go ahead…please feel free to LECTURE ME. You know…I don’t get paid a penny to try and teach what my experience has taught me. Maybe this guy didn’t like how I bottom-lined my conclusions in this one; (I thought it was a cool title) again, thought yunze guys could handle it and thought we weren’t in Ancient Mysteries 101. David Hatcher Childress and Jim Marrs have each complimented me on my unique work…if that means anything to you.
    My point is…I would be a lousy teacher if I wasn’t certain. You can go to TV or fundamental sources if you want simpleness and misunderstandings. Sites like W-M aren’t always correct…but, at least, you can find gems of truth here and there which you can’t ever find on your conventional sources. I’m only saying, you CAN speak with certainty once it dawns on you; once you’ve seen the light; from all angles and shivers run up and down your spine…then you KNOW! But, who can you tell in such a cynical world?

    • Jesticulations says

      You mischaracterize my response. And I am anything but a fundamentalist of any sort. You too quickly jump to an ad hominem response rather than trying to see the point I am trying to get across. I can easily imagine and understand an “Atlantean” parent culture, and I do see it as much the way you describe — in fact I see it as the only possible explanation for the most mysterious and complex ancient megalithic structures the world over. I am simply saying that your presentation weakens your argument to any but a lay audience. Nothing in science is certain. It is only truth until it is overturned by a greater truth — as I believe that mainstream archaeology will be overturned one day soon by a pile of supporting evidence of a culture and civilization that is much as you and Graham Hancock have described. Everything that I read these days convinces me this hypothesis of an ancient technologically advanced civilization is correct, but I still will not claim that it is the absolute truth. I’ll say that I very much think it is, and that nothing I’ve found has proved it wrong yet, but I will also leave room for the fact that I am wrong because I do not have all the information. Nor do you.
      When I invoke Occam’s Razor, I do not mean to say that history is simple, and to suggest that’s what I meant implies a complete lack of understanding about the concept. I mean to say that the simplest explanation is the right one. For example, to me it is much more simple, obvious, and logical that ancient megalithic structures such as Pumapunku and the Great Pyramid (structures we would have trouble replicating today, if it were even possible) were made using technologies that we do not know of, than to say that they were built by people without the wheel, pulley, or tools harder than copper. Occam’s razor says the simplest answer is that whatever tech they had, it was relatively easy for them to create these structures in the way they did, or they wouldn’t have done it. It’s much more difficult to explain the creation of these structures by primitive cultures than it is to say that they were made by technologically advanced ones.
      You’re right, the problem is telling people. And if your argument gives me pause (someone who admitted multiple times THAT I AGREE WITH YOU) then it will surely not be convincing to a true skeptic. I point is to dial back the rhetoric, let the evidence speak for itself. Don’t tell me a rock is a rock, and we know it’s a rock because you say so — tell me that it seems to be a rock, and explain why it is that we think it’s a rock based on observations and evidence that supports that assertion. If you make a convincing, undeniable argument, then people will come around. Authoritarian science is pseudo-science — synonymous to a parent saying, “Because it just is.”
      I think it’s in poor taste that you focus on my age, as if 45 is the magic age where enlightenment is earned. There are 13 year old children that have invented, composed, and achieved things most people could not in three lifetimes. Presenting age as a reason to disregard my comments is a shield made of cotton. A blade at your throat is just as lethal in the hand of a ten year old girl. In fact, I am under 45, but I’ve been immersed in such ideas since before I could read, continued this alternative education my entire life, and enhanced it by both an undergrad and master’s education in the sciences, and a continuing process of learning that does not include television as a source of value. The book I mentioned is simply one that most closely mirrors the ideas you touch on, but it does a much better job of being convincing by letting the evidence speak for itself rather than simply making an assertion and claiming it is beyond reproach.
      You are perfectly welcome to speak with CONVICTION, as I am convinced of these ideas myself, but when you speak with unwavering certainty, then you are easily dismissed (not by me necessarily, because I am of the same mind) as a fanatic rather than a scientist worthy of consideration. It’s easy to use the absolutist language you do when you are preaching to the choir, but a critical audience requires supporting evidence to be swayed — if that even works.
      In experimental science, nothing is ever proven, only disproven. Things can only be supported by more and more evidence. Certainty is a temporary thing, and more the territory of religion and government than science. Not admitting your own fallibility is the mark of a poor teacher, not a good one.

  8. Jesticulations says

    I have never read Cayce’s readings on Atlantis, but I have read Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, which hypothesizes about an ancient technologically advanced civilization prior to the last ice age, or about 10000BC. It a very well-researched and *well-cited* book that suggests many of the ideas mentioned in this essay about how things might have been, without making un-provable and too-certain claims about how things “were”.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that anything asserted in this essay is untrue, but something isn’t true simply because one says it is. That’s not truth, that’s belief. In fact, my own personal *belief* is not dissimilar to some of the ideas put forth here, but that’s all they are — beliefs. Even though most of what I learn these days about ancient history fits quite well into the framework suggested by this hypothesis, from a scientific perspective, it’s all very interesting to discuss while talking late into the night, but it is largely conjecture, and should not be spoken of in such certain terms, IMO. I may believe something similar, but I don’t hold it out as proof. I do, however, test the idea with each new thing I learn that may pertain, and so far, nothing has disproven it.
    It was written above: “The physical evidence proves Atlantis is history and not mere legend.” No, the physical evidence put forth as proof only *suggests*, or even *seems to leave room for the possibility* that what we know about human history is riddled with huge holes, and thus capable of concealing much that has happened. However, leaping from that idea to a solid assertion that Atlantis and it’s completely hypothetical energy distribution system is the explanation for all mysteriously constructed megalithic structures AND the step-wise evolution of the human species assumes a few critical and thus far unsupported stepping stones. undermining the overall argument. It *could* explain it, but that doesn’t mean it does. You could fit a little chicken in a big boot, but that doesn’t prove it’s a chicken house, just that we don’t know what the hell the boot is really for!
    Again, I don’t necessarily disagree with many of these ideas in my own personal views and ideas, but I am not so narcissistic that I let myself think I *know* the truth. For such a huge claim (let alone the number of huge claims found above) one ought not make such leaps of conjecture and support them with misplaced certainty alone, or else they risk being dismissed outright, regardless of the merit of the underlying idea. What is needed is a vast mountain of supporting evidence (again, this is still not *proof*). Fragments that, when placed together, create an obvious picture such that it becomes more logical to accept than deny the story these shards suggest. Occam’s Razor states that the simplest explanation is most often correct. So the path to irrefutability lies in compiling so many evidential tidbits that it becomes easier to accept an “Atlantean” origin than to continue denying it by concocting ever more complicated and less plausible explanations within the framework of mainstream archaeology.
    For anyone interested in exploring the ideas mentioned above in a more grounded, research-oriented, and convincing presentation, I’d suggest checking out Graham Hancock. He has a number of books, but the one most applicable is “Fingerprints of the Gods.” It’s exhaustively researched and cited, and pulls together a lot of the aforementioned tidbits of supporting evidence for the argument that there was, indeed, an ancient technologically advanced civilization that collapsed around the last ice age, the remnants of which seeded many or all of the civilizations of the world that mainstream archaeology says are the oldest on earth. Even with all of the evidence in that book, it’s STILL NOT PROOF, only *support* for the idea that there is a lost chapter in human history that can not be fully addressed by the conventional explanations we’ve grown up with.
    We only “know” a thing until we learn something that makes us realize we didn’t know it after all. You could say that this means we never really *know* anything if one’s perspective is on a large enough time-scale, but what it really means is that the book is never closed — there is always another chapter to be written, a tidbit of the unexplained to shine a light into. Science is constantly open to discovery of a new possibility, which is then tested with the best information available until it breaks. If it doesn’t break, we accept it until some new idea comes along that’s strong enough to shatter our preconceptions with the weight of it’s own evidence. It’s the never ending cycle of the renewal of our collective understanding, and it contains an inherent and essential element of uncertainty that should never be cast aside. That uncertainty doesn’t imply falsity or weakness, it just means that the “truth” is only the truth as long as the knowledge and circumstances on which it was determined remain the same. In so doing, it leaves room for the possibility that a better explanation might come along. We start with what we know, make hypotheses about what we don’t, and test those hypotheses unrelentingly until they break. As long as they don’t break, they’re theories. That doesn’t mean that something won’t come along that *could* break it, just that as far as we know, nothing has broken it yet. That’s why the Theory of Gravity is still a theory. Even though it’s been pretty solid so far, there may yet be a better explanation than Newton’s, as suggested by the theory of relativity, and furthered by the ghostly and thus-far-elusive, yet much-sought-after, theory of everything. Newton’s Theory of Gravity isn’t wrong because it’s a theory, but there might be something more right. Claiming to know absolute truth is the first step towards being absolutely wrong. Absolutism is the real falsehood and unwavering belief sews the seeds of stagnation. Admitting we don’t know it all is how every journey of discovery begins, by allowing room for progress.

    Existence is in a constant state of change, so for real knowledge to exist, it too must change, or it will cease to be knowledge and change to something else instead: belief.

    We don’t know because we know; we know because we don’t know, but try to find out.

    Sorry, I got pretty tangential there.

  9. says

    Right on Doug! You are bringing reality to light. We are indeed capable of something greater and once rose up to exactly what you put forth. I like the way you think.


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