Khufu’s Calendar

It seems all pyramids around the world were designed to display important astronomical data (often related to solar and lunar cycles/calendars). One of the best examples is the pyramid of Kukulkan (Chichen Itza, Mexico).

Andras Goczey discovered that 6 small satellite pyramids near the Three Pyramids of Giza display key elements of both solar and lunar calendar…

Khufu Hidden Calendar

by András Göczey, architect

In the common opinion of Egyptologists, the small pyramids next to the great pyramid of Khufu served as burial places for the relatives of the Pharaoh. Certain facts, which have not been previously considered, indicate that there is a chance that the pyramids — due to their ground plan arrangement — are not only burial places but also the components of a yearly calendar. The northernmost one  was the pyramid of Hetepheres, the middle one was that of Meritetes while the southernmost one was that of Hanutsen.

As a result of the position of the Ghiza Necropolis on the 30 degrees latitude the rays of the rising Sun accurately indicate the direction of due east at the time of the autumnal and vernal equinoxes; while the Sunrise is directed 28 degrees to the north of this (i.e. N62ºE) at the time of the summer solstice and 28 degrees to the south of this (i.e. S62ºE) at the time of the winter solstice. These angles were built in Ghiza by  Khufu’s pyramid and the Queens pyramids!     (the distance of SP and apex of Meritetes is 110 m, the distance between the apexes of Meritetes and Hetepheres  is 59,25 m by Wikipedia. tg 59,25/110 is appr. 28 degrees!)

This image shows Sunrise at Giza at the time of the summer solstice.
Click to enlarge. The image was generated by The Photograppher’s Ephemeris.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) is a free application for Mac/Windows/Linux designed for landscape photographers. It shows you the exact direction of where the sunrise and moonrise will be at any particular location and time using Google maps. Landscape photographers typically wishing to plan their shoots around the times of sunrise/sunset or twilight, or alternatively when the moon is in a particular place or a particular phase. Click on the logo to learn more and download this free program.

Khufu Calendar

If, at the time of equinox in both spring and autumn, the rays of rising sun hit the apex of the middle pyramid (Meritetes) horizontally then in spring the shadow of this apex marks a prominently important shade point (SP) on the south-eastern inclined side of the great pyramid of Khufu and in autumn appears in the proximity thereof. The straight line connecting the projection of this SP location to the projection of the apex of the Meritetes pyramid on the ground plan determines an accurate east-west direction. If a straight line is drawn from the SP (shade point) at an angle of N62ºE (i.e. 62 degrees to the east measured from due north), this straight line intersects the apex of the northernmost pyramid (Hetepheres).

Khufu Calendar principles

At the  the time of the summer solstice (the beginning of the year) and now only the shadow of the northernmost small pyramid of Hetepheres appears on the shadow point date marker. The  apex shadow point of Hetepheres starts moving to the North 77-59 cm a day.

At the time of the autumnal equinox, i.e. the 21st of September, the apex of the pyramid of Meritetes appears coincide with the indicated shadow point date marker, with the shadow of Hetepheres near it.The apex shadow point of Meritetes starts moving to the North 59-77 cm a day.

At  the time of the winter solstice and now the shadow of the southernmost small pyramid of Hanutsen appears near the shadow point date marker with the shadows of Meritetes and Hetepheres. The apex shadow point of Meritetes starts moving back to the South 77-59 cm a day.

At the time of the vernal equinox, i.e the 21st of March, the apex of the pyramid of Meritetes appears to coincide with the indicated shadow point date marker, with the shadow of Hetepheres near it. The  apex shadow point of Hetepheres starts moving back to the South 59-77 cm a day.

5th of September, 2010. Budapest

Copyright by András Göczey



The Video Link:


Menkaure’s Hidden Calendar





Menkaure, Hathor, and Cynopolite Nome 
Old Kingdom, Dynasty V. 2548-2530 BCE Green schist (Greywacke)
3 feet 13/8 inches high (Egyptian Museum, Cairo)

 Every woman has a date on the moon of their own: it is of course 28 days menstruation cycle…

PS Other Pyramids and Temples

Here are the real degrees to find the moon in the evening.

The Bent Pyramid

Slope angle:       Measured  |  Theoretical

Lower part:    54° 27′   |    54° 44′

Upper part:    43° 22′    |   43° 24′

For the lower part of the Bent pyramid the slope angle is 54.46 degrees.

Notice that  54.46 + 30 + 5.12 is nearly perfect  90 degrees!

For example the ground beneath the pyramid of Sneferu (father of Khufu) in Dahshur gave way under the weight and caused damage in the casing. Another outer layer of casing had to be added, changing the angle of inclination from 60° to 54.46°. But again structural problems with the subsidence developed, the casing slipped and more damage occurred. In the end the angle of inclination had to be drastically lowered to 43.99° [6]. Now this pyramid is called the Bent Pyramid, because of its shape.

I don’t think that there were structural problems! It is 90 degrees to get the Moon when you look up along the northern slope of the pyramid.

Kom Ombo

 Here is the calendar from Kom Ombó. …28th days, and after it start as II-th day




  1. Elijah says

    I must say that man’s technology, not the church, not mine, has convinced me the day and hour of the armageddon asteroid will be found by that technology, and even televised to us all using that technology, to begin the world’s greatest tribulation because knowing the day and hour isnt what teaches us the true way to live thru it while 7 billion rambling idiots we live among these days all die. Many idiots see it has instant death to heaven, or rapture of their self-righteousness because they ignore that people ruled by angels before the Flood were also self-righteous, all telling Noah he was wrong, so only 8 lived thru it.

  2. Elijah says

    Do you actually beleive the alien spaceship crap and accredit it to Prophets of God? As with any science, the truth comes out when you first have faith in something as true that actually is true though you havent discovered it yet nor proven it yet. Faith without works is dead. There is no end to my success in facts because i follow this fact. Thus holds true also for teh actual years that Giza was built from 2170bc to 1894bc which results in the myth that it was the fallen Babel (Babylon’s first king of 1894bc Nov 2) despite Babel’s foundation being 2240bc Nov 18 (351x 360-day from Noah’s year 732 to year 1083). The three chambers as i have said before are due to the main shaft losing precession of Thuban in 92 years humiliating their intent to compare 100 years x360-day to 365-day to Sothic Julian. Thus main shaft 2170bc fails and is reflected not the same angle but rather the precessional difference of 92 years in 2078bc, which then occurs again and so is made the elaborate chamber of symbollic worship (observation), the kings chamber of 1986bc (the 1st year of the 1st 11th dynasty Pharaoh who is absolute because Pharaoh before this year is collective kings; the monarch cannot overrule the majority vote of The House prior to 1986bc 43-year 11th dynasty). This is bad news in the sense that Shemites feared a Hamite take-over, but they rejoiced at 12th dynasty 1943bc Shemetic Pharaoh of which 75-year old Abram decided to journey to.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Cath

      I have all the reason to doubt that Kheops, the others have no surface to land, was only for the purpus to land.
      But there is a point that you have touch in this distinction, they could have needed Kheops to recgarge their batteries. Why, because some Dynaspherics Engin (UFO Ship) are equip with only batteries as source of energy. Those batteries are there only to start the Engin, when the Engin is started, it not only fill-up the batteries in electricity, but it feed the engin, more the engin are fill, and more it produce electric current.
      The engin is built differently one to another, some have more power, and somme don’t need such power, because they are made to be contructed to go just in our Solar System.

      The 3 Pyramids of Giza, have been made for multiples reasons, it appear the in the Univers were live in, as been built (Univers) with all the same Principles, and those Principles are expose in those 3 Pyramids.
      The reason why they don’t have the same high, is due to the fact that all those 3 are made in volume to be one in the other, the small one in volume will be, not physically but in this question of volume, able to enter in the Pyramid next to her, so we have at the End just One Pyramid.

      God Bless

  3. Starheater says

    Hello Everyone

    The only Pyramids in witch I am interrested is those those 3 Pyramids of Giza. Like all the Prophet in the Bible have mention, God have choosen his Son (Christ) to rule over the Earth, this haven’t happen yet, but soon HE will ask to every Nation on Earth to give their royalty to HIM, for this I have no doubts.

    The Bible have said that when a great change is make that could cause the Childrens of God to suffer, God is there to let know to His peoples what is coming up, so they prepare their self for the time of troubles.

    But this is not the case for the Book of Revelation. Some Preachers like the Adventist, the Universal Church of God, and others, have predicted this and that.
    But what they dont know, is that the Book of Revelation have many “double” senses, and those double senses can be physical and Spiritual at the same time, other have only one sense, physical or spiritual.
    This is kind of tricky states, one paragraph could be physical, and the next one, spiritual.

    The best exemple that I could give, after that I will expose why this is related to Time and Calendar, is the 666 number.
    Many Preachers have say many things about this number. This number is an Hebrew number, it’s not a Gentils number. If the conversion in done in Greek (language that have also a letter=number code), this number is change to 616. So, in other words to be brief, the number for our Nations is = 616 not 666.

    So, for those who stated that the numbre was encripted in the “code bars” have made a huge error, beside, the Bible say that this number will be writen on our front or on our hand. But why one or the other, why not both of them, on our front and hand?
    This is because those that are in command on this Earth have the idea of doing, those are mark on thier fronts, and those that execute their command are mark on their hand. I hope that I have been very clear. So this have nothing to do to peoples individualy, but integraly, like an army, like a President that exerce their commandements on the Army.

    But when the time comes, God will bring forth a Prophet that will know the Truth about what I have told you, and all of those that are in the Army will be notify to get out of this Army. You know what is the cost to be a deserter, the penalty of death on the spot.

    Now, let’s talk about the Calendar that represente the Pyramid of Khufu (kheops). Inside the Pyramid of Cheops there are vertical lines that was traced long ago by our Ancesters who built those Pyramids, those have seen the future because they were all Saints, and by this state, many of those were Prophets. So, they built those 3 Pyramids for the Glory of God the Almighty, the One that have created ALL things that we see, and those that we don’t see.

    Those vertical line was noticing the 2 Great Wars, the one of 1914-18 and the 1939-45, this was done with the Pyramid inch. After the second vertical line, there was no nore line!!!!! How come? All the MAIN EVENTS was mark by vertical Lines; the Universal Deluge was mark, the Nativity of the Christ was mark, the Great Deportation was mark, the First and Second War was mark, How come we dont have another MARK for the TRIRD WORLD WAR.

    This is because you wont have the Time to see ANOTHER ONE, the Christ will arrive with is ANGELS to BATTLE ALL THE NATIONS that will try to ANNIHILATE the JEWS, and this BATTLE will done in the Plaine of Meggido (Armegedon).

    Now the question is: Will He take real weapons or He will shout so that all battle will cease.
    Well, according to the Bible, HE will let no one alive, they will all be kill and thier blood will be projected at the height of the mouth of the horse.
    But what this could mean? This mean that all the soldiers will not have the time to lay down on the grounf for battle. They wont have the time the say a single word, they will be all dead, kill in the head, like all serpent must DIE.


    God Bless

  4. says

    This is a very interesting data that András Göczey has given us about the three small pyramids align off the side of Menkaure’s pyramid.

    I find it interesting because the Adena and Hopewell Indians in the Ohio region around the 12th century some 2800-years after these pyramids are alleged to have been built also used a three part system (coils of a snake) at SERPENT MOUND to map the Lunar Calendar Cycle however the American Indian’s design span the 18.61-year cycle of the Moon. Actually, the Adena and Hopewell Indians use six of the seven coils of the snake effigy to map the minimum, middle and maximum moon risings and and the minimum, middle and maximum moon settings to shape SERPENT MOUND.

    Khufu’s three small pyramids being used for the measurement of the sun indicated that the two sets of three small pyramids are similar to the Adena and Hopewell whom seem to have performed a variation on a theme. For six of the seven coils in the Serpent effigy records both the Equinoxes, Solstices and the 18.61-Lunar Cycle.

    The Sun and the Moon were probable the most logical objects in the material universe to map out along the lines of the maximum, middle and minimum rising ans settings. On that basis alone it should not be difficult to envisage, in the psyche of humanity, a universal law in play in the architectural structures of sacred monuments around the world in different epochs, climatic conditions and distances from one another.

    See Ross Hamilton’s works: (1) The Great Serpent Mound Book of Wonders & Mysteries, (2) THE MYSTERY OF SERPENT MOUND: In Search of the Alphabet of the Gods, (3) STAR MOUNDS: Legacy of a Native American Mystery

  5. Starheater says

    Hello everyone

    It’s logical that the Pyramids would serve as calendar. But in Egypt we see more then just a “time computer”. Why create such huge constrution just for the purpose of having a precise calendar? Why create 3 or more Pyramids just to compute time? They would have been more succesful just to create 1 Pyramid, why create 3 when 1 can do the trick?

    • Andras says

      Thanks for your letter. They need three pyramids, because they can tell to their woman which is her pyramid. The only one 28 days for them as we know,
      and of course their day will be on a different day.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Andras

        I dont know if you are inform that those Pyramids of Giza are cited in the Bible (Isaah 19:19-20)

        This as been reconized by many experts + me. If we look the Pyramids they have 9 angles, the 7th angle need the Pyramidion, but this is an analogy. God have contruct the Univers in 6 day’s of 24 hours. The missing angle stone is the one that have been rejected by the builder (analogy).
        This stone represente the Christ.

        You see, all the Nations have searchers that have try to find Eden, what they don’t know is that Eden is not on the same plain of reality. Some experts believe that Eden is buried under the sand, well, it’s a theory not a fact, and not even close to the truth. Top give a “tip” of were Eden is, the Bible state that an Angel in post at guard so that no one could gain acces te Eden. Now, in the Bible an angel is a spirit like God, now, if this angel is the guardian of Eden, then this mean that Eden vibrate on another frequency then ours.

        Now, to talk about the 3 Pyramids of Giza, those are more then a calendar. They expose a knowledge that we are not accostomed to learn. We have 9 angles, we have 9 numbers, and those are divided in 3 groups. If you mutiply the shape of 3 angles by the base of 4 angles, you will obtain 12 to each Pyramid, total=36, same number of you summerize all the number from 1 to 9=36.

        I will go futher another time

        God Bless

  6. says

    LEX (statute, uncommon law of) TALIONIS (lesser retaliation/path of least resistance)

    Recall those rays photographed being emitted from the Pyramids?
    And see the Nexus Magazine article some years ago regarding Tunguska and a strange “protection” format in Siberia

    I do hope that the author here has kept in mind the true date of the Great Pyramid – ca 9,200BC

    • Starheater says

      Hello Helen

      I dont think that the Pyramids of Giza is old of 9,200, or if you prefer, roughtly 12,000 years old. I think for my part that they are much younger then that. My esimation is base on the fact that there was a Great Deluge in approx. 4,500 B.C. that have skip of all the polish stone that serve of dressing to those Pyramids.

      Those beauty have been cited in the Bible (Isaah 19:19-20), those Pyramids were in fact dedicated to the God of the Bible, the God that made the Univers and all that there in.

      Some experts have told that those finissing stone was remove from their places to do other constructions. Well, I don’t know if you are well inform, but those stone are more heavy to remove then to place where the belong.

      Now, to say what the Bible told about the Great Deluge, it is said that the Earth crack and all the water that was trap under great pressure went high in the sky causing 2 title waves have rush on the land in 2 directions, those wave water was immense and they have destroy all things around the world, yes, they have made the half of the distance of the Earth to collide together.

      This may sound very hard to believe, but when you consider the descrytion that the Bible have give to the land in the beginning, I come to the conclusion that those wave was enough high to almost cover the Pyramid.

      I’m not an expert in geology, but I cannot accept all the difficulty that those who take the finissing stone that recover those Pyramids. If they have the technology to take those stones, they would have certanly have the techno to construct those Pyramids.

      Another theory that I have, is that those wave of water could have been going in 4 directions. If we wre in those time, do you think that men could do such damage to the Pyramids, just to built there own structure? For my part, I dont think so!!!! The contrary would have been more truth then the destruction of those beauty just to make others structures.

      Beside, the way that exist to date those Pyramid are far from being precise, I would say that they are not truly exact. The logic is inexistant, think about it clearly in your mind, could a rock could be more old then another, even if they didn’t form in the same time, they have on the other part the same elements then all the differents rock on Earth. If a rock have been form lately in our time make no difference for me, all the elements that the Earth carry was form at the same time.
      They could say that granit was form 2 billion years ago, and diamond would be 4 billions years ago make no difference, all the elements were present when the Earth was created.

      God Bless

  7. Jason apoyan says

    My deepest gratitude to the ancients for providing a monument/s for all of us to experience a dawning that will lift humanity to new heights never experienced before here in history.


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