Hidden Images in Quartz Crystal?

Ahmed Khochen from Lebanon sent us photos of this artifact revealing faces of ancient gods hidden in this crystal’s etchings…

This 11 kg quartz rock was found in a copper bearing tourmaline * mine in Nigeria.

* Tourmaline is an extremely complex borosilicate that occurs in every color; more than 100 colors and still counting!  Therefore a range of chemical compositions occur; also many individual crystals show zones of multiple colors. Tourmaline crystals are prismatic and may be 3,6 or 9 sided; the faces of the triangular prisms are often convex.  Crystals look like long rods often multi-colored with pronounced striations along the length. Multiple crystals often grow side by side.

The quartz rock ( formed millions of years ago ) has naturally etched pattern ( it was not drawn by humans) covering area about 15-20 cm only on 4 sides.

The pattern seems to encode more than 70 different face and other images (e.g.  arabic words).  Note: most images are revealed with help of a mirror.

Many of the faces resemble  gods from old civilization (e.g. Sumerian – such Baal and Lilith/Ishtar).  Some of these patterns look like  faces of aliens.

Do you think these are random patterns that resemble faces with (smoke and) mirrors? Or there is something more to it?

Your comments are welcomed.


  1. says

    I looked for this stupid article for a week and I finally find it, and I find out that it’s about mirror images in natural etchings. Go take a picture of water and put a mirror up to it in as many different angles as you want, and I bet you’ll find a face. By the way, pigs don’t have a snout on their forehead, and require eyes. One of the images just does not cut it. I bet if this article lingers on the net for a little while longer that satanic fearing morons will eat it right up, that is if it hasn’t happened already.

    • says

      you where looking at the article for one week?
      just to find out something that already wrote on the post
      since the article been posted.. loooooooooooool
      this can show how claver you are.
      good luck.

  2. ahmed says

    the etching of this quartz rock haven’t inspired any of the anciant artistsbefore
    because it is a one of a kind article that have found recently(5 years ago) on a high
    depth .
    so it is a new old unique discovery to the world.
    no body see a similar article before …
    this is the first time that a such object reveal to poeple. also this photos that appear
    on the web is just a few sum of the total images . without talking about the
    microscopic faces of aliens and others including (aflaton). while this pictures dos’nt need mirror to be revealed .
    just need to be zoomed more than 100 time of its size.


  3. Pete da Cald says

    The article says these etchings occur naturally; if that is accurate then I wonder if this type of crystal and etchings could have inspired at least some ancient artists? The pictures do bear (in some instances) a striking similarity to the sculptures and ancient artistic work of long ago civilizations – and just as the “smoke and mirrors” above reveals what appear to be amazing natural representations of creatures, living and imagined, then certainly other humans discovering such crystals could have perceived similar, and tried to create similar representations in stone and other materials.

    As for our oldest civilizations, that date has been pushed significantly pushed back from the previous standard Sumer @ ~6000 years bce to at least ~10,000bce with the discovery and dating of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. The advanced excised carvings (harder than the more often used inscribing technique, excising creates raised sculptures but requires far more work as all the outer, surrounding material has to be removed to reveal the artists intended work) have and are causing quite a stir as the work involved would have required a large group of artisans, hunters to feed them, cooperation on erecting the tone pillars and sculpting them (in whatever order that occurred).

    It always irritates me when reading “scientific” journals and articles, even mainstream ones, when they state things like “the oldest civilization was such and such” …it should always be stated as “the oldest civilization *thus far discovered*” or “the earliest human civilizations *currently known*” to present a more accurate report. Perhaps that is understood by people in the know, but to the general public, it makes it sound quite egotistical to assume we know everything there is to know and have is covered all there is to discover. As Gobekli Tepe aptly reminds us – there re still astounding discoveries just waiting to vastly expand our knowledge of history.

  4. lea says

    dear readers.
    i congratulate the world mysteries web. for this beautiful unique photos and compares.
    this real art that clearly drawnd by by a non humans. or messenger who had the
    ability and knowledge to draw ancient gods in an artistic way .millions of years
    before there existence….
    my opinion.. this crystal should be under an intensif studies.
    i believe that this could be drawnd by a high power. who can see things before
    its happening.
    if not god….
    then angels.

    dr.lea tompson.

  5. Miguel says

    ok después de que vi que fue escrito este test quiero hablar sobre este tema, yo lei una biblia extraña que escribio y comento un señor que se llama Nelson Sesto que se llama “Torah a Mis hijos” en ella el habla de cosas que me han habierto los ojos hasta eldia de hoy con lo cual entiendo estos, quarzox, lo que sucede es que segun este libro, la palabra Adam no es un nombre genetico, si no que es para identificar a una raza y en este caso es la raza humana ya que de la misma manera que decimos animal asi tambien es esta palabra Adam = hombre, segun este libro “torah a mis hijos” cuando el versiculo en si dice y vivio Adam 130 años y engendro un hijo y llamo su nombre Set, se esta refiriendo a que despues de la creacion del primer hombre o sea el Adan que nosostros conocemos, le nacieron el primer hijo varon que se llamo Set, debido a que las hijas de los hombres solo podian tener mujeres, y no fue hasta el cruce de los hijos de Dios, con las hijas de los hombres fue que nacieron los varones, o sea que la creacion primera creada por Dios, o sea el hombre vivio 930 años, no es que un solo hombre vivio esta cantidad de años, si no el hombre creado al principio, yo vivo en peru y ahora gracias a este libro entiendo las imagenes de machupicho, pegan con lo que aqui he entendido en este libro de este señor nelson sesto, de que hubo creaciones antes a la de nosostros y que nosostros somos otra creacion apartir de jueces 2:10 hubo una creacion de seres a los que llamaron humanos, los cuales somos nostros por que el mismo Dios dice que creo al hombre a su imagen y su semejanza pero despues de esta creacion a la que se refiere el libro de jueces Dios mismo declara que on hay nada semejante a el, lo que les digo lo he analizado bien y se nesecita un concordancia para entender todas estas coneciones, y algo mas que dice nelson sesto es de que uno de los patriarcas al morir encogio sus pies, dejando claro que aquella generacion no es higual a la nuestra nesecita concordancia para entender esto y ver que esta escrito ahi pero no ha habido una guia, yo he pensado de que quien escribio esta “torah a mis hijos” nesecito unos 500 años para darla a conocer de esta manera. ahora bien como es posible que un anciano de casi sesenta años la halla escrito como hizo para entender todo eso y cosas que no puedo contar, lo unico que puedo decir que aqui en peru tengo una copia completa de la “Torah a mis hijos” que me la paso un estudiante que se llama Lorenzojustinianolavadoquispe@yahoo,com. la pergunta es que estos quarzoz pegan con los detalles escritos en esta torah, y con las ruinas de peru las señales y los dibujos aqui, hay una informacion que aun no puedo desifrar bien nesecito mas de 30 años creo para poderla entender, cuantos años le tomo a este señor nelson sesto entonces escribirla. se despide miguel hasta luego escribanme y les dare una copia de esta torah por que se que el señor nelson sesto ya murio hace unos dos años. [email protected]

  6. says

    hello everybody.
    as the owner of this quartz rock . i would like to provide you with more informations
    about it.
    it have been found on about 50 meter deep in a very hard soil that gemstones accur
    in it as copper bearing tourmaline formed at that depth.
    so if we want to calculate the timing that this quartz go that deep and if we want to
    say that some old civilizaton drawn it.
    then we should to not less than 100,000 years ago .when the oldest known civilization
    on earth is the sumarian civilization(6000 years ago).
    so it have been drawned very much before any known civilization on earth….
    by who?
    if anyone have ay inquiry or question about it . please do not hesitate to contact me
    via e-mail on: [email protected] and i will be glad to answer all your your
    questions and enquiry also there is much more photos to see.


  7. Jason Apoyan says

    Marvelous etchings on the crystal wonder why the beings that made that chose to inter weave into a structure they must have been on some sort of quest multi dimensional.

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