Flower of Life as a Template to Everything

Flower of Life as a Template to Everything

by Ron Cavagnaro

I am a 32 year old artist/songwriter  who was seeking healing and knowledge, and stumbled across something amazing.
I’ve been learning a lot by simply thinking and using the principle of syllogism to reach potentially incredible conclusions:

  1. Symbols equate an idea, process of physical entity. In it’s most basic form, geometry. It exists from the micro to the macro in terms of perception. You’re deciphering English letters as you read this.
  2. At it’s foundational core, the universe literally IS mathematics. Everything is a sine wave aka vibration. I’m sure you know this very well by now. Everything!
  3. The knowledge that our imagination is limitless is a very powerful thing, and the thought forms being put to use in all fields of mastery such as martial arts, meditation, painting, music… You name it. For instance in martial arts, the participant changes “modes” or “stances” by switching the image or form in their mind.
  4. Imagination begets thought which begets feeling. Knowing that imagination can affect your brain waves is a very powerful thing indeed. If this is the case, then ascension and enlightenment IS ATTAINABLE.
  5. If you can plot mathematically, the basic code of the shape of nature which contains not only all symbols from religions, languages, runes, the golden ratio, the golden mean, you have an EXTREMELY delicate and literally powerful symbol. I believe that the “complete flower of life” is the literal embodiment of this shape.

Being an open minded individual, upon gazing into the complete flower of life symbol, I decided to have some fun with it and use the old “magic eye” technique found in children’s illusion books. The reason why I did this was because I have the knowledge of the principles of polarity, the “staff thrust between the vesica piscis” and realized that the certain points of convergence turned into … A merkabah with rainbow edges… With the “all seeing eye” in the center of this.


Flower of Life Interpretation by Andrew Monkman

All things in caution, for the answers one might discover may unsettle the unbalanced mind.

One may find control over the amount of pain that one feels, only based on what one has “learned” from observation and open peering into this shape, or “pure” data. Wounds may be healed based on intention and knowledge of vibrations.

Upon peering into the complete flower of life, one may not only observe the shape of molecules, but also the shape of galaxies and all things in between. In this symbol you let your eyes operate “normally” and then you realize that this is how your EYES PERCEIVE THINGS. One may use this complete flower of life as a template to everything. One may utilize the principle of scaling to apply this template to anything one might think of, and things make sense. One may have a personal “Lawnmower man” type experience, where one suddenly discovers a new-found thirst for ancient knowledge.

I began listening to audiobooks of Plato’s Republic and actually it all MADE SENSE in this context. Next, I began listening to Einstein’s theory of relativity, and in this context, I now understand exactly what he was describing. Next, tao te ching, and finally I reached the Kybalion, which by now to me sounds redundant to me.

I believe all of the answers to science, religion, art… EVERYTHING  pretty much, is based on the mathematical knowledge of how things work in this universe. One now might build in one’s mind’s eye a pyramid of a magnitude of knowledge stemming from pure math, pure code. At the apex resides one’s emotions which can now shine on into infinity.

The more one might research, the more things will make sense, and the more things seem very off kilter when observing our modern times. I believe that this symbol contains all of the answers to life’s mysteries. All mysticism and magic is simple mathematics put to practical use, whereas the audience simply approximates everything based upon their perception. The mystery is therefore gone, and progress and illumination remains.

Ron Cavagnaro, The Consolation Project

PS1 Flower of Life and Ancient Alphabets

by Andrew Monkman
Images Copyright by Andrew Monkman

I believe that all the most ancient alphabets originate from the complete flower of life.

2 images above: the ‘elder futhark’ runes alphabet overlaid onto the cfol.

2 images above: the ancient Phoenician alphabet overlaid onto the cfol.

Several magic and alchemical symbols which are found within the flower.

 Note: The “PS” is part of an article Sacred Geometry – Flower of Life
©2007-2011 Andrew Monkman

 PS2 Flower of Life for Meditation

Here are few versions of the Flower of Life for meditation and exploration (Credit:  World-Mysteries.com).

  1. Click to enlarge the image
  2. Stare at two dots and make them one
  3. Let your brain interpret apparently meaningless image




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PS3 Sound Patterns

See what happens when high frequency sound is exerted on grains of salt.
Watch this entire video and tell me if you see something familiar…

PS4 Endless Universe

Are we living in a fractal hologram?


PS5 Stereographic Image

Can you make one 3-D image of these pairs?




  1. shane says

    Hi Ron, I was just curious if you could recommend any reading (preferably books) on alchemy. I’ve slowly been lead to information that is helping to shape my own understanding of the universe, and alchemy keeps popping up, I believe it’s time for me to start reading into it haha. I know you’re slightly hesitant to throw information at random people as you don’t want to upset their mind (another concept that might as well have kicked me in the face before I realized so) but if you could provide me with a starting point that’d be great!

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      The books mentioned in the article first probably… Try reading the dialogues of Plato… Pretty much just look for the root of everything 😉

  2. William John Meegan says

    You have a good site here on the FLOWER OF LIFE. I wanted to add to it by telling you about a recent discovery I had made about the FLOWER OF LIFE.
    I have been studying the esoteric science for almost 39-years: I am 65. I had not study SACRED GEOMETRY in all those years because I was dependent solely upon my own mental acuity to produce illustrations of my work: see my website. I have published a trilogy of books on eostericism.

    During my researches (1995) I did an interpretation of the MONAD, what some people call the single point in space other call the number one. From this number one I conceived of a 10 x 10 matrix, which I later named THE UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: Prima Material. I was able to trace the matrix back to Pythagoras, the creation of the I Ching and the blue prints of all Hindu Temples and I also found it structured into Christian Art. I found this was use to structure the esoteric science into all sacred literature around the world.

    Recently, I began to study the Hebrew words of Genesis letter by letter and such research into the minutia brought up many concepts that I had not see in all the years of my research and I realized I needed to study Sacred Geometry because only geometry could help explain the concepts I was dealing with. I had of course known of the Vesica Piscis and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: both being graphically depicted in the first chapter of Genesis esoterically: however, recent studies has demonstrated to me that many words were conceptually identical to the Vesica Piscis, which is embedded in the FLOWER OF LIFE numerous times. This forced me to conduct a comparative analysis of THE UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX and the FLOWER OF LIFE. There is no doubt in my mind, now, that I have been working with the FLOWER OF LIFE for almost two decades and I had no idea that I was doing it. It is obvious to me that the sacred scriptures is the FLOWER OF LIFE structured esoterically into the texts of the sacred scriptures. I wish I had the means to send you a three page pdf file illustrating the matrix and the Flower of Life synchronicity. It is a beautiful thing to behold.

  3. fatima says

    why you didn’t tell the name of these circles?!!
    these are schmidhuber circles.
    they’re really amazing.we can paint it by compass.

  4. says

    The runes came from THE SHAPE OF THE 24 CONSTELLATIONS
    They have been named SKY RUNES and are part of the Alchemy List used by Da Vinci, Newton & Nostradamus.
    Google Runic Skies by Allan Webber
    The “flower of life” is the division of cells at the molecular level – and when in use we can attach the words “beam me up Scotty”

    where ever you see the flower of life on wall reliefs or the planet “underfoot” of a temple lion – nearby in the past, deep underground – is a stage gate time portal. The same applies for the “lord of rings” Zoro.aster, Ahuru.Matzuda – the haoma is almost always shown “floating” above a “tree of life” composed of these flowers – the name Nostradamus gives it is “flower-bell” and you will nearly always see a bell shape in the proximity too. One good example (apart from stupas) is the statue of Demeter in the British Museum – she has a huge bell hovering over her head covered in the flowers… says it all, since she is the one who used to “disappear” for half the year…

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      If this is indeed the case, if you know of Alchemy, you would be also familiar with the phrase “As above, so below”. Does that make any sense?

  5. Starheater says

    Hello Ron
    It is certain that a paragraph or 2 does not expose all the knoledge and know-how that tour spirit as acquired. My apologies for the image that I have project to you, it was not to frustruted you or else, that form of attitude lead to anger, and this is not a way to build frienship. I cannot judge a person on few articles that is writin’, beside it’s not good to judge anyone.
    My idea was to simplyfied the way exposed to obtain a certain openning on the acces to God. You see Ron, there are people who are not well instructed in life, those things that you write are far away from their thinking, but there’s a God for them too, and what they dont have are replace by far more precious things that we try to acces our self. We are in search of the Truth, the the truth is not in paranormal knowledge, the knowledge we acquire in this field is obscure, not completly buit not far. On the contrary Truth is like having the Sun when He is at is peak. In my life I dont want any ennemy, even if you were wrong, in not willing and place to give you a lesson on knowledge. But when I feel that I can help, well, I do it, simple as that. God Bless everyone.

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      I’m not offended by anything or anyone’s thoughts, because that is simply and literally *what they are*, and you are sharing yours. No matter what the intention, we all are in the same boat. What you decide to do with the article is your own personal business, and what I decide to do with it is mine. I am simply expressing a profound experience that may help others.

  6. micah says

    I have a question- and that is where does the original space frequency come from- i mean if you go back in time and trace back eons then you’d have to have some origin for the radiant frequencies of space- i guess the first thing comes to mind is the stars or planetary bodies- but then does that make sense??

    I liken this to the question of what makes a Galaxy turn on it’s axis?
    There must be some type of oriignal energy input to get such a large swirling mass to rotate –

    well- thoughts to ponder :)

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      When dealing with the infinite, which we all are a large and small part of, we will realize that it doesn’t begin or end. It simply spirals.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Ron
        Pleas dont be upset on what I’m about to write. What you have write may sound wright, but it’s not really the case. We people are summit to “linear time”, and when we make statements, we think in a linear way. But in reality, this is not the case. Exemple:
        “The Earth fear time, but Time fear the Pyramids”, I’m sure you know that phrase. If time as something to fear, it is God, nothing else, because the Earth is material, but not God, He’s Spirit, so in the dimension of God, the “time” does not exist, He’s the One how create time.
        God is not linear, He descend, He is way High in the Sky. This is linear—–, that is High +, the line that cross the linear line is the possition that God have with is Angel, this is like the ladder of Jacob, angel go up and down on Earth. here I dont mean ET, spirit angel. God Bless

      • micah says

        @Ron- yes, i comprehend the spiral- but i was more referring to the fact that apparently there is some mechanism that drives the space freqs- and potentially understanding that would bring us more close to the real truth- whatever that may be- because of the way radiation behaves it appears radiation itself has to have some finite origin- while the overall universe does not have a finte beginning or ending.

        • Ron Cavagnaro says

          I like your train of thought Micah. I believe if you truly seek out and research these things, you will find the answer.

          • micah says

            THX- actually I’m very familiar with cymatics and brain wave entrainment- even in the late 1970’s my brain was used by neuroscientists to study brain waves and such-

            actually celestial beings respond directly to things like certain harmonics as well as cymatic patterning- the question is… since celestials move faster than the speed of light how does the frequency field keep up with them or is there some other mechanism involved-

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      Funny you mention this. I think that accepting the paradox is also a key to understanding the true nature of existence. If one humbles one’s mind to these principles, along with humor as much as seriousness, the balance will be achieved.

  7. Ron Cavagnaro says

    If you’re still not getting it, try stimulating the amygdala by imagining or allowing yourself to switch it on by tickling with a feather an inch in from each temple into your skull. This is a technique with scientific foundations in Neurobiology.

  8. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Ron, Yes, I do believe in Sacred Geomety, and the intelligent design behind everything in the universe. As far as staring at the ‘Flower of Life’, and seeing the answer to everything about life – I think there’s so many lines in it you could see just about anything you wanted to. It made me want to pick up my pencil crayons and go to town. However, while I know that numbers don’t lie, and therefore, one can find many truths about religion through them, as far as ‘the answers’ for religious questions – no, numbers aren’t enough. Real, genuine spirituality is about actual spiritual experience with God, not feelings or impressions derived from staring at numerous criss-crossing lines. That’s the problem. People think they can ‘find truth (God)’ through the mind, when in reality, He is Spirit, and must be sought through a sincere desire for Him in our spirits/hearts. Anyway, I’d still love to put my pencil crayons to good use.

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      Instead play with neodymium magnetic balls and you may discover further the meaning oftthe shape you observe. Your relationship with what you refer to as God is your own journey. I’m simply illustrating that if we operate within the shape or sound that formed matter in the first place, we may learn how to better live and create within it. Our reality is based on only five senses (approximately) that pick up intersections of sine waves. There are far more and less dimensions that exist. Anthropomorphism of things we think things are versus understanding the mathematical nature that we all operate within is probably a more enriching and true experience. The more thought and care that you approach the flower of life, the closer to the true spirit of nature, and the further you might find yourself from your preconceived notions of what you think “God

    • Ron Cavagnaro says

      I believe also, similarly to what Carl Sagan hinted at in contact, that if there were some way to communicate with any intelligence in the universe, it would be with mathematics. If you are aware of the mathematics involved in the construction and movement and meaning of the complete flower of life, you’ll simply find that your spirit and emotion can be freed froma any form of persuasion because your mind may rest on this profound and elegant proof.

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Ron. Since the church I went to as a child, taught me that God may very well be dead, I had no preconceived notions of God before He made Himself known to me, and completely turned my life around. Understand that when I speak of having an experience with God, I really mean a genuine exchange, more real than anyone would have in speaking with another person. I saw and I heard, without any prior ‘revving of of the engines’ of meditations or preconception of any kind. My ‘notion’ of God was formed by my actual experiences with Him, not the other way around. I had no idea He spoke with people, before He spoke to me. I had no idea angels still assisted us with our troubles, until one came and talked with me. Because of what I’ve learned, I know that it’s our hearts/spirits He’s interested in, not our minds per se.

        That’s not to say finding truths within various things of Creation, aren’t possible or edifying – they can be. I commented because I know God isn’t summed up by a drawing on a page or any mathematical formula. He is of course, so much more than anyone or anything He created, so we aren’t going to ‘lasso’ Him on a page or in our minds, to the contrary, He’s going to show us how to approach and find Him.

        • Starheater says

          Brenda YOU ARE WONDERFULL
          You are right when you state that we can’t lasso God with Math or geometrics form. Personnaly, I think that is a waste of time to “Yoga our Life” , time is a factor that doesn’t come back, neither consult in the “Astral”. I read the Bible, and I give a chance to God to be my God. That was not the case when a first read the Bible, I was really choc because God gave the commandement to attact village and to spare nobody, not heaven baby, for me it was like a murder. Today, I have more experience in reading the Bible, and I know now why He command to do it this way. Like Sodom and Gommorhe, it had to be done, the sufferring of those who were acting like this was grand. Illumination is not for today, LOVE is the result of knowing God according to the truth that is in this Book, LOVE can devellop our self by the knowledge that we found in the Bible. If Brenda is talking with Angels, this is just because SHE’S from God, and this dispite the fact that she may not have read the Bible. Because all the Commanments (10) are for just one reason, and this reason is to be has perfect that we can. When we love are nabor, we dont kill him or steal him, we have the same respect that we have for us. We dont kill physicly nor kill spiritualy by an offending our nabor or anybody. Keep Jesus in your heart Brenda, He’s coming, He’s at the door. God Bless everyone.

          • Ron Cavagnaro says

            I think that you may be misunderstanding the plot of the entirety of what I’m speaking about. I’m literally and simply showing a path of thought that can show the strongest form that can be put to basic use in all areas of existence and thought as a human being. It is an ancient message that I am echoing in practical terms that may assist or encourage the mind to operate in a way that has been lost or hidden. I do not wish to discourage anyone’s path but to encourage it. If you think I am attempting to lasso the infinite, it’s inaccurate because I am simply showing my perception of the spiral that breaks all boxed thought, the spiral that exists in all things. I’m glad that you found your way, and believe that we all find our own way. This article was written with the intent to suggest that through this mindset one may find a smoother more natural personal path. If it looks like random lines then perhaps the message here isn’t intended for you.

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Starheater. Thank you for your kind words. Actually, I have read the Bible, several times, and while I recommend reading it, I also think that people need to have a living relationship with God. He’s alive, we’re alive, and for our sakes, we need God to relate to us, if we’re going to get a good grip on who He is, and what He’s about.
            I understand what you mean Starheater, when you said you were shocked that God gave the command to attack the village and kill everyone – including the babies. What many don’t understand about the Old Testament, is that it was a type and shadow of what God really wanted people to follow. Because it was written mainly to the Jewish peoples, and they wanted a more distant relationship with God, everything He taught them was only a type/shadow of what He was after. What His heart really was, is better revealed in Jesus’ life and death, than anything we’ve seen or heard so far. I think you know what I mean.

          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Ron. I believe I stated that the only reason I commented in the first place, was because of your statement, “…I believe that all the answers to science, religion….is based on the mathematical knowledge of how things work..” I was commenting that as far as religion — believing and walking with God, answers will not be found in mathematics. That’s not to say Ron, that math doesn’t figure into all things in the universe, it’s saying that finding God won’t be through math. And the reason I say that is because He’s a living Being with character, whose heart is divine love – not a mathematical equation. Like any person, He wants us to relate to Him, to find Him. That’s an important point. As far as seeing how alphabets can be found in the tessellation of the Flower of Life, how numbers are behind archeology, sacred geometry, etc., I don’t have a problem with them. I believe very much in sacred geometry, and ancient sciences that we’ve almost no knowledge of today.

  9. Ron Cavagnaro says

    Please by all means share and use with it what you will. I believe all answers may be found. Become illuminated.

  10. says

    Dear Ron,
    I absolutely loved this post. I am a 73 year old young woman who had been trying to figure out Sacred Geometry for years. The art work that you did all of a sudden brought everything into focus. I hope you don’t mind but I am posting this on my FB page for others. Thank you so very much for sharing these insights. You also may want to get in touch with Marty Leeds on FB. He is a genius in this area.

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