Da Vinci’s Big Secret – Part 2


Da Vinci’s Big Secret
Part 2

The Human Codex of Leonardo Da Vinci 

Copyright 2012 by Wayne Herschel
All Rights Reserved. Presented with Permission of the Author.

Did Leonardo Da Vinci belong to a secret society? Did he leave decipherable clues in his works for the future and is the so called secret ‘code’not all fantasy and fiction? Is it true that he came quite close to being burned at the stake for some of his esoteric works?

What if answers to all the above questions have new evidence now turning towards a highly probable yes… and if so what was he trying to encrypt secretly?

A number of new documentaries claim that a whole range of arcane knowledge about the Renaissance era, which has recently been emerging, is all nonsense.

Yes, this widely read book may have some obvious fictitious elements, and fraudulent documents have corrupted the credibility of some of the substantial historical material. Be that as it may, we must seriously ask ourselves whether the inclusion of a single false document, is enough to laugh off a fairly large collection of repeating convincing clues.

This hardly seems reason enough to ridicule all further findings on this subject, albeit that they are still in the evaluation stages, and have not yet been fully publicised.

Before touching on some of the clues that lead us to Da Vinci’s mysterious obsession with sacred geometry and the human form, and what this is leading to, here is some breaking news about a ‘hidden’ Da Vinci painting:


Art experts believe this Renaissance artist was responsible for painting a recently ‘discovered’ work depicting Mary Magdalene semi-naked! They are convinced that the forgotten painting titled ‘Mary Magdalene’ shown below, clearly exhibits Da Vinci’s style and technique, and therefore is most likely a genuine portrait. If you are surprised that this finding has not been given the kind of media coverage that it is deserving of, ask yourself: “Why?”

The painting can be easily referenced on the internet from reliable sources. And if it intrigues you as much as it has Wayne Herschel, this is a challenge to you to prove for yourself that it is an original painting.


Art experts believe this Renaissance artist was responsible for painting a recently ‘discovered’ work depicting Mary Magdalene semi-naked! They are convinced that the forgotten painting titled ‘Mary Magdalene’ shown below, clearly exhibits Da Vinci’s style and technique, and therefore is most likely a genuine portrait. If you are surprised that this finding has not been given the kind of media coverage that it is deserving of, ask yourself: Why?

The painting can be easily referenced on the internet from reliable sources. And if it intrigues you as much as it has Wayne Herschel, this is a challenge to you to prove for yourself that it is an original painting.

DaVinci_Mary One might wonder… Is this the face of the woman seated on the right hand of Christ in Da Vinci’s famous Last Supper?

The LastSupper

Was Da Vinci forced to portray Mary Magdalene in this manner, half naked, so he would not have to endure the wrath of his piers and possibly the law. What law you may ask? This was the era where the Church had the power to influence the beheading of, or burning at the stake, of anyone who threatened the church.

Does it suggest that the people of Da Vinci’s era, in the grip of what was socially acceptable, were in denial that a woman could have a physical relationship with a man of flesh and blood, who most believe was the creator of the known universe?

The significance attributed to Mary Magdalene seems to be only one aspect of the ‘big secret’. Watch this space for part 2 of a 7 part update story… The human codex that follows has new updating evidence that will prove it conclusively and it will be posted over the next few months.


Avid readers of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown – which has been making headline news for selling some twenty million copies, thanks to the mystery it creates around a legendary hidden code – may not be aware that this ‘hidden code’ is a reality, and the solution is tied in with Stonehenge and the pyramid mysteries. While Dan Brown is keeping his readers in suspense with the promise of a sequel, a new book titled ‘The Hidden Records’, which has been recently published, will reveal all.

Wayne Herschel – a new author in the field of archaeo-astronomy (seen on the highly acclaimed South African television programme Carte Blanche last year) – has just launched this long awaited very controversial book. Not only does the author propose a new solution to the ancient pyramid civilisations, but in his research of Stonehenge, he inadvertently stumbles on the Da Vinci code solution encrypted in this ancient monument.

Wayne, who resides in the South African coastal town of Umdloti (near Durban) – is firmly of the opinion that Dan Brown’s basic research was very real. He believes Brown chose to apply dramatised fiction around facts as a marketing tool, to make for very exciting reading.

It must again be reiterated at this point that Wayne Herschel’s ‘The Hidden Records’ was not intentionally intended as a response to Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Wayne’s biggest concern is that if his own research – which he claims has a tried and tested sound foundation – does not get recognised for its true worth, humanity will dismiss the true value of this age-old codex as inconsequential… or even worse, as sacrilege:

“Before the subject of the Da Vinci codex is ridiculed as ‘fantasy’, which may even result in this timeless code being given derogatory press… the time has come to reveal the factual wonder of the sacred knowledge Leonardo Da Vinci may have kept as a tightly guarded secret.”

“The most likely reason this knowledge may have remained hidden is because people during his time were very quick to prejudge and take action against ‘blasphemers’. Those who practised anything that was not clearly explained in the Biblical works were perceived to be evil.”



The art piece that Wayne has had the greatest affinity with in his research on Leonardo Da Vinci, is the one that is referred to as ‘Vitruvian Man’ (shown above). To this very day, this great Renaissance artist’s portrayal of the human form has been considered to hold a hidden mathematical code as well as the already deciphered Fibonacci ratio (more commonly known as… the Golden Mean). Wayne believes Da Vinci intentionally left out some ‘secret’ detail that defines extremely unique geometry beyond a mere square and a circle found in the human form, for reasons that the book explores.

It was Stonehenge that would provide Wayne with the true solution to ‘Vitruvian Man’. In deciphering the layout of this monument of aeons gone by, what would emerge for him was the theme of a man mimicking a star… inside a star… hence the name “star man” as the author likes to refer to his discovery. When the human form mimics a star… the unthinkable geometry is created
 If the arms of ‘Vitruvian Man’ are moved into position directly over the head – unlike how Leornardo Da Vinci had painted him – not only does his form mimic a star… but a unique pentagon comes into play



The human form fits very mathematically into the centre of the stone circle at Stonehenge with the head positioned above the ‘altar’ stone. In a wider context… the solution becomes even clearer… because it turns out that Stonehenge and its surrounding monuments were designed as a star map of the heavens. A grouping of nearby manmade mounds replicates a prime star constellation explored in the author’s book, while the outer stone circle’s geometry is suggestive of the outline of a star in conjunction with two smaller mounds mimicking planets in orbit (see Stonehenge page). Herschel believes that because the shape of the human form is very ingeniously linked to the star that their pyramid star maps isolate (found also at two other ancient sites), it seems the ancient civilisations were trying to tell us that their ancestors… the ‘gods’ came from one and the same star.

One cannot help asking: Is this star suggesting the place of origin of the human gene lineage? A lineage evolved somewhere else completely independent to any Earth evolving hominid?

Will Dan Brown propose a similar interpretation to this solution in his next book? It is highly unlikely… especially since the pyramid star maps that became pivotal to Wayne ’s decoding of the Da Vinci code, do not form part of the equation for Brown.


On a more elevated level, Wayne believes this codex seems to be spelling out one very pertinent universal truth:

“It is definitely not a PENTAGRAM, but an unusual elongated PENTAGON… and in its own right seems so perfect, as if it is shouting out that the human form is not entirely a creature evolved by chance through natural selection. Logically speaking, there has to be is a design code that life conforms to… a life force originating from the central nucleus of the universe… the place where all matter was created. The place of the One… we call God!”

“One could of course ascribe this to coincidence… but then why is this very specific geometry encrypted into Stonehenge, Giza (see book) and the most awe inspiring place of all… engineered into a five-sided man made mountain on Mars?”

When Wayne Herschel released aspects of his findings to a newspaper in South Africa in 1999, he referred to it as the “Da Vinci Codex”. Notice, by chance the term he coined is slightly different to the title chosen by Dan Brown for his book.

Is this new codex part of a cosmic message? This has only been a cryptic analysis… only once you’ve read the wider parameters ‘The Hidden Records’ deals with, will you be able to evaluate it against all the thought provoking evidence.


The message conveyed by the sketch seems to suggest that this sacred form is only part of an even deeper enigma. After all, why keep innocent mathematical geometry unique to the human form a secret? What if the geometry is part of a source of ‘forbidden’ knowledge that did not fit at all into religious teaching during the renaissance era?

Da Vinci seems to have guarded this secret for this very reason. However, this did not detract from the likelihood that he believed the code was of untold significance to humankind and should not be forgotten. Hence he ingeniously encoded it into some of his paintings.

But why would this knowledge have been so shocking for its time? Perhaps it claimed evidence of the place of human origins… evidence of which does seem to exist, gauging by what Wayne Herschel has stumbled on in his research of the ancient civilisations. If Da Vinci had exposed this phenomenal revelation, it would have defied the holy books of his time. Was it worth being burnt at the stake for doing so? Perhaps this knowledge Da Vinci had, claimed we were the descendant lineage from visitors of human form who came from the stars, who possessed powers that would very quickly be relegated to witchcraft. When in effect, what these beings that came from above possessed, was technology. Technology that was so advanced, it could be misconstrued as something evil by commoners… but certainly not by a genius such as Da Vinci.

If one goes by this train of reasoning, one cannot help but wonder if all of Da Vinci’s inventions were not really his ‘inventions’ per se, but reproductions of what he had been privileged to bare witness to. Records of the hi-tech technology once used by those who visited… from another world?

The secrecy surrounding the Da Vinci code now seems to be justifiable, as Wayne Herschel’s controversial book, ‘The Hidden Records’, which has just been released, extrapolates. Wayne reveals how this fingerprint of those who visited from another world, is encoded into the enigmatic monuments they built on Earth… and even on Mars (which was not always a red planet). This would explain why the code had been covered up for centuries… until today. ‘The Hidden Records’ will reveal all!

Not only does it offer proof that the star the ancient monuments isolate in their layout plans is indeed the star of the ‘gods’, but that it exists astronomically. The book will offer corroborating evidence that it is Sun-like and very close to our solar system. The operative word here is ‘Sun-like’… because it would most likely have planets associated with it, conducive to life as we know it.


 The End of Part 2

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Copyright 2012 by Wayne Herschel
All Rights Reserved. Presented with Permission of the Author.
Official Website:  http://www.thehiddenrecords.com

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Wayne Herschel released ancient alien star maps around the world showing human star origins. He is the author of  “The Hidden Records” – true story now ‘fictionalized’ and twisted in PROMETHEUS movie.



Recently broadcast on a television documentary, Wayne Herschel’s new findings completely challenge the theories on human origins and the pyramids. He provides new evidence identifying a global pyramid/star map pattern and a recurring hidden message encrypted as a rendition of Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian’ human blueprint code. Astronomers have tested Herschel’s 50 pyramids of Lower Egypt replicating the known constellations as a grand pyramid/star map.

Egypt’s ultimate monument is positioned as the proverbial “x” that marks the spot. It venerates a star that has been catalogued astronomically as being identical to our Sun. The matching cosmic pattern is found at Stonehenge, Tikal and at Angkor. For the first time ever, a specific star is proposed as a star system of origin of our ancient ‘astronaut’ ancestors who were later revered as ‘gods’ when they revisited.

The highlight of the book is undoubtedly the rumoured pyramid ruins on Mars providing the most detailed star correlation of all, with a perfect interpretation of the human code. But for whom was the cosmic message intended, as it certainly was not for us? All the pyramid star maps are too massive, face skyward, and the only way to decipher them is to view them from space.

This full-colour glossy book takes the reader on a riveting journey from one clue to the next, presenting the strongest evidence to date that we have never ever been alone in the universe.


“Wayne Hershel has written what is, very simply, one of the most brilliant books on the lost human past that has ever been written. It is an absolute must for everybody who suspects that our history books do not tell the whole story of our past. It just plain blew me away with its intelligence, its scholarship and the wonder that it evokes”.

Order Now: The Hidden Records – order page



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    almost forgot – da Vinci’s big secret? He was abducted in exactly the same manner as Mother Shipton (UK) and Nostradamus (Fr) – and they were all alive at the same time between 1503 and 1519

    To translate the hidden codes in the writings of rather “riddles” of da Vinci – use the ALCHEMYE LIST which Nostradamus used (and Newton and Trismegistos etc).
    this list can be found at http://www.hiddentextofnostradamus.com – as can part one of DA VINCI & NOSTRADAMUS in which the first half of da Vinci is already translated

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