The Egyptian Temple of Khnum at Esneh: A Commentary on the ceiling’s Zodiacal Cycle

by William John Meegan 


WJM_2This colorful and comprehensive artistic rendition of the same Zodiac[1] from the Temple of Khnum, as outlined below, is added so the reader can study this zodiacal pattern, in precise detail, in order to follow the commentary with n clearer and improved understanding of its paradigmatic theme. 

           Astrology has been so badly treated by modernity that it can be said undeniably that in its present condition it is nothing more than superstitious nonsense[2].  Academia and the practitioners of this paganism are equally guilty of the abominable condition that Astrology is projected, as, out into the general population.  Academia’s silent consent makes them just as guilty for the demise of Antediluvian Astrology because of its indefensible failure to investigate how a worldwide system of spiritual thought can be independently generated throughout all times and climes in all cultures blanketing the globe. 

In this short paper I have written a commentary on the zodiacal cycle’s sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Egyptian Temple of Khnum at Esneh.  This is a preliminary analysis of Astrology, which I am preparing a larger work on, which this paper is one aspect of.


COMA:             Ancient Astrological law states that the Zodiac cannot move until Virgo moves first.  This is documented in the late nineteenth century by two members of the Christian clergy: E.W. Bullinger and Joseph A. Seiss[3].  It took many years for me to grasp and to understand this ancient law of Astrology.  I have studies the above images on the ceiling on the Portico of “The Temple of Khnum at Esna (Esneh)[4]” and the in-place commentary by Jim A. Cornwell[5] and I have not found it wanting from what I understand to be the Universal Astrological Paradigm.  Mr. Cornwell obtains his commentary of this zodiacal cycle by a comparative analysis with a number of other Egyptian depictions of the Zodiac cycles’ symbolic images.  I am satisfied that he has verified his material extensively, in detail, from several Zodiacs in Egyptian art and he has done so conscientiously.  What I like about Mr. Cornwell commentary is that he gives no frills or trills: just what he knows to be factual[6].  It also should be note that in ancient times the ceiling of a temple or cathedral, church, etc., was considered heaven.  The reader should think about that for a moment because the Egyptian priests first had to put their understanding of the Astrological Paradigm on schematics before putting them into a sculptured frieze and then unto the ceiling.  This is the same reasoning that should take place when considering the ancients scribes first designing the Astrological Paradigm and then artistically rendering it to the canvas of the star studded universe. When thinking about that process then ask yourself what the Story of Adam was about when Yahweh brought him to name the entire animal kingdom (Zodiac) outlined in the first part of the second chapter of Genesis.  That alone should tell the reader a great deal about how to read the bible.  The scribes of antiquity first had to place the Astrological images into the star studded universe, why then would the Garden of Eden story have Yahweh (ego-consciousness) reworking that process from a diametrically reverse order unless humanity had lost the knowledge of it already? 

Virgo moves first because its first decan is called Coma, which is interpreted in Hebrew as meaning DESIRE.  Coma’s zodiacal image, on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh, shows that it as DESIRE it is the ruling factor (force) in the constellation of Virgo, which inaugurates the movement of the heavens.  Between Virgo and Coma there are many images depicted on the left hand side in the upper and lower regions of the zodiacal sculptured frieze (after the constellation of Virgo on the bottom and before the constellation Leo on the top).  Note how Coma has a hold on the tail of the Leo (ego-consciousness) showing its dominance over the lion; in addition, outside of time and space there are two smaller lions with Coma equality holding their tails indicating they were in accord with each other: both these small sizes lions are of equal size. 

Coma Berenices[7] is a later Greek myth that reinterprets the Coma’s mythoi; however, hidden within the mythology of Coma Berenices is the repudiation of the material world.  Sacrificing materialistic beauty is analogous to DESIRING spirituality above all. “Berenice (newlywed) swore to the goddess Aphrodite[8] to sacrifice her long, blonde hair, of which she was extremely proud, if her husband: Ptolemy III Euergetes[9] returned safely.”  I, personally, see the battle that Berenice’s husband (ego-consciousness) was engaging in symbolically as psychic Armageddon[10], which, in and of itself, brings about the destruction of the world and the birth of a new heavenly order: a cleansing of the Astrological Paradigm.

My understanding of Egyptian Astrology is that each of its renditions of the constellations of the Zodiac throughout Egypt is somewhat different then it’s other renditions and this is how it should be. This same concept of not replicating art throughout Christianity is seen throughout the medieval period.  There should be in every rendition, in a culture’s art when depicting the spiritual paradigm, a variation of its theme.  I view each of the renditions of the Zodiac as a different perspective (snapshot) of the same zodiacal paradigm illustrating different nuances for instructional and edification purposes; thus, my analysis of this zodiacal cycle sculptured into the frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh is not a definitive study of Egyptian Astrology and it is not intended to be so; though, I do believe it is a generic understanding of the zodiacal paradigm, which does not change from one culture to another; though, other cultures worldwide may shroud Astrology outwardly in different mythological garments the internal generic dynamics of the zodiacal paradigm is universal. 

To explain briefly and tersely this harmonizing of ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind it can be said to be exactly what Carl G. Jung called the TRANSCENDENT FUNCTION[11]; however, that is merely from a psychological perspective.  The harmonious relationship that comes when ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind come together in the spirit of cooperation with their disparate elements forms a contained (closed) environment that the psyche exists within contented.  Examples would be a vocation and/or profession or skill set.  These disparate elements of the psyche will be both materialistic and spiritual.  In others words one can “be in the world but not of the world”, which is wholly epitomized by the zodiacal paradigm.  The twelve signs of the Zodiac coming together to close the Mystic Circle (Transcendent Function) represents symbolically the disparate elements of both the material and spiritual realms that the psyche has become enamored by.  Whatever it is that enamors the psyche can be use as an outward support system enabling the psyche to classify, diversify and individualize the disparate classifications of thought, which would enable the psyche to learn to know itself.  Ego-consciousness can be enamored by ‘whatever’; however, the unconscious mind has the zodiacal paradigm (Collective Unconscious) as a perennial matrix imprinted upon it from time immemorial.  It is the reconciliation of these two diametrically different objectives that enables the psyche to close the Mystic Circle; however, the majority of the human race knows nothing of the zodiacal paradigm.  For the most part people do not study their religion seriously enough to cull out the patterns that intuitively reveal the zodiacal paradigm (Collective Unconscious) and this is the dilemma the world presently finds itself in. 

VIRGO[12]:          represents the woman: i.e. psyche that brings forth the messiah: DESIRE called Coma, which symbolizes the virgin birth in the psyche.  Never has a materialist male or female ever sired this DESIRE (child) in the heart.  Ego-consciousness is too strong an opponent, of what its ego-centric nature ‘imagines as an abomination’: to allow the unconscious-mind to take control of the psyche. Ego-consciousness from this perspective can only conceive of losing its hold on reality: i.e. going insane.  Everybody on earth has a will that they believe is just as strong as anyone else’s; nonetheless, it is only when ego-consciousness is brought to its lowest level (to its knees) that it can be reasoned with.  Coma represents a DESIRE to know God and that that DESIRE is infinitely stronger than ego-consciousness’ petty efforts to remain materialistic.  It matters not whether the psyche actually makes any developmental edification strives in the search for God and knowledge of its psyche’s origins.  What matters most, which builds up this spiritual DESIRE in the psyche, is the psyche’s honest and sincere quest to know God and to know its origins.  If the quest is continuously ongoing and the psyche gives its whole heart, mind and soul to that spiritual quest without thought of reward or materialistic gain then the psyche will receive a spiritual vision, which will ‘formally’ kick start the spiritual quest though the quest could have on an outward level started years before.  The vision will incontrovertibly prove to the psyche that there is a God and it is the only proof it will ever receive of God’s existence.  It is the task of the psyche after receiving the vision to nurture it (like a new born babe: i.e. Christ Child) and to increase the psyche’s knowledge of the psychic universal paradigm: the psyche will learn to attune itself to the spirit within and go every which way the internal spirit guides it very much like the Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral[13].  If the initiate studies the labyrinth it shows the single path going unerringly to the center of the labyrinth every which way as if the psyche is blown by the spirit of God: “not my will; but, thy will be done”. 

After the constellation of Virgo on the bottom left-hand side of the sculptured frieze and before the constellation of Coma on the upper portion of the zodiacal frieze there are a number of deities all having something to do with the Sun. The Sun sign rules the constellation of Leo: The constellation of Leo is symbolically the spiritualized Sun.  Note that there is, in the lower half of the sculptured frieze on the left hand side, a man with a cobra and sun disc crown: i.e. the pharaoh, and this denotes a spiritual awakening as depicted with the rising of the Kundalini Serpent (this symbolizes the individual is king (master) of his psyche: ego-consciousness and unconscious mind are spirituality synchronized). Both the outer and inner worlds are harmonized.  Let me rephrase that, the sun (ego-consciousness) is materialistic from the Calendar year perspective; however, once it is harmonized as an Astrological sign (not sun sign) it becomes spiritualized.  What this means is that ego-consciousness being ego-centric only knows the local vicinity of its domain (very finite awareness): i.e. sun’s solar system; whereas, when ego-consciousness unites (has a dialogue) with the unconscious mind they become equals and neither is dominant; rather, they are guided by a higher power, which their uniting invited into their sphere of existence: they gain harmoniously a universal cosmic consciousness of their personal mythoi. 

            The sun as a symbol is very ambiguous and problematic at best and this is why worshiping the sun has both negative and positive connotations.  The sun as merely a ball of fire that rises in the morning and gives life to the materialistic earth is not a god and to worship it as such is pure paganism.  The sun from this perspective represents an ego-centric (ego-driven) personality; however, to symbolize the sun as representing the risen Christ indicates that ego-consciousness has attuned itself to the universal comic spiritual laws: meaning it has harmonized itself to the unconscious mind.  This is why scholars and academics misinterpret symbolism when they study it: they have no idea of the generic paradigm of Astrology that gives explanation for the symbolism psychically ‘already’ in-place. 

            The primitive peoples of the Earth that go out their doors each morning spitting on their hands and raising them to the rising sun have no idea why they do it.  This is paganism: i.e. ignorance, which is precisely what a Catholic is doing when he or she goes to Holy Mass not understanding intellectually what is going on in the ritual; however, the initiate that understand esotericism through his or her studies of religion and ancient mythologies is not partaking in pagan rituals because he or she understands what the psychic symbols means. 

LEO[14] and CANCER[15]: Leo is one the most insidious and enigmatic symbols in the zodiacal cycle because it represents in the Roman and Christian mythoi the lion(s) that eats the Christian in the coliseum.  The zodiacal cycle is the symbolical representation of the Roman Coliseum[16].  The lion symbolically represents ego-consciousness and it is the only tree in the Garden of Eden, which will destroy the soul and have it cast out of the City of God; yes, ego-consciousness (Satan incarnate) eats the Christian alive if the Christian is not well versed in the spiritual paradigm of his religion.  The lion symbolizes ego-consciousness because it is both selfish and ego-centric making it the most barbaric, savage and instinctual (archetypal) force on earth: this is why it is considered king of the jungle: i.e. the psyche’s personal realm. 

Judas Iscariot was destroyed by ego-consciousness (lion) when he was tossed into that symbolic Roman Coliseum at the Last Supper.  Judas Iscariot entering into the Closed Mystic Circle of twelve that represents all God’s creation realized he personally owned nothing; because all belonged to the community.  Consider Judas’s position in the community from his perspective, he may have thought he was entitled to more of the Eucharist than the others because of his age and responsibilities in the group.  Any Catholic knows that whether you have a morsel (a single wafer host) of the Eucharist or an entire chalice of Eucharistic hosts God has given each initiate His all: Himself.  What more can He give? 

The reason that the U.S.S.R.: i.e. Communism was not successfully, though it was an excellent idea, is because the vast majority of people were not content with the living conditions they were forced to live under.  Those conditions were not voluntarily agreed upon.  When government officials lived better in luxury while the vast majority lived in poverty it was obvious that the equality factor never existed; whereas, Capitalism is not a better system by any stretch of the imagination.  Plutocracy: i.e. the Aristocracy’s Democracy holds out the eternal carrot to the poor working masses (slave labor) and like the greyhound chasing the automated rabbit the masses as a whole will give their best in pursuit of that carrot but never will they be allowed to obtain their goal.  Consider the monastery where the Abbott or Mother Superior is subject to the same vows of poverty that the average monk or nun is.  Each is content to give his or her all for the community because his or her love is towards God and not towards self; hence, Communism and Democracy working in unanimity and harmoniously.  This is the way marriage is supposed to work.  Each spouse giving his or her all to the relationship not to self. 


In the upper portion of the sculptured frieze before the constellation of Coma are depicted two small lions and two lion-headed deities holding hands and most important they are facing each other as equals.  Are these two males or do they depict a man and a woman?  I suggest the latter because of the two small lions and because this feminine and masculine interpretation of these figures aligns with the basic paradigm of Astrology.  I find this to be important conformation of the harmonious discourse that Ego-consciousness (Sun) has with the Anima (Virgo symbolizing the Unconscious Mind).  The two small lions depict the humble and subservient nature of the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind (two lion-headed when spiritualized.  I hypothesize that the two lion-headed deities represent the constellations of Leo and Cancer respectively.  Leo and Cancer represent the Sun and Moon respectively and are the two pillars flanking the front entrance of every Masonic Temple: Boaz and Jachin.  This is also seen in Christianity on the West Royal Portal of Chartres Cathedral with its two towers: the left tower represents the Sun and the right tower represents the moon.  The reason I mention this at all is because after DESIRE comes and the soul is spiritually reinvigorated then the constellations of Leo and Cancer begins the movement of the zodiacal cycle by representing the entrance to the temple, which is of course the psyche/soul and in the center of the temple is the Holy of Holies (pineal gland).  Consider the fact that an ego-centric individual does not go to church services to pray because he or she knows no God.  It is only DESIRE (Coma) that urges ego-consciousness into the search for God and/or a better way of life, which will actually lead him or her in the search for God 

Cancer symbolism is inherent in the crab that lives in all the oceans of the world.  The ocean symbolizes the unconscious mind.  The reproduction cycle of the crab and its caring of the young is what made it an apt symbol for the unconscious mind.  The crab’s offspring are analogous to the ideas that come and go in the psyche.  Man’s consumption of crabs is analogous to the harmonious interplay that ego-consciousness can have with the unconscious mind. 

GOBEKLI TEPE[17]: is an archeological site in Turkey, which, I believe, epitomizes the constellation of Leo and Cancer.  This site is carbon dated cir. 8800-9600 BCE, which places its construction in the astrological ages of Leo and Cancer.  So far a number of circles (A – E) have been found and have been alphabetized accordingly.  I am working up a separate article on Gobekli Tepe’s complex; however, I introduce this accompanied image of Gobekli Tepe’s STONE CIRCLE – D because it goes to the discussion on antediluvian astrology and the astrological paradigm. 


          The image itself is not that difficult to interpret.  Some of these standing stones are fifteen meters high made into image of human beings (two central stones) and the surround standing stones prop up into small stones have animals carved on them.  The smaller stones surround the twelve larger stones apparently symbolically represent the Milky Way Galaxy.  So it does not take rocket scientists to tell us that these twelve surrounding stones represent the signs of the Zodiac though one may find it difficult to get an archeologist to sign off on that interpretation.  Note the entrance to the circle.  There is no doubt in my mind that the entrance represents Cancer on the left and Leo on the right and the two standing stones in the center represent ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind and dead center of these two standing stone would be  the Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies.  

          What is most intriguing about Gobekli Tepe, besides its pristine state, is that the entire complex, some twenty circles with over two hundred standing stone from six to twenty meters, were built and then deliberately buried. This is very similar to the esoteric science being buried beneath the texts of the sacred scriptures of the world.  The land above this megalithic site was used for agricultural purposes for about ten thousand years.  It was only because the owner of the land tried to remove one of the protruding standing stone that he realized there was much more to it than he could deal with.  Only about twenty percent of the complex has been thus far uncovered.  The archeologist tells that the hill that the entire complex was buried under is not natural and is deliberately layered into a pyramidal shape.  So it doesn’t stress the imagination too much to believe that this may well be the origins of Antiquity’s Mystery Schools.  It appears as if each separate circle may have been a different perspective in learning about the perennial paradigm.  It may well be that this was the first stage that the initiate was introduced to the basic teachings of the perennial matrix: astrological paradigm. 

          Because the site was buried it is too similar to the idea of the unconscious mind is buried and forgotten under the weight of ego-consciousness; however, Gobekli Tepe is a well preserved site as if the ancient were leaving behind evidence of the dawn of man’s grasping the psychic perennial paradigm. 


HUMAN BRAIN:[18] By studying this above interpretation of the brain with the twelve signs of the Zodiac assigned to the different areas of the cerebral lobes[19] it can be seen that Leo and Cancer dominate the Frontal lobes (portico of the temple: Boaz and Jachin) as does Aquarius and Capricorn dominate the Occipital lobes.  I am not a neurosurgeon nor do I pretend to be one; however, it seemed odd to me that the both the Parietal and Temporal lobes on the left and right sides of the brain were not each divided into two halves.  When looking at the sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh it seems as if the top and bottom of the frieze exudes a similar pattern and set up similar to the brain’s configuration.  I was mainly influence in conceiving this hypothesis by knowing that in the center of the brain is the pineal gland[20], which can only be activated by the activity in the surrounding cerebral lobes.  Further influences in this above design were strengthened by knowing that the Zodiacal/Calendar year (see image below) in our own times, which hails from deep antiquity, exudes the STAR OF DAVID[21].  This Zodiacal/Calendar year was deliberately structured in antiquity to exude this image: it is the Star of Bethlehem as outlined in the New Testament; thus, it can be envisaged that this hypothesis is based upon zodiacal precedent that is of course if the pineal gland is considered the spiritual center of the brain (Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies): i.e. the Temple of God: BETHEL: House of God. 

HUMAN BODY:[22] When considering the brain as an outward manifestation of the twelve astrological signs it is not difficult to grasp that people of all epochs considered different parts of the body to represent different aspects of Astrology. 

WJM_astrology1 As seen in the accompanied image of the human body displaying the symbols of the Zodiac[23] it does not leave much for the imagination to conjure up as to its implied meaning.  It is as if souls are projected into the world to embody the very teachings (Astrological Paradigm) that they are here in this material world to inherently assimilate.  The concept is the same as that of an individual going to university to learn about medicine.  That individual would have to transform himself into a doctor.  Or an individual that wants to learn about erecting buildings then that individual would have to become an architect. Enumerable examples can be given; however, the conceptual idea doesn’t change. What I have personally envisaged in learning these ideas about the brain and body in relationship to Astrology is that no matter what the individual takes in via the psyche and/or the body it is ultimately a waste product.  It is an in your face dogmatic principle that everything in the world is transitory though humans are prone to hoarding as if to make it all permanent.  There can be no doubt that Astrology is saying that life is in the eternal NOW.  The reader should also consider the fact that the human body like the brain has mirror imaging parts throughout.  Consider the fact that the HEART (symbolically the Star of David?) is at the center of these mirror imaging parts continuously revitalizing the circulation of the blood that sustains the body.  Does not Christ sustain the soul as the heart does for the body? The human body for the most part exist in the outer world; whereas, the psyche is not. I take this symbolic phenomenon to be an outward manifestation symbolizing the dualism of ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind: the initiate needs to harmoniously synchronize the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind in order to become spiritually whole.   The brain (hidden unconscious mind) and the body (outward ego-consciousness) symbolize the psyche harmonious relationship.

BOOTES[24]: Note that the constellation of Bootes: the third decan of Virgo is between the constellations of Leo and Cancer.  This is now two of Virgo’s three decans flanking the constellation of Leo: this cannot be coincidental.  This Zodiac on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh is a commentary on the beginning of the spiritual awakening, which moves the Wheel of the Heavens: the Zodiac.  Because both the constellations of Coma and Bootes flank the constellation of Leo there is an implied inference that Leo has been completely assimilated by Virgo decan Coma (DESIRE).  Ego-consciousness (Sun = Leo the Lion) has been totally spiritualized: in this absorption of the constellation of Leo into its fold the spiritual powers that be imprints upon the psyche/soul[25] a cleansed raison d’être (forgiveness of all previous sins): the zodiacal paradigm (perennial matrix: God’s plan of creation: salvation).

ASTROLOGY[26]: is seen by modernity as a cycle that continuously repeat itself rather than a generic paradigm of spirituality.  The Zodiac cycle should be seen as a grand celebration of life: the City of God; whereby, its entire symbolic construct: constituent parts (spiritual powers), through a participation mystique, ensure the eternal and everlasting maintenance of the soul.  Certainly, Astrology is a repetitive cycle only if the soul regresses back into a state of materialism.  A number of examples are given throughout the bible. 


            Astrology, like religion, regardless of popular opinion, is a deeply personal study of the soul/psyche.  It is not a prognosticating tool.  Religion is a study of Astrology and this is why there are twelve disciples mimicking the twelve astrological signs.  Yes, there are twelve separate and distinct disciples as there are twelve separate and distinctly defined signs of the Zodiac.  This, at least for me, indicates the different constituent components in the psyche.  It is not that the psyche takes on the collective personae of the twelve disciples and/or the twelve signs of the Zodiac per se; rather, the number twelve is the least amount numerically that encompasses the four Triplicities (basic elements) Fire, Earth, Air and Water signs and the three Quadruplicities: Cardinal Fixed and Mutable signs. In other words each of the four Triplicities has one of the three Quadruplicities and vice versa each of the three Quadruplicities has to have one of the four Triplicities.  The amalgamation of the Triplicities and Quadruplicities is what constellates the unanimity of the twelve unify signs of the Zodiac. It is this very same paradigmatic system of thought that inspired the ancient scribes to codify the Trivium and the Quadruvium (Seven Liberal Arts) to the mythoi of the sacred scriptures of the world.  As it can be seen when Astrology is broken down into its bare constituent components it is simplicity itself; however, try explaining those twelve signs of the Zodiac as combination of Triplicities and Quadruplicities when they are conceivably only abstract ideas from out of the psyche.  This is why anthropomorphizing these concepts into the mythoi of the world became an absolute necessity.  There simply would have been no other way of making these highly sophisticated abstract ideas available to the general public and/or to posterity.  Notice how the Egyptian named their pantheon of Gods[27] after the first nine digits: coincidence?  No!! 

            Purely from an abstract point of view these twelve signs of the Zodiac can be expressed by any numerical count: One: MONAD, Two: dualism, Three: Triplicities, Four: Quadruplicities, etc., etc.  It is not a prerequisite that it be a twelve count.  Psychically Astrology can be any or all of these constituent components and any variation thereof.  It is the task of the psyche to constellate those things that it is enamored by into a Mandala like container and be content with that as the psyche’s Garden of Eden.  Joseph Campbell[28] the great mythologist’s philosophy was “Follow your bliss”.  In other words follow that which makes you happy.  It is the vocation, profession, skill set or hobby, which should be amalgamated to the paradigm of the psyche.  That which makes the psyche content will enable it to know itself. 

SCORPIO[29] and SAGITTARIUS[30]: The commentator[31] points out, in the upper portion of the sculptured frieze, that there is a similar image (two lion headed deities) before the constellation of Sagittarius.  This is additional conformation of the ancient-system of Astrology still being in place.  Between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is the Galactic Core.  These two figures are not holding hands and both of them are facing in the same direction.  I interpret this as each of these deities (symbolically the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind), at this time (prior to the spiritual vision), having their own agendas.  This means that the galactic core explosion (spiritual vision) had not taken place; yet, at this point, in the psyche. 

            This scene between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is analogous to Christ’s statement in the New Testament “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (Mathew 16:19)”.  Consider the scene of the two lion-headed deities before the constellation of Coma and then consider the two lion-headed deities between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius.  The keys to the kingdom of heaven are ego-consciousness (Sun) and the unconscious mind (moon).  The scene between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is ego-centric; whereas, the scene before the constellation of Coma is showing these deities are submissive and spiritualized.  The constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius will be discussed further below. 

I mentioned above that the two figures holding hands before the constellations of Leo and Cancer represented both those signs.  Then it was mentioned that these two figures are also seen between Scorpio and Sagittarius.  I proffer that the former and the latter are example of the psyche: ego-consciousness (Sun) and the unconscious mind (Moon) maturating not through the zodiacal cycle linearly; rather, the maturation process develops by virtue of the psyche being the focus of the zodiacal paradigm. 

What is quite apparent here in the Temple of Khnum zodiacal cycle is that the twelve constellations are split up into pairs.  The constellations of Cancer (4) with Leo (5) and Scorpio (8) with Sagittarius (9) have already been somewhat discussed.  I will return to the constellations of Libra with Virgo after completing the rest of zodiacal circuit. 

BIRD-LIKE FIGURE (“with crocodile head with two extra pairs of wings in flight”): considering the entire design of the sculptured frieze’s twelve zodiacal constellations it is quite amazing to see this conformation of the fifth day of creation out of the first chapter of Genesis.  Right after the constellations of Leo and Cancer this bird in flight appears on the sculptured frieze.  In the first chapter of Genesis in the fifth day of creation it talks about the birds coming out of the waters to live on the Earth.  The constellation Eridanus[32] is the second decan of the constellation of Taurus and in the Greek mythoi it symbolically represents a river.  This bird-like figure is obviously coming out of the Milky Way, which is symbolically the Nile River[33].


The bird-like figure is, for all intent and purpose, Cygnus the Swan: in the Greek legend of Eridanus “Phaeton[34], died and fell from the sky, struck by Zeus’ thunderbolt, and tumbled into the Eridanos… and Cygnus[35] mourned him—Ovid told—and was transformed into a swan”.  It matters not that this bird-like figure is not a swan because Cygnus has been symbolized in the mythoi of the world in guises of different birds.  In the constellation of Cygnus is Cygnus X-1, called the Children of the Swan[36], which creation itself is giving humanity an exact conceptual image of CLOSING THE MYSTIC CIRCLE.  This is the mystic’s end-goal to ‘Close the Mystic Circle[37]’, which allow continuous conscious contact, via understanding, with the higher spiritual powers. 

BIRDS, SNAKES, HUMANS and other images: Within the  precincts of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and their decans in this  sculptured frieze it can be envisaged that there are five sections without stars: these sections have birds and/or snakes and/or humans and/or other images clustering or and also a mummy.  This of course includes the two larger sections of the sculptured frieze flanking the left and right portions of the zodiacal frieze.  It is obvious that these five sections depict a break in the fabric of the time/space continuum as if they were ongoing (in process) funeral procession (ceremonial rites of initiation).  One of these sections without stars is located between the constellations of Cancer and Gemini and another section without stars is found between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius.  From my perspective these sections without stars are predictable based solely upon the zodiacal paradigm.  FIRST: the galactic core is located between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius[38].  These two constellations symbolically represent the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind (two human figures symbolically representing the masculine and feminine aspects of the psyche).  Yes, this is the symbolism of our universe; however, Astrology is also realistically analogous to the matrix of the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind.  The spiritual vision the psyche experiences, comes with the rising of the Kundalini, can rebirth the initiate or destroy the psyche.  It is said, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first made mad[39]”.  The world’s insane asylums are full of individuals that did not know how to deal with their gift from the spiritual powers. SECOND: the section without stars between the constellations of Cancer and Gemini shows a period of chaos but the large bird personifies a soul: i.e. Cygnus about to preen its wings to take flight[40]. 


This bird can only live on the Earth (soul) which is symbolized by the constellation of Gemini.  The twins symbolize the masculine or feminine psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind respectively.  This is what the six day of creation is all about: discussing the task that each of the Gemini twins performs.  There is another section without stars; however, it is a very small section, dealt with below, with the title of AMSET: the mummified figure.  I point this last out because there are no stars relating to Amset indicating that it is outside of the time/space continuum. 

            Think about the two human images between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius.  From, my perspective, these individuals are going in a straight linear line: i.e. tunnel vision as if like horses they have visors on; whereas, these same individual are seen before the constellation of Leo and they are holding hands facing each other.  A lot can be interpreted from these two sets of images. 

            The first set of human images between the constellation of Scorpio and Sagittarius are facing frontward as if the feminine (unconscious mind) is following the masculine (ego-consciousness).  This is the way of the material world or ego-driven world where the feminine is considered a second class citizen.  These two individuals are uninitiated.  

The second set of human images practically mirror imaging the first found before the constellation of Leo is problematic to say the least.  If the first individual between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is masculine and the second individual following is feminine how can they circuit the Wheel of the Heavens: Zodiac and remain in step as masculine and feminine?  Something transpired in order for the feminine to take the lead symbolically as the constellation of Cancer where the constellation of Leo seems to be following in step.  It is as if the two individual between Scorpio and Sagittarius had somehow switched sexes before the constellation of Scorpio and prior to the end of the constellation of Virgo.  In the Gospel of Thomas[41], it says: 

(114) Simon Peter said to them: Let Mary go forth from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Jesus said: Behold, I shall lead her that I may make her male, in order that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who makes herself male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. 

Let me here reiterate the biblical verse quoted above: 

“And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven (Mathew 16:19)”.                                    

            This is the whole of the reason that the Sistine Chapel built and frescoed: to illustrate going from the linear perspective (masculine) to the circular perspective (feminine): i.e. Solomon’s Temple in the rectangle or Solomon’s Temple in the round without the rest of the peoples of the world uninitiated in the vicinity of the initiate understanding that it had taken place.  Modernity tends to envisage this psychic phenomenon as the RAPTURE: see Matthew 24.  The people remain in the field and/or on the roof top but are taken psychically to spiritual heights. 

”Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left (Matthew 24:40-41)”. 

            This entire spiritual process has nothing to do with changing genders on a physical level rather it is a psychological change and the best analogy that I can give is the soldier in war time with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)[42]. Basically, ego-consciousness has been shattered: i.e. ego-consciousness has been humbled.  The male ego is no longer the macho image it thought it was: the ego had been brought to its knees.  During World War II and many other wars men with PTSD were considered cowards or sissified women.           

            There can be little doubt that this sculptured frieze is symbolically illustrating the internal initiation process that takes place in the unconscious mind simultaneous to ego-consciousness’ existence in the material world.  This sculptured frieze is showing the outer world in a perfected state.  The zodiacal cycle and the funerary initiation are demonstrating the two choices that the soul/psyche has to live in the outer world: Light or Darkness: Zodiacal Cycle or the Calendar Cycle?                                   

            Therefore, it can be said that the area between the constellation of Scorpio and Sagittarius represent symbolically the Temple of Solomon in the ‘rectangular’[43] similar to Emperor Constantine’s Saint Peter’s Basilica[44].  Also take note that the name Constantine has the word ‘CONSTANT’ in it as in linear thought or tunnel vision; whereas, the area between Virgo and Leo symbolically represents the Temple of Solomon in the round similar to the Dome of the Rock[45] or Hagia Sophia[46] that is schematically displayed by the New Saint Peter’s Basilica[47] and what is symbolically outlined in the fresco symbolism in the Sistine Chapel, which is depicted by the two human figures holding hands and facing each other in the sculptured frieze.  In other words the psyche: ego-consciousness’ and the unconscious mind’s entire existence is in the eternal now.  Their entire existence in lived out within themselves not outside of themselves as if in a linear journey through the time/space continuum. 

            The other images throughout the five sections without stars are all prefigured in the unconscious mind prior to their manifestation in some form or other in the outer world.  Lupus and Cygnus are star constellations; however, the sculptured frieze does not depict stars above or in and around them, which places them outside the time/space continuum.  The fact that these images are depicted in the sculptured frieze is indicative of them as already being psychically manifested in the world.  In this respect the initiate is living in his own Garden of Eden.                                   

            The galactic core explosion symbolizes the spiritual vision that the psyche experiences in its sincere DESIRE to know God and its psychic origins.  The funerary procession (ceremonies of the initiation rites), the galactic core explosion that takes place between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius and the raison d’être that is realized between the constellations Virgo and Leo are all taking place outside of the time/space continuum.  What this means is that the psyche: ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind has no say, whatsoever, in what the spiritual ‘powers that be’ does to it; however, it is my observational experience that the present passion and/or fixation that the initiate is presently occupied with (vocation, profession, skill set or hobby) at the moment of the vision that is what is spiritually heightened psychologically to become the WORD OF GOD.  The few examples that I personally can reference are just over ninety-five years (February 1866 thru June 1961) would be Mary Baker G. Eddy (Christian Science),[48] Carl G. Jung (Analytical Psychology)[49] and Bill Wilson (Alcoholics Anonymous). [50] Mary Baker Eddy having lived half her life fell on ice and pronounced terminal by a doctor and was miraculously healed by reading the Bible, Carl Jung had what he referred to as a kernel of an idea, which he tried to explain over a sixty year period in his numerous writings and Bill Wilson being condemned as an alcoholic in 1935 to live the rest of his life in a hospital raised his fist to the ceiling and cried out, “if there be a God let him show himself”, and immediately the room lit up and he said, “so this is the God of the preachers.” Notice the irony here.  None of the three examples referenced came close to the zodiacal paradigm except Bill Wilson.  Alcoholics Anonymous has Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  That is uncanny.  Besides the esoteric teachings of Catholicism these three organizations’ systematic views comprises my personal psychic mandala. 

The spiritual ‘powers that be’ are designating a role for the soul to participate in: the raison d’être is its gift to the soul.  This manner of interpreting the zodiacal cycle may well be where India obtained its caste system[51].  What I mean by this is analogous to how Europe created their Medieval cultured based solely upon the order of the heavens.  The Sun and Moon symbolizes the King and Queen.  The Royal Courts of Europe are all based upon the heavenly order immediate solar system.  

            Yes, it is difficult to grasp that all the constellations from Aquarius through to the constellation of Cancer are abstractly outside the time/space continuum, which are generated in the spiritual vision experienced by the initiate.  The constellations of Gemini, Taurus, Aries and Pisces are also part of that instantaneous spiritual vision; however, these four constellations and decans express the limits that the soul can express itself in the time/space continuum.  The other signs of the zodiacal cycle will be discuss in turn below. 

Though the twelve signs of the Zodiac depicts definitively the spiritual vision, in what the outer world considers a sequential pattern the internal unconscious mind is in fact an eternal incessant and never-ending psychic maelstrom gyrating[52] internally in a perpetual creative mode maintaining the status quo: i.e. creation as ego-consciousness knows it on a materialistic level; though, it may not know it on a psychic archetypal level.  What humans actually envisaged spread throughout the infinite phantasm of the real world on a symbolic level via the corporeal senses is the psyche’s involuntary commentary on the MONAD: The UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: Prima Materia (Perennial Matrix)[53]:  Ego-consciousness will never know of this matrix; though, the initiate experiencing the vision may learn to envisage it.  This matrix is the platform in which the psyche lives out its existence.  That is an extremely difficult concept to grasp that nothing exists beyond the MONAD; however, it is what it is. 


STARS (and the absence of stars): It is interesting to take note of the fact that throughout the twelve signs of the Zodiac and a number of their decans STARS can be seen throughout inferring exactly what they are constellations in the time/space continuum; however, on the left and right sides of the sculptured frieze in the funeral procession (representing the initiation rites) there are absolutely no stars at all as if to indicated that these abstract initiatory events depicted by the funeral procession are taking place outside of the time/space continuum (all of this is taking place in the psyche on a purely spiritual level); yes, it’s choreographed in the Mystery Schools: i.e. religions of the world, however, these worldwide religious mythoi only allegorically symbolizes the process of what is going on in the fixed matrix (UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: an objective commentary on the MONAD) that the psyche lives out its existence upon. ASTROLOGY is conceptualized solely from this objective commentary on the MONAD.  Both ends of the sculptured frieze are in unanimity with the other three sections of the frieze that also displays no stars. The three sections without stars discussed above are all part of the funerary procession taking place in the psyche outside of the time/space continuum (gyrating in the unconscious mind continuously and never ending). 

It must be realized that the twelve signs of the Zodiac depicted in the outer world as symbols are collectively the rind of the fruit or the hard casing of a nut protecting the kernel within.  The kernel is the spirituality generated by the psyche: ego-consciousness’ and the unconscious mind’s discourse and the mythoi of the world is that hard casing that must be slowly peeled away by the individual not by someone spoon feeding the initiate.  It ‘may’ be possible for a guru to answer some questions adequately that an initiate puts forth; however, the guru can never know what will enlighten any particular initiate at any particular time.  This is why all religions on Earth are generically structured as objective commentaries on the MONAD: perennial paradigm.  This is also why the search for God and the search for one’s own psychic origins are deeply personal matters and not issues for group discussion: i.e. fellowship.  It is not a matter that the perennial paradigm codified to the mythoi of the world fit all, which is basically true; rather, each religion is set up more as a smorgasbord banquet, which enables the psyche to acquiesce and acclimate itself to the spiritual powers that be. 

THE MYTHOI OF THE WORLD: As it was mentioned above Astrology is the hard casing of a nut and the kernel within is the matrix of the psyche, which is the raison d’être that is imprinted upon the psyche. Numbers and the alphabet are elementary tools by which man creates and communicates.  These are generic systems of thought; though, other cultures may have different alphabets: i.e. languages, numbers are universal.  Numbers are basic archetypal patterns which are universally recognized.  This is why Astrology is universal around the world.  No matter the language the alphabet codified to the numerical system will always generate the same spiritual concepts no matter the culture.  The matrix in the psyche is basically numerical because it is a commentary on the MONAD.  Numbers are symbolic in nature because they are designated symbols (numerical digits) assigned to abstract ideas.  There really is but one number and that is the MONAD.  All other numbers 1-9 (ad infinitum) are imitation of the MONAD.  The MONAD is too abstract to be given a nomenclature and this may be one reason that Pythagoras called the MONAD God.  The UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX: Prima Material (Perennial Matrix) is for all intent a purpose an amazing miracle[54].  The fact that humanity has intuited it is amazing.  It is what is projected into the world creating the infinite dynamics of the material universe.  The matrix is anti-physics because arithmetical data does not coalesce in the world into such nice neat packages.  The world’s religions in all cultures and in all times and climes created great temples in imitation of this matrix because at the rond-point of the nave and the transepts of the matrix is the Holy of Holies: Sanctum Sanctorum.  When looking at the matrix it can be envisaged as the architectural schematics that the pyramids were design to imitate; however, the capstone of the Great Pyramid would represent the rond-point of the matrix.  Legend has it that only the High Priest was allowed in the Holy of Holies once a year: this is analogous to the initiate entering the Holy of Holies possibly one time in his life.  The symbolism of the Calendar year represent symbolically the entire life cycle; whereas, the Zodiacal year outlines the astrological paradigm that is symbolic of the spiritual visit (vision) to the Sanctum Sanctorum, which lies at the rond-point of the psyche: symbolically the pineal gland.  Astrology is for, for all intent and purpose, the Word of God, which when understood allows Christ to come into the psyche’s existence consciously. 

            The point I am making here is that numbers are codified to the alphabet and in turn abstract ideas from out of the maelstrom of the psyche are penned to documents.  The maelstrom of the psyche cannot be expressed in a few words; yet, within each written alphanumerical letter of the sacred scriptures is the sum-total of the omniscience Word of God (infinite knowledge).  To the human materialistic intellect that is absolutely inane; however, it is what it is, I will not argue the point.  When reading the surface texts of the sacred scriptures the numerical and geometrical patterns codified to the texts are not envisaged by the visual senses; however, that does not mean they are not there. 

            Hence, just as Astrology codifies the generic paradigm of the psyche, numbers are codified to alphabets, the mythoi of the world are codifies to the generic paradigm of Astrology so too does ego-consciousness, in the everyday activities of the psyche, express esoterically the content exuding from the maelstrom of the unconscious mind; thus, it can be envisaged that two diametrically opposite concepts come together in unanimity to express the maelstrom of the psyche and the WORD OF GOD.  Everything throughout the time/space continuum is an expression of the universal dynamics going on between ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind in relationship to the spiritual powers that be, which represent the dynamic maelstrom of the psyche.  There is simply nothing else in God’s creation to discuss.                                               

            The time/space continuum is experienced, by the individual, from three diametrically different perspectives.  The FIRST perspective is experienced universally: i.e. creation (matrix of the MONAD) is projected out from the maelstrom of the psyche involuntarily onto the screen of the senses: i.e. creating the phantasm of the real world.  This real world happens to ego-consciousness spontaneously, very much if not the same as a dream while sleeping, without its conscious or unconscious consent.  It is the matrix that the psyche has to deal with in life.  This is analogous to the universal God that governs all of creation and not just a local solar system.  The SECOND perspective that the individual has to deal with in life is experience locally via ego-consciousness.  This is very much like living in the bubble of one’s own thoughts.  This is similar to the sun having its own little domain: i.e. solar system or symbolically ego-consciousness’ perspective can be allegorized as the local deity (Baal): Yahweh is called Baal a number of times in the Old Testament. 

            There is a THIRD perspective that the psyche can experience in the time/space continuum; however, it is rarely envisaged to any great extent by the multitudes living in an ego-centric mode.  The singular mandate  of the psyche is to become attuned to the universal laws of creation otherwise ego-consciousness is eternally subject to the dictates of its own realm of thinking, which is merely experiencing a very painful and finite aspect of existence: i.e. Hell.  If this AT-ONE-MENT with creation is achieved by the psyche it would be analogous to the psyche having acclimated itself to the mystical realm of the Garden of Eden: Shangri-La.  The psyche would go forth and live a long happy and creative life in the world; though, this initiate would not be of the world.  Unbeknownst to the people around this initiate he or she would be living on a totally different psychic and spiritual level then they are. 

            Now, I come to the point of this vignette after this above preliminary discussion about The Mythoi of the World.  There are two types of sacred scriptures (literature): mythology and ‘alleged history’.  Both the overt mythologies and overt histories of the world are used by the spiritual sages covertly to allegorize the WORD OF GOD esoterically.  It is easily seen how mythologies around the world can be alphanumerically allegorized; however, it is much more difficult (inconceivable to most) to envisaged that one own sacred scriptures, which are believed to be the actual historical archival records of one own culture, to be esoterically allegorized.  It is blaspheme to most people in the existing culture to even conceive that their own religion is a mythology.  I mentioned above how ego-consciousness esoterically expresses the maelstrom of the unconscious mind in everyday activities.  Consider the dream and how during sleep it is literally impossible for the subservient ego-consciousness absorbed into the unconscious mind to envisage a dream in color and/or action packed images (ego-consciousness does not have the psychic energy to perform these tasks).  It is only upon awakening to the outer world, in the first few seconds, that ego-consciousness, as in a sudden knee-jerk reaction, mythologizes its sojourn into the unconscious mind in order to obtain a sense of what it had just experienced in the maelstrom of its unconscious mind. 

ZODIAC: My interpretation of the twelve signs of the Zodiac spans the first four chapters of Genesis[55].

Astrology is a snapshot so-to-speak of this entire universal spiritual paradigm gyrating within the psyche: i.e. imprinted upon the psyche. In fact the first four chapters of Genesis literally pairs off these twelve signs of the Zodiac into six sets just as I am doing in this article. This is why I was able to recognize the detail patterns depicted in the above Egyptian Zodiac sculptured into the Temple of Khnum’s ceiling’s frieze. 

SCORPIO = First Verse of Genesis
SAGITTARIUS = Second Verse of Genesis
CAPRICORN = First Day of Creation
AQUARIUS = Second Day of Creation
PISCES = Third Day of Creation
ARIES = Fourth Day of Creation 

TAURUS = Fifth Day of Creation
GEMINI = Sixth Day of Creation
CANCER = First half of the Second Chapter of Genesis (the Moon totally eclipsing of the Sun)
LEO = Second half of Second Chapter of Genesis
VIRGO = Third Chapter of Genesis
LIBRA = Fourth Chapter of Genesis

The twelve signs of the Zodiac are in sequence to the twelve months of the calendar year beginning with the first verse of the Genesis; however,  symbolically the first verse of Genesis to the end of the fourth day of creation are symbolically the first six months of the Calendar year the fifth and sixth days of creation coupled with  the second, third and fourth chapters of Genesis outlines six of the twelve Zodiac signs.   This is the precise pattern outlined in the sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh.  There are any numbers of ways to juxtaposition the months of the calendar and the signs of the Zodiac to mythologize the astrological paradigm.


GEMINI[56] and TAURUS[57]: These two constellations are easily seen as being paired off because the constellation of Gemini’s third decan: Lupus (having no stars is positioned outside the time/space continuum) is set before the constellation of Gemini and then the constellation of Taurus’s first decan: Auriga is set before the constellation of Taurus.  Other than to show the pairing of the constellations Gemini and Taurus there is no apparent reason, that I can intuit, to position the constellations of Gemini and Taurus and their decans’ in this manner.  Unlike the Virgo and Leo constellations interlacing with one another to the point that it is difficult to determine conceptually where one begins and the other ends the constellations of Gemini and Taurus are still totally separate and distinct; however, their pairing is perceptible, at least in this sculptured frieze. 

Christ makes an enigmatic statement in the New Testament when he says, 

“Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Matthew 18:19-20)”. 

These kinds of statement are always made with a twist because, always, only half of the message is given overtly.  Notice that verse nineteen goes out of its way to explain what happens when two agree upon something.  Note that two separate opinions coming together have an aggregate of three, which represents the Transcendent Function: i.e. the Eucharist; whereas, when three opinions come together the results are still the same though the aggregate of three is six.  In other words God has given the initiate his all. 

From a purely practical perspective seeing that they are following the constellations of Leo and Cancer the constellations of Gemini and Taurus have to follow their example.  Gemini is the third constellation and Taurus is the second constellation, which synchronizes with the above statement of Christ about two or three coming together in his name.  LOOK at the Universal Mathematical Matrix and study it: each half is a mirror image of the other half and there in the midst is the Rondpoint: Sanctum Sanctorum. 

It would basically have been a foregone conclusion that the age of Gemini would have had to symbolically disguise itself in mythology that was appropriate to itself and yet produce its mythoi that espouse the same astrological paradigm as that which exuded from the constellations of Leo and Cancer.  The pyramid being seen from one side as a triangle goes to the symbolism of Gemini being the third signs; however, the astrological paradigm hails from the Universal Mathematical Matrix: Prima Material (Perennial Matrix).  The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the only pyramid in Egypt that has concave areas creating an eight-sided pyramid.  It is my contention that the Universal Mathematical Matrix is the architectural schematics, which enabled the Egyptian sage to build the Great Pyramid.

GP_UniversalMatrixThe accompanied image allows the reader to do a comparative analysis himself.  Note that the concave areas of the Great Pyramid[58] are located right between the numbers 4s and 5s just beyond the periphery of 9s in the Universal Mathematical Matrix.  The 4s and 5s symbolically represent the Moon (Jachin = Unconscious Mind) and Sun (Boaz = Ego-consciousness) respectively, which points directly to the Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies that is located at the Rondpoint between the nave and the transepts. 

The Judeao Christian Scriptures has Egypt worshiping Taurus the Bull and this was also the age of pyramid building, which is associated to the constellation of Gemini.  This entire period would encompass 4,320-years (cir. 6,640 to 2,320 BCE).  The Egyptian mythoi have Osiris (Constellation of Orion) and Isis (constellation of Sirius) as King and Queen of Egypt. These constellations are in the signs of Taurus and Gemini respectively.  The Great Pyramid of Egypt’s four star-alignment-shafts points to Taurus (Orion: 3rd decan) and Gemini (Isis – Sirius in one of the stars in Canis Major: Gemini’s 2nd decan), Draco (Taweret or Hippopotamus is a decan out of Sagittarius) and Ursa Minor (decan out of Cancer): Sky over Egypt 2500 BCE[59].


I take Isis not only as representing the Goddess (planet) Venus per se; rather, I would suggest alternatively that Isis represents the feminine aspect of the Twins: Gemini.  The fact that the King’s Chamber’s star shafts in the Great Pyramid points to the second and ninth houses of the Zodiac and the Queen’s Chamber’s star shafts points to the third and fourth houses this suggest a play on the numbers two and seven, which abstractly points to the sun sign Venus (Goddess of Love), which rules the second (9 + 2 = 11 = 2) and seventh (3 + 4 = 7) houses.  Taweret the hippopotamus (Thuban: star in Draco) was the Polestar in ancient Egypt. Taweret (Hippopotamus)[60] was an extremely important goddess in the Egyptian cosmology because of this cosmic harmony.   The King’s Chamber symbolizes ego-consciousness and it can point to no other than itself that is why it points to Orion in the constellation of Taurus and to Draco the Polestar because ego-consciousness by itself is eternally stationary: ego-centric and this is why an empty coffin is found in the King’s Chamber.  Ego-consciousness once it has voluntarily been absorbed into the cosmos it no longer needs the tomb of the world to house it; whereas, the Queen’s Chamber symbolizes the unconscious mind, pointing to Sirius in Gemini constellation and Ursa Minor in the constellation of Cancer, which points to the feminine principle of mutability and that which instigate or initiate as in the unconscious mind prodding ego-consciousness into action.  The fact that these four star shafts in the Great Pyramid points to the masculine and feminine star constellations suggest that they are inferring the four central cells: 2s & 7s going diagonally in diametrically different directions within the Universal Mathematical Matrix that surrounds the Rondpoint: Sanctum Sanctorum.  This is why the four sides of the Great Pyramid are set at the four cardinal points: North, East, South and West because the Perennial Matrix is split in half (the reader should study the numerical sequence in the matrix and notice that the two halves have the same numerical sequence in reverse order).  This is where the whole context of the masculine and feminine chambers in the Great Pyramid comes into context as the opposites merging into a harmonious relationship to obtain the Rondpoint.  The Subterranean Chamber is symbolic of the Rondpoint because the Sanctum Sanctorum cannot envisage by the senses.  The reader should ask and answer the following questions: 

  1.      Q: Why is the Great Pyramid, the only pyramid in Egypt, without a capstone: i.e. Rondpoint? 
    A: To illustrate just how few people in the entire world learns the truth about life in the material world.  Having no capstone was part of the mythoi codified into the Great Pyramid but having no capstone also separate it out and distinguishes it from all the other pyramids of Egypt.
  2.      Q: Why was not the King Chamber’s star shafts covered over?
    A: To illustrate ego-consciousness tunnel vision and single-mindedness making it as stationary as the tomb that resides in it.  Ego-consciousness (masculine) like the Bull in the constellation of Taurus does not like movement (change): it wants everything in a permanent, stationary and fixed mode.
  3.      Q: Why was the Queen Chamber’s star shafts initially completely blocked from sight?
    A: Because in the material world the woman is always considered out of sight out of mind until she is needed (It is obvious that the ancients knew that these star shafts in the Queen’s Chamber would be found: otherwise why construct the star shafts with only a few inches of granite blocking their entrance?).
  4.      Q: Why is the Subterranean Chamber unfinished having no definition whatsoever?
    A: Because the Rondpoint: Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies (symbolically the MONAD) is indefinable.
  5.      Q: Why are there three chambers in the Great Pyramid? 
    A: To illustrate how ego-consciousness, the unconscious mind and the Rondpoint are brought to a synthesis.
  6.      Q: Do the three chambers of the Great Pyramid symbolically represent the Trinity as defined in the doctrinal teachings of Catholicism?
    A: Yes!  This is only true when ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind are in a harmonious relationship with the MONAD (Rondpoint: Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies); otherwise, it is not true.  In every sense living in the material world without knowledge of God and self is tantamount to living with Satan (ego-consciousness) and his legions of demons (unconscious mind) in the inferno: eternal hell-fire and damnation.
  7.      Q: Is the configuration of the three chambers in the great Pyramid a simulated image of the Capricorn Symbol? 
    A: Yes!  The Capricorn Symbol symbolizes the harmonious synthesis of the entire spiritual and materialistic cosmos into one unified Paradiso: i.e. mount Olympus, Garden of Eden, Shangri La, etc., etc (there is a beautifully illustration of the Capricorn symbol symbolically codified to the first two verses of Genesis). 

If the reader asks and answers these questions there is little doubt that he or she will also come to the same conclusion that I have – couple with the knowledge that the Perennial Matrix is the schematic in which the ancient Egyptian patterned the Great Pyramid after.  The Great Pyramid has its own mythoi of the Universal Mathematical Matrix codified into it.  It can be rightfully said that the Great Pyramid is an antediluvian commentary in stone representing the intellectual analysis of the Perennial Matrix.  There is nothing the Egyptians did not know spiritual and materialistically if they had knowledge of the Perennial Matrix: that is a given.           

I want to stress here that Egyptian cosmology, as I envisage it, is like all other major religions on Earth, the priesthood constructed and wrote their religious mythologies to an exact state of scientific and spiritual perfection.  I find it a very primitive way of thinking for scholars in modernity to teach their students that the people of antiquity saw their deities in the heavens and then brought them down to earth in contrived mythologies; rather, it should be seen that antiquities mythologies was perfected first before their constituent components were assigned positions on the star-studded canvas of the universe.  This is where the marriage of Gaia and Uranus[61] comes into play, which transforms ego-consciousness (Sun) and the unconscious mind (Moon) into a harmonious relationship.  This transforms the feminine universe (unconscious mind) into a supreme masculine deity (symbolically Uranus) via its initial dialogue (intercourse) with the Sun (ego-consciousness).  The Earth, which would previously have been envisaged as a sun-scorched (ego-driven) WASTELAND, where humans roamed nomadically as fugitives and vagabonds, is in turned transformed into a Garden of Eden ruled by the Earth Goddess Gaia. 

John Anthony West in his work SERPENT IN THE SKY[62] posits the hypothesis that Egypt as a civilization was complete at its inception and had not evolved in any way over its long three thousand year history.  I posited this very same hypothesis for Christianity in my recently published work: THE SISTINE CHAPEL: A Study in Celestial Cartography[63] and illustrated that concept throughout by analyzing the great artworks of Christendom in its first sixteen hundred years.  Though the histories and outer façade of Christianity may indicate an evolutionary growth, to a cursory examination, the symbolism all the way through the past two millenniums has not changed, whatsoever, it has all remained intact. 

When contrasted to the goals of ego-consciousness it is perplexing that God’s perennial paradigm will eternally remain the same throughout all time and eternity when ego-consciousness’ ultimate goal in life, which it works strenuously throughout its lifespan to achieve, is to have everything within its immediate environment to remain permanent, stationary and fixed.  “Houston, we have a problem[64]” is an appropriate response to such a seemingly insoluble problem.  This is where the unconscious mind comes in and acts very much like a nagging wife: nag, nag, nag…  The unconscious mind cannot abide a stationary mode.  Have you notice how the wife is always changing the furniture around in the house: it goes to the point of the feminine psychic security and the masculine insecurity.  These diametrically separate psychic viewpoints in the real world are analogous to the eternal warfare that goes on in the psyche: ego-consciousness eternally at war with the unconscious mind.  The fact that the feminine and masculine genders can get together at all in matrimony is miraculous to say the least.  As Joseph Campbell the great mythologist use to say, ‘it is the urges of the organs for each other that initiate the union between male and female’.  Sex equalizes the male and female into blissful union: love like any obsession and/or addiction is a Gordian Knot[65] that is nigh unto an impossibility to untie.  The most excruciating and agonizing hell: i.e. torture ever endured by a human being is boredom.  Nothing in the entire world is as agonizing as boredom: the same old same old: day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out eternally doing the same thing: that is the Death Knell[66] of the soul.  It is the task of the unconscious mind to continuously engage ego-consciousness into activity: this is the role of the wife, in the real world, who husband’s employment has him doing, for the most part, the same old same old on a daily basis.  If the wife can engage her husband rather than allowing her to dismiss her they will have a happy marriage: this is analogous to what transpires when ego-consciousness is actively engaged with the unconscious mind.  How does the psyche do that?  For me researching religion and its origins has led me to investigate it in relationship to the psyche and this continuously ongoing study has enable me to make many discoveries in which I write about.  In the process of writing about these patterns and discoveries I made  there is a great deal of thought going on, which is an active Participation Mystique[67] that ego-consciousness has with the unconscious mind, which generates this contented inquiry into the mystical nature of the psyche.  If I was not having any progress in my studies and were merely reading enumerable books not making any sense out of them I would be bored out of my mind.  I would seek other venues of activities.  The key, at least for me, is to be continuously engage in the pursuit of knowledge of God and self.  Writing is the way that I personally engage the technique of Active Imagination[68]; however, I am continuous focus on scientifically: through reason, logic and science, defining what I am coming across in my studies.  I do not believe in mystical rhetoric without explaining myself in the vernacular that the common man can understand if he put himself to doing so. 

If academia could wrap their minds around this proffered hypothesis concerning the origins of antiquity’s mythoi it would change humanity’s present perspective and completely evaporate its biases, prejudices and preconceived notions on how the ancients created their civilizations and in turn envisage, to a greater extent, the legacy antiquity left modernity. 

Yes, I do fully grasp the dilemma Academia would find itself in trying to accept this proffered hypothesis when considering mathematics and the alphabet not to mention the science of Astrology and its mythoi codified to each culture blanketing the globe in antiquity.  These are the cultural mechanisms by which academia has always gauged the evolution of a culture; however, antiquity’s civilization rose from the dust of the ground, so-to-speak, from a totally different perspective than the dawn of the alphabet as proffered by Leonard Shlain in his work THE ALPHABET VERSES THE GODDES: The Conflict Between Word and Image[69]. Dr. Shlain, a neurosurgeon, proffers that the image was destroyed completely when the alphabet was invented I beg to differ from this hypothesis because the image went nowhere it just went underground so-to-speak.  The Alphabet, if anything, was created to explain the perennial matrix: the alphabet and the image are inherent in the matrix; thus, Word and Image were discovered simultaneously via the mathematical sciences and the grammatical art used to express that arithmetical data.  Just as Christianity likes to tote out its origins via its descent into the catacombs when ‘the big bad wolf (Romulus being raised by wolves)’: i.e. the patriarchal Roman Empire, persecuted it so too did the IMAGE descent into the WORD[70]: the IMAGE is symbolic to the descent into the catacombs, which is, for all intent and purpose, the birth of esotericism.  I see the marriage of IMAGE and WORD as the birth of Astrology.  Above the UNIVERSAL MATHEMATICAL MATRIX was introduced: this 10 x 10 matrix (commentary on the MONAD) is, for all intent and purpose, ANTIQUITY’S HALL OF RECORDS[71].  There is no intrinsic knowledge in creation that cannot be culled from this matrix, which archives into the mythoi of humanity the sum-total of all knowledge.  From this seeming innocuous matrix comes the science of the alphabet and mathematics: Seven Liberal Arts and the science of Astrology: in a word it is OMNISCIENCE.  The mystic that can visualize this matrix from out of the psyche has unfettered access to the divine powers that be.  All the great civilizations of antiquity have risen from the platform of this matrix.  China created its I Ching and Tao Te Ching from it, the Hinduism built every one of its temple based upon its schematics, Christianity created all its great artworks from it, Egypt built its pyramids based upon it and all the other cultures of antiquity around the world rose from its platform: i.e. all the sacred scriptures of the world are esoterically scribed from it. 

APIS BULL[72]: Recognizing how the Egyptians integrated the symbolism off the sun (ego-consciousness) and the moon (unconscious mind) into the mythoi of the astrological sign of Gemini via the Great Pyramid was not difficult to discern.  All major religions introduce their religion in its pristine state.  Thus when archeologists look at a civilization it is seeking the evolutionary process of its development and there is none to be found.  The best that archeologist can hoped for is to see what the preceding dispensations have done.  This is how I am presently conducting a comparative analysis of Gobekli Tepe, the Egyptian Civilization and the Judeao Christian civilizations to envisage in all of them the same perennial paradigm. 


            The Apis Bull in the age of Taurus has to do precisely what the age of Gemini did in the pyramid age: meld ego-consciousness (sun) to the unconscious mind (moon).  The horns of the Apis Bull represent the crescent moon and the sun disc rest between the horns crowning the bull.   The bull is obviously ego-consciousness; however having the sun disc in the center of the crescent moon is analogous to a changing of the psychic intellect from the secular to the spiritual.  I proffer here the idea that the Apis Bull was an ‘in your face’ symbol that was seen daily as a constant reminder to tone down ego-consciousness.  It is very similar to the Chinese, Hindus, Buddhism all working with egos that are as fragile as egg-shell, where here in the West the ego is hard as granite. 

            The Pschent (crown) of the pharaoh[73] depicting the union of Upper and Lower Egypt[74] is another symbol of combining ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind.  It is as if the whole of Egypt was depicting many different symbols symbolically representing the spiritual union of ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind.  It is as if the whole nation’s goal was to become spiritual. pschent_crown

Academia in modernity tends to see Egypt as the cult of the dead but that is the wrong attitude to take towards a culture that looked forward to living life more abundantly and escaping the death of ego-consciousness, which is the tomb of the material world.  The ego is what the people of Egypt collectively were fleeing. 

Finally, on this issue, comes the question, whence comes the fall of humanity into the Dark Age it presently finds itself in?  There are two basic; yet, diametrically opposite reasons that this can transpire.  FIRST each spiritual religion has its opposite: i.e. Protestantism rose from the ranks of disgruntled Catholics (harsh task masters) that did not want the difficult mind-straining task of reading the bible symbolically; thus, they broke away from Christianity similar to how the Israelite escaped what they called the fleshpots of Egypt.  The mythoi of Egypt, Christianity and Hinduism show a great deal of sensual behavior esoterically mythologized throughout its art and literature and I, personally, believe that the reason for this is because there is nothing in the world that would tempt the spiritual minded initiate back into the materialistic way of life more than sexuality.  The greatest of all temptations is the sexual allure because sexual pleasure is hardwired (archetypally imprinted) on the psyche; thus, to write the mythoi of a culture esoterically as if the culture was caught up into sexual depravity was the height of spirituality.  Just as the Jews accused Egypt of sexual depravity so too did the Protestants accuse Catholicism.  Hinduism created a great temple with the entire Kama Sutra[75] sculptured into its outer façade and the Kama Sutra is, first and foremost, scribed into Hinduism’s sacred literature. These are in your face temptations that the initiate seeking heightens spirituality avoid.  People that are literal minded have no sense of spirituality and when confronted with this kind of material, displayed in a religious sense, they have no other context in wish to view it other than sexual depravity: hence, the great schisms in the religions of the world.  Literal minded people were never spiritual from their beginnings; therefore, they cannot be said to be religious. 

The SECOND way that modernity finds itself in the present DARK AGE is in the peeling away of materialistic items from out of one environment: out of sight out of mind, which is developed in many monastic practices around the world; however, at times this goes too far in the way of asceticism.  Self-flagellations are abominations.  When a mystic becomes so impatient that he or she would injure him or herself (out of some ill conceived notion that he or she has sin against God) in order to know God than that initiate has ceased to be spirituality minded.  God has given the soul a body in order for it to live in His prepared Garden of Eden, why would he injure the psyche’s container?  It is the misinterpretations of the sacred scriptures of the world by succeeding generations that degrades religion.  Christianity had lost itself a number of times in its first sixteen hundred years and had reinvented itself a number of times during that period.  Egypt three thousand year history shows that it had to also reinvent itself a number of times over that period.  It is nothing new for a culture to regress into Darkness and then climb back into the Light again.  This on-again off-again understanding the Word of God envisaged in both Christianity and the Egyptian religion is symbolic of what takes place throughout the life span of the psyche.  The psyche in its search for God has to constantly reinvent itself by seeing the Word of God: perennial paradigm in all of God’s creation.  To the uninitiated this would appear outwardly to be chaotic; however, to the initiate it would be the ultimate ‘order’ of all things.  This kind of abstract knowledge brings chaos to order. 

AMSET (Imset)[76]: is the Egyptian god that guards the liver, which purifies the blood.  Between the two sets of constellations Gemini with Taurus and Aries with Pisces is a mummy figure designated as Amset.  In the context that Amset is displayed, it cannot be Ptah[77] since that god symbolizes the creator.  Amset is designated as a mummy and awaits rebirth into some sort of paradise; thus, Ptah cannot be dead wrapped as a mummy. 

            There is one overriding principle I believe the Egyptian God Amset is symbolizing as the mummy.  When I think of the liver I tend to think of the damage that alcohol does to it (think of the story of Noah after the flood); though, the liver reinvigorate itself all the time; however, the daily onslaught of inebriation will eventually damage the liver to the point of no return.  Inebriation is symbolic of getting drunk on the materialism of the world.  Alcohol reminds one of embalming fluid and the mummy’s wrappings are liken to the swaddling clothes that a baby is wrapped in.  The swaddling clothes are symbolic of the mother introducing the new child into society’s secular and religious mores and how much these teachings have soaked into the psychic awareness.  So from the cradle to the grave the wrappings of society’s secular and religious mores are there.  It is said you can’t take your wealth with you.  I beg to differ, for the symbolism of the mummy suggest that the psyche takes what he or she has accumulated in life with him or her psychologically into the next experience; otherwise, if this concept was not so, why would there be a need for the weighting of the heart at the end of the lifecycle? Furthermore, what the mummy symbolizes in Egyptian symbolism the stone statue symbolizes in the Christian mythoi.  Like the mummy the stone symbolized the concretization of thought and the soul/psyche needs to be malleable if it is to progress spirituality and maturate into different forms of the perennial paradigm.  This concept of statuary representing concretized thought is brought out beautifully on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. In Chartres Cathedral the stone statuary depicting biblical stories on the outside façade and inside of the cathedral are transmogrified spirituality through the light that comes into the cathedral (Temple of God) symbolically through the stain glass windows.            

            The significance of Amset positioned between Gemini with Taurus and Aries with Pisces is singularly significant because it is pointing to a transformative paradigm that is yet to be envisaged.  The fact that Amset is the guardian of the Liver, which purifies the blood indicates a transubstantiation process is about to take place.  Since Amset is positioned between these two sets of constellations this seems to indicates that the Egyptian culture is going to be transmogrified into the Judeao Christian religions found in the sacred scriptures to represent the constellations of Aries (Ram) and Pisces (Fishes).  In every sense Aries and Pisces are literally the new heaven and the new earth about to arrive in the night skies to dominate the next couple of Astrological ages.  Amset as a mummy is symbolic of the cocoon that the butterfly emerges from.           

            When considering the pairing of the constellations of the Zodiac into sets then it should easily be envisaged how the mindset of the Egyptian is transformed into the Judeao Christian Scriptures: i.e. Old and New Testaments, which symbolically represents the constellations of Aries and Piscis respectively.  It is the task of the initiate to cull from the stone of the letter of the texts of the Old Testament the teachings of the New Testament.  The Old Testament symbolizes the old Adam and the New Testament symbolizes the last Adam. 

            Generically speaking the Egyptians could not have known that the Judeao Christian religion was on the horizon; however, they would have known that through the Astrological Precession of the Equinoxes that something new was going to transpire in the coming Aries and Pisces ages.  In addition the Egyptian priesthood would have known that regardless of the changes in the outer religious mythoi the basic inner Astrological paradigm would remain intact.  This last is derived from the fact that there is an Osiris-like figure at the end of Pisces in this zodiacal frieze. 

            It is very difficult to explain the psychological concept behind the transformation of the Egyptian mythoi to the Judeao Christian mythoi.  I, personally, liken this psychological transformation from adolescence to an adult; however, in this particular analogy there is absolutely no difference between what the child understands from that of the adult’s understanding.  In the real ‘outer’ world there are fixed paradigms such as the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., etc.; however, in the psyche that process of changing from one fixed paradigm to another is too fluid to concretize into fixed ideas.  Just as a child is taught, in modernity, via the support of allegorical cartoon characters as oppose to adults being educated through the historical mythoi the edification process is still the same.  Now, translate that process to the mythoi that the primitive peoples around the world are experiencing in contrast to what the so-called higher civilization are experiencing.  Like the children and/or primitive tribal members that are still halfway in and halfway out of the unconscious mind they have to be psychological dragged kicking and screaming so-to-speak completely out of the unconscious into the conscious world: similar to a person awakening from out of a dream.  This is comparable to transforming from the educational process of learning from cartoon characters to the edification process of the so-called historical mythoi. 

            I am in no way suggesting that the Egyptian culture in antiquity was primitive; on the contrary, the Egyptian culture at its peak epitomized human perfection.  This can be said for any of the high civilizations (Greek, Roman, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., etc.) that have risen from the dust of the Earth.  Analogously; therefore, it can be said that the contrast between the Egyptian mythoi and the Judeao Christianity mythoi can be classified as blatant mythology in contrast to the historic reserved mythology.  In the first instance it is clear that the culture is living its mythology and in the second instance it appears that the culture is living out its mores that were derived naturally through the process of Cultural Development.  Finally, on this point, this Astrological nuance that is clearly projected out from the two sets of zodiacal constellations: Gemini with Taurus in contrast to Aries with Pisces, also point to the fact that the initiate has the right to live life out either way as he or she see fit: mythologically or through the historical mythoi (this is where monasticism and/or the life of a hermit comes into play).  

There is also the added and most diabolical of inferences in which modernity can attest: people can completely lose their cultural mythology and live life without a blatant mythology and/or an historical mythology; hence, the present DARK AGES looming over modernity cities.  The DARK AGES were ushered in through the so-called Age of Enlightenment and the Protestant Reformation, which owes its inauguration by way of the invention of the printing press.  When a culture ceases to teach it youth its religious mores that culture regresses to the primitive mentality of an uneducated child, which is the most brutal and savage of beings housed in an adult body.  Members of Congress, corporate boardrooms and street gangs analogously have this same savage and brutish mentality, which raises the most important of questions in the mind of modernity, “which is the toughest of these disparate gangs?”  It is really not difficult to envisage that the street gangs of America will become the future barbarians that destroy the culture of the United States.  It may take a century or two but unless there is a nationwide epiphany that prophecy stands. 

Regardless of whether or not the psyche attunes itself to the Astrological Paradigm, that is the inner and outer psychic creation, the individual is still subject to its dictates: universal laws: “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”[78].  This latter may sound harsh; however, it is my belief and it is also a Hindu’s doctrinal belief that a soul comes into the world at its spiritual level of development; therefore, each soul is where it is suppose to be: in the heaven or hell that it had personally designed for itself. 

ARIES[79] and PISCES[80]: These two constellations are basically a rehashing of the Egyptian religion in different symbolic garments and that is not a bad thing; rather, that is what is supposed to take place after the demise of the Egyptian (overt mythological) religion: after the dispensation of the Gemini and Taurus constellation have completed their courses.  Judaism and Christianity are the new Heaven (masculine) and new Earth (feminine) respectively. This is the new manner in which religion is expressed.  The search for God is everlasting and to come to a screeching halt as if one has reached an imagined destination: this kind of paradise would be in fact turning away from God. The moment that the initiate THINKS he or she knows God is the moment he or she knows nothing about God: it is at that moment that the initiate begins his or her descent back into the abyss of darkness from whence he or she came. 

            The spiritual law of God is imprinted upon the soul esoterically.  If this was not so then individually we would not be human and have this matrix of a body nor would we have this particular world or universe to exist within.  It is the esotericism imprinted upon the soul that is the desired teachings that ego-consciousness inherently wants to learn; however, ego-consciousness is always looking outwardly; rather, than inwardly for its database of knowledge.  Everything that a human being, animal, vegetation and inanimate object exudes through thought, word or deed (action) obeys the law of this internal matrix imprinted upon the soul.  Everything in the world exudes this eternal archetypal law and humans see only a shadow of that law expressed in the outward world: the “glass darkly” that Saint Paul speaks of.  The sacred scriptures of the world were written by ancient scribes that understood this internal matrix and its archetypal database of knowledge and codified it esoterically to the sacred scriptures, artworks and megalithic monuments of antiquity; thus, it can be seen how this esoteric law (God: Christ) imprinted upon the soul can be brought down into human flesh (sacred scriptures) and dwell amongst the peoples of the Earth.  Studying the Old Testament allows the mystically minded individual to cull this esoteric database of knowledge from its textual materials. 

The Judeao Christian Scriptures begins with Abraham being called out of Ur (city[81]) into a nomadic lifestyle as a desert wanderer: fugitive and vagabond in the Earth.  The word ‘Ur’ means ‘city’, which conceptually go up against the nomadic way of life (chaos versus order, which was an anathema in antiquity).  

It should be pointed out that the word ‘city’ used in this context is not how modernity understands that word.  In the symbolic context that the bible and/or any other spiritual cultures use it is in the context of a MANDALA[82].  This means that the individual in searching for understanding of God comes to a spiritual understanding of the cosmic spiritual paradigm that is not how anybody else understands it.  In this sense the initiate is the ruler of his own psyche and his or her belief system is coalesced into a MANDALA like pattern (city = philosophy).  CG Jung[83] would encourage his patients and students to create their own artistic mandalas.  This concept of the Mandala is analogous to Closing the Mystic Circle: i.e. the City of God.  The initiate need not understand Astrology in order to close the Mystic Circle. 

This contrast between the city dweller and the nomadic way of life would abstractly coincide with the Cain and Abel lifestyles.  Abraham being called out of the land of his father is just after the Tower of Babel is discussed in the sacred scriptures (Genesis chap. 11).  The Jews in the bible were eternally wandering nomadic tribes, which from the time of Abraham to the destruction of the second temple created the final curse of the eternal Diaspora down to the present age where the Jews need the strength of a superpower (USA) to assure their continuous existence amongst the surrounding nations.  Britain and the USA may be able to place nomadic tribes (Jews) from out of the Diaspora into a city of so-called civilized people but those countries assuring the Jews of their continuous existence cannot take the chaos of the nomadic tribal psychic mentality out of these new transplanted city dwellers.  I, personally, do not believe it is possible to civilize a Jewish nation: the very idea itself is oxymoronic.  Individual Jews, yes, it can be done; however, as a tribe, no: the clannishness is what creates the cohesion of the tribal psychic mentality and belief system.  The Old Testament (Law of the Prophets) is written on the surface texts psychologically to maintain a tribal unanimity.  That tribal cohesion is what creates the chaos that is the violent Jewish mentality, which does not allow the Jews to coexist peacefully with anybody in the surrounding nations…  It is as if the surface texts of the Old Testament are written archetypally to prevent the Jews from having any peaceful coexistence with the Gentiles of the world.  Any commentaries on that surface textual materials literally strengthens that archetypal paradigm; hence, the birth of the Right Wing Protestant Coalition in the USA: Born Again Christians birthing themselves with the violent Jewish mentality.  This psychic upheaval is similar to the entire German nation going archetypally insane during World War II or it is equivalent to the mob mentality that is seen in riots or political forums or even at sport stadiums. 

            It may be asked, why are you badgering the Jews?  I am not badgering the Jew per se; rather, I am commenting on the Judeao Christian Scriptures and describing what distinguishes a Jew from a Christian or other Gentile believers.  True Christians reads the letters and the words of the sacred scriptures symbolically (Gematria); whereas, Jews and like-minded people taking on the persona of the Jew reads the sacred scriptures literally and is subject to the psychological archetypal mandates of that textual materials, which they know nothing of it true purpose. Look at today’s materialistic world.  It is a dog-eat-dog world (greedy, selfish and murderous to the core).  That violent materialism is analogous to the Jewish violent mentality.  I am not being mean spirited here; symbolically, it is what it is.  It is said that 0.02% of 1% of the peoples of the world are Jews: that is the real world; however, on a truly symbolic level 99.98% percent of the peoples of the world have the violent Jewish mentality and only 0.02% of 1% of the people of the world are true Gentiles (spiritual minded people actually living in the Garden of Eden). 

            Because of my understanding of Christianity I can clearly state unequivocally that THE NEW TESTAMENT IS A VERY TERSE AND SUCCINCT COMMENTARY ON THE ESOTERICISM CODIFIED TO THE OLD TESTAMENT.  The entire Old Testament is esoterically structured.  What this means is that every single letter is alphanumerically (grammatically and mathematically: i.e. Seven Liberal Arts: Quadruvium and Trivium) structured, which produces an entirely different mentality via a spiritual archival database of knowledge that the surface storyline knows nothing of.  Those that read the indigenous texts of the sacred scriptures alphanumerically will not be subject to the violent mentality that is printed upon the psyche/soul of those that blindly adhere to the surface archetypal textual storyline. The Old Testament’s association to the New Testaments is very much like the image of Cygnus X-I.  In fact the size difference between the two is analogous to the coiled Kundalini Serpent.  Christians that constantly study the esotericism of the Old Testament would be like a baby receiving its mother’s milk (Eucharist) symbolically like the image of Cygnus X-I. 

            What the mythoi of the Abraham story tells us is that there is a certain group of people, mournfully the Jews as a religious group have been cast into that symbolic role, that cannot abide true spirituality.  The mentality of these people prefers the outward materialistic life rather than living in a spiritual like-minded community. 

            I liken the mentality of the materialist analogously to the domesticated cat that has been tossed into the world by its owner to fend for itself.  The cat is use to being fed, housed and caressed by its owner and it reward its owner by purring its content; however, now that the cat is out in the world fending for itself looking for food and shelter and fighting off predators and natural enemies it becomes jaded to the violence of the world, expecting it at every turn, and eventually the once docile and domesticated cat becomes acclimated to this violent way of life.  In order to survive that cat has to become as violent as the world around it.  Normally, the domesticated cat is seen as a pet to cuddle and yet that cat from its inception is just as vicious as the Lion, Tiger, Panther or any large feline living in the wilderness of the world.  There is an old Chinese saying, “God gave us the cat to know what it is like to caress the Tiger”.  There is a very informative film called “CATS: Caressing the Tiger[84]” that shows just how violent the domesticated cat becomes left to its natural instincts.  Symbolically, the cat represents the ego-consciousness (Sun) for it has no allegiance to anyone.  It will go to anyone that feeds it or caresses it and has no loyalty to its owner; whereas, the dog (descendent of the wolf) baying at the moon is eternally loyal when it is domesticated; however, even the dog will revert to its natural instinct left to itself. 

After the constellations of Taurus and Pisces have completed their zodiacal ages (4320-years) in the sculpture frieze at the Temple of Khnum four additional deities of the underworld are interlace amongst a funerary procession eternally journeying towards the soul’s DESIRED goal.  These four additional Lords of the Underworld are seen on both the top and bottom on the right side of the sculptured frieze.  It is as if the entire entourage that will participate in this initiation ritual of the dead is being inferred, in this section, in this procession.  Remember that this funerary procession represents symbolically the death of ego-consciousness and the birth of the Son of God. 

OSIRIS[85]: The Osiris-like figure is of course the Lord of the Underworld.  Osiris is associated with the constellation of Orion, which points to the soul being Christ-like (Son of God) at death seeing it is coming directly after the Age of Pisces.  This Osiris-like figure is not mummified waiting for the Last Judgment; rather, it is transfigured into Christ-like image.  It is said that every soul in Egypt’s religion upon death takes on the persona of Osiris; hence, Christ-like.  The four signs of the Zodiac Gemini with Taurus and Aries with Piscis is basically a prototype of how the soul/psyche should live out its existence in the outer world.  This prototype can be played out numerous times in the life of the psyche.  It reminds me of the BEE GEES (Brothers Gibbs) that continuously over four decades reinvented themselves in the different genres of music.  As soon as one music fad played out the Bee Gees emerged themselves into the next musical incarnation. 

SOBEK[86]: represents the Egyptian Crocodile god, which symbolizes the river Nile inundating and renewing the lands of Egypt each year by overflowing its banks. This is not so in the modern age since the construction of the Aswan Dam (what I call Egypt’s eternal folly.  The destruction of the number of Egyptian temples and other sacred sites is incalculable: it is an abomination). 

            Nonetheless, Sobek representing the Crocodile god (depicted on the upper and lower parts of the sculptured frieze) literally dominates this funeral’s initiation procession on the Nile River, which as the Crocodile god it personifies.  This is analogous to the funeral procession traveling the Milky Way heading towards the Northern Cross (Cygnus the Swan), which is the first decan of Aquarius that unerringly points to the galactic core.  Note how the funeral initiation procession headed by the Egyptian god Shu stops right before the constellation of Aquarius: its first decan is Cygnus the Swan. 

ANUBIS[87]:  “One of the roles of Anubis was “Guardian of the Scales”. Deciding the weight of “truth” by weighing the heart against Ma’at, who was often depicted as an ostrich feather, Anubis dictated the fate of souls. In this manner, he was a Lord of the Underworld, only usurped by Osiris”.  

SHU[88]:  This Egyptian god is associated with Maat: Truth, Justice and Order[89] and is depicted with a feather on her head symbolizing air, which in turn symbolizes MAAT. 

This funeral initiation procession of the dead moving towards the Last Judgment ‘so-to-speak’ determined by the Scales of Libra can take a nanosecond or millenniums and this is explicitly expressed quite clearly by the grouping of the four sets of the zodiacal signs: Aquarius with Capricorn, Sagittarius with Scorpio, Libra with Virgo and Leo with Cancer.  What groups these eight constellations is the two gods Saturn and Mars that switched places in the zodiacal heavenly wheel.  Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius and Mars rules Taurus and Libra and the entire funeral initiation procession is included in that mix.  The Egyptian god Shu represents the feather weighted against the heart and there is Anubis that conducts the ceremonial weighing of the heart on the Scales of Libra. 

AQUARIUS[90] and CAPRICORN[91]: Shu the god of Truth literally comes to rest on the edge of Aquarius.  “Aquarius is a constellation also known as the Water Bearer and was a servant to the gods. He was also a human at one time. He was the son of King Tors. When he was human, his name was Ganymede[92]”.  “In Greek mythology, Aquarius is identified with Ganymede, a youth whom Zeus fell in love with. Ganymede is a divine hero whose homeland was Troy. Zeus in the guise of an eagle represented by the constellation Aquila[93], carried Ganymede to Mount Olympus (Cygnus X-I???) to be a cup bearer to the gods. Aquarius was the pourer of waters during the mythical great flood via the constellation or Eridanus the river[94]“.  Eridanus being analogous to the Nile River: i.e. Milky Way. 

When considering the mythoi of symbolism from all the mythologies of the world it is not difficult to do a comparative analysis between one and another.  Zeus/Jupiter is receiving water from Ganymede (pouring water into the fish’s mouth), which is Aquarius.  The relative size of Ganymede: Jupiter’s moon is symbolic to the size of Jupiter receiving substance from Cygnus X-I: Children of the Swan (image shown above): Cygnus is the first decan of Aquarius.  This illustrates why the Egyptian God should stop before Aquarius.  Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius.  To grasp comprehensively the mythoi of Astrology, when it is not fully understood in one’s own culture, it is merely a matter of making the symbolic correlation between the mythoi of other zodiacal mythologies. 

The constellation of Capricorn has already been identified in the above via Aquila; nonetheless, “In Greek mythology, the constellation is sometimes identified as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus after his mother Rhea saved him from being devoured by his father Cronos (in Greek mythology). The goat’s broken horn was transformed into the cornucopia or horn of plenty.” 

The mythoi regarding the constellations of Aquarius and Capricorn (Mount Olympus) and decans epitomize the description that has come down to humanity as the Garden of Eden[95]: Shangri La[96]

MARS[97]:           is depicted on the back of Capricorn like having a monkey (addiction) on one’s back and that is very significant when realizing that this is the god of War (conflict: i.e. adversary), which is associated with the constellations of Aries and Scorpio.  Aries rules Judaism and in just the past sixty-six years of Israel becoming a nation it has not enjoyed one moment of peace in all that time.  Astrology does have an objective influence upon the psyche of an individual no less a nation: never forget the trials and tribulations of the German Empire when a whole nation was caught up in the grips of an archetype.  I proffer that Mars is depicted on the back of Capricorn as an indication of it having the eternal and everlasting ear of the soul/psyche. 


This is very much like the story told in the book of Job[98] in the Old Testament when Satan went before the Lord of the World for permission to destroy Job and it was granted.  This same concept is brought out in every single Sibyl and Prophet that Michelangelo frescoed on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel: both a cherubim and demon is in all their cartouches (see the above image of the prophet Ezekiel[99]).  This same concept is taught to every Roman Catholic: there is an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other.  Even when the initiate obtains the Garden of Eden, as witness in the story of Adam and Eve, he or she has to maintain eternal vigilance. 

Here the zodiacal frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh has come to an end or it can be said the initiate’s had reached his or her desired goal by entering into the mythoi of Aquarius and Capricorn: Garden of Eden; however, there is no end to the search for God though there can be found peace and rest in knowledge of Him.  Though the constellations Aquarius and Capricorn may be the end of the zodiacal paradigm the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius is certainly not the beginning of a new cycle.  It is extraordinary how the Egyptians priesthood were able to intuit that the entourage of the funerary initiation procession continued on with the soul throughout life judging the soul/psyche throughout in all of his or her thoughts, words and deeds. 

SCORPIO and SAGITTARIUS (continues from above): The beginning of the zodiacal paradigm has already been discussed as being Leo and Cancer (that cannot change) though Virgo plays a great part in that initiation process.  Virgo is the birth of the DESIRED ONE, which Christianity has defined as Christ; the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius come into play when the DESIRE ONE is felt, by the powers that be, to have arrived in the heart of the initiate: the weighing of the feather of Truth by Anubis. The sculptured frieze show the two individual in the center of the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius both looking the same way as if each had their own agendas in mind.  The spiritual vision had not yet been received. 

            Dr. Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. was the first that I know of in modernity to recognize that Astrology was deliberately set up to depict the galactic core center and he outlines his theories in his book EARTH UNDER FIRE[100] and the video (DVD) of the same name[101].  In fact this scientific nuance of the location of the galactic core center outlined by Scorpio and Sagittarius far exceeds modern scientific efforts to calculate the galactic core’s position. 

            My own study of the first two verses in the first chapter of Genesis shows this very same concept outlined beautifully first in the first word of Genesis: BERESHITH and then between the first two verses of Genesis (Torah) and I have outlined this scenario in two of my published works[102]: however, I must admit that though I had previously done a great deal of research on the first word, first two verses and first four chapters of Genesis in relationship to the zodiacal cycle this nuances about the galactic core center being between Scorpio and Sagittarius was influence solely by Dr. LaViolette’s work; though, I had already discerned the Northern Cross: i.e. Cygnus the Swan as be represented in the symbolism of Bereshith and the constellation of Cygnus being between the first two verses of Genesis the galactic core center had not entered my thought whatsoever until I became aware of Dr. LaViolette’s work.  Also the work of Andrew Collins[103]: THE CYGNUS MYSTERY[104] was also influential in my thoughts in this area of the zodiacal paradigm. 

            When considering the mythoi of the Judeao Christian Scriptures there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that they were written other than to archive the record of the soul spiritual vision gifted to the initiate from the spiritual powers that be. 

VIRGO and LIBRA[105] (continued from above) in mythology these constellations are depicted as Virgo holding up the Scales of Libra.  In the first four chapter of Genesis this very same image dominates the zodiacal cycle codified throughout the first four chapters of Genesis.  The soul/psyche has the choice between LIGHT and DARKNESS.  In fact Libra’s Scales codified to Genesis texts literally represent Light and Darkness.  Often this is depicted in modernity as Justice having a blindfold holding up the Scales as if to weigh in the balance justice. The constellation of Virgo had already been discussed above. 

SATURN/CRONUS[106]: is depicted between the constellations of Virgo and Scorpio.  This represents Saturn changing places with Mars and this is quite apropos because of Mars’ monkey-like influence on Capricorn.  Saturn rules Aquarius and Capricorn.  Why would Saturn switch places with Mars the adversary unless Mars had gotten his request granted to destroy the soul/psyche as seen in the case of Job?  It is these two ruling planets that unite in unanimity Aquarius with Capricorn, Scorpio with Sagittarius and Virgo with Libra.  It can be said that from this particular variation on the zodiacal paradigm these six signs/months are symbolically months of the Calendar Year because at this particular moment there is no spiritual equation in the mix; however, the constellation of Leo through to the constellation of Pisces would be designated as Astrological signs.  So what I see Saturn/Cronus doing between the constellations of Virgo and Libra is him eating his children (destroying spirituality in the soul/psyche) and Demeter[107] the founder of the Eleusinian mysteries[108]  is one of Cronus’s/Saturn’s children.  Since Saturn/Cronus is the Father of Time it is not difficult to envisage how he can stop the Wheel of the Spiritual Cosmos; Zodiac.  The anniversary date of the Eleusinian mysteries is September 15th… It was not until Zeus[109]/Jupiter defeated his father Cronus[110]/Saturn that all the other children of Cronus were released (see Genealogy of the Olympians in Greek Mythology[111]). 


Asking the kind of questions that I have asked and answered throughout this paper in order to cull out the whys and the wherefores (nuances) that the symbols of the funerary initiatory procession are thus situated in the zodiacal frieze sculptured on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum illustrates in principle the detail analysis that the initiate should conduct in all his or her inquiries into the Word of God. The manner in which the constellations of the zodiacal cycle and the images in the funerary initiation procession are positioned in the sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Egyptian Temple at Khnum at Esneh in the manner in which they are situated is how the initiate can logical reason and argue the data allowing him or her to accumulate a database of knowledge to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the Astrological Paradigm.  To blindly accept the artistic renditions of the zodiac friezes such as just been outlined without thinking about what is being display and/or blindly accepting scriptural writings and/or anybody’s commentary on them without giving them the same analytical thought that reason and logic afford the initiate is the height of folly.           

I want the reader to go away with one conceptual idea in mind and that is that Astrology artistically and scientifically projected unto the star studded universe comes directly from the soul/psyche.  This is the Word (vision) of God embossed (imprinted) upon the soul/psyche to live peacefully in His embrace in the Garden of Eden; however, the initiate should see this projection of the zodiacal paradigm unto the star studded universe as a continuous never-ending projection; therefore, the zodiacal pattern never changes: meaning that each nanosecond is a renewed pattern of that Archetypal Paradigm.  Think about that for a moment.  The time/space continuum gives the illusion that the Wheel of the Heavens (Zodiac) takes twenty-five thousand nine hundred and twenty years to complete its course and for the most part each human being is alleged to live on earth for about one degree of that circuit (72 x 360) give or take a few years; however, logically the Zodiac was already complete and perfected at the moment of its projection unto the star studded universe.  It is the space/time continuum that moves the Wheel of the Heavens; thus, producing its own ego-centric commentary on the Zodiac.  Father Time (Ego = Yahweh in the Old Testament) takes the credit for placing Adam in the Garden of Eden to see what he would call the animals (Zodiac).  Both the initiate and the common man live in the same world.  It is only the initiate that lives in the spiritual Garden of Eden though he has to maintain eternal vigilance; whereas, the materialistic man: i.e. Adam lives in the materialistic world that Yahweh (Ego) calls the Garden of Eden.  Adam takes on the persona of Yahweh/Elohym: ego-consciousness (Ego = Sun = Yahweh) dominating the unconscious mind (Anima = Moon = Elohym), which is the same commentary as that produced by the time/space continuum. Ego-consciousness hijacking the Zodiac is basically the mythological story of the abduction and rape of Persephone[112] by Pluto, the ruler of Hades, the Underworld.  Persephone is the daughter of Demeter.  This is why the phase is Yahweh/Elohym.  Elohym literally represents the gods (Zodiac) because the Jewish mystical commentary on the Torah the Zohar[113] explains that this is what the word ‘Elohym’ means.  The time/space continuum is Hades (Ego = Hell – Inferno[114]) make no mistake about that. 

It is the task of the initiate to stop time: meaning to study the zodiacal paradigm not as a personality chart but rather as the spiritual paradigm of Astrology: the vision of God that every single soul is heir to if he or she devotes his or her life to the search for God. This must always be in the forefront of thought in the investigative researches of this Astrological Paradigm (never deviate from this principle for on moment), no matter the mythoi being studied from whatever culture and from what every time or clime the only subject matter truly being discussed esoterically in the texts and or any artistic representation of the sacred teachings’ and/or vignettes being read out of those tomes they are always dealing with a featured nuance of the Astrological Paradigm (generic explanation of the vision of God) and its relationship to ego-consciousness and the unconscious mind.  

Throughout this article I have reference every symbol I could think of that would aid the reader in his or her studies of this zodiacal paradigm (generic rendition of the vision of God), which I wholeheartedly believe is imprinted on the soul/psyche.  It is the continuous never-ending research that brings the chaos to order and that alone should be the end goal of the soul/psyche.  The reader should not feel swamped by all of this research because the true initiate has the rest of life to search for God and the few references that I may have listed in this article is a fraction of that material that will come the initiate’s way in the future. 

Throughout this article I have utilized Classical Mythology[115] as much as possible and the reason for that is simple enough: the mythoi of the Greek and Roman cultures are indelibly linked to the Judeao Christian religion and any Christian that denies that has no understanding of Christianity.  As it can be seen from my references and links if I had no knowledge of Classical Mythology I could not have understood no less have written a commentary on the zodiacal cycle’s sculptured frieze on the ceiling of the Temple of Khnum at Esneh. 

Most Christians do not understand Astrology and/or the Judeao Christian, Greek, Roman, etc., etc. mythoi; however, that is an issue each initiate has to overcome privately in his or her own Sanctum Sanctorum: Holy of Holies.  Today’s internet resources put the average person finger strokes away from any topic imaginable being researched so there is no justification for not knowing what needs to be known.


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  1. says

    Mark: I do understand what you are saying; however, the goal for each initiate is to make sense out of the chaos. I believe that the best any of us can do is to make a little oasis for ourselves in the vast emptiness of the cosmos and live life within that bubble; however, in order to do that blissfully the initiate has to fine a way to grasp the great complexity of the psyche: KNOW YOURSELF. The ancients understood that and codified that knowledge in the mythoi of the world and Astrology is at the apex of that pyramidal edification process; however, modernity tends to put Astrology underfoot and it will have to pay the price for doing so. That is living life in the material world via hellfire and damnation (psychologically).

    I remember when I first set out to understand religion. I conceived a cycle in the first chapter of Genesis and this idea initially came to me through doodling with a nine part cycle. Then from just a fleeting Astrological idea some eighteen months later I completed the cycle into 12-parts; however, I immediately rejected Astrology for another four and a half years and believe it or not I was trying in that time period to understand the cycle I came up with without using Astrology as a backdrop. That is a crazy way to do research but that was my genesis into this foray.

    In April 1983 when I did revisit Astrology, which I knew nothing of it outside of rumors or newspaper trash and 12-one liners for the 12-signs, I got into the mythoi of Astrology not the prognostication of horoscopes. That total time with the genesis of the cycle I mentioned was six years of HELL on earth trying to figure out what it was all about. The mythoi of Astrology is liken to an ancient key to through the portal of Antiquity’s Hall of Records. The next set of keys, which Christ (Astrological Paradigm) gave to Peter was knowledge of the EGO and the Unconscious Mind, which symbolically represents the Sun (Yahweh) and the Moon (Elohym).

    The end goal in the quest to know God and Self is to create via the higher spiritual powers your own GARDEN OF EDEN. To live life in total content with what you have. Don’t desire what is outside of your little oasis. Then VIOLA.

  2. says

    Also check out “Deceptions and Myths in the Bible” by Lloyd Graham. He gets bad reviews as he waived quoting sources for the most part. Still, his comparative analysis is superb and a ludicrous eye opener as regards the redundancy in the bible.

    In light of this – ie All the Other interpretations, from Santos B to Acharya et al – I’ve about had it with the variants. Then we’ve Marty Leeds with all the Pi artifacts laced throughout the cosmos….

  3. says

    So involved I shouldn’t attempt to comment. But I’m a fool…

    Paul LaViolette, analyzing Egyptian etc myth, sees, “confirms” a Creation Science in the Zodiac (and thus Tarot). A metaphysics cum physics; from the aether to particle. Our body’s design and function does same (making all this other stuff redundant perhaps ; )

    A multiversal cosmic Cymatics, cum “sacred” geometry.

    Fine. But it’s this thing about “spirituality”. We supposedly have deeper aspects, so called Higher Selves. There is much debate about this one concept btw and I don;t mean with say Christian beliefs! But say we have one and (say we are here to gain experience. Think that’s really it?).
    Some folks, then, are destined to be criminals, destitute, diseased, victimized etc and so forth. The horror of duality perhaps.

    Don’t forget we supposedly already came From this eternal, omniscient realm. We took a collective dip in the mud as it were. Other researchers, even here at this site, have found that we seem to be Devolving (brain pans). Seems to me, now, that this stuff needs to be addressed Along side galactic history with it’s array of wars and (ahem, genetic) exploitations.

    “This is the mystic’s end-goal to ‘Close the Mystic Circle[37]’, which allow continuous conscious contact, via understanding, with the higher spiritual powers.”

    You (must) mean his deepest aspect of consciousness (which in turn is connected to Source). So now that he has continuous contact now what? Sick question. What I mean is that things simply go and on and on…….
    Utopia (within or without), apparently, isn’t challenging enough for us; which is why we are supposedly here in the first place.

    So as you see, the Torus confirms our thesis; we are on a Treadmill. Tahdah!

    Oh yeah, Rodin’s Coil, with it’s 3-6-9 circuit IS way cool and must allude to inner symmetries. So, where then is my counter top free energy device? How does knowing that number x or glyph y means z Really help when your in say survival mode?

    I know, ask a monk. It’s that underlying belief or faith in something greater or meaningful. I love my hobbies – which at 52, I’m still not sure if this is genuinely mine or from peer influence – which don’t always help when things get bleak. This is obvious or inevitable.

    I’m referring to that line, “Follow your bliss.” Yes of course. However, in Real life, that may land you in prison if you actually attempted it (according to your real desires).

    That’s me today. My normal self loves this stuff and kudos to the author. I’m an ex Golden Dawn’er (offshoot anyway) and have been into this stuff for almost two decades. I’ll have to ay there is way too much redundancy. We live in a dualism (+/-, sun/moon, E/M yadda yang). OK already.

    You learn how the dualities work. The Chinese, for example, made up the game Push Hands to teach this.

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