Written in the Stars 8,000 years ago


by Dan Green

Back in February of 2008 an e-mail sat awaiting my attention. It was a reply from a fellow called Greg Rigby whom I’d approached concerning an idea and it read;

‘I am sure that you know the connection between Sirius and Isis and how the heliacal rising of Sirius marked the Egyptian New Year. What you may not know is that Gothic Cathedrals are a representation of the female body. A woman lying on her back, the two towers are her two legs and the buttress her ribs. The circular window between the towers represent her “v a g i n a”. All the Cathedrals have special alignments which allow a sun’s ray to pass through the window and fertilize her on a particular day of the year.’

Wow! Well I already knew a little about the assertion that Cathedrals were based on the dimensions of the working female body from the rose windows, that flower of Venus worn as a badge by her sacred prostitutes, and all entrances into Gothic style church buildings equated with female genitalia, but more emails like this I could really enjoy and learn further. There was nothing for it but to arrange an audience with this illuminating Mr Rigby.

The email I had sent him was, I now see, was enquiring about the ‘fertilization day’ for the Gothic Lincoln Cathedral for if it corresponded to the heliacal rising of Sirius, that would fit the rebirth of the earth at the following Spring equinox.


My own deductions led me to think that the Cathedral, in a hidden aspect, could be a Temple to Sirius and therefore needed to find evidence for it. Greg went on to tell me that he would first have to know the alignment of the Cathedral at Lincoln and kindly offered to come over from Florida and work it out for me, taking measurements in person with his theodolite. Mr Rigby is a graduate in mathematics who in 1991 retired to a renovated farmhouse in the foothills of the French Pyrenees concentrating on his research and writing, the product being his first book ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven’ in 1996, revealing how a magnificently simple series of patterns linking key Cathedrals in the North of France and a representation on the ground of Ursa Major by Druidic handiwork (awareness of this known first to the Cistercians and then later the Knights Templar) presented a basic foundation for the Grail legends as we know them. A universal  numerical constant was to be found when measurements linked. Egyptian, Greek and Imperial units of measure. Avebury, Stonehenge, Philale in the Southern region of Egypt, and Jerusalem providing direct links to the Ursa duplication, the location of the pattern relating to these places being a 302.4 mile span linking the centre of Chartres Cathedral to the centre of the Celtic ringwall at Donnesburg, Germany, with the position of the ancient meridian of Paris.  Of course, Rennes-le-Chateau just HAD to be involved too, when it appeared that the ancient Celts established their holy sites in Northern France, the handle of the reflection of the Ursa constellation on the ground pointing to the village as the Pole position.

      Underlining and emphasizing that it was imperative, I made myself no stranger to Greg’s original findings. As far back as 2000 he had found pentagonal geometry in Nicholas Poussin’s oft investigated masterpiece ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia’, the key feature in the painting, he realized, being a fold in the clothes under the arm of the standing shepherd. After Greg kept his tryst and promise and aligned and orientated the Cathedral for me, we found that my hopeful Sirius hypothesis didn’t appear to fit, but even better for my work emphasis fell instead on Arcturus being reflected on the ground by the position held by Lincoln Cathedral. Arcturus, home of Arthurian legend, is found in the constellation of Bootes and is the third most brightest in the sky. It is the ‘Guardian of the Bear’, the Bear being Ursa Major.


The Gothic Lincoln Cathedral, Guardian of the Bear

January 17th is a most celebrated date in the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery. Not only is it a date when it is alleged certain figures including parish priest Sauniere died, it is also the date when at mid-day the ‘blue apples’ feature of light passing through a pane glass of the church appear, slowly moving along to settle on the statue of St Anthony the Hermit.


Lincoln Cathedral’s Red and blue apples

Lincoln Cathedral duplicates this phenomenon on July 22nd, the Feast day of Mary Magdalene, at midday, and at mid-day on 17th not only is the constellation of Ursa Major overhead, but the altar faces directly at Arcturus and resonates with St Anthony at the Chateau when we learn that Kabbalists associate the star with the 9th Tarot trump, The Hermit.

The Cathedral initially drew my attention to it when in 2005 I discovered repeating dog symbology but as Greg and I struggled to find any confirmation regarding Sirius I began to think that it was possibly only drawing reference to the blazing star of Sirius that is found in Masonic Lodges, given that the structure was laid out to Knights Templar influence, as was the very structure of Masonry. However, according to Ancient China, the stars of the Great Bear associated with the celestial Palace of the Lord on High, Star God of Longevity, the Heavenly mountain, paradise of the immortals, and Sirius the Heavenly Wolf guarded this celestial Palace. Utterance 302 of the Pyramid Texts found on the Northern face of Unas’ pyramid, also provides a link that may exist between the heliacal rising of Sirius and Ursa Major, and it is something that we should take a little time to study, as there appears to be evidence that two step pyramids constructed at Saqqara, Egypt, were built as if to face one another being designed deliberate to coincide and align with stellar symbolism and involving Sirius and Ursa Major. With strategic placed inclined Northern entrances, it appears that the notion was to make a passageway accessible for the dead king to rebirth in the preferred stellar region of Ursa Major, the ‘Great She Bear’. There are three different ways of viewing this constellation, the ancient way providing the bear with a tail so unusually long that it is out of character with the animal, and an older way that has no resemblance of a bear at all. The Pyramid Texts are not alone in suggesting that the most fortuitous time for this rebirth involved the dawn heliacal rise of the dog star, later funerary texts attesting similar. The full text of Utterance 302 of the Pyramid Texts tells us;

‘The sky is clear, Sothis (Sirius) lives, I am a living one, the son of Sothis, and the two Enneada have cleansed themselves for me in Ursa Major, the imperishable. My house in the sky will not perish, my throne on earth will not be destroyed, for men hide, the gods fly away. Sothis has caused me to fly up to the sky in the company of my Brethren…’

In 1800BC the rising star Sirius coincided with the Ursa Major star Al Kaid’s lower culmination, affirming a connection between these two stars, at least, and so there is still some hope for a mystical and as yet undiscovered relationship with Lincoln Cathedral and Sirius.

    Before we take a closer look at Greg’s own work, it is worthwhile mentioning now and noting that at the Priory Academy at Cross O’Cliff Hill in Lincoln, there is a labyrinth that is an exact copy of the one found at Chartres Cathedral, France, and that a round replica Templar church constructed there has on its roof seven stars, the number of stars of Ursa Major. Greg surpassed himself with the 2009 publication of his book ‘The God Secret’ where he shows how an interpretation of the Northern stars and the shapes they form was the original thought behind the formulation of Egyptian, Hebrew and Christian pantheons. Long ago the latitudes of the North were for much of their duration in the darkness of winter. Priests of the era noted how certain unique stars rotating around the ‘pole’ position failed to set below the horizon. This group of stars portrayed a many aspected God in heaven, and priestly stories in relation to this formulated allegorical birthing stories of the human race and the heaven it aspired to reach. The strength of the stories ensured that they never lost their impact throughout centuries. Greg explains; ‘Eight thousand years ago, at the birth of civilisation the Northern pole was entering the constellation of Bootes. This pole position was the point around which everything in the night sky appeared to circulate and therefore had significance as the hidden location of the god who presided over it all. The stars were large and wondrous in a vista that was unimpeded by reflected light. They had tremendous impact on our early predecessors. In particular, the patterns that those early human beings discerned in the stars were their explanation of all things spiritual’.

     When the pole position slowly changed, patterns of star movements across the sky and around the pole were put into Celt and Sumerian folklore. Taking their beliefs with them, the Northern people moved southwards. Greg continues;

’by the time of the early Egyptian civilization, these stories had formalized into a myriad of gods and aspects of gods both male and female. They combined with similarly constructed legends created by star gazer priest and druids in the northern hemisphere to form the basis of the biblical myths we know today. The coincidence of pole position and early history persuaded early priests to place Adam in the northern stars. In the Egyptian pantheon Adam was the first god king and was known as Osiris. The area of the sky between Bootes and ‘The Plough’ was the Garden of Eden with ‘The Tree’ at its centre.’

With matching these stories to accurate star maps of the heavens, Rigby demonstrate how the pole position moved into the constellation known as ‘The Plough’, laying over Adam’s ribs, giving the myth makers the same opportunity to have Eve – the Egyptian Isis – created out of the same ribs. With the Northern stars rotating around the pole position, the seven stars of the Plough were believed to be the home of the Gods, representing God in all his/her aspects.


Star maps copyright:  Greg Rigby

Rotating in an inverse position gave birth to the figure Satan. As Satan whispered in her ear, Eve plucked an apple from the tree holding it to Adam’s mouth and as he ate it the pole position had moved into ‘Draco’,’ ‘The Plough’ driving Adam’s head and heart out of heaven, and by the time the pole had entered ‘The Plough’, the only remaining aspects of his form were the reproductive organs, put to productive and beneficial use in Egyptian and Judeo-Christian philosophy thereafter.


Star maps copyright:  Greg Rigby

Greg goes on to say ;

’The Mother Goddess assumed a new position in the Heavens, her head crowned by Corona Borealis and the God child Ursa Minor on her lap. Today the pole position is passing through the constellation of Ursa Minor, exiting circa 2015 at which time the Judeo Christian pantheon will end.’

The Hebrew name of God appears in scriptures as the four Hebrew letters yed, he, vav, he (YHVH) known as the Tetragrammaton, and is meant to be unutterable. Jehovah and Yahweh originate from the same source. The first two letters represent the name God gave to Moses in the Old Testament when he referred to Himself as ‘I am that I am’. The same form is responsible for other sacred Hebrew names that include Elijah and Isaiah. Moses had learned much of his education through studying Egyptian teachings, the Egyptians themselves having located their Gods in a strategic section of the heavens. As Moses was out to overthrown the authority of the Egyptian gods of the people replacing it with a singular deity, it would be expected to follow that the name of God in Hebrew would be found hidden in the same place as those of the Egyptian. Rigby, citing eminent Jewish authors, states that God or Its name, existed in the stars.


YHVH, the name made known to Moses, was no longer used at the approximate time of 520BC, the Hebrews wishing to make a distinction between their own god from the ram headed god of the Egyptians. YHVH at the time indicated ‘The God of Heaven’, implying ‘The god of the firmament’ when translated into Greek or Latin in a liable reference to a cosmic deity belonging to Egyptian and Chaldean astronomers. This could be taken that ‘The God of Heaven’ was involved in the sanctioning of the philosophy claiming this new body of knowledge – astronomy.

DG_nameofgod4Click to Enlarge 
Star maps copyright:  Greg Rigby

Within ‘The God Secret’ Rigby goes on to show how a representation of the Hebrew name of God YHVH is to be found in and around Ursa Major, many of the stars forming an accurate representation of the Tetragrammaton, the name hidden in the sense that this view of the constellation could only be had by an observer in the Middle East by laying on the ground, face up, head facing north. Sceptics who will undoubtedly assert that with all the stars in the sky it would be possible to locate almost anything one was looking for, need to comprehend the impossibility of reproducing the names in one single area of sky, centred on one particular constellation, possibly explaining why the Book of Revelations talks about ‘the mystery of the seven stars’ . Greg Rigby is currently decoding that very book.

Copyright 2013 by Dan Green


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Star maps copyright:  Greg Rigby


  1. Starheater says

    Moses did’nt have the chance to be Pharaoh, Mose choose is peoples instead of the throne of Egypt, and that is a good thing.

    Tell me Charles, those the picture remind you of something, you know the color book we use to have when we were young, sometime a page was cover of numbers that we use to link beginning by the number 1 etc…That remind me that, well, I see you study Egyptologie, well this is good to know all the different stage of the humain kind, I prefer this instead of searching the missing link between man and monkey.

    It’s been a long time since you write, I thought that you were in vacation, and this is probably true, everyone need vacation. So I hope you will write few articles so we could exchange knowledge. Good week and God Bless.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Starheater,

      No I haven’t been on vacation, I think I’ve been extremely patient waiting for you to defend your position, while at the same time defending the things I brought up within my blog “Forbidden Truth or Fiction” down in the comments section. Also, I don’t disagree that the bible says Moses chose to be the leader of the Jewish people, however, according to some people Moses was in fact a Pharaoh who decided there was only one god and not the many that Egyptians were forced/tricked/taught to believe in for thousands of years, and that this Pharaoh (Moses) created his own Capital City. I don’t know if that’s true or not, just as I don’t know who wrote bible. But I do know many of the stories found within the bible are not Jewish only stories… and I know what you and I have been forced to believe when it comes to who wrote the bible, yet that doesn’t make it true. Which is why I found this blog very interesting… not that they discovered one of the Hebrew names for god hidden in the stars… rather, that they believe they found the exact same hidden messages within several churches that span and incredible amount of time and distance… especially when you take into consideration all that Europe suffered under before, during, and after the construction of many of these churches… You see for me what I find most interesting within this blog is… there is a story written in stone that the rest of the world is just learning about, yet this story was known by a select few in our not so distant past… and most likely is still known by a very select few today… yet the rest of the world is only just now learning about these truths. What does it all mean and where does it all lead, well, I suspect we’re all gonna have wait for the next blog before we can even begin to know the right questions to ask, let alone how to go about finding the right answers. Or… we could each take our turn speculating, like, all beavers build the same dams across the planet yet beavers don’t talk to each other on the phone… Doesn’t logic demands so to must church builders? As silly as that answer sounds, that is the official answer the academic world and the Religious world has for all Pyramids that exist around the world. I bring up Pyramids because they too share something we just discovered exists within all of these Churches. Hidden knowledge that point to the stars.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Starheater says

        Hello Charles
        What you say make sense, but too consider the Church and their utilty, I must say the Church are way far behind what is happennig now. I mean that if some goes to Church, it’s not to study the Word of God as you know, it’s because they want to have indulgence from Mary or the Christ, they want to have the conscience clean as white linen.
        But now, we assist at an event, change is coming up, and many people desert the Church to go on neutral ground, an ancien shop that they pay to have a local for people to make reunion were they talk about the Bible, the Christ or else. And this phenomenon is not only with the Catholic, but everywhere in the world in many religions. The raisons behind this manifestations is because the Church dont nourrish the soul of the people, and beside that, they have many problems with their familly and others, and this phenomena is not because of God Himself, be because they have deserted the REAL GOD (I Was, I Am, I Come), they dont event know HIM correctly, it’s like sombody who quit is father and then return 25 later, God dont change, but we are, and this is benefical for us, cause we can take what is really true.

        Today, I can say, and really say that I BELIEVE IN GOD, because I see what He had done, beside the Bible are a source for me of inspiration, and source of thrutfulness.

        The book that I’m writing is base only on the TRUTH, I wont write something that I dont no, or worse, something that I dont believe just to make some money. I write it for those who suffer from the lack of intelligence, that cannot discern the left from the right. But God is there to provide is Spirit, after is a simple question of been guide, or in the absence of guide, walk slowly but surely, because a amn who know God does’nt need anything then God to go were the TRUTH is.

        It is said by Jesus in the Bible, that if we believe that Jesus went to this world, that He have give is life for us to be save, if we believe that, well, we are save, we dont have to know the Bible fully, naturelly we must obey the 10 Commandments.

        And for the Mysteries, I dont have trouble to find what a Mystery hide. The mystery that have take me 4 or 5 months to discipher was the 4th chap of Revelation, he’s not only discipher, but I have discipher others in the Bible. Oh I have to mention that Ezechiel is not discipher already, but I’m not searching enough to have results.

        In connexe with the UFO, I was studying the phenomena of Rods, they are really fast, so fast that the eyes dont see that one have past in front of their eyes. Many differents models are seeing in the sky, naturelly I take about those who have been film, when you go image by image you can see how they look, no mouth, no arms, no eyes to see, if their are animals, how can they land on a branch or beside a good meal on the ground, what does they eat. No I wont continue because I dont believe their are animal, they are mini-UFO, and they are here to the ground, the crack in the stone, cavern and all that kind of stuff. Are they created by humain technologie, I dont believe so. The dimension of those Rods are multiple, the shotest one that I have see on the internet was 6 inch long and approx. 1/2 inch in diameter, and when they make a tight turn they bent like an arc, slightly but this we can observe.

        I think that many kind of E.T. come to study the Earth, and if we dont know the reason why, we know that this is not like a hobby, they want to know everything concerning Earth, even rod as been observe entering volcano that have heavy smoke on the top, UFO to can enter a volcano. You can be sure that it’s not to recharge batteries they are doying so, they have an interest in the Earth, and I’m sure it’s not because they need certain elements.
        I see only 2 reason that UFO could have and this in general, because they are many kind, and they dont have the same reason to fly over our head.
        1. They dont want us to destroy ourself by atomic bomb.
        2. They dont want us to distroy the Earth partialy.

        They could have other reason, like they live on this Earth because they have a post here on this planet or many. I think that they are good guys, they would have kill many peoples since the their apparence. One thing is certain, the army dont like those guys, they chase them like rats in a pool.
        Some of them are hypocrite, they pretend they dont know Jesus, and some have said that he was ling on their planet at this moment, some have stated that HE nerver existed, that this was an invention of the Priest. I dont believe those liars, I have invoke the Name of Jesus to make my wife go out of her coma, and at the same time that I invoke is Name, my wife begin to open his eyes, so this could not be an hasard. I know that is Name is powerfull, so many people have talk about him, and He doens not exist!!! This is not a good declaration.
        God Bless Charles and see you

  2. Starheater says

    Oh boy, what a Revelation, I’m so stun.
    Even if Cathedral would have the secret of geo metric alignment, what you supposed it will give to you? Come on, are you serious (sirius), the alphabet in the sky, wow, if the sky would be much clear you would find alot of more stars that you did not have the chance to see, those who believe that are out of track.

    I could mount a story for you to think, this storie would be more founded that this piece of junk. Whatever the sun is pointing through a window of the Cathedral, to point what, something that we could march on, ahhhh, big deal, that ressemble the storie of Indiana Jones.

    Now, there is someone who’s gonna decipher the book of Revelation, well, I am in a state of impatience to read that, I’m sure I will find many errors, and subtils one I think. They dont have a single chance witout distorting the book of Revelation.
    1. They dont have a single Key to do this
    2. They dont have the Spirit of God
    3. The Science they have is not straight

    All the Keys are in the Bible, for those who dont know what I’m talking about, from Genese to Revelation, they will have to read the entire Bible, and this is not a garanty that they will find all the Keys. Oh brothers, you make my day!!! I will have something to chew, something to exerce my thoot on, it’s been a long time since I did’nt put my thoot into some dead mens. It will be a pleasure for me to saccage dirty soul.

    If you want to have intelligence, ask God, I’m serious, this article is the most boring I ever read on this site.
    God Bless

  3. Charles Marcello says

    This is one of the most interesting blogs I’ve read, though I must admit I’ve never heard of Greg Rigby. To find one of the seventy two, some argue there are seventy seven within the stars of Ursa Major I find interesting indeed, let alone how much work was involved to discovering how many of the church’s in France have the same/similar setups, each pointing to the same conclusion. Very interesting indeed…. Yet here is my split… I don’t know if Hebrew’s should be brought into this same discussion, unless the argument is Hebrew’s are an off shoot of Egyptian Mythology just as the Catholic Church and Islam is/are. I wonder if both Mr. Rigby and Mr. Green accept the argument that demands Moses was a pharaoh, a certain famous pharaoh that most of the world knows his name… Or do they subscribe to the other argument that every religion that started in the Middle-East/Asia Minor (that control our world to this very day) are from the same civilization that crumbled six thousand (some say over 8 thousand) years ago we call Sumeria? The answer is important… well at least to me, because depending on the angle of this argument that would go a long way to explaining whether this whole conversation is being done to reveal information… or as an considered attempt to destroy all the faiths around the world? There is one problem with this argument there are tribes in South Africa/America that also point to those exact same stars… while the Dogon Tribe knew about Sirius B hundreds (some argue for thousands and thousands) of years before it was discovered by modern astronomy. Yet knowing about and creating monuments to honor stars doesn’t even begin to answer the why… let alone the arguments that demand Egyptian Mythology had eight, some argue nine, layers of initiation… The Moon, the Sun, the stars, the gods from those stars… (each star being another layer of knowledge), and the final layer being the real physical names of the gods. Is the whole world still suffering under… the lies… at every level by praying to gods our ancestors knew not? Do these measurements and these connections prove the great falling away is now complete? What a web these connections weave, yet I must admit they interest the hell out of me.

    –Charles Marcello

    • J.a says

      Just like any other time if you can put this all together the witnesses admitance has relevance to what is being done like it or lump it the shackels are off and now they are free to own possesions with out the heavy price tag returning to eden is joy.

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