Unlocking The Great Pyramid Of Cheops

Unlocking The Great Pyramid Of Cheops

Many archeologists have struggled for years trying to figure out how the great pyramid of Cheops (AKA Khufu) was built, many theories came out but most of them did not cover several facts, and had several question marks around them.

Back in 2007 the genius French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin revealed his theory about how the pyramid was built to the whole world.
For the first time, it becomes very possible that Hemiunu the architect of the great pyramid used an external ramp along with a spiral internal ramp to get the pyramid built. Not only Jean-Pierre Houdin offered the most possible solution to the mystery; but also, he is very close to revealing the hidden chambers inside the great pyramid of Cheops that are not discovered yet.
Once the Egyptian officials give permission to Mr.Houdin to survey the pyramid of Cheops, the whole world may know a lot more about this massive structure.
In this detailed post we will provide the interesting facts that were uncovered by Houdin’s theory, as well as the opinions of some of the very reputed Egyptologists.


The Spiral Ramp Theory

If it is true that the ancient Egyptians used an external ramp to get the great pyramid of Cheops built as many theories suggest, this ramp would have extended for several kilometers, which does not make sense.

According to Jean-Pierre Houdin, an external ramp that only went 43 meters high at a 7% slope was used at first to build the lower part of the pyramid and transfer the 60 ton granite beams required for the relief chambers above burial chamber, in addition to this; a second spiral ramp with corner rooms below its edges to help rotate the sledges was built inside the pyramid. This system offered a solution to the major mysteries of the pyramid, which are its height, and its unique main burial chamber.


To achieve a perfect geometry, and accurate alignment, the outer casing stones were put in place first, and then the pyramid of Cheops was filled with rough limestone blocks of different shapes and sizes that only acted as filler. Surprisingly, when Jean-Pierre examined the great pyramid with the help of the well-known Egyptologist Bob Brier, he found solid evidence that his theory about the internal spiral ramp is true. When the great pyramid of Cheops was examined from the outside, Jean-Pierre noticed light shades on the outer surface that completely align with his spiral ramp (check the photo below).


Near the top of the pyramid Jean-Pierre also noticed a small notch that goes in alignment with his calculations of the spiral ramp, and was curious to find out what is behind it.  Houdin’s companion Egyptologist Bob Brier was permitted to climb the pyramid and examine the notch, and right behind it, he discovered a wide empty room that was not mentioned in any Egyptology resources – which may be another proof that the spiral ramp exists, according to Jean-Pierre, access to the spiral ramp may very well be behind the stone blocks this empty room.


Spiral Ramp Proof

A French team of scientists surveyed the pyramid of Cheops back in 1980 using a technology called microgravimetrics that lets you know where low gravity areas are, in other words, empty spaces. The French team was hoping to find secret chambers inside the pyramid – although they did not find any, their thermal images show something very interesting, the empty spaces within the great pyramid exactly match Houdin’s calculations of the internal ramp as shown in the picture below (the green color represents the low density areas).


The Grand Gallery Theory

For a long time, no one really knew the purpose of the grand gallery, and some thought that it was just a passage, but Jean-Pierre again offered something different, and yet very interesting – based on his theory, the grand gallery was nothing but a tool to transfer the giant granite beams that were used to build the relief chambers located above Khufu’s burial chamber, and to build the flat ceiling of the burial chamber itself. The theory suggests that the grand gallery was used as a counter weight system where a wooden trolley equipped with heavy stones slid down on wooden rollers that moved on the stone benches running along the sides all the way through the grand gallery to help raise the granite beams on the opposite side through the external ramp to their respective positions. Using this counter weight system allows less than two hundred men to easily move the 60 ton granite beams to the upper part of the pyramid.


First, the wooden slides that held the beams were attached to the wooden trolley using a rope system – Then; the regularly spaced rectangular holes found in the lateral stone benches were used to fix wooden beams that kept the rollers of the wooden train that held the trolley inline as they slid on the lubricated benches.  In fact, upon a closer look, traces of scratches on the vertical face of the stone benches can be seen all along the grand gallery, and those traces are a solid proof that something was moving within the gallery and pushing against the vertical face of the lower stone benches. Another interesting fact is the existence of chisel marks in the higher walls of the grand gallery on both sides, according to Jean-Pierre, a set of wooden beams were fixed where the marks can be seen, to guide the upper part of the trolley as it slid through the grand gallery.


Virtual Reality Simulation

To further proof his theory, Jean-Pierre Houdin has worked with a group of specialists from Dassault Systemes, the 3D software world leader, and his partner in the Khufu project. They applied his theory to a 3D virtual reality simulation. For two years they worked on modeling the pyramid of Cheops, and how it was built using their own 3D scientific tools. Amazingly, when the theory was put to the test using 3D simulation, everything worked correctly, and even the position of the room that was investigated by Bob Brier exactly matched the coordinates of the internal ramp.


The Pyramid Of Cheops’ Hidden Chambers Theory

The absence of antechambers in the great pyramid raises a lot of questions. The antechambers were normally built adjacent to the burial chambers, and where used to bury all the food, and furniture that the deceased will use in the afterlife. But in the great pyramid, no antechambers were discovered so far, and no funeral burials were found.

Based on Jean-Pierre’s theory, the current entrance in the eastern corner of the northern wall of the chamber that visitors use today was not the same entrance used to transfer the sarcophagus, and the funeral burials to the burial chamber, instead, an entrance that is located at the western side of the same wall was used. This fact is highly likely to be true for the reasons below:


  • Although you cannot fit a razor blade between the joints of the burial chamber’s stones, you can fit a plastic card between the joints of a specific stone block near the end of the northern wall – which means that this stone block can freely move.
  • The stones that surround this mysterious stone block were specially aligned to offload the weight off of this stone block, which is again another proof that this stone block was meant to move freely.
  • A similar setup was used in the red pyramid of king Sneferu, which directly precedes the great pyramid, and there are no obvious reasons for the architects to choose a different design.
  • Based on Houdin’s theory, the location of the pyramid’s hidden chambers align exactly to north, which was the case in other 3rd, and 4th dynasty pyramids. 


A Call For Action

To solve the mystery, all that Jean-Pierre Houdin requires is a permission from the Egyptian officials to survey the pyramid of Cheops.

Pyramids-of-egypt.com are calling out for the minister of antiquities Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim to take this seriously, and offer the required help, and assistance to Mr.Houdin to proof his theory. This will not only benefit Egypt, it will actually benefit the whole world. Knowing that Dr.Zahi Hawass rejected Houdin’s offers to have a joint expedition of Egyptian antiquities experts and French engineers, using infrared, radar and other non-invasive ways to check out the hypothesis, we will do everything in our power to locally push the authorities to consider Houdin’s work for it adds a lot to the history of the great Egyptian pharaohs.

Sources And More Details

If you have a good graphics card, and high speed internet connection, you can experience the 3D simulation of Houdin’s theory on this website: “http://www.3ds.com/khufu”,

Otherwise check the video below:
A documentary that covers Houdin’s theory is available through this link:
National Geographic Documentary:

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  1. Horst Pfefferle says

    Dear ladies and gentlemen,
    the first step for building the Great Pyramid was – planning it ! If you are interested in, how the ancient architect ingenously created the design of this magnificient monument, have a look on my website : http://www.cheopspfefferle.de
    There you can download free of charge my 130-pages-documentation. Unfortunately it`s written in German, but it`s full of drawings, that can speak for themselves. I promise – you will get a very new point of view on the Ancient Egyptians !
    Greetings – Horst Pfefferle

  2. Charles says

    For anyone interested in the Spiritual significance of the pyramid of Cheops and its relevance to our present Life particularly for earth man, should please do himself a great favour and read “The Great Pyramid Reveals Its Secret” by Roselis Von Sass.
    It is revealing. The reality is here.

  3. Elijah says

    This idea that blocks were meant to move freely isnt true. There were pyramids that collapsed becauss the higher they built, then the stones slid horizontal from the pressure; and created the tower of Babel collapsing tradition. Further, the limestone disolves together to make perfect joints. They were not cut that way. The pyramid is not likely nor probable to survive the next global salt water Flood because of limestone dissolving. So when Armageddon comes and sinks land under again, the destruction of the pyramid will prove that it hadnt made it thru the first Flood either; it was built afterward. Further, as always there are those who trust their eyes and say See the pyramid was destroyed, and then those who wait to believe a resurrection of anti-diluvian humans (all people) who’ll say No we did not have no towers before the Flood, and yes We built the towers after the Flood. Every math can be calculated as true. This is how we can be sure there were many global (year-long) submergings (global Flood) from Day 3 (land rising) before Adam closed up Day 6. In fact with the Grand Canyon you can count how many global Floods were before Adam, and not the crap new religions say all happened with one Flood.

  4. Elijah says

    Oh and by the way, the thermal image is not a tunnel or void or an internal ramp. It is left over sand from the external ramp before smooth outer casing was put on the pyramid. This outer casing was removed byMoslems to build God’s NEW CITY Cairo because they claimed 622 AD was the 6000 years the pyramid was built to arrive at. And so no need for that pyramid any longer, they took the stones to build Cairo as if to fulfill prophecy that God’s NEW CITY (the christ) has come on time as the pyramid was intended. However, as with Catholic 800AD from Greek 5200bc Adam, the new world is post-asteroid impact not the take over of those who think they are God. Even now a liar will say this means 6000 hasnt come yet. It has come, but even the weather man doesnt say the first snow flake will fall at 3 hours 43 minutes and 5 seconds. And he too has been wrong.

  5. Elijah says

    The pyramids were built to measure every 100 years to compare 100x 360 to 100x 365 to the additional 25 leap days. This is why they were built 200 years after the global Flood when Narmer or Nar (Nar Merod) was 100. The intent was to learn enough astronomy to predict the next asteroid or comet impact (comets wrongly presumed as bigger than asteroids). The mockery of failure is caused by precession where the 3-foot height of the shaft at the north star Thuban about 3 degrees under the actual pole drifts further and loses sight in just 92 years. This is why the Genesis dates that fit the three chambers are of other astronomy that didnt fail namely from 2170bc to the 3600new moons & Venus of 2078bc, to the 13 orbits of Saturn in 1986bc when 11th dynasty was given entrance into the Assembly (the Pharaoh), and to honor the planet Saturn’s Capricorn rebirth the Hamitic Pharaoh took full power by stating he didnt have to go with the majority vote of the House. It was as Memphite Shemites had feared, until 12th dynasty Shemite took over (which of course was a different story if they have total control by a one-man Pharaoh) and so 75-year old Abram came to him with the 25-year lunar calendar in 1943bc. There is a 48-year shift when Ramses recalculates the dynasty as 1991bc when Shulgi began rule in Ur and Abram at 27 left his father’s house in Ur to build his own house at Harran (the one they go to when they burn down his father’s house in 1943bc Ur and move to Harran at 75). AmarPal the son of Shulgi didnt like this; he was pushing for a suicide to heaven of Terah and Abram the way Nahor and Haran had gone in 2029bc (memorialized as Egyptian Christmas date Kayak 25 or May 6). The 3rd chamber which is labeled as The King’s failed in 1894bc and results in the false tradition that the pyramid was the tower of Babel failing in the first year of Babylon. Babel had a body of kings (elders) and no king until their first king in 1894bc (Nov 2 all souls day new year of 360-day calendar).
    As for negligence in this article, note it uses both KhuFu and Cheops which is the same name. Cheops is British. The Che is Kay like our letter K. And the Ops is the letter F pronounced as off. And thus Kay-Off so that his name is K-F or Kayef. Thus KhuFu is a very faulty misleading method i have abandoned. I fancy my Kayef though i will always clarify as (K-F).
    Next the Pi as good sources explain. That a string of one cubit can draw a circle with a cubit radius and thus a 2-cubit diameter rolling stone to measure by rolling and the result is cubits of Pi in all dimensions. It is that simple. But typical the trash of astrology seems to have so much more detail of added rubbish than simple true astronomy, and thus with math too. My heart is all for the capital punishment execution of such people; but that is typical hate already attempted for 4000 years so let’s go with free no-charge and no-pay no-taxes education so truth overwhelms the fools of lies.
    Me Elijah.
    (The odds of you having a truer or greater knowledge than i publish is not probable. If i explained all this further, this post would be 100 pages just on thisa topic.)

  6. says

    For heaven’s sake – “burial chambers” ante-chambers – tomb
    Get over it – these are RESONATING CHAMBERS
    go read Herodotus PROPERLY and you will see clearly stated that the SEPULCHRE (aka TOMB) for Cheops was placed “IN A NEARBY ISLAND” at a time when the Nile did flow “nearby”. The very reason the water channels were constructed by Cheops was the Nile sidling away – and Herodotus makes the comment that the channels’ construction took almost as much time “as the pyramid itself” to build. So saying the pyramid WAS ALREADY THERE. And if one follows the events of the “air” vent inspections one will see that an astronomical “clock” was found on the ceiling of one of these vents. The date of the alignments of the stars was 9,200BC. In the age of Leo which is when the Sphinx was also built – on the cusp of the Age of Virgo. Because THAT is what the Sphinx is! Virgo and Leo conjoined (found on the Denderah ceiling Zodiac).
    Next question:
    WHY were water channels needed for the PYRE AMID?
    Should you wish to see what the pyramids are for – go to page 14 of http://www.hiddentextsofnostradamus.com and read what Nostradamus said when he returned from Egypt. The pdf forum is titled WHAT THE PYRAMIDS ARE FOR

  7. Chris Allan says

    I am not to concerned with the “how” the pyramids were built, I am much more interested in “why” they were built. I refuse to believe the theory that they were built simply as tombs. The sophistication of engineering involved in building the pyramids, tells me that they had a MUCH more important purpose than a place to bury dead kings. If we can figure out the “why”, we will get to the “how” and probably the ” who” as well. Mr. Houdin’s theory may even be correct, but it still doe’s not explain the mystery of the pyramids.

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