Universe as a Conscious Holographic Information Processor

Attention, Intention, and the Universe as a Conscious Holographic Information Processor: Part 1

– by Brendan D. Murphy

About the Author:  Brendan D. Murphy is an independent researcher and author who has been studying metaphysics, the occult, physics, and related subjects since a profound metaphysical awakening around the age of twenty. 

Now twenty-eight, Brendan has spent the past four years researching and assembling his forthcoming book series The Grand Illusion on a full-time basis in preparation for release in 2012.  To contact Brendan, view free book excerpts, or to just stay updated on developments, visit his new fan page at: www.facebook.com/Brendan.D.Murphy.Fan.Page.

Some 2,500 years ago the Buddhist text, the Avatamsaka Sutra, described the cosmos allegorically through the imagery of Indra’s net. In the heavenly abode of the deity Indra, there was cast an infinite net reaching in all directions, and at each node point in the net there was a jewel, each reflecting the light of all the others—infinitely. Should any jewel be touched, each of the infinite other jewels would instantly be affected, presaging Bell’s theorem that everything is interconnected in this interdependent universe.

The Buddhist vision essentially describes a holographic universe
—our holographic universe. In The Tao of Physics, Capra explains the relevance of Indra’s net to particle physics, stating that “particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to ‘contain’ one another.”

This is a principle of the hologram: that each part contains within it the information that codes for the whole. In other words, all information fundamentally exists nonlocally, infinitely reflected in all the facets of existence.

So, what is a hologram?

 A hologram is produced when a single laser light is split into two separate beams. The first beam is bounced off the object to be photographed. Then the second beam is allowed to collide with the reflected light of the first on photographic emulsion (film), creating and recording an interference pattern that looks something like the concentric rings that form when a handful of pebbles is tossed into a pond. But as soon as another laser beam (or in some instances just a bright light source) is shined through the film, a three-dimensional image of the original object reappears. What’s more, if the image is, for example, cut down the middle, or even divided into dozens of fragments, each section will contain not a particular section of the object, but the whole thing (albeit at a lower resolution).

Holograms are true three-dimensional images. This is evidenced by the fact that you can move your head while viewing the image and see it in a different perspective. This includes revealing part of the image which was hidden at another viewing angle.

Shown above are three images from the same hologram, obtained by looking through it at different angles. Note that the pawn appears in different perspective in front of the king behind it.
Each piece of a hologram contains a particular perspective of the image, but it includes the entire object. The image at upper right is the view through the larger part of the hologram, while that at lower right is through a small corner cut off the hologram. While the view through the small corner is from a particular point of view, it contains the whole object.
Images Source: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/Hbase/optmod/holog.html.

 The information is essentially distributed nonlocally throughout the holographic film. The hologram’s ability to store and process massive amounts of data is essentially due to the properties of light, which, incidentally, the body’s own DNA and cellular systems all use to communicate throughout our physical organism. The photon itself is considered to be localized information in its purest form.

In 1997, a young physicist named Juan Maldacena used M-theory and branes (D-branes to be exact) to suggest that the manifest world in its entirety could be a holographic projection of information embodied in its boundary.

The latest discoveries across all scientific disciplines are revealing the physical world (and its multifarious phenomena) is imbued with and in-formed by a holographic field, thus it is innately interrelated, coherent, and harmonic at all scales of existence. 

Recently, German scientists using equipment for detecting gravitational waves encountered a particular and unexpected noise, possibly the sound of the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time, according to Craig Hogan, a physicist at Fermilab in Illinois. Hogan had actually predicted the existence of this sound and approached the Germans with his explanation, suspecting that it may be due to the universe being a “giant cosmic hologram.”

Cosmologists have found that the entire universe can be described as a type of hologram, or as interference patterns in space and time. Physicist Raphael Bousso wrote: “The amazing thing is that the holographic principle works for all areas in all space times.”  Further proving this applies to all scales, researchers at IBM created a holographic projection in a carefully arranged assembly of several dozen cobalt atoms 20 nanometers in diameter. When they inserted a magnetic cobalt atom into the ellipse, a fully configured ghostly image of it also appeared at the other focus of the ellipse.  

Indeed, David Bohm and Karl Pribram discovered the holographic properties of nature concurrently for themselves, working as they were in the physical domain and the realm of the human brain, respectively. The information within a system is more fundamental than the energy through which it expresses itself, and the probabilities that describe a system are never random, as they are often wrongly interpreted; instead, they always embody information, whether they describe quantum possibilities or macro phenomena in the physical world.  Everything is fundamentally informational. Noted physicist Anton Zeilinger states succinctly in Dance of the Photons that the concepts of reality and information cannot be separated from each other.

This is illustrated brilliantly by Thomas Chalko in his excellent article “Is Chance or Choice the Essence of Nature?” on apparent electromagnetic (EM) randomness being broadcast over the frequencies of a digital mobile phone network which college students—unaware that the frequencies they were observing belonged to actual ‘intelligent’ conversations between living people—were instructed to investigate. The students analyzed the data using a statistical approach that allowed them to actually make predictions of many events within their frequency band. They had become quite convinced that their theory actually “described the Reality,” and statistically speaking, it did to some extent. However, Chalko points out that by adopting a statistical approach the students completely missed millions of very real intelligent phone conversations. “Our students just couldn’t imagine that what appeared to them as ‘random’ was actually the consequence of a very intelligently encoded information transfer. As a result—they didn’t even try to decode anything.”
The inference is clear: true randomness is an illusion, an artefact of limited perception and knowledge. The universe deals in intelligently encoded information that is intrinsically meaningful and thereby creates an ordered and meaningful cosmos, but there are many ways to analyse and extract information and meaning from the one system (complimentarity). The phone calls taking place between people manifested within the EM band as seemingly random fluctuations, but in reality these fluctuations were the result of conscious choices being made each moment by the people holding the conversations that possessed and expressed meaning to them and their own particular methods of analysis. The phone calls taking place looked random to the students because of the way they looked at them; they were not decoding them in a way that allowed them to extract or perceive the embedded meaning within privy to the speakers.

What if the quantum field’s ‘random’ quantum fluctuations are really the functions or effects of the language being spoken by the holographic cosmos as it converses nonlocally between its many and varied component parts? What if lurking behind it all is conscious choice—on a scale we can barely begin to comprehend? What if the ancients were right, and modern science has brought us full circle back to a teleological cosmology, one in which we are no longer the centrepiece of a dead and meaningless universe, but, as conscious beings, an integral part of an intelligent and fundamentally conscious holographic multiverse?

In a holographic and self-referencing (fractal) universe, if sentience and intelligence exists at one scale, it must exist on all of them. It is interesting that Bohm’s research into plasmas yielded the observation that electrons in a plasma configuration began to act as if they were part of a larger, interconnected whole, so much so that he frequently had the impression that the electron sea was ‘alive.’ Mircea Sanduloviciu and  colleagues have even created plasma spheres that can grow, replicate and communicate, fulfilling most traditional requirements for biological/living cells.  
Scaling things up, single-celled slime moulds demonstrate the ability to memorize and anticipate repeated events, a team of Japanese researchers reported in January 2008. The study clearly shows “a primitive version of brain function” in an organism with no brain at all.  In the late 19th century, over 110 years ago, Cienkowsky observed the feeding activities of the amoeba Colpadella Pugnax and found them so poignantly indicative of intelligence that he remarked that “one is almost inclined to see in them consciously acting beings!”  Scaling up still further, in his fascinating 1919 study, Modern Psychical Phenomena, Hereward Carrington detailed rigorous experiments on a group of especially talented horses which were capable of carrying out complex mental arithmetic—beyond even the mathematical abilities of the scientific men testing them! Their intelligence and communicative abilities with humans surpassed anything previously expected of the equine species.

Knowing that we have this incredible universe ostensibly permeated with intelligence at all scales, the holographic principle demands that these different expressions of consciousness must be integrated and woven together in a unified psychic tapestry; interconnected in ways unrestricted by space-time (nonlocally). This is what psychical research and parapsychology have overwhelmingly shown. (I cite many experiments proving this point in The Grand Illusion  1.)

Dean Radin analysed the results of variations of staring experiments, constituting 33,357 trials over sixty experiments. The objective in these experiments was for the subject to attempt to ‘guess’ correctly exactly when they were being stared at when they had no ‘normal’ way of knowing. The overall success rate was 54.5% as opposed to the 50% expected by chance, registering odds against chance of 202 octodecillion (that’s 2 × 1059) to one. Even accounting for an estimated six unreported ‘negative’ studies, odds against chance remained absurdly high at 1046 to one.  There is an indisputable though subtle observer effect on living systems, in other words. Some sort of subtle info-energetic transfer in the consciousness or time domain (aether) is precipitated merely by paying attention, suggesting we info-energetically ‘communicate’ with and feed whatever it is we focus on.
The research of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) has yielded irrefutable proof of the link between the quantum sea/vacuum and processes occurring within the collective human mind on earth. The GCP has set up all around the globe, some 65 (as at 2007 ) random number generators (RNGs) whose data is fed into the internet and linked back to Princeton University. The team looks for correlations in the data between the RNGs. For instance, in data from four hours before the September 11 terrorist attacks (which, according to the FBI and the notorious Dick Cheney, cannot be evidentially linked to Osama Bin Laden, and certainly not to the bare minimum seven ‘hijackers’ who turned up alive after the fact), they found an enormous level of coherence between the RNGs, indicating a hyperdimensional ‘forewarning’ of a large impending event and collective subconscious focusing on it. The period immediately surrounding the event shows a huge spike in coherence as humanity’s collective mind was focused consciously on events as they unfolded. The same results occurred before the Asian tsunami of 2004 and during the funeral service of Princess Diana.  The September 11 RNGs’ deviations from chance represented the largest such deviations for the whole year of 2001.  

Though there are many other sources substantiating the notion, the GCP alone has effectively proven that: consciousness is a real something; that it can ‘see’ into the near future; collective consciousness focused in harmony can affect quantum events—suggesting that consciousness is itself more fundamental than any form of energy/matter in space-time, that it is ‘sub-quantum’ in a sense.

As I show in TGI 1 & 2, consciousness appears to be synonymous with the spiralling torsion energy of time-space/the time domain, a nonlocal ‘implicate order’ that governs the formation of our space-time reality. It is this energy that appears to be responsible for nonlocal effects in quantum physics and virtually all mind-matter interactions documented in the annals of psi research.
If we are supplying energy to ideas, events and concepts merely by the act of observing or thinking about them, as the staring experiments and many others we don’t have space for here suggest, then does the question for us at this point in history become  ‘What should we focus on then?’ Rather than potentially fuelling the obvious criminality and corruption of the world’s major manipulating political and financial institutions (World Bank, IMF, governments, etc.) with our angst and resentment, and rather than feeding undesirable future scenarios with worry about what horrors might yet be, maybe our responsibility in the moment right now is, as Ghandi said, to be the change we want to see in the world. Thus we answer our earlier question which asked what to direct our mental energies towards: whatever it is that we want to make manifest in the world! After all, the seed conditions for mass paradigm shifts have never been better…

 Copyright 2011 Brendan D. Murphy


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  1. wishbone says

    everything throughout all infinity is ONE, i am. or if you like; i am the ALPHA (begining) i am the OMEGA (end) i am that, i am. or like the old hippy poster used to say; i was never born, i will never die, i have always been here in one form or another. or; be still and know that i am. i know it sounds simplistic, but i am simple, i am. :-) everyone calls themselves “I”

  2. katesisco says

    as the first poster said, nothing new. Why then do we let this info fall by the wayside only to rediscover it? Because it does not contribute to the economic scheme we labor under. S W Carey saw earth expansion in the geologic record; its still there. The Maya saw 5,000 y cycle of earth upheaval, and 25,000 cycle of earth in the spiral arm of the Milky Way. All is true but yet we discover it again and again. Why?
    Because this 5,000 y cycle is about compression of the heliosphere which ends in a non locality that transfers energy from the center to the spiral. Since the energy being stored in the Milky Way is neutrinos, and this extra input into the local gas cloud Fluff compresses all solar system heliospheres with in, and this compression reduces the area of the heliosphere leaving most of the planetary orbital bodies exposed to truly cosmic rays and expansion (Carey was right) when the compression has continued its reduction to perhaps Mercury or Mars.
    Our ‘history’ exists for the sole reason we failed to be excluded from the compressed heliosphere 5,000 y ago. But the neutrino input continues to heat planetary cores within or without the heliosphere. Since the compression is of brief duration, several years only, science has barely sufficient time to discover fascinating things like bacterial transmutation of elements before their disappearance in a non locality. The planetary bodies within the compression with a heated core kept from expelling the heat are immediately free from compression once the non locality occurs. The heated core responds with a surge of magma from the core known to scientists as a ‘hot spot,’ the surface of this surge.

    To think we can alter this is what the Greeks termed Hubris. But we can always pretend it is not known and take advantage of the poor plebians working for the patricans. Keeping the majority in the dark merely to profit the minority. Chase the philosopher’s stone for 5,000 y.

    I would like to point out that the net has so much info that the theories are past counting. That any worthwhile info applicable to surviving a global catastrophe is non existent. By the way, isn’t it nice that we didn’t manage to destroy Hawaii with nuclear toxins so perhaps there will be a starting point for a new Atlantis.

  3. Ian says

    A fascinating, intelligent, thought provoking article by Mr. Murphy and an equally fascinating, intelligent & thought provoking comment by Mr. Cook.

    There’s nothing I can add at that level of intellect, except to say that it truly appears to be ‘All One’. Mankind is technologically highly developed yet speeding down the road to chaos & destruction, blinded by outer form, ignorant of inner substance.

    The answers, clearly described by Spiritual Guides throughout the Ages, are to be found within, beyond mind.

    Sadly, it seems the World is due to experience major, collective karma before that truth is recognised.

  4. says

    Reaching for The Background Spheres of Existence

    When we actually look about and see beyond our own noses and our selfish attitudes about the human species, we see a vast realm of living entities interconnected to each other in a landscape worthy of a vast and thoughtful system requiring enormous levels of engineering and planning. Planning on such a high level it boggles the mind of the average student regarding this cursory existence. One wonders if we once knew of this knowledge in a universe now far away. It all suggests a multifaceted realm so well coordinated that it exists due to some over-lording system intertwined and ultra-wired to the ultimate degree.

    I call this system the “Background Sphere” which is a realm that in reality runs manifestly everything around us that we as entities discern as reality. David Bohm called this background the “generative order” where elementals of the “Holo-movement” issue forth into the physical world to become our reality. Some say it is the same as the Laws of Nature or the Laws of God. Most likely, it is both in a system beyond our comprehension while in this human state of being and becoming. We are here to learn of our fate. Our dreams seem to directly connect to such a realm but we cannot hold on to the knowing we experience every night in order to dissect it. But, there are times when we become lucid in our dreams.

    Recently, I was between awake and sleep for hours in the dead of the night. I had a quasi-dream series. I saw the scope of existence from ancient times until tomorrow. I saw the catastrophe that caused Egypt to become the power that it assumed and the great school of Pharaoh and its message to our intellect. We have not tried near enough to learn of the secret of being here in Time/Space during our age. We see only the tip of the spear point. Humanity has the ability to live beyond our present 100 years…if one is schooled in the Pharaoh’s curriculum. Enoch and perhaps Moses must have known of this schooling in the Wisdom of Being. It was extremely advanced yet even today we could teach it if we did not mainstream to pull down our very best minds.

    It seems a person who lived the first phase, if initiated could have a fake death and then be “seated” or fixed to live at least 100 or more years in the confines of the brotherhood to work for higher goals on Earth from the realms of Holographic knowledge outside of the normal channels of learning. It reminds me of area 51. It was common in Methuselah’s day to go into the Pharaoh state of existence. It is like being in the priesthood where one must know data that is beyond what a more flippant or shallow being knows in the everyday.

    This brotherhood is very powerful and has access to technology that most of us will never touch. The Temple of Man is their home and mission. It exists somewhere underground. I saw how the Earth was managed in those times. It was much more efficient than our system. Mostly the world was of fewer persons and there were no cities, as we know them — only centers of distribution of knowledge and products needed in the field. Most all persons were specialized in some field like our biology or other scientific studies. Support personnel were also present but they were like engineers or Masons. The centers also offered sanctuary to the deep-minded individuals of higher becoming.

    Management of Large animals was an area we do not know of. Mastodons were used to move great objects of weight and they lived up to 12,000 years ago if not 10,000. They were highly intelligent and trained as we train dogs. Flight was also highly developed as was shipping. Computers were not necessary for they utilized their own minds to manage information on a massive scale. Use of the Human mind was way ahead of our silly educational systems of PC learning (which is to dumb down).

    When the comet hit, that all ended. The great snake in the sky was special and a mass of many warheads each of a different effect bombarded for years from a deteriorating orbit from Hell.

    The Mediterranean was once the valley of Eden and was not as deep as it is today with all the weight of water upon it. The governing agencies of the Earth foresaw the coming of the comet and tried to shore up possible areas of tsunami flooding but they could not know the great abject power of the incoming horde of comets of ice and water and mineral…lots of mineral. It took years for the parts of this thing to finally enter the atmosphere of the Earth. 1908 was the last part with Tunguska. As the Mediterranean filled many great schools were drowned and destroyed Malta is a tiny part of what was there. If more research were conducted there, we would find evidence of those old posts of mankind. What was the prime site of the world’s leading center of knowledge was that of Kem and later Egypt. They tried to leave us a message…it is one we are too dumb to understand. If we search for our past we will be able to come back to the knowledge levels of the ancients…I fear we are never going to move back to our heritage.

    Anyway, I saw how the ancient Peruvians built their great wall of interlocking stones. They utilized a vegetable based transparent form with a spru-port to pour a catalyst into collections of stone that dissolved the stone into a concrete-like mix. The two chemicals did not act on Vegetable matter and the form was later burned away leaving only the massive rocks. Mastodons were also used to move huge stones but the technology to move stone was also a sound oriented task that I must dream on again to understand.

    I also saw a vast land in the Pacific (Mu) that was way to low for the amount of eventual water increase that the comet represented when it finally dissipated into the resources of the Earth. That land sank easily and took the wealth of the world with it. Strange visions…I am more tired now than when I went to sleep.

    This unknown place hides the inner and outer workings that most of us take for granted even in our dreams. All of the autonomic, automatic happenings that swirl around us as hidden aspects of existence purring along giving us a ride through the park. While our bodies, the planet, the universe percolates along pumping out a physical realm for us to enjoy — we seem to just be along for the ride and never consider the workings of this system that supports us in the background of virtually every reality that we experience. It is whereby Is, is and how we perceive who and what we are here in what some call a reality and others say it is an illusion. Whatever it is, we are slowly becoming aware of our own but it seems no one cares enough to really look beyond the community mall for its parameters. We are not the highest form of wisdom these days.

    The Background Sphere is like a Genetic Genesis that expresses itself from an implicate order hidden outside of reality that watches over every subtlety of a changing expression in life’s reality. The common man throughout history has, long overlooked this system of the hidden order — so overburdened with trivialities and mundane pursuits. Man is more concerned with the little realms that impact his direct experience, the experience of the self. If we are to become the super agents of a future world, we must learn of this vast Otherworld hidden by our own selfish interests accumulated while we traverse this fantastic panorama of burgeoning creativity and animation. We have barely scratched the surface of being and becoming.

    I am moving into my mid sixties and everyday, I hear of an old friend passing on to other states — hopefully higher states of being and becoming. I strive to understand this exciting process of being here, but it requires the stamina of a bull rider at a rodeo and the mentality of Einstein. Being from West Texas, one may discern why I try to see as far as I can since sky is about all we have to look at but as big as it is, that is enough.

    With each moment that fleets past me, I am brought to a deeper understanding of my own presence of being here in Time/Space. How one descends into deeper and more complex thought often times is comprehended by myself, but upon waking to a new day, it flies away into forgotten realms. Riding life is like riding a big white bubble that may burst at any moment. Whatever this thing is, I feel as though I am experiencing a presence and immersion into a massive pool of pure plasma-like mentality. It feels like a broadcast of data that becomes solid to my senses. Deep thought impacts an anvil when pounded too hard. I hope I am becoming harder and stronger mentally.

    According to Paul Davies, one of those great thinkers that I love to read — this is what one is faced with when trying to ascertain what being here is all about. He states, “Throughout history philosophers and mystics have sought a compact key to universal wisdom, a finite formula or text which, when known and understood, would provide the answer to every question. The bible, and Koran, the mythical secret books of Hermes Trismegistus, and the medieval Jewish Cabala have been so regarded. Sources of universal wisdom are traditionally protected from casual use by being hard to find, hard to understand when found, and dangerous to use, tending to answer more and deeper questions than the user wishes to ask. Like God the esoteric book is simple yet indescribable, omniscient, and transforms all who know it…Omega is in many senses a cabalistic number. It can be known of, but not known, through human reason. To know it in detail, one would have to accept its incomputable digit sequence on faith, like words of a sacred text.”

    I too have read and reread all those old books and now I am at my rope’s end. My dreams are now amplifying my thought process. I am now having many dreams about the First Time or the Ground Floor of Creation. I find myself walking in realms that are not supported by a base-earth; but are sustained by mentality. In order to see, one must first have light and then be able to see to make an eye. This is where I always find myself in my dreams, making an eye. The dichotomy of facing such an impossible task is indeed daunting. Yet, mankind is now able to Design with DNA and if we break this code, can we create a better eye or a higher mind’s Eye. I for one would wish for an eye with the visual acuity of a peregrine falcon — a raptor’s eyes to dissect every question.

    Many times, I think that in the day of the archons or those who did design aspects of this reality, and I know that program must still exist since my DNA is here — Their computer must have been phenomenal in order to output, some entity that coincides within the parameters of Space and Time. I always think of a Zebra being built or conceived. Of course one must have first designed Space and Time. I for one think that it Space/Time has always existed in some fashion. “Always” is a subject few of us can comprehend. But, to my way of thinking it is a must to existence.

    We humans need to awaken to who and what we are. Our minds can think on a higher level, but we are lazy. We must overcome this tendency and move ahead and back to what brought us to this zone of being and becoming.

    Humanity could be so much more if we were educated on a higher sophistication level. If every stage of each individual life were to dovetail with amplified points-of-departure as we interface with a background to reality ratio (multifaceted learning), we could become more. To attain more knowing through an interface with individual strengths at the start of life, we could attain an expanded learning paradigm. The point of all the above is that we must educate the inclinations of the total person if we are to become more. In order to accomplish this, we must interface society to inculcate all individual differences through a flexible method through communications technology and a creative (gestalt field sensitive) philosophy. Amplified communications will then allow us to: (1) teach symbolically or visually to those who have language problems (right brain dominants); (2) teach through simulation of processes; (3) teach via special effects and presentation graphics (science and math symbols representation via gestalts); (4) teach through interactive/integrated menu driven thresholds (hypertext and hype-world concepts); (5) teach through expressive or soft-entry methodology; (6) teach through heightened visual excitement and entertaining programming (monitored edutainment) ; (7) teach via transpersonal psychology ; (8) teach via individually developed student presentationals with multimedia tools; (9) teach via access to current data vendors and networks; (10) teach via access to educational bulletin boards and instant messaging; (11) teach through outside research provisions allowing students to go to the world to seek answers; (12) teach through real-world business interfaces and agreements; (13) teach through home/community visual augmentation to homework (online); (14) teach via real-life or life-like experiences; (15) teach via showmanship, marketing, and increased dialogue establishment; (16) teach through simulation of values, social mores, and respect (programmed examples); And finally, Learning through meditation and deep thought practices.

    Teaching through symbols testing or field sensitive testing with gestalt thresholds would expand our genius. If we can begin to reach out with this new powerful Simulation and Virtual technology, then we will address the totality that tunnel vision (Field Independent?), has so far caused us to miss. If we collectively attain a higher level of thought then the Background Spheres will manifest before our eyes and we will finally become what we were destined to be.

  5. says

    I came up with this in 1966 while attending college. I was one of the first, but I am glad the world is awakening to my thesis. This is what happens when you are an old West Texas Boy who no one knows or hears about. My wife has always said, “Honey, you were just ahead of your time.” Of course it is much more than what we currently put forth. I just wish I could see around the corner.

    Ron O.


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