Unexplained newly discovered lines near Nazca Desert

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. They were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The high, arid plateau stretches more than 80 kilometres (50 mi) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana about 400 km south of Lima.

Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, scholars believe the Nazca Lines were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 CE. The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, llamas, and lizards.

The lines are shallow designs made in the ground by removing the ubiquitous reddish pebbles and uncovering the whitish ground beneath. Hundreds are simple lines or geometric shapes; more than seventy are designs of animal, bird, fish or human figures. The largest figures are over 200 metres (660 ft) across. Scholars differ in interpreting the purpose of the designs, but they generally ascribe religious significance to them.

More Nazca Lines discovered with Google Earth

Although most people are familiar with Nazca animal geoglyphs,  the majority is unaware of  much more intriguing and unexplained huge lines (many km)  scattered over the Nazca Desert and nearby mountains. The erosion indicates that these lines are much older than animal geoglyphs. Here are few photos of these mysterious lines generated with help of Google Earth:

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  1. Mel Templet says

    I think we all underestimate the potential of our primitive ancestors. Like what else did they have to do? Do you think Galileo invented the lens when any thinking primate can use a drop of dew? Is a taught string, cooperation and a high vantage point so hard to envision? Our pollution clouds the sky, but even so, a good eye can still see the rings of Saturn from a balmy southern coast. We have devolved from who we once were.
    We’ve become fat and lazy and hoping for miracles. Our so-called science invents illusions to feed itself. We cannot escape eternity. We are one with it. The biggest issue is the love of money is the root of all evil.

  2. LUIZ VELOSO says

    It’s very clear that we have been visited by extraterrestrials for a log time ago. Governments, religions and petrol industry have not interest in explain this to us.

  3. aj says

    2012 is going to usher in a few new concepts: commercial space flights are going to expose people to any craft that might be zipping around are local exospace, as astronauts have claimed to see; religion will be dumped, and the people of the world will unite as one when we realize that there is more to our existance than ensuring our seat in heaven with god and all the pidgeons or gulls or whatever.

  4. Rationalist says

    How come the elite few who “know” the real truth of space aliens, conspiracies etc. are always only semi-literate?

  5. Ab Asaff says

    I concur with Ron. Politics and organized religion in concert with the money moguals and war mongers have kept the truth away from the ignorant masses. But nothing lasts forever except truth and the truth will rise and be with the ones who recognize it, enableing them to rise above this absurd world that has held them down for so long. As the Buddha once postulated, of truth in this world, there is little of it.

  6. Jason says

    I believe in the real history of our planet the truth can be a amazing journey for those who have the strengh and courage to do so,the celectine prophecy talk about humanity reaching a critical mass and for those who want to remain in a lower existance there choice.

  7. says

    I don’t know about you, but I was not born yesterday. (Nazca lines produced by aircraft with particle beams like lasers) There are tons of artifacts that show an advanced race or intellect hidden from the REAL history of this planet and I am tired of those in the know (U.S. Government) who are not telling the truth of our situation here on Earth. It is readily apparent that we are being KEPT by some entity from knowing the real purpose of our being. The real mystery of our existence is — why??? Ancient Egypt is full of the answers but it has become necessary for the Muslim Factions to take over that part of the world thereby shutting off any future exploration of all those artifacts that exhibit striations in the stonework of high speed machining and advanced engineering (See Chris Dunn) in most of those fabulous buildings (also see how the Muslims destroyed the massive Buddha in Afghanistan) . We have been HAD, and our existence here is a sham and one big lie.

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