Two Metaphors for Creation

Two Metaphors for Creation

by Daniel Neiman

The two basic metaphors for the creation of reality are:

  •  creation as waves on the sea and
  •  holographic projection.

The “waves on the ocean” metaphor says that there is an underlying energy, call this Source Energy. This source energy is consciously aware and intelligent so let’s call it Source Consciousness. With its pure energy, this source consciousness can create anything it wants by manipulating its pure energy to create waves, or particles, of condensed and filtered light, because essentially that’s what matter is–frozen light. So all matter and things we experience would be like waves resting upon this underlying ocean of pure unfiltered light.

It’s sort of like this underlying source consciousness is orchestrating this symphony of the universe, creating, sustaining, and directing every particle and atom. So, the atoms and particles themselves are just waves, or peaks of energy, on the underlying field of pure conscious energy. This corresponds to the fact that scientists have found a “zero-point field” which represents the lowest possible energy state. So, in a vacuum of space, this field is always there randomly fluctuating, but with an average fluctuation of zero. On the other hand, physical particles are areas of space where there is a level of fluctuation above zero for a sufficiently long period of time (Falk, 74). In essence, the physical particles that we observe are waves, or peaks of energy, stemming from an underlying field of infinite energy known as the “zero-point field” in modern day science.   

The other metaphor is the movie projector theory of reality.

This metaphor, again, starts with an underlying field of light. And of course this Light is intelligent and consciously aware. This underlying pure light acts like the white light of a movie projector. A movie projector essentially filters the pure white light of the projector to produce the specific pattern of shapes and colors you see on the screen. Furthermore, it projects each frame together in succession so fast that it appears as a moving picture to your mind. So, the same thing is happening in reality, but on a larger scale and in 3 dimensions. So, if you throw a ball and it looks like that ball is moving, what is really happening is that ball is being recreated every split second in a different position so that it only appears to be moving through space. 

This view of reality has an appeal due to certain quantum phenomena. Take for instance when an electron loses energy and steps down to a lower energy state. Quantum physics experiments suggest that the electron doesn’t move from point A to point B by moving through space, but instead goes from point A directly to point B instantaneously without any movement in between. More or less, it seems like the electron is instantly teleporting from one point to another. But if reality is being projected, or recreated, every fraction of a second, then all we’re noticing are successive frames of the projection.

In one instance we see the electron here, then in the next instance it shows up over there. In one instance the underlying intelligence projected the electron in one position and in the next frame it projected it in a different place. So essentially, the physical laws these particles are assumed to follow are nothing more than consistent patterns that this underlying intelligent field of light enacts in its projection.
This projector view of reality can also be useful in understanding another intriguing quantum phenomenon known as quantum entanglement. This is when two particles or photons of light that were once united are split apart, going their separate merry ways. Physicists have found that the particles will retain complementary values for certain attributes, such as spin. So if one of the entangled particles is measured to have a clockwise spin, the other will have a counter-clockwise spin. And this complimentarity is instantaneous. It’s not as if particle A is measured and sends a signal to particle B telling it which direction of spin it must take. It is simply an instantaneous connection between the two particles. Einstein famously called it “spooky action at a distance.” Well, the projector theory suggests that this is not at all spooky. It’s simply that the source consciousness is projecting the two particles that way. Since the source consciousness projects every particle every instant, it can maintain this complementary relationship if it wants. In other words, the source consciousness determines the rule set, or laws, used to project/create reality.

The two theories essentially boil down to the same basic concept:  There is an underlying intelligence of pure light or energy responsible for the creation of reality and the laws, or predictable patterns, of nature. This intelligence creates reality from its own body of light, and this can be thought of as like a projector projecting a movie, or as waves on an ocean. However, understand that this Source is projecting the information of the world, not the specific way you see it. You are the projector of what you see. You take the information about the physical world provided by the Source and convert that into a picture of the world. A table, for instance, is comprised of a specific pattern of physical energy. That energetic pattern is supplied by the Source. You are the one that takes that information and projects the visual image of a table.

Source: Falk, Geoffrey D., The Science of the Soul: On Consciousness and the Structure of Reality.  Nevada City: Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2004.

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  1. Richard Perry says

    I have thought that the big bang produced a ringing wave in which the universe is carried on, the material in the universe is blinking on and off as it passes from the top half to the bottom half of the wave. This would mean we are blinking on and off and makes us exist in two different planes above and below wave half’s. This would answer an old question of how can we move if there are an infinite number of steps to move through (divide a distance in half for ever will give infinite steps for the slightest movement) as it would take forever. The ringing bell wave would give a off point at the center and end point of the wave allowing a jump over a small distance that would be a factor of the frequency and speed of the bell frequency. Food for thought.

  2. shahine ali says

    I agree. Both descriptions are valid. The Nagual Don Juan Matis described it as The Dark Sea of Awareness. I think the missing link is how Humans affect this energy-field by their thoughts. As an experiment, i am attempting to create a new Reality via an Art Installation. My research suggests our Reality is created by a critical mass believing something to be “real”, thus making it “real”. In other words, there is no Reality objectively or Every thing is real, however impossible it may appear to be. The Schroedinger Cat in a box paradox. So what we call Reality is merely a figment of our imagination. As such, we only need to dream the dream that makes us feel good to experience a good Reality. This is where the Critical Mass comes in. I hope enough people assist with the experiment. See

  3. says

    Very insightful!! I have experienced the REALITY that is GOD in both ways–the Light/ Sound quotient in deep Meditation; the Projector/ Hologram in my second deepest Dream Vision. How wonderful is GOD? How wonderful is the “Gate”–my personal term for the Christ Spirit?! Namaste~~

  4. Mike H. says

    Most people would describe that Source Energy as GOD. That being said an appreciation by the public of how that Field Source acts in relationship to our world and hence humanity would free many a soul.

    But one thing that holds people back from being free and experiencing the wonder of that Source Energy is people believe a lie. THAT GOD IS INTO BLOOD SPORT. Of course that is a lie of ET’s, priest, minister or whatever the popular religious dogma is promoting.

    Freedom for humanity will begin to come with the types of knowledge you are imparting in your article

    Mike H.


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