The World in Upheaval – 3000 B.C.E.

The World  in Upheaval, 3000 B.C.E.

by Leonard Farra

As I mentioned, in previous articles, extraordinary things were happening on our planet 5,000 years ago . There was a major climate change, and flooding, and this was followed by the rise of advanced civilisations. However, there is another fascinating side to this story and its been  a major influence on many aspects of human life ever since.

Climate change and flooding

The Quelccaya Ice Cap, in the high Andes Mountains in Peru, is the largest glaciated region in the tropics and Lonnie Thompson, Professor of geological sciences at Ohio State, who conducted scientific research there, made the discovery that something had abruptly happened, around 5,200 years ago, and that it influenced climate over a large area. Research at other Ice Caps, around the world, have produced similar results. El Nino is a cyclical meteorological event in which a rise in the Pacific surface temperature has drastic effects on world weather and scientists have discovered that there was a major El Nino around 5,000 years ago.  River Deltas began to form in different parts of the world. The present level of the Nile valley, for example, is thought to date to that time. (1)  The North African eco system collapsed and the Meidob volcano in Sudan erupted. According to researcher/ scholar Thor Heyerdahl,  ‘ a geological catastrophe took place in the Atlantic’ ‘ great enough to split Iceland’ (2) and  in a worldwide review of raised beaches, submerged forests, and other evidence, indicates that ‘a date close to 3100  b.c.e is favoured by the sea level evidence.’ (3)

The British Isles

Five thousand years ago there was substantial flooding around the coasts of Britain and tree rings indicate that in Ireland and England there were massive amounts of ash in the atmosphere. Ice core recovered from Greenland’s Camp Century also indicates a ‘ large increase in falling ash worldwide in 3100 b.c.e.’ (4)  There was also a change in religious beliefs and a bearded male sky-god became the focus of attention. The first phase of Stonehenge was commenced and over a thousand stone circles, probably used for religious and social purposes, began to appear in the British Isles and in lesser numbers in other countries. Important changes occurred in the Orkneys, north of Scotland, where, at Skara Brae, a new type of village community living began near a sacred area comprising two large stone circles, the enormous ‘flying-saucer’ shaped mound of Maes Howe and the amazing Ness of Brodger complex. Huge stone mounds also appeared along Europe’s Atlantic coast. Some archaeologists describe them as burial enclosures but could it be that Irish Celtic legend was nearer to the truth when it described Ireland’s famous New Grange mound as the ‘home of  Old World gods.’ ( 5)

The Middle East, Egypt, and Crete

Around 5,000 years ago, some of the Middle Eastern peoples were on the move such as the sea-faring Phoenician master builders  who settled in the Levant. Further west in the Med, the entire island of Crete was affected by a major upheaval which was so intense that its people sought refuge in caves and settled on high hills.(6) However  ‘after 3000 b.c. the sea level at the eastern end of the Mediterranean dropped, or the land rose’.(7) Scholars date  Egyptian civilisation to 3,100 b.c.e., when the country’s two kingdoms were united and although Egypt had no flood legend , the catastrophic events that occurred were alluded to in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. (8) The era of Malta’s main temples came to an abrupt end and amateur Maltese archaeologist, Joseph Ellul, suggested that this was caused by a massive wave of water which swept in from the Atlantic and washed away Malta’s topsoil.(9)

The Sumerians

The Sumerians, who arrived in Southern Iraq around 5,000 years ago, were more advanced than people already living there and civilisation rapidly took off . Villages expanded into towns and towns into cities. The Sumerians were a major influence on other cultures in the region but what was it that caused them to  immigate ?  Well, according to their scribes, they were survivors of the Flood and, after leaving their original homeland, they stopped at a land called Dilmun which is generally thought to be Bahrain. (10)  Nobody  knows where they originated. Was it a land that’s submerged beneath the Gulf or was it somewhere further away say in the direction of the Indian sub-continent ? According to the Sumerian scribes, the Flood was caused by certain divine beings called the Annunaki, or Annanage  (‘The Shining Ones’), who, many alternative scholars believe were aliens. These entities, who were first seen on the summit of a mountain, above a place called Kharsag, helped civilise man and  taught people agriculture, and various useful arts. The reason why they later destroyed mankind, with a flood, was because people had become evil.

Although not generally mentioned by name, but identifiable by their number and high status, the leaders of the Annunaki were revered as gods in many early Middle Eastern cultures and in later years, various people claimed them to be the ancestors of their tribe or sometimes heroes.(11) This group of ‘gods’ appeared in Egyptian religious traditions and they were alluded to in the symbolic layout of a secret underground complex near the pyramids at Giza.(12)  More on this later.

One of Sumeria’s chief gods , who was claimed to be the ‘ Civiliser of Man’, was known around the world under a variety of names. According to early legends,  he had the appearance of a tall white, white, bearded man and  he dressed in long white robes and, sometimes, he wore white sandals. Some people said that he caused the Flood whilst others said that he helped rescue the survivors or they didn’t associate it with him. The Sumerians called him Ea, or Enki , and they showed him in the form of a horned, bearded, man.
In the Babylonian Flood story he ‘preserved the seed of mankind by rescuing one man.’ (13)
The Dogon, in West Africa, know him as Lebe and, like all other civilisers, he is linked with agriculture.
The Egyptians called him Osiris and although they associated him with agriculture, they also made him the god of the dead and every Egyptian hoped to be united with him when they died. According to early Egyptian legends, after leaving Egypt, Osiris and his companions set off to visit other countries.

The Far East

China’s earliest recorded civilisation dates back 5,000 years to the Long Shan culture which spread along the Pacific coast. The Long Shan were more advanced than their predecessors and instead of scattered villages, they lived in walled towns and  herded sheep, cattle, and goats. Waves of settlers began to arrive in Korea and built villages especially on the coast. Korean medicine dates back to this time as do advances in fishing and weaving. Around 5,000 years ago, some of Taiwan’s native people arrived on the island. According to the Ami tribe, their ancestors previously lived on another island, east of Taiwan, but they were blown onto its coast by a terrific storm.(14) Another Ami legend tells of a frightening time when a boiling flood occurred after an earth-opening earthquake and the eruption flooded the whole Earth .(15) According to Vaughn M Greene, ‘there are many indications that ‘China, like Japan, was visited by astronauts who set up a ruling class. In 3000 b.c. that strange  period when so many ‘Gods’ were walking the earth’, he adds, ‘ a ‘bearded white’ man named ‘Tai-Ko Fe-Kee’ came to China’. Greene says that he taught the people arts and agriculture and gave them their calendar. (16) I haven’t found any mention of him anywhere else but the story is worth repeating. China also has legends of a great flood and it’s generally dated to around 4,200 years ago. However, as we have seen, there were advances in civilisation, in this region 5000 years ago, as well as in many early cultures, and they occurred in the era of the Great Flood.

The Indian sub-continent

A highly advanced civilisation, which spread over 300,000 square miles, arose, and expanded, in the Indus River floodplain around 5,000 years ago in what is now north-west India and Pakistan. Its cities were well built with brick and stone and its people had a system of writing. The identity ,and place of origin, of these people is unknown but it’s worth noting that the present Hindu Age, Kali Yuga, began in 3102 b.c.e when there was  climate change, and flooding,  in many parts of the world and when the Sumerians arrived in Southern Iraq. And it’s also interesting that one of the versions of the Indian deluge story suggests that the ‘Celestial Rishis’, who are identifiable as the leaders of the Annunaki, were  involved in the rescue of a highly regarded man, Manu, who was also a seer (17) and  one of the many counterparts of the biblical Noah.  

North and Central America

The Late Archaic period, in North America, began in 3,000 b.c.e, around which time there was an increase in population in parts of the continent, such as on the North-West Pacific coast, and when cultural development and trade expanded. Whilst scholars believe that the ancestors of all the Native Americans crossed over the Baring Straits from Asia thousands of years ago, many of the indigenous people say that they came from a lost flooded land. There were flood legends throughout North America and some Native Americans say that when the flood came, their ancestors fled to high hills. Others claim that they sheltered underground in caves.  L.Taylor Hansen collected Native American legends about the visit of  a great civiliser. Some people were said to have  called him the miracle worker, or prophet or healer, and they stated that he wore a long white robe. (18) The Mandan Indians said that  he was their first ancestor, and a great civiliser. They also said that he wore clothing made of milk-white wolf skins and that he ‘preserved them from the Flood’.  (19) The Ojibwe called him Manaboza, or Michabo, and they also knew him as The Great White Hare because of his dazzling white appearance. Manabozho had supernatural enemies who destroyed the world with a flood but he protected the survivors and made the water depart.

Traditions, and legends, which seem to be based on the 5,000 year old story of the Annunaki leaders, were also popular in the New World. They were deeply embedded in the traditions of some of the Native Americans including the Cherokee where they influenced the layout of the tribe’s Council Chambers and the religious aspect of some of their popular games.(20)

The Caribbean and Central America

Around 3000 b.c.e , when the world was in turmoil, there appears to have been flooding in the Caribbean and it may have been the source of the flood legends on some of the islands. According to Paul Dunbavin, mangrove swamps, dated to about 3210-3120 b.c.e can be found there at a depth of 3 metres on the island of Bimini (21) and Maltese scholar Joseph Ellul says that: ‘This severe flooding of the Caribbean islands is quite natural when one considers that the Caribbean lies exactly opposite to Gibraltar and having a horse-shoe shape it reflects the waves concentrating them in the middle of the Caribbean. So this flood in the Caribbean must correspond in time and is the effect of the Great Flood round the Mediterranean basin’. (22)

The North American Hopi have a legend about things that occurred after the Flood and which involved their Bow clan. (23) This story refers to their stay in certain caves and which also happen to be the ‘place of origin’ of some of the Central American Native peoples. The reason why nobody has ever been able to find these caves is because they don’t physically exist. This is an allegorical story, that’s featured in the Mayan creation legend ,and it dates back to 3114 b.c.e  the beginning of the present age, in their calendar. (24) These caves are represented in the form of sacred architecture in some Mayan cities such as Chichen Itza (25) and practically the same symbolism was built into the above mentioned secret underground complex in Giza in Egypt. The Maya had a group of ‘creator gods’ identical in number to the leaders of the Annunaki, and some of their traditions, record in the Popul Vuh, would not be out of place in Ancient Sumeria.

The  Native peoples in Central America also had traditions of the great civiliser and he  appears to  be the same entity who features in the legends of the  tribes in the North. The Aztecs called him Quetzalcoatl and the Maya Kukulcan both of which mean ‘feathered serpent. He was not a serpent-god, though, as some scholars suggest, for many of the Early World civilisers were associated with a snake such as Osiris in Egypt and the Dogon Lebe. When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, people thought that the white bearded god had returned with his companions. How wrong they were.

South America

Brazil is the largest country in South and Latin America. It’s bordered by several other countries and it has tribal people living in its jungles. Over recent years, researchers have been discovering some of the fascinating mysteries of its past. Several years ago, two rows of six pyramids were spotted on a satellite imagining map in its jungle, near the eastern side of the Andes range, and numerous pyramids, built from sea shells, by unknown people, have recently been found on Brazil’s southern coast. The oldest ones have been dated to the critical era around 3000 b.c.e. when the world was in upheaval. Traces of other lost civilisations have also been found in the jungles of Brazil.


The Muiscas in Colombia also had traditions of the civiliser who they called Bochica. They described him as having the appearance of a fair-skinned, long bearded, man who dressed in long flowing robes and who, like many of the other Early World civilisers, carried a staff. They said that he suddenly appeared on a plateau and that when he came to visit them, he instructed them in the arts of hunting and agriculture and how to build their houses and live in villages. Bochica was also featured in the El Dorado story, which led the Spaniards on a wild goose chase in pursuit of gold, and when the Spaniards first  arrived in Colombia, the Muiscas thought they were his envoys .(26) They also called him  Sua ‘the white one’  (27) and they said that he was a hero because when ‘Chibchacum, the god of the field caused a deluge, he appeared in a rainbow and’ chastised Chibchacum, after lowering the height of the waters’ (28)

Around 5,000 years ago, around the time of the major El Nino event, settlements began to appear on the coast of Peru and there was a surge in monument building. There are also early signs of agriculture along the Supe river valley and at Aspero, near its mouth, an unknown people built large platform mounds. Over the years, several advanced civilisations arose in various parts of Peru the last  one being the Incas who established the largest empire in South America. In a tradition, which appears to have been inherited from other Peruvian people, the Incas also had legends about the great civiliser. They described him as being a white, bearded, man who wore a white robe, fastened at the waist, and who carried a staff. The name that they gave him was Viracocha.  According to legend, he destroyed a race of giants, which he had created, with a flood and he then created man in his own size. In another Inca story, he appeared after a period of darkness and began to create the landscape and the heavens. He also gave life to man. Were the black skies caused by the worldwide increase in falling ash in 3100 b.c.e’?

The Pacific

Something drastic appears to have happened, around 3000 b.c.e, to cause people to sail across  thousands of miles of ocean in the Pacific to find new homes. Settlers began to arrive in the Philippines, where there are traditions of a great flood, (29) and waves of immigrants began to settle in the islands of Indonesia. Could it be that this movement of people was caused by the El Nino event which affected a wide area?  Unusual things were also happening in Australia. Stephen Oppenheimer says that : ‘The post-flood foreign arrivals reached Australia around 5000 years ago’.(30) and advanced tools spread across the country. The Aboriginal tribes in East Australia tribes have legends of a great civilising sky-god, called Baime, who had the appearance of an elderly man, who carried a staff, and who was here in the era called Dreamtime .Baimi was associated with the Rainbow Serpent and ,according to legend, he once caused a flood. The indications are that he was the Early World’s ‘civilising god’ and the circular enclosure associated with him, which was used in Aboriginal rituals, was remarkably similar to the plan of early Stonehenge – one of the numerous monuments of the sky-god religion. (31) There is also reason to suppose that the Aboriginal Wonjini were another version of the Sumerian Annunaki. ( 32)


The Hawaiians had a god who they associated with agriculture, rainfall and fertility. They called him Lono and they represented him with ‘white bark cloth’. Capt.Cook, the 18th century British explorer, arrived in Hawaii at the time when his return was expected. Cook was mistaken for the god and the people gave him a rousing welcome. However, he was killed when he later returned and when the Hawaiians discovered their mistake.


Five thousand years ago, something incredible happened on this planet. Legends suggest that there was an extra-terrestrial visit to Earth and that among the visitors was a tall white, white bearded, civiliser being who wore a long white robe and who, with his companions, travelled around the world meeting its people. This being taught people agriculture, and many useful arts, and although not mentioned in this article, various sources associated him with the Pleiades. Whilst the visors were here, there was climate change, and flooding, in many parts of the world. The people blamed the Flood on them and said that they had punished mankind for being evil. After The Flood, civilisation was reborn, in different countries, and many  tribes began to settle into new lands. These incredible events, and the E.T visit, had a major impact on human life. Numerous versions of the sky-god religion were spread around the world as were hundreds of allegorical deluge stories many of which have been taken literally. (32) And since there were remarkably similar sky-god religions on both sides of the Atlantic, it would seem likely that there was contact between the Old and New Worlds long before Columbus arrived in the Americas. Furthermore, if there was an extra-terrestrial visit to this planet 5,000 years ago, then there is no reason why it should not be happening again in the present.


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PS Great Teachers of Humanity

by the Editor

Was the “Great Design” work of Nature or God(s)?… At this time we cannot be certain. However, one thing is clear: either by their own intelligent inquiry into nature or by teachings received from god(s), ancient architects and builders encoded the knowledge about the Grand Design in their “projects (pyramids and temples).  It is amazing, that all major religions mention their gods as “teachers of mankind”… Here are few examples:

Ea (Enki), the god of ancient Sumeria

In remote times, according to this myth, when men lived in a lawless manner like beastsEa appeared from the sea. Part man and part fish, the double-headed god instructed men in handicrafts, farming, letters, laws, architecture, and magic. He softened the primitive rudeness and since that time nothing has been added to improve on his teaching. After a day of instruction Ea retired into the sea, whence the divine fish man made only three other appearances over a period of thousands of years.

E.A., the standing serpent wave, offers the secret of the stars to a priest.

JAHVEH, the LORD of Israel

And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See , the LORD hath called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah; And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship;And to devise curious works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in the cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of wood, to make any manner of cunning work. And he hath put in his heart that he may teach , both he, and Aholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan. Them hath he filled with wisdom of heart, to work all manner of work, of the engraver, and of the cunning workman ,and of the embroiderer , in blue, and in purple, in scarlet , and in fine linen, and of the  weaver, even of them that do any work, and of those that devise cunning work.  — Exodus 30-35 (Bible, KJV)

Quetzalcoatl, the god of Mesoamerica

In his wrote: “In the city of Tollan reigned many years a king called Quetzalcoatl….He was exceptional in moral virtues … the place of this king among these natives is like King Arthur among the English.’ The temple pyramid dedicated to Quetzalcoatl in this advanced city had been built by the Toltecs, whose ninth emperor priest he was. Three centuries after the collapse of Toltec power the rulers of Aztecs were pleased to call themselves ‘successors of Quetzalcoatl’. He was regarded as the greatest historical king: he started the cultivation of maize; he introduced weaving, the polishing of stone, and the making of feather mantles; he taught men how to measure time and study the movements of the stars; he invented the calendar along with its fixed ceremonies and days of prayer; he expounded religious doctrines.  –  Bernardino de Sahagun“History of Things of New Spain” (written in the sixteenth century)

Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan “lord of life”and King of Tula being `consumed’ by a `serpent’.


Viracocha is the great creator god in the pre-Inca and Inca mythology in the Andes region of South America. According to the myth recorded by Juan de Betanzos, Viracocha rose from Lake Titicaca (or sometimes the cave of Pacaritambo) during the time of darkness to bring forth light. He made the sun, moon, and the stars. He made mankind by breathing into stones, but his first creation were brainless giants that displeased him. So he destroyed it with a flood and made a new, better one from smaller stones. Viracocha eventually disappeared across the Pacific Ocean (by walking on the water), and never returned. He wandered the earth disguised as a beggar, teaching his new creations the basics of civilization, as well as working numerous miracles. He wept when he saw the plight of the creatures he had created. It was thought that Viracocha would re-appear in times of trouble. Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa noted that Viracocha was described as “a man of medium height, white and dressed in a white robe like an alb secured round the waist, and that he carried a staff and a book in his hands.”

Image courtesy of Ken Bakeman

Graphic showing part of the frieze with Viracocha and winged figures converging on the central deity. These images are part of the Sun Gate calendar from Tiwanacu. Click to enlarge

According to some researchers (e.g. Zecharia Sitchin),  our ancestors knew their gods. They were not gods in any religious sense, and there was no religion as such. The gods were not a matter of belief: the people lived side by side with them in cities built by human laborers under the direction of Anunnaki architects and engineers.


Ancient Alien Astronauts Theory



  1. ufo says

    @Lenard Farra, seems that replies are only allowed to be 4 levels deep.

    In any case, the question to ask is why are you looking for artifacts as in pottery or inscriptions in stone tablets as this NOVA article does in response to the assertion that the Pyramids are much older than 5000 years?

    Meier is claiming that humans on Earth have ET origin. So we are talking about technology that we may not even comprehend. As an aside, just want to mention the very different mindset of Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Cosmologists being a major thorn in the side of the mainstream Big-Banger Cosmologists because the former make assertions about the cosmos that can be readily demonstrated in a lab. So if the ET’s had such technology, of what use are artifacts such as pottery and inscriptions on stone tablets to them? Another item that is generally overlooked is the ET’s were and still are over-population averse. They understood and were able to compute the carrying capacity of a planet in terms of supporting and sustaining humanoid life forms in a manner that was harmonious and conducive to spiritual evolution. They understood the limits of having a physical host. If you have ever experienced an OBE, then you will understand that last statement.

    Getting back to the Pyramids and the evidence for dating to 5000 years is flawed. Please consider Asket’s explanation of the Pyramid’s used for survival. Asket, from the DAL Universe , was Billy’s second ET contact during the 60’s. Asket refused to disclose the original reason for the pyramids by their builders some 73,300 years ago. Next consider Semjase’s explanation of the Gizeh Intelligence. In it she states:

    The great pyramid was originally built, along with two others on our planet, as devices to transfer matter and people around the planet. The pyramid was covered with gold at the time and contained an apparatus on the top to enhance the mental energies of the inhabitants.

    The outer skin of the pyramid served to keep out unwanted energies, thus allowing the mental powers of those within it to be increased. The other two pyramids are in China and Mexico. They are both covered over with dirt and will be discovered in a few years.

    Semjase was Meier’s third contact during the 70’s until she suffered an accident at the Semjase Silver Star Center in 1984.

    We know that Billy Meier’s FIGU group constructed their own pyramid with a pure copper exterior with an attachment provided by the Plejaren to enhance the effects of meditation. Randolf Winters who was present during that time mentions some people being able to float while in meditation and that their time in the pyramid was strictly limited to prevent injury as a result of losing control. Our mental and spiritual aptitude are still quite limited.

    We know that the pyramids were once, more recently, covered in polished white casing stones of Tura limestone. These casing stones were later transferred to other structures such as mosques.

    So we have some indication that the pyramids were used for different reasons through the ages. Also it is clear that much of the work on the skin of the pyramids wold require work. The original gold skin would no doubt have been lifted by later generations of “kings” as their symbol for wealth to allow them to buy mercenaries and create standing armies for ruling the world.

    So we now have at least two mindsets of people: One at the time of the pyramid’s purported construction, 73,300 years ago, where gold could be left out in the open as a covering for the pyramids; Another, when gold had to be horded by so-called kings to buy armies to rule over mankind.

    But lets leave the pyramids aside for now. Instead, we want to make an attempt at the deluges that appear to have occurred at the 5000 year past.

    The timeline claims Venus being ripped out of orbit around planet Uranus around 6,339.5 BCE by a Destroyer Planet/Comet. Then 6,104 BCE, Venus crosses Earth’s path bringing a new rotational period, gigantic earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and elemental storms. Not mentioned is debris of asteroids (remnants of destroyed planet Malona) dislodged and pulled-in during Venus transit through the asteroid field. Then again in 4,006 Venus crosses into the Earth’s path and lightly disturbs the earth, without bringing about large catastrophes.

    In “Thunderbolts of the Gods”, David Talbot not only mentions Venus causing havoc circa 3000 BC, but also Mars. You will have to conduct your own search about Mars as I don’t have ready links at this time. But Mars orbit became unstable so that it also came within visible distance of Earth observers to see the electromagnetic effects between Venus and Mars at close proximity to Earth. So there would have been numerous opportunities for the effects of asteroid impacts and electrical discharges from plasma effects while the planets were in close proximity to the Earth.

    Wal Thornhill has mentioned in one of his presentation that Venus has a plasma tail that periodically stretches all the way to the Earth causing a pushing effect on the Earth.

    Lastly, I want to revisit the subject of over-population on the Earth. Looking at the “timeline”, it is clear that there were IHWH (god’s – technologically advanced ET’s that were still immature spiritually) who had a hunger for power, wealth, and blood lust. It was these people that introduced religions as a means of controlling people through their ignorance and abandonment of self-responsibility in the affairs of their lives. It is these IHWH that are responsible for the “curtain” on human history on the Earth. Their lust required large populations, that could be disposed of at will, to do all the hard work required for the comforts and technology that the IHWH lusted after. People were deliberately kept ignorant as is done today for the same reasons. Only a small percent of people have an intellect allowing them to surface above this artificial blanket and who are subverted by current so-called leaders for the very same reasons as the original IHWH. These IHWH had powerful technology capable of causing disasters rivaling those in nature.

    I am just employing my imagination to explain a history beyond 5000 years using the Meier contact reports, and other reports that are part of our somewhat 5000 year history.

    So there exist other explanations not generally considered as to the age of the pyramids and a history older than 5000 years.

    • Leonard farra says

      If you wish to believe that an entity,who Meier calls Asket,told him that the Great Pyramid is 73,300 years old,that’s up to you but I am not convinced for apart from there being a village near Giza’s pyramids where the workmen lived,there is considerable evidence, set in stone, which reflects the Ancient Egyptians religious beliefs. Throughout te Early World,around 5,000 years ago, including in Egypt,there were versions of a sky-god religion and many of the followers of this religion used similar sacred architecture. Different forms of it were built into many early pyramids including in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. There is also another form of sacred architecture at Giza which was used by the Maya and the Druids.

    • Leonard farra says

      A further thought. Perhaps you would like to explain the symbolism built into the Great Pyramid the sacred numerology expressed in the dimensions of the King and Queen’s chambers and the symbolic feature on the summit.

  2. says

    Indeed, much of the above is an old story for many who deeply study the ancient world. But, prior to 5,000 years ago, a civilization of such high knowledge, wisdom and massive accomplishments flourished on this Earth. 12,900 years ago, there was a great change here with the Carolina Bays Event whereby the surface of the planet was washed clean by a large, fragmenting Comet, which swept away the valley regions of the Med and destroyed the great civilizations all around the world. I believe this first event set up all the other events due to parts of the comet going into orbit and gradually raining down over the years until it was depleted. But yes, parts of that great civilization almost destroyed in the Carolina Bays Event carried over in a unit of great leadership that trickled down to today as the Masonic Memory. They were initially the philosopher scientists of old who tried to help the Earth recover from these periodic catastrophes. They might have been called the Gads or Gods, but they were men who were highly knowledgeable in regards to who and what we truly are…carriers of the One Mind in the many (Multifaceted God that has always been — Laws of Physics or the law of God). We are the parts of the whole. They, the individual parts, were highly sophisticated and knew the massive potential we truly have to caretake this massive universe. They knew we were projected here via DNA to learn. But the catastrophes were so powerful, average man lost his past and is now trying to recover the lost knowledge. We just do not try hard enough, but it is there for the retake. Anon.

    I suggest we develop a collective group and begin to reconstitute this past history and formulate a vision of our past so we may get back to work on our future. Can we develop a template and begin to fill in the gaps.

    Ron O.

    • Leonard farra says

      What I have done, Ron, is to put together some of the numerous pieces of a complex puzzle which shows that the Ancients claimed that they were visited by tall,white ‘civilising gods’ who came from the Pleiades around 5,000 years ago. It would be interesting to see what evidence you have of a great civilisation that existed nearly 8000 years earlier as the only known site anywhere near that date is the 12,000 year old complex at Gobekli Tepe.
      Leonard Farra

      • says

        Many sites positioned as 5,000 years old are done to fit into the matrix that you have reported on. Puma Punku is indeed old and Machu Picchu initially was only a part of what we see today. Many of the sites in Egypt are postured and positioned as recent, but many I know indicate that they are much older and were taken over by persons who commandeered these ancient sites for their own purposes. Malta is the tip of the archaeological record. Much of the Earth was swept clean by the tsunamis that were indeed massive 12,900 years ago. little is left. The major part of civilization lived near the oceans that rose some 600 feet due to the melting of the poles and the saturation of ice held in the comet and its fragmented parts. We are living a lie and some of us know the truth. The world is apparently not interested in your story nor ours. Yet, both are true to some degree. There are corroborations for my words but few are ready to hear of their ancient past.

  3. Leonard farra says

    My article is concerned with the worldwide Pleiades traditions of the Early World and it does not confirm, or deny, the claims made by Billy Meier.
    Leonard Farra

      • Leonard farra says

        The indications are that three was an Earth visit from the Pleiades, 5000 years ago, which completely changed the course of human history and it isn’t even mentioned in this claimed time line

        • ufo says

          5000 years ago would be 3000 BC: See 3,343 BCE in the timeline link.

          “Jehav murdered by first-born son Arussem but Arussem exiled by his younger brothers Ptaah and Salam. Arussem returns soon after and creates his base beneath the Giza Pyramids. Ptaah and Salam begin to rule Hyperborea with justice, wisdom and kindness.

          Not counting their first visit and settlement 22,000,000 years ago, the “Pleadians”, have been involved with the Earth for the last 389,000 years.

          By the way, they are not from the Pleadies but from the Plejares system which is 70 light-years further away from the Pleadies. After the catastrophe in the Lyra and Vega system, some settled in the Plejares system, while others settled in the Sol system (Malona, Mars, and later after Malona was destroyed, Earth).

          Read about “About Merlin, King Arthur And Excalibur”

          Each planet in the life zone of a star produces humanoid life forms of one skin color. In the case of the Earth, it is the brown skinned people. No. Evolution did not happen as claimed by Darwin. On planets without ET interference, humanoid evolution takes a very long time before they reach our stage. One of the Contact Reports states an average time for this evolution. But more important is the evolution of the spirit (seed) in the physical humanoid host. That evolution requires 40-60 million years before the spirit no longer needs a physical host and is able to merge with the self-sustaining Creation (Universal Consciousness) in the same way that a drop of water merges with the sea. The human spirit cannot die and is forever.

          They are behind each and every prophet and I suspect the lineage of Hazarat Ali to the current day.

          Visit this link to look at some images, particularly, the Seeking Civilization Collection Artworks, By Daniel Leech. Study the following images: PIC1, PIC2, PIC3

          • Leonard farra says

            Billy Meier’s claimed contacts are with the Pleiades and the pyramids at Giza were not built at the time mentioned by you. Furthermore, the indications are that The Great Pyramid was linked with the worship of Osiris and the symbolism built into in it, as well as in Egyptian ,Babylonian,Assyrian , Central and South American pyramids were part of the Sky-god religion which dates back 5,OOO years to the time when Earth was in upheaval. There is no mention of these events in the time line proposed by you.

          • Leonard farra says

            One further comment. I received confirmation, in a letter to me from Meier’s secretary,dated 27 February 1991’that his contact was with beings from the Pleiades. In any event, if you insist that this is not so,then the time line has nothing to do with events which reputedly occurred 5,000 years ago which ,in numerous early traditions were linked with these stars.Perhaps you would now like to comment on what I have said in this article.

          • ufo says

            @Leonard farra, please read block 158 of Contact Report 215. The report is dated Saturday, February 28, 1987. Quetzal states that they are not from the Pleiades star system:

            158. The full truth about our contacts with you will be proven in the distant future, and then mankind will accept our help we offer through you—even when they erroneously assume we come from the seven-star system known to human beings of Earth as the Pleiades.

            Michael Horn has also stated that they are not from the Pleiades star system, which cannot support life, but from the Plejares star system. You can search on Youtube for his videos on the subject.

            In this article, there is a contradiction about where they are from. The nineteenth row states they are from the Pleiades but in a different space-time configuration. However, they are referred to as Plejarens.

            Found a link on Atlantis that I wanted to post in my comment for 26-May-2014.

            In any case, the Meier contact reports are very interesting and explain a lot about why the world is the way it is. Without the Meier contact reports, there would be a lot more unanswered questions and a need for dependency on others’ information and judgement on the subject.

    • ufo says

      Just had to provide a link to “The Pleiades and the Dreamtime: an Aboriginal Women’s Story and Other Ancient World Traditions” by Antonella Riem Natale

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