The Venom of the Greens

The Venom of the Greens

by Anthony Bright-Paul

When the history of this age comes to be written it might well be recorded as ‘The Age of the Venom of the Greens’. Never before in the history of mankind has a venom so overpowering struck and paralysed the whole body politic.

They talk of Global Warming, which does not exist except in the narcotic state of  Green Minds, but they should talk of Global Paralysis, which has become an all too visible reality.

Is there any difference now between the Conservatives and their Labour opponents? Both of them genuflect at the Green altar. The Conservatives were elected on the supposition that they would do a cost-cutting exercise and balance the National books, à la Mrs Thatcher at her best. But far from cutting costs this government is intent on raising them; on raising costs for the pensioners, raising costs for the old and the sick, raising costs for industry, in fact destroying the base of industry for which they are supposed to be the champions – all in the name of being Greener than the Greens.

The Labour Party used to be a party that supported the manual worker, whose power is collectively in the Trades Unions, but tell me now of one single academic Labourite who cares a toss for Coal or Iron or Steel, or for Car manufacture, or indeed for any of the great manufacturing industries. No, like the Tories, all they care about are restricting ‘emissions’.

As for the Liberals the Green poison has sunk deep within their veins.

But here I am talking of the UK alone. This venom, this poison, is not confined to our small island, it is spread all over Europe, all over the mighty US of A.

  The main concern of Democrats and Republicans is to be seen to be Green, to call for limitations on the emissions of Carbon Dioxide, to become free from the dependence on Oil, while in fact they have oil in super-abundance in the Bakken oilfields. Do they care about getting rid of their colossal debts, which means they are largely in hock to China?  No, they are confident that the Chinese will never call those cheques in for fear of ruining their own economies. 

As for the Europeans, they have Great Britain by the short and curlies. We dance to the tune of the Eurocrats. Our laws are over-ridden by their dictats. And a Labour Party under Tony Blair signed up to the Climate Change Act, which has committed us to ruining our industrial base, while in England they are aided and abetted by a power-hungry Minister of Climate Change, Chris Huhne.

So we are committed to having more and more totally useless Wind Turbines, which are an anathema to the people, which blight the countryside and at huge expense cannot produce electrical power on demand. On this account it might be argued that the prospectuses of the Wind Turbine Companies are fraudulent! Even a demented idiot knows that the wind does not blow all the time and at a constant speed – the wind millers of the Netherlands could have told us that long ago – and yet we have agreed to the ruination of the environment in a cause for which there is no justification.

Have any of the Greens recanted? Well, yes I have heard of one, or maybe two. Not a total turnabout, oh no!  They are now willing to agree to Nuclear Energy, but only because it does not emit carbon dioxide!  As to Coal they will not even consider it. And this has only come about because at least two well-known Greens have realised at last that their policies are fatal for generating electrical Power.

There was time when the Labour Party supported the miners. There was a time when the colliery Brass Bands were the pride of the North, witness that wonderful film ‘Brassed Off’.  Is there a single Labour politician who cares tuppence for the miners now? At least Arthur Scargill made a fight of it, whether or no we might have agreed with him. But at least then the Labour Party had a soul. Now they are a bunch of academics, who read The Guardian and people the BBC.

What do all these politicians now really believe? What is the force that drives their red blood? Who knows, who can tell what their motivation really is. Except in some way to get to power and to hold on to it. But is there a single one of them who has any idea what that power is for, what they want to achieve for mankind and for the people who have voted for them? They may have had ideals once, but in the thirst for power and for status all that is forgotten, long left behind. Survival is all.

So widespread is this venom that Australia is in the throes of a tremendous fight against rulers that wish to ruin the economy, all in the name of limiting Carbon. As with the politicians in England they are apparently unable to distinguish between Carbon the element, and Carbon Dioxide the gas. So much venomous propaganda has been disseminated that the man in the street is unable to distinguish fact from fantasy. The fact is that through photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide creates a green World, and the irony of it all is that it is the Greens who want to destroy or subjugate Carbon Dioxide. They are full of idiotic phrases like cutting your Carbon Footprint. It is not just bad English – it is bad science to boot.

So there are yearly global conferences all about cutting emissions of Carbon Dioxide, when this same gas is only a trace gas in the atmosphere, with 97% produced by Great Nature. Cutting the 3% that is man-made would mean the complete closure of all the industries of the world. It ain’t gonna happen, but the Greens will have a hell of a try.

So they are not only fighting against Global Warming, which isn’t happening according to their own figures, but also against Climate Change. I have been writing about this now for some five years and I have not noticed any change of climates anywhere, though of course the Greens have. I have friends who assure me that climate has changed in the Andes, but when I ask if they have been there they hang their heads. All sorts of glaciers are supposed to have retreated, and school kids are taken to see the calving of glaciers in the Arctic. Of course, it is not explained that that calving shows that the glacier is advancing, not retreating. Well, well. So the kids are brainwashed and even science textbooks are re-written to fit in with Green ideals.

Why is this Green venom so powerful? Because it mimics what is desirable. It purports to save the Planet, but is hell-bent on destroying it. It purports to care for the environment, but all it cares for in reality is making Western economies go bust. They are supposed to be Green, but, if they could have their way, we would live in a brown miserable world, caught up in a straitjacket of needless restrictions. They are supposed to be about conservation, but in fact are complicit in the wholesale destruction of the environment. They are in favour of ‘renewables’, but all they can foist upon an unwilling public are inefficient ‘intermittents’.

The Greens have their own form of logic, which I will call Greenspeak. In Greenspeak you reach a conclusion before you examine the data. The conclusion is that emissions of carbon dioxide gas from the burning of fossil fuels cause Global Warming, and Global Warming in turn causes ClimateChange. Once this conclusion is believed in, then any and every phenomena can be accounted for. If the world apparently cools, why up pops a Greeny Professor to declare that the temporary cooling must be caused by the amount of Sulphur Dioxide thrown up into the atmosphere by – guess what? you’ve got it – the burning of fossil fuels by the Chinese. Moreover this same Professor solemnly avers that once the Chinese have scrubbed their emissions, more CO2 will be emitted, leading to further – yes – man-made Global Warming!

You get the picture. If a tsunami hits Japan you can relate it back to ‘man-made Global Warming’. If a flood swamps northern Pakistan, you’ve got it, that must be because wicked man has burnt a whole lot of fossil fuels. It does not matter whether there is a flood or a drought, whether we freeze or whether we fry, these same witch doctors come up with the same old Greenspeak. It just explains everything, and if you don’t believe in Greenspeak then you better shut up!

Well, I for one will not shut up. Far from there being any such thing as Global Warming, which is a complete undefined nonsense, I herby declare a new Law, which we may call Bright-Paul’s Law. And this Law states categorically that everything, everywhere, is cooling! Here, I confess, I am indebted to my learned friend, Hans Schreuder.

Just think about it. We know that the Sun is a star and in a billion years or so will burn out, having exhausted its fuel. Even a Green Professor will not deny that one. Now the core of the Planet Earth is hot, as can be verified by red-hot lava from volcanoes, by boiling water from vents in the ocean floor, by hot geysers and so on and so forth. In fact I and my family and my grandchildren have even paddled in the hot waters of Kerosene Creek in New Zealand. Now what is certain is that in each and every one of these eruptions from the core of the earth, cooling takes place. Everywhere the Earth is cooling. Once lava hits the atmosphere, it cools. Once a geyser throws hot water into the air it cools.

If you think of a human being, he is a most wonderful animal. In fact he is an extraordinary mechanism, with a pump inside of him pumping round hot blood, which in turn passes through the lungs, which oxygenates the blood, which provides fuel for the muscles. (Have I got that right? My Biologist friends are sure to correct me!) It is the same with all animals. When the animal reaches maturity then the female will get hot – in the animal world we say ‘on heat.’ That means she is ready for mating. Then the male animal will do all sorts of tricks to attract her attention. This occurs with us humans too. The female will dress attractively, will colour her lips red, and will do everything possible to attract a mate. Finally once she has accepted a mate, whether because he is athletic or rich or simply sympathetic, no matter, they will copulate. This is the summit, the very top of the heat exchange. From this time onwards there is a slow decline, a slow cooling. It is the law. The period of heat may last a few years, and some women go to great lengths to remain attractive to the male sex for many years, but the inevitable cooling occurs, the hair goes grey, the teeth fall out, the circulation falters, the memory begins to fail, and in the end the bodily mechanism can no longer generate heat, the cooling is complete, and the person is now a corpse, stone cold and pronounced dead. 

Is that a fact? Is that a Law? Yes, my dear Green friends, and I have several, the Law is inescapable, is inevitable. It is inexorable! All life is cooling. The Biosphere is cooling. The Sun is cooling. So if by the Grace of God, or if you are worried about God, then if by Great Nature, we are blessed by the warmth of the Sun on our short sojourn on Planet Earth, we should rejoice! 

The Good Lord, or Great Nature, has provided us with everything we need for our sojourn here, and has regulated everything in a manner that is beyond human, and certainly beyond Green, comprehension. In spite of all the alarms we find that there is an abundance of oil in the USA in the Bakken oilfield; here in Britain we are sitting on a huge bed of coal, so the British Coal Utilisation Research Association, of which John Godolphin Bennett was the founder Director, assures me. There is an abundance of shale gas, and happily for all of us, there is no way that the Greens can get rid of natural Carbon Dioxide, which is a food for plants, which guarantees a green world and oxygen as a by-product, and on which food production depends.

The Climate will keep changing without any help from man, and as Professor Robert Carter points out, man has always adapted to those changes and always will. There is no such thing as Global Warming, – that is simply unscientific Greenspeak.

Luckily there is an antidote to Green Venom, and it is the Truth.

Anthony Bright-Paul , July 2011



The Ministry of Chronic Waste

When we elect a government, when we have a General Election, we elect representatives to manage the economy. I am going to substitute the words ‘Our Money’ for the Economy, in the interests of clarity.

When Cameron was elected it was on the basis that the Conservative Party, should they come to power, would cut waste by some 5%. 5% here and 5% there, out of the bloated Public Sector, sounded fine and dandy, after the years when Gordon Brown as Chancellor and then Prime Minister had chosen as he put it ‘prudently’ to take more and more of OurMoney to use it as he thought best. This use of OurMoney was gained by what is, and was, called Stealth Taxes.

What is a stealth tax? Well, it is a means of taking a bit more of OurMoney so that we don’t notice that it’s happening. Of course, the idea is that OurMoney is used for Our-benefit. But alas, what actually happened was that OurMoney was used not exclusively but largely for the benefit of our Rulers, our MP’s, who are supposed to be our servants, in the form of huge increases in salaries and those now infamous EXPENSES! 

So young Cameron came out top at the General Election, but not top enough in his judgment to go it alone, so he made an unholy alliance with the Lib-Dems, who were so far from coming out top that they would have been absolute bottom were it not for the presence of various independents.

Although it is barely two years ago, such is the forgetfulness of the people, something on which politicians rely, that we can barely remember what the Lib-Dems stood for, as, in the thirst for Power they have had to stand on their heads. But in general we might say that where the Conservatives stood for cost cutting and balancing the books, the Lib-Dems were all for spending and for increasing their share of OurMoney. And in all fairness to the Lib-Dems they did want to spend OurMoney for the benefit of some of us. That is to say, they did wish to spend some of OurMoney for student scholarships or grants, a cause that many found reasonable, if expensive.

So we have a Coalition government of two parties of diametrically opposed views. The only thing the two leaders had in common was a powerful need to genuflect to the Greens. And since the Labour Party had for a long time sold their souls to the Greens a sort of Government was possible – the lines between these opposing Parties having become increasingly blurred. The Labour Party is urged by Tony Blair to cosy up to the City, as if to support the manual workers and the Trade Unions was the kiss of death. So they all fight for the ‘middle ground’ in the hope that nobody will really understand what they stand for. And that is reasonable enough, since not one of them, as far as one can see, stands for anything other than the pursuit of Power.

So Cameron compromised what principles he may once have had in order to come to Power, even if it meant sharing a bed with the most ardently loony left – which is what he did.

What is the consequence?  In order to have Power, even for a short while, he had to make concessions to his new partners, who had views and aims fundamentally different from his own, except in one respect. That was the need to genuflect at the Green altar, in the vain belief that these Greens could deliver more votes than they can in reality.

So it came about that Chris Huhne, a leading Lib-Dem was given the post of Ministry of Chronic Waste, officially known as the Ministry of Climate Change – a post that he has espoused with a ghoulish enthusiasm.

Under this Minister we are all faced with the prospect of more and more of OurMoney being used to pay land owners and farmers an extortionate amount in order to have Wind Turbines built on their land, irrespective of the fact that these Wind Turbines produce very little electricity – in fact I will put it more bluntly, these Wind Turbines, by the very nature of wind, can never in a million years produce the Base Load, that is required for the production of electrical Power. Even this Minister has come round to seeing that these Turbines, which blight our land and seascapes, which can only be erected on the back of enormous bribes of OurMoney, which deflate the prices of property on which so many retirees depend, whose whoosh-whoosh diminishes the quality of life for many people – even he has come round to seeing that he needs conventional Power Stations in order to produce the Base Load.

Unfortunately, so twisted is his logic, that he is determined to make a wholly uneconomic use of OurMoney, in order to force on all of us these useless and ugly Turbines, and he has the gall to make us pay for these monsters with OurMoney.

In the meantime, let us be sure, not only farmers and landowners will receive huge bribes of OurMoney, but the hidden investors in these same Turbines will be making a killing. 

Is it not ironic that the Lib-Dems who made such a play of supporting the students should have a Minister who is so profligate with OurMoney that he has blown a cause for which many parents, who will ruin themselves in the cause of providing university education for their offspring, would have had great sympathy?

What is the result of this mad policy?  It is this – that every single person in this realm will have to pay substantially more for their Gas and Electricity in order to indulge this mad man’s dreams. If that were not enough, then industry also will be blighted and driven away. The Private Sector, on which our wealth as a nation, our common wealth depends, will be increasingly emasculated, as the costs of Power soars.

And all, for no good reason! Here I will quote from Matt Ridley in the Times: 

We could have started the shale gas revolution here, as we started the fossil fuel revolution itself. We could still start the underground-coal gasification revolution here. We could push thorium reactors. But starting a business in Britain’s regulated economy and planning system is like swimming in treacle. The future belongs to countries that can get their electricity, heat and fuel supplied as cheaply and reliably as possible. That is the priority, not the carbon fetish. —Matt Ridley, The Times, 11 July 2011

How can Cameron tolerate a Minister who cannot distinguish between Carbon, the element, and Carbon Dioxide the colourless gas? Who exudes such meaningless phrases as a ‘low carbon economy’? How can he tolerate a Minister of such low intelligence, unless…unless… I hardly dare continue.

Has he not realised that the British Public have woken up, as have the American and the Australian Public, to the fact that the Globe is not warming up but cooling down, as is the Sun, that mighty star on which we all depend for our warmth? The British Public have already realised what they have known in their hearts all along, that Climate is always changing for that is what Climate does.

So let us be rid of the Ministry of Chronic Waste, euphemistically called the Ministry of Climate Change. And while we are at it, let us rid ourselves of that tight little cabal of so-called scientists who review each other’s papers, and hold an undue influence on world affairs – I refer to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Anthony Bright-Paul, July 2011


  1. J.a says

    This also has to do with the australian government support for the ETS may that is why the financial stock exchange has approved support for that scheme and are recruiting the police force to up hold the fraud so that would make it all illegal think of that next time the media shows pictures of ice breaking in summer but not on the roman calender names.

  2. Leonardo Melchiezidec says

    Geez,you need to stop letting the FOX Network and Rush Limbaugh do your thinking for you. Its not “Global Warming”…its “Global Climate Change”…and yes warming has a great deal to do with it. Try watching “National Geographic” instead of listening to and worshipping the FOX Network and the head of the Retardlican Party…Rush Limpbaugh. Its not a conspiracy…its a fact and you cant keep abusing the world that God left you in charge of just to CAPITALIZE on it. Hey,if you love life(do you love life?Do you love your kids? No? Your dog maybe? Your fish? Your neighbors?)then stop justifying the murder of eveything around you idiot.

  3. says


    Niccolo Machiavelli, the great Italian philosopher was considered the master of the “third-party manipulation theory” which allowed rulers, leaders, lovers, and thieves to leverage undetectable power for the eventual benefit of covert megalomania. Machiavelli was the sixteenth century political consultant to despots of principalities scattered all over Europe. In his dissertation called The Prince, he described methods that created conflict in populations so that a third-party could create factions that bickered among themselves while the prince secretly maneuvered each group toward social war via spin and propaganda that was strategically planned before hand. His words are just as applicable today. While the parties at war (such as our own liberals and conservatives or Greens) are stealthily coaxed and counseled by the puppet strings of the hidden (prince); social engineering is also being manifest to create new wealth for the (prince’s) power needs… See Liberal agenda or look up Progressives.

    Machiavelli described the method this way: “First, win the confidence of the city, group, or suitor which is disgruntled or disunited and be seen as the great arbitrator of their differences. While agents of the prince create fragmentation of the groups which polarize, the prince gives slight support to the weaker of the parties — they are useful victims. Subjugation is to be avoided for fear that they will attack you directly and in force. The objective is to exhaust the energy of the participants at odds through their own wailing, fighting, killing, courting, and bickering to the point that they all seek the middle man’s dictate. Of course, one needs very good agents,” (read fawning media).

    One wonders about this concept of third-party manipulation. Humanity could be the butt of this omnipotent joke. Consider that wars have been manipulated throughout history — who really won? Certainly not the hardworking people. Many times the third-party is not truthfully known to be the real manipulating cause. Is he god? He is never known publicly because he hides in the background or hides in plain view (Soros?). Dark shepherds are those who hide and reap the power. Who would benefit from a war among nations? Manufacturers of war apparatuses for sure. Eventually, there is much money to be made by those in power; though, they merely sit back and give consolation and maybe even fiery language to organize the processes. Keeping the people volatile, ready to flame forth with just a spark, is the key to custodial success if you are one for whom strategic-watching is an occupation. To cause wealth to move while in turmoil, along with its populous in confusion, is the point of making changes in laws and policies. Keep the serfs guessing. Lady Clinton’s National Health Plan was perhaps one of the greatest tools for hoodwinking the public. Now Obama is pressing the same thing. One may always tout its benefits to humanity while it usurps freedoms, increases hidden taxes, encourages immigration (to buy more voters: see illegal aliens) and represents a tool for eradication of the sickest even though not ill…in truth, only spirit and never committed truly.

    Factionalism, is perhaps the ultimate tool for slight-of-the-hand governance. If a third-party wished to gain power over an old power, it could create many little issues plagued by petty wars so that numerous groups and individuals could see themselves as victims that need the arbitration of a strong government of socialistic commitment. Positioning a wrong in the mind of the populace starts the body to raging, then secret action can be initiated — sort of like the last election, only there were several third-parties… Obama or Tea Party factions, and Liberals with media, entertainment ties. The Republicans probably don’t know how to manipulate via third-party leveraging or they just don’t have the agents ensconced in the opinion-leader positions (read liberal media).

    Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other practitioners will survive until a third-party gig is put on them. Hopefully the other gods of the media will have long fallen to the patriots of truth. Limbaugh’s future will be dependent upon his knowledge of the pitfalls of too much wrangling and not enough research into liberalism’s broad-minded technique of Informal Fallacy. If the opposition to Limbaugh were to position him as a third-party manipulation-device, a mere tool for some hidden dark shepherd of custodial demeanor, then the liberals would be rid of him much to our loss of balance in the presentation of political wisdom. One problem — Limbaugh is seemingly truthful.

    The point of this tiny treatise is that we are being had by ulterior and perhaps exterior motives. We are the slaves. The general populace always treads upon the grounds of slavery when it succumbs to manipulation that takes its freedoms away for a level playing fields. Usually in the end, we slaves lose to the very causes we believe in. An example is the feminist movement which will cause us to lose our jobs, our children, our spouses, our self-respect, and our nation if we believe that one part of our multicultural society is better than all the rest. Special privileges to certain “eccentric” factions will kill our military and then open our nation to the nihilist invaders because we couldn’t see that the media was controlled by a brotherhood of third-party “man-ip-ulators” — positioning ideas to take our lives and livelihood away. Make war on the third-party manipulators instead of your fellow humans. What a Machiavellian idea! Now, see if you can find them.

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