The Power of Suggestion

All forms of the media, TV, newspapers, radio, billboards, magazines, can be mind controlling, if you allow them to do so. Watch, read and listen to it all with caution. Believe only what you know is the truth and if you are not sure about something do some research. Then use your common sense.

Predictive Programming

What is Predictive Programming?

Predictive Programming – The power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome.”  ~Alan Watt

When we are born we are mentally blank. We are like an empty hard drive. Instantly we start filling up that “hard drive” (our brain) with anything we see experience through our 5 senses.
Examples of “predictive programming” would be found in movies where a meteor hits the earth and kills most of the population, or the world getting flooded because of global warming or an outbreak of a killer virus where scientists, who were trying to do good, accidently release a killer virus or the bible saying that there would be plagues or the bible saying that there would be wars and that this would lead EVENTUALLY to peace on earth. You know the sort of stuff.
When we watch these films a seed gets planted in our brains. The seed begins to take root later on when something is said to us or when something comes on the news (for example) such as a story which is slightly similar to what you saw in that sci-fi movie. You start to think that “the sci-fi movie was right, and that you know what’s coming next cos it was in the sci-fi movie”. You actually begin to think that these are YOUR OWN THOUGHTS but they are not. It all started with that seed being planted from an EXTERNAL source.
But if there is such a thing as “predictive programming” then WHY do “the powers that be” DO this ? Surely it just gives us a warning of what they have in mind for us ? But no, these sci-fi movies do NOT help us at all UNLESS we KNOW about “predictive programming”.
If we don’t know anything about the subject of “predictive programming” then this is what happens :

  1. We watch the Sci-Fi Movie which tells us that a catastrophic event is gonna happen.
  2. The seed is planted.
  3. We hear on the news that a swan died in Eastern Europe of bird flu. We hear that a swan died of bird flu in France and then in Scotland, then in England.
  4. The seed starts to take root.
  5. We start to think that a BIRD FLU EPIDEMIC IS A DEFINITE POSSIBILITY and that a vaccine needs to be found. If it’s not found then the majority of the population will possibily die.
  6. We let the “powers that be” take away our freedoms to prevent the catastrophe from happening. We accept vaccinations. And if/when an outbreak happens we sort of “knew all along that it was coming” and we accept it.

The thing is, bird flu POSSIBILY never even existed in the first place. But because we saw the movie about an outbreak, we filled in the gaps in our thoughts with the info that the seed provided us with (these were never really OUR thoughts). The seed was planted and it grew.

Even if bird flu exists, the “predictive programming” gives you thoughts and ideas of what is POSSIBLE and if it’s POSSIBLE then maybe it’s also INNEVITABLE too.
REMEMBER: These are NOT YOUR thoughts. The “powers that be” are putting seeds into people’s heads and making us think that we are thinking for ourselves. “Predictive programming” is a means of subliminally putting thoughts into our head of WHAT IS POSSIBLE and they even back up those ideas with historic facts such as the “black death” or bible stories (e.g. Noah’s Arc) which makes the catastrophic incident seem more INEVITABLE. We then accept it without asking too many questions. It’s like we are being programmed into believing that we are destined to die in a disaster so just accept it. Once we have accepted it, then “powers that be” can push forward their agenda.


Predictive Programming Examples

Hollywood is the magician’s wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda. “Be-aware”.

From Good Intentions to Misadventure

A scientist publicly announces that she represents some unknown group of scientists who allegedly managed to develop a be-all-end-all cure for cancer. Unfortunately it quickly becomes apparent that the “cure” actually is a wolf in sheeps’ clothes and the first batch of people treated with it precipitate an infectious epidemic of extreme and unprecedentedly fatal proportions. Consequently, most of the population of the earth is decimated; a small portion of humanity survives but not escaping a horrible transformation into extremely aggressive animal-like humanoids. Only a very few humans prove to be naturally immune and survive the onslaught unscathed and unmutated.

Although it ultimately wreaked havoc in the most extreme way, the motives for developing the “cure” were considered to be most noble and worthy (curing cancer). Thus the reader is nudged into thinking that, in case a real plague should take place, its underlying cause must have been, at least, morally acceptable and that in all likelihood ‘something must have gotten terribly wrong along the way.’ It must be a tragic misfortune by misadventure, no conspiracy theories needed, you see. Our leaders would never do such an evil thing intentionally. Yadaa, Yadaa…

This subtle brainwashing tactic helps provide a cover for possible perpetrators orchestrating any future plagues to hide behind; plagues that, in contradistinction to the one referred to in the movie, in reality are not accidentally and unintentionally brought about by misadventure but rather are administered by malevolent and premeditated willful acts. Indeed, what a wonderful world we’re living in…

Martial Law Scenery

According to well-established contemporary cinematographic tradition (or perhaps ‘doctrine’ would be a better word), the military is seen to have totally assumed (read: usurped) the role of the police as a means of crowd control and law enforcement during times of crises; the Posse Comitatus Act has again been swept under the rug completely. Examples of other modern movies featuring a similar police state theme are The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) and Transformers (2007).

In addition to the military gone crowd control, civilians are subjected to mandatory eye scanning tests; the purpose of which is to help identify infected people. The general effect on the viewer is to make the public get used to not only being identified immediately and on immediate demand from military law enforcers but it is also to help the public get used to being herded like cattle at the discretion and say-so of your local military overlord. It thus follows naturally that this kind of scenery portrays yet one more martial law type of setting in which human rights have been wiped off of the map on the contingency event of a national/international disaster coming into actuality.

Vaccine As Remedy
A degenerate female humanoid has been captured and now serves as ‘human’ guinea-pig to Dr. Robert Neville – the protagonist of the movie. With the ultimate aim of discovering an effective vaccine to cure the infected, he administers an experimental vaccine to his newfound guinea pig.

If successful the viewer is invited to put stock into the notion that vaccines are your weapon of choice to wage war against, and to ultimately defeat, any infectious viral/bacterial diseases that is wreaking havoc.
Of course, never in the movie is the ‘vaccine as remedy’ assumption questioned.

Typical Human Behavior is now entirely absent

Dr. Neville, who by the fact that he is a medical doctor as well as solitary automatically radiates a natural sense of authority in his role as judge and observer, decides that the infected have been totally dehumanized and it is therefore entirely justified to, if need be, deal with them in a ruthless manner (no normal moral restraints apply which are courtesy of a healthy and humanely functioning conscience).

The infected won’t stand to reason

The unrelenting hostility and absolute lack of willingness of the infected to stand to reason urges the protagonist to seek a desperate solution in dealing with a desperately threatening situation. The underlying theme iterated once again is that it is allowed for uninfected to ruthlessly deal with those who are infected as they have been utterly dehumanized. It’s a recurring mantra that is seen in basically all akin viral horror movies (of the last few years). See for instance my analysis of “28 Weeks Later (2007)” or “The Invasion (2007).”

And so it is announced that the effective remedy for the genocidal infectious epidemic is stored inside the blood contained in a test-tube, from which effective remedial vaccines are to be derived and administered to the infected.

However, since one would be dealing with most reluctant recipients, the movie shows, the vaccines would have to be administered in a brutish and dictatorial manner. This implied theme of involuntary vaccine administration of course fits very well into the police state mentality already given plenty of airtime earlier in the movie.

The Cure is a Vaccine

The movie closes with the handing over of the vial containing a blood sample of a cured infected. Thus it is suggested that the automatic answer to any future infectious disease epidemic lies with the concept of the vaccine. Therefore, if an infectious disease comes hither home hitting hard, people may be reminded of this movie’s last scene and helped into accepting remedial/preventative vaccinations, no questions asked.

Nowhere in this propaganda piece, is it addressed even once that vaccines have long been suspected of being harbingers of death and disease rather than bringers of life and remedy. Indeed, it can be argued, for instance, that the whole AIDS epidemic is iatrogenic rather than zoonotic in origin, meaning that its cause is more likely man-made than some kind of rare and spontaneous inter-species pathogenic cross-over. In addition to the article referred to in-place, see reference 1. Quite similarly can it be argued that the recent appalling upsurge in cases of autism is also induced by eugenically inspired power mongers, see reference 2.

Note: the longer quotes used here, were drawn from this source.



Was the TV Set really made for Mind Control ?

Probably not. But for every great invention, sinister people will find a way to use it to their advantage.
Not saying I believe everything they say, but it definitely makes me think when I watch things.
A university study showed that the brain was slowed down into a zombie like state from the flicker rate on Televisions. CIA manuals talk about using flashing lights to manipulate senses.
And now the US has a Patent on light bulbs that emit radio-frequecies for things like WI-FI that have the se flicker rate, The old light bulbs will be illegal in the US very soon, YES ILLEGAL LIKE COCAINE ! All of this has been in the news and online – what is going on with the world today ?

If you are interested in the topic check these websites:

Remote Nervous System Manipulation

 by Barbara Peterson

The human nervous system controls everything from breathing and producing digestive enzymes, to memory and intelligence. (Human Nervous System)

The TV and your computer monitor can be used to manipulate your nervous system. Here is the proof.  

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors US Patent #6,506,148

“SUMMARY: Computer monitors and TV monitors can be made to emit weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields merely by pulsing the intensity of displayed images. Experiments have shown that the 1/2 Hz sensory resonance can be excited in this manner in a subject near the monitor. The 2.4 Hz sensory resonance can also be excited in this fashion. Hence, a TV monitor or computer monitor can be used to manipulate the nervous system of nearby people.” 
“It is thus apparent that the human nervous system can be manipulated by screen emissions from subliminal TV image pulses.”





    Scheme against me or my friends and your hell bound like it or not holly is the way of The Lord last mistake fools stay tuned for heavens sake or start running for cover.

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  2. Benjamin Christ says

    Just wanted to say thank you for this article. I came across it while searching the power of suggestion. Seems almost more fitting now with the whole Ebola scare. It’s amazing how much of our mind is leased out with ideas not native to true human nature. If we truly had anarchy without the social conditioning we received, would people be looting and shooting each other for gains/survival? I would doubt it. We need one of those MIB magic mind eraser contraptions and a new story implanted into our brain. One of compassion and love for our fellow brothers and sisters.

    Thanks again!!!

  3. j.a. says

    Surely once more the news media has found their place here again scandalious the cost is now their burden warrants in effect please authority required through the commission findings at this enterprise.

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    Surely the mystery mechanisms have a place how much more time do we report on the basic facts lock in security mode just for the truth that is displayed here beyond reason why do they mess with us when the consequences of property displacement is going to be their regret final warning stop the deception.

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    Mechanisms conclusion The broadcast media and world order are active within this domain Property displacement and financial capitalism is taken advantage from presented knowledge here at world mysteries permission should be asked first prevent the worse choose the best trust the message awareness.

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    Suggest to find the mechanism source manipulation techniques through broadcast programmes the manufacture of property is placed in the consent field of individuality which can only be displayed through choice the logic is superior to lower forms implication is the truth of the matter strange but true.

  7. J.a says

    Mechanisms would eventually that are a benefit to society allow a mutual understanding through media displays do research.

    • j.a. says

      Now it makes sense would not get too excited about the programming from multi media sources because it is influenced through control mechanisms that dont wont to lose their power hopefully some time in the future we the majority of people can tune in to a socially correct form of information that resides with the common good stay tracked.

      • SOLARIS says

        The broadcast mechanism are relentless at their mass manipulation lets get this close then station nine this document is going to the highest authority their is evidence now at the unconstitutional manipulation of citizens propery how sick they are to stalke people and manipulate the scene for their own corporate interests just a example of a prior warning again how sinister how many other people are they trying to disturb gratitude ever so much world mysteries for providing the truth.

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    Mechanisms can save the agenda go far beyond everything then they are to know know where from they came puzzled yet.

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    Mechanisms now have been set that shall protect individuals from property displacement there is a presence that shall give the course of a more carefree social environment without the mass commercial marketing mechanisms of individuals property do you want the rubble as well that can be arranged.

  10. Jason apoyan says

    Today social control mechanisms have manufactured property from people that where puzzled to know about themselves from a order that does not stand to reason there for future broad casting services shall have a co-op agreement literally the cost is overdue.

  11. wendy moir says

    Social control was effected by creating a religious system that was written in a way to discuss the problems we incurred for being incarnate. So called intelligence tried to find the means through which ignorance was self created in a spirit that obviously had demonstrated to be very different as a self through their own observations.
    Naturally there were very creative selves, loving and kind whilst also amongst the population were cruel individuals who demonstrated no natural morality.
    Even though we created a natural living environment, that proved we had a intelligence that could substantiate its own means for survival, there were a populus who never maintained the general natural spirit for communal observation.
    This was how religion as a thought substantiation was written to try and quantify why these 2 differences were apparent in a naturally formed consciousness.
    So religion substantiates that it was written only on self observation rather than an overview, and an observation written in a way so that it could control the increasing population into a model to cause conscious awareness.
    This meant that “other people” who were the observers of both circumstances decided that they would manipulate this situation for their self benefit. This is the basis of our life development under the scheme of religious and spiritual lies so that we could be both socially and mentally controlled through the use of fear.
    What is fear actually?
    It is a social mechanism used to cause individuals to think less of themselves if they are “without”….so those observers who have become Scientists used irrationality to benefit their own religious belief that by having information that was different from others, they could and would always control them.

    So predictive programming became effectual for those who followed the belief of their own religious brotherhood, that they held the power to control others through the manipulative effects of demonstrating that the only success was to “have everything you could ever desire” as a new form of religious teaching. Where materialism was finally given the okayby the religious heads as the teaching to state that it was okay to be like they were, manipulators and greedy allowing them to begin a secret order (brotherhood) that would cause people the means to fear for our future existence as a manipulative power as a new world order.

    They therefore predicted disasters via an astronomical charter that gave them information as to when natural disasters would occur on Earth, and that God had given them as Religious Heads the means to predict these disasters so that when they occurred they gained a religious following through the fear factor.

    This was how they gained their riches.

    Today the manipulators use a very different religious method, based on this astronomical charter. NASA became aware that human beings were effected by wavelengths as a predictive factor. When magnetism altered for instance, the flu virus would be rampant as a contagious signal, so they began their own study of the ancient information so that they could go beyond simple measures of mind manipulation of watching particular tv programmes or commercials as a subliminal effect which they had previously observed. Their observations took NASA into a large scale operation where they understood that through broadcasting and feedback signals as a satellite program, they could begin mind control operations.

    This meant that they studied how we received signal impulses that altered our plasma cells, just like TV received, giving images to be used as not only mind altering values, but also self expression itself. They learnt that the human brain can be mind manipulated as studied by the CIA and their Russian spy games. Hence they as a new system for mind manipulation began a satellite network on a world wide scale that began with the introduction of the cellular phone.

    Making people carry around with them a means through which they could transmit a signal based data system throughout the world was one reason the mobile phone was invented. Then they realized that if they introduced portable networks of computer relayed transmissions they would have a greater signal response throughout humanity.

    So in todays society we have become the means through which a satellite programme is transmitting a mind control contact program that is satellite manipulated for the whole of humanity and our DNA signal data base that NASA has studied through medical observations used for the only purpose in NASA as the means through which they could encode the total message bank wavelengths for brain pattern receipts for the whole of the human race.

    This is why many involved in NASA and the CIA who did not believe in this mind control operative let out the secret advice that this was what the American Government under the NWO was going to initiate and they wanted it known.

    This is what we now face as the current day up market or new version of mind control, direct relay into our brains without us even recognizing that a new world order has been initiated and we are fast becoming their slaves.

  12. Ab Asaff says

    We have all been socially mentally controlled all our lives. Are we ourselves and do we really know? John Lennon once said, They keep you controlled with sex, religion and TV. A working class hero is something to be.


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