The New Garden of Eden


The New Interpretation for the Garden of Eden

by Charles Marcello

The Garden of Eden is probably one of the best known stories throughout the world.  As a matter a fact the Bible/Torah is not the first to promote this story.

For many years I would simply read that story the way it is written and never think more about it, Adam and Eve sinned and now all of us are born to die.  Pretty simple…  Then a few years ago I asked this question, why is 144,000 and 666 all over the world? I decided there were only two answers that I felt answered that question satisfactory.  Either, the old world had continuous contact with the new, or… there existed in our distant past a society as advanced, or more advanced than our own.  I had already read books regarding some evidence that the old world contacted the new hundreds of years before Columbus.  And to be perfectly honest that is the way I was leaning.  However, I had to test my second hypothesis… the only question that remained was how. 

Finally I decided to see if  there was hidden science within those numbers mentioned above.  To my surprise there is advanced mathematical science hidden within 144,000 and 666.  Because of that discovery and the fact that the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures have stories similar to those found within the Bible, I decided to reread the Bible with a new understanding… I decided to see if I could find more hidden science within the Old Testament.  Again to my surprise I discovered there is advanced medical and other scientific understanding throughout the first five books of the bible. So then I wanted to know, is there any more advanced mathematics within the Bible, and yes was the answer to that question as well.  Like the creation story… if you turn that story into a mathematical equation it reveals a modern enigma.  How could today’s science come to the same conclusions that are found hidden within the creation story?

At this point I was looking at the Bible completely different then I did just a few months earlier.  Back then I had major issues with the Bible, for the god the Bible seemed nothing short of an evil dictator who I wanted nothing to do with.  It seemed to me from the last period at the end of the last sentence in the Old Testament to the first letter in the new, that the god of the Bible found Prozac. Yet now I was seeing something totally different.  Something that was unbelievable and completely foreign.  There were aspects of the Bible, (the first five Books), I could not get my head around.  Before everything in the Old Testament seemed so damn primitive.  Yet now to my satisfaction I was convinced there was no way a primitive people could leave that kind of knowledge hidden within those simple stories… then I remembered what started this quest in the first.  I was going off the premise that perhaps an advanced society existed in our distant past and they left advanced understanding within what we now consider to be ancient texts/stories … Yet besides mathematics and scientific understanding we all take for granted as elementary today… I still wondered if my premise was true, because let’s face it,  there are parts of the Old Testament that are completely barbaric… so the question I needed to answer, how could I unlock the truth behind thousands of years of misunderstood reasoning and understanding?  I decided in order to wrap my head around this possibility I would need to pretend our world was destroyed with only a small band of survivors, most of them being very young children.  To make a long story short, I decided I would have to explain everything I know using nothing but nature and the stars.  A wonderful exercise I suggest everyone attempt just for fun.  I was amazed by that simple exercise and how quickly the rest of the Bible opened up to me.  Things started to make  sense in this modern world.  And the God of the Bible started to look less evil. Yet I had a problem.  The Garden of Eden… That story was so out of place, the punishments, the removal, everything… it did not seem to fit.  And what really started to bother me, I asked this simple question, “what did the snake do wrong?”

***I am not asking anyone to believe what is written below.***

“What did the snake do wrong?”  That question began to eat at me.  So I figured that would be a good place to start.  So I reread the Garden of Eden story with that thought, and to my surprise the god of the Bible began to become evil again, so I knew I was heading down the wrong path… because if you begin reading that story with this thought, “what did the snake do wrong”, you start to see that story in a different light.  ie… God comes back notices Adam and Eve got figs for clothes, the snake is all confused, while Lucifer is frolicking through the Garden of Eden chanting, “ha ha I got you three in trouble.”  As God with a smile only a proud parent can make declares, “Satan what a kidder,” then gets a stern look as he turns and growls, “now you three…”  I simply could not get that to make sense, yet the Bible declares the snake guilty… yet the snake was just hanging out in a tree sun bathing when it became possessed. 

Yet the snake is punished?  That is one wicked god to blame anyone other than Lucifer, yet that is not what that story says.  So then I was like, okay, lets move past that and perhaps you will find the answer from another angle.  So then I started to focus on the punishments.   Yes they seem rather harsh especially seeing how we are all still being punished for mistakes we had nothing to do with.  Yet I knew there had to be a deeper meaning.  This is also a wonderful exercise… see how many different ways you can break those punishments down… what I finished with was deception.  Deception is the greatest sin of all.  Whether you are purposely deceiving yourself or other, God has no mercy towards it whatsoever.  I felt I had solved a major part of this riddle.  So I reread that story with this concept in mind, fully confident of victory, and I fell flat on my face.  Deception is part of the story obviously, but it doesn’t hold the story together because the snake did nothing wrong.  Now months had passed… no I didn’t think about this story every second of every day… yet I did think about it often.  Finally I said, treat everyone and everything as equals…  No one is above or below the other and reread this story as an objective observer with zero interests in the outcome… as if I’m reading it for the first time.  When I did that I was shocked to learn that God was in fact the first liar…  For he said, “ in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”  And then in the next chapter Eve repeats the warning.   Yet here is the kicker.  If God told the truth, Adam would’ve found Eve lying dead on the ground, with a bite missing from the fruit, and the snake looking guilty as hell.  At that moment Adam would’ve had knowledge of good and evil right then and there without ever touching that fruit, as he declared,”Lucifer you are a liar.”  So with all  things being equal and if God was the first liar… I knew there was no way God would continue to punish all of humanity because Adam and Eve caught him in a lie.  So now I was like, this a horrible stupid story!  And no matter how ridiculous I found this concept, I could not deny if everyone is treated equally, and because Eve didn’t die in that day… why wouldn’t Adam have doubts towards who the greater God of the two was? (A fight still raging today I might add.)  Adam only knows how he came into existence because of what he was told…  Yet now as Eve stands there in perfect health after eating the forbidden fruit…  Why wouldn’t Adam take a bite?  God was already proven to be wrong, so why not dismiss his warning as a lessor warning and take a bite.  Yet that snake kept forcing me to go deeper, that might excuse Adam and Eve’s behavior and why God lost his mind… yet it doesn’t make sense why the snake was punished… And I felt like no matter how far I traveled I always started at the exact same place… with the same question every time… what the hell is this story actually saying…  And now because Eve did not die I started to ask… what the hell is the fruit?  To be completely honest I was stuck!

For several weeks I was stuck and I knew it.  By trying to understand the Garden of Eden and what it was actually trying to say, I had created more problems than I solved.  For the first time since I began to unravel the hidden science and math within the Old Testament I now deciphered a part of this story that made God look extremely bad.   And that made zero sense.  Why create a story that turns the tables on the creator of all things?  Every time I reread the Garden of Eden story I kept seeing the same two things.  God lied, yet this same God within this story hates deception.  I didn’t know if I would ever get past those two points.  So I did what any person would do, I gave up!  I decided to find another story to break down and unravel.  And that’s when I found the answer to the fruit.  After God destroyed the world he told Noah and his family,  “go forth and be fruitful.”  Be fruitful?  Now we all know God wasn’t saying go out and give birth to peaches and plums… he meant go out and have children.  Having children is being fruitful?  What are children?  In the simplest terms, we are each an extension of our parents.  We are each pieces of our parents that exist outside of them…  we are completely different and separate from them, yet a part of them nonetheless.  Was that it?

Is that what God is actually warning about?  Is that the fruit God forbid us to eat… If so, was does it mean…  let alone, what equaled all the other fruit?  And lastly did God lie?  I knew I had an answer I just didn’t know what it meant.  So I began to think of what children also represent and how that could answer the riddle hidden within the Garden of Eden.  Children exist outside us, even though they are a part of us.  We can see, play, hug, argue, and love these extensions of ourselves… yet everything we experience with our children physically exists outside of us, while our emotions towards are children only exists within us. I mean, we only think we control our children until they become teenagers and then we learn better.  Some would argue that God must be evil to allow teenagers to exist in the first place, but that’s another blog altogether.  So here I am with this possible understanding.  God said if you eat this forbidden fruit you shall surely die in that day. Well Eve didn’t die in that day, and because Satan said surely you won’t, and when she didn’t… it was easy to convince Adam to eat thereof.  Then the story continues, God goes walking through the garden calling out to Adam when he discovers Adam has covered his manhood.  Before Adam and Eve walked with God butt naked and there was no shame standing before God absolutely naked, yet now that they supposedly eat some fruit the act of being naked is a shameful sinful act?  It was then that I understood I would have to go deeper into the Old Testament if I was going to unlock the mystery of the Garden of Eden.  For you see adding Chapters and Verse is a relatively new invention, and if this was a running story… then like any good teacher, you allow the full story to progress while each level of the story complements all the parts before it… each half continually supports the other.  You don’t teach people calculus without first teaching them the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and how to divide.  With that understanding, the entire story started to come into focus.  I now understood how the God of the bible did not lie, and why deception is the greatest sin of all sins.

Because I believe knowledge is dangerous without acquiring the wisdom that goes along with any journey, I’m going to stop the process of how I reached my conclusion here…  For our history books are loaded with knowledge being used by people who had zero wisdom, and each time the lack of wisdom has always led to horrible outcomes.  So for those who want to know if what I’m about to say next is true, for now, I leave the rest of this journey up to you.  Because its never the answer that gives wisdom, it’s always the journey.  Also, even if what I’m about to say is the truth, it won’t be a worldwide truth just because I said it, not hardly… According to prophecy, if this new interpretation and that prophecy are true… this concept will only become a worldwide movement when Hebrew’s and Gentiles alike understand all the layers hidden therein, and then travel the world teaching this truth… with the possible question… does that equal the Final Temple?  IF what I’m about to say is true, then the world will learn of it… if this is all nonsense then it will turn to dust just like all the other misunderstood interpretations have.  I don’t get to decide what is or is not the truth for the world, the world has to decide individually… for it is one individual at a time that equals the collective we call humanity.   And it must be everyone’s private personal choice… this can never be forced onto anyone!

I believe the Garden of Eden story is telling mankind one simple truth.  Never look for a relationship with (y)our creator outside ourselves.  Anyone or anything that tells you that they know how you can find a personal relationship with God, the Garden of Eden story is warning,  they are actually taking you away from The truth… or stated another way… you are staring into the eyes of the serpent.  Whether I like this interpretation or not, that is what the Garden of Eden is actually trying to explain in my opinion. 

As a species we are allowed to look for the truth of God in all things regarding how this universe works… ie… which equals all the other fruit in the garden we are told we can freely eat…  Yet we are never to look for a personal relationship with God outside ourselves, Never!  The inside of our bodies is the only temple we will ever need to worship from. 
Which means, any outside forces that tries to make anyone believe they can teach you how to have a personal relationship with God… it is pure deception, (forbidden fruit), one hundred percent of the time. Even with that being said, I believe all Religions on the personal level… on the personal level only… is absolutely beautiful… regardless of what name you call God,  for all religions ask the individual to find a personal relationship with God within themselves, while demanding we express that relationship outwardly, which is wrong the act of worship is not the act of a personal relationship.  For the bible warns, and history proves… every level above the personal, each Religion becomes progressively more evil until they all become pure evil. 

I believe that is exactly what the Garden of Eden is truly trying to explain… and then goes on to create more stories within the Book of Genesis to help bring that point home… Or do you really think God turned Abraham into a lying pimp and his wife into a lying adulterous whore just so God could fulfill his promise of starting Abraham out with great wealth?  Let alone the story of Lot.  For me, the Garden of Eden is demanding a relationship with God can only exist inside ourselves, and we are to communicate with God in private only.  While at the same time I believe the Bible is explaining in order to have worldwide peace, each person must attempt to love like God by attempting to live life without regrets… We will never have Gods wisdom, yet we can learn the wisdom of loving each other as we love ourselves.

If this interpretation is correct…  once you unlock the rest of the story hidden within the Garden of Eden the whole Bible comes alive like never before.  The whole Bible becomes a giant warning about not following a man.  No man knows the truth of God, yet all men can have a personal relationship, and each of us can learn to love like God.  That to me is the hidden undeniable truth I found, and now live by. Yet here was the most shocking revelation of all.  Will this gospel become the world’s third temple?  If so… Sadly as history proves and the bible prophecy warns us about… this will not become our reality without a major, some will even say a biblical fight of good versus evil… or stated another way, the old world (kingdom) rejecting the newly revealed truth (the meek seek) so as not to lose their control over this world.

Like I said before, I’m not asking you to believe what I said… however I am asking you to think about this interpretation.   That the true warning in the Book of Genesis is, if you look for a relationship with God outside yourself you kill any chance you have to build a personal relationship with God… thereby killing God within this world one person at a time… You can never find a relationship with God by looking at physical objects, or by people telling you how to pray or how to come to God, even science declares we are hardwired with this personal ability… Which is why this truth must never be forced onto anyone, never ever not even once.  All must freely choose to seek a personal and private relationship with God… Only by their fruits you will know them, (there’s that word again, fruit). 

According to this interpretation, if you’ve freely joined some organization (religious or otherwise) that proclaims they have the truth about God and how to see God, if you join or joined them, you have freely removed yourself from the truth of God… which is why you are asked to come out of them… If you join or choose to stay, you have removed yourself from the Garden.  To break this all down even further.  The story of the Garden of Eden is telling man we can look at and eat all knowledge this universe has to offer.  We can look for the truth of God and his creation within all things.  We can open our minds to the majestic beauty that equals this amazing universe… Yet we must never look for a personal relationship with God anywhere other than within ourselves.  All outside objects created by man are an illusion/false idols, (the forbidden fruit).  We can give testimonies of this truth, yet we must never create doctrine.  If you open your eyes to this new understanding, is it possible you to will discover that is exactly what the entire Bible is warning against… sweet to taste, bitter in thy belly…  We can as a society create laws that rebuke bad behavior, for there must be a foundation for all of society to build upon… Yet that doesn’t mean one man or one organization has the right to decide for the whole, another warning found throughout the Bible.

Now I didn’t create this blog to pick a fight or to be disrespectful to anyone’s belief systems.  I hope everyone understands I’m not asking you to accept this interpretation, or to even like it.  I also hope we can discuss this as intelligent adults without becoming verbose and indignant.  If there is only one God, then God created us all, no matter how many different stories humanity has created to explain the existence of God.  He is us, we are him, we are all connected to each other through him… From one (God) many, From many (humanity) one foundation.  I am more than willing to go deeper into this interpretation, yet as of now I don’t if anyone is interested in discussing such a new, yet perhaps a very ancient understanding.  Or if this interpretation will be rejected by all… I don’t get to decide such things… One things for certain however… Time Always Reveals The Truth!

Copyright 12.3.12 Charles Marcello

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Comment from Lori
March 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

I found your atricle very interesting. You hit the nail on the head. SOO Simple yet people can not wrap their heads around it! I don’t and never could understand it.
It matters not to me how you found the truth (many roads lead to the same destination). I believe you found it. Your find in a nut shell.
Point #1
“If there is only one God, then God created us all, no matter how many different stories humanity has created to explain the existence of God. He is us, we are him, we are all connected to each other through him… From one (God) many, From many (humanity) one foundation.”
Point #1 =
We are all a piece of Our Creator!
Point #2
“I believe the Garden of Eden story is telling mankind one simple truth. Never look for a relationship with (y)our creator outside ourselves. Anyone or anything that tells you that they know how you can find a personal relationship with God, the Garden of Eden story is warning, they are actually taking you away from The truth… or stated another way… you are staring into the eyes of the serpent.”
Point #2 =
Our Creator can only be found and Loved thru our OWN heart and deeds and NOT thru ANY other way. I say again, SOO Simple
Bravo to you for “looking” and sharing!

– – –

You are absolutely correct Lori, it truly is that simple.  Below is something else I discovered and now live by.

Part 2

by Charles Marcello

As I’m doing my research mentioned above while reading how I’m supposed to fear god’s wrath and vengeance, I asked myself a question I’ve never asked before.  What could I fear?   I don’t mean will he kick my ass type of fear, I mean pure unadulterated fear, a forever and even amen fear.  My life experience has already thought me just because you’re bigger and stronger that doesn’t mean I  fear you… as a matter a fact, history proves and my own life confirms, when people use fear to manage the actions of others, in time… all fear will be replaced with hatred.  So I seriously struggled with trying to honestly answer that  question, what could I fear and fear completely?  Well as always the answer came to me in a completely unexpected way.

 I would say this first started when I was about twenty-seven years old.  And it always begins the same way, whenever the hell it wants.  I’m talking about reliving past actions.

Before I continue, here is my attempt at a public service announcement.  Young people, if you know you have a conscience and you know you feel empathy towards others… if it feels wrong for even a moment, its wrong, period.  Dismiss your inner warnings at your own pearl.  For I know after having hundreds of conversations regarding this same subject, at some point in the future you are going to relive your past actions…(end of service announcement.)  

Because of my own experiences, and listening to others laugh as they’ve dismissed their own memories… to me how we react to these reexaminations of our past actions equals and/or signifies repentance or the rejection of it.  When I was a young person I was good looking, cocky, angry, and what’s more I knew it. Towards my everlasting shame I used to proclaim, “I’m old enough to know better, young enough not to give a damn.”   From the age of fourteen to twenty-two I was a real piece of work.  Yet just before I met my wife I slowly began to change, and I do mean slowly.  Then around twenty-seven I had a vision, or more correctly a memory rolled forward into my consciousness where I relived something I had done in my past.  And I was ashamed… After reliving that experience I decided I would never treat another person like that again.  The bad news for me is, during the ages mentioned above, especially from the ages of eighteen to twenty-two I was angry at everyone and everything and my life simply revolved around D double F, (Drinking, fighting, and fornicating), if I could accomplish all three within a single day, I woke up the next day in a great mood.  So for me those visions, the reliving of past actions, never seemed to stop. I don’t mean to say they happened one right after another for years on end… Yet they did happen a lot and they always happened in those quiet moments, you know, between commercials, taking a bath/shower, driving down the road…whatever!  More often then I care to admit I continuously found myself reliving something I had said or did.  (Just so you know all of my sins revolve around being verbally rude, emotionally uncaring, and beating up a couple of people who truly didn’t deserve it.)

So here I am trying to solve the mysteries hidden within Bible, while also trying to figure out what could I fear completely and reliving past actions.  When one day after I just relived another past action that I knew once again I was a jerk… In complete defiance I screamed out to the ethos, “why don’t you ever have me relive the good deeds I’ve done, or the kindness I’ve shown to others throughout my life?”  (I wasn’t a total jerk.) When no sooner had I yelled out that question, I found myself questioning… is that the truth of God?   You see I’ve never ever regretted being kind or decent to others, never.  Sure I’ve been annoyed by those who have taken advantage of my generosity/acts of kindness… yet the act of kindness I’ve always known aint got one thing to do with others, and has everything to do with thyself.  The question does that equal God I found intriguing… is it possible and Alpha and Omega is an existence with zero  regrets and pure generosity/kindness?  I continued to examine what that meant, a living force wise enough to exist with zero regrets… in the end I knew that is something I would fear completely and totally.  I would fear something that knows no regrets and no shame…   Whose actions are always towards the positive and never towards the negative.  A God that loves without fault, and has never caused regret within itself or towards others… now that scares me beyond comprehension.  That is something I know I would never be worthy to stand within its shadow, let alone ever face to face.  

In a roundabout way, my bad behavior helped me find what I now know must be the truth of God.  It was then that I started to relook at the Bible with this possibility as well, that God might actually exist therein.  I already ripped through the Bible looking for hidden science and mathematics, finding amazing answers to both along the way.  Yet the one thing I didn’t  find in those searches was a God I could follow.  Yet know I had a basis from which to reexamine what I knew could only exist within an Alpha Omega.  No regrets.  With this new belief I felt further away from the truth of God then at any other time in my life.  Yet I decided, because God is, would he truly not allow the truth of his real identity to go unknown? I struggled with that question because all religions on this planet are historical and modern failures…  Even still, I felt there was no way that that truth could not exist within the Bible… the only thing I needed to do was find it.  So I began to dismiss everyone else’s interpretations of what the Bible says… because I was raised Nazareth I will only come at this from a Christian perspective. The Good News, I did find God within the Bible.  And what is more… this truth of living a life of no regret… we can all do, but it aint easy… and if I’m understanding the stories in Bible  correctly, this simple rule of thumb is the only way we can live a life in honor of God… Nobody and I mean nobody has the right to purposely physically or emotionally hurt another human being, period. And that means NOBODY!  And anyone who does so on purpose, your actions are one hundred percent evil one hundred percent of the time.  And anything in any doctrine regardless of the religion (or lack thereof) that says different, is a damn lie!

I also discovered the way we can prevent humanity from slipping back into this ungodly world we live in today… each of us must personally choose to pray to be held responsible for the worlds sins.  Each of us must do so in our own way, and each of us must never be forced or force others to do so, nor can the act of praying to be held responsible for the world’s sins be used to shame others.  It is a private choice to save ourselves from ourselves as we continuously honor God by attempting to love each other as God love us, without regrets.  All of this can be found within all religious texts across the world.

What is interesting… The Old Testament, if you stop believing the interpretations past down to us from our ancestors, and discover all the purposeful changes made to the Bible, you will find everything I’ve said above in those stories.  You see, if we live Gods one rule and pray to God privately we don’t need government or people in funny clothes or hats telling us… we must listen to them… The question the world might start asking someday in the future… if what is written above is the truth… why would anyone or any organization want the world to forget that simple rule? Or perhaps, if this truth goes viral, why would they want to crush it?

Copyright Charles Marcello


  1. Frank says

    Interesting hypothesis but to get to theories on how it all started, one must go back to the original and only record we have on Sumerian cuneiform tablets, where the ancients got the material for all the bibles ant twisted the content to suit there own agenda’s.
    I think Zecharia Sitchin’s book series “Earth Chronicles” come closer to explaining who or what we as Humans are that I am now in my 80’s and have found in over 60 years of study the conclusion of Sitchin’s theories as well as my own I hope to find out at the end of this year of 2012.

  2. says

    The Holy Bible is the story of the Son of God from Geneisis 1:1 to Revelation 22.
    The Old Testiment is the New Testimant Hid and the New testiment is the Old Testiment revealed, if you don’t truly understand it get on your face and ask the LORD of Glory to help you understand the scriptures…He will. when ever you call on Him He will surely answer and that is a promise. He loves you and so do I you are in my prayers.

  3. Jay Bird says

    Great article.

    Garden of Eden anagrams to danger of need. Not sure of the significance of this, but anagrams hold inner mysticism that can often help unlock some more ever eternal doors in the corridors of life and truth researches.

    I hope that you haven’t stopped this train of thought – once you start questionning, there is never an end result. Our minds are like the UniVerse – ever expanding, even single thoughts can go on further and further and never end if you allow yourself the openness to do that.

  4. says

    gods reference that you shall surely die was meant that from being eternal now your in the realm of mortality and instead of living fore ever now your life was limited time on earth interesting synopsis

  5. Carlos Gomez says

    very interesting. I am now taking a fresh look at your hypothesis. An your getting this from the rebel & maverick from anything that has to do with organized religion!

  6. Ike fehr says

    To Mike H.
    You wrote, “To those who think death meant separation from God you will find No Place in the entire Old Testament where God stopped talking to humankind”. By this I must assume you meant all of humankind at one time. Because there certainly are incidents in the Old Testament where God quit communicating with people because of their sins. For example, immediately after Aaron and the Israelites had worshipped the golden calf, God said to Moses, “But I will not travel along with you, for you are a stubborn, unruly people. If I did, I would be tempted to destroy you along the way.” Exodus 33:3.

    Also, if you check the meaning of the word death, in the Hebrew language, (from which our Old Testament came) you will see that death means “seperation”, and an example that the dictionary uses is “conscious existence in separation from God”.

  7. says

    I have been reading your blogs and I have been quite amazed on the truth of your materials. I actually have been reading other books and materials on the web to help me to be a child of God for quite some time, but to my dismay have been realized that they are not the truth that I have been looking for. Even other spiritual websites claims to know or have the real truth of what happened in the beginning or have the true scriptures that have been left out of the bible on purpose and I have been left feeling not good at all.

    So what I am really getting at is to have a personal relationship with God is to read His Word the Bible. So I am going to take Erin suggestion from an earlier post and re-read the Bible with a child like mind like I am reading it for the first time in my life. I can’t wait for your next blog to come out and I am very excited to read the Bible again.
    Thank you so much

  8. Dave says

    The myth of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (a synonym for the “Paradise”) might symbolize temporary incarnation of the ethernal, universal Consciousness into human flesh. The fruit from the forbidden tree of “knowledge of good and evil” (which caused eyes to open and brought awareness of good and evil) symbolizes birth of human ego (the imaginary doer behind thought and action). The ego is not the real “you”; it was inherited as part of being born a human. It basically originates from the animal world…
    (writings by D.R. Hawkins or E. Tolle)

    “Unto the woman He [God] said, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception. In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. And unto Adam He said, “Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree of which I commanded thee, saying, `Thou shalt not eat of it,’ cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee, and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return unto the ground, for out of it wast thou taken; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” — Genesis 3,16-19

    Shame, sorrow, pain, anger, desire, guilt, grief, and pride are typical “trademarks’ of human ego.

  9. Mike H. says

    The Garden of Eden story is pretty simple & not complicated and requires no deep thought. They ate of the tree and lost the innocence. Replacing it with fear & want (“The Path to The Dark Side”) and the loss of Eternal life that God intended. The Creator did not deny them IT’s presence. . An animal was killed (talking of life which was not necessary before) in order to give them clothing; difficult child birth, tilling the land and being subject to its misery rather than dominion over it. Now God has to become a Corrector & Rectifier of the mess that humankind caused. It is the story of choices & consequences. No great mystery, pretty straight forward and simple.

    To those who think death meant separation from God you will find No Place in the entire Old Testament where God stopped talking to humankind. To his prophets and even when Balaam, who had been talking directly with God, could not see the Lords doings. God had Balaam’s donkey talk to him (Num 22:28) so he would get the Message & resume talking to and doing what God directly told him to do.

    The only separation from God that occurs is when people are wicked & refuse to hear the voice (internal yearning) of the Creator to repent (Ezekiel 18:1). Also there are examples of God taking people to Heaven to be forever with the God. I have never experienced the Spirit of God denying us its presence. The Book of Ceylon’s authored at the direction of Constantine is the only thing that tells you that you are separated from your Creator. Watch “Battle Star Galactcia” (new version). The Ceylons’ Replicas who fancied themselves as on a Blues Brothers like mission from God always told some truths to lead the Polytheistic humans into a lie and more self deceit.

    • Ike fehr says

      Charles, I appreciate your reply. I have studied the Bible most of my life, but I cannot recall any place in the Bible where “the Bible declares itself an abomination”. Can you help me with this one?
      Also, Charles, you say that, “When anyone or anything declares they have the truth the world always ends with those folks driving us all straight to hell”. Personally, I would not state it so bluntly, but, up to a point I agree with you, and that is why I recently wrote a book called, “Doctrinal Errors in Protestant Churches”. If all goes well, it should be available on World Mysteries in a week or two.

      • Charles Marcello says

        Hello again Fehr,

        The answer to your question is revealed within the context written above.

        For just a second, let’s go off the premise that what I wrote above is true, that we are not to look for God anywhere else than within ourselves. If that is true then the Bible, because the Christian world declares the bible doctrine, or more correctly, the written word of God… then we have a problem because then the entire premise is either untrue, or the Bible is an abomination. If the premise is true, then that simple truth will reveal itself within the first few stories. So now let’s look at Cain and Able. Without walking you down a very long path of deciphering another story let me ask a simple question. IF the premise is true and that truth is found hidden within the Adam and Eve story, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that Cain and Able were not real people either? Instead wouldn’t that mean that both do not equal individual men, rather they must equal mankind… and that that story tells us mankind made a choice… instead of working to teal the fields within our own souls, instead mankind chose for thousands of years to go down the easy road of slaughtering god within ourselves instead, by looking for God everywhere other than from within?

        If we fast forward to the New Testament, do we see the exact same story when the Hebrews are asked to choose between a lover of men and a murderer of them instead? Now let us go backwards in the bible. Does the entire Adam and Eve story and their Children tell a tale of mankind and our actions towards one another after we killed God within ourselves? One did the hard sacrifice and God found it pleasing… while the other chose the easy sacrifice and it was rejected? What is actually being rejected by a God that loves completely without regret or fault?
        Now fast forward back to the present. Do our own history books and newspapers tell the tale of mankind after we killed God within ourselves and continue to do so in our own time/cycle after the murderer was chosen over the lover of men? If the answer is yes, then it would stand to reason that both the Old and New Testament are not talking about real past events, (or even if some of the stories past forward were changed to incorporate real epochs, in our day they mean next to nothing…) then the entire Bible is nothing more than a warning of events to come if we continue down the same destructive path that led to the tower of Babel! There is nothing new under the Sun, unless we open our eyes… for you see when prophecy is fulfilled it only becomes true because we failed ourselves… we always fail to save ourselves from ourselves because it’s hard. The easy thing to do is to create things that tell us how to live, and how to act. Because then its easy for us to cast blame on others when in the end we are all guilty of equally destroying mankind. To see that truth, it takes a quiet understanding that all things created by man to control mankind are nothing more than illusions destined to destroy us all in time.

        Now according to some Biblical scholars who have studied the New Testament, the world has until 2018 at the earliest and 2038 at the latest to fulfill modern interpretations of prophetic events…. IF a religion active today is the truth, how can we even hope to be ready for the return of God by then without massive pain, suffering and death? One could argue that is exactly what prophecy says must happen, while I say that is exactly what has continuously happened day after day, year after year for all of time… prophecy is not a moment in time, rather is a collective of moments of lazy lies that always reach a climax because of our continous private and personal rejection of God from within ourselves.

        If no religion is the truth, then that means there is only one path… each of us must open our hearts and minds to God within ourselves and no other. Or, if we continue down this abominable path, we will kill ourselves just like the first five books of the Bible are warning us. (Just as they tried and failed to save their own time.) IF what I said above true, we can only write testimonies, yet we must never declare doctrine. The Hebrew Ten Commandments states, ‘there shall be no other gods before him (before him where?)… and no idol worship, none, zero, zilch, nadda… well is the Bible official doctrine? If so then isn’t the bible and all other official religious doctrine idol worship? If there shall be none then any that is, is an abomination. To find the strong words I borrowed you simply need to reexamine the Books of Daniel and Revelation.

        –Charles Marcello

  10. tony says

    Interesting, but to be honest i didnt read the whole article. i stopped short after you said God was a liar stating that“ in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” i am certainly sure that die in that statement didnt mean physical death. i believe the death god meant was more of some type of psychological, “suffering, hardship, quest of knowledge and so on”. and in my opinion there’s no way the story of the garden of Eden could not be true because that same story could be found in writing and various cultures that predate Christianity have similar stories, our interpretation may just be faulty.

    • lori says

      I found your atricle very interesting. You hit the nail on the head. SOO Simple yet people can not wrap their heads around it! I don’t and never could understand it.
      It matters not to me how you found the truth (many roads lead to the same destination). I believe you found it. Your find in a nut shell.
      Point #1
      “If there is only one God, then God created us all, no matter how many different stories humanity has created to explain the existence of God. He is us, we are him, we are all connected to each other through him… From one (God) many, From many (humanity) one foundation.”
      Point #1 =
      We are all a piece of Our Creator!
      Point #2
      “I believe the Garden of Eden story is telling mankind one simple truth. Never look for a relationship with (y)our creator outside ourselves. Anyone or anything that tells you that they know how you can find a personal relationship with God, the Garden of Eden story is warning, they are actually taking you away from The truth… or stated another way… you are staring into the eyes of the serpent.”
      Point #2 =
      Our Creator can only be found and Loved thru our OWN heart and deeds and NOT thru ANY other way. I say again, SOO Simple
      Bravo to you for “looking” and sharing!

  11. says

    Thank you very much for your explanation! Wonderful! I will confirm from another point of view. Religious people do worship their God; they worship THE WAY they worship. This is called subsitution. It is a trick of the mind to replace the original belief for a substitute with the manners to worship their belief and make the substitute – the manners to worship – leading for the belief itself. We do that with practically all our beliefconctructs with respect to health (i.a. not medicine) and education (i.e. not schools) and others. This substitution is garded by ‘experts’ (high priest, doctors and professors) who become leading in the way how to follow the doctrine. The combination of our belief in autorithy (guided tours in our live) and our habit to substitute the belief for the way to belief is the basis of indeed …… all evil. (You might wonder why the medicin people love the snake as their symbol :)) Thanks again I will read your story again, just for the fun of your expedition. Best Rob

  12. Jorge says


    An isnpiring posting in relation to hthe Bible. It is said somewhere in past history referring to the Book of Enoch, that when he was taken to the Garden of Eden in a place called heaven, he saw a place where children were cared at a tower with “three portals facing the setting sun”. The only three portals existing in the world as I an aware are the thtree portals facing the east setting sun at Machu Picchu in the highland of Peru. The description in the Book of Eoch fits perfectly. No wonder there is a legend in Cuzco that Machu Picchu is called the nape of the world. To be more explicit. This was the first place where mankind was birthed and distributed through the entire earth.

  13. Meli says

    I like this article. There is never harm in encouraging people to question & study something for themselves. I also believe the bible to have been written in layers and it’s up to us to uncover truth & enlightenment. It’s says, when you seek me you will fine me, when you seek with all your heart. So I don’t think anything should be taken for face value. There is always more to be received.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. says

    God has no mouth no ears and does not talk.
    It was not God that was the boss of the garden of eden.
    If you can comprehend infinity, then you can comprehend God.
    NO ONE is closer to God than anyone else….you cannot get close (or far) from infinity.

  15. Ike fehr says

    You are certainly entitled to your studies and opinions. However, I would like to point out one error. You make the statement that God is a liar because He said that Eve would die the day that she ate of the fruit. The fact that Eve did not die makes God a liar. However, if you understand that the basic meaning of the word “death” is “seperation”, you realize tht Eve actually did die that day because she was seperated from communion with God. That seperation continues into our time, unless we are brought into communion with God through the death and resurrection of Christ.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello fehr and Asaff,

      You are both equally correct in my opinion, two halts that equal a single truth.

      Fehr, that is exactly what I discovered as well, God did not lie, Adam and Eve looked for a relationship with God outside themselves, their story tells our time why God is dead in our world as a whole by our collective actions… The funny thing about the Bible is, the bible declares itself an abomination, which is why Asaff is also correct. When anyone or anything declares they have the truth the world always ends with those folks driving us all straight to hell, no matter what name you call god… Also its way to early for me to talk about the New Testament and all the ways to learn we are being lied to… however at some point I’m sure I will feel compelled… Hopefully this weekend I will find the time to take this all a little further down the trail.

      –Charles Marcello

  16. Ab Asaff says

    The Bible is a mish mash of Hebrew cultural misunderstanding of the pagan spiritual teachings and mythologizes of the cultures they encountered and periodically lived with.
    In order for one to make any sense of it you need to peel back the layers like an onion to get to the truth or heart of it. Even most secular mainstream Jews give little credence to the old stories of their Bible but hang on to it to retain membership in their tight bloodline community. The truth of the Bible is held in the esoteric teachings of their spiritual offspring The Kabbalist. The same is to be said about the truth of Christianity which is found in the Gnostic Christian Texts and Islam found in their Sufi off shoot. Those offshoots philosophically put forth the understanding of God similarly to what you Charles have found and postulate in your article. So the truth of God can be found in philosophy but not in established dogmatic western religions. Buddhism is a great example of a religious philosophy that on its own without any extension of itself has always taught the undeniable truth of our Creator and his wisdom. Today it is in the surviving Eastern religions that the truth can be found without ambiguity. As it is written, “seek and ye shall find.” The truth can be hidden but never destroyed.

    The three powerful Abrahamic religions have not nor ever will bring peace to the world or themselves because their religions have come down from a false egotistic possessive perception of God. An unfortunate situation indeed for all. But one can take heart in that all things must pass.

  17. blanche mclanahan says

    I agree with this interpretation but it goes deeper…..I would like to know your thoughts on the numbers, 144,000 and 666.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Please refer to my other two blogs quickly found to the right to find more information about those numbers.

      2012 and the Pyramids at Giza and Secrets of the Giza Pyramids.

      –Charles Marcello

  18. Erin says

    I like your article. I find myself reading and re-reading the bible to figure out what it means to me personally. I urge others to also find their own meaning and not to blindly believe a pastor or priests interpretation. Their interpretation may not be wrong, it’s just not personal. You may see it differently. I’ve had quite a few revelations that have had a profoundly wonderful effect on my life. Some might even say a magical effect. I call it a divine effect. =]


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