The New Garden of Eden


The New Interpretation for the Garden of Eden

by Charles Marcello

The Garden of Eden is probably one of the best known stories throughout the world.  As a matter a fact the Bible/Torah is not the first to promote this story.

For many years I would simply read that story the way it is written and never think more about it, Adam and Eve sinned and now all of us are born to die.  Pretty simple…  Then a few years ago I asked this question, why is 144,000 and 666 all over the world? I decided there were only two answers that I felt answered that question satisfactory.  Either, the old world had continuous contact with the new, or… there existed in our distant past a society as advanced, or more advanced than our own.  I had already read books regarding some evidence that the old world contacted the new hundreds of years before Columbus.  And to be perfectly honest that is the way I was leaning.  However, I had to test my second hypothesis… the only question that remained was how. 

Finally I decided to see if  there was hidden science within those numbers mentioned above.  To my surprise there is advanced mathematical science hidden within 144,000 and 666.  Because of that discovery and the fact that the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures have stories similar to those found within the Bible, I decided to reread the Bible with a new understanding… I decided to see if I could find more hidden science within the Old Testament.  Again to my surprise I discovered there is advanced medical and other scientific understanding throughout the first five books of the bible. So then I wanted to know, is there any more advanced mathematics within the Bible, and yes was the answer to that question as well.  Like the creation story… if you turn that story into a mathematical equation it reveals a modern enigma.  How could today’s science come to the same conclusions that are found hidden within the creation story?

At this point I was looking at the Bible completely different then I did just a few months earlier.  Back then I had major issues with the Bible, for the god the Bible seemed nothing short of an evil dictator who I wanted nothing to do with.  It seemed to me from the last period at the end of the last sentence in the Old Testament to the first letter in the new, that the god of the Bible found Prozac. Yet now I was seeing something totally different.  Something that was unbelievable and completely foreign.  There were aspects of the Bible, (the first five Books), I could not get my head around.  Before everything in the Old Testament seemed so damn primitive.  Yet now to my satisfaction I was convinced there was no way a primitive people could leave that kind of knowledge hidden within those simple stories… then I remembered what started this quest in the first.  I was going off the premise that perhaps an advanced society existed in our distant past and they left advanced understanding within what we now consider to be ancient texts/stories … Yet besides mathematics and scientific understanding we all take for granted as elementary today… I still wondered if my premise was true, because let’s face it,  there are parts of the Old Testament that are completely barbaric… so the question I needed to answer, how could I unlock the truth behind thousands of years of misunderstood reasoning and understanding?  I decided in order to wrap my head around this possibility I would need to pretend our world was destroyed with only a small band of survivors, most of them being very young children.  To make a long story short, I decided I would have to explain everything I know using nothing but nature and the stars.  A wonderful exercise I suggest everyone attempt just for fun.  I was amazed by that simple exercise and how quickly the rest of the Bible opened up to me.  Things started to make  sense in this modern world.  And the God of the Bible started to look less evil. Yet I had a problem.  The Garden of Eden… That story was so out of place, the punishments, the removal, everything… it did not seem to fit.  And what really started to bother me, I asked this simple question, “what did the snake do wrong?”

***I am not asking anyone to believe what is written below.***

“What did the snake do wrong?”  That question began to eat at me.  So I figured that would be a good place to start.  So I reread the Garden of Eden story with that thought, and to my surprise the god of the Bible began to become evil again, so I knew I was heading down the wrong path… because if you begin reading that story with this thought, “what did the snake do wrong”, you start to see that story in a different light.  ie… God comes back notices Adam and Eve got figs for clothes, the snake is all confused, while Lucifer is frolicking through the Garden of Eden chanting, “ha ha I got you three in trouble.”  As God with a smile only a proud parent can make declares, “Satan what a kidder,” then gets a stern look as he turns and growls, “now you three…”  I simply could not get that to make sense, yet the Bible declares the snake guilty… yet the snake was just hanging out in a tree sun bathing when it became possessed. 

Yet the snake is punished?  That is one wicked god to blame anyone other than Lucifer, yet that is not what that story says.  So then I was like, okay, lets move past that and perhaps you will find the answer from another angle.  So then I started to focus on the punishments.   Yes they seem rather harsh especially seeing how we are all still being punished for mistakes we had nothing to do with.  Yet I knew there had to be a deeper meaning.  This is also a wonderful exercise… see how many different ways you can break those punishments down… what I finished with was deception.  Deception is the greatest sin of all.  Whether you are purposely deceiving yourself or other, God has no mercy towards it whatsoever.  I felt I had solved a major part of this riddle.  So I reread that story with this concept in mind, fully confident of victory, and I fell flat on my face.  Deception is part of the story obviously, but it doesn’t hold the story together because the snake did nothing wrong.  Now months had passed… no I didn’t think about this story every second of every day… yet I did think about it often.  Finally I said, treat everyone and everything as equals…  No one is above or below the other and reread this story as an objective observer with zero interests in the outcome… as if I’m reading it for the first time.  When I did that I was shocked to learn that God was in fact the first liar…  For he said, “ in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”  And then in the next chapter Eve repeats the warning.   Yet here is the kicker.  If God told the truth, Adam would’ve found Eve lying dead on the ground, with a bite missing from the fruit, and the snake looking guilty as hell.  At that moment Adam would’ve had knowledge of good and evil right then and there without ever touching that fruit, as he declared,”Lucifer you are a liar.”  So with all  things being equal and if God was the first liar… I knew there was no way God would continue to punish all of humanity because Adam and Eve caught him in a lie.  So now I was like, this a horrible stupid story!  And no matter how ridiculous I found this concept, I could not deny if everyone is treated equally, and because Eve didn’t die in that day… why wouldn’t Adam have doubts towards who the greater God of the two was? (A fight still raging today I might add.)  Adam only knows how he came into existence because of what he was told…  Yet now as Eve stands there in perfect health after eating the forbidden fruit…  Why wouldn’t Adam take a bite?  God was already proven to be wrong, so why not dismiss his warning as a lessor warning and take a bite.  Yet that snake kept forcing me to go deeper, that might excuse Adam and Eve’s behavior and why God lost his mind… yet it doesn’t make sense why the snake was punished… And I felt like no matter how far I traveled I always started at the exact same place… with the same question every time… what the hell is this story actually saying…  And now because Eve did not die I started to ask… what the hell is the fruit?  To be completely honest I was stuck!

For several weeks I was stuck and I knew it.  By trying to understand the Garden of Eden and what it was actually trying to say, I had created more problems than I solved.  For the first time since I began to unravel the hidden science and math within the Old Testament I now deciphered a part of this story that made God look extremely bad.   And that made zero sense.  Why create a story that turns the tables on the creator of all things?  Every time I reread the Garden of Eden story I kept seeing the same two things.  God lied, yet this same God within this story hates deception.  I didn’t know if I would ever get past those two points.  So I did what any person would do, I gave up!  I decided to find another story to break down and unravel.  And that’s when I found the answer to the fruit.  After God destroyed the world he told Noah and his family,  “go forth and be fruitful.”  Be fruitful?  Now we all know God wasn’t saying go out and give birth to peaches and plums… he meant go out and have children.  Having children is being fruitful?  What are children?  In the simplest terms, we are each an extension of our parents.  We are each pieces of our parents that exist outside of them…  we are completely different and separate from them, yet a part of them nonetheless.  Was that it?

Is that what God is actually warning about?  Is that the fruit God forbid us to eat… If so, was does it mean…  let alone, what equaled all the other fruit?  And lastly did God lie?  I knew I had an answer I just didn’t know what it meant.  So I began to think of what children also represent and how that could answer the riddle hidden within the Garden of Eden.  Children exist outside us, even though they are a part of us.  We can see, play, hug, argue, and love these extensions of ourselves… yet everything we experience with our children physically exists outside of us, while our emotions towards are children only exists within us. I mean, we only think we control our children until they become teenagers and then we learn better.  Some would argue that God must be evil to allow teenagers to exist in the first place, but that’s another blog altogether.  So here I am with this possible understanding.  God said if you eat this forbidden fruit you shall surely die in that day. Well Eve didn’t die in that day, and because Satan said surely you won’t, and when she didn’t… it was easy to convince Adam to eat thereof.  Then the story continues, God goes walking through the garden calling out to Adam when he discovers Adam has covered his manhood.  Before Adam and Eve walked with God butt naked and there was no shame standing before God absolutely naked, yet now that they supposedly eat some fruit the act of being naked is a shameful sinful act?  It was then that I understood I would have to go deeper into the Old Testament if I was going to unlock the mystery of the Garden of Eden.  For you see adding Chapters and Verse is a relatively new invention, and if this was a running story… then like any good teacher, you allow the full story to progress while each level of the story complements all the parts before it… each half continually supports the other.  You don’t teach people calculus without first teaching them the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and how to divide.  With that understanding, the entire story started to come into focus.  I now understood how the God of the bible did not lie, and why deception is the greatest sin of all sins.

Because I believe knowledge is dangerous without acquiring the wisdom that goes along with any journey, I’m going to stop the process of how I reached my conclusion here…  For our history books are loaded with knowledge being used by people who had zero wisdom, and each time the lack of wisdom has always led to horrible outcomes.  So for those who want to know if what I’m about to say next is true, for now, I leave the rest of this journey up to you.  Because its never the answer that gives wisdom, it’s always the journey.  Also, even if what I’m about to say is the truth, it won’t be a worldwide truth just because I said it, not hardly… According to prophecy, if this new interpretation and that prophecy are true… this concept will only become a worldwide movement when Hebrew’s and Gentiles alike understand all the layers hidden therein, and then travel the world teaching this truth… with the possible question… does that equal the Final Temple?  IF what I’m about to say is true, then the world will learn of it… if this is all nonsense then it will turn to dust just like all the other misunderstood interpretations have.  I don’t get to decide what is or is not the truth for the world, the world has to decide individually… for it is one individual at a time that equals the collective we call humanity.   And it must be everyone’s private personal choice… this can never be forced onto anyone!

I believe the Garden of Eden story is telling mankind one simple truth.  Never look for a relationship with (y)our creator outside ourselves.  Anyone or anything that tells you that they know how you can find a personal relationship with God, the Garden of Eden story is warning,  they are actually taking you away from The truth… or stated another way… you are staring into the eyes of the serpent.  Whether I like this interpretation or not, that is what the Garden of Eden is actually trying to explain in my opinion. 

As a species we are allowed to look for the truth of God in all things regarding how this universe works… ie… which equals all the other fruit in the garden we are told we can freely eat…  Yet we are never to look for a personal relationship with God outside ourselves, Never!  The inside of our bodies is the only temple we will ever need to worship from. 
Which means, any outside forces that tries to make anyone believe they can teach you how to have a personal relationship with God… it is pure deception, (forbidden fruit), one hundred percent of the time. Even with that being said, I believe all Religions on the personal level… on the personal level only… is absolutely beautiful… regardless of what name you call God,  for all religions ask the individual to find a personal relationship with God within themselves, while demanding we express that relationship outwardly, which is wrong the act of worship is not the act of a personal relationship.  For the bible warns, and history proves… every level above the personal, each Religion becomes progressively more evil until they all become pure evil. 

I believe that is exactly what the Garden of Eden is truly trying to explain… and then goes on to create more stories within the Book of Genesis to help bring that point home… Or do you really think God turned Abraham into a lying pimp and his wife into a lying adulterous whore just so God could fulfill his promise of starting Abraham out with great wealth?  Let alone the story of Lot.  For me, the Garden of Eden is demanding a relationship with God can only exist inside ourselves, and we are to communicate with God in private only.  While at the same time I believe the Bible is explaining in order to have worldwide peace, each person must attempt to love like God by attempting to live life without regrets… We will never have Gods wisdom, yet we can learn the wisdom of loving each other as we love ourselves.

If this interpretation is correct…  once you unlock the rest of the story hidden within the Garden of Eden the whole Bible comes alive like never before.  The whole Bible becomes a giant warning about not following a man.  No man knows the truth of God, yet all men can have a personal relationship, and each of us can learn to love like God.  That to me is the hidden undeniable truth I found, and now live by. Yet here was the most shocking revelation of all.  Will this gospel become the world’s third temple?  If so… Sadly as history proves and the bible prophecy warns us about… this will not become our reality without a major, some will even say a biblical fight of good versus evil… or stated another way, the old world (kingdom) rejecting the newly revealed truth (the meek seek) so as not to lose their control over this world.

Like I said before, I’m not asking you to believe what I said… however I am asking you to think about this interpretation.   That the true warning in the Book of Genesis is, if you look for a relationship with God outside yourself you kill any chance you have to build a personal relationship with God… thereby killing God within this world one person at a time… You can never find a relationship with God by looking at physical objects, or by people telling you how to pray or how to come to God, even science declares we are hardwired with this personal ability… Which is why this truth must never be forced onto anyone, never ever not even once.  All must freely choose to seek a personal and private relationship with God… Only by their fruits you will know them, (there’s that word again, fruit). 

According to this interpretation, if you’ve freely joined some organization (religious or otherwise) that proclaims they have the truth about God and how to see God, if you join or joined them, you have freely removed yourself from the truth of God… which is why you are asked to come out of them… If you join or choose to stay, you have removed yourself from the Garden.  To break this all down even further.  The story of the Garden of Eden is telling man we can look at and eat all knowledge this universe has to offer.  We can look for the truth of God and his creation within all things.  We can open our minds to the majestic beauty that equals this amazing universe… Yet we must never look for a personal relationship with God anywhere other than within ourselves.  All outside objects created by man are an illusion/false idols, (the forbidden fruit).  We can give testimonies of this truth, yet we must never create doctrine.  If you open your eyes to this new understanding, is it possible you to will discover that is exactly what the entire Bible is warning against… sweet to taste, bitter in thy belly…  We can as a society create laws that rebuke bad behavior, for there must be a foundation for all of society to build upon… Yet that doesn’t mean one man or one organization has the right to decide for the whole, another warning found throughout the Bible.

Now I didn’t create this blog to pick a fight or to be disrespectful to anyone’s belief systems.  I hope everyone understands I’m not asking you to accept this interpretation, or to even like it.  I also hope we can discuss this as intelligent adults without becoming verbose and indignant.  If there is only one God, then God created us all, no matter how many different stories humanity has created to explain the existence of God.  He is us, we are him, we are all connected to each other through him… From one (God) many, From many (humanity) one foundation.  I am more than willing to go deeper into this interpretation, yet as of now I don’t if anyone is interested in discussing such a new, yet perhaps a very ancient understanding.  Or if this interpretation will be rejected by all… I don’t get to decide such things… One things for certain however… Time Always Reveals The Truth!

Copyright 12.3.12 Charles Marcello

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Comment from Lori
March 14, 2012 at 10:40 am

I found your atricle very interesting. You hit the nail on the head. SOO Simple yet people can not wrap their heads around it! I don’t and never could understand it.
It matters not to me how you found the truth (many roads lead to the same destination). I believe you found it. Your find in a nut shell.
Point #1
“If there is only one God, then God created us all, no matter how many different stories humanity has created to explain the existence of God. He is us, we are him, we are all connected to each other through him… From one (God) many, From many (humanity) one foundation.”
Point #1 =
We are all a piece of Our Creator!
Point #2
“I believe the Garden of Eden story is telling mankind one simple truth. Never look for a relationship with (y)our creator outside ourselves. Anyone or anything that tells you that they know how you can find a personal relationship with God, the Garden of Eden story is warning, they are actually taking you away from The truth… or stated another way… you are staring into the eyes of the serpent.”
Point #2 =
Our Creator can only be found and Loved thru our OWN heart and deeds and NOT thru ANY other way. I say again, SOO Simple
Bravo to you for “looking” and sharing!

– – –

You are absolutely correct Lori, it truly is that simple.  Below is something else I discovered and now live by.

Part 2

by Charles Marcello

As I’m doing my research mentioned above while reading how I’m supposed to fear god’s wrath and vengeance, I asked myself a question I’ve never asked before.  What could I fear?   I don’t mean will he kick my ass type of fear, I mean pure unadulterated fear, a forever and even amen fear.  My life experience has already thought me just because you’re bigger and stronger that doesn’t mean I  fear you… as a matter a fact, history proves and my own life confirms, when people use fear to manage the actions of others, in time… all fear will be replaced with hatred.  So I seriously struggled with trying to honestly answer that  question, what could I fear and fear completely?  Well as always the answer came to me in a completely unexpected way.

 I would say this first started when I was about twenty-seven years old.  And it always begins the same way, whenever the hell it wants.  I’m talking about reliving past actions.

Before I continue, here is my attempt at a public service announcement.  Young people, if you know you have a conscience and you know you feel empathy towards others… if it feels wrong for even a moment, its wrong, period.  Dismiss your inner warnings at your own pearl.  For I know after having hundreds of conversations regarding this same subject, at some point in the future you are going to relive your past actions…(end of service announcement.)  

Because of my own experiences, and listening to others laugh as they’ve dismissed their own memories… to me how we react to these reexaminations of our past actions equals and/or signifies repentance or the rejection of it.  When I was a young person I was good looking, cocky, angry, and what’s more I knew it. Towards my everlasting shame I used to proclaim, “I’m old enough to know better, young enough not to give a damn.”   From the age of fourteen to twenty-two I was a real piece of work.  Yet just before I met my wife I slowly began to change, and I do mean slowly.  Then around twenty-seven I had a vision, or more correctly a memory rolled forward into my consciousness where I relived something I had done in my past.  And I was ashamed… After reliving that experience I decided I would never treat another person like that again.  The bad news for me is, during the ages mentioned above, especially from the ages of eighteen to twenty-two I was angry at everyone and everything and my life simply revolved around D double F, (Drinking, fighting, and fornicating), if I could accomplish all three within a single day, I woke up the next day in a great mood.  So for me those visions, the reliving of past actions, never seemed to stop. I don’t mean to say they happened one right after another for years on end… Yet they did happen a lot and they always happened in those quiet moments, you know, between commercials, taking a bath/shower, driving down the road…whatever!  More often then I care to admit I continuously found myself reliving something I had said or did.  (Just so you know all of my sins revolve around being verbally rude, emotionally uncaring, and beating up a couple of people who truly didn’t deserve it.)

So here I am trying to solve the mysteries hidden within Bible, while also trying to figure out what could I fear completely and reliving past actions.  When one day after I just relived another past action that I knew once again I was a jerk… In complete defiance I screamed out to the ethos, “why don’t you ever have me relive the good deeds I’ve done, or the kindness I’ve shown to others throughout my life?”  (I wasn’t a total jerk.) When no sooner had I yelled out that question, I found myself questioning… is that the truth of God?   You see I’ve never ever regretted being kind or decent to others, never.  Sure I’ve been annoyed by those who have taken advantage of my generosity/acts of kindness… yet the act of kindness I’ve always known aint got one thing to do with others, and has everything to do with thyself.  The question does that equal God I found intriguing… is it possible and Alpha and Omega is an existence with zero  regrets and pure generosity/kindness?  I continued to examine what that meant, a living force wise enough to exist with zero regrets… in the end I knew that is something I would fear completely and totally.  I would fear something that knows no regrets and no shame…   Whose actions are always towards the positive and never towards the negative.  A God that loves without fault, and has never caused regret within itself or towards others… now that scares me beyond comprehension.  That is something I know I would never be worthy to stand within its shadow, let alone ever face to face.  

In a roundabout way, my bad behavior helped me find what I now know must be the truth of God.  It was then that I started to relook at the Bible with this possibility as well, that God might actually exist therein.  I already ripped through the Bible looking for hidden science and mathematics, finding amazing answers to both along the way.  Yet the one thing I didn’t  find in those searches was a God I could follow.  Yet know I had a basis from which to reexamine what I knew could only exist within an Alpha Omega.  No regrets.  With this new belief I felt further away from the truth of God then at any other time in my life.  Yet I decided, because God is, would he truly not allow the truth of his real identity to go unknown? I struggled with that question because all religions on this planet are historical and modern failures…  Even still, I felt there was no way that that truth could not exist within the Bible… the only thing I needed to do was find it.  So I began to dismiss everyone else’s interpretations of what the Bible says… because I was raised Nazareth I will only come at this from a Christian perspective. The Good News, I did find God within the Bible.  And what is more… this truth of living a life of no regret… we can all do, but it aint easy… and if I’m understanding the stories in Bible  correctly, this simple rule of thumb is the only way we can live a life in honor of God… Nobody and I mean nobody has the right to purposely physically or emotionally hurt another human being, period. And that means NOBODY!  And anyone who does so on purpose, your actions are one hundred percent evil one hundred percent of the time.  And anything in any doctrine regardless of the religion (or lack thereof) that says different, is a damn lie!

I also discovered the way we can prevent humanity from slipping back into this ungodly world we live in today… each of us must personally choose to pray to be held responsible for the worlds sins.  Each of us must do so in our own way, and each of us must never be forced or force others to do so, nor can the act of praying to be held responsible for the world’s sins be used to shame others.  It is a private choice to save ourselves from ourselves as we continuously honor God by attempting to love each other as God love us, without regrets.  All of this can be found within all religious texts across the world.

What is interesting… The Old Testament, if you stop believing the interpretations past down to us from our ancestors, and discover all the purposeful changes made to the Bible, you will find everything I’ve said above in those stories.  You see, if we live Gods one rule and pray to God privately we don’t need government or people in funny clothes or hats telling us… we must listen to them… The question the world might start asking someday in the future… if what is written above is the truth… why would anyone or any organization want the world to forget that simple rule? Or perhaps, if this truth goes viral, why would they want to crush it?

Copyright Charles Marcello


  1. Michael D. Howard says

    Charles I read the story of the garden differently:

    It deals with the off spring resulting from a knowledge of good and evil. Adam and even had been given dominance over everything but one. Tree of knowledge of good and evil of which only God could control not mankind nor the serpent who had sought control and still believes as Illuminati believe they can create and manage things .

    When you eat of it you will die and that is what happened as consequence of trying to control and have knowledge and power beyond that of the Creator. Death represents separation from a former state from ones prior state of existence. That is exactly what happened. From King and Queen to serfdom. Hard births, till the fields, short life span, having to mix up fight wise with the animals who you previously had dominion over etc. Sounds like death to me.

    Our actions have a consequence and actions bear fruit. Please notice humanity still has a relationship with God we just can’t control the monster we unleashed Satin is the manager of that. But praise God the weapons of our warfare are powerful for the puling down of strongholds but once again that is as a part of God not separate

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Mr. Howard,

      Sorry I haven’t responded sooner haven’t checked this blog for some time.

      The problem I personally with that original understanding to my mind is… Either A the god of the bible is not all knowing… meaning he gave a command without knowing the ramifications or B if he did know he gave a command that would never be followed then the god of the bible is one sadistic evil son of a bitch that created mankind to suffer for his own enjoyment. Either way to my mind if the original understand is correct then the god bring worshipped cannot be the God who created this universe, rather it must be the god who was given dominion over this planet… ie the prince of the air.. So to my mind there is no way in hell the universally accepted understanding forced onto this earth by the universal church is correct.

      –Charles Marcello

    • Mary says

      Here’s food for thought. This is strictly hypothetical, but obviously you know why the humans could have been punished. As for the snake, what if he actually allowed Lucifer to take control? What if God could have given these animals the same free will?

      It would also help when studying scripture to not only just read it, but look into the lexicon and translate the Hebrew for Old Testament and Greek for the new. That’s mainly what theologians study along with actual historical accounts of the day and age. (Yes, they do that as well.)

      In Numbers 22, when the “Angel of the Lord” used the donkey to speak for himself and the Angel, it states before hand that the donkey saw the angel on the road ahead with the sword and turned out of obedience for the angel. It was his choice, which resulted in his master beating him. That is when he was able to speak for himself because he allowed the Lord to do so.

      Again, just food for thought.

        • Charles Marcello says

          I still don’t understand how owning real estate applies to the information found within this blog… Unless is it some kind of backhanded reference to hell’s half acre? To which if it is I have plenty to say on that score, yet I’ll wait for a more in depth clarification just incase I’m way off base.

          • Jason says

            It’s fine there Charles ill be more topic focused in the future sometimes the print is reference too something on a personal level just in case.

  2. Johny says

    Is not a day of the lord 1000 yrs. So when he said eve will die that day ..1000yrs. Noah was almost 1000 when he died . I really like the story of noahs birth . Look it up .

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Jonny,

      If I accept your premise in relation to the theme of this blog then that means god knew the day, hour, and the minute before he created Adam and Eve the universe was going to be full of suffering a thousand years before any of it happened. I realize you will demand free will but all knowing means god sees all possible outcomes and if your premise is true god saw her death…. then he also say all her sins before Adam was even created. Yer the problem for the story is what did the snake do wrong?

      Let me ask you a simple question; in all the things that you did that you now know we’re wrong or evil, how many of them would you have done if you knew everyone you love was going to go to hell for YOUR ACTIONS? Remember not even god could carry the Sins of the world all the way to Calvary without the help of mortal man according to the bible. That is what I’m trying to explain. Yet the question still remains what could you justify?

      –Charles Marcello

  3. j.a. says

    Hey their are games included great article just the sighn of the times i guess whats important is a national development plan of action if religion and society can mix and the planet can exist as we know it then surely the work needs to be done when species evolve to a higher state of being because this domian is ours to keep and make little mistake for perfection is a life long experience to have now many will go to the bar service is free.

  4. says

    One must be careful of using speculation and illusions developed from words found in the Bible, or anyplace else for that matter. As the old saying goes, “Words have consequences”! The story of Adam and Eve in the Bible uses the world “snake” but there is no descriptive detail that it was in fact a snake as we envision it today…wriggling across the ground and having no legs. We believe the words “Adam” and “Eve” are names for human beings, but we do not know what the word “snake” meant in the story of the Garden of Eden as written and translated many times from the Bible. I had a friend what was called “Snake”, but he was a human being like me and everyone else. And even today we use the word “snake” when speaking of a devious and slick-willie type of human being. Perhaps the “snake” in the story of the Garden of Eden was another character who we have been taught and developed a misconception of who or what it was. Perhaps it was an ally of Lucifer, who was called Satan, the Devil and many other names…

  5. Ben says

    Charles, Thanks for the invite and the opportunity to read some of your theories. As I had stated in my response to your response to my post, I believe that you, and quite possibly a few others, are particularly close to coming full circle in the reasoning process. As a matter of fact your conclusion in this particular article is on point, coupled with blanches’ theorectical observations and Staceys’ keen observation has me a little….well..I can’t quite find the words to explain it. Needless to say all the parts to the whole are here.
    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart: Jeremiah 1:5” At one point we chose to come to this place, We already had a relationship with God. We came here under an agreement that we made with our God. However, to come here in a physical form required a particular formulation that was to be repeated over and over but, that did not happen as it was designed to because “someone” else intervened and threw a curve into the mix and the plan had to be changed. Because of this, instantaneously “being” could no longer occur and, since the original body was corrupted, instantaneous departure could not occur either.
    “Let us make man in our own image:Gen 1:26 ” tells us that there are a number of gods similar to ourselves in likeness, that does not mean that they are all equal or good. There is alot more to this whole story than meets the eye however, there are no aliens or crazy tin foil hat stuff either. Everything is rational and child like in simplicity and the Garden of Eden story is much, much older than anyone really knows. Like I said, there’s more to the story.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Ben,

      If I remember correctly you’ve openly stated you’re a Mason… What I know about Mason Theology is this, if you believe what they are teaching has anything to do with philosophy you are still down in the lower levels of understanding. Every symbol within Free Masonry has to do with defining our physical reality… You see, there are two very different levels within Masonry, Knowledge base and Wisdom Base. The Knowledge aspects can be deciphered many different ways and will eventually lead nowhere. While the Wisdom base aspects traverse all languages and customs worldwide because Wisdom is universal while Knowledge is always locally flawed. In a nutshell Masonry is defining our three dimensional universe and has a single law that demands all things are one with all things. If you were a god looking down on all of creation/the whole of universe and we were also just a man… if you were both and you could not see yourself by looking down or up, how would you find yourself in that universe? The answer is inside the checker board, the Bee hive, the Square and Compass, the Pyramid, the Up and downward steps, inside duality etc etc etc… How this answer perfectly fits what I wrote above is for you to discover if you so chose.

      –Charles Marcello

  6. blanche mclanahan says

    REGARDING 144,000 AND 666

    In elementary school when teachers attempted to teach me ‘how to tell time’ there was no point, as I simply could not grasp the concept. in speaking out to teach them how I read the clock I was shunned and labeled. What time says is cyclic…concentric 24,000 year cycles within context of a 360 degree sphere. The only linear aspect of time is its moving from center to periphery, but this occurs in a simultaneity. Each 30 degree point in measure of 2000 years on the periphery and the 1 degree mark or point 66.6 years. So 666 is a point or mark at 1 degree in time, at which time the Earth connects to greater and Universal cycles, and when human beings will again use the 144,000 genes of the human genome. They, science, are uncertain of the genome numbers ranging from 25,000 t0 42,000 in latest reviews. One failure for consideration are the numbers encoded in mitochondrial DNA, the non-coding introns and “junk”DNA. Yet the Bible based on a multiple determinate gives us all these numbers hidden in plain sight.
    We do not need eyes to see, nor do we need ears to hear.
    I remember what I knew as a child. A memory realized through the insight of a child. As we age we digress, forgetting, as if time is running backwards.

  7. blanche mclanahan says

    Is the Garden of Eden inside us?

    The TORAH=Genomic Cryptolinguistics

    The following verse from the Book of Isaiah tells us who changed the time using the letters, numbers and words….. The Hebrew word for thought is the same as computer.

    Isaiah 28:10-11

    In a dream I was speaking to a Lord of the script, or perhaps I was asking myself to search memory of my genes for an answer. I had been consumed with the image and message of an ancient Hebrew scripture. The English translation read, ‘THE CREATOR WISE AND KIND”. But what I saw in the Hebrew letters and the translation were one and the same….a code, a genetic cipher text, that once translated from the Hebrew letters to the 4 letter genetic alphabet showed codon sets for a variety of disorders…..disease.
    The Hebrew word showed directives, the letter gave the chromosome number and that letters number gave location of the gene.

    The conversation went something like this. I awoke and wrote what I could remember.

    Now let there be one verse to guide me O’ Lord as I seek forgiveness of the nothing I’ve become lost in this vast universe where the light in refraction has blinded me, and the misshapen sound of the flute trills my ears. For no eye can see the image an actor portrays, inasmuch no ear might hear the singer’s true song.

    Yet behold and remember me O’ Lord for mine face cannot hide what lies within my heart. I am wounded and my soul cries out for leaving. Cannot thee reason some resolve that comes only of truth……and yet there is none. You are within me, yet I cannot touch you.

    In such vastness of your kingdom might there be but one single thread that I might bind myself and hold on to and draw you near? The uncertainty….from where does it come? You are here within, still I cannot see, hear, nor touch you. Why in my dreams are you apart, away from me?

    You linger in the light guiding with reassurance, then I look back and you are gone. Taunting spells of memory flood my emotion again, fear tightens its noose round about my neck and again you come to loose the girdled constraints. When shall I know forever this comfort of you near?

    Somewhere in the chain or thread of information written through time, someone, in some place before the world was the way it is now, asked the same question; “O’ Lord where art thou?” Can we as yet find this place? Were they running the reverse on the same time line, or could they have remembered what it meant to be whole, and one with G-D. We have failed this memory. Where has it gone?

    “And now, O Father, glorify Thou Me with Thine own self, with the glory
    which I had with Thee before the world was.”

    I had taken these words and turned them on the line, never once looking back to see, turning again the page, or to against them place my ear to hear of your design. On every attempt I failed to read between the lines, grasping bits of the text, only to couple with and confuse the mind. Must we quicken and set the pulse staging these events of emotional madness, or find reason of the dissension in cause of mankind’s reluctance.

    Emotions are a result of, or a human need due to, a lack of information written into genetic memory, our DNA. A cause little understood, that expresses itself in question of its effects. To be denied a satisfactory response to these effects serves injustice to the cause. Therefore, one must look back in time if they are to have empathy for the future.

    It is the measure in between, forcing pause, that leaves the mind to search in recorded memory or genetic archives something that might equal the feeling or effects to the cause.

    Reciprocity must not be confined nor denied when dealing with human emotion. Inside all that is and ever will be is a cause underlying the effects whether negative or positive, for it is in need of answers. A reciprocal action to the negative reaction is not another negative action, rather it demands a positive.

    Priority entails empathy for the cause of the effects in negative emotion. In dealing with that which is ‘underlying’ manifestation of misunderstanding further down the line of communication would therefore resolve and relieve breed of discontent.

    The cause is not beneath us or above, in the past or future, it lies within. The effects are set in motion and result due to the internal cause we blindly fail to see. We must deliver a positive response wherein communicating “empathy” will dictate reciprocity of action equal into the mind of the one inflict by the question thereof. They can then understand themselves.

    We cannot leave matters of the heart and soul unattended. These wounds will not heal only to be carried into the future recurring only to project and effect many others down the line of time within the scope of genetic record.

    In the initial set of the Ten (Twenty) Commandments G-d showed Moses how reciprocity of human emotion should function without the WORD. For in his initial dictation handed down were those of ten levo (left handed) commands on one side and ten dextro (right handed) commands on the other.

    Etched into the lattice of crystal were twenty in mirror of ten, so that when viewed from any angle these 20 lines of emotional reason would be understood, not dependent on perspective. For when viewing there would be an emotional clarity absorbed through prism’s of light into and through reasoning of the mind/brain as the light shown through the crystalline in-dices an incident angle to equal its reflection.

    Hence, they became not visible, yet all knowing as to G-d in all his wisdom.

    The 20 line mirrored code written into these Laws or Commandments from God was gifted to Moses for posterity’s sake. A genetic script encoding the levo and dextro essential amino acids in construct written in code of the Human Genome, the Living Book to be etched in stone as to preserve the truth of our being.

    Each line of word, the letter and its number ascribes synthesis of the emotion inherent of human nature to be contiguous of requirement to maintain each thread in construct thereof. Reasoning not essential, should reciprocity be met. If both sides of G-D’s tablet had been preserved there would be no need of reason, no question. For the opposition which creates emotional conflict would never have been felt with need of expression of the word, and sounds eventual oppression.

    Linear time dictates our inception into life, beginning the program inherent in our Mother and Father. What happens if we do not follow G-D’s line of reason in the code? “Honor Thy Mother and Father” refers to the human genome and its start sequence that will flow through linear time. If it were not, then G-d would have no reason to remind Moses the laws, for all would be as it was.

    No longer does this multifaceted and multidimensional cryptolinguistic genome, or code of G-d, gift man the point of origin which lies at center radiating outward its wisdom and knowledge to the peripheral hierarchy. We cannot see nor hear. Individual to each of us written in cryptolinguistic style of character, is the word, so that all minds of man could read it, translate through his inner emotion and comprehend at any point along the numberline, where truth of future time is blindsided by the elliptic curve, wherein the present it cannot be seen nor heard.

    Somewhere along this line of code we lost the thread of wisdom encoding love. We failed the word as we have no eyes to see or ears to hear. We vacillate in the power flowing along the time line of knowledge, never knowing we took the word out of context and wrote our own words through ages of “evolution”, the story of life outside the garden.

    We failed to find our way through the labyrinth of our cipher, as time moved forward and back. We took for granted the reverse or decryption believed to occur automatically, but it failed to transform the information to make it readable. Is there one who possesses special knowledge in the present who knows the key and can end our misery?

    Are we able to discern when and where this “hidden secret” lies, before this program ends, only to begin again? Is there a common denominator to be found in the words written in the Book of Daniel, for did he not write about life and a determinate which lay hid….are these numbers substantial?

    What step in the algorithm of your word O’ Lord did we omit? Could your hiding place be in meaning of the Tree of Life, or from bands of light reflect the candles of the Menorah, or in the Ten Commandments do we find a key to reason emotion by way that essential, or is it in the word, letter and number moving right to left in the Torah?

    Is it we who must apply the Root of David to set precedent the Tribe of Judah?
    Is there revelation to be known of an ideal point somewhere along the word, letter, and number line? For our vacillating endless to and fro has not gained harmonic insight of the algorithm in the hypertext of the code.

    Man throughout the ages has sought the Holy Grail. Is this location at some point on the line of infinity where we might escape from inside us this place we now reside in and return to the Garden? Where is the real projection line from which we fell? For surely our humanity could again arise.

    By adding the point of infinity to this real number line, would this not breach the infinite realm as 3 becomes pi? And herein should not we escape the vacillation of the hypertext through time and yield a closed curve by using this line?

    There is not one to read this text. In all of eternity it is written that this one is a multitude. For it is said in line of latent time on this line of evolution, that the multiple determinate lies hidden in the thousands mentioned in the Book of Daniel.

    So it is yet here for man to find. Is the determinate one which is great or small as to gain symmetry in recognition there of a key cipher, thinking we should rewrite that which you wrote, believing it was within man, but was not.

    Then the determining factor must pre-exist these 7 of seals, therein looking to the denomination of 6 lying beneath it, or at its side. For if we break the seal to gain sight and movement through the elliptic curve in seeking that point of infinity, it is in realm of the sign for the number 8, is it not? For it has that which the point satisfies in dictation by which we gain symmetry.
    How might you wipe away these tears of begotten emotion we cry O’ Lord, for we know not why we cry. Our apathy now leads to mindful catatonia in fear of response for the language is now confused, irrefutable. Blinded we’ve become in our ways as fingers press any key and hands project the writing on the wall of our misery.

    Mindful fools now we cry floods of tears, and yet they do not stain, bleeding through the ink of the papyrus in days of old on which we wrote our woes. Light of our current source numbs the brain and its senses, for it conceals the truth of our heart’s intent.

    If you could see the imprint and scale of our pain would it be hearkened unto the angels who reside on the periphery of disdain to lead us to our origin at center at once and again?

    Forgive us our transgressions in use of transforming information of your word, inasmuch as we might forgive, as your truth cannot be read from the backward recording of time on which our humanity now treads. Hence, forgive us for we know not what we do.

    Reverse us of these repetitive actions in the chain, give us symmetry in that we might gain the greatest of the numerical divide for the key, insomuch as our rhetorical questioning might well fail to be.

    How much longer must humanity suffer injustice on the line where asymmetry dictates it be so, in that place we fell so long ago, yet to no fault of our own? This cosmic divide O’ Lord was certainly of your doing, for it is not we who’ve the power. Any of that which was ill-gotten, was from temptation set forth in the beginning.

    O’ Lord it was you who put enmity between man and woman in your garden. Did you not tell us these things in word? Or was this written to conceal another truth by the scribes and Pharisees? Who placed temptation within the context of your love and wisdom………thoughts of such were that which only you might behold? Or truly are such things only within man?

    We flow now on these waters of the great divide….
    Each character contiguous written side by side.
    We move right to left in dictation of the fragmented code,
    Where off into infinity
    We reverse at some point in history,
    Only to relive the mistakes of old.
    The program of life to end and begin again,
    All the while we piece together that which was not our sin.
    Memory fails us, put persistence has taken hold,
    We BELIEVE the promise hidden in your word has yet to be told.
    Precariously we sit, perched to jump off the line,
    Though in fear of what lies beyond the hedge, the steep incline.
    Deliver us from the root of misunderstanding,
    Free our spirits with knowledge hidden in your words forever commanding.
    Man can never appease his hunger and thirst,
    Until he is able to decipher each line of code hidden in verse.
    If ever he should find this point of which you speak where the curve crosses the line
    Only then might our fingers touch, before Earth was in this space with time.

    Single simple threads of misunderstanding lead man to his demise. A geometric web undoing our humanity, distilling our emotion. Is the DNA of man’s unraveling amidst time’s dictatorial expression?

    Is the number you mention the totality of the genetic code? Or again, as with the 12 is it in multiples thereof?

    I’ve already found the multiple determinate that lay hidden within itself to equal the human genome. You’ve taken one line segment of the 3 to square an open face, this 3 times 4 to equate the human race. For it was not a rib from Adam to Eve in the garden version, the act created 13 instead of 12 during the left to right inversion…..blinding our 360 degree view.

    I see you made way for compromise in mirror right to left, forcing 6 inversions to replicate and the 4 elders to deal with the theft…… all we had left. So herein lies the asymmetry in numerical load, a weight mankind must suffer until your secret be told.

    Treating the cause will let go all emotional effects we now suffer. Should we have elected to follow those simple commandments, which are the laws of Nature. We could have steered clear of the emotional dysfunction and its ravaging of our humanity.

    To believe the words would have allowed stability bound in arc of the covenant with G-D to maintain symmetry of the left and right handed essentials and affix some facsimile of homeostasis within the cell until evolution reached the right point in time.

    One letter of the code is missing, which leaves two chromosomes expressing the whole of our Lord’s creation. Time has been the great deceiver, as reason finds man in need of reprimand. There is an ideal point on this line of infinity we now tread, that should we meet again we shall be one with our maker.

    To Honor Thy Mother and Father (1/2 chromosomes from each) is grave warning for man to cease his scientific probe into the human genome, and let G-D replace the fragments that were pulled out of the nuclear domain into the waters when we suffered effects of the Great Cosmic Divide.

    The Heavens will align to Earth and every man who ever lived will be cradled in her womb and fed the embryonic nuclei of G-D, that now replanted can grow naturally.

    We know it was you O’ Lord, but why? You left a piece of yourself on the other or right side. When humanity suffered and fell, it was your hand that reached out to save us from the ensuing hell.

    Thank you O’ Lord and bless us ‘til the day of reprieve, when genetics transforms us to your omnipresence, the light we can now conceive. Deliver us from the genetic encryption of evil on the line transmitting our souls, For Thine is the glory and power of decryption to reach into the kingdom of heaven uniting the code, so we might become as one with you, at once and again whole.

    Emanuel (G-D is with/within us)
    His 3 letter code

    ‘THE WORD’

    The last words this voice did say unto me, “SCAN THE STONES”.
    Gobekli Tepe a prehistoric site in Turkey has uncovered stones carved with plants and animals of Earth. Could this be reminder of The Garden of Eden?

  8. Charles Marcello says

    I’m not sure where the urge to write this explanation came from… today I will explain a few more things about why I pray.

    Just so everyone knows, I have no illusions of grandeur. I don’t pray to be held responsible for the whole world’s sins because I have a god or Christ like complex. Rather I do so because I know I’m a simple every day person. I don’t pray every day to be held responsible for the whole world’s sins because I believe somehow that will make me a god. Rather, I do so to prevent me from surcoming to my own wants and desires. And lastly I don’t pray to be held responsible for the whole world’s sins because I believe I’m better than anyone. Rather, my prayers are prayed to help me walk through this life without hatred or fear.

    I know without fault that my worldview is held together by my own experiences… while at the same time vicariously through the acts of history. I know from my past actions I can be a violent person. I know I can take from others, I know I can hurt people both physically and emotionally without remorse. I know if left unchallenged I could do unspeakable things to my fellow man. So the first reason I pray, I seek to protect myself and my soul from me. It truly is that simple. I don’t live in some fantasy world where everyone is kind and respectful to each other… even though I would love to. I don’t live in some fantasy world where evil actions are something found only in the movies or some fictional writing. Though I would love to live in a world where evil acts are so foreign, that even the most ignored evil acts of our day shocks the whole world of the future into remorse that they somehow helped create that act. You see I also pray to create a world I know I will never live in… I pray for generations not yet born. I pray because I believe in something greater than myself, or our own zeitgeist.

    My greatest fear in this life is someone will be foolish enough to hurt someone I love. Because I know me, thankfully, I’ve yet to meet someone who deserves a good killing… though, sadly, I’ve meet and dealt to people who deserved a good beating. If someone were to hurt someone I love, as God as my witness, if I can’t get to you I will get to the people you care about, the innocent, so I live in fear. If you repent before the feet of God, if it were possible I would punish you in his presence because of my rage, so I live in fear. If ordered to kill by or for my country I will do so until I draw my last breath, so I live in fear. I live in fear of life, not the day to day actions of civility, rather, those moments in time we can never get back… those moments that control our lives in an instant… those moments in time where the decisions are made without ever truly thinking about the consequences of being caught or by the acts of ego by people inside and outside of government. You see, it’s not the act that will make me lose my sense of me, it’s the first mistake that I truly fear… the act of thinking about any crime against our fellow man that will make me become the reaper of actions. And that is why I pray every single day to be held responsible for the world’s sins. All horrific acts begin with simple thoughts. Every religion on this planet warns us of that simple truth. So I seek to protect myself from my own actions, my own immediate responses, from my own sense of justice. My head is not buried in the sand, nor do I believe the evils of this world will escape me because of my attitude or prayers… I know full well just how deep illusions go and how completely unprotected most of us are when our illusions are shattered. So I pray every day!

    I pray every day for children to be born into a world where they will know no fear of pain, suffering, or guilt towards all things we do to each other at the expense of others in our day, inside every second of every day. I pray because I acknowledge our weaknesses and our crimes. I pray because I refuse to live my life in denial of who we are and what we’ve done and of who I can become. I pray because I know our time is the most greedy and the most selfishly evil generation that has ever lived. I pray because I know future generations will look to our time with pure hate, and rightfully so! I pray so future generations will be able to forgive us our sins. I pray because our future has to begin sometime, somewhere, and by someone. I pray because if a simple person like me understands my own weaknesses, my own selfish wants, my own reactions, my own fears, then perhaps because this prayer is known to the cosmos, then maybe someone else will have the same concept, the same fears, the same prayer. I do so, so that future can begin today, with me, with us… so I pray.

    –Charles Marcello

  9. Joseph Walter says

    In order to understand the true mystery of the garden of Eden, one must discover himself first…for this is where the true garden is.

    You indeed saw the hidden message…but it goes depper then that.

    Look closely at the woman…she holds the key to this incredible mystery…cause she is more than what she appears to be.

    I can tell you without a shadow of doubt why satan only spoke to Eve, or why satan could do nothing to Job unless he came through his wife, his Flesh and bone…or why God only punished Miriam and not Aaron who had also commited the same sin in Numbers chapter 12,…or why the Pharisees brought only the woman they say they caught in the very ‘act’ in John chapter 8, even when they knew the law requires that they both be stoned to death.

    Look closely at the woman i tell you…and even ponder on what we read in Zechariah 5:7..

    There is a great mystery around her…such as i have ever seen in my life!

    • blanche mclanahan says

      The seed or root of G-d is an embryonic nuclei…..a blank page ready for the story of creation to be written. Born in this garden and from that seed we grew to be in G-d’s perfection, not in likeness.
      The Aboriginal tribes in Australia continue to date to live by and with memory of how life was transformed after loss of the regenerative potential of these nuclei circulating in our blood. The tribal medicine woman collects the menses of women in the tribe, packing it with Eucalyptus leaves that assist in decomposition, into a pouch made of Kangaroo bladder. She carries this vertically on her spine whilst it cures or decomposes. When there is injury to members of the tribe she opens the distal portion of the sack removing a black tarry substance that is applied directly to the area of injury after the elders have laid hands on and prayed for the victim. In hours there is miraculous healing. Or is it? What do they remember that we have forgotten?
      What happened to Eve in that garden? Was the forbidden fruit knowledge and does the snake represent our now helical DNA?
      Adam and Eve represent all of humanity in a place without time, in a Universe where static equilibrium reigned. The technology of the time man again abused taking it to the extreme, as apposed to leaving the balance in check. The so called Big Bang was this point in time…..the creation we still live by today as co-creators. Whether or not the worlds collided, at its root of the destruction was abuse of nuclear technology. In so doing both the micro and macrocosm suffered the shift in the vertical axis to 45 degrees left. The Earth and DNA tilt and wobble.
      Our longevity of thousands of years began to decline as is mentioned in the lives of Enoch, Noah and Moses. Why would these incredible machines, our bodies begin to suffer diseased effects, grow old and die, when in earlier times known in the Garden of Eden we lived in perfection of the immortal?
      First I must confirm man is once again tempting fate. Our fate is no equation! We splice in genes when we have no idea what the effects will be…the potential for further mutation is endless. Many past civilizations have left documentation in images of humans with the heads of a bull or lion. Did genetic manipulation of our past cause these effects? I think so. Are our attempts at cloning going to derive the same results once again.
      We are warned in the Torah stories not to take this path. Moses’ Ten Commandments states clearly, in particular that we should “honor thy mother and father”….meaning we must accept the genes gift us by them. 1/2 chromosomes from each to make us whole. And it is the joining of these gamete into a zygote embedded in the bloods lining the uterus where life begins. And this once freely circulating, de-differintiated nuclei in our blood that gave us immortality is now confined within membrane of the uterine wall of woman. This new thread of code now embedded with data for creation begins to call out to these embryonic nuclei whose blank slate awaits dictation of the genome to begin its growth. This seed newly planted builds its temple from the inside out, forming layer upon layer of endoderm exoderm and mesoderm. The three letter code is there to build every cell in the human body using this blank slate….ex nihilo…nothing from nothing.
      We were cast from paradise when the genetic nuclear fragments, a result of nuclear warfare in their time, shifted the vertical axis during the chromosomal divide from its 90 degree perpendicular crossing with the horizontal, displacing DNA from the nuclear domain into the waters of the flood or cytoplasm where it remains today in the circular mitochondrial DNA. This, a gift to all future generation from EVE. What went into the flood of water was our perfection, our immortality and the genes that encode for this embryonic seed, and the on switch for the non-coding and ‘junk’ DNA. And this is why woman is so important today.
      She has passed this gene, not to her daughter, rather to her son and he holds it in the mDNA, in that circle that will be opened or loosed. And this son will carry the code back through the nuclear envelope into realm of nuclear DNA when the axis shift occurs through a retro inversion of the code. So let go the stigma of AIDS! This retro-viral prolific monstrosity who speedily kills its host also holds the key to immortality. The key is in the nucleus of the AIDS cell. God Blesses the mother and her son. A SON WILL BE BORN AND A PLANET WILL MARK THE SPOT.

      Only she pro-creates with the blood of the menses…..for as it disintegrates in the lining of her womb…a medium tempered for the formation of this nuclei or seed, the iron decomposes enabling a nucleus to form in the RBC, or red blood cell. It is here the miracle of life outside the nuclear garden begins.
      The ancient tribes collect the menses for this reason, knowing proper storage and timing of decomposition factors are critical to the seeds outcome. The medicine woman then can extract the tarry healing seeds applying them to injury so the DNA that has been damaged can re-create those cells…..repairing the phantom limb by its memory contained, mending the broken bone, healing and suturing the lacerated skin and muscle, and even mending a broken heart.
      The Great Wheel, the Universal clock and their gears are aligning to shift the vertical axis back to 360 degrees and 90 degrees perpendicular at center with the horizontal axis with the Galactic alignment this year. The one degree mark or 666 will set static equilibrium in line. It is what we have been waiting for.
      Signs in the heavens are already visible as was seen with the vernal equinox September 21. As we gain momentum from all the past events of quakes, tsunami, cometary impact and other functions induced by a dynamic Universe the axis has begun to shift. The charged particles from the Milky Way center in the Dark Rift, CME’s, solar flares from the sun will converge on Earth’s weakened magnetic field, depleted ozone barrier and using linear velocity will diffuse Earth’s cutaneous membrane equal to her angular momentum as the increased core rotation dictates, penetrating through stone monuments erect through the ages by man to be used as a macro-electronic circuit to fracture the ferric domain in Earth’s iron core. Ancient man built those monuments hoping and praying his future would reap the benefit. Not only will Earth be set free, but we who are derived from substance alike shall be saved.
      When the ferric hold in our iron is loosed or fractured the new resonance will free the contained rest mass in every atom recalibrating energy to matter ratios, removing every isotope of our disease and those mimicking replacing molecules that once formed homeostasis of our cells. Our disease is one cause….iron. Our war is the abuse and extreme use of radiation effects. Once the neutrons are freed from their nuclear hold the atom of creation will at once and again reign in the garden where all things we will held in a static equilibrium………Einstein’s Cosmological Constant was shown him by G-d…he believed and so asked….ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. All knowledge is available to each and every one born under the sun standing erect on Earth’s convex surface.. It is there, within Earth’s iron core encoded through the generations to precede us and passed to us in our genes.
      For now look to the woman. For he puts enmity between them in the garden.
      When the nuclear device is in place and the axis well defines the sign of a cross where from its center all becomes equidistant to any point on the periphery, we shall all reside in Paradise. It has been inside us all along.
      We fail to dream and envision what was and will be. How is it we have forgotten that place in the garden? Because we fail to ask.
      I remember.
      One last word. Do you remember now what was in the Alabaster jar that Mary used to rub something on Jesus’ feet as he hung on the cross? it has everything to do with the resurrection and the potential that is within all of us.

      she who watches

  10. kay says

    I knew from childhood that sex was the forbidden fruit..being now 60 I hardly find this a new revelation. I thought that it was common knowledge

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Kay,

      Did you even read this blog? I sit here in shock trying to discover how you came to that conclusion. The forbidden fruit is not sex, its looking for a relationship with God anywhere other than from within.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Stacey says

        Maybe, just maybe, this interpretation of “forbidden fruit=sex” can be derived from the link you discovered between “being fruitful” and “creating children”. I mean, maybe the “knowledge” God talked about is sex, and maybe Satan has seduced Eve to have sex w/ a…snake?

        Anyway, illogical details aside, I’ve always wondered why all major religions make people feel ashamed about sexual behavior in the first place? Why we feel embarrassed to show anything related to sex just as Adam and Eve attempted to cover their naked bodies (sex organs) after eating “the fruit”?

        Of course, it’s still weird why God would give humans reproductive capacity in the very beginning if he/she doesn’t wish us to involve in sex? Well, I’d rather look at the Genesis as a fable rather than a scientific account, as what it tries to convey is that we have chosen to live in the legacy of our sin by doing what Satan has taught humans: sex, then producing offspring. And the “snake” part might be indication that humans equal themselves to other animals by doing what only animals are supposed to do, so by “down-grading” ourselves, we’re not qualified to reside in Eden anymore.

        Anyway, it’s just another unproven theory. But one thing to note is, interestingly, there’s also a story of great resemblance to Genesis explaining human origins in Buddhist scriptures: As it tells how a group of angel-like creatures w/ ability to fly from a place similar to Christian’s heaven to a great extent, and they traveled down to earth out of curiosity of its beauty, here on this planet they found a kind of “fruit” similar to today’s “apple”, it’s so delicious that those visitors couldn’t get enough of it, until they became too heavy and lost the ability to fly back to their heaven-like home, thus they were forced to stay as plain humans w/o the flying skill.

        When both stories seem outrageously ridiculous in their first created impression, but the fact that two complete unrelated creation theories can be so closely related just make your mind spin, how can something like that be a coincidence, the “apple” part?

        Anyway, I mentioned this Buddhist story just because it’s so incredulously similar to Genesis, not going to comment how worthy is Buddhism as a whole, though I might as well mention that Einstein like it the best among all religions (his real words, just check it up), and it’s pretty interesting that the conclusion you made about Genesis’s hidden truth, as you described that “the only truth and relashionship one sought with God can only be found by exploring inside oneself, not relying on any outside means”, this theory is actually very similar to what Buddhism promotes, so I guess if you don’t find it offensive, you may take a look at this “philosophy” (Yes, many still argue whether Buddism is a religion or a philosophy because it argues everyone can discard thier bodily bound and rises towards a state even more than being a saint, which means washing away all animal-like qualities and attaining eventual peace by discovering truth inside and refining one’s soul…it lacks a nessasary feature of religions: a God, Buddha is just a prophet-like figure as an early human achiever of utmost refinement, so it’s really hard to tell if it’s really more like a philosophy. Anyway, many (scholars) even argue Buddhists may well remain as Christians in this sense.)

  11. Thomas Varghese says

    I fully agree with you that ‘the inside of our bodiesis the only temple we will ever need to worhip God’
    The main message Jesus taught is also ‘the Kingdom of God is at hand,within you’ so repent,take a U-turn and search wholeheartedly.

  12. Ab Asaff says

    Forget all the confusion in trying to philosophize the Bible. As Enstein once said, keep it simple but no simpler than that. Is this simple enough? I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. God is love. Love yourself, love your fellow beings, love nature and peace will see you through. All you need is love.

  13. Patrick says

    First yes we are all parts of the one God.
    Now where did the story of the garden of eden originate from,
    let us start with the garden of eden is of course this wonderfull world and as we know God created the first human beings.

    We all know we start to become human beings as a nunber of cells in a womans womb the first cell = adam, (adam means the first, not the first man) one cell becomes two cells = adam and eve, two cells become four cells = adam, eve and cain and able the noble and beast in mankind. Sorry no snake, no apple.


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