The Mirror of Humanity — THE DAILY

The Mirror of Humanity — THE DAILY

What It Could Be…

By Ron O. Cook

Rupert Murdoch of News Corp and Eddy Cue of Apple announced today (Feb 2, 2011) the launch of a new, news application for the iPad (THE DAILY).

It represents the first tool for a “Mirror” app for all happenings that have any import to human affairs since the ME (computer?) of the Ancient Shinarians (Sumerians?). It is indeed the tool for the modern version of the Tower of Babel where humanity will again attempt to surpass the power of the Gods by knowing all in the form of multimedia news at the vortex of the individual mind. This new application of “Mirror World News”, will present 360-degree visuals that will allow the participant to fly through the universe of the known and knowing. It will all respond to the touch and mindset of the viewer.

The Daily most likely will be intellectually connected to a vast utility index of journalistic experts and visual creators who can consult with their media clients and consumers on a scale no other organization can approach. Old news organs could die before morning. Mirror Instancy could become the key here. Its futuristic approach to market amplification and virtual simulation technology is far and above all marketing, communication and commerce operations functioning in the global marketplace today.

While The Daily will probably be holistically organized on a virtual level connected to every facet of its international interactive nodes, people will be its primary assets composed of super-generalists, media experts, creative geniuses and perhaps National Treasures.

They will be (designers, writers, researchers, marketers, advertising experts, strategic planners and super-futurists) who will put universal connection products together so that the partaker will interface information faster, smoother and with increased intellectual access to all markets, social media and consumers. All participants will experience the Mirror Instancy in the total awareness modality. They will do this with interactive psychometric and psychographic paradigms molded to the new universal connectivity of the iPad.

This new media will be changed from a primary media outlet and news gathering/distribution organization to a Mirror objective dynamo that does everything in expedience utilizing the mental strengths of onboard specialists, consultants and the creative genius of the worlds best thinkers and artisans. This Mirror Media will become holistic and somewhat gestalt in its approach to broadcasting data to the human intellectual mentality.

In the primary markets that the new media serves, they will begin to offer amplified services to advertisers, going beyond the printed or electronic offering and contributing the marketing knowledge of the professionals. We will see new things. The Mirror Media will most likely assist in educating the communities with their products and work closely with the chambers of commerce and the economic development firms of every city in the readership/ viewership arenas. This media on the FLY will make us all smarter if done right.

The Daily could become more.  When the full weight of the Mirror Instancy and wireless generation hits the marketplace, a higher amplification of doing business will become exponential. With virtual, and colorful products flashing at lightening speed on high-resolution devices that combines all the telephone, television, Internet and z-net capabilities is tuned to the mind, The world will amplify exponentially.  A whole new data-realm will present itself on the Mirrored Fly.

The educational assistance programs could be in the offering down the road where learning will also become superseded by this new faster representation of humanity’s offerings. It could put learning on the top burner again. Humanity will get smarter, and our socioeconomic structures will attract more of a new “Mind” business built off of The Daily’s output. The universe will all get “smarter” when we realized that we were not solely in the communications business, but we too were in the business of “Mind” expansion.

When The Daily realizes that this new amplification of knowledge and wisdom to humanity is the next frontier, the E-Com Utility will connect the world to a universal mental attitude. The new media could meld with learning on the FLY thus amplifying at the speed of the Human Synapses—and creating new businesses and expanding human interaction wherever possible. The Daily could become a good thing for us all. Now we must all save up to buy this new boon to our potential.


  1. j.apoyan says

    Aware of what this subject is, because your intentions where good by placing this article in the hope that the mainstream media would take on our advice but i dont think they have let me prove it for arguement sake,when we have a intellectual property like a conversation between to people we are shocked to find that knowledge displayed on a commercial basis then manipulated to such a degree to make it seem like we are been harased by a out of control propagander machine that just thinks in a elite control manner this is just a example of bad managment from a fascist organization did the previous court not warn the daily about intellectual property and privacy laws basicaly this is invasive so any media out lets should be advised to seek approval before they display knowledge, TO The babel union the big man upstairs is going to pass judgement god bless your lost souls.

  2. says

    Christopher Dunn’s Shot of Awakening to Humanity…We are much more.

    Above I wrote how the Snake has bitten its tail, and by that I am saying that this is where we came into this “virtually real” movie that we call life. I have recently completed a review of Christopher Dunn’s LOST TECHNOLOGIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT. I will put it up at a later date. It corroborated virtually everything I learned in my youth when I was blessed with privilege of taking college courses in engineering in High School. That is where I caught the flame of disbelieving history as taught by the practitioners of Liberal Arts. I checked out every book on ancient Egypt back then and could not believe the perfection of that great past civilization’s engineering expertise. We could barely do as well. Later, as a result of my passion for engineering I was given a job drafting culverts and roadways for the Texas Highway Department of Engineers straight out of H. S. I was offered a scholarship to Texas A&M. Instead I bought more books. I learned that the ancients had to have more than the expertise that I was utilizing back then.

    I bought more tons of books on the ancients and finally I started writing Science Fiction just to calm down my zeal for something real from our world of academia. A few short years later, I became an administrator for a university working directly for the president of the university. Because of my position, I was a friend with virtually every member of the faculty. I spent tons of time with the practitioners of every department getting all I could on their ideas about the ancients. I focused mostly on the Ancient History Dept. What I learned, was that we really do not know a damn thing about our most ancient past and have been shooting in the dark for eons. Window dressing just will not cut it for me. Dunn’s book is indeed the “silver shell” to pierce the Egyptologists shields filled with Apis-BS. Now with the amplification of the Truth about to explode upon the universe of our past we just may realize that we have been here before. Or, the universe if filled with those who build planets with a technology higher than we can imagine and we just cannot see those great engineers of the Starscape. Are they hiding in area 51? Because, those tools used by the Egyptians are somewhere if not just floating around lost in space.

    Thanks to Christopher Dunn for seeking the truth.

    Ron O. Cook

  3. says

    This is how information saturates itself throughout the universe…REMEMBER WHEN I POSTED THIS ALMOST TWO MONTHS AGO???

    Get Ready For A Media To Superceed All Of Humanity…
    Going Beyond Wiki-world is be the next step of Apple, Microsoft and many, many more providers in the Realms of Technology. We are about to Amplify beyond our Dreams…Get Ready! Information is everything and it is constant.

    So, because of informational constancy, the Earth awaits a new breed of humankind…one that is fully awakened to the truth and potential of this new dynamic condition. That truth is tied up in the positive and/or negative aspects of communication events and the repercussions of electromagnetic broadcasting. This informational distribution will be on a scale few of us could imagine today, but all of us, of necessity, will participate in its’ world tomorrow. We are on the verge of a new media that will go beyond an instant reiteration of reality or the fabled Mirror Worlds of old. The new media will allow us to journey outside of our bodies and minds to escape to a holographically aligned info-scape or mental float. What will transpire is an experience that slices into reality and dream to position mentally as a link to what some call death. It will initially be reported as a Near Death Episodic Event that will allow us to travel into the Timeless Zone/s of the many dimensions that permeate the essence of Soulular Travel. Consciousness will flourish via this new experience of travel that once was the domain of the Master Teachers. With advances in Psycho-cognitive realms and the addition of mechanical interfaces of Holography, Dimensionality, and the teaching of advanced RPG products, a person will be able to ignite the ancient experiences of euphoric encounters beyond the human scope. It is coming, and it will be phenomenal. Humanity will finally have arrived in the realization of the purpose of their existence. You have not seen anything yet. Soon you will hear tons of information about this new media. Hide, and watch!

    • J.a says

      Are you aware that their is a Authorisation process called do ya really want them to market your intellectual property that is a choice that i havnt given most people should think about that before giving to that media for good reasons.

      • SOLAR says

        This technology that is spoken of might have little benefit the corporate organisation that produce this are known agents of the NWO we are subjects for their amusement they have not progressed the mystery that rules the world that’s how they choose to slow down the collective this information is out any way so any attempt of diversion away from the truth are fruitless unless the masses accept propagander as better than us when you challenge multinational corporate interest with their devices or without doesn’t matter maybe their is hope or maybe not review the technocratic system if they truely good intentions the worlds problems could be diminished in half the time but hasn’t yet so what are we suppose to think or would a penny do.

  4. says

    Zecharia Sitchin often spoke of the computerized devices that the ancient leaders (The Anunnaki) of the old world utilized to expedite their actions in controlling the planet. These devices were called ME’s according to how Sitchin interpreted the old records of the Sumerians. The devices looked like little footballs. Ours are in tablet form. It seems we have the beginnings of the same sophisticated devices dawning upon humanity at present. We call them iPads. For those who can see beyond all the morass of present day information saturation, that old saying about those who do not know the history of this place are just about to repeat it all once again. Half of the world’s population just wants to have fun while the other half just gets caught up in making enough money to showoff to the other half. Will humanity ever wake up? We are doomed to find ourselves climbing that old tower again and all I can think about is the ancient Egyptians before they were ancient…They were us. What a gambit.

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