The Greatest Truth Never Told


by Chris Duane
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The Greatest Truth Never Told (TGTNT) is a video series that has been 7 years in research and development. It was produced by Chris Duane.
It is centered around the truth that humanity has been enslaved over and over again throughout history.  TGTNT lays out the case for even the most cynical and indoctrinated individual that…

  • The paradigm which we operate under is mathematically going to end.
  • The end of the world as we know it does not mean it is the end of the world.
  • The way of life we are currently leading is pulling humanity down and should be shown the door.
  • We cannot change the world to make our self happy or free.
  • We must change our self to make the world happy and free.
  • The awakening process is a very hard road for those with no guidance.
  • All of the problems we face in the world start and stop within our consciousness.
  • When you realize that you have this power, nothing can stop this change.
  • Humanity can has the ability to truly free themselves once and for all.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”  — Henry Ford

The Elite give us the illusion of freedom but control all of the choices. The Elite give us the choice of 500 cable stations, yet the same message comes from all of the channels. They give us aisles and aisles of food, yet 90% of it is just corn and soy byproducts. They give us the choice of hundreds of political candidates, yet nothing changes because both sides are bought and paid for by the Elite. They give you the choice of investments of stocks,   bonds, and real estate but when this all goes down, you will see that it is all apart of the same illusion of the dollar. The Elite, of course, controls the dollar. If you do not think independently for yourself, you cannot help but to be controlled, whether you know it or not. Every aspect of your life is monitored, regulated, taxed and controlled, not for your betterment, but for betterment of others…

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  1. Gary Schoenung says

    Don’t forget that there are reasons that no intellegent rational human being could possibly justify doing what you are worried about. Extended family and friends would have to deal with the mess that was created for many years after they were gone. They would have to live in the hell that was created and hate and despise the ones that did it long after that. Some things are still worth more than money.

  2. wendy moir says

    What people should ask themselves is how could the NWO agenda be enacted with such a certainty when we are all just human beings, with our human choices based on information we can either regard or disregard? How could an elite group of NWO actually gain what they want to achieve as total world control?

    What would total world control entail?
    The money market and its choices
    The human thought
    The climate
    Resources for greed

    How could this plan be achieved?
    Who are the NWOrder themselves?

    Now it is obvious that the new world order is the Illuminati (sub branch) and this is linked to the Presidency of the Skull and Bones Brotherhood…with CIA operatives involved.
    Who are these people and what do these terms mean?

    It is based on ancient secret societies of wealthy individuals who were seeking for world control under both a power scheme and a religious theme. Hence it is about the Holy Grail itself and its secret terms only understood by the brotherhood.

    What is the Holy Grail?

    Its truth via definition is a subject that discusses PHI relativity, the Sirius Sun, the Ancient Mesopotamic and Egyptian theories of the Giza Pyramid and how the blood of life was created as a holy or sacred act.

    Now what is the blood of life? Plasma itself, how it was created for all cell formation, why it is holy, how it is consciousness and what made it consciousness and how it was used by the ancients and how it became an abuse against humanity, abominated our cells, killed the Earth transmissions, destroyed life, destroyed the ancient stone collider aligned to Giza around the Earth and became a religious documented theory on relativity that was held in secrecy.

    So there is obviously studied and found in ancient documents several brotherhoods have been involved, some who supported the use of this system and then those who tried to stop it from being reinvented on Earth that was first argued as an astronomical event over PHI and Pi ratios to Earths destruction by the Sun and its abomination again… occultists, theorists on alchemy, philosophers were murdered to stop this hidden theory from being actualized again on Earth as a religious deceit of the wealthy.

    What is this theory about?

    It is about the Gizas Pyramid, an atomically activated light orbital system (UFO Phenomena witnessed and photographed at Giza) that led through a transmission field around the Earth that activated a collider of stone in Stonehenge as an ancient energy system on Earth. Many discussions by psychics have detailed that it was used for psychic (mind contact via its light relays/transmissions), besides being used as an energy relay for many different purposes regarding the movement of heavy stone objects, unique glass (plasma cell) objects made as one piece.

    So how could a brotherhood today succeed on Earth with this wisdom and theory?

    By finding out through the scientific study of astronomy and also Sirius linked to the Giza Pyramid, how the ancients activated this system and how they could in modern times use this transmission sequence to not only make mind contact with every person on this earth, but also control their thought messages and choices on a psyche level.

    Because it is a plasma relay, it would effect all forms of Earth controls, such as weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, effectually guaranteeing control of rain, enabling droughts to be activated by changing transmissions, causing crop failures and starvation in other countries, enabling manipulation of peoples normal day to day transactions regarding money market, health itself. A greedy person’s dream!!!!!

    How would it be effected?

    By using a world wide satellite transmission based programme on the Sirius Sun relay of PHI transmissions the ancients documented as the Ark of the Covenant in the Biblical papers and ancient Sanskrit format.

    So how would this affect the Earth as an abomination?

    Because it would release as stated by the brotherhood the Ark itself as the angel wraiths or the “dead”. Hence why the Presidency is linked to the Skull and Bones brotherhood who believe in the “dead” or the Book of the Dead.

    What would the “dead” mean?

    It would mean that the angel plasma cell (harmonically sings high tones) would be burnt out and it would die as the act of the abomination itself and turn the earth’s energy system into a burnt relay causing cell death of all of Nature.

    It would give the brotherhood complete world control, when first activated and greed defines its own purpose, where ignorance of what will happen if they try to reuse this program, as in the ancient times will be ignored because of GREED.

    How would we know it has been achieved and is currently being used and activated, if mind control is the ultimate gain as the first purpose?

    Look at what happened in ancient times relating to this subject itself….UFO activity or atomic orbital release, constant earthquakes, meaning that a satellite transmission frequency is activated as a new constant relay in the Earth, a change in money decisions that would lead to a world collapsed economy (all Europe using 1 money scheme), a change in human health and anything that is equated as an abomination that has a link to plasma as a cell and its transmission data.

    What has been abominated on Earth that is linked to plasma, and how would it be related to the Sun and NASA?

    Crop circle signs = transmission relay = alteration sacred patterns of life = increased UFO activity = alien contacts = changed DNA transcripts and actual evidence of such.

    What evidence would ensure that we already have it against this American brotherhood and government?

    Their NASA occult study program funded heavily for many different schemes involving the paranomral….CIA follow up study of all paranormal events, and the NASA occult Science project that was taken over from Hitler’s regime of the Holy Grail itself as a Science.

    What abomination has occurred relating to plasma = cells change = link to blood = link to DNA and a link to UFO or alien activity and the effects on the human mind relating to losing time itself as a communication for life cycles?

    UFO-ALIEN abductions and a loss of time stated, whether it just be a mind state or not, it affects the mind, because for MIND CONTROL you have to have the relays to overtransmit above consciousness to gain its mind control as a feedback cycle. This would mean that humans would suffer unconsciousness in the peaks of this transmitted data and its testing.

    What would that study cause if undertaken on a human populous to prove it has already been achieved?

    As it is related to atomic orbitals…human self combustion and its increase would give this evidence.
    Stigmata would give this evidence.
    Stigmata aligned to sexual disease would give this evidence.


    Because the lowest channel or relay is the red channel and this is the sexual channel (why UFO abductions state it relates to sexual encounters as cellular feedback is altered as a transmission) and the red cell is the complete cell as the 1st or lowest cell and therefore it is the 1 on the outside, stating that it has complete control of every contact inside the earth body.

    This is because every new cell we derive as an energy body has to have all contacts within its cell to heal it. So it is the lowest body, but the outside body making it the lowest and slowest vibration, why it is linked to the use of magical ceremonies in the ancient brotherhood as documented as sexual acts.

    What would an abuse of the lowest sound wave in light being used cause in the plasma relays (magnetosphere) as studied by NASA – HAARP?

    Loss of plasma from the atmosphere – angel hair falling (white filaments) which leads to skin allergies or rashes (not chemtrails as thought) as a group outcome.
    Fatima vision had angel hair falling, ans visions state that a mind altering event occurred when the ATOM was broken
    Atom = atomic orbitals or UFO transmissions as large relays around the Earth as the atom broke a transmission or light wavelength
    UFO seen at nuclear sights, also at earthquake sites and volcanic eruptions, also seen at the 911 disaster a year before it occurred.
    Blood changes such as seen in AIDS, EBOLA, Mad cow disease as the UFO phenomena cases related to cows being attacked, hence their DNA signal was changed and the orbitals attacked their flesh (plasma cell)
    Human beings attacked by alien phenomena, cell changes noted in skin (plasma cell)
    Missing time phenomena because brainwaves were altered

    Guaranteed that NASA has already implemented and is using this Satellite program on humanity without any of us realizing it, other than some high officials have tried to publicly inform us in secrecy.

    This is the truth of the New World Order

    • ThorRules says

      Scam beware fellows: this is a covert conservative series to lure people who are awakening into the arms of… those they are trying to defeat. It’s in support of (racist, bigot, eugenicist…) Ron Paul the guy financially and strategically supported by the 1%.
      Make no mistake he is 100% conservative ready to destroy America and more for a few bucks.
      They have relatively unlimited financial resources so expect more and more of these kind of covert manipulations!
      Keep you eyes opened friends 😡

  3. Joe says

    I knew all of this 30 years ago, The masses are fools! All men are created equal! most retarded statement I ever heard. The only hope we have is mother nature screwing up their plans

  4. Ab Asaff says

    Historically speaking it is rare that bloody uprisings and revolutions has transformed
    societies to benefit the masses or destitute. Usually it was a change of one tyrant for another. Revolution is just another form of gun, to do again what they have done. Evolution not revolution, albeit the long road, is the only real way to lasting peace and justice.

  5. says

    After studying your issue(s) – much – I wonder if buying silver is like putting a bandaid upon a harpooned whale’s wound!

    Then notion that mass revolt, mass protest, is of no significant value is contrary to historic evidence. The more that the citizenry get involved (the hardest thing to achieve) – the more things change.

    If you could command change like a G-d, what is it that you would do?

    YOu have great potential and make sense in a lot of ways.


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