The Great Pyramid – Earth’s Natural Prime Meridian

The Great Pyramid (Earth’s Natural Prime Meridian)

By Will Hart

Top Image: Nile River snaking into the delta at 30 North Latitude 0 Longitude

More than any other artificial structure on earth, the Great Pyramid has been measured, studied, analyzed in every detail and theorized about from every possible angle. 

  • Why was it built?
  • Who constructed it?
  • Was it a mausoleum or an advanced machine?

The ideas and opinions vary from one extreme to another.  Nonetheless, there are several features that cannot be disputed: it sits very close to the Nile Delta at 29.50-degrees north latitude and 31-degrees east longitude (Greenwich, prime); the structure is oriented to true north with great accuracy.

Now, we know that the equator is the middle of the earth and so there is no dispute about the 0 latitude. In fact that is the most logical natural feature to base mapmaking upon.
However, the zero longitude that is in use today was an arbitrary choice made by British scientists when Britain was the global, military power centuries ago.

Furthermore, by contrast, the Greenwich Prime Meridian offers no distinguishing scientific – geological, geographic or other natural – features to make it the logical choice for the 0 longitude, but that is the earth’s prime meridian used by all cartographers to this day.


Several years ago the author tried a simple experiment. He shifted the Prime Meridian to the Great Pyramid making it the 0 longitude, some startling facts became readily apparent.

Moving the Prime Meridian to the Great Pyramid meant having to add 31 degrees — to the west of Greenwich-prime numbers, in terms of longitude — since the GP is 31 degrees east of it.  Examining the revised world map he soon saw that by adding 31 to 89 W., (the GPS of the Mississippi River delta), the adjusted map revealed that it was exactly 120-degrees west of the Great Pyramid.

Giza-MeridianMoving the Prime Meridian to the Great Pyramid. Click to Enlarge 

deltaNileNile Delta

One obvious feature of the Giza pyramids — the use of the four triangular sides — is that they are in the shape of river-deltas.


 Of course the 120 arc of separation is a geometrically significant relationship. Moreover, further investigation revealed that the Yangtze River delta–currently 121 degrees east of Greenwich – is, in fact, exactly 90 degrees east, when the Great Pyramid is the prime and 31 degrees is subtracted from the current GPS.

This simple revision reveals facts about the earth, which the Greenwich prime obscures. Of course these relationships were always there to be observed, nonetheless, using Greenwich obscured the exactitude of numerous geometrically precise relationships that our planet contains.

Is it by chance that the major rivers in the northern hemisphere have precise geometric relationships?

Examining the geology and geography more carefully, we find that the Mississippi River flows south from its source in northern Minnesota to its delta in New Orleans; at the same time the Nile River flows from its source, Lake Victoria (and the White & Blue Nile tributaries as well), northward to the delta near the Great Pyramid.

Then both empty into the ocean on the exact same latitude, 30 degrees north.

In fact, the Nile and the Mississippi rivers appear to be inverted mirror images, both flowing into the sea on the exact same latitude. But the former flows from South to North and the latter, from North to South. Nonetheless both empty into the sea on the same exact latitude.

Then we note that the Yangtze River delta is also located on that same latitude as well. Now we have three great rivers, of the northern hemisphere,  all flowing into the sea on the same latitude; while also displaying precise, longitudinal, geometric spacing on a global scale, circling the planet.

This makes it obvious that the builders of the Great Pyramid knew the earth’s geography and chose the Nile Delta on purpose.
Moreover, the historical Egyptians did not know the shape of the earth nor its geography or geology.

It is not without import that one of the sources of the Nile is the largest lake in Africa and that it sits on the Equator.
That would make Lake Victoria the 0-0 navel of the planet. 


The Lake Victoria extends between latitudes 0o30′ N and 2o30′ S and between longitudes 31o50′ E 34o10′ E

Again, it is not by coincidence that the lake is very near the Rift Valley, a biosphere /genetic, hot spot. This is where the great primates emerged and have lived for millions of years.

From this it is clear that the Great Pyramid is the logical choice for the Prime Meridian, as it quickly demonstrates the fact that there is a precise geometry to some of the planet’s main, natural geographical and geological features.

Clearly scientists, at the very least, ought to be using maps with the GP as the prime meridian to rectify the seemingly irregular and random positioning of these major rivers (geographical features). In reality, the Tigris-Euphrates and the Indus River also have exact relationships to the Nile Delta in terms of latitude and longitude. The former also empties on the 30 N latitude and the latter flows across it, or did, since it is now dry.
(In fact, the Indus Valley’s main city Harappa is located precisely on the 30-degree north latitude)


To my knowledge there is no geological theory that attempts to explain why the earth’s – continental landmasses and great rivers of the northern hemisphere – meet along the same latitude (30 N). Adding to this mystery is the revealed precision with which these rivers are spaced around the planet longitudinally.

How could random geological processes create this type of exact geometry on a planetary scale?

This brings up another longstanding enigma. The earliest pyramid-building civilizations established themselves at or near the deltas of these great (30 N) rivers.

Historians have never seriously questioned this choice, preferring to argue that it was the most logical one. However, is that true?
Why would humans, so recently hunter-gathers, suddenly choose – and be capable of harnessing – these massive bodies of water, which produced huge floods every year?

Not only that, where did they obtain the engineering knowledge, tools and skills to create diversion dams, canals and irrigation ditches?


Hunter-gatherers never displayed this kind of behavior.
So where is the evidence that they had an evolution that ended up at the mouths of these great rivers practicing plant genetics and building massive stone structures?

Plant geneticists readily admit that it is very difficult to track down the wild ancestors of wheat, rice and corn.
In addition, we could add the question: how were our early ancestors able to select the best wild candidates for domestication?


We know they did because we are still using the descendants of the plants they selected. Why hasn’t modern science come up with entirely new crops from wild plants….if that was such an easy process for the ancients to do?

Moreover, there ought to be small and medium sized, stone dams and irrigation ditches as well as a succession of tools that showed that they had a step-by-step developmental process. Instead, the Great Pyramid simply appears along with the seeds for irrigation based, crop agriculture. In fact Egypt lacked the wheel and dray animals at the time that historians alleged they constructed it.

The fact that all of these river deltas produced civilizations at nearly the same time is not at all a logical extension of pre-history; and especially not given the precise mathematics and engineering skills that are ascribed to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians.

How does a civilization suddenly arise, from the wilderness, knowing that a 60-base mathematical system can be used to keep track of time?
We are expected to blindly accept the premise that the Sumerians were somehow wizards who could accomplish this feat. Is it not odd that we still rely on that system of time-keeping to this day?

time_keeping1 day has 24 hours, 1 hour is divided into 60 minutes, each minute is divided into 60 seconds…

We also use it to divide the circle into 360 degrees. How clever of people who lived 5,000 years ago and were counting by using their fingers throughout the early and even into the late Neolithic! Why did the rest of the planets, thousands of other hunter-gatherers, never catch up to them?

The author submits that, whoever constructed the Great Pyramid knew the earth from a point in space exactly as we do today with our modern GPS coordinates and satellites. They knew exactly where the great rivers were and that they were spaced apart with geometric precision.

But those facts are only part of the importance of the positioning of the Great Pyramid.

We know, but do not actually feel, that the earth is spinning on its axis at about 1,000 MPH on the equator. Furthermore, it is roaring through space around the sun at a velocity of almost 70,000 MPH.

The earth is, in fact, a whirling, dynamic spheroid hurtling through space.  We will ask a simple question here, what is the purpose of the atmosphere/biosphere? The simplest, bottom-line answer is- to produce electrical storms and re-circulate fresh water.

From the equator warm air rises and when it reaches the 30 degree latitude it has cooled enough to sink and re-circulate back to the equatorial low. At the 30 latitude there is an almost perpetual high pressure band. This is the latitude where the world’s deserts are located, it is warm and dry.

hotdesertsMajor hot deserts generally straddling the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

By contrast, the equator is hot, humid and almost windless; a band of clouds hovers over the equator nearly all of the time. Most lightning storms occur around this belt and it rains almost every day. But most hurricanes occur between the 20-30 degree latitudes, however, none happen within 5 degrees of the equator.

It would seem that the 30-degree N latitude was also selected because it is a planetary, energy vector
Consider the global wind patterns and ocean currents. We saw above that the earth is spinning on its axis as it roars through space.  It just so happens that the winds that flow in bands around the globe do so in what are called Hadley and Ferrel Cells.

These cells (not so coincidently) extend for 30 degrees, so that there is one cell from the equator to 30 degrees, a second from 30 – 60 degrees and a third, from 60 – 90 degrees.

Perhaps we could best picture these cells as tubes (wind tunnels), in which, each wind cell is blowing in the opposite direction to the one adjacent to it. They flow from the northeast in the O-30 Hadley cell; then reverse and flow in a westerly direction in the 30 -60 Ferrelcell and reverse again in the polar cell.


The author here submits that though we tend to think of the air as an insubstantial thing, air is made up of gaseous molecules and water vapor. This molecular motioncreates air pressure and energy, which are exerted upon and affect every object on the earth including humans. Like the rivers the wind currents are constantly flowing bands of energy.

At 30 north the air currents make a phase change; then again at 60 and then again at the poles. Now it is clear that the purpose of all of this, in biosphere terms, is to produce lightning storms and rain. The wind cells referred to above are in constant motion as high pressure moves towards low pressure areas.

In a sense, we can view the equator as a giant water pump. The equatorial lightning storms are frequent but those that occur near the 30-degree latitudes are the most intense.

Consider hurricane Katrina. It originated near the western coast of Africa and travelled across the 19.5 latitude eventually making impact, where? It made landfallinthe Mississippi delta, (New Orleans) at 30 north (adjusted 120 Westlongitude).


This is also a vector of oceanic currents, which too flow in cells (gyres) exactly parallel to the Hadley Cell. The north Atlantic Gyre is a constantly circulating vortex whose current is flowing between 20 – 30 degrees.

The Great Pyramid was put in place as a geodetic marker that served many purposes. It not only pointed to the geometry of the planet but to its geology, wind and ocean circulation patterns.
We must also consider this fact: at the onset of an 11-year sunspot cycle the first sunspot occurs on the 30-degree latitude. In addition, Mars also has a similar 30-degree Hadley Cell organization.

If we take a top down (polar) view of the earth we can see that the wind and ocean currents are vortexes. In fact, in this context, the earth can be consideredto be an electrical vortex. What do I mean?

As noted above, the main function of the atmosphere is to produce lightning and rain. Without freshwater most life would cease to exist and the biosphere would collapse. But there is another important feature of the atmosphere, the ionosphere, which is also closely related to lightning.

It was Tesla who actually discovered that there was a layer of the atmosphere that contained an electrical charge. That charge produced a standing wave between itself and the earth, the ground in the circuit.

Lighting has a second function which is to re-charge this resonant cavity, now called the Schuman Resonance, which is an ELF (7.8 Hz) standing-wave.
Not so coincidentally,the human brain is precisely tuned to this resonant, standing wave.


The 7.8 Hz frequency is the peak of the alpha, human brainwave, which goes from delta and theta to beta and gamma, extending from 2 to about 40 Hz. There are roughly 100 lightning strikes per second taking place on the planet at any given moment keeping the standing wave continuously charged. 

The brain is like a carefully tuned instrument resonating with the earth’s electrical field. Tesla discovered the standing wave during his experiments in Colorado; but he did not know that it related to human brainwaves.

At this point we return to the Great Pyramid and the earth’s river-landmass geometry. The ancient Maya built some of their major sites precisely on (89 W) adjusted 120-degree west longitude.

The author discovered this in 1978 while studying an archaeological map I was sitting in the Yucatan during an expedition and just happened to notice that the sites of Dzibilchaltun, Uxmal, and others, all the way down to Tikal in Guatemala were positioned exactly on the 89 degree W longitude (adjusted 120 W). 

The sites that extend south, on the 120 W longitude from Dzibilchaltun go to Tikal in Guatemala 


I ran my finger up the map and found it landed on the mouth of the MississippiRiver. My curiosity was piqued but I did not know what to make of it.

[Do not confuse this essential Great Pyramid Prime Meridian with the alleged global grid system proffered by various researchers. The author is not disputing the global grid but maintains the the GP prime is the main geographic and geological pointer on the planet that must be used, at least by science, for a true picture of the earth.]

Of course the Mound-builders also constructed their pyramidal-mounds on that same meridian as they lived along the Mississippi river. The vast Cahokia complex also sits exactly on the adjusted 120-degree W. meridian though several hundred miles north of the 30-degree latitude.

CahokiaCahokia.  Image Source >>

When we examine the pyramid age we must ask the following question, are we looking at some kind of very sophisticated, technological system that was based upon a different set of principles that are invisible to us?

The author submits that that is exactly what we are staring at but cannot see, because the science behind it evades us. The Maya, for instance, were very astute astronomers who kept track of the planetary configurations assiduously. In fact, they had 17 different calendars such was their apparent obsession with time.

But perhaps we have missed the real reason they practiced this discipline. The geographical positioning and alignments of the pyramids, as well as their geometry, could have been used to harvest scalar or other cosmic energy-waves.

We know that Tesla discovered these freely available energies, using his Radiant Energy device, which was patented, so proven viable. The problem with the Great Pyramid is that much of the apparatus that once existed in the Grand Gallery was removed.

But there are still features, which suggest either sound or energy resonance might have been one of the key principles involved, per Chris Dunn’s thesis. It seems probable that the Maya used the planetary configurations as part of their technology. The planets also produce ELF waves that do impact the earth.

We can definitely assume that manipulating human consciousness was also a feature of the ancient technology.  Some decades ago, investigators conducted an experiment in the cave beneath the Pyramid of the Sun using native shaman who performed a traditional ritual. 
They found that their chanting and drumming induced the lowest brainwaves, normally associated with dreaming or deep sleep. The Pyramid of the Sun was also found to contain a strong piece of evidence suggesting that it was used for energy-harvesting operations. When it was excavated archaeologists unearthed a layer of mica in the upper portion of the pyramid. The mica was in a large sheet and buried out of sight thus proving it had not been used decoratively. Then more mica was found in a nearby temple, which is called The Mica Temple today. This sheet of mica was also buried beneath the surface. In modern times the primary use of mica is as an electrical shield or insulator. 

[When the archaeologists traced the mica back to its source they found, to their astonishment, that it came from a mine in Brazil.]

Teotihuacan, where this pyramid is located, is a very large complex containing numerous pyramids and temples. To this day, historians have no idea of who built the complex. But, it does appear that, as suggested above, they were engaged in harvesting scalar and/or electrical energy- at least in part.


Further evidence of this supposition is the fact that archaeologist’s also discovered the complex had suffered through a massive conflagration at some point in time. In addition, scientists recently conducted an investigation of the Bosnian Pyramid and discovered that it was sending a high frequency beam upwards from its apex.

An even greater and admittedly shocking possibility arises when we note the importance of the Great Pyramid’s geodetic position and the earth’s river-landmass geometry. Some years ago physicist MichioKaku brought up the possibility that we are living in a solar system, on a planet, fabricated by a Type II or III civilization.

[We are a type O civilization that might make it to Type 1 if we survive long enough. He alluded to this fantastic possibility during an interview.  According to the Kardashev Scale, a Type IV civilization extracts energy, information, and raw-materials from all possible galaxies; it’s effectively immortal and omnipotent with universal-scale influence, possessing the ability of theoretical time travel and instantaneous matter-energy transformation and teleportation.]

It is possible this is the message that the Great Pyramid – and the other enigmatic sites and artifacts around the world – are trying to tell us. We are not only the product of genetic engineering but what we call ‘our’ planet was actually created and seeded by an advanced race.

If that is true we stand almost no chance of comprehending their technology completely because they would be so advanced that their works would appear to be miracles to us….

We cannot dismiss this possibility now since our own planetary scientists are already planning terraforming operations after a mere 50 years of space exploration… 

Copyright 2014 Will Hart
Presented with author’s permission

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Will Hart is a journalist and the author of “The Genesis Race”, a series that examines the evidence for Cosmic Ancestry or Directed Panspermia II.

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Perhaps the greatest evidence we have that proves the case for the involvement of an extraterrestrial civilization in the genesis of life on earth, is the earth itself. We are faced with a profound mystery when we carefully and objectively examine the geography of the planet.

Earth-mapTo begin with a brief summary of plate tectonics and geographical data is an important first step to set up the paradigm shifting scenarios that follow.

The theory of plate tectonics is nowadays generally accepted by geologists. The basic thrust of the theory is — that instead of being permanent fixtures of the earth’s surface — the continents and ocean basins undergo continuous change.

Both are parts of lithosphere plates that move against each other, and in the process new crust is created at mid-oceanic ridges (spreading centers), and old crust is consumed at convergent plate boundaries known as subduction zones.

Today scientists have a fairly good understanding of how the plates move and how such movements relate to earthquakes and volcanic activity. Most plate movement occurs along narrow zones between plates where the results of plate-tectonic forces are most evident; there are basically three different types of plate boundaries: divergent, convergent and transform.

Scientists believe that the size of the Earth has not changed significantly during the past 600 million years and probably not much since shortly after its formation 4.6 billion years ago; the Earth’s unchanging size implies that the crust is being destroyed at about the same rate as it is being created.

Such destruction, or recycling, of the crust takes place along convergent boundaries where plates are moving toward each other, and one plate sinks (is subducted) under another in the subduction zone.

Regardless of these complex interactions it is now a well established fact that the Earth’s crust is broken into a dozen or so rigid slabs (called tectonic plates by geologists) that are moving relative to one another.

The various movements along differing plate boundaries cause coasts to form at the edges of a landmass; and mountain ranges, plateaus and valleys to form in the interior. For example, the collision between the Indian and Eurasian (tectonic) plates pushed up the Himalayas at the same time forming the Tibetan Plateau.

Off the coast of South America, along the Peru-Chile trench, the oceanic Nazca Plate is pushing into and is being subducted (slipping) under the continental part of the South American Plate. In turn, the overriding South American Plate is being lifted up, creating the towering Andes Mountains the backbone of the continent.

Because continental crust is less dense than oceanic crust, the latter always slides under the continental crust. Strong, destructive earthquakes and the rapid uplift of mountain ranges are common outcomes of these types of movements.

The Himalayan mountain range demonstrates one of the most visible and spectacular consequences of plate tectonics. When two continents meet head-on, neither slide under the other because the continental rocks are relatively light and they, like two colliding icebergs, resist downward motion. Instead, the crust tends to buckle and be pushed upward or sideways; actions which create mountain ranges.

As interesting and dramatic as mountain ranges are, most of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans. We can think of the ocean bottom as a basin and range environment, very similar to yet different than, the mountain-valley continental landmasses.

There are dramatic and very extensive ridges lying under the surface of the oceans. These are thought to be the youngest portions of the ocean basins where new ocean crust is generated through mantle upwelling and plate divergence. Taken together the oceanic ridge system of the earth extends about 65000 km (40K miles) around the globe.

The continental shelf is simply the flooded edges of the continents. Although the formation of coastal boundaries and mountain ranges are complex processes they can be understood fairly easily.

Next, rivers obey the laws of gravity and flow downhill from their mountain sources to their mouths at the flooded edges (deltas) of continents and empty into a gulf or sea. The sources of the world’s major rivers are often in highly elevated or mountainous areas, but there are exceptions.

For example, the source of the Mississippi River is Lake Itasca, Minnesota, which lies just 461 meters (1,515 feet) above sea level.

Although the world’s major rivers flow through many different types of terrain, they exhibit similar physical characteristics and biological functions. As we have seen above Tectonic processes result in the uplift and formation of major mountain chains; the world’s major river- systems help to erode those mountain ranges. They achieve this by transporting sediments from their basins to the sea through the processes of erosion, transport, and deposition.

For example, the Colorado River, located in the southwestern United States, flows through the Colorado Plateau region. The river’s world-famous canyons were created over millions of years as the river carved out and eroded its way downward through the Colorado Plateau, which was being driven upward by tectonic forces.

A river’s flow is halted when it reaches the sea, where the river deposits its sediments and creates a delta. River deltas commonly assume a triangular pattern that resembles the Greek letter delta (?)—a letter based on the shape of the Nile River delta in northern Egypt. Fresh water and salt water meet in these deltas, creating some of the world’s most biologically productive habitats. 

Nile_DeltaNile River delta, inverted in this northerly view (satellite image) 

All of the above presents a rough sketch of the logical and elegant scheme of geographical and geological formation, deformation and the recycling of materials. If you are wondering, dear readers, why you find yourself in a geography/geology class- the author is quickly going to cut to the chase.

As pointed out above the tectonic and river formation schemes are not too difficult to understand. However, the final result that you will not read about in any textbooks- poses a very enigmatic problem that should be addressed and solved. What is that?

The continental landmasses, rivers, gulfs and seas converge in a band around the globe along the 30-degree North latitude. Nothing in the plate tectonic scheme predicts that we would find this exact kind of configuration on a planetary-wide basis.

However, the Nile River flows northward from Lake Victoria to its delta and mouth at the 30 north meridian to empty into the Mediterranean Sea. Across thousands of miles of ocean the Mississippi River flows south from Lake Ithaca to its delta, also at the 30-degree North latitude where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico.

East of the Nile, the Tigris-Euphrates River system flows from the Taurus Mountains south to its delta and empties into the Arabian Sea located also along the 30 N meridian; and the Yangtze River flows from west to east and empties into the China sea at 30 N.

It is reassuring to appreciate the generalized, and quite logical, scheme of plate tectonics and how its actions generate events that create coastal boundaries, mountain ranges and plateaus. However, being faced with the very precise relationships between the world’s great river systems and the continental shelves is not comforting at all.

In fact, it is a wakeup call.

Why? It looks like the earth is the product of an intentional engineering program — that is so sophisticated and vast — that it has escaped our attention so far.

These geographical features present an astonishing reality and that raises an almost shocking possibility at the same time. The exactitude of this global landmass-gulf relationship suggests some kind of mathematical/geometrical force has been at work over the long, long period of the planet’s geological and geographical evolution.

[If geographers and geologists have noted this startling convergence, and that seems very probable, they have kept very quiet about it.]

The next incredible aspect of this 30 North meridian land-river-sea convergence is the rapid appearance of civilization precisely at this global juncture. Is it purely by coincidence that the Egyptian civilization emerged at the 30 north latitude?

We might conclude so if the Sumerian civilization had not too been positioned at the same latitude at the mouth of the Tigris-Euphrates; the Mayan-Olmec-Mound Builder civilizations positioned at or near the 30 degree North latitude; and the most ancient Chinese civilization at the mouth of the Yangtze River.

Next, yet more fascinating and revealing aspects of the earth-geometry and early civilization relationships are revealed if we switch the arbitrary Greenwich ‘0’ latitude to the 31 degree East longitude. This would include the Great Pyramid as well as Lake Victoria in southern Africa, which is the source of the Nile River.

Using this as the base 0 Prime Meridian a second startling reality becomes obvious: the Mississippi River delta is exactly 120 degrees west of the Nile River; the Yangtze empties into the China Sea 90 degrees east of the Nile.

Having three of the world’s major rivers deltas located on a single meridian each separated by significant geometrically precise degrees of longitude is a significant fact. Once again, can this really be the result of nothing more than a long series of random events?

Why would these great rivers — separated by thousands and thousands of miles — exhibit such geometrically precise relationships on a global scale?

This is not the end of the story however. In fact, Lake Victoria, the key source of the Nile River, sits on the equator the obvious 0 latitude base. Now since we have shifted the 0 longitude base to the Great Pyramid-Lake Victoria meridian this makes the latter the 0 base for both latitude and longitude.

We have both geographical and biological reasons to consider Lake Victoria the naval of the earth’s surface and of its biodiversity. Why?

 The lake sits in the middle of the region where the great apes and chimpanzees originated. Of course they are considered our closest animal relatives. It is just west of the Great Rift Valley home to many of Africa’s animal species. The lake itself, the largest in Africa, contains an astounding 200 different species of fish.

The globe reveals yet another landmass-river feature, the Amazon River flows in an easterly direction from the Andes to its mouth along an undulating course that straddles the equator.

Looking at a map we can see that the Amazon points to Lake Victoria; the Nile flows north and points to the Great Pyramid and the Nile delta sits on the Mediterranean Sea at (30) N latitude; while the Mississippi River flows in a southerly direction and empties into the Gulf of Mexico, exactly 120 degrees west of the Great Pyramid.

In fact, the Nile and the Mississippi rivers appear to be inverted, mirror images of each other. Scientists do not seem to have paid any attention to the above facts. In addition, the author has not gathered and analyzed them based upon the work of any other independent researcher.

It is doubtful that even if geologists investigated the foregoing data that it would lend it to any theoretical framework at present. 

*    *    * 

Considering all of the foregoing, we have the freedom to exercise both our logical capabilities and our imaginations and consider how the earth’s geology and geography may have come about. Given the high degree of precision – on an absolutely massive scale – we shall dismiss the idea that the geographical features were produced by an infinite series of random events.

Random events would not produce landmasses and rivers – terminating at oceanic boundaries in a narrow band that encircles the earth – along the 30th parallel. Billions of chance rolls of the geological dice simply could not create the exact geometrical features that we see on a global scale.

Just because we have no explanation capable of explaining these facts, in any scientific way at present, does not mean that there is no explanation. In addition, it also does not mean that we simply ignore these enigmas by resorting to unscientific “by chance” arguments.

The mountains, streams, rivers, valleys, deltas, gulfs and seas are obeying — an as yet unidentified set of rules, principles and laws, just as plate tectonic movements are — that we simply neither perceive nor comprehend. Water flows down mountainsides into valleys that gradually terminate in delta areas before emptying into a gulf or sea.

However gravity and plate tectonics together do not explain why the world’s major rivers terminate along the same meridian.

For a moment let us take a satellite position above the earth.

The author shall now posit a radical scenario that involves the operations, knowledge and technology of an extraterrestrial civilization. Our advanced civilization needs have evolved hundreds millions years before our own to have created technologies that we cannot even begin to imagine. Our civilizations, according to current dogma, are only 5,000 years old and look how far we have come in such a short time.

Project our current rate of technological advancement forward a mere million years (a nanosecond in cosmic time scales) and what would human civilization be like on earth?

 We cannot even imagine that because no one even foresaw the emergence of cell phones, iPods and the Internet 50 years ago; so how can we possibly project forward 1,000 millennia? It would be an exercise in futility and we know it.

So whatever limits we might put on any extraterrestrial civilization would be nothing more than a reflection of the limits of our own current level of knowledge and ignorance. Could there be a civilization out there that long-ago mastered interstellar space travel? The author will attempt to answer that question in subsequent chapters.

That said our posited, highly advanced civilization not only mastered space travel they also mastered the science of planetary genesis. In fact, the main mission of their civilization might be to spread life throughout the Universe. (Ultimately, that may be ours too.) To succeed they would first have to identify solar systems with planets that have the potential to evolve life once the seeds are planted. 

Are we not doing that right now with the Kepler telescope?

Taking this scenario a quantum leap further we shall also ascribe an even greater and more incomprehensible power to them. They likely have the capability of terraforming and engineering entire solar systems. In other words our cosmic civilization has evolved technologies capable of shaping geological and geographical conditions and the various features of planets.

Is this really such a sci-fi stretch? The author thinks not.

Right now our scientists are considering ways to re-engineer the planets in our solar system. We could plant the seeds of life on Mars in fact our space probes have probably carried bacteria and viruses to the red planet already. It only takes an atmosphere with some oxygen and water to get the wheels of the bacterial and viral seeds in evolutionary motion.

In the first book of this series, the author argued that the cultural and archeological evidence supported the intervention of an advanced race in human evolution. Furthermore, that the human race is, in fact, a hybrid species that was developed by this advanced (genesis) race.

 That race was referred to as ‘gods’ by our remote ancestors.

We find references to them in virtually every culture around the globe. The bible makes numerous references to them whenever the singular God becomes the plural gods that are involved in the genesis, evolution and behavior modification of early humans. (We shall make man, male and female, in Our image and likeness); how much more specific did they have to be?

This advanced race could have created us to carry on their work. Are we not engaged however slowly, in creating the technology to do just that? Another point the author made in the first book was the idea our DNA is embedded with their code so our evolution must recapitulate theirs.

This advanced civilization is not an alien race the way we normally think of that term. They are our ancestors, humans or at least they were as human as we are during their early evolution. At this distant point they may be quasi-material/holographic beings that are, more light and intelligence than material substance. .?

They may have achieved the ability to shape-shift and appear and disappear at will. Possibly they have also realized virtual immortality as well.

Nothing in the laws of physics prevents these possible developments.

The bible tells us that the “gods” did not want mortal, earthly, humans to gain access to the “Tree of Life” lest they become immortal. What is the Tree of Life they referred to? That tree was set beyond the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which set humans apart from the other animals that we did have access to.

We are long since passed the garden and tasting the forbidden fruit and being barred from access to The Tree of Life (immortality). We are now in the throes of completely deciphering the genetic code: the structure of DNA, the genome, bio-engineering and exploring the solar system with our (primitive) space technologies.

One thing we should always keep in mind. There are no guarantees when it comes to the survival of a species in this universe. We are now facing the constant challenges that nature presents as well as the constant challenges our own manmade civilization presents.

At this point we are already fully committed to the continual acquisition of knowledge as well as the constant development of new technologies. Can we actually meet all of the unforeseen challenges and consequences that the uncertain future holds? No one knows the answer to that question. 

The geological and geographical features that the author raised at the opening part of this chapter may need to be addressed and understood very soon. If the earth is the product of super-advanced engineering then the sooner we realize it the better off we will be.      

Conclusion: The geology and geography of the earth exhibits a high degree of geometry, which is unaccounted for by science. It could be the result of terraforming operations conducted by an advanced, extraterrestrial race, which possessed the science and technology to perform this feat. The convergence of rivers and landmasses on the 30 North latitudes is evidence of this operation as are the precise distances between major rivers. In addition the Great Pyramid appears to be a geodetic marker that points to the significance of that latitude.    

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PS1  The Great Design – Introduction to the Pyramid Matrix

Hard Evidence of a Grand Design to Creation

by Joseph E. Mason

The great mysteries of life are quite elusive.  We do not have the “hard facts” needed to feel sure that our theories about the mysteries are true.  Sometimes we feel sure, but convincing others is not so easy.  Alas, they want “facts,” and we cannot produce them.  Well, times are changing.  This is the start of a series of articles that will present many “facts” concerning some major mysteries of our world.  These “facts” will show evidence that:

  • The ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza.  
  • The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction.  
  • A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, which we will call “Gematria.”
  • “Gematrian” numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible.  
  • Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians and the Romans.  
  • The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.  
  • The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian.
  • The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360 degree circle, 60 minute degree, 60 second minute, the base-ten numbering system, the 12-inch foot, and the 5280-foot mile.  
  • The Nazca Line ground markings “locate themselves” on The Code Matrix system.  
  • Crop circle formations suggest the same ancient numbers by way of their positionsand measurements. 
  • The very ancient “Monuments on Mars,” including “The Face on Mars,” were positioned in exact locations, just as the ancient sites on Earth. 


Chichen Itza Pyramid

Latitude of the pyramid of Quetzalcoatl: 
20° 40′ 58.44″ N

20 x 40 x 58.44 = 46752

This pyramid is a precise calendar (it has 91 steps on each of 4 sides plus platform on top: 4×91 +1 = 365).
The calendar connection is also confirmed by pyramid’s orientation marking equinoxes and solstices.

The pyramid has 4 sides with 4 staircases dividing each side into 2 sections (in total 8 sections).
Using these numbers and accurate value for 1 year equal 365.25, the pyramid “number” will perfectly relate its latitude:

365.25 x 4 x 4 x 8 = 46752

Note:  46752 = 365.25 x 128  (perhaps there is a better fit for the 128?)

Now let’s look at the coordinates of the Great Pyramid
N 29° 58’ 45.031” latitude and

E 31° 07’ 57.02” longitude ( or 0o before the Prime Meridian was moved to Greenwich)

Let’s multiply latitude numbers: 
29x58x45.031 = 75,742

First, this pyramid has 4 sides, its perfect slope angle is 51.8428° and there are 365.25 days in a year:
4 x 51.8428 x 365.25 =  75,742

Second, if we divide this number by 12, we get 6,312; this number very close to Earth Radius (mean 6,371 km).

Third,  12x60x60 = 43200 could be the scale of the GP.
Height of the Great Pyramid = 0.14664944 km,when multiplied by 43,200 gives 6335.25 km which is very close to value of the Earth’s Radius.

Another close coincidence:
The Speed Of Light, in a vacuum, is 299,792,458 m/s.

The King’s Chamber in the Khufu Pyramid is at Metric Geo Coordinates 29.9792458 N, 31.134197222 E. 
Now, compare the North Latitude to the Speed Of Light.
Except for the fact it was converted to perform as a coordinate, the nine digits are identical.

Read More >> 

The Great Design

Moon Radius is 1,738 km (1080 miles) and Earth Radius is 6,373 km (3960 miles).
Moon Radius/Earth Radius = 3/11 = 0.272727 which is the single design principle of the Great Pyramid.
It results in pyramid’s proportions (height to base ratio) 14/22 (7/11) – see images below.


The latitude of the Great Pyramid is 30 deg N  

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Astro-Geodetic Latitude of the Great Pyramid 

The significance of the geodetic location of the Great Pyramid cannot be overstated, for it verifies that the shape and size of the Earth was known to the Ancients. 

Professor Smyth’s determination of the Astro-Geodetic Latitude of the Great Pyramid in 1877 was:
29 Degrees 58 Minutes and 51 Seconds North (29.98083 Degrees)
His sighting was taken from on top of the Great Pyramid in order to reduce the effect of gravitational distortion of his plumb-line due to the mass of the Pyramid. This Astro-Geodetic Latitude was re-confirmed by Andre Pochan in 1978.

The present day geodetic location as given by GPS is: 
29 Degrees 58 Minutes and 49 Seconds North (29.98027 Degrees)

A distinction must be made between the methods employed to derive the Geodetic locations. Obviously, taking sightings of stars would have been the means employed by the ancients to determine latitude as they would not have had satellite technology. As a comparison of accuracy, it is interesting to note that Airy’s Eye of the Greenwich Observatory in England (established as the Prime Meridian of the World in 1884) has a posted Latitude of 51 Degrees, 28 Minutes, 38 Seconds North which would be its Astro-Geodetic Latitude. The GPS coordinates of the Greenwich Observatory are 51 Degrees, 28 Minutes and 40 Seconds North. The reason for this variance is in part that the local gravity at any location of the Earth and hence a plumb-line, is influenced by the density of the Earth’s crust, which varies considerably from place to place. Particular variations occur in the proximity of mountain ranges and high iron concentrations in the crust strata. It is also to be given consideration that the exact position of the North Pole relative to the Earth experiences what is called “Polar Motion” due to changes in the center of Mass ie: changes in Ocean Currents. 

This can effect Latitude readings by as much as 1.5 arc-seconds or 20 meters on the Earth’s surface. For all intents and purposes it is therefore to be given consideration that the Astro-Geodetic location of the Great Pyramid be taken as the location that the ancients would have had the means to measure. Any calculations for the Earth’s geometry giving consideration to the Pyramid’s location would have been contingent on the Astro-Geodetic determinations. 

The Passage into the Queen’s Chamber provides a measurement which has relevance to the Pyramid’s location on Earth. If one follows the floor line from the major step back to the Grand Gallery and continuing a straight line through the minor step and proceeding down the slight incline to where the floor intersects the North wall of the Grand Gallery you will find this distance to be 1308.3 B”. Multiply this length by the Queen’s Chamber value (2400 x 1308.3) and one arrives at a product of 3,139,920 B” or 7,975,389.9 cm which equates to 79.7539 km. Subtract this value from the Reference Circumference (40,121.434 – 79.7539) and one arrives at a value of 40,041.680 km of which the radius would be 6372.831 km. It is of considerable interest to know that the radius of the Earth at the location of the Great Pyramid determined as at 29.98083 degrees North Geodetic Latitude is 6372.8306 km. It would appear that the location of the Pyramid was known to the Ancients to a level of accuracy comparable to that which was known in the late 1800’s. The radius of the Earth at 29.98083 degrees North was known. The difference in radius is only 0.7 meters. 

The choice of 29.98083 degrees North Latitude appears at first glance to be either an attempt to fix its location at 30 degrees North, with a considerable inaccuracy, or that it was just simply a convenient location. Neither of these contentions appear to be the case when one gives careful consideration to the following mathematics which must have been considered in the choice of location of the Great Pyramid by the Ancients. 

In order to understand the relevance of the location one must first calculate the Meridional Radius of Curvature for 29.98083 Degrees North Latitude, which is 6351.3585 km.

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PS2 The Great Pyramid of Giza: Global Positioning Respecting Latitude: A Decisive Solution

Keith M. Hunter

In addressing the issue of the global location of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the very first point that one might consider is just how knowledgeable the ancients were about the true dimensions of the earth. At least as far back as “known antiquity”, there exist some good estimates as to the general size of the earth (e.g. Eratosthenes). That being said however, there is no surviving information at all dating back much earlier to the time of the construction of the Great Pyramid, that gives any explicit indication as to what value the builders assigned to the size of the planet.

This does not however prevent further analysis, for there is nothing to stop one examining the global placement of the Great Pyramid of Giza set against the standard of the highest and most accurate earth model of the modern age. Indeed, by doing just this, if one could demonstrate a decisive governing principle for the placement of the structure in light of such a model, then one would be forced into the conclusion that the ancients themselves must have possessed an earth model almost identical to that developed by the most accomplished minds of this present age. 

The Critical Linkage

From a very careful evaluation of the placement of the Great Pyramid of Giza set against the most advanced physical earth model of this present age – the WGS84 model, it would appear that there exists a most incredible mathematical linkage between the latitude placement of the structure, and none other than the value for the tropical year of the earth itself; one that, if indeed is actually representative of a governing principle by which the latitude placement of the structure was determined, forces one to accept that the ancient pyramid builders must have possessed an earth ellipsoid model comparable to the WGS84 itself. And moreover, that in the positioning of the structure globally – at least respecting latitude – they placed it almost precisely where they intended it to be, to an error of only a few dozen feet or so!

In contrast then to the previously mentioned 30 degree northwards placement theory, or even the refraction placement theory, both of which entertain the suggestion that the builders may have adjusted the position of the Great Pyramid to place it on a solid foundation, this new approach holds to no such requirement.

The Analysis

In evaluating the Great Pyramid of Giza against the earth form, the primary values of the WGS84 earth model, including the global co-ordinates of the pyramid itself, are as follows: 

WGS84 :
Equatorial radius of the Earth = 3963.190591 miles (6378.137 kilometres)
Inverse Flattening measure = 298.257223563

Great Pyramid of Giza Position:
Latitude (North):29 degrees, 58 minutes, 50.952 seconds of arc
Longitude (East):31 degrees, 09 minutes, 0 seconds of arc 

The Proposed Intended Global Relation:

As one will recall from the evaluation of the earth tropical year, it was shown via a set of proportional laws that the earth did at some point in the past increase its orbital period from one of 360 days per year, to one of 365.24218408 days per year. And that the critical ratio between the two values is as follows: 

365.2421840 / 360 = 1.014561622 

Bearing this fact in mind, it is most astounding to find that this very ratio, simply multiplied by 10, would appear to be the decisive factor that determined the latitudinal placement of the Great Pyramid. This is revealed when one takes the ‘small circle’ circumference of the earth at the latitude of the structure, and divides it by the elliptical arc length displacement (separation) from the pyramid and the equator. The following diagram details the relevant components:

Using units of British Feet, analysis reveals the following [3]:

Under the WGS84 earth model, with the latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza set at 29:58:50.952 N, the following measures hold true:

The circular ‘small circle’ circumference of the Earth at the latitude of the Great Pyramid = 110443685.33838 feet
The elliptical arc length from the equator to the Great Pyramid = 10885784.94485 feet

Therefore: 110443685.33838 / 10885784.94485 = 10.145679516…

Compare with the ratio between the current earth tropical year and the ideal of 360 days, as noted previously:

365.2421840 / 360 = 1.014561622 

As one can see, the ratio respecting the Great Pyramid is almost exactly 10 times the ratio of change for the earth tropical year; a relationship that is highly suggestive. However, in order to determine just how forceful the relationship is, one must calculate the level of discrepancy from an exact x10 value. 

The Margin of Error of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Assuming therefore the deliberate intention to globally site the Great Pyramid such that the small circle circumference of the earth at the latitude of the structure was exactly 10.14561622… (10 x 1.014561622…) times the elliptical arc length from the centre of the structure to the equator; then under the WGS84 model, the Great Pyramid itself would have to be situated at precisely 29:58:51.44895 N. If this were so, then the following would be true [4]:

Circumference of the Earth at the latitude of the Great Pyramid = 110443505.6744 feet
Arc length from the equator to the Great Pyramid = 10885835.1489 feet
Therefore: 110443505.6744 / 10885835.1489 = 10.14561622…
And, comparing the arc length component given above with that derived under a position of 29:58:50.952 N:
10885835.1489 – 10885784.9448 = 50.2 feet

As one can see from the analysis then, the difference from a perfect x10 multiple of the earth tropical year increase is extremely low; such that were one to have positioned the Great Pyramid a mere 50 feet further to the north, then the correspondence would be exact. When one considers that the base line length of the structure itself is some 756 feet, one can easily see that the error is well ‘contained’ within the structure. In sum, one can therefore be highly confident that the specified ratio association was intended, and thus represents the governing principle that determined the latitude placement of the structure.


With an acceptance of the ‘x10 tropical year increase’ theory of placement, one is led inexorably to certain very distinct conclusions regarding the Great Pyramid of Giza; all of which necessitate that the builders were a part of an extremely advanced civilisation. In brief, they are as follows:

  1. The builders were fully knowledgeable as to the true dimensions of the earth and possessed an elliptical earth model at least as advanced as the WGS84 model.
  2. The builders must have been familiar with advanced elliptical mathematics and algebra, in order to actually calculate the elliptical arc length up from the equator to the latitude as would give them the x10 tropical year ratio.
  3. The builders would have also had to possess extremely fine mechanical instruments for sighting the global co-ordinates at which to construct the Great Pyramid. Essentially, not only would they have had to do the positional calculation ‘on paper’, they would have had to actually physically go to the spot they had determined should be the centre of the structure.
  4. Perhaps the most intriguing conclusion, bearing in mind the precise nature of the mathematical relationship, is that the builders themselves would in all likelihood not have been ancient Egyptians at all. For indeed, the intention to employ the noted physical ratio forces one to admit that the ratio value itself singularly determined the latitude of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and that the builders may well have surveyed the entire longitudinal sweep of the small circles in both the northern and southern hemisphere upon land, as would give them the proscribed x10 ratio. In effect, a truly global civilisation would appear to have been responsible for the structure. The idea that it was conceived and built purely locally would seem to be extremely unlikely.



  1. The Astronomical Almanac 2003. (2001) The Stationary Office. Page K13
  2. Cathie, B. (1997) The Harmonic Conquest of Space, Nexus, Pages 166-167 contain the latitude & Longitude co-ordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  3. & 4  The analyses of the earth with respect to the arc length measures, and the small circle circumference values as connect up to the Great Pyramid of Giza were conducted using the Great Circle Calculator 

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A set of articles that explore more deeply the mathematical relations of the Great Pyramid of Giza 

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  1. Penn says

    Hello Will,
    Thanks for this wonderful post, it puts meat on the bones of many of my thoughts.
    When you are discussing moving the prime meridian to Giza, the location of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, spot on, you use a map “Lower Egypt in the Geographical Center of the Land Surface of the Whole World” but you do not discuss the importance of this in your text.
    For other readers, find a globe, put your finger on Giza and take a radius around the land mass, down the west coast of North America, and South America around the world taking in Africa, and Australia up the east coat of China over Russia and come down to Alaska you find that Giza is the center of the world land mass, put your finger on the other side of your globe, only water the Pacific Ocean.
    This can be done on Google Earth but is best done on a globe.
    Will, do you realize that if you run plate tectonics back to Pangaea, when all the plates are together and identify Giza you are again at the center of the land mass.
    (I use the Geologic Time Scale from Enchanted Learning, this can be accessed from a drop down from my previous post, Genesis vs Science) it shows what our experts think is the way the plates moved)
    Is the Sphinx the cornerstone referred to in Job 38-5-6 ” ” Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding, Who determined its measurements? Surly you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? To what were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone.”
    Are the two Sphinx outside the masonic lodge in Washington DC the cornerstone everyone is looking for?
    Many of the Egyptian gods are depicted with what appear to remeasuring devices ??? are they measuring the movement of the tectonic plates??
    Finally a small point, the pyramids and all the other megalithic structures allover the world were not built by ordinary men as we are today, the terms you use extraterrestrials or type 1V civilizations” are in my opinion quite simply the Lord God and his helpers, otherwise known as the akashic field, ether, the Holy Ghost or Spirit, the Koran starts with “Praise be to God, Lord of the Universe”, who is The ALL and is SPIRITUAL and can appear PHYSICAL
    Once again Will, thanks for a very fine post


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