The Great Pyramid and the Speed of Light

The Great Pyramid and the Speed of Light

 The Great Pyramid encodes enormous amount of numerical coincidences ( pi, Phi, dimensions and movement of our planet, axial tilt, precession,  speed of light, and more…)
We can only wonder if the ancient architects were fully aware of these special numbers encoded in their design — or are these numbers simply the  result of  selecting 2 numbers (7 and 11) for proportions for the Great Pyramid???

The design of the Great Pyramid is based on the ratio 11:7.  This ratio (equal 1.571) is perfect approximation of the “squaring the circle” principle.

For the Great Pyramid, Base to Height Ratio 440/280 is exactly 11/7

Most “pyramidologists” appear to be  “chasing their tails” uncovering huge amount of “numerical coincidences” embedded in the Great Pyramid…

It is simply unbelievable, however ALL of these numerical coincidences are result of selecting just 4 numbers for the pyramid design: 7, 11 (height to base ratio), 40 (the scale factor), and the 4th key number is the value of the measuring unit: Royal Cubit = 20.62 ” = 0.524 m.

This single, fundamental design principle: 11 : 7 Base to Height Ratio  generates ALL amazing mathematical properties of the Great Pyramid:

  • the Golden Ratio Phi=1.618 (the Great Pyramid is a Golden Pyramid: length of the slope side (356) divided by half of the side (440/2 = 220) height is equal to 1.6181818… which is the Golden Ratio Phi
  • squaring the circle ratio 1.571 (base/height = 44/28 = 1.571)
  • pi=3.14159… (2 x base/height = 2 x 44/28 = 3.14286 which is very close approximation of “pi” = 3.14159…)
  • Perimeter of the square base, 4×440=1760, is the same as circumference of the circle with radius = height: 2x ”pi” x height (2x 22/7 x 280=1760)
  • The ratio of the perimeter to height of 1760/280 cubits equates to 2x pi
    to an accuracy of better than 0.05%
  • Side of the base (440) plus double height (2x 280=560) = 1,000
  • Perimeter of the square base is equal 4×440=1760 RC = 0.5 nautical mile = 1/7,200th of the radius length of the earth
  • the slop angle 51°.843
  • The Pyramid exhibits in the design both pi and by Phi,  given the similarity
    of 2/ sqrt(phi) (2 divided by the square root of Phi) with pi/2 :
  • 11/ 7 equal 1.5714
  • 2/ sqrt(89/55) equal 1.5722
  • 2/ sqrt(Phi) equal 1.5723
  • pi/ 2 equal 1.5708
  • Royal Cubit = 0.5236 m,  pi – Phi2 = 0.5231
  • and more…

Does Great Pyramid encode “fractal” value of the speed of light?

The speed of light in a vacuum is 299, 792, 458 meters per second or 983,571,056.43045 feet per second or 186,282.397 miles per second.

Base of the Great Pyramid is a square with side B = 44o Royal Egyptian Cubits.  Let’s draw two circles: one inscribed and one superscribed on the square of the base of the Great Pyramid.


  • Circumference of superscribed circle: 2x pi x R
  • Circumference of the inscribed circle: 2x pi x r

The difference of the circumference of both circles (lets call it C) is:

C = 2 x pi x (R – r) = 2 x pi x [ B/sqrt(2) – B/2 ] =
2x pi x B x [ 1/sqrt(2) – 1/2 ] = 1.301290285 x B

The length of the Egyptian Royal Cubit

Based on The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh” by W.M. Flinders Petrie. 1883.

The unit of measuring length used by the ancient architects in the construction of the Great Pyramid was the Royal Cubit.

Petrie estimated the value of the Royal Cubit using some key dimensions of the Great Pyramid:
By the base length of the Pyramid, if 440 cubits (section ’43): 20.611 ± .002

By the base of King’s Chamber, corrected for opening of joints:  20.632 ± .004 inches
By the Queen’s Chamber, if dimensions squared are in square cubits:  20.61   ± .020
By the antechamber: 20.58   ± .020
By the ascending and Queen’s Chamber passage lengths (section 149):  20.622 ± .002
By the gallery width:   20.605 ± .032

The Average value of the RC  (based on above numbers) is 20.61 inches.

It’s almost universally accepted that archaeologist Flinders Petrie’s determination of the royal cubit length at 20.632 inches, from his measurements of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, was the likely measure to survey the dimensions of that pyramid, 440 royal cubits per base side, but the experts stop there, not then letting you know that those 1,760 royal cubits which total the Great Pyramid’s base perimeter length, when multiplied by 20.632 inches, equals half a modern nautical mile, or 1/7,200th of the radius length of the earth, so there certainly is a connection.

By most accurate series of measurements Petrie concluded that the royal cubit standard for the Great Pyramid was 20.620 ± .005 inches ( 523.7 mm).

Let’s use the lower value 20.615 ” for the Royal Cubit  (allowed by the 0.005 ” accuracy):

the Royal Egyptian Cubit (RC) is 20.615 ” = 0.523621 m

B = 440RC = 9070.6″ = 755.883 feet = 230.393 m

Therefore C = 1.301290285 x B = 983.6 feet = 299.8 m

The value of C x 106 is surprisingly very close to
the  speed of light in m/s

The speed of light in a vacuum is
983, 571, 056.43 feet per second =
299, 792, 458 meters per second.

Another very strange Great Pyramid  “coincidence” related to the speed of light was discovered by John Charles Webb Jr. :
Precise latitude of the centre of the Grand Gallery (inside GP) is
29° 58′ 45.28″ N = 29.9792458° N
The speed of light in vacuum, usually denoted by c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics ( 299,792,458 metres /s ).

– – –

Another interesting coincidence encoded in the Royal Cubit:

  • Royal Egyptian Cubit = 0.524 m
  • pi = 3.1416
  • 3.1416 feet = 0.957 m = 1.8263 RC
  • 2x (0.957 / 0.524 ) = 2x  1.8263 = 3.6526 = 365.26 x 10-2

Number of days in a year: 365.25

Another interpretation of the above:
circumference of a a circle with diameter equal 100 feet is
2 x pi x 100 feet = 2 x pi x 1200″ =7539.8″ = 365.74 RC
(or 356.25 RC measured in King’s Chamber)

– – –

The Missing Capstone Theory

The pyramidion (capstone) found near the Red Pyramid is nearly “96 cm from the top, measured along the edge“. This (and other capstones found in Egypt) suggests that Egyptians were not making huge capstones for their pyramids. Therefore assumption that missing capstone of the Great Pyramid was huge (30 feet at the base) is wrong. It is very likely that in addition to the missing pyramidion there is a layer of stones missing as well. Therefore the capstone was much smaller than the missing part of the pyramid.

To maintain perfect slope angle such a capstone would have to have identical proportions as the whole pyramid: 7:11. If we use the “Red Pyramid” capstone to estimate possible size of the capstone from the Great Pyramid, it seems reasonable to select 2 Royal Cubits (140th of the pyramid’s height)  for its height.  The capstone’s base in this case would be 3.14286 RC  (as the result of keeping the same scale and proportions as the GP) . This is very close approximation of “pi”.

The missing capstone of the Great Pyramid was very likely 2 Royal Cubits in height (3.4267 feet = 1.0475 m ) with square base of  3.1428 Royal Cubits (5.4 feet = 1.646 m).

Read More about the missing capstone >>

440/280 = 1.5714286   (3.14286 when multiplied by 2 ).
280/440 = 0.636363636363… (0.63  number with recurring decimal)

The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Revelation Of The Pyramids takes an in depth look into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre. However with over thirty-seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to reveal what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries: a message of paramount importance for all mankind, through time and space.

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PS Cosmic Harmony

Observe the measurements of the Moon:
Equatorial radius 1,738.14 km (0.273 Earths) so
the Moon Diameter is: 3,476.28 km or 2,160 miles.
Let’s make this “the cosmic unit” (one moon unit)
the “ideal” diameter of The Moon.

Diameter of The Sun =865,294 miles*.
If we divide 865,294 by 2,160
we get 400.6 …

*The SOHO spacecraft was used to measure the diameter of the Sun by timing transits of Mercury across the surface during 2003 and 2006. The result was a measured radius of 696,342 ± 65 kilometres (432,687 ± 40 miles). Staying within the margin of error,  measured radius of the Sun is 432,647 miles (or diameter 865,294 miles).

7 x 8 x 9 x 11 x 12 x 13 = 864,864 which is only 0.05%  (430 miles)  smaller than the measured value.
Also, 930 x 930 = 864,900 (only 394 miles less than measured value).

Equatorial Circumference of the Earth: 1,000 x 360 x 365.24 feet
= 131,486,400 feet = 40,077km

Official value for equatorial circumference of the Earth: 40,075 kilometers
That is truly a “cosmic” coincidence !!!

There is more… and the Great Pyramid has these values encoded in its proportions!

The radius of the Moon compared to the Earth is three to eleven, ie. 3:11.


 Radius of Moon = 1,080 miles = 3 x 360 = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x (3/2 )
 (  1080.030 miles = 1738.1 km )

  Radius of Earth = 3,960 miles = 11 x 360 =  1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5  x 6 x  (11/2)
3963.167 mi 6378.1 km )
 Radius of Earth plus Radius of Moon
= 5,040 miles =  14 x 360 =
=1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x (14/2) = 7 x 8 x 9 x 10
 (Actual 5043.197 miles )

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6=720
1+2+3+4+5+6 = 21
21 x 240 = 5040

(720 x 21) / 3 = 5040
(720 x 21) / 14 = 1080

The ratio 3:11 is 27.3 percent, and the orbit of the Moon takes 27.3 days.
 (Sidereal rotation period 27.321582 d (synchronous).
 27.3 days is also the average rotation period of a sunspot.

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  1. Jonathan says

    Hi i juste found that — 29.9792458 31.134417 we know this one center of the chamber.
    Next one is- 29.9792458 31.41592654 -Speed of Light and Pi (3.1416 but the excact of wiki)
    It makes a inversed pyramid that goes trought the sphynx
    i got something more but not ready to unleash it.
    29.9792458 31.41592654
    le deuxieme c’est le speed of light et Pi ca fais une belle pyramide inversé qui passe par le sphinx c’est comme complémentaire au documentaire .

  2. Charles Marcello says

    Hey Alex,

    Only one more layer left and you will see just as clearly as our truly ancient ancestors did.

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    The Awakening Has Started…

    Thought initiates the movement into realms so massive that one will not see the end or the beginning of essence. Realization of one’s massive power dawns as precious impetus toward an awakening that amplifies a catharsis of the soul. This trip is truly Magic. No matter what the level that one attains there is no end to the potential to the thought. Our view of this realm is beyond holographic for it reiterates throughout infinity as a massive echo of our own existence. We are on this trip, simply by being here and there at the same time. I am you and you are me. I am the observer of myself and you are the observer of us all, as I am of you, the Other. I am the Other. The flux of this association radiates the message of information inherent in the seeker. The power of this knowledge is massive but only slightly held in physicality. One must concentrate here to see the union of being and becoming enjoyed by us all. Where two or three are gathered in HIS NAME, we all can see the relevance. If the relevance can be known here, then we can see clearly the pathway back Home. Existence is a latency amplified by thought shared to create a triangulation for manifestation.


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