The Global Flood Catastrophe

The Global Flood Catastrophe

 by Rich Anders

According to Mayan prophecies this world will come to an end on December 21, 2012.  Many books have been written and movies were made offering the opinions of the authors about the event supposed to happen on this date. So far, there is no agreement on what this event will be and what it will bring, as there are really no indications that something really big will happen and what it will be.

          Every 26,000 years the planet completes its cycle of precession around the galaxy and this planet aligns with the sun and the galactic center. The Maya were amazingly good astronomers and astrologers and they calculated the duration of the year precisely. They also had the so called big year, which consisted of 5,125 years. This period of 5,125 years the Maya consider to be a world with no major changes. Such a period according to Maya beliefs always ended with a great cataclysm destroying the existing world, which was to be followed by another world with a “life expectancy” of another 5,125 years. The world before the present one was considered have been the fourth and as the legend goes it was destroyed by water. This makes the present the fifth world. The Mayan prophecy foretells its destruction by fire.

          As said before, there is no documentation or even indication that something extraordinary will happen on December 21, 2012. However, the destruction of the previous Mayan world was due to a big cataclysm. Therefore, it can be assumed that it was not an isolated incident and there should have been events, which support the Maya legend of the destruction of their previous world by water.

          The Sumerian epic Gilgamesh divides time calling the period before 5,125 years before the present time “anti-deluvian” and the time afterwards “post-diluvian”. 

During the anti-deluvian period there were 5 cities in Sumeria, the area where now is southern Irak. These were destroyed by a big flood.

Allegedly, more than 500 legends about a big flood can be found all over the world. In Sumeria it was called Ziusudra’s flood. In Babylon it was called Utnapishtim’s flood and the Jews call it Noah’s flood. 5,125 years ago there were 5 centers of civilization on this planet each with its own pantheon of gods in charge. Even though presently there are no gods around, there exists evidence that approximately 6,000 years ago extraterrestrials who called themselves the gods invaded this planet. There is also evidence that they disappeared approximately 3,500 years ago.

Legends claim that the Sumerian gods warned Ziusudra in Sumeria and Utnapishtim in Babylon about the coming of a big flood and told them to build a huge ship, which could accommodate a male and a female animal of every species of animals to ensure the survival of their race. The Noah legend differs somewhat, as the Jews claim that god told Noah to build such a ship. Indications are that the Jews became monotheists only at the time of the exodus from Egypt around 3,500 years ago. To explain  this inconsistency is not the purpose of this article.

             A flood big enough to be noticed all over the planet must have had a cause. From the demise of the dinosaurs we know that a hit by a major asteroid affected the entire planet. Therefore, a crater from an asteroid impact should be the proof that a major asteroid hit caused the big flood but there is no such crater, which dates back 5,125 years. Also, all the flood legends claim that the flood was caused by torrential rains, which lasted according to some accounts 40 days and nights but such rains would have brought major inundations not a flood.

          There is an explanation for the missing crater and the long days and nights of torrential rains. In the province of Tyrol in Austria there is a village called Koefels. It is located in the  middle of a lovely plain surrounded by rugged Alpine scenery. 5,125 years ago a major asteroid hit the area. The asteroid came in at a very shallow angle. First it grazed the top of a mountain called Gamskogel and then it slammed into the side of the neighboring mountain. The ensuing explosion pushed this mountain 7 KM down the valley. It didn’t leave a crater just a flat piece of land from where the mountain had been removed.

          To produce torrential rain for an extended period of time can only be caused by an asteroid or comet hitting a major body of water. Such hit would throw huge amounts of water into the higher atmosphere from where it would rain back to the Earth over an extended period of time. In a London museum there is a Sumerian tablet showing two astronomers. This tablet not only shows the sky as it was approximately 5,000 years ago. It also shows a streak depicting the trajectory of an incoming cosmic body starting in India and continuing over the Indian Ocean and Greece to the Austrian Alps where it ends with an explosion.

          There is at least one major crater to the west off the coast of India. There is no data available for any of such craters. It can be assumed that the torrential rain as told by  the many flood legends was the effect of the huge amount of water thrown into the atmosphere by a piece of the incoming asteroid, which fell into the Indian Ocean when the asteroid broke into two pieces.           

          There are two more events, which could be attributed to the asteroid hit in the Austrian Alps: when an asteroid hits an ocean water is thrown into the higher atmosphere and falls back to the Earth as rain. When an asteroid hits firm ground the ensuing explosion throws huge amounts of matter high up. These are called ejecta and they come back raining in bits and pieces over vast areas of the land.

There are two legends, which can be attributed to the rain of such ejecta. One is the legend of Sodom and Gomorrha. Allegedly, a man by the name of Lot was forewarned about the impending disaster and advised to flee to the closest mountain cave as soon as possible. Specifically, he was told that neither he nor members of his family fleeing with him should look back. This makes a lot of sense if one considers that the explosions of the incoming ejecta could be expected to be bright enough to blind the ones looking at them   

          The other legend is told by the Epic of Gilgamesh. The goddess Innana made Gilgamesh the King of the city of Nippur. But when she wanted to have sex with him he refused. Allegedly, this made her so angry that she decided to destroy the city with a rain of fiery stones, which were called “bulls from heaven”.

In Egypt the  destruction by the incoming ejecta was devastating and the gods claimed that Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess, was so upset about the wickedness of humans that she decided to destroy them ll. As the legend goes, other gods had to intervene to avoid the total destruction of all humans.

It has to be noted that it was standard practice by the gods in every one of the 5 clans was to claim responsibility if there was a major natural disaster and the standard reason given was that the gods punished humans for their “wickedness”.

This way the gods gave the impression that they were able to cause major disasters thereby proving their superiority to humans and intimidating them.

A further indication that approximately 5,000 years ago a major disaster struck this planet is a dramatic change in climate. During the so called per-dynastic period Egypt’s arable land extended as far away as Lybia. Photographs from the space shuttle show under the sands of the Sahara contours of lakes and rivers, which existed in this area before the land dried out and become a desert.

Much of the Sahara is covered by sand in form of Dunes. These are not stationary. They move as the wind blows the sand off the ground and in many locations in the Sahara the dunes left behind ruins of Egyptian settlements, as they existed in this area during the so called pre-dynastic period. The first dynasty called the “Old Kingdom” was established approximately 5,000 years ago. This indicates that the per-dynastic period ended some time before that, which proves that the dramatic change in climate occurred relatively shortly before that.   

            A further indication that climatewise something dramatic happened  on this planet approximately 5,200 years ago was discovered by Lenny Thompson, paleobiologist at the University of Ohio. Receding glaciers of the Andes of in South America several thousand meters high freed areas of land with plants, which grew at sea level approximately 5,200 years ago.  

            The so called Altaplano in Bolivia is an extended dry area located high in the Andes with  an unusual high salinity of the ground. Also, ruins of villages in this area located several thousand meters above sea level with no water in sight include harbor facilities  and installations. The only explanation can be that this area as a whole was  sea floor and ocean beaches. This also explains the saltwater fish found in lake Titicaca in the vicinity of this location. It is logical to assume that Lenny Thompson’s recent finding of sea level plants emerging from underneath glaciers high up in the Anders provides the date when this land experienced a major cataclysm and transformation.

            The main archaeological site in the Altoplano is Puma Punku. Especially remarkable is the fast that one long wall of obviously prefabricated stones was left standing while everywhere else the remnants of destroyed buildings can be seen. This could indicate that strong seismic waves in a major earthquake hit the area in a way as not to damage this wall while everything else was destroyed.  

The Epic of Gilgamesh reports that after the flood when the water had receded  a new kind of  plants had appeared. Allegedly, god  Enlil tested these plants for consumption and nearly died because some of these plants were poisonous.

            Michio Kaku, head of the mathematics and physics department at New York University, published a book with the title Parallel Worlds. He claimed that there are an infinite number of parallel worlds, which according to him very probably have different fauna and flora and even geographic features. The mention in the epic of Gilgamesh that vegetation was different after the Flood and the dramatic differences in geographic features after the Flood could be an indication that there was a change of worlds in connection with the event that caused the Flood.  We don’t know enough about this phenomenon to know whether this really was the case.

            Having discussed events in connection with the end of the fourth Mayan world it is obvious that several possibilities for the end of the present world by destruction of fire on December 21, 2012 do exist.

            Sveral major hits by asteroids produced planet wide devastation and the disappearance of many species of animals.
Before approximately 67 million years a 7 mile wide asteroid hit the Earth at the location of Chixchulub on the peninsula of Yucatan .
Approximately 13,000 years ago the animals of the Mega Fauna disappeared from the fossil record. There are abundant fossil finds related to this event.
5,125 years ago an astroid hit this planet and caused the Flood.

As shown by these major events mass extinctions and catastrophes after hits by cosmic bodies do not produce planet wired fire. Actually, there are only a few scenarios we can imagine to set this planet oin fire.

The Sun has entered a very active phase shooting huge flares into space. Theoretically, a  flare could be strong enough to overcome the magnetic field, which protects this planet from incoming cosmic radiation, and destroys is surface by fire.

The major changes caused by astroid hits did not bring planet wide conflagrations. However, each one of them caused the beak down of this planet’s alectromagnetic field. Reaon, a huge explosion changed the consistence of the electromagnetic field. This caused the field to brake down and to re-constitute in an instant in a different configuration. When the change of the magnetic poles’ location was changed very far Earth geographic poles followed suite and a jump of the poles was the result. Subsequently, this planet shows in its fossil records major catastrohies, which jumps of the poles are for a planet but there has never been a planet wide conflagration.

            There is one scenario which distributes major explosions over most of the planet’s surface and this is the explosion of nuclear devices. In case of an all out nuclear war hundreds, maybe ven thousands of nuclear explosions would occur over large parts of the planet. This undoubtedly would put enormous stress on the electromagnetic field of the planet just like a gigantic explosion caused by an astroid hit. Theoretically, it might be possible that a great number of nuclear explosions at about the same time could cause major fires to spread away from the explosion sites. We don’t know whether such fires would unite to form a planet wide conflagration but it seems possible. But even without uniting, if a huge number of nuclears explosions would occur large areas of he planet’s suface would indeed be destroyed by fire.

            Yetr another possibility ( however remote) would be a supernova exploding in the cosmic vicinity of this planet (with its energy somehow connected with this planet) and dispatching a chuck of energy towards this planet.       



  1. ufo says

    There is another theory for the torrential rains. The Plajaren say that the Earth was surrounded by water vapor during a time when our solar system was in a warmer region of the galaxy and this water vapor rained-out when the solar system moved into a cooler region of space.

  2. Ivar Nielsen says

    Quote: “A flood big enough to be noticed all over the planet must have had a cause”.
    And it has: The mythological Milky Way River can be observed by humans all over the world, but this heavenly flood is sadly interpreted by scholars as a concrete flood running ON the Earth instead of OVER the Earth up in the Sky.

  3. Jose D.C. Hernandez says

    Hi Mr. Anders. I have posted an article I wrote “Celestial Impact and Atlantis”, where I propose a new theory base on a celestial impact that started a change reaction culminating with the current location of Atlantis. I am surprise that nobody has done any large research on Australia and its celestial impact dead center in the continent. I have spent most of my life as a surveillance pilot and analyst, studying photos and maps all over the world. Then, one day, I came across two strange formation, one dead center of the continent of Australia and a second one northwest Africa that match perfectly to Plato’s description of Atlantis and its famous city with the multiple rings. See my blog posted on 25 Oct 2013. The main structure match the description of Plato’s Island and the city rings are almost perfect to his description. The crater located in Australia has the finger print of being the cause of a chain reaction that may have change our planet. Finally, is we believe that there was plate changes, tsunamis and volcanic activities during Atlantis time, looking at the Atlantic Ocean ridge expansion and you can safely assume that that structure, northwest of Africa, at one time was sitting in the middle of the Atlantic. Thanks

  4. j.a. says

    Hello star devil the heat is on like heaven with a ice cream very cool times off the planet with a pitcher a spiritual awaken being is alive earth is a sphere that supports life and takes it away.

  5. Starheater says

    Hi Mister Anders
    There are several mistake in your article. 1. There were now Jews in the time of Noa, the Jews refer to the Tribe of Juda (the Tribe of Christ), and this Tribe was part of the 12 Tribes of Israel. 2. There are now pattern of Flood that exist, the Flood is only the result of the water OVER the FIRMAMENT that have fall down on Earth. In space the temp. is very low (-456.7), the water was ice in fact, and this ice broke up after the metetorite smash it, that’s why it rain for about 40 days or +. The Earth was so damage that it break in 2 or 3 pieces, the water that was kept in pressure in is core flew like a stream very high in the atmosphere. This as cause a great wave of water that roll on the intire Earth. So I say and I have many proof of that, when I say proof, I dont mean a theorie like you have given us.
    Now, for the Dinausor, they died of a lack of oxygen. The sphere of water that surround the Earth war there to retain the oxygen, they were more than 50% of oxygen on Earth, now we have only 17%. That was a main reason for the Ancien to live very old, and if you doubt, go in a chamber that deliver pure oxygene, you will be amaze hom mile you can cover without been out of breath.

    Like George said ” You are surely a fremasson”. That mean that you are a Son of the Devil. We pass 21 dec. 2012, this is pure CHIT. Go to hell.

  6. george says

    i don`t think this is true !!! instead ,what can you tell us about “FRANCMASONERIE“ !?????!!!!!!! anyway , i belive ,you guys ,are a BIG LIERS who want to destroy the world ,because we are so many peoples on earth that you are affraid us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. j.merrill says

    Atrocious spelling mistakes and simple gramatical errors! Please proof read to save the sincerity of your topic!

  8. joe says

    Latitude 45 degrees 12′ 43″ N
    Longitude 117 degrees 19′ 54″ W

    The recoil peak of an impact crater nearly 1000 miles in diameter.
    This destroyed the original Earth or “How the mountains in the western US/Canada
    were created “in a day”

    • morris saltikoff says

      would that be monument valley or four corners ? or the Amazon drainage. I belive we think way to small!

  9. says

    Mr. Rich Anders do you communicaate often with Sir Charles Marcelo ? I enjoy reading all your views of the WINTER SOLSTICE 2012 related articles. Wish someone out there who really know exactly what will happen on this controversial date. Thank You Sir.

  10. rich says

    I have read about aliens intervening to prevent atomic explosions because the energy opens tears in the space-time continuum. Considering that the energy released by the impact could well be the equivalent of millions of atom bombs, I think this could open space-time rifts where alternate realities would manifest themselves in this dimension.

      • scott jordan says

        Ok people this planet is more likely to be caused to come to an end due to a rogue planet passing by our planet close enough to collide with our earths geo magnetic gravity fields. This would result to a pole shift causing our north and south poles to flip at a 27 to 36 degree tilt. This is when major catastrophies come into play handing out devastating earthquakes, landslides, mega tsunamis explosions, and earths crust displacement which would pritty much wipe out 2 thirds of our planet the only people who will and is going to survive this devastation is the important ppl like royal familys world leaders scientists people like that so dont go planning an escape and dont try to run because you will only fail thanks =)

  11. says

    The massive emotion manifesting in regard to the world ending soon is propaganda and a tool to leverage the mind into a false condition of fear and disillusionment. It is fun to make the little folks run and fear the doom of humanity. If we all go, we all go. It has been fun at this massive theme park doing things and experimenting with the tools that God gave us when we came in. Yes, life is grand but we are something much more. We are mentality and we occupy these bodies to move about in physicality and express a persona with character and personality. Could it be that we are larger than this little spot in a physical universe. We are mind. Move your mind and know that what it took to materialize this universe is so massive that we must be more than this little Mayan Dream. Wake up world, and prepare for something much bigger to your mentality. If we go, we go to something much larger. Existence is a very big thing… Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is. Thus is the Crux of Being and Becoming.

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