The Galactic Dimension on Climate Change

The Galactic Dimension on Climate Change

by Cyril H. Thalpe Gamage


1.1 Mankind by the 21st century realized that the climatic healthiness of the Globe is gradually being dropped. Seasonal rain pattern and terrestrial climatic conditions have become so unpredictable that global agriculture was held up in a problematic situation.

1.2 Environmentalists have already fixed the culprit as ‘Human Beings’ by whom the pleasant global ecosystem is being destructed through their dramatically increased carbon budget by over consumption of fossil fuels, deforestation and over industrialization etc.

1.3 However mankind has got to preserve the Climatic Healthiness of the Globe if possible, by use of all the knowledge so far accumulated through Ages of the Great Human Civilization. It is of importance therefore scanning of the Globe in concern of both interior and exterior factors to find out ‘what has gone wrong with it’.

1.4 Specialists must therefore analyze both interior and exterior factors as well, because the planet Earth could not stand alone in the space, for being a small member of the mighty ‘Dynamic Galactic Organization’.

2. How does GALACTIC dynamics affect on earth?

2.1 Present day analyzer is well equipped with a rich stock of astronomical data, harvested through soul engagement of ever born scientists in the field and astronautically committed mighty organizations on the planet such as NASA.

2.2 But a radical analyst has to jump forward at once with hand full of hypotheses and mind full of dreamy conceptual models, like a mad without any fear of becoming the laughing stock among the systematic Scientists and Scholars in the field. Through such an attempt, some fresh raw materials are pumped in to the subject fields for argument’s and experiment’s sake, which could perhaps lead for a rapid prospective development in relevant fields. That is the exact objective by presentation of this technical monograph, ‘The Galactic Dimension on Climate Change’.


3.1 Galaxy is a dynamic organization of space matter governed by Gravity and variation of the Medium Pressure. Medium pressure becomes high where space matter is densely gathered statically and it drops whereas matter is scattered by a vortex.

3.2 There are two kinds of vortexes in the space to be deduced such as ‘Centrifugal Vortex’ and ‘Centripetal Vortex’. Where there is an ‘Expanding Galaxy’, a Centrifugal Vortex must be in action at the center of it. In contrary, a  ‘Contracting Galaxy’ could be observed where a ‘Centripetal Vortex’ is in action at the galactic center.


We are living in an expanding galaxy and ‘Milky Way’ is the nearest arm to us, which is dynamically stretched out from the Galactic Center.



Can you believe that seasonal climatic changes and rain pattern upon this pleasant planetary environment too are decided by the galactic dynamics?

Does Sun Orbit Galactic Center?

Sun moves round the Galactic Center(GC) but it cannot be considered as a ‘orbiting’ because our solar system is being pushed in a spiral way out from the GC, with all other college solar systems and space objects which are succumbed to the Galactic Vortex of mighty strength.

Masses are pushed out from the GC by the medium pressure difference between in and out from the vortex and what is the space medium made up of ? Before identifying the space medium, we have to identify what are the fundamental Space Matters.

Solids, Liquids and Gasses must be the answer from a student but there are things in worlds which cannot be categorized in to the three groups so easily such as; electrons, light, heat, solar wind, and dark matter etc.

There are only three phases of the unique Space Matter in existence such as; Medium Matter, Energy Matter and Atomic Matter.


4.1 Medium Matter:

The space medium is not a vacuum, but it is substantial having a density(4.773 x 10-4 g/cm3) and pressure(2.145 x 1017 dynes/cm2). The two parameters could be calculated mathematically by consideration of energy requirement to expand a neutron in to a hydrogen atom (pl ref. Space Dynamics-V1 /2009-published in or Space Dynamics )
Have you ever seen an electron (or a flow of electrons) when it is not moving? No we cannot see but they make the space medium being tightly compacted together just as a fluid. Each particle has a mass similar to that of an electron but the size is much larger for being expanded at stillness.

4.2 Energy Matter:

Linear Motion of speed contracted Space Matter is recognized as Energy Matter.

Light, heat, electrons, solar wind (a flux of weakly charged expanded electrons) and galactic wind etc. are identified as Energy Matter in the space. (light and heat rays are recognized as a beam like projections of infinitesimal energy particles of mass- pl. ref. Space Dynamics-V1).

Energy Rays don’t need a medium to travel and therefore they travel perhaps millions of light years passing galaxies in the space. But Energy Waves essentially need a medium to travel and therefore no wave could be expected to come from other galaxies.

Energy Matter itself is expanded in to Medium Matter ultimately whence the Velocity is dropped due to medium friction. In contrary, Medium Matter is again contracted in to Energy Matter whence speed is grown towards the center of a vortex.

Both solar and galactic winds can be recognized as a space matter at the intermediate phase in between Energy Matter and Medium Matter.

4.3 Atomic Matter:

Cyclic Motion of speed contracted Space Matter is recognized as Atomic Matter. An atom looks static in general appearance but a mighty dynamic organization is there in action under discipline of a ‘Spherical Vortex’. (pl ref. ‘Earth Mechanism’/ Space Dynamics-V3/2010 for the theory of Spherical Vortex)
Not only atoms but also Planets(only spinning planets), Stars and Galaxies(only rotating ones) too exhibit the same disciplinary behavior of Spherical Vortex.
Then what is Dark Matter? (Deduction is to come in a prospective monograph with explanation for the mechanism behind the Fleming’s hand rules and the 4th Dimension)


5.1 The galactic wind blows out from the Galactic Center just as a flux of expanded electrons.
5.2 The direction of GW is of immense importance to us because it gives a thrust on rain clouds in our planet effecting upon monsoonal climatic changes.
5.3 The two tails of a comet tells us the story of two kind of winds blowing across.


6.1 What are the forces acting on Sun?

Sun is in dynamic equilibrium of three forces mainly such as; 1. Pull of the Galactic Gravity, 2. Push by the Galactic Wind(GW), 3. Centrifugal force by the cyclic spiral motion in the galaxy.

6.2 Pull of Galactic Gravity:

Where there is a Mass of Atomic Matter in the space, there is Gravity in existence. It is exactly nothing else but Newtonian Gravity. But the direction is not just towards GC because gravity is deviated whence the source is  spinning. (pl ref. Space Dynamics-V2/2009 for the Theory of Gravity Deviation). Figure-3 shows the tentative direction and the exact direction can be calculated mathematically)

Fig-3 (click to enlarge)

6.3 Push by the Galactic Wind:

The Galactic Medium too is created by the expanding Dark Matter at GC. The massive flux of electrons being emitted by the 2nd Fundamental Cosmic Reaction, is pushed out through the discipline of Spherical Vortex and expands the galaxy spiral way out.( 2nd FCR n= p +e + ?V =H  pl ref. Star Mechanism/ Space Dynamics-V3 /2010)

Our Sun too is being pushed out with other colleges by that medium flux called Galactic Wind (GW). But it is not the direction of Sun’s motion because there are two other forces to decide the resultant direction as shown in the figure-3.

6.4 Centrifugal Force:

The centrifugal force on Sun can easily be calculated even by a school student when the parameters are given such as; 1. mass of sun -m, 2. speed of motion-v, 3. Distance to GC-d. i.e. Fc = mv2/d.

7. evolution of a galaxy:

7.1 The three phases of Galactic Evolution can be deduced such as;

1. Emerging Galaxy
2. Expanding Galaxy
3. Contracting Galaxy
4. Disappearing Galaxy

7.2 Emerging Galaxies:

Whence dark matter starts expanding hydrogen clouds are created and gathered due to gravity.

7.3 Expanding Galaxies:

Once a medium vortex is organized under the discipline of a Spherical Vortex, millions of solar systems are created by gravity gathering of hydrogen clouds.(Our galaxy is the best example for an expanding galaxy)
As shown in the figure-4, our solar system is located about 2/3 of radius away from the galactic center. Angular velocity of the rotating mass in the vortex becomes low and lower with growing distance from the center. Therefore the space objects which are more away from the GC than us could be observed rotating other way round about the galactic center.


Matter in the space as a whole is Oscillating between Nothing and Existence. Gaining speed in the cyclic motion contracts matter in to almost nothing and in contrary, losing speed in cyclic motion expands matter in to existence. Emerging and disappearing is but relevant to the scale of the observer or unless otherwise the Matter is just Oscillating along the axis of the 4th Dimension.

7.4 Contracting Galaxy:


Reversals are there everywhere in the space and a galaxy stops spinning whence dark matter at the center is all finished. But the vortex could not stop at once due to the developed mass momentum and decelerates gradually creating a big vacuum at the center. In that phase, the vortex can be reversed without changing spinning direction but being contracted generating the dark matter again at the center. Bluish color in the central region indicates contraction of a galaxy in to a ball of dark matter through a centripetal spherical vortex. (pl ref ‘Star Mechanism’/Space Dynamics-V3-2010 for the fundamental cosmic reactions)

7.5 Disappearing Galaxy:

An entire galaxy with its medium too, could be contracted in to almost nothing – into the dark matter.


8. Earth in the galactic environment:

8.1 Earth changes its locality in the twelve months calendar with respect to the Galaxy, due to its orbiting about Sun. Earth has to face two kind of winds coming from different directions in its orbiting track such as; Galactic  Wind and Solar Wind. Field of Solar Wind is shifted a bit in the direction of Galactic Wind as shown in the figure-7 and due to this eccentricity two main annual ‘Climatic Seasons’ should be created upon the globe.

Fig-7 (click to enlarge)

8.3 Galactic Climatic Seasons on Earth:

Direction of the Galactic Wind(GW) is not changed but orbiting planet moves in the same direction of GW during one annual season(May-Sep) and thereafter moves against of the GW during another season(Nov-Feb). Therefore two main climatic seasons are created upon earth with change of monsoonal wind direction in the regions equatorial and suburbs.

8.4 Southwest Monsoonal Wind

During the period from May to September Earth is moving in the region where both solar wind and galactic wind fluxes feed the Geo Electro Magnetic Motor to accelerate the spinning a little bit. Besides that galactic wind gives a push upon the atmosphere creating a speedy wind in the rotating direction of the planet.

Fig-8 (click to enlarge)

8.5 Northeast Monsoonal Wind

During the period tentatively from October to February, wind is not so aggressive but blowing in opposite direction of the planet’s rotation due to the push by GW on the exposed atmospheric regions. Earth loses a lot of GW,  being covered by solar field during that period and the GEMM might tends to decelerate in spinning due to weakened supply of electrons for the motor.

Fig-9 (click to enlarge)

8.6 Inter Monsoonal Climate

Two inter monsoonal climates can be defined such as the periods in between the main monsoonal winds. The period starting from February to May is but more significant in features because earth is passing a galactic region where Solar Wind is face to face Beaten by Galactic Wind. A weaker supply of electrons for the GEMM and wind has no specific direction to move in equatorial regions.

Fig-10 (click to enlarge)


9.1 Earthquakes and activation of volcano could not be forecasted by the so far developed sciences up to 21st century. But the tentative period and locality of possibility to take place any geo magmatic commotion can be  deduced by consideration of mechanism of the Geo Electro Magnetic Motor.
GEMM could accelerate with a sudden increment of the flux of electrons received by Solar & Galactic winds. And in contrary, it is decelerated at a drop of the flux. The fluid dynamics in the Magma Shell is explained in the  figure-11 and massive pressure strokes may hit upon the mantel with fluctuation of the angular moment, creating earth quakes and activation of volcano.

Fig-11 (click to enlarge)

9.2 Magma Shell Dynamics in Earth:

Pressure upon the magma table by the hard mantel above is higher under continents than oceans. Pacific is the largest of oceans and the magma table under it is quicker therefore in gaining speed at an acceleration of the Geo  Electro Magnetic Motor. Accelerated magma flow under Pacific ocean hits upon the western tectonic plates during the season of southwest monsoon.
The same thing is reversed when the magma plate under Pacific is decelerated from October to February and an impulsive magma stroke could hit upon the eastern tectonic plates whenever the GEMM decelerates.

Fig-12 (click to enlarge)



Growth of magma shell expands the earth mantel and tectonic plates are departed so further. Most identically the continents must have been closely packed together in the prehistoric globe and it could not be as big as today’s Earth. It is very difficult to complete a sphere and the missing part(the prehistoric Pacific ) must be the moon, the baby, born by earth bang at a late geo magnetic reversal. (pl ref. ‘Earth Mechanism’ and ‘Star Mechanism’ /Space Dynamics-V3)

10.2 Birth of Moons:

This is a natural phenomenon in Productive Planets(spinning planets) in the solar system and moons are born at times, whence they fail to organize the centrifugal vortex which smoothen the dark matter explosion at the core. (pl ref. ‘Origin of Moon by the Earth Bang’/Space Dynamics-V3/2010). And perhaps total productivity of a planet could be gone at a too late magnetic reversal and our neighbor Mars is the best example for that unfortunate happening in the solar system.

11. How to forecast a GEO MAGMATIC COMMOTION?

However it is not easy to forecast a geo magmatic commotion as yet without developing a novel instrumentation system to indicate even a slightest increment or decrement in the geo magnetic field strength at the key tectonic plates. But till then a tentative deduction can be done by the knowledge of this monograph such that;

i. What is the current monsoonal climatic period ?

It is Southwest Monsoonal climatic period.
Then magmatic commotion could be expected only on the western hemisphere.

ii. What is the current Galactic position of Earth ?

As shown in the figure-7, the planetary positions have to be updated in the ‘Galactic Dimensional Calendar’ and see whether SW & GW fluxes are disturbed by the other Productive Planets in our solar system such as; Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Uranus because they are capable of absorption of much SW and GW fluxes before reaching to Earth.
May to September:
GW dominates upon Earth and a Magmatic Commotion could be expected in the Western Hemisphere from time to time in accordance with variations of flux density to Geo Electro Magnetic Motor. Earthquakes and activation of volcano could be expected upon Western peripheral regions of the Fire Ring.

If the Galactic Dimensional Calendar (GDC) is up dated for this period of 2012, you can observe Saturn moving in Scorpio-Libra is covering the flux of Galactic Wind(GW) across the way . It has absorbed much of electrons from GW before reaching to us and therefore due monsoonal climate is disturbed this time. But at the end of the period the path of GW becomes clear and the monsoonal wind may activate.
October to February:
SW dominates upon Earth and Magmatic Commotion could be expected in the Eastern Hemisphere from time to time whence the flux density of reusable electrons in SW changes.
Earthquakes and activation of volcano could be expected upon the Eastern peripheral regions of the Fire Ring.
Jupiter the biggest consumer of fluxes in the solar system is moving there in Taurus (wrushabha) during this period of 2012, and Earth moves in between Sun and Jupiter. Therefore the Northeast Monsoon could be much effective this time because Earth can consume much flux before reaching towards Jupiter.

iii. Acceleration or deceleration?

It is of importance to decide whether the GEMM is to accelerate or decelerate in accordance with the physical conditions set by the updated ‘Galactic Dimensional Calendar(GDC)’. Perhaps inter monsoonal phases are more dangerous because a deceleration can be suddenly stopped to accelerate again under galactic circumstances. As such impulsive magmatic fluid dynamic pressure strokes may hit upon the crust.


12.1 A Control on Solar Radiation

Global Warming is a phenomenon directly related to solar radiation and specific atmospheric properties in charge of Global Heat Management.

12.2 Interior Control on Atmospheric Properties:

Emphasis is made by Environmentalists to develop a convention on controlling heavy gas emissions to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is the main component which is susceptible to play a main role in atmosphere storing of heat.
Over accumulation of heavy gasses in atmosphere prevents reflection of radiation back to the space and also it prevents absorption of electrons from Solar Wind and Galactic Wind to the Geo Electro Magnetic Motor.

12.3 Dummy Globe Protection for Earth:

Fig-14 (click to enlarge)

12.4 Exterior Control on Solar Radiation:

As explained in the figure-14, a small glass ball can cutoff more than 60% of solar radiation to Earth if it is placed orbiting around Sun at a distance of the focal length- 1,373,000km. It has to be equipped with remote controlled solar energized flying wheel turbines to adjust the speed and position so that man on Earth can use it for protection in need. (pl ref ‘Alternative Dimension in Angular Momentum/Space Dynamics-4/2012).


(Origin and End are the distinct destinations created by Linear Thinking)

If anything novel to the world is introduced herein by this technical paper, all that is exposed for the world community to be used freely on good will of experiments, researches and practices on behalf of Coexistence of the Global Ecosystem and Human Civilization.   — Cyril H. Thalpe Gamage

Copyright 2012 Cyril H. Thalpe Gamage
(31st Friday August, 2012) Presented with author’s permission


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