The Earth’s Center is Hot


Scientists have determined the temperature near the Earth’s centre to be 6000 degrees Celsius, 1000 degrees hotter than in a previous experiment run 20 years ago.

This item of news in Science and various newspapers seems not to have attracted a great deal of notice. And yet it is surely of the most profound significance. This means that the centre of the Earth is equal in heat to the corona of the Sun.

Our Anthropogenic Global Warmists have for more than a decade now preached that Carbon Dioxide is the enemy; that emissions of Carbon Dioxide must be cut at all costs. According to them it is these emissions in the atmosphere that are causing dangerous global warming and climate change. Even some Sceptic scientists generally agree that the more CO2 in the atmosphere the more warming will result, although such results may be trifling.

It is on the basis of this so-called settled science that Ed Davey and his predecessor, Chris Huhne, proceed. Anyone who questions this is a ‘denier’. Well, Mr Davey, count me in – I am an absolute denier. I deny utterly and forthwith that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere can in any way cause – and cause is the operative word – Global Warming.

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms each covalently double bonded to a single carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Earth’s atmosphere in this state, as a trace gas at a concentration of 0.039 per cent by volume.
As part of the carbon cycle, plants, algae, and cyanobacteria use light energy to photosynthesize carbohydrate from carbon dioxide and water, with oxygen produced as a waste product. However, photosynthesis cannot occur in darkness and at night some carbon dioxide is produced by plants during respiration. Carbon dioxide is produced by respiration of all living organisms. It is exhaled in the breath of humans and land animals. CO2 is also produced by combustion of coal or hydrocarbons, the fermentation of sugars in beer and winemaking and It is emitted from volcanoes, hot springs, geysers and other places where the earth’s crust is thin and is freed from carbonate rocks by dissolution. CO2 is also found in lakes, at depth under the sea and commingled with oil and gas deposits.

I do not deny that Global Warming takes place. On the contrary it is as evident to me as it is to every man in the street, that as the Sun rises the Earth warms, and equally as the Sun sets the Earth cools. The Globe warms more in the Tropics than in the Poles, simply because of the angle of incidence of the Sun. And since Earth’s axis is tilted to its orbital plane (23.5 deg) so we have seasons. While it is summer in the UK it is winter in New Zealand.

All this warming and cooling is as obvious as the fact that night follows day. And it has been obvious long before Al Gore made his famous film suggesting a correlation between temperature rise and increasing Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. All at once governments throughout the world took notice and began to fund Universities to find the ‘human fingerprint.’ Not to mention that this was a wonderful way to extract even more taxation from the unscientific and un-lettered man.

In spite of the fact that those scientists who were not inclined to be bought pointed out the obvious error in the film, namely that warming precedes emissions of Carbon Dioxide and that the rise is a result of warming, not a cause. We all know that 97.1% of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is produced by Great Nature, principally from the oceans, which are a huge repository. But also the geysers of this world throw tons of CO2 into the air, and the amount that is thrown up by volcanoes is unquantifyable.

co2_ball_stickBall-and-stick model of the carbon dioxide molecule, one of the most important chemical compounds in the world – vital for life as we know it…

Nowhere do we see any attempt to blanket the oceans; nowhere is there any attempt to stop the geysers. Why? For the obvious reason that Great Nature provides most of this same Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere for a very good reason. Every Biologist knows that green plants thrive on Carbon Dioxide and produce Oxygen for us as a by-product. Without the great carbon cycle all life on Earth would soon be extinct, not just mankind but all the animal kingdom as well.

lifeonearthIn spite of the fact that this is well documented there are still demented clowns who wish to eliminate the emissions of Carbon Dioxide that emanate from human endeavours. This is being done at enormous expense and with utter fatuity, preying on the ignorance and stoking up the hysteria of the masses.

Happily for us all while Carbon Dioxide levels have apparently risen the Globe has not warmed unduly, the seas have not risen as the doom-sayers forecast, polar bears are thriving and there is no sign that climate is changing anywhere other than is the norm. The whole hysterical nonsense is seen to be a fraud perpetrated on a populace in order to make a few people rich at the expense of the many.

In order to justify the enormous amounts that have already been spent there are still world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers and so on, who still declare that they are fighting against ‘climate-change’ in order to satisfy the same said hysteria, little realising that they have been rumbled, and the quiet majority know that the supposed crisis no longer exists and was never a crisis in the first place. Carbon Dioxide is not and never was a pollutant. The whole shebang was an almighty scam.

What then of the Arctic? This is a favourite of the man-made global warmers. Troops are sent from the BBC to produce documentaries to show the ice breaking up, or the calving of glaciers. Nor is it explained that the ice breaks up seasonally, and that the calving of glaciers shows that these same glaciers are advancing, not retreating. All this misinformation is also taught to children, so they are indoctrinated early, at the same time if anyone questions they are branded as Sceptics and accused of spreading ‘misinformation’ as will doubtless happen to me.

melting_glacierThe temperatures in the Arctic even in mid-summer barely rise as high as 5 degrees Celsius, insufficient to melt thick sea-ice, even though some argue for ‘sublimation’, the change from a solid state to a gaseous state without passing through a liquid state. Well! Well! There may be some truth in that, but there is a much more likely explanation for the seasonal melt and the subsequent freeze and that is warm water.  

It is very evident that huge ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream, and others, flow up from the warmed waters of the Tropics, assisted by those winds that blow away from the equator. This is something that I have argued before.

But now let us return to the Earth’s core, which has now been found to be some 6,000 degrees centigrade, 1,000 degrees hotter than previously estimated, and equal to the heat deriving from the Sun. What does this mean?

earth_core2It means almost certainly that the great oceans of the world are warming up. This would account for any loss of sea-ice, which incidentally would not cause a rise in sea levels, and would also account for a rise in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide. Hah!

And since we know that the temperature of air declines by 2 degrees for every 1,000 feet of altitude, we know already that cold Carbon Dioxide at altitude cannot possibly warm the Earth below, as that would defy the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. And as for Back Radiation, Climate Sensitivity and molecules rubbing against each other in excited Brownian motion, all these wiseacres are seen to be what they are – a defiance of the 2nd Law!

Once again Great Nature has the last laugh and those who see it as their business to spread doom and despair have been caught with their pants down. How long will it take for them to see how ridiculous their antics are?

Anthony Bright-Paul

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  1. jay says

    This place could be like a choice environment to development heaps of potential here on planet earth stay in a space of education into a virtual reality field through a medium of technology what is earths resources and our land and how could this ever interplay for future generations and the days modern society just drifting through this field passes time and nature away with the stars to the system of down to earth stay tuned for more heat.

  2. jim says

    earth is hollow and habitable inside, not hot.
    there are many entrances to the ‘inside’.
    hole at pole is source for north polar icebergs.
    google ‘hollow earth’ and ‘John Cleves Symmes, Jr.’
    all planets and moons are hollow.

  3. Bear says

    One other factor that is totally ignored is the effects of modern farming, there is far more earth exposed to the effects of the sun in the kind of bare dirt farming practices of industrialized farming, before industrial farming more of the earth was shaded with plant growth year round. Also with bare dirt farming, far more black dirt is being washed away to darken the seas, dark water will absorb more solar energy during the day than clear water. The nutrient runoff causes algae blooms, that dies off and decays creating more CO2, which may or may not have some kind of majic thermos bottle effect keeping the added heat in.

    • A.Bright-Paul says

      To all of you who have kindly added comments to my articles, I will ask you a simple question. Can Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere generate heat? If it cannot generate heat then it cannot possibly produce Global Warming, can it? The temperature of the atmosphere varies with altitude, 2 degrees less for every 1,000 feet. That applies equally to the tiny molecules of Carbon Dioxide. A cold gas cannot warm a warmer earth, can it? So the talk of ‘Global Warming’ is a cliche. There is only isolated warming, diurnal and seasonal, nothing more. The rest is a great scam. Anthony Bright-Paul

  4. Partha says

    You have mistaken the Global warming to CO2 emissions.
    CO2 is not a toxic Gas. Instead Carbon Monoxide and CFC emissions meant to cause more danger to the nature.
    You should have seen the daily weather in big cities like NY and in other countries such as Beijing-China, Mumbai-India. People suffer to breathe because of the toxic dust and other pollutants emitted which are very light and floats in the air. Most toxic industries are in developing or under developed countries.
    These are the major criterians for global warming and not CO2 as this gas has been there since the very beginning during when there were not even single cell organisms started to live.

  5. Tray Caladan says

    Starheater has to ruin every article with GOD BULLSHIT! God is not the answer for every subject – God is only the answer for the stupid and ignorant. Your comments are worthy of garbage. Now if intelligent people took the time to comment, but they don’t. THE EARTH IS HOLLOW and filled with life forms – if you knew anything! But you don’t. Phil Schneider was murdered by the gov. for talking about secret underground installations that he worked on; using high-tech we don’t have on the surface. There are underground, secret cities. Every planet is HOLLOW! But, you all say what? There’s only hot magma!? Brilliant, people. You never fail to ruin the idea of a blog. Take every article and write and write nonsense because you love seeing your words in print. Makes you feel important, doesn’t it? And why does the Webmaster post any and every article; contradictory articles; he’s likely to post someone’s new idea that the Earth is Flat!
    If you have nothing to add of value ON THE SPECIFIC SUBJECT of the article – SHUT UP!!

  6. Gonzalo duque says

    Your approach to this subject its that of any politician who is just interested in convincing people that their point of view is the right one.
    If you really want to approach this subject from a neutral position. Forget about the warming of the planet, just think how much toxins we trow out in the air.
    The futility of your approach to this point can be represented by the next analogy:
    There are two non-smoking individuals in a room full of smokers. One start to complain about the room getting hot and blame it on the smoke. The other one decides to argue that the the smoke is not the cause because when we exhale “hot air” and that is what increases the temperature in the room.

    Do you care at all for the toxicity of the environment, or in your view its just another theory that needs to be debunked?

    • Jack says

      You missed the point. The environmental pollution is not the same as carbon-dioxide issue. The tax penalty should be applied to companies releasing poison to our environment (carbon-dioxide is not toxic).

    • Starheater says

      Hello Gonzalo

      Hummmm… You have mark a good point!!!!
      Beside, the pollution have the habit to stay over a city quite for a long time. This is because the hot air repeal cold air constantly, depending on the tempeture many tons of dust of the “third kind” make the breathing of certain persons hard to do.
      Ciment, asphalt, glass, and others materials absorb the hot rays of the sun, and when it is cloudy, it absorb the hot air in the daytime to release it in the night time. Result, the cloud of dust is always suspended over the big city.

      If you don’t want to breathe good air, go where there is wood, grass, and water.

      By the way, in the Bible, in the Ancien Testament, exist a law that it is said not to built floor upon floors, it’s against sanitary use. You can built high, but only one floor.

      God Bless

      • says

        Only a fool would take it upon himself to mock God and the prophecies that have been given about our earth. The earth is reeling under the weight of sin, and things will continue get worse until we turn back to Christ. As an engineer I can testify to the part God plays in our universe- after all He created it!

  7. Elijahovah says

    And when will we be able to go back and edit our comments, or at least as many websites now have spellcheck red underscoring and some even correct the word when you space after it.

    • Alex says

      Soon… In the meantime, consider using newer OS and web browser so you can have active spellchecker (the problem you don’t have it is related to your own computer).

  8. Elijahovah says

    Confused. How does one prove that perhaps 20 years ago the center was 5000 and now its 6000. Or does the old method used rihgt now this year still say 5000.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Elijahovah

      Take it like this if you want, the real temp. could be lest that they stated, we dont see how they take the tempeture, beside the tools that they had 20 years ago could be less precice then the tools of today.

      Now, there are another factor that they have to take account, is the locality where they have taken the temp., there are place where the magma could be less than 5000 F, there are place where the structure of the Earth is different then other place, so, don’t get upset, this is only other evaluation that need another evaluation. The thing is: how, and what method they have taken. To be more precise, they have to take many point on this Earth, and then they manage to make an estimate average.

      God Bless

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