The Earth Changes and the Mayan Predictions

As scientists continue to debate the cycle of global warming and the cause and effect of what’s happening in our world, I propose that we instead take a play from the Mayan playbook and “look to the past to predict the future.”  The Maya believe that in order to understand what tomorrow will hold for us, we simply must look to the past for the cycles that have come before and study those behaviors to know what earth changes tomorrow will bring.

Earth Changes

There is no denying the intense changes that are happening here on earth – the record heat, the intense flooding, and melting ice caps.  The earth is experiencing major changes and whether it’s   man-induced carbon-produced global warming, or an overactive or underactive sun, or the sudden acceleration of the shifting poles, we can expect that the next 2 years of earth changes will be interesting to watch.

Should the earth heat up and melt the polar ice-caps, civilization will be thrown into a water world of sorts – we’ll lose an unbelievable amount of shoreline that will cause total disruption for the majority of mankind, as nearly half of the world’s population lives within 200 Kilometers of a coastline.
On the other hand, if these changes are part of a natural cyclical occurrence – the world as we know it will cease to exist.  For example, within the last 2 years, scientists all over the world are gathering to discuss severe space weather and are now scrambling to figure out the impact on earth.  Or if there is a sudden shifting of poles, not only would our shorelines be wiped out almost instantaneously, but the solar winds, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes would cause complete devastation and the mass extinction of most species.

Neither scenario is very optimistic – quite bleak to be honest – however, where global warming would provide for a civilization to continue to survive, the pole shift scenario or an unstable sun would not.

But what are the odds of the pole shifting suddenly? Not very high, according to scientists. Although lately there has been reconsideration and recognition that the poles are shifting and accelerating as we speak. But what causes the earth to shift as it has so many times in the past – do rising temperatures play a part? Does the location of planets? Or does the Sun’s solar activity and magnetic force play the ultimate part?

According to the Maya, on December 22, 2012, the “4th world” will come to an end and the “5th world” will begin. The Maya know this precise date, just like they knew the precise date when the “3rd world” ended some 5200 years ago, August 14, 3114 BC. The Maya were all about tracking cycles – weather it be the sun cycle, the moon cycle, the harvest cycle, etc. – they kept track of the energies of the earth and were able to make predictions based on what happened in the past.

So I decided to look at the past to figure out what our future will hold and discover what was happening around the world based on the geology of the earth some 5200 years ago.  To put it mildly, the evidence is quite astounding and completely validates the Mayan’s end of world transition and we can now understand why in 3114 BC the Maya believed the 3rd world was coming to an end … because it literally did.

The Earth Changes in the Past

As part of my research, I visited the Stanford University geology website – to see what happened to the physical earth 5200 years ago.  Since radiocarbon dating isn’t 100% accurate because as it is affected by the atmosphere’s changing concentration of carbon 14, which may in turn be affected by climatic cycles – I used a 250 year lense and during this time found evidence across the globe of major cataclysmic events.

According to Stanford research the earth changes that occurred were:  “Some tentative conclusions: Millennial-scale warming terminates with a period of climatic disturbance (so-called Piora oscillation”) and flooding in the lower latitudes (Nile, Arizona, Morocco, Israel, Mesopotamia); abrupt cooling at higher latitudes, possibly related to oceanic effects, especially in Northern Europe, and an oscillation in sea levels followed by 10-15 ft. alluvial deposition in river valleys.”

What this means in plain English is that a major “disturbance” occurred – what is described as meteor or volcanic induced – that caused severe flooding (i.e., the flood?)  all over the world (up to 300 feet high in some places), the temperatures in the north to suddenly turned very cold (according to the Hopi, when the 3rd World transitioned it “spun crazily out of control and froze in space”) as well as a major dying out of plant species across the globe.

In reviewing the geological data of the earth’s changes over the past 6,000 years, there is no other point in time with as many physical changes as what happened in a short 250 year period.  So we can either assume that all these changes occurred over a 250 year period, or we can assume that radiocarbon isn’t 100% accurate and that all these events could have taken place in a very short period of time.

How short of time frame did all these changes occur?  Was it really over 250 years?  Or maybe just a few years … or even a day.  What were the Maya referring to when they talked about the violent end of the 3rd world?

In analyzing the geological evidence, it looks like there was an unbelievable stormy and wet period, with flooding in all regions of the globe, with what appeared to be a violent shifting of the earth (i.e., rivers changing course), most likely caused by earthquakes, with documented volcanic eruptions in the Northern hemispheres.

The first thing that jumps out is the weather.  From a geological standpoint, during the transition of the 3rd World into the 4th, a thousand years of wet weather started. There is evidence of wide scale intense storms and flooding.  This is the time of the Mesopotamia flood, which is the biblical flood we’re all aware of and no matter how skeptical we are, there is geological proof of the flood.  According to Stanford research:

3250 BC: Global; Stormy weather: Beginning of 1000 yrs. wet, stormy weather. A neoglacial period characterized by wetter, stormier conditions; starting between 5000 and 4000 years BP and extending to about 3500 yrs BP (Enzel, Quat R 1992).

3150 BC: Global; Paleoclimatic flood, global: Climatic conditions at time of Mesopotamian flood, from several scientific sources of paleoclimatic data.

3150 BC: Mesopotamia; The Flood: The Flood 3150 BC(?). Abrupt cooling at higher latitudes, possibly related to oceanic effects, especially in Northern Europe, corresponding to peak of megalith cultures. Probable oscillation in sea level shortly before 3000 BC followed by 10-15 ft. alluvial deposition in river valleys.

3150 BC: USA, SW; SW US flood peak:  3000 SW US flood peak. According to Victor Baker of the University of Arizona, a period of flooding began in the southwest starting at about 5000 BP and ending at 3600 BP, with a sharp peak at about 4400 BP. (Starts at 3500 BC and peaks at 3150 BC)

3001 BC: Israel; Mt. Sedom caves: Mount Sedom– otherwise known as Mt. Sodom, said to be the site of the famous biblical event — is a salt formation bordering on the Dead Sea. Oak twigs and driftwood found in the caves must have been transported by floodwaters from some other part of the shore many miles away since oak trees do not grow in salt. Evidently the water level was some 300 feet higher at this time, implying heavy flooding on the Jordon River and lower evaporation rates due to cooler weather. No other event in the last ten thousand years matches this. The oak twigs have been dated by radiocarbon technique at 4350 + or – 75 RCYBP. Frumkin, A., The Holocene climatic record…1991 The Holocene 1, 3 pp. 191-200.

So not only was there flooding across the globe, but there was also a dramatic shifting of rivers and changes to the flows.  According to Stanford research:

3200 BC: Mesopotamia; Tigris-Euphrates:  Sharp reduction of Tigris-Euphrates stream flow at 5200 cal yrs BP; also Iranian Plateau changes from humid to arid at same time. Johnson and Kay, Climatic Change, 3 (1981) p 251.

3200 BC:  America:  Missouri’s Pomme de Terre River:  Has undergone a major change in its regime, down cutting a channel about 15 ft. deep. This is the largest record of change in the river’s behavior since 10000 BP and is interpreted as having been caused by an abrupt climatic change.

3150 BC: Turkey; Lake Van Oscillation: Abrupt change in sedimentation rate of Lake Van in Turkey indicative of rapid climatic fluctuation at (varve) dates of 5200 BP (3150 BC) (Palaeo, 122 (1996) p 107).

3110 BC: China; Yangtze River:  Dating of sediments in the Yangtze River delta suggests a sedimentation rate so high between 5060 and 4460 BP, accompanied by a major change of flow into a new sub-delta, and followed by a period of deep water with clay deposition.

3090 BC: Egypt; Egypt, Nile: Earliest recorded flood recorded on a “Nilometer” in 3090 BC during the reign of King Djer of the Early Dynastic period.

There was also a huge Icelandic volcanic eruption that caused serious climate changes and affected plant life across the globe.  According to Stanford research:

3190 BC: Global; Heckla eruption, Iceland: 4570 BP-1950+570= 3190 BC.

3100 BC: Greenland; GISP ice core: 3100 BC rapid climatic change shown on GISP ice core. Science 12/22/95.

3250 BC: Europe, Piora Valley:  Piora oscillation, named after the Piora Valley where climatic irregularities were first noted. A major break in the climatic regime resulted in a re-advance of the Alpine glaciers and a retreat of forests.  Elms and linden trees declined in Europe and North America. In northern Europe the oak and hazel declined or disappeared. Changes occurred as far away as the Andes, Alaska, and the Kenyan highlands, so the disturbance was evidentially of global magnitude extended throughout the world.

3199 BC: Europe; Irish oaks: Tree rings in Northern Ireland are narrow in 1153 BC 1628 BC 3199 BC and 4377 BC. The 3199 BC value is associated with an acidity peak in Camp Century ice cores dated at 3150 BC demonstrating unquestionably adverse weather conditions, probably due either to volcanic eruption or meteoric impact, occurred at this time.

As Stanford research states, ice cores and other core samples taken from Iceland and Alaska, to Africa and the Andes and every place in between, there was unquestionably “adverse weather conditions, probably due either to volcanic eruption or meteoric impact” that created major changes here on earth.

With all the different 2012 predictions and all the debate about what the Mayans meant by transitioning worlds, I think the evidence is incredibly clear.  Look to the past to predict the future.  We cannot ignore the facts that sometime around 3114 BC – when the Mayan 3rd world came to an end – something major happened to the earth. In looking at the paleontology of the earth in any other given time frame, there is nothing that suggests anything like this has occurred since. Although there have been volcanic eruptions over the years in various parts of the earth, to have all of this activity condensed into such a small time-frame is truly unique.

To ignore the warning signs is to be completely irresponsible. Most people are focused on man caused global warming, but I honestly don’t think that is our worry. I think we are part of a bigger cycle that we are just now beginning to understand. Global warming has almost masked the larger cycle and if we choose to only focus on the warming, then we run the risk of being caught off guard when the larger cycle hits … which could happen in 2 short years.
Let’s look to the past to start understanding what is about to happen, what is happening and how we need to prepare as a species for survival.

Written by Terri Nopp


  1. J.a. says

    Suppose this is one subject that needs a plan of action built in any governments national issue a co-ordinated response mechanism that can alert even prior to such a event from earth movements usually there is only a small time frame on which to act not sure on how this can be further developed it is up to residents and emergency services to work a plan of action and comunication systems and emergency supplies for distrebution how the maya knew is from intellect and a sense of the environment around.

  2. J.a says

    hey AS scientist they must be making a lot of money with these global weather subjects is that fair for the mayan play book we should suggest a transfer of wealth for us mayan see rebirth article possible.

  3. Jason apoyan says

    Hey survival stories would enable us to further the accounts of early signals when earth changes occur in theory a craft that registers activity for modern use then transfer that information.

  4. Jason apoyan says

    Then for all conclusion would be ellementry to progress a craft to survive on in case of such earth changes that may occur nature is powerfull man is smart.

  5. vernon gravdal says

    A year closer to 12,21,2012 and considering all that happened in 2011 it is starting to look like the predictions might be right.

  6. Jason apoyan says

    HEY if we are to stay here with the effects of cyclical occurrence due to earth changes we should continually make our environment a focus of preservation so we can co-exist orderly and be cautious of quack science for it is a making of there own and not of others that’s why their proposals are valueless and do not fit in a structured society if that can be realized the less the problem and more of a awareness of the truth.

  7. jason says

    Hey there guys this is probably a more important article that we should consider,how prepared are we,what technology do we have if we are to remain here taken that earth changes are not a completly of the planet senario humans,or do the gods arrive gezz that would start something or even mass sightings globely of craft,hydrogen would be great for power among the others,a economy boost and restucture,emergency axcess in land for education,and of coarse less nonsence through electonic devices althou that is a good way of early warning,any way enjoy the ride.

  8. says

    MI-KA-EL (Michael) means child of God. You were appropriately named. To see part of the monadic experience is good for the soul of transference here in Time/Space. It is a reinforcement to being and becoming. Indeed what we are experiencing my seem imaginary, but it is necessary to the schooling of the Jiva. I totally appreciate the transfer of data with a common mentality in coherency. GB.

  9. Michael Ghirardi says

    Ron, the mode of your language suggests awareness beyond current physicality. I have been a disciple of consciousness for some time and I must say your words awaken stirrings within I have almost come to believe imaginary. It is rare to have encountered such intellect and keenness of mind. Much gratitude to you indeed good sir for sharing your words and opening yourself to allow Higher Guidance to express in this medium.

  10. says

    One must follow the timeline for existence prior to becoming. A good place to start is to go to some place devoid of noise and people but saturated with nature to meditate and think upon existence. One must become self-aware that is the first step. The journey is to know yourself then the universe falls into place. I go to a place called The Enchanted Rock in the Hill Country of Texas. If one will meditate upon the concept of Love or coherency for two hours, usually they will encounter a blue-white flash that is payback for your seeking. In that pico second, the entire universe will download all knowing data. If you can get this state of being to happen, you are on your way. God Bless the seeker.

    Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.

    Ron O.

  11. Adam C says

    Thanks for the reply, can you recommend a starting point for this kind of initiation or is this a personal life journey? I’m still pretty young and im trying to be on a spiritual path but there’s so much info to decipher. I feel like kriya yoga would be a good thing for humanity. There are many other options though of course.

    Peace again,

  12. says

    Adam, Humanity will never know the Enigmni (Enigma+Omni = ultimate unknowable), unless it seeks the wisdom as a collective body in coherency or a collective knowing. Where two or three are gathered in my state of being (Christos) there I am also. The Holy Spirit is a state we must not see from afar (Vladimir Antonov) and determine that we know it; but, we must be initiated in it and live within its monadic expression. Humanity has not yet learned to contemplate a state of being and becoming as ALWAYS.

    Ron O.

  13. Adam C says

    Hey Ron very interesting stuff you right obviously very smart and id like to learn more about what your trying to express all part of of complex truth. What do you mean by “ultimate unknowable spirit — the Holy Spirit.” I know the great Vladimir Antonov would say the holy spirit is very knowable. You might have just meant that most people have lost this ability or do not strive for it. Just wanted to clear that up. ~~Peace~~

  14. says

    I Ride the Light and folks, it is not the light of the Mayan World that dispatches the Darkness.

    There is “you” and there is the “other”. The Feedback Paradigm of Existence is amplified by the entity perceiving something whereby self-awareness is attained through the knowing of the “other”. Feedback expands in the knowing of this universe by maintaining a memory of sequential and gestalt happenstance. The symbols of knowing are ensconced everywhere in the very fabric of physicality. This fabric is forever changing and borders on Chaos at every turn. Weather and Nature are akin to chaos and therefore is forever unknowable.

    When we came here into this virtual expression of our collective dream, our plans were indeed expansive and well supported by the incremental generative order of coherency. Our goal was to create an entire universe of dynamic expression/s utilizing the elements and principles of deity — our very foundation of being and becoming as broadcast from Timelessness or Always.

    To exist in this realm of sequential eventuation via the impetus of force through light requires the alternation of wave and particle in the da’at of the Sefirah — the heart of fiery intellect. This collective of mentality is the Is. Some have moved to the forgetting of their own being and becoming due to human leveraging for Selfish manipulations.

    Earth was one of our experiments in which we manifest in multifaceted be-man-ship. Mind was our interface and the mover was the generative spirit the Enigmni. Through this means of interface with the void we began the Burgeoning of the passionate expression of the Moiré Arena — the canvas of the painter. Each and every one of us was aware through the collective that the positive mission minus the negative aspects of presence were never a part of our existence then, and should not be a part to maintain the verve herein. To purge this inclination to seek singularity on this side is counterproductive. No one part shall be the whole through fiat and selfish endeavor in this multifaceted state of experiencing Time at the same Time. If upon pursuit to this cause occurs, then chaos burgeons forth toward destruction of the whole here in this Moiré Arena of florescence — Life as some call it.

    Initially there were seven aspects of us who explored here and began to create with each succeeding elemental of creation from our point-of-departure — each more complex than the last. With every creation we began to collect a phenomena we called, Time — a creation from the movement of the Enigmni.

    This aspect or anterior and exterior realm of presence requires multitudinous sheaths or vehicles of related means to the mental points of drive — or cursors. These cursors are the entry points for the throughputs driven by light/mind and the “fiber” of Always.

    Within the Timelessness of Always is the means of abject complexity beyond all mental assemblage’s ability to know completely due to its ongoing-ness. The Enigmni is the absolute and ultimate unknowable spirit — the Holy Spirit. From it issues generation into presence. Those of us who are on this side of existence know not the truth of the background unless we have maintained this knowledge forever. Most of us have forgotten the whole gambit of this expression of existence.

    • sam says

      Please do not pass off the words of Jesus as something that is compatible with your one consciousness jargon. The Holy Spirit is not you, nor is it me, it is the Spirit of God, not bent to your will, nor to any man’s desire. Jesus did not come to obfuscate the meaning of man or the purpose of our existence, like your intelligent sounding but completely nonsensical litany of existential baloney. Jesus came to give us life, eternal life through His sacrifice on the cross. That is the only way to Heaven, not by spacial awareness nor any other. The Gospel is simple, made for all to know, not with wise sounding words or man’s ‘wisdom’. The Bible states “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” Pray to the one true God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that He will show you the truth.

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