The Dawning of the Omega Age

The Dawning of the Omega Age

by Ron O. Cook

We live in massively significant times where the future and science fiction are blurred out over the time/space continuum. What was real is dissolving into implausible illusion. We call this glimpse into happenstance — Future/Time. It is an interlude existing almost as a dreamscape filled with surrealistic images of trends and conditions that are spinning out at chaotic speeds. Such chaos was once unperceived by mankind but now it is reconstituting as order or unity at a higher level of existence and understanding. Some of us are beginning to see this leap of wisdom for what it is and others of us are dropping out of the human mixture just to maintain our sanity. We hide on the back roads.

Presently, humanity is on the threshold of visualizing Future/Time as a startling and complex virtual reality as it dovetails with Ancient/Past to present a vision of human duration. We are in a state of intellectual and spiritual limbo that marks an Age or a “World of Being” thereby passing on to create the Omega Age — an era of unsurpassed and burgeoning wisdom of our very being and becoming. If we could awaken to this state of mind, we could become the ultimate beings but its implications scare most men.

Such a pronouncement regarding a period or a state of existence is not announced flippantly for the gravity of the situation is ominous in scope reflecting the destiny of sentient beings. Its very ascendancy suggests that we have reached a watershed and a benchmark in human development and turning back is not an option. From this point on, life as we once knew it will never be the same. The age of ignorance has passed and most of us did not prepare for this punctuated event — yet, we must catch up or die.

We beings are beginning to communicate on the intellectual fly at speeds some call Instant Messaging or IM. We are at the Info-horizon of the Mirror World. All knowledge and wisdom culminates at once in infinite dimensions.The web of communications networks spreads at geometric rates all over the Earth informing and amplifying knowledge and data to augment the global psyche all connected from the background to the foreground of consciousness. There are few secrets and much strategy to work the data of business and be-ness anywhere and everywhere over the face of the planet.

Such a rampant flux and reflux of thought-globules is unprecedented in this age but there is increasing evidence that it is a reflection of ancient knowledge and wisdom given to us long ago, but was lost in hoary ages past. All of the above, represents how we truly are — totally informed to the max. In the past they were seen as the Gods.

The very intricacy of Life’s physical makeup suggests design and genetic manipulation of an all encompassing program or paradigm few of us did anything but take (the human genome) for granted. Feedback looping is happening so fast; Time seems to move to the future through the past, a past that was timed to open in tomorrow land. The very essence of DNA played through the complexity of Quantum Physics and amplified by Nanotechnology, Holography and Virtual Reality, suggests laws and genetic engineering far more advanced than any simplistic happenstance of evolution. Evolution is a dead paradigm. Always is the new plinth.  To get where we are now required help. That help is becoming recognizable and our view of ancient history must change to reflect the total picture manifesting before our eyes.

For many of us who are now discovering the Truths of manifest history anterior to the company-line of academia and touted by the almost daily discovery of new elements to the puzzle of existence — the dawning of Future/Time is readily apparent. Though only a few thousand can see this gestalt reality at present, its embellishment is spreading exponentially — like a wildfire swept by a hurricane force wind.

The ancient shamanistic concept of a god who always spoke in symbols to our mentality said, “Can you see what I am showing you?” It meant that every act and every instant of our life was part of a multifaceted broadcast of attributes of related meanings imbedded in potential acts and events that could result in positive or negative consequences for us all. If a warrior watched, listened and trained hard enough, all knowing in this realm would be attained. We were given the mind to see this interlaced data as intuition but few have turned on the light to discern its power. Due to the sequences of events and actions, we are now all forced to look at the consequences of our lives with an amplified mental cursor.

The spike of time is rapidly approaching where we will all know that this event where the “snake biting its tail” completes the living cycle. Soon the reality of our existences will dawn mentally and all will be put on display. The wars humanity has fought were in reality over issues common to each of us, but were manipulated by our collective greed and guilt to amplify the self over the all. Soon, humanity can move beyond this past sickness.

There has always been but one truth and there is no religion higher than that Truth no matter how the generative order was manipulated by mankind via Machiavellian Strategy.

The record of history is inherent in nature (Physics or God) and its book is open for all to read. Though there are many bifurcations to this arrow of time/space, one knows if he/she truly knows himself or herself. To “Know Thy Self” is the challenge of being alive in this state of existence. We are Always.

Spewing from the wellsprings of the generative order are the messages of intuitive-understanding — the higher Truth. This knowledge comes from deep inside the lens of human perception or that, which gazes upon the hologestalt record of life found on nature’s pages held in the folds of the Tree of Life. These pages or passages are called days in passing. They represent the secrets of Godhead and the lesser gods such as Thoth Hermes Trismegistis, the Egyptian god of knowledge and wisdom, also known to the Greeks as Hermes.
Others who have attained the light or the Christos state-of-being are privy to the vision of human existence — the Cosmic Consciousness. It is said that to know this knowledge is to pay greatly in psychic pain, for one must face the ultimate fear of the void to make the unknown, known. It is suffering by facing the Truth and by doing this a soul amplifies his/her consciousness. We race to consume the unknown to make it known. Seek and you will find.

Today in a world full of misinformation and mental pollution, mankind approaches the threshold and vortex of the crux of being and becoming. Most cannot see the reality of his/her own life because of the lusty mirror of their selfish fantasies standing in the way of visual acuity and pristine clarity. We are wrapped up in our own flesh and cannot see the vast harmony of the Otherworld or who and what we truly are. We have fallen to this plain of manifestation and cannot see because of our limited senses, which are focused on desire. What we sense is not reality but the programming or tainted mapping on our human brain, which is our lens on the physical world. It is our means of interfacing with the virtual tools of fixation.

Society and “we” have made this condition (the world) what it is today via our own propaganda. It is an information-float, which hides the real.  In mankind’s pathway toward enlightenment, he has passed through echelons called lodges or houses (event sequences). He has passed through the Red or Rosy stage and now stands peering from the dark or Black lodge. Its symbol is the scale of justice (Libra), and it represents the knowledge of Good verses Evil. This stage for human trial is located on the edge of the void where only extreme blackness greets the hidden face of fear. Learning the Truth via selfless Love, what some have called the Logos or Reason; can only conquer the fear we find with the dark unknown. If humanity can individually and then collectively overcome this fear where darkness and ignorance emanates from, then we may attain the Great Lodge of Light and no longer be shackled, but free. 

The secrets of humanity still lie hidden in the archaeology of the past and in the dig sites located deep within our minds. No other man or woman can help you attain the knowledge of individual beness, unless Love is involved for Oneness. Each of us is born alone and we depart alone. Our lives are a consequence of our own making. We must become seekers of this inner and outer conundrum by searching the pages of the-days-of-our-lives for the consequences of our being.

To understand our part in humanity we must search the ancient records for the messages sent into the future to establish our destiny. If we enlighten ourselves, the way is crystal clear. If we are fearful and self-oriented we play false with others and create a world full of mental pollution. Each of us tries to make decisions built upon lies and illusions that we have come to believe as fact. All of us stare into the face of the unknown, for there is no Truth in a liberally established interpretation (basis: the Garden of Eden). When a society permits each other’s aberrations to rise in favor, so as to defray guilt, that society becomes guiltier via permissive habit. To participate with amplifying guilt is to build a wall of gratification that hides the void and the Truth. Fears go inside to eat at the soul and body of the entity or the nation. Disease is the result…the law of consequences takes over. 

It is no accident that we are placed in a world marked by birth and death. It is a school to face fears and know reason. Seeking is the cause that sets man to first see himself reflected in the mirror of his own making. He also sees himself in the face of the other and desire preoccupies him. Created as man and woman — mankind thus makes his own hell and sometimes seeks his own immortality in unrecognized sexuality. Man stumbles upon power that distracts him from the original cause. He finds violence, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and mistaken love as power vehicles to leverage physical events and people that become the illusions which he buys into. He becomes selfish and seeks via some power phase, to build frequency of gratification to tickle his ego or psyche. To these ends he becomes addicted to power and gratification thus allowing obsession to take over his life. Seeking the Otherworld slows or ends.

Humanity seeks to divide itself against itself for more illusive power to the entity. One looks upon the other seeing the divine design principles of the Universe inherent within being and strives to embrace it. Illusionary beauty hides the void for it is manifest only at its edges. Just as the Island Molecule of the Mandelbrot Set (established by fractal geometry) shows a graphic example of how being is emulated by numbers, our universe must also act in metaphorical manner.  Each aspect of humanity stares at the other over the void and dances to create a masterful illusion. It is at this point where “lies” are leveraged to divide being and becoming. Morality is jettisoned for the power of maintaining the lie of beauty. Nature is used by one aspect or the other (gender) to entice, and then have protection from the perceived insecurity of the void. One aspect is built around the edges of the void and therefore is inundated with vast fears, which the other aspect seeks to defray via violence and strength. From the void issues the birth of potential, which man and woman cannot initially understand. It perpetuates the condition of fear. Fear pulls each together for comfort and security thus producing joint gratification in the reinforcement of existence. It is only an illusion.

Man and woman must end their predilection with power sources (Illusions) for self-gain. We must reach out for each other’s cleansed persona by stopping the following: no more games; no more macho or threats of violence; no more taking of life or that, which is not, ours to take…ours is to give; no more emotional blackmail (tears) via screaming and threats of self-infliction or else (suicide); no more guilt trips; no more martyrs; no more poor-little-ole-meism for self-pity; no more pouty lips; no more cuteness at the expense of dedication; no more reinforcement of someone else’s weakness to seem nice for self-aggrandizement; no more permissivism; no more gift giving for expected returns; no more masquerading in the clown’s painted face or ostentatious apparel for self-attention; no more illusions; no more sexual teasing using exposed body parts once found in intimate settings; no more privileged status for gender or race over earned merit and knowledge; no more governments for the elite over the merit of the supporter; no more reward for any effort which produces addiction to laziness; no more false play or mutualism of ills to reinforce that “everybody is doing it;” no more lies or mental pollution for misinformation to thwart reality; All of the above springs from liberal hegemony against a reality built upon truth.

Once it was said, “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Now perhaps it is time for the so-called sinners of our society to wake up and cast out the stones within themselves so they may see the real Otherworld and its potential to all of us. By doing so we will rise to the dawning of the new state of existence. The Omega Age is dawning.  

Not that One is, But that whereby Is, is.

Copyright 2012 Ron O. Cook
Presented with author’s permission

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  1. Ab Asaff says

    To see the future through the past, what a thing to believe, but it is all around us if you can perceive.

  2. says

    Humans — all of us, when not intellectually controlled by a psycho-political force/s, have yearned to understand what the experience of existence truly is about. Those of us who are deep thinkers have gone to great lengths and even put our own lives up as collateral in order to find the answers to what our purpose is here in Time/Space. Many of us have this feeling that somewhere in our distant past lurks the thread to our knowledge of the beginning or the constancy of Soulular Travel.

    History speaks of this ancient tragedy — where Humanity went through some gargantuan trials and tribulations while on this planet seeking the grand why. Something happened to geologically position our kind on distant shores with distinct memories of a more glorious period in erased history. The Sanskrit Vedas of India report such a distant catastrophe, as do almost every tribal tradition of mankind. The wise men or priesthood of every ancient culture or religion of man speaks of a way of life that is filled with the Mystery Teachings of human existence. There have been savants who seemed to know what being here is, or was all about. It is almost as if they knew through some unknown source of wisdom that there is a purpose and a means of traveling this life as a special being…our Souls rides the Light.

    All the ancient greats, from Socrates to Newton and even Einstein seemed blessed with knowledge from an unknown source. Some were very special and had a penetrating eye toward time and space. An Example: His fellow believers called this man God and Son of God. He was extremely deep and introspective and studied the dictates of divinity from his youth on into his manhood. He left his family to go into the unknown parts of the earth to learn from wise men the decrees of the old laws of existence. He was also said to be under the influence of Divine inspiration.

    He studied the secret traditions of Moses the lawgiver of Israel and later instructed his disciples in all manner of religious understanding. After wandering about to try to find the knowledge of Divine wisdom he sought to establish his ministry upon earth. He gathered around him a small community of sincere and dedicated believers and instructed them in his fashion of godly insight. Unfortunately he was regarded askance by the members of the area’s residences.

    Because he was outspoken and dedicated to his form of religion and studies, he suffered personal enmity for his views. Later he came under attack from the authorities of the local area and malicious propaganda was perpetrated against him. Without warning these uninformed people descended upon the little group of buildings in his compound and burned them to the ground. All were killed at Crotona, a Doian colony in southern Italy in 590 BC. Thus, the great works of Pythagoras were almost completely destroyed. His knowledge included the ancient secrets of the Jews, Essenes, Hindus, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Greeks, Brahmins, and the Vedic Traditions. He has been called the first philosopher and tradition says that he coined the term philosopher — one who is attempting to find Wisdom through Love and deep introspection.

    The Western World and the Americas were built upon the foundations of the great religions of the past. This mindset was built by those who were attempting to find the secrets of human existence as our scientists do today. Yet, all great and small persons who tried to wax eloquent in the state of Divinity have had their problems with the local government/s or secular power structures. The great Pythagoras was crucified and burned; Hypatia’s body was dismembered; Jocques de Molay, consumed in flames; Savonarola, burned in the square of Florence; Galileo, forced to submit on bent knees; again, and again persons who sought to enlighten the world, have met their deaths and had their works destroyed. R. A. Schwaller de Lubicx says that one must suffer in order for a great consciousness to rise and move toward higher and higher levels of understanding and wisdom. One must get on this massive tanget of advanced knowing and ride the bull to its culmination.

    Even now, Buddha, Christ and all of the other more modern religious icons have their revered lives and teachings daily reinforced in our collective minds across the globe. There must be something more. Is humanity awakening to the pathway? What is the source of all this deep thinking that says that humanity is indeed something very special? From where does the root of all our hopes flourish forth into fruit? Does it start or end with the flooding of the earth or the fluke of an Ice Age that never was? It has been said that the source of the knowledge of who and what we are lies inside of our very being — Know Thy Self. Could the key to our beginnings be found in the fact that we are conscious of our very existence — self-awareness must have a predecessor in order to reverse engineer? Does the fact that we think and are able to reason give us the clue to the why we are here? All the ancient practitioners of wisdom indicate that we must know ourselves to know the secret doctrines of the root of mankind. We turn upon ourselves, the entity, and ask, “what am I?” It may take many excursions into the deepest mind to learn the answers.

    Logic and reason coupled to the Scientific Process has driven many men to view life in secular tones…a method that seems to put blinders on beings who cannot ask the ultimate or base questions of “Why” and “what is existence”. The root source questions have always been left out of the equations…that seem to address parts of a whole that few want to deliver proper credence or ultimate points-of-departure toward. What is gravity? What is light? Why? Step out of yourself and look back and what this experience of being here really is. You cannot shake the feeling and some or afraid to move to the answers. I am in awe of being here in Time/Space — because I seek and I have found.

    The ancient Gnostic beliefs that drove the knowledge base of Judeo-Christian Traditions must have filtered from the Chaldeans, the Egyptians, the Vedics and other distant intellectual cultural forces that reach into our distant sources. Perhaps the traditions from (dare I say?) Atlantis have slipped through to us. The peep-hole to our past is nothing more than a sliver in an ancient trash pile of bits and pieces of debris from minds that must have been larger than the intellects of today. We cannot see the grand forested plan for the trees of secular pop-culture and materialistic science that seems to cloud and crowd our minds from truth.

    Other sources of the ancient traditions may hide in and near China or Japan. It seems that somewhere back in those very ancient cultures that reflect such high sophistication and mental power at the roots of their mystic past, something should point to the root of Soulular Travel. When one looks at the accomplishments of that distant world, yet realizes how catastrophe must have destroyed any threads to weave their way to us today, a positive find could amplify our thoughts. But where do we look?

    I look to myself at times for I have seen much in my dreams and my meditations. If one does ride the Light of day, he can also ride the light of dreams and meditations. Clear your mind of the noise of the usual, and go to Nature and let it speak to you from silence. I have done this many times and been rewarded with data fed by a “BLUE-WHITE LIGHT” and in that light, I have seen the entire plan of being and becoming. It is in a flash and the computer of my mind cannot hold all the data at once. But one can have the realization that there is certainly much more to know having seen the curriculum. My source of mystical vision comes to me at the Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, Texas or Big Bend National Park. Silence is golden there and silence is totally necessary for one to think upon the History of the Universe. I suggest we all could benefit from deep introspection. So how is existence to be defined? Being in this physical world originates from an anterior-point as a designed idea that flies toward becoming a complexity of self awareness and fiery intellect. There should be no deviation in its course for it is indeed all there is to this experience — information that rides the Light. The subliminal self enters a reality where a past, present and future is set for participation and embracement within the core of elemental formation. Its setting is the world we come to know. But is this world the true reality of being or merely a step in the movement of mind throughout and within itself? Not that one is, but that whereby Is, is.

  3. Ab Asaff says

    This world we live in is an illusion and is only as real as the mind perceives it and consequently everyone perceives it dfferently. It seems that humanity has been in a trans or sleep for ages. Surley it is near the time to wake up to who we truly are, gods with amnesia.

      • Ab Asaff says

        Yes Ron thank you. Well articulated. I always thought it worked something like that. For what it is worth I will leave my brief on Gods with amnesia in life’s illusion.

        Gods With Amnesia

        Across the thin veil, the world of soul, spirit or Creator is a mechanism that functions on the basic principle that all human life exists for one simple purpose: to have a learning experience. It is all about experience and the most challenging for the soul is to incarnate here on Earth.

        Since souls have no physical body, they have no direct emotional experience until they acquire carnal shape.
        Thus, Earth provides a unique environment where they get to experience emotion, albeit too much. Since souls arrive here with a pre-induced case of amnesia, they also have to interact with a multitude of others, most of whom cannot fathom why they came here in the first place. Unfortunately, miss-guided established social and religious imposition in this world adds an extra layer to the veil of this predicament. * Explained below.

        Back in the spirit world, when we sit in the cosmic library looking at possible future situations in which we need to be involved, we already understand that upon incarnating we will not remember why. It is designed that way so you do not borrow from previous lessons or incidents and thus learn to handle new experiences from a fresh perspective. Your instinct or intuition acts as a barometer between you in the now and any past-life experience. That is why it is important to pay attention to one’s gut feeling or intuition. Our teachers and guides in the other side know of the difficulties associated with this disconnect between the soul in a human body and the bodiless soul. They also understand that since we will have free will to follow there is certain possible outcomes, as being a grounded soul will make us susceptible to material desires, attachments and illusions. There is a mutual understanding between incarnating souls and spirit guides that events, signals, signs, people and other mnemonic devices will occasionally be used to try and remind us of who we are and of our greater purpose.

        Periodically, highly developed souls incarnate with a better connected umbilical cord to the spirit world to act for us as examples of purposeful living. This includes various holy teachers, sages and prophets. Their primary aim was not to foster dogmatic religious movements or followings but to show by example that in establishing a connection with the invisible universe, that is living a life aware of balance between physical and spiritual needs, they were able to go about their earthly business in a manner which served a purpose conceived ahead of linier time. They demonstrated the power of living purposefully, of living the dream awake. Essentially they were following precisely the aim taught in all esoteric traditions, from the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries Schools to the original principles behind philosophy, most religions and even such organizations as Free Masons.

        The general historic ignorant response to such gifts have been ridicule, persecution and at certain times execution, in one form or another. This does not signify that humans are inherently evil or sadistic, but on the contrary; they have become mostly forgetful, ignorant and consequently fearful. When they do so the tendency is to over- associate with the drama of the physical world and thus lose the plot, the purpose of existence.

        Through deep meditation or Shamanic experience one is able to be released from the bond of the physical world, beyond the grasp of gravity, to reconnect with the spirit world, the world of the god’s. Such a temporary event is enough for a person to return with some hint of clarification of their life’s purpose, even universal knowledge provided by those across the veil, who are watching our entire drama unfold more or less in accordance with a pre-designed purpose, with certain allowance for free will.

        * Our amnesia persists mainly due to the rise of the barbaric conquering Roman’s Catholicized Christian Religion and their destruction of ancient Pagan Temples and Esoteric Knowledge in Libraries of Sacred Books and Manuscripts. (Ie.The Great Library of Alexandria and Sacred Ancient Greek and Mayan Texts.)

  4. says

    Words mean something and we all must express what mentality that we possess while we are here in this realm. As an old man now, I find it difficult to put into words the great thoughts that once traversed my info-sphere as a young man. Would that I could renew my strength of mind from those days to this (day) when my mind is filled with knowledge and wisdom exponentially growing toward the backdoor of this manifestation. I encourage all of you to reach deeply into the distant vortex to bring forth all the thoughts that will amplify our experiences here in the Moiré Arena where all becomes assembled. We could have so much more had we not lost so much long ago. Our way of existing was lost and the way home is much more difficult. So many of us waste our time playing with illusions.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Mars Mercury says

    Ron, you are a beacon in the darkness. Your words, a transformative agency providing crucial insight into our unreal plight; crazy wisdom from the other side; words that keep on giving; words that grant the imagination and stamina required to remake the world anew; that reveal a fresh view on something quite slippery and deep; that inspire a greater sense of proportion about ourselves and the multiple forces at play in our lives, the twisted trajectory of events, the unbelievable drama playing out on the world stage. You have a superb gift for crunching the crux of the matter and making sense of the most difficult yet beautiful conundrums where we are nourished by the ineffable; whereby the unseen gives us the strength to carry the weight of darkness and help revitalize perspectives where we have a more fully realized conception of the true magnitiude and delicacy of the situation, a situation so deliciously complicated; the indescribable decision where it’s all so certainly questionable; where we have seen the hidden hand, reached the boiling point, pierced the veil. In your illuminated texts – ahead of time–or perhaps outside of time altogether – we read the writing on the wall; we are immersed in the deeper drama, riding out the Cosmic impulse, ascertaining the Zeitgeist, tapping into Unspeakable, the Alpha of the Omega at the heart of the vortex.

  6. says

    When we actually look about and see beyond our own noses and our selfish attitudes about the human species, we see a vast realm of living entities interconnected to each other in a landscape worthy of a vast and thoughtful system requiring enormous levels of engineering and planning on a gestalt scale. Planning on such a high level boggles the mind of the average student regarding this cursory existence that most of us do not amplify. One wonders if we once knew of this knowledge in a universe now far away. I believe we had too have known all once. It all suggests a multifaceted realm so well coordinated that it exists due to some over-lording system intertwined and ultra-wired to the ultimate degree. Why else would we even exist?

    I call this system the “Background Sphere” which is a realm that in reality runs manifestly everything around us that we as entities discern as reality. David Bohm called this background the “generative order” where elementals of the “Holo-movement” issue forth into the physical world to become our reality. I believe we ride this enlightenment. Some say it is the same as the Laws of Nature or the Laws of God. Most likely, it is both in a system beyond our comprehension while in this human state of being and becoming. We are here to learn of our fate and we are tested constantly. Our dreams seem to directly connect to such a realm but we cannot hold on to the knowing we experience every night in order to dissect it. But, there are times when we become lucid in our dreams and that is when we grow consciousness to a higher order.

    Recently, I was between awake and sleep for hours in the dead of the night. I had a demi-dream series. I saw the scope of existence from ancient times until tomorrow. I saw the catastrophe that caused Egypt to become the power that it assumed and the great school of Pharaoh and its message to our intellect. We have not tried near enough to learn of the secret of being here in Time/Space during our age. We see only the tip of the spear point. Humanity has the ability to live beyond our present 100 years…if one is schooled in the Pharaoh’s curriculum or that which rooted higher mind to step beyond Zep Tepi. Enoch and perhaps Moses must have known of this schooling in the Wisdom of Being and Becoming. I believe it is the base mind of the Bible and it whispers to us constantly. It was extremely advanced yet even today we could teach it if we did not mainstream to pull down our very best minds but allowed the tidal wave of knowledge to saturate our lives. Learning is so very fantastic…


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