The Dark Side of Dark Matter

Dark Matter – Introduction

In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is a type of matter hypothesized to account for a large part of the total mass in the universe. Dark matter cannot be seen directly with telescopes; evidently it neither emits nor absorbs light or other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level. Instead, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matter, radiation, and the large-scale structure of the universe. According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy. 

Thus, dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe and 26.8% of the total content of the universe.

Dark matter came to the attention of astrophysicists due to discrepancies between the mass of large astronomical objects determined from their gravitational effects, and the mass calculated from the “luminous matter” they contain: stars, gas and dust. It was first postulated by Jan Oort in 1932 to account for the orbital velocities of stars in the Milky Way, and by Fritz Zwicky in 1933 to account for evidence of “missing mass” in the orbital velocities of galaxies in clusters. Subsequently, many other observations have indicated the presence of dark matter in the universe, including the rotational speeds of galaxies by Vera Rubin, in the 1960s–1970s, gravitational lensing of background objects by galaxy clusters such as the Bullet Cluster, the temperature distribution of hot gas in galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and more recently the pattern of anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background.

According to consensus among cosmologists, dark matter is composed primarily of a not yet characterized type of subatomic particle. The search for this particle, by a variety of means, is one of the major efforts in particle physics today.

Although the existence of dark matter is generally accepted by the mainstream scientific community, there is no generally agreed direct detection of it. Other theories including MOND and TeVeS, are some alternative theories of gravity proposed to try to explain the anomalies for which dark matter is intended to account.  [ — Source: Wikipedia]

“Numbers leave very little to imagination.”


The Moon and the Dark Matter

by Leonardo Rubino


The anomaly in the rotation curves for galaxies (excess of speed) is not due to any mysterious dark matter, but rather to the tidal effect of the Universe all around the galaxies themselves.
Here is the proof.

Everybody knows the Moon always shows the same side to the Earth (by everybody I mean 1% of the world population; all the rest, 99%, is interested in other things of the “third rate”, but never mind). As a matter of fact, on the side which is always visible from the Earth, a lot of people wanted to see the image of two lovers who kiss (the Kiss in the Moon); and it seems they are right, according to the comparison you can make between the picture and the drawing below.

Moon_kissAttempts to find human features on celestial bodies have also involved the Earth itself,  for instance, Italy really looks like a boot (a human leg). Moreover, we’ve also been told the nation which is opposite to Italy (on the other side of the Earth) is strangely similar in shape shaped (a boot, but upside down). We are talking about New Zealand.


But there is a reason why the Moon permanently shows the same side to the Earth: the tidal force of the Earth on the Moon.
As a matter of fact, such a synchronism between the motion around itself (spin) and revolution around a central body is typical for many satellites in the solar system.
For example, Caronte, which is the satellite of Pluto, moves on a stationary orbit, and it is  not only by showing the same side to Pluto, but, when seen from Pluto itself, it looks still in the sky.
The Sun, would also make the Earth to show the same side, due to its tidal gravitational force, but the distance Earth-Sun is proportionally much larger than that Earth-Moon, so the Sun hasn’t been able to do that, yet.
In practice, with reference to the image below, it’s like if the Earth and the Moon were two dancers, or two ice skaters who, holding each other by hand (due to the gravitational pull) dance together, and so the less massive ends up in showing always the face to his partner, although they both rotate, on the dance floor (or on the rink), and so also around themselves.

Moon_Earth_danceAnd what does all this have to do with the dark matter?

A lot, as, in my opinion, the extra speed measured on stars spinning around galaxies is really due to the tidal effect exerted by the Universe which is all around!


Andromeda Galaxy  (M31)

In our galaxy (the Milky Way), the Sun, being at something like 10 kpc (kiloparsecs) from the center, (1 kpc=1,000 pc ; 1pc=1 Parsec=3,26 l.y. = 3,08×1016m; 1 light year l.y.= 9,46×1015m ), should have a rotation speed of 160 km/s, if it were due to the mere baryonic matter of the galaxy itself, i.e. that of the stars and of all the potentially visible matter (the only one which is real, in my opinion).
On the contrary, they measure a speed of 220 km/s, i.e. bigger.


Rotation curve of the Sun in the MilkyWay (captions in Italian are easily understandable, as very similar to English). 

The explanation of the official science for the discrepancy is based on assumption of existence  (in enormous amount, much more than visible matter) of invisible matter all around galaxies;  (which is by the way as much  embarrassing explanation as introduction of superluminal neutrinos, of the ultrafunded divine boson, of the cosmic ether, of the dark energy etc) – unbelievable!
And such an matter, they say, is invisible, indeed, as it’s not emitting photons ; but it must be transparent, as it is all around the galaxy, so preventing us from seeing the galaxy by telescopes ; but we can see galaxies very well…Uhm, let’s forget it…

And, by the way, who is going to take care of the mysterious dark matter? The same people (the same teams) who propose existence of the divine boson and of the neutrinos faster than light….

With reference to the graph above, let’s carry out some rough calculations, just to evaluate the size of the problem.
My Universe is collapsing by a cosmic acceleration auniv 7,62*1012 m s2 (see page 12 at the following link:  )
Now, we all know that an object which falls from a height h, moves with the gravitational acceleration ( g = 9,81m/s2 ), and will reach the ground with the final speed vf :  vf = sqrt(2gh) ;


which is ineteresingly 220-160=60km/s of  the v of discrepancy, reported by the graph above!
And the exactness of such a formula holds on all the curve; for instance, at 25kpc, you have the difference of v=100km/s!

But, I repeat, all this is about rough calculations! Only God knows exactly as things work.  For sure, not the gentlemen (and ladies) of the mysterious dark matter.

Further scientific peculiarities of our times:

The particle of God they looked for by powerful means, should give mass to particles. Since the beginning, it’s not so clear as it could plausibly give mass to other particles, but even if all what has been said is true, then we would have got rid of a little mystery (the origins of the mass of particles), but we’d also have faced a new and bigger mystery, that is the understanding why such creation of mass occurs and exists. According to  the Occam’s razor, Higgs’ boson will make the Universe more difficult to be understood, in my opinion, rather than easier. And so, for such a Divine Boson, a Nobel Prize for the Physics or for the Chemistry?

In fact, the question arises: by increasing energies and by using more powerful accelerators, will they find more new particles (like chemists, who almost every day invent new organic compounds, of which are millions nowadays.)?
But all this is not the same as to say that such new “creations” give mass to others (!!!) and that these have something to do with the early Universe. On the contrary, all this is similar to saying that in the Universe the hydrogen  comes from uranium.  However, it’s exactly the opposite. On the other hand, some ultra long lagrangians have very little to do with the plausibility and the simplicity of the early Universe.  Poor Occam!

And a lot of years before A. Einstein published his Theory of Relativity, all the Universities, all over the world, were looking for the cosmic ether, as they thought the electromagnetic waves ( and therefore the light itself) should necessarily propagate in a media, just like the sounds propagate in the air. So, they supposed the space was filled with an extremely light and transparent gas, called ether.
And those Universities even calculated very precise values for the density of such an ether!
The Michelson and Morley experiment, made to prove the movement of the Earth through the ether, failed.
The question was solved in 1905 by an employee of the Patent Office in Berne, Albert Einstein, who suggested to cease trying to prove the movement of the earth through the ether, as ether simply doesn’t exist!
I suggest that dark matter we talk about nowadays (so strange, heavy, transparent and simply not plausible), will soon end up like ether!

But history speaks plainly. Especially the contemporary one.


the silence, already fallen down, will ratify:

Thank you for your attention.
Leonardo RUBINO
[email protected]

Copyright 2013 by Leonardo Rubino
Presented with permission of the author

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  1. J.A. says

    The beings a join in a illumineous affair together agian universal order out of chaos the illusion of worlds gone past made from the mind of matter watching out in deep space a place to dwell a place to sell from out of nowhere manifestation occurs for given to the world play you for what it is worth untill the cows come home.

  2. says

    It is obvious that some kind of a bee has got into the physicist’s bonnet for them to be conjuring up ex nihilo endless nonexistent DARK MATTER to account for unseen forces that are governing the universe: or so they say.

    This according to their own logic is not science. They have absolutely no proof of what they are talking about, and yet, they have the humiliating gull to say, “believe me my mathematical calculations are pure”: that is their protest – the cry of the physicist (does anybody have a tissue so they can collectively dry their eyes?).

    Have you ever heard of “self-sustaining circular logic”: it is normally applied to neurotics. Anybody can type in numbers but what are the numbers based upon: something that conforms to THEIR theories? Do we just take their word for it and keep throwing billions of dollars after nonexistent evidence? Talk about having a ‘sweet job’, productivity without producing a product and they get paid for it. If I had such a job I would laugh all the way to the bank.

    It is because of my studies into esotericism that I am well aware of the nature of opposites, which is most likely the reason that the very idea of DARK MATTER is postulated. I would suggest that physicists begin to look at the infinite and self-replicating patterns such as how galaxies are formed or why at both axis poles of all orbs in the universe there is an upwelling of forces at 19.5 degrees. What is causing all of those self-replicating patterns? Are there infinite and internal vortexes (unseen energy fields) in the collective geodetic locations of the universes that are generating these patterns (self-sustaining those patterns)? Is this energy spiritual rather then inter-dimensional? Is the energy ratio that is sustaining the material universe 61.8%/39.2?

    Come on people, you are getting paid to produce: start earning your keep. Start thinking outside the box.

    • Ivar Nielsen says

      William John Meegan,
      I very much agree on your points. Modern science has gone far astray and embedded in dark this and that of all kinds which cannot be found because it´s all just speculative and unnatural thoughts in the minds.
      “Dark matter” was invented when the Newtonian and Keplerian “laws of motion” around “a gravity centre” in galaxies was directly contradicted by instruments and instead of revising or discarding the theories, scientists just addded another epicycle to the already wrong and contradicted assumption.
      This is not science but pulling black rabbits out of a black hat in order to dazzle the audience with something they themselves don´t understand.

  3. Elijah says

    By the way speak about ASTRONOMY. AmarPal lived 215 years and Nimrod lived 500 years, they are not the same person. However, where as Nimrod’s death started a new Marduk calendar (Egyptian Thoth month), AmraPal died on the Marduk year of the old calendar. These 13-year Mars cycles of 360-day calendar dates fall on 1894bc Babylon, and 1881bc the last year of the first king of Babylon, and Shem’s death in 1868bc at 600, and 16-year old Esau selling his birthright in 1842bc the year after grandpa Abram died…. what this all connects to AmraPhal is that it produced claims that Shem or Esau killed Marduk (mistranslation = Nimrod). But it wasnt Nimrod who died 1770bc April 22 on Mekir 15 which is 16 days before he would turn 500 on the new year Pamenot 1, instead that Marduk year was the death of 215-year old AmarPal in one of those years i.e. 1894bc, 1881bc, 1868bc, 1842bc. Book of Jasher says 1881bc is this Esau killing Nimrod 468 years after a 2349bc Flood.
    Sad that in my day of schooling, they did not tell you of planets in zodiac locations (they claimed that would be astrology), and instead we talked about the geology of planets, the rocks, the air on them, the moons around them. I guess it was to get dumb volunteers to land on the moon.

  4. Elijah says

    I dont have to understand any of this italian man’s physic math formulas to understand his point. We have been there claiming planets make backward loops or circles around epicenters when instead the Earth was just passing the outer planets and making them look as if to go backwards like passing a car and filming the horizon forest in the background of it. So too in a planetarium i now see why Venus is given this circle too, it backups across the stars as it speeds thru inferior conjunction between its greatest elongations.

  5. Elijah says

    Now what i wish to know is does anti-matter exist. Are there positive electrons (positrons) and are there negative protons that in their moment of existence cancel out the opposite particles they meet.

  6. Elijah says

    Reminds me of our school textbooks that say that the reason hot wires are positive and grounds are negative is because electricity are not electrons flowing forward but empty electron spaces in empty orbits as holes flowing backwards. In other words, the positive hot wire is a build up of negative electrons ready to flow forward so how can it be positive, it must be negative so that electron-“holes” flow from the ground (or positive ground wire) to that negative hot wire making the hot wire the positive direction of the holes since it becomes less negative as the electrons flow the other way. It is real stupid babble by some writer now published in schools. BUT the answer is simple. A positive hot wire is not positive charge, it is numerically positive in mathematic numbers of how much negative charge. What would you do if a racial population census were made to see how many minority blacks exist in the country. If you labeled all the whites as positive and all the blacks as negatives, and you only 40 million blacks in your country of 200 million, does that mean you have a +40 million or a -40 million people. Its language semantics. A -40 are all dead, a +40 are living, so now does that mean they all turned white? Such is the stupid game that has entered electricity and magnetism and atomic charges as they are doing with this dark matter crap. I knew this was american destiny when to make money the Chicago Adler started a show about black hole space travel with Star Trek.

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