The Black Rite – Hearthstone of War

The Black Rite – Hearthstone of War

Illusion of Delusion, Explaining the deep psychological and metaphysical relationship between s~e~x  and war.

by Dan Green

Ever seen a UFO or a ghost, been visited by an angel or espied upon nature spirits frolicking? Chances are some of you may have had that personal experience, after all you can’t see or hear something that isn’t there, so it must be somewhere. The question to ask is how did you have the acquaintance and one which, after all, is held by the medical profession to be delusional owing to their disbelief in all things esoteric – they are more likely to suggest that you are suffering from a mental disorder and, according to psychiatry, there are plenty for them to choose from. For example, two of our greatest otherworldly encounters, the Angel of Mons in 1914 where British soldiers saw angels, saints and bowmen leading them against the Germans, and the 70,000 strong witnesses to the ‘dancing sun’ at Fatima, Portugal 1917, are dismissed in the flap of a fairy wing as examples of ‘mass hallucination’.

Angels on the battlefield – or mass hallucination?

It would be natural to rush to an immediate defense against delusion citing the likes of world famous historical prophets, Jesus and Mohammed, as having had similar otherworldly perception but that won’t wash, as psychiatrists prefer to tell us that both figureheads had a biological imbalance in their brain, a neurological disequilibrium, and were demonstrating a schizophrenic breakdown of thought processes and poor emotional responsiveness providing them auditory hallucinations, paranoid and bizarre delusions and disorganized speech and thinking. The same will go for that ordinary member of the public should they too have observances that do not fit into the usual go to school, get a job, have kids, earn money, grow old and die –  any personal insight into the mystical is considered  delusionary, any form of a belief held with a strong conviction challenged by the safety of social norm or any superior evidence to the contrary, putting into doubt even the validity of all religions. In recent years it has even been contested that love is a delusion, and it is now posited that intellectual characteristics belonging to a psychotic way of thinking facilitates originality and creativity such as expressed by artists, musicians, writers and all our inspirational thinkers and inventors. Seems to be that a ‘normal’ person would never aspire to any advance in any science!

Mass hallucination or Miracle at Fatima?

Bi-polar disorder, once known as manic depression, is often referred to as ‘The Brilliant Madness’ as numerous great influential persons have had to live with it. Psychiatry informs that symptoms associated with clinical depression can also trigger hallucinations and delusion based on the premise that there is no spiritual dimension that can be accessed, mistakenly dismissed in favouring their own rational western viewpoint.

I accept completely that the medical specialty of psychiatry serves a much needed assistance for those who seek it by being a danger to either themselves or any other person and welcome that they do so, but that it can so coldly eliminate the possibility of genuine occult and paranormal experiences and penalize as delusion in one concise edict, I think we should delve deeper to try and see what is at the crux of the matter for we may find it has to do with another crux, that of the land of the Crux Ansata, Egypt, this ancient country having developed its own fruitful medical tradition, and, known more anciently as the Land of Khem, Land of the Black, the home and first practitioners of the art of chemistry (Khem-istry), the common denominator in both anaesthetic and  psychiatric useage.

With chemistry as our common ground, perhaps by investigating the deep, dark associations of the home of this science we can begin to understand why psychiatry may be premature in dismissal of alternative reality emanating from this mysterious matrix and hearthstone.

Egypt, Land of Khem – home of chemistry

Now, psychiatry needs a strong dependence on accepted scientific dogma to determine what is normal and exact and yet science and physics are forever moving forward into realms quite ‘way out’ in their own right as opposed to suffering from the limitations of time and space as we currently know it, defining consciousness and verifying reality top of the agenda. Advances in Quantum Physics should guarantee that their investigators are locked up and the key melted down with their postulations about wave particle duality, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Quantum Entanglement and Non-locality, Dark Matter and Dark Energy, Quantum Consciousness and the strange discovery in 2010 by physicists at the University of California whereby an object that we can see in front of us may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe, and if we stay with universes for a moment we are reminded that in Buddhism the subtle force of Maya creates the grand illusion that the phenomenal world we see is real,  so we find a circular argument whereby psychiatrists  expertly informing us of individual delusion are themselves living in an entire universe of one! Still, they would no doubt cast doubt on Buddha’s mental health to have dared announce this!

A matter of darkness – Dark Matter

Earlier this year, the BBC science programme Horizon ‘Out of Control?’ pointed out that we all like to think that we are in control of our lives, of what we feel and what we think, but modern scientific experiments reveal this as an illusion as it is our unconscious mind that influence our decisions from what we eat to whom we partner.  It is speculated that 90% of our actions are unconscious and so, given that, does the functioning 10% of the psychiatrist really know what they are talking about? Uniting it with my own basic observations about life with this 10% statistic I arrive at two safe conclusions –  that we are first and foremost a s-e-x-u-a-l planet to create life, and that any unconscious fear of the unknown is simply an ultimate fear about what is the one and only certainty facing us – death……the ultimate ‘Black’.

One of the most influential psychiatrists of our time was Austrian Sigmund Freud for his studies on the Unconscious Mind and his theory that the primary motivation for all things in life is s-e-x. Firstly reminding us that the ‘psych’ in both ‘psychology’ and ‘psychiatry’ comes from the Latin word ‘psyche’ meaning soul, or mind, suggesting that all problems stem from a spiritual crisis, I will try to demonstrate how psychiatry entwines with our predisposition as a s-e-x-u-a-l planet by seeking out an archetypal figure associated with s-e-x, that of the Roman goddess Venus, in Greek, Aphrodite. As the goddess Venus, she plays a major role in all things mystical, for by connecting the positions of her planet in its orbit at each successive inferior conjunction produces the origin of the five pointed pentagram of occultism, foundation of esotericism.

It is with Venus and one of the most enduring myths and allegory concerning, the natural born goddess Psyche, that we establish the origin of both words psychology and psychiatry. Venus became jealous at the suggestion that Psyche was more beautiful and so asked her son Eros to make her fall in love with the ugliest man on earth. It all went terribly wrong when in the early stages of the myth he accidentally pricked himself upon one of his arrows and fell in love with her himself. Modern psychiatry dares to ask if love is a delusion and emphasises that an observed resemblance between love and madness was noted in poetry and legend long before Freud cared to announce falling in love as a short acting spontaneously remitting psychosis, observing a similarity in clinical symptoms characteristic of a disorder, citing mood changes, physical restlessness and sleeplessness, appetite loss, interrupted work patterns, meditative thinking and delusional beliefs about how other perceive reality.

‘The Abduction of Psyche’ –  William Adolphe Bouguereau 1895

Also associated with beauty and military victory, fertility is the other attributes of the love goddess Venus and knowing that the moon can trigger spontaneous ovulation twice each month at any time during the menstrual cycle depending on what phase the moon was at the time of birth, a connection with s~e~x~u~a~l   e.c.s.t.a.s.y  and alleged ‘moon madness’ strengthens when we learn of a report in the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph as far back as 1998 carrying the headline ‘Revealed: Full moon makes you violent’, tests in a scientific study of prisoners in the maximum security wing at Armley Jail, Leeds, discovering a definite rise in the number of violent and unruly incidents recorded during the first and last quarter of each lunar cycle, the days either side of a full moon. As we are made up of 60-70% of water, if the moon controls the tides, what is it doing to us?

Staying with the darker side of life, It’s not a subject often dwelt upon but one of life’s truest mysteries is that we have no idea why anaesthetics work,  writing throughout recorded history show how attempts to produce states of general anesthesia were sought by the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greek, Romans, Indians, and Chinese. For anybody who has experienced it, after you accept the inoculation in the arm or hand and are asked to count down from five you never reach the final count because – Bang ! – you’ve sank into the vast blackness, a genuine occult experience, and return in the same timeless moment with no dreams and no recollection of the voyage. It is thought that how general anaesthetics work has something to do with the cell membrane of a nerve cell and yet realistically it is a subject that nobody can comment on. That there is no dreaming is significant as in the animist paradigm of the ancient beliefs of the Aborigine, ‘The Dreamtime’ is sacred in which their ancestral totemic spirit beings formed Creation, the Aborigine believing that each and every one of us exists essentially in this dreaming.  ( The Aborigine, according to the Lost Mother Tongue =  The ‘A-B origin’ of life). If we do dream whilst under anaesthetic we certainly have no recall and with a nudge from Jung’s Collective Unconscious I imagined, theosophically, what if planet earth is in a state of unconsciousness and about to ‘wake up’ like Snow White in her ‘ice cube’ glass coffin, with the melting of the polar regions, because we know that anaesthetic ‘freezes’ the nerves around specific parts of the body. Maybe it’s ‘All ice in Wonderland’ and the glass we look through is actually a sheet of frozen water?

The Aboriginal ‘Dreamtime’  

Ether is an anaesthetic and a gas, and looking at the origin of the word ‘gas’ we might be surprised to find that it was coined by J B Van Helmont, a Belgian chemist after the Greek ‘khaos’, chaos. This intimates that there is no such thing as the word gas in its own right and we must remember that the Greeks told us that everything sprang from chaos. Minerva sprung from Jupiter’s brain, the area frozen by anaesthetic, and Electra, the ‘Lost Pleiad’ who shows herself occasionally to mortal eye but only in the guise of a comet, might actually be ‘lost’ because she is comatose (comet-ose). Might an angel’s halo come from the general anaesthetic Halothene – HALO-thene – or the ‘halo’ contained within the chloroform Trihalomethane? Do the Asiatic Stupas, an ancient form of mandala, actually refer back to the numb torpor of a ‘stupor’? Then there is the homonym of the word ‘theatre’ – exactly why do we use the same word that is designed for the performance of plays, operas etc also to mean a specifically equipped room in a hospital where a surgery is performed? History is in fact a ‘histrionic’, meaning to relate to stage and actors, a theatrical behaviour? If all this leaves you numb (pun intended) then if everything sprang from the chaos of anaesthetic could this be the origin of mathematics, of numb-ers? ‘Numb’ comes from the Old English ‘numen’ and yet the actual word ‘numen’ in Latin means ‘divinity’.

A Stupa – unconscious projection of numbness?

Now to the highest of secret initiations possible in Egyptian religion – The Black Rite, performed by Isis to resurrect her dead brother Osiris. It is thought that only when Man concerns themselves with the heavenly bodies and ‘chase after them into the heights’ can we ever understand what this rite is all about and why it is associated with the ‘Dark god’ Osiris, ‘Lord of the Perfect Black’. That it is the perfect black is good enough for anaesthetic, here in the Egyptian ‘Land of the Black.’ Isis asked Thoth (Mother Tongue, phonetic ‘Thought’) to stop the flow of Time whilst she resurrected Osiris, the black god of the Underworld, and only after that eternity gave birth to time again. Stopping the flow of time requires a form of paralysis. This really sounds like someone who has lost consciousness and time stands still for them in a timeless realm, and it resonates with the anaesthetist who controls the length of time a person is asleep under anaesthetic, that very word concealing the sacred symbol of the Goddess Isis, for the ‘ Knot of Isis’ known as the ‘Thet’ dwells within  anaes THET ic.  The Collective Unconscious may well retain us a modern day image for when we look at at the non-rebreathing anaesthetic machine used in operations in theatre, we will see a visual semblance to the Thet.

   The Thet –  The Knot of Isis

An anaesthetic machine –  Unconscious memory of the Thet?

Temporary muscle relaxation by way of drug induced paralysis is an integral part of modern anaesthesia and it is in the very word ‘paralysis’ that we find hidden the name of goddess Isis = Paral YSIS. The Black Rite is a full on black out. Have you ever wondered why cartoon representations showing someone who has been knocked out or unconscious always have either birds tweeting or stars circling? The birds tweeting are actually a reference to the Egyptian Duat, or Tuat (‘tweet’), the realm of Osiris alternatively known as Neter Khertet, ‘Khertet’ conveniently containing the anagram ‘ether’.  Tuat cannot help but pronounce the number 28 – Tu (2) at (8) – the number of days in the moon’s cycle and the average female menstrual cycle.

We find the word ‘Gas’ concealed in another quite interesting one – Orgasm. We can even find a connection between the physiology undergone during anaesthetic and that of this culmination of Venus/Aphroditic s-e-x-u-a-l excitement. The term ‘general’ as in ‘general anaesthetic’ relates to a genus, and ‘genus’ finds its origin from the Latin ‘generis’ meaning birth. (A ‘general’ is also a chief commander of an army in service, and we recall that one of Venus’ attributes is military victory.) To be alive and conscious is to be awake, ‘wake’ from the Old English verb ‘wacan’ – ‘to be born’, and yet in another example of homonym, a ‘wake’ is a watch or vigil over a corpse. (‘Corps’ is another military term, a division of an army forming a tactical unit.) We see in both the conscious example of being ‘a -wake’ and the watchful vigil ‘wake’ the state of being anaesthetised, and during orgasm there is a similar change of pattern in both heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate to that of being under anaesthetic –  of the four stages that describe anaesthesia, the second one is actually called the ‘excitement stage’.

Brain scanning has shown that in a woman’s brain, during orgasm, many areas are deactivated and switched off as if unconscious, the effect appearing lesser in men but possibly explainable by the fact that the brevity of the male orgasm makes it extremely difficult for a brain scan to detect. Even sexism in brain scanners it seems! Female orgasm overall remains a puzzle for evolutionary biologists and it is still unclear why they should have them let alone in multiples. Could it be it is the Egyptian brother of Osiris, the funerary attendant jackal headed Anubis, god of the darkness of unconsciousness, in a vigil-like wake, that is the ‘jacul’ of ‘ejaculate’? According to Akkadian transcriptions in the Armarna letters, Anubis’ name was vocalised as ‘Anapa’…a ‘napper’ as in taking a ‘nap’, a short or casual sleep? ‘Anaesthesia’ means ‘no sensation’, general anaesthesia adds ‘unconscious’ to the ‘lack of sensation’. The word ‘sense’ means immediate consciousness, coming from Latin ‘sensus’. Looking at the homonym word ‘census’ we find it means ‘a register’, and in turn ‘register’ means to ‘represent in bodily expression’ and even has the colloquialism ‘to reach the consciousness’. So if psychiatry thinks all this stuff is nonsense – a non sense – I’d agree!

The black jackal Anubis, Guardian of the Unconscious

Now to weld together the s-e-x and war aspects of goddess Venus in all this psychology.  In English, the letters ‘Ph’ make an ‘f’ sound, and with our s-e-x goddess Venus if we supplant ‘Ph’ for her ‘f’ sounding ‘v’, her name transforms into Phenis = P-e-n-i-s. I have already reported elsewhere in essay that war on this planet is an inevitability for we are a  s-e-x-u-a-l  planet demanding procreation and regeneration. From the family word ‘gamete’, a s-e-x-u-a-l  reproductive cell, we find the term ‘gametophyte’ – in alternation of generation, a plant of the s-e-x-u-a-l generation, producing gametes. Our Mother Tongue shows us how ‘gametophyte’ = ‘game to phyte’ = ‘game to fight’ = War. The Ancient Near East was the home to the sacred prostitutes within the shrines and temples of Innana in honour of this Sumerian goddess of love, fertility and war, the same Venusian attributes. Her incarnation as the Semitic Astarte is responsible for our misuse of the word ‘tart,’ s-e-x-u-a-l  slang for a prostitute or a s-e-x-u-a-l-l-y promiscuous female, which is concealed within her name.

Recalling Venus as ‘Phenus’ to introduce ‘p-e-n-i-s’, we will take a very psychologically deep insight into this external male organ, its origin from the Latin originally meaning ‘tail,’ ‘Phallus’ from the Greek of the same word may as well come from the Latin and  similar sounding ‘f-a-l-l-a-c-i-a’ meaning ‘deceptive’ and ‘fallacy’ –  an apparently genuine but really illogical argument, a wrong but prevalent notion…the true origin of the Fall (acia) of Man, blamed on the original w-h-o-r-e, Eve. Where does the word ‘w-h-o-r-e’ really originate from? it is said to derive from the Old English word ‘hora’ from the proto-Germanic word relating to a p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e, ‘Kohoron’. However, I will tell you that we need to be looking instead at the Old French homonym ‘hore’, Latin and Greek ‘hora’ which means something entirely different and it is ‘hour’, 60 minutes or 24th part of the day. From the French, it is ‘heure’.

‘The Awakening of Venus’ – Charles Joseph Natoire 1741

Now I whisk you off to the 1965 classic British Hammer film ‘She’ where Ayesha (She-who-must-be-obeyed, a priestess of Isis played by the strikingly beautiful Ursula Andress) was trying to persuade her timidly unsure lover and reincarnated priest Kallikrates, reborn as Leo Vincey, into the sacred blue flame of a mystical bonfire, arriving like a comet strike from the heavens, to gain immortality with her…a kind of Heiros Gamos. This blue – a colour and term now somehow associated with ‘blue’ p-o-r-n-o-g-r-a-p-h-i-c films – would arrive from deep space to pinpoint  a designated spot on earth at a precise astrological moment so rarely as to be almost never, allowing participants only fleeting moments to bathe in it before losing its immortal giving efficacy. Here we are metaphorically discussing ‘moment’ and one of intense heat, s-e-x-u-a-l ‘heat’, prior to fertilisation. In mythology we have the Arabian Phoenix, the bird that is immersed in flames only to be reborn from its ashes every 500 years. Returning to my origin for the word ‘whore’, the French word ‘heure’ meaning ‘hour’, we find it is sounded as the word ‘year’. Our Firebird Phoenix is a metaphor for pregnancy and birth not resurrecting every 500 years but every 500 hours, giving us an approximate timescale of 20.8 days, the fire of the Phoenix being the ‘heat’ in which a female is most conducive to becoming pregnant, the 21st day marking the end of the usual female ovulation cycle. Note, the crude vulgar modern slang word contained within ‘Phoenix’, ‘hoe’, meaning a prostitute.

The Firebird Phoenix – metaphor for pregnancy and birth

Looking at some other s-e-x-u-a-l words returns our association of a s-e-x-u-a-l goddess with warfare. When Osiris’ body was cut into 14 pieces – 14 being the most fertile day for ovulation – Set scattered them all over Egypt only for Isis to retrieve them all except for his p-e-n-i-s which was swallowed by a fish after it was thrown in the River Nile. (The word ‘penile’ refers to the p-e-n-i-s). We discover ‘Set’ in ‘Testes’, not once but twice, as in the two testicles. The word ‘p-e-n-i-s’ can be an anagram of ‘snipe’ – to pick off from rifle fire from distant cover – bringing us into the arena of guns. The origin of these rifles, revolvers etc is from the Middle English ‘Gonne’ indistinguishable from the Greek ‘Gone’ of the male s-e-x cell  producing gonads. Again we have the origin of yet another vulgar s-e-x term – ‘firing blanks’ for a man who fails to fertilise a woman. Other crude slang referring to guns is to ‘bang’, meaning to have s-e-x, and to ‘shoot’ meaning to have ejaculation. Now for a much bigger ‘gun’ and symbol of warfare, the tank, an easy target for a Freudian symbol of testicles and p-e-n-i-s. The world’s first tank was built at Lincoln in England in 1915 and was called ‘Little Willie’, ‘Willie’ being a British hypocoristic for the p-e-n-i-s! When the necessity for a better version was demanded they didn’t know what to call it. Initially it was ‘Mother’ which became interchangeable with ‘Big Willie’, the very part that can produce a mother!

‘Little Willie’, the world’s first tank –  symbolic g-e-n-i-t-a-l-i-a

A vulgar colloquialism for p-e-n-i-s  is a ‘c~o~c~k’, the very same word for the part of a lock of a gun held back by a spring which when released produces the discharge. One final example of vulgar slang concerns the origin of the small hand gun the ‘pistol’. It has a number of possible origins but we can detect it as a ‘piss tool’ – ‘piss’ being the vulgar slang for to urinate, used in both Scripture and Shakespeare – the p-e-n-i-s the ‘tool’ from where comes urinal discharge. Thankfully we can now leave behind all this crudity although it has been necessary to evidence our point. Maybe it is not as literary critic Edward Sherman Gould’s 1839 metonymic adage came out, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’, as more unconsciously ‘The p~e~n~i~s, mightier than the sword.’ With great delight I can announce that woman is not and never was a ‘w-h-o-r-e.’ Character assassinated by sniper fire from a gun,  she is involved, unfortunately, in that on-going centuries old war the ‘Battle of the sexes’, and it is that which is truly the ‘whore’, the word being a phonetic for ‘War’. Using the word ‘psych’ as in its slang meaning ‘to work out the intentions of another person’, as in ‘psych out’, we can dissect the word ‘Psychiatrist’ into phonetic ‘Psych – I – a- Tryst’. Recalling the Psyche myth and with ‘tryst’ meaning an agreement as between lovers – to meet at a certain time and place – it intimates perfectly that moment of conception within s-e-x. That Freud saw s-e-x in everything may well explain why modern psychiatry places so much emphasis on wanting to almost hold a copyright on the word ‘delusion’, for delusion is all about the notion of how to ‘delude’……de  LEWD……’lewd’ meaning lustful, from the Old English Laewde meaning ‘ignorant’ and Laewan meaning ‘betray’. Could it be that psychiatry itself may have to answer to a betrayal and delusion, for hiding in the word ’psychiatric’ is the phonetic ‘Psyche – A trick?’

 The Black Rite


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