The archeology, art and science of altered states of consciousness

The archeology, art and science of altered states of consciousness

A shared global archaeological fingerprint

by Carlton Brown

Some Background Context

I would like to share with you some unique and ground breaking archeological discoveries underpinning my newly published book, Sun God Sacred Secrets: the Archaeology, Art & Science of Altered States of Consciousness. This thoroughly referenced (not duplicated herein) and graphically rich book presents data driven research from four different Sun god religion´s and their most important archaeological sites. These religions left us important information regarding their sacred ritual processes in symbolic form—arguably humankind’s best-kept and most profound secret. These ritual processes embodied the Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, pre-Colombia Meso and South America and Southern India, three of which were made extinct via religious assimilation.

An exciting two minute video book trailer gives you a rapid overview for a broader context, and a free KMZ file containing 450 pyramid and temple sites brings this story to life in Google Earth. Instructions for its use are included in the download.


Four hundred and fifty (450) sacred sites and the deity art & icons from four different Sun god religions were researched using a common framework. This framework identified symbolic information embedded in temple alignments, art and icons and other information pertaining to altered states of consciousness (ASC). These archaeological sites were once the epicenters of their religions. As such, priesthoods once resided here and held domain over them, leaving a collective fingerprint—ensured by their teaching and time keeping needs—of their symbolically veiled ritual processes.

Site specifications captured within the research framework include:

1)  Sacred space: included a sites geographical location i.e. proximity to a lightning center, fault line &/or volcano; its alignments relative to the overhead moving day-night boundary (solar terminator) and earth’s magnetic axis (geomancy), and the place where ritual took place; in some form of sensory isolation i.e. temple sanctum, pyramid chamber, or a cave / underground tunnel.

2)  Sacred time: included pyramid & temple alignments both locally i.e. the equinox sunrises/sets, winter solstice sunrise (WSSR) and summer solstice sunset (SSSS), and regionally relative to the overhead solar terminator (on the WSSR/SSSS; seen by satellite), temple-pyramid superstructure features i.e. 47 degree angles as solstice symbols seen with some pyramid outlines, Hindu temple gates & spires, and in their deity art and icons as sacred time symbols i.e. V47 solstice, equinox serpents.

3)  Sacred ritual: involved activities undertaken to catalyze the switch in one´s state of consciousness i.e. the consumption of entheogens (hallucinogens or neurochemicals from nature detailed in symbolic form in temple art as hallucinogenic flowers, fruit and fauna), and meditation, or drumming and/or pipe music.

Sacred ritual at its essence involved sacredly timed meditation conducted in sensory isolation (silence, or acoustic resonances) under the influence of hallucinogens, whilst potentially aligning the body to Earth´s magnetic fields (equinoxes; geomagnetic activity). Sacred time for the Sun god religions implied the winter solstice sunrise, summer solstice sunset, and equinox sunrises or sunsets (dependent on the phase of the moon i.e. new or full moon).

Sacred time coincided(s) with peaks in earth´s electromagnetic & magnetic fields. This offered four times a year when alpha-brainwaves could be maximally enhanced via entrainment processes. Alpha-brainwaves are the most important brainwave signature of people in deep meditative and transcendental states of consciousness. This is where the fanciful transcendental phenomena arise and deities, spirits, epic journeys, unity states of consciousness or god union, spiritual death / rebirth / resurrection (healing) and other transcendental phenomena were all played out.

The research framework filtered important information from the priesthood archaeological domains, identifying two separate and related archaeological fingerprints; site alignments recorded sacred time, and their sacred ritual processes were embedded in temple art and icons in symbolic form, which included sacred time symbols. You can read more about the second fingerprint, and the science and esoteric subjects involved in humans attaining and experiencing altered states of consciousness in Sun God Sacred Secrets.

A priesthood´s need to accurately tell time left its mark

Our ancient ancestors observed the sun, moon and stars rising, moving across the heavens, then setting, every day. They understood how the movements changed over time. They built structures on the ground— stone circles/megaliths, pyramids and temples— to help them keep track of these movements and to accurately tell time. This was important for society´s continued prosperity and to ensure their most important religious ritual-festival dates were secured.

Ancient calendar timekeeping is best comprehended by visualizing Earth’s daily rotation on its axis and its annual orbiting of the sun (space perspective), with the sun´s movement along the sunrise (east) and sunset (west) horizon between the solstice extremes (ground perspective). Most (80%) site alignments delineate one or more equinox sunrise/sets, winter solstice sunrise and its corresponding summer solstice sunset. Earth´s north-south (NS) axis is tilted 23.4 degrees from the solar system’s celestial pole, pointing toward Polaris in the northern night sky over the course of a day and year. Earth´s North Pole therefore faces the Sun to its greatest degree (+23.40) from vertical on the summer solstice on the 21st of June, and points furthest away from the Sun (?23.40) at the winter solstice on the 21st of December (vice versa Southern Pole). The equinoxes are midway between these solstice extremes on the spring (21st March) and autumn (21st September) equinoxes. This creates a 47 degree angular difference, which I believe was the ubiquitous solstice symbol found in art, icons and architectural superstructures the ancient Sun god world over.



Figure 1 (A) Earth’s North Pole is tilted 23.4 degrees from the solar system’s own North Pole, and rotates counterclockwise about its north south rotational axis every 24 hours.[1] (B) Earth orbits the Sun every 365 ¼ days pointing its north-south rotational axis at the Pole Star close to the north celestial pole all day and year.[2]

The Sun rises on the eastern horizon and sets on the western horizon. On the winter solstice the sun rises and sets at its most southern extremity, and at the summer solstice at its most northern extremity. Midway between the solstices, or 91 days after a solstice, the Sun rises and sets on the spring and autumn equinoxes. On the equator these angular differences from solstice extremes represents 47 degrees. This angle increases the further north or south from the equator one goes.


Figure 2: (A) The sun rises in the east and follows an arc across the southern sky reaching its daily zenith at midday before descending toward sunset on the western horizon. On the winter solstice sunrise (WSSR) the Sun rises at its most southerly point and at its most northerly point on the summer solstice sunrise (SSSR).[3] (B) Giza´s Khufu and easterly facing Queens’s pyramids can be used to follow the sun´s 182 day progression from one solstice extreme to the other, with the equinox midway between. Visual sighting of the solstice enabled accurate calibrations of time which reflected the fact that there were 365 (not 364) days per year, leap years and precession of the equinoxes which undermined long term accurate time keeping.[4]

Alignments provided a duality of purpose

Organizing time and creating order from the chaos of the ancient world was critically important for ancient societies. These societies built pyramids and temples to aid accurate timekeeping. This was crucial to their prosperity and was a key pursuit of priesthoods for millennia. The commonly held view is that pyramid-temple alignments were related to timekeeping that informed the agricultural calendar. I believe this must expand to embrace the need to secure sacred time. After all, these were important places of religion first and foremost, which shared the solstices and equinoxes as their most important ritual-festival dates dedicated to their Sun gods. Accurate timekeeping was essential to propagating empire wide religions that placed the conduct of sacredly timed rituals by their leaders-priesthoods at societies´ epicenters.

The Solar Terminator or Day-Night Boundary

Why is the solar terminator (day-night boundary viewed from space) important to this story? Firstly, it delineates a regional pyramid-temple clustering alignment principle. Secondly it´s twice daily overhead passing generates some very interesting electromagnetic physics of relevance to human brainwave entrainment. The passing overhead solar terminator is observed on earth´s surface as dawn (peri-sunrise) and dusk (peri-sunset), and was associated with important Sun gods &/or their progeny tasked with protecting the solar horizons i.e. Horus, Hathor and Aker (Egypt) and Surya and Ashvin Twins (India).

The solar terminator moves across earth´s surface in a clockwise direction, as the earth rotates counterclockwise, at speeds of 1,600 km/h at the equator. As this day-night boundary moves overhead it is associated with ionization (sunrise) and deionization (sunset) processes in the upper atmosphere, which generate electromagnetic (EM) signals. These EM signals peak around the winter solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset—which coincided with the timing of sacred rituals with transcendental intent. Viewed from space the solar terminator changes its NS alignment over the course of a year from its extremes of +/- 23.40, as depicted below


Figure 3: (A & B) The solar terminator lines (day-night boundary) observed from space move clockwise across earth´s surface, creating a 47 degree angle between the solstice extremes. This depicts the ubiquitous V47 solstice symbol identified in pyramid and temple architecture and deity art and icons. (C) The vertical solar terminator lines match Earth´s lines of longitude on the equinoxes.[5]

What information can be extracted from site alignments?

Regionally one can observe a clustering pattern of sacred site real estate. When you see this in Figure 4 below, you will be left many questions not least; was there a human colocation settlement logic across kingdoms and empires? After all these religions were also housed in cyclically and intermittently enriched electromagnetic (lightning centers, active fault lines and volcanoes) and geomagnetic fields (active fault lines and volcanoes). That implies either pure chance at least four times, or that religion was an epicentral driving force for human settlement and colocation. More locally, pyramids and temples were aligned to the solstices (30%) and/or equinoxes (50%), which permitted accurate time keeping and the identification of sacred time.

Regional alignments indicate a colocation settlement logic

Something quite unexpected emerged from this project, once time-keeping archaeoastronomy and solar-terrestrial processes had been understood. A clustering pattern was identified, wherein 60-95% of a region´s religious real estate is bounded by a 2-7 minute wide time bandwidth associated with the solar terminator´s overhead passage on the winter solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset, over 650-1,000km distances (see Figure 4). This means that twice a year most of a religion´s collective sacred site real estate simultaneously experienced the same enhanced extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic (EM) fields (Schumann resonances) overhead. Interestingly, this also coincided with the timings of their most important ritual-festival dates dedicated to their Sun gods.

How or why did this happen? I´d love to hear your views on this, thanks.


Figure 4: Sun god religions´ sacred site real estate is clustered into regional alignments delineated by the winter solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset solar terminators. (A) Ancient Maya located 60%-85% within a 7-15 minute wide solar terminator bandwidth 900km long. (B) 95% of Old Kingdom pyramids lie within a <2 minutes wide terminator between Cairo to Faiyum (80km). (C)  74% of Divya Desam temples lie within 7 minute wide solar terminator 650 kilometers long, ¾ of these also delineated a V47 degree solstice symbolizing pyramid gate superstructure and temple spire. (D) 97% of major pre-Inca/Inca sites along the Peruvian coast lie underneath a 4 minute WSSR and SSSS solar terminator over 1,000km distances.[6]

Additionally all four religions were located in (pre-Colombia Meso/South America, South India), or proximate to and on the same longitude (Egypt), as the global lightning centers. The lightning centers electrically discharge the inner magnetosphere which accumulates solar plasma charge via magnetic field reconnections with the interplanetary magnetic field, and ionization processes in the upper ionosphere. Lightning generates Schumann resonances, which represent a band of extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic (EM) spectral peaks related to earth´s overhead cavity dimensions; that is EM waves up to 85km in amplitude and earth´s circumference in wavelength, and harmonics thereof. Schumann resonance spectral peaks also correspond to the different brainwave frequency bands; alpha, beta, delta, gamma. Science shows how Schumann resonances can entrain (enhance) specific brainwave frequency bands, and alpha brainwaves appear most susceptible to external enhancements (amplitudes; power). All this article´s science is well referenced in my book. You can view hyperlinks to all references cited on my website.


Figure 5: (A) Lightning activity concentrates into three main mid-latitude regions and is responsible for generating ELF/VLF EM fields as lightning’s by-product. This world map shows the frequency of lightning strikes (flashes per km² per year) from 1995–2003 (red-yellow highest flash rates).[7] (B) Intermittently active fault lines & volcanoes typical of the Guatemalan Highlands with its 37 volcanic peaks generate enhanced electromagnetic and magnetic wave fields, and were important locations of Mesoamerican Sun god religions (Olmec, Maya).[8]

Pre-Colombian Meso/South American sites also reside within intermittently active fault lines and volcanic zones. Earthquakes (EQ) and active volcanoes are important local generators of intermittently enhanced ELF electromagnetic wave and magnetic fields. Mounting data highlights that EQ epicenters emit ultra/extremely low frequency EM fields in the weeks preceding an earthquake &/or volcanic eruption due to physical processes within the earth´s crust. Enhanced ELF fields are detectable weeks before and leading up to big earthquakes i.e. > Richter scale 6.0 within a 70–80 kilometers radius of the EQ epicenter. That’s why places like Santiago de Atitlan (Guatemala) were once important places of Mayan shaman activity; cyclical lightning, intermittent earthquakes and volcanic activity, as well as the twice yearly solstices and equinoxes.

Solar Terminator Discussion

These solar terminator alignments represent a serious amount of sacred site real estate falling within range of a common theme. Yes these patterns could have occurred as a result of pure chance (more than four times), or as a function of geographical restrictions such as the Andes Mountains, the shape of a region’s landmass, its proximity to rivers and natural protections. However when you view this alignment theme from different altitudes (regional and local), combined with sacred time symbols embedded in each religion’s temple art and icons (V47 degree solstice, equinox serpents)  (see Chapter 5 of Sun God Sacred Secrets), with the fact that all these religions honored and worshipped their most important Sun gods at these sacred times (equinoxes, solstices) a composite and consistent picture emerges. This fingerprint begs for an explanation beyond mere coincidence, especially when these regionally clustered sites simultaneously experienced the same enhanced electromagnetic fields i.e. at the winter solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset solstice as the solar terminators passed overhead, which coincided with sacred ritual timings.

The causation and implications of these enhanced Schumann resonances and magnetic fields are reviewed more fully in Chapters 6-9 of Sun God Sacred Secrets. Suffice to say the science highlights benefits in modulating important parts of the human brain associated with deep meditative and transcendental states of consciousness; which ties in with sacred ritual´s outcome. This offered(s) the potential to switch one´s state of consciousness from being awake to a transcendental state. This capability is biologically enabled in humans, as part of the four states of consciousness humans were genetically gifted (awake, asleep, dreaming and ASC).

Marking solstices and equinoxes

Marking the solstices and equinoxes typically utilized a building’s main foundational/structural lines placed between the observer and the eastern (sunrise) or western (sunset) horizon. The key starting point was observation and marking the sunrise/set at a solstice extreme or equinox. A variety of techniques were used i.e. sighting solstice sunrises/sets and midday solar zeniths (south), counting days from solstice extremes (91 days to the equinoxes), and use of a gnomon (sundial). A close relationship must have existed between priesthood timekeepers and temple architects to enshrine these alignment principles, and for this know-how to be state or empire wide. This knowledge effectively formed the basis of the solar and/or solar-lunar calendars.


Figure 6: Equinox & Solstice alignments common to Sun god sacred sites. (A) The pyramid of Kukulkan and its proximate structures at Chichen Itza (Mexico) align with the WSSR and SSSS. (B) The main pyramids at Giza (Cairo, Egypt) align with the equinox sunrises and sunsets, whilst also providing solstice alignments via its eastern situated Queens pyramids (see Figure 2B).[9]

Local pyramid and temple alignments

Of the 450 pyramids and temples reviewed for this project 86 were pre-Colombia Mesoamerican pyramids, 40 Inca/pre-Inca pyramids, temples and huacas, 103 Egyptian pyramids and 114 Egyptian temples, and 106 Divya Desam temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, located in Southern India. These locations included their most important sacred sites. At the macro-level approximately half were equinox aligned and a third solstice aligned. You can view this for yourself using the Google Earth KMZ file download, as well as view a select number of solar calendar structures and the simulated sunrises/sets they depict (Giza, Tiwanaku, and Chankillo).

View famous places demonstrating this alignment fingerprint like;

  1. Mesoamerica: Cholula, Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Tikal, Calakmul, Yaxha, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Palenque, Yaxha, Aguateca, and Tak Alik Abaj.
  2. Ancient Egypt´s pyramids: Giza (Pyramids of Khafre, Khufu & Menkaura), Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid, Step Pyramid of Djoser, Pyramid of Niuserre Ini, Neferirkare, Sahure, Meidum, White Pyramid, Black Pyramid, Pyramids of Amenemhat III, and Senusret I, II & III.
  3. Ancient Egypt’s Sun god temples of: Amun, Maat and Khonsu (Karnak Temple Complex), Hatshepsut’s, Tuthmosis III’s and Mentuhotep II, Amenhotep III, Nyuserre-Ini, Ahmose, Satet, Hathor and Isis (Dendera complex), Rameses II (Abu simbel) and Aten
  4. Pre-Inca Kingdoms and the Inca Empire in South America: Caral, Chavin de Huantar, Cahuachi (Nazca), Pachacamac, Huacas del Sol and la Luna, Las Haldas, Napena, Chan, Tucume, Tiwanaku, Sacsayhuamán, Machu Picchu, and Ollantaytambo.
  5. India´s Divya Desam temples: 106 of the 108 temples.

Each religion biased a particular alignment principle &/or architectural feature to delineate or specify sacred time. Cardinal alignments, greeting the equinox sunrises/sets, dominated ancient Egypt’s Old & Middle Kingdom pyramids (90%) and Hindu´s Divya Desam temples (90%) and other Hindu temples.


Figure 7: Three of Egypt’s oldest, largest and best preserved pyramids*. (A) Pyramids at Giza; Menkaure (foreground), Khafre* (midground), Khufu* (background right),[10] (B) The Red Pyramid* located south west of Giza on the Dahshur necropolis.[11] (C) The cardinally aligned Pyramid of Meidum has an inner pyramid structure depicting a V47 degree angle reminding us of the designer’s awareness of solstices and equinoxes, and its sacred time symbolism.[12]


Figure 8: Dravidian style temple gopurams (gateways) associated with Southern India Divya Desam temples (and Paadal Petra Sthalam temples) highlight a common V47 degree architectural superstructure (V47 solstice symbol), exemplified by: (A) Parimala Ranganathar Temple, (B) Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, (C) Brahma temple, (D) Varadharaja Perumal Temple.[13]

Three quarters of the ancient Divya Desams temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu also used a 47-degree V-shape temple spire, and/or flat topped highly ornate pyramid gate structure (gopurams) on at least one of the temple´s main gates. This V47 structural outline is the same angle used in the pyramid(s) at Meroe (Sudan), and Meidum (Egypt). This ubiquitous V47 degree angle represents the solstice symbol.


Figure 9: Varadharaja Perumal Temple; a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in the holy city of Kanchipuram (India) exemplifies Hindu´s Divya Desam temples. (A) The Varadharaja Perumal Temple outline seen using Google Earth. In common with 90 percent of Divya Desams it is cardinally aligned greeting the equinox sunrise/set. (B) Divya Desam temples typically feature a V47 degree spire. (C) Three quarters of Divya Desam temple gateways embed the V47 degree solstice angle in at least one of their superstructures.[14]

Whereas urban &/or site alignments demarcating the winter solstice sunrise and its corresponding summer solstice sunset dominated the pre-Colombian Mesoamerican (70%), pre-inca (Inca South American pyramids, temples and huacas (88%), and Egyptian temple (30%; Luxor; New Kingdom, esp. 18th Dynasty) landscapes.


Figure 10: Mesoamerica biased the winter solstice sunrise. (A) The Great Pyramid of Cholula (Mexico), one of the largest pyramids by volume is aligned with the WSSR/SSSS, with the sun setting behind Volcan Iztaccihuatl on the SSSS.[15] (B) The Temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza (Mexico) faces the WSSR and SSSS.[16] (C) Calakmul (Mexico) site plan faces the WSSR/SSSS.[17] (D) Parts of the Edzná (Mexico) site face the WSSR. This site was occupied over nearly 2,000 years (400 BCE-1500 CE).[18]


Figure 11: Pre-Inca/Inca South America sacred sites aligned with the WSSR/SSS except where the Andes Mountains precluded its true horizon observation: (A) Machu Piccu faces the WSSR with the sun rising between a mountain ridge cleft making the solstice determination easy and accurate— weather permitting.[19] (B) Caral (2,600 BCE) one of the oldest South American pyramid sites is aligned with the SSSR and WSSS. Piramide de la Huaca nicely highlights this axial alignment to this alignment.[20] (C) Pachacamac’s Templo del Sol faces the WSSR and SSSS.[21] (D) Tiwanaku´s Kalasasaya platform offers the ability to delineate all solstice and equinox sunrises and sunsets, from a single observation point. This platform also contains the Gateway of the Sun, Bennet´s Monolith (eastern gate)and a Calendar wall (west). [22]


Figure 12: Egypt´s Sun god temples biased the WSSR/SSSS alignment. (A) Karnak´s Temple of Amun permits the sighting of the WSSR through an aperture in eastern temple structure from along its WSSR aligned axis.[23] (B) the Great Temple of Rameses II (Abu Simbel) location (solar zenith on the summer solstice is directly overhead), WSSR alignment and Pharaoh statues are heavily laden with sacred time symbols,[24] (C) the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut sits at the foot of the cliff face at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile with its central axis facing the WSSR.[25] (D) the Temple of Amenhotep III´s central axis and Colossi of Memnon face the WSSR.[26]

Mesoamerican site alignments with volcanoes

Pursuing the settlement logic still further, I´d like to draw your attention to some other less dominant geographic location attributes. This is because these are also underpinned by an intermittent enhancement of environmental electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. One fifth of Mesoamerican sites reviewed used horizon volcanoes to assist pyramid, temple, or site alignments. This indicates site planners considered these features important in site selection, in addition to natural protections and proximity to rivers. One also observes solstice volcano alignments for the large Moai stone statues on Easter Island and Borobudur the ancient Buddhist stupa in Java. Was this alignment principle of ritual benefit or simply an additional marker? Once again, I´d love to hear your views on this, thanks.


Figure 13: Mesoamerican sites, particularly around; (A) Mexico City and, (B) the Guatemala highlands, frequently used a volcano on the horizon to align the site with one of the solstice sunrises or sunsets. This means the sun rose or set behind the volcano´s crater on the winter solstice sunrise (WSSR), summer solstice sunset (SSSS), winter solstice sunset (WSSS), and summer solstice sunrise (SSSR).[27]


The Sun god religions of ancient Egypt, Meso and South America, and India built pyramids and temples specifically aligned with the solstices and equinoxes, which coincided with sacred time. Moreover, at the regional level the majority of a religion´s sacred site real estate was clustered into 2-7 minute wide time bandwidths delineated by the passing overhead solar terminator on the WSSR/SSSS, and over distances of 650-1,000km. In addition these religions were also housed in, or proximate to and on the same longitude, as the global lightning centers. Two of these religions were also housed over intermittently active fault lines and/or near intermittently active volcanoes.

The commonality underpinning this colocation is the simultaneous experience of cyclical and intermittently enhanced ELF electromagnetic / geomagnetic fields, both known to entrain enhanced alpha brainwave amplitudes over the frontal brain. The significance of this relates to enhancement (via brainwave entrainment) of alpha brainwave generating processes, which are housed in the frontal brain (prefrontal cortex and angulate cingulate cortex). These frontal brain processes govern our executive control functions and emotional regulation processes, which are considered gateway processes involved in humans attaining deep meditative and transcendental states of consciousness. I therefore conclude that the Sun god religions´ ritual needs were a key driving force behind human colocation settlement, which facilitated state or empire wide religions. Many questions are raised, not least the possibility of humans being biologically enabled to experience non-local communication in transcendental states of consciousness by simultaneously accessing these states of consciousness.

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Carlton Brown was born in 1965 in North Shields (UK) and emigrated with his family to New Zealand in 1972. He is a veterinarian, biotech entrepreneur, vaccine innovator, hobby archaeologist-researcher, and author. He actively pursues travel, motorbike riding, various outdoor sports and activities, meditation, and more recently the spiritual aspects of his life.

Carlton_avatarHe qualified Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Massey University in New Zealand (1986) and earned an MBA from the London Business School (1997). Carlton was founding CEO of Immune Targeting Systems Ltd (UK). Since mid-2007/12 he raised £23 million of venture capital and grants funding to develop new vaccine solutions to a multi-decade industry-technology bottleneck. In so doing, he developed a company and team as a quality-milestone delivering entity, directed the co-innovation, development and clinical validation of vaccine technology platforms against mutating viruses (Influenza-A, Hepatitis-B, and C & HIV). A synthetic universal influenza vaccine, able to target all potential pandemic flu strains, is in clinical testing, and a universal Hepatitis B therapeutic vaccine is expected to enter clinical development in 2014. A “next generation” cancer vaccine technology platform and universal pandemic flu vaccine also have their future potential.

His lifetime fascination with pyramid archaeology and cultures, lost civilizations and humankind’s real history through the Holocene period is matched by his researches into the science and art of altered states of consciousness. During the writing of this book, Carlton lived in Guatemala, overlooking the beautiful and inspiring Lake Atitlan in the heartland of the ancient Maya.

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Would you like to know humankind’s best-kept and most profound secret? 

This secret provides a set of access codes to humankind´s fourth state of consciousness. Consummated through sacred ritual processes, you are able to access transcendental states of consciousness, commune directly with the immanent and transcendental source of life (your god), and transform your life. 

This thought-provoking book, with an investigative pulse, reveals unique archaeological discoveries shared by four different Sun god religions spanning five millennia of human history. Your curiosity will be piqued and you will assuredly learn much about pyramid archaeology, and the sciences and esoteric subjects involved in humans attaining altered states of consciousness. 

If you meditate, pursue a spiritual path, or suffer death anxiety, and wish to experience transcendental states of consciousness to help eliminate your suffering, then you need to read this book. For those seeking objective answers to pyramid archaeology´s enigmas and their shared archaeological fingerprint, I hope you enjoy reading about it here. 

Thank you and my best wishes to you. 

Carlton Brown 

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  1. Robert Baird says

    See if you find a scientific observing approach in my reasoning which is not reduced to re-gurgitation and pandering like the schools. John Locke was called scientific and still influenced academia in the 1960s. He said we had no consciousness before we learned to speak or learned languages. He said dogs had no consciousness – and if he were a dog like his science buddies who kissed his ring and fawned on his theories supporting the Scale of Nature for three centuries – I would say they proved some of us have no ability to think or observe.

    And for those who value DNA (which is constantly proving my history) we have this.

    The Hill of Tara might be the oldest man made pyramid in the world. According to legends recounted to me by my Ogham mentor who grew up near here reading menhirs and other megaliths. Along with his sister they learned all five dialects of Ogham. No one else has learned this to my knowledge. He was a consultant to the Huntington Library when I met him. He is probably dead now but as he said it was accepted that Hebrew came from the same Phoenician root all other Mediterranean languages came from. Many things he told me and much of the book he asked me to re-write has subsequently been proven. The link that follows covers more of these proofs which come long after we said they would.…aratemple.html

    I sincerely hope this link will be accessible for you. It takes a spiritual journey into Kaballah and the southern tradition or Tree of Life. Numerous healers are saying great things about it and I see the Mudras (Mutras in another language) are there – which I have helped people use (Like Gurdjieff) to balance their hemispheres and combat depression, schizophrenia and ADHD etc.…angSoul2nd.pdf

    Ogham started as a sign language and included medical and mathematical advanced knowledge with separate dialects for each discipline (five including poetry or history, law as in Brehon, and spiritual invocational science, which is in Kaballah or the earlier Verbal Tradition of bards I call Qabala).

    And because we now know mankind was advanced and refined with a major league intellect at least 550,000 years ago (In Mu or Indonesia from archaeology in 2014). I say that Lockean science which has kept us in the Dark Ages about how best to learn and develop our planet needs a major re-think. Maybe Koko the Gorilla can teach us.

    There is also a heated debate about human speech origins. I have read that Neanderthal skulls showed no room for speech lobes until about 150,000 years ago. I considered it a reasonable assumption that inter-breeding was happening to cause that alteration but I wonder if Homo Sapiens had speech at that time too. I think some humans did and that includes the Mungo Man and Ainu but science will still need to prove it. More importantly is the development of consciousness and critical-thinking which archaeology now shows us was around long before the academics started down the path of this debate. Why don’t they integrate knowledge from all fields of human endeavour? Isn’t it more important to know how humans communicated even if they did not speak the languages any better than apes? I certainly know they were highly intelligent and able to communicate and know many things a lot of these scientists don’t. Like ESP, attunement with plants and all lifeforms, mathematical and artistic refinements of great things that are not alien given but might even include action-at-a-distance communication or contact with a collective consciousness (Ein Soph, aliens, ancestors soulful collective and other things that many say; are not outside the realm of possibility).…ch2000TICS.pdf

  2. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Penn

    Just one more thing. I never did think angels had ‘butterfly wings’. I think Starheaters post must have been stuck somewhere in there, amongst my comment. Just thought I’d clear that up as I’ve seen angels and therefore, am under no misleadings about them and how they look. Talk later Penn.

  3. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Penn

    I found your post very interesting. It’s nice to hear someone think while they look at the massive sites of the past, and use simple logic and reasoning along side what knowledges they have learned, to come to a conclusion we all can see once you’re finished. However, I’m not sure why you think I asked a question about why you believe angels or divinities built these sites, as I did not ask such a question. My question to you was ‘what struck you about Stonehenge that made you think it was not built by man, but by divinities?’ I think I’m getting the drift from your post though.

    On the topic of angels I didn’t ask anything. I just confirmed your thought about angels being given the job of holding tectonic plates, by a vision someone had along those very lines. Perhaps you just got me and someone else mixed up? But that’s okay because I enjoyed reading your post anyway. Thanks.

  4. Penn says

    I am going to try and answer Brenda’s question “why do I think divinities were involved with the building of Stonehenge and the other megalithic structures on all over our planet?”
    Firstly, from the very beginning of my studies into the mysterious, I have always asked the fives basic questions, who, how, why, what and when, I remember it was in Rudyard Kippling’s, Elephant Child. (I think)
    The first wondering about megalithic structures was at Stonehenge in about 1974, as I stood in front of these massive stones I was confronted with the official answers:-
    WHAT, this massive stone structure the blue stones in the center coming form their closest source hundreds of miles away in Wales.
    WHO, little stone age men , dressed in skins,
    HOW, pulling the stones on wooden rollers
    WHEN, thousands of years ago, I remember being very suspicious of the dating methods being use. At the time I was looking at Genesis 4 -22, “Tubal-Cain, an instructor of every craftsman in bronze and iron”, this did not seem to fit in with the official stone age, bronze age and iron age it seemed earlier than the official iron age.
    This left me with WHY, a place for some sort of pagan ritual there was no real answer for “why”
    I was deeply dissatisfied with the official line.

    Some years later I visited Egypt and went to see the pyramids, the same ritual what, who, how, when and why another set of deeply unsatisfactory answers from the official line for my simple mind.
    As I was pondering the “WHO” a thought came to my mind, the academic line is aways, all structures that have working on them are manmade, could there be another possibility?
    I walked round the pyramids, touched the stones and stood in in front of the Great Pyramid, pondering, I did a simple calculation, the volume of stone divided by the time period the experts say it took to build, I can not remember the figures now, but it came to an incredible, impossible, tonnage every day.
    As I walked down the causeway towards the Sphinx, I looked down at the ground, massive blocks of stone, why did they use such massive stones for a simple function as this?
    I walked past the Sphinx, I studied the water erosion grooves down it’s sides, rain ?? no it can not have been caused by rain, this “pussy cat’ is below ground level???
    Could these grooves have been made by the “Water of Life” flowing over the statue ??
    I walked into the temple, now here you can see the massive size of the stones, the very intricate shapes and angles obviously designed to withstand earthquake, you can not get a thin blade between the stones, this is impossible, I said to myself.
    All this built by human workmen, the jewish slaves only made mud/straw bricks, could there be another answer to the WHO?
    Today with the internet, we can see many other sites in the world with massive stone structures it is only these that have interested me, I recently went to Tikal, the Maya site close to my home, like the Roman structures and the European cathedrals small stones, that could be managed easily, not ones that could not have been maneuvered by lets say 50 strong men.
    Perhaps today we could have a computer program and laser cutters cutting the stones and transport them but it is still the shear volume that would baffle me.
    Now, could there be another answer to “WHO”??? well could it be that the ancient past, the ancient documents have a possible answer, gods, angels or the watchers of Enoch.
    I am choosing just one, the Angel that gave the Lord Gods message via Jesus,to John in The Revelation, the description is of a mighty being with supernatural powers, certainly not a little fairy with butterfly wings as depicted, by the church in much of their art.
    Thats it Brenda, any questions, I am sure you have.

    • Donna Rago says

      What about coral castle in Florida, made by one man.
      I believe he used the electro magnetic fields of earth to move these megalithic coral.

      as did the ancient hue mans..

  5. Penn says

    Hi Carlton,
    Amazing that we are neighbors, we could get together, I live just outside San Ignacio,Belize, just off the road to Guatemala, Alex could give you my mail address and we could communicate.

    • says

      Yes and i´m sure our paths will cross! And like you What, When, Who, How much, & Why are my favourite questions in business, archaeology & the Why question my favourite for life! if you drop me a private message at Twitter @carltonbrownv47 and we can avoid pestering Alex. Should be around and initially visiting from mid-October! Thanks – chat soon


  6. Penn says

    Hello Carton and all of you,
    Well I am back in Belize, got back here from Brazil yesterday, didn’t have good net access.
    Where do I start? maybe a few items I have been thinking about since I posted the “comment”.
    Carlton, have you studied the Nebra Sky Disc? for those of you who hav’t, it’s a metal disc, found near Leipzig Germany, it has inlay, in gold of stars the Sun moon etc obviously very old and and for anyone interested in solstices and alignments the study of it is an absolute must, I have just looked it up on google lots more information about it now than there used to be when I last looked, and in English.
    It is now in a museum near to Leipzig, I went to see it a couple of years ago.

    I was very intrigued with your inclusion of Caral in Peru, for those of you that are not familiar with this ancient site can look it up on google, what interested me is that the site has not been habited since ancient times and there are no signs of warfare, weapons mutilated bodies, could this be from the time before the 200 fallen angels of Enoch taught mankind all the evils, just read The Book of Enoch, you can find it on the web.
    My studies have taken me to searching for the message of the Lord God.
    Must go now my taxi has arrived, lots more to say and ask, I will try to write again this afternoon.

    • Carlton Brown says

      Hi Penn

      so does that mean you live in Belize? My new home quite possibly in 2 months, or the El Peten! Yes time to move from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala to get closer to the pyramid & jungle action! No i haven’t come across the Nebra Sky Disc yet! There`s so much material to cover! but now you mention it – thank you!

      Yes Caral is an interesting site dating back to broadly the same time as the Old Kingdom in Egypt, and pre-dating Chavin. its is solstice aligned, but not to the winter solstice sunrise / summer solstice sunset given the blockage provided by the andes to the East (its summer solstice sunrise / winter solstice sunset). Yes i have a story here for another day, as ive still got much research to do – but i agree Caral is an interesting enigma. I will be travelling by motorbike after we leave Belize down to Peru! Which needless to say i am excited about. But not too hasty as i have pyramids to explore and my 2nd book to write.

      As i say – i know nothing of fallen angels and stick to what i can see & prove with data and science :) sorry to be a party pooper! :)

      Enjoy your trip!


  7. Penn says

    Hello Carlton and every one else specifically Brenda,
    Firstly I love your post Carlton it brings back many memories of my studies, I think my first delve into the mysterious was reading Alfred Watkins “The old Straight Track” I still have a worn out copy at my home in Belize, San Ignacio, sure you know it
    I studied alignments when I lived in UK, many mysteries, I think one I discovered one I call the “White Line” from Whitechapel to Whitehaven Cumbria a line across England that includes many places with the name White or Whit, White Nancy close to Macclesfield where I lived for some years is just one, this line passed under Iceland and I suspected that it was aligned with one of the poles of our planet in some ancient time, this was before we had Google Earth and my studies have taken me in other directions, looking for the message of the Lord God.

    One aspect of your post that really got my thoughts spinning was your study that the ancient sites are close to the fault lines of our planet.
    My first visit to Stonehenge was when my daughter was a baby, she was bourn 1973 so it was probably 1974, in 1974 I was 30 years old, a fully trained mechanical engineer, our studies included “FORCES” centrifugal, gyroscopic, gravity etc and the fundamentals of how to design and make things.
    I stood in front of Stonehenge, I said to myself “there is no way ordinary homo sapiens built this structure, it was built by beings with supernatural powers, there are many names for these supernatural beings, the Bible calls them “angels” the Watchers of Enoch, divinities somewhere between us and the Gods
    Charlton the structures you are studying, only in my opinion, were not constructed by priests or leaders of human society, they where built by divinities.
    Your identification that these ancient structures are mostly close to the fault lines of the movement of the plates, Plate Tectonics, is it possible that the angels had as one of their responsibilities the movement of the plates to their present position in preparation for the “New Jerusalem”
    One final question, why do you identify these ancient societies with the” Sun God”,
    my studies suggest that there is the Lord God and he created the other Gods associated with the Sun, Moon and the planets the Sun God is one of these Gods but the Lord God is over everything.
    Bless you Charlton and everyone else.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Penn,

      I hope you don’t mind me sneaking in here before Carlton, but I just wanted to comment on your thought that angels may be involved with the movement of the plates. Someone I know of, who does get true visions and experiences of God, was in either Los Angelus or Los Vegas (can’t remember), and got into a cab to go to his destination. But as soon as he shut the cab door, he wasn’t in the cab – if you know what I mean; he was deep under the earth’s crust, and was shown angels holding the plates of the earth, preventing them from moving at this time. Just thought I’d throw that in to confirm your thought.

      I also have a question for you. What struck you about Stonehenge that made you think it had to have been built by divinities? I would love the time to study into these things more, but my time is thoroughly taken up. I truly believe that Enoch told us secrets of the past, one of them being that Watchers – whose job it was to watch and assist mankind, fell, and as a result, introduced depths of knowledge, which although very true, mankind was not ready to use wisely. I think many of these things are built by their hands, but others could have been built by those who learned natural sciences through them.

      Talk later.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brenda

        You must know that the ocean are very deep and they cover over 70% of the Earth. The crust of the Earth doesn’t move at all, this is not logic. Since the fall of the globe of ice cause by the fall of many huge asteroids, the Earth didn’t move at all, this is just an illusion too. Thios is cause by the magna the turn around on itself, this cause a great current of electricity, this is why our Earth is like a magnet, it have an attraction, and this like every planet that exist in the Universe. The Earth doesn’t flot on this magma, if we drag all the water on this Earth you will find the all the continebts are link together, even with those fracture.
        The energy that is accumulated in the center of the Earth make those fracture move a little bit, that’s why we have earthquake. The Ocean that exist before this “drama” was made with pure water with no salt in it, it was just after this drama that it rain on Earth, the rain was inexistant, why? Because the water was emerging from the Earth in stream and river over One piece of land.
        We have Ocean because the water trap in the crust of the Earth was under pressure, it came out when the Earth have been crack open by the striking of those huge asteroids, this is the main reason of the Flood.

        I have to leave

        Talk later

        Bye Brenda

        • Starheater says

          Yes, the craking of the Earth have let stream huge very huge amount of water that were trap under the crust of the Earth. All those huge amount of water went around the world destroying all living things on the Earth, terrestrials animals, birds, even sea animal were kill in the tumult of this great amount of water.
          See the Ocean of today, can you imagine a second what those waters have done to the face of the Earth, in minutes, they have carve the Great canyon in the U.S, in Canada too.
          Where the water have skip out, the land have fall in, and the water have cover those land, that’s why we found many structures under water. Due to the great amount of water that fell from the sky and out the earth, the Sun have created clouds all over the Earth brinning rain and torrent of water all over the montain that ounce was plane ground. But in the sea, not all the species have dissapeard, they have multiply themself, and those who were kept by Noah went on new land, they have multiply too, and the Spirit of God have created many others species to full the Earth again.
          In this those time, the life of man have shorten about 200 years, you can check it in the Bible. This have been inscribe on clay tablets and stones, those were the days of the “gods” like you refer to, in fact, they were only human with brain that was fill with good oxigen, 55% of oxigen, this have been scientificly found by the mosquitos that was trap in pine gum and other subtance. Today, we have only 17% of this 55% that was in the air, those human could run 2 or 3 miles without having problem to breed, and by that oxygen, they were more intelligent that we are today.

          Divinity is a word that I reserve only for angel and God Himself, their is no man that are Divin, not even Adam, even if he was the most perfect of all to beneficiate to speak with Angel of God.

          Things are different today, but we have the Holy Spirit in us if we really want it. This Spirit is not God Himself, it’s only a “little” sample of His Spirit (Angel), this Spirit are Angel of Heaven. The proof of that is in Rev. chap. 1-2 and 3.
          If you would have the real Spirit of God, believe me, you’d be dead in a fraction of a minute.


          • Brenda Brown says

            Hi Starheater,

            Yes, I had heard about the earth not having rain before the flood, and I know the scripture that tells us that the earth opened up and let waters out, as well as it raining for 40 days. I believe it. I also know that no man was ever divine – at least, not of Adam’s race, or of the race that was before Adam – the ‘children of men’. ‘Divinities’ is just a name I give to angels at times.

            I also have no doubt that people were far, far healthier back then, for everything was so much purer than now, including people’s souls, and that makes a difference. And let me also add that yes, I am well aware that the Holy Spirit is a small extension of God’s nature – as it must work within the confines of people’s fallen spirits. I appreciate some of the science. However Starheater, the vision is true, regardless of how it might seem illogical to the natural mind. I would suggest that you try to understand what God is getting at by showing this person the vision, instead of just passing it off as ‘illogical’. He knows what He’s saying, it’s we who need to fit in with what He shows us, not the other way around.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Penn

      It’s been a long time I heard from you, glad to see you back, I hope will heard more about Charles and Doug (Tray) and all the “Anciens” of W-M. So let’s get it on.
      I am a human, and like all human, I don’t possess all the knowledge that we would need to have.
      One thing that can stand time is “symbol”, those one are more pratical then writing. The default with writing is that it don’t stand time like symbols, and what a better way to have symbol is to make them solid with stone.
      Carlton have identify that the “47°” was a master key to those Anciens mans, why? Personaly I don’t have a clue, except for a little theory, this could be underscore a degree of “latitude”.
      The most important structure in the world are at Giza, the Pyramids, and inside Kheops there are line that was drawn to predict events in time, those were related to the Christ. All the events that was very important are underscore in this Pyramids, they have predicted in our time 2 major wars, only 2, not 3. And this is in accord with the Bible, they will prepare the third war, great army will march on Jerusalem, but they will be stop by the Christ. Because if the third war would have been, they will have be no survivors.

      Now Penn, it’s very interesting to have mention divinity, because this word is in fact a little bit out of the reality, but we could see keep it for awhile. They are 2 kinds of Angel (divinity), one been spirit, and the other been flesh (the Grey). The Grey have been here before man, they didn’t created man, they have assisted him.
      Even if we go back in time since Adam and Eve, the Grey were present, they live here and they follow the same spiritual laws they we follow, well, we try. What we call Watchers are those Grey, and they are peaceful, and like the Arecibo Message said, they have colonize many planets; Earth, Mars, the Four Moon of Jupiter, and they are part of the Army of God (Christ).
      The Angel of God, those who are spirit are working for the Christ too, even Demons are working for the Christ. I know this sound very unusual but this is the truth, those who don’t believe, you have just to read the beginning of Job when Satan speak with God.
      Some of us thing that the Grey or E.T’s have construct those Pyramids in Giza, this is less then true, those Pyramids were made by human in honnor for the God Almighty (Isaah 19:19-20), the Egyptian are not implicated in those constructions, because in those days, Egyptian were White like the Jews. We have just to look at the painting on the wall that show the construction of the Pymanids to know that they were not implicated. Those painting show slaves that carry huge block with rope, and some are with their tools to extract block from montain.

      So now Carlton, the question I have for you is: This 47° of angle, could it be a Latitude?

      Bye Carton

      • says

        Hello Startheater.

        Thanks for your question! Have you purchased a copy of my book and read it yet? I would encourage you to do that because there is nothing like this book in the public domain; and there is much to learn. No new explanation is required for the 47 degrees! It represents the angular difference between solstice extremes of the Earth`s north-south axis, and is the solstice symbolism; just as the snake represents the equinox symbolism. If you read my book you will see these symbols littering the deity art and icons of these religions over many continents; so that must be explained and understood in its significance – which i provide. So please take some time to read this because otherwise you are only accessing a small part of this epic story and you will miss some very unique insights which could benefit your life. That will then provide you new insight and questions to bring to these discussions! You will not only see this widespread and common archaeolgical fingerprint encoding their sacred ritual processes, but you gain an understanding of the state-of-the-art science supporting altered states of consciousness, and be provided the ritual processes for accessing this. This latter, trust me, has the potential to transform your life!

        Thank you.

        • Starheater says

          Hello Carlton

          I’m sure your book is very interesting, the problem is that my Mastercard is full, but one day, I’m sure I will be able to purchase your book. Even if it’s not write in my language, I will make the move.

          I don’t really understand what is the process of your altered state, I have make many experience when I was young, and you know, it didn’t make me more intelligent or conscient.
          The state of consciouness cannot be augmented without some special chimistry. Even thought if it were possible to surpasse our state of mind, we wouldn’t be more that we are.
          It’s a really an impossibility to be connected to God, you can be connected to a spirit that dwell in higher plane, but it’s impossible with God or the Christ.
          I’m in contact at this moment with spirits that can predict the future, for them it’s like a game, but for me that doesn’t give me knowledge or a piece of truth. But this is good in a way because they are connected to the “line of time”, they can help me to change some events, naturelly if thopse events are related to me, the most of the time they are related to the internet and special word that I they pronounce before I ear them.

          Anyway, what I study the most is the form of structure of those constructions, we have Pyramids, but why having triangle? You most surely know that we have 3 basics geometric forms: Circle, Triangle, and Square, all other are a combinasion of those 3, we have also 3 lines: horizontal, vertical, and bias. The Anciens new those basics, and they knew well Maths.
          They knew also how work antigravity, how to tap in the Zero Point Energy.
          One thing they didn’t knew, is to be really pacific, the social disease that represent money is everywhere, whatever the form of money, gold, silver or else, it as been the problem of the humanity.
          But at the beginning, this was not present, they were united to the same goal and in the same spirit. That’s all for now.

          Bye Carlton

    • says

      Hello Penn

      What an intersting world we live in! Thank you for your post and kind comments. Having lived in Woking for 8 years, Stonehenge was my neighbour and a site of much fascination to me. I have pondered and researched well into the night & weeeknds many a time! I can see you too were drawn to it too :). Yes given its timelines it was surely out of place and raises much speculation-fact & fiction! but thats half the fun!

      i did a study (unpublished) on stone circles and more cursorily on the so called Lay lines popular in belief in the UK. It was here i first drew the conclusion that religion (Pagan / proto-Sun god in this case) was a key driver of human colocation-settlement; with Europe`s esp. Bristish Isles exemplifying this nicely. The more important aspect of my book, and relevant to Lay lines, is that state-based religions colocated themseleves in geographic clusters / alignments bounded by the overhead solar terminator; and more broadly the simultaneous experience of cycical and intermittent electromagnetic and magnetic fields; naturally generated. The solar terminator was most important for it gave an extremely low frequency electromagnetic field logic for the solstice as sacred time, and the equinoxes for enhanced geomagnetic activity. Both of these sacred times converging on the entrainment of enhanced alpha brainwave amplitudes (power); which is the key brainwave signature of the frontal brain which governs access to deep meditative states and transcendetal states of consciousness (executive control functions & emotional regulation). Sacred time was very obviously worshiped in the early religions/protorelgions of the Bristish Isles. 27 of 27 of Britains largest stone circles i reviewed all marked the solstices, equinoxes, north and south; which is not unlike the Sun god pyramids & temples on other continents i.e. they functioned as calendrical clocks and were used to accurately keep time which benefited both agriculture and securing sacred time. Proximity to global Lightning centres, tectonic plates and volcanoes was less of a feature for the Bristish Isles, but most relevant to pre-Colombian Latin America.

      Which brings me to Lay lines; i had a look at a number of these (?? names escape me sorry) which wander in oblique lines across, and vertically throughout the country. Interestingly they also correspend in alignment with the passing overhead solar terminator; at the solstices and equinoxes – as you indirectly infer (Whit). So were the Ley lines driving alignments or were they coincidentally marking the passing overhead solar terimator? So Tribal / Chieftain Britain could jointly commune and simultaneously access altered satates of consciousness on the winter solstice sunrise/summer solstice sunset when special electromganetic and magnetic physics were favourable for conducting sacred rituals… These were very important dates/times for the Pagan Bristish Isles and its Druid led religions according to my high level review. In fact zoom out of Google Earth to the regional level, view the c.2,200 stone circles of Bristish Isles/NW Europe and something jumps out. 90% are located in the British Isles, and c.90% of these lie in a line from southern Ireland to the Outer Hebrides passing through Scotland; with more than half of these somewhere between Aberdeen & Dundee; which corresponds to a Phi latitude. Whats so special about Phi latidues (90 degrees / Phi (1.618)) i.e 55 +/- a few degrees? Well on the winter solstice and summer solstice the day-night boundary (solar terminators) pivots from its SE orientation (AM) through North (Midday) to NW (PM) over the course of the day; experienced as a day long dawn-dusk (horrible dank winters day :)); rather than just a passing dawn / dusk +/- 1 hour. This means the enhanced electromagnetic field generating physics of the solar terminator persist all day on these dates; which i believe was utilized by these early religions for gaining levers on altered states of consciousness. So when the ice caps melted humans settled on these lands for this reason (amongst others)- in my view! i cut this out of my book “Sun God Sacred Secrets; the Archaeology, Art & Science of Altered States of Consciousness” because stone circles were a different (but related?) culture.

      With regards who built these structure more generally; well all we can do is state our views and accept our differences of opinion or recognise we say the same things using different words and language: I believe humans were divinely inspired via accessing altered states of consciousness (ASC) in the genesis of religion(s) and building such magnificent edifices which demarcated sacred time and provided consecrating sacred spaces. ASC and its post-experience interpretation in my view was the generator of all religions and their so called deity realms. It is the interpretation upon interpretation by non-ASC experienced people (religions administrators) which has got humankind into trouble for millenia thereafter and created all the confusion… So somehow they built these amazing structures to help them accurately mark time; whilst also providing their priesthoods/elite sacred spaces. I also believe that we inherit a dogmatic legacy which somehow places 21st century humans at the pinnacle of technological and cultural development/achievement. So we find it hard to accept our ancestors could have achieved such feats, or that they understood and accessed different paradigms of technological knowledge/know-how for societies`use. Whilst that might be speculative, it probably has more ground than non-Earthly realm originating causes like aliens or supernatural/angels explained by sacred texts scripted some 400 years after the death of its founding mystic leader (Jesus) by the Ancient Church of Rome in hegemonic quest. These things went on long before the Bibical timelines, and long before those texts were written &/or compiled. My view is we should credit our distant ancestors who accomplished these great feats in much harsher times, and we should honor that and be in awe of the world they helped build and perhaps the knowledge/know-how they possessed! And stop crediting more fictional causes. The shame is so much of the evidence and history of these great religions was annihilated and removed by the hegemony i refer to (Italy, Egypt, Eastern Mediteranean, Europe, pre-Colombian Meso & South America); which is a great shame for the human history record and the once great religions which were exterminated. But thats religious assimilation the world over; some embrace and evolve their mythologies, cosmologies and deity structures, and some simply exterminate/annihilate without embracing change.

      The good news is, i think we say the same thing – albeit from differing perspectives: In my view there is One immanent-transcendent-interconnecting-eternal source of all life (some call God, the Lord etc), and we access our direct connection to this by accessing our 4th state of consciousness (4 states include: being awake, asleep, dreaming and altered states of consciousness); In the process ASC affords us the opportunity to unveil our ignorance and become aware of the real nature of our minds-we are One and interconnected to the One & All -which is universal consciousness comprising everything and yet is no-thing. If you`ve ever had these experiences you will understand what i mean! The entire history of deities, gods, pantheism/monotheism etc are evolving human nomenclature and paradigms of understandings to try and explain the innefable and interpret the awareness which comes in accessing altered states of nconsciousness under a culturally specific point of reference. The error humans make is not realising we are all One and connected and when we pass from this life our ignorance will be removed and all will be unveiled so we may see and understand our folly; or if we access ASC before death then we will come to better understand these things. Semantics, language & interpretation-we poor humans were thrown a paradoxical/ironic context weren`t we! The elements (Earth, Water, fire & Air), Celestial Bodies (Sun, Earth, Moon, proximate & giant planets), Ancestors, and Nature (animal & plant spirits) represent the sub-building blocks of life fashioned by that divine and immanent source of life; sub-hiercarchies and material manifestions of the realm of universal consciousness. So by my reckoning we say the same thing i think…?

      Thanks Penn :)

      The above (Megalithic / Stone circle Europe) is unpublished Data and interpretations; and therefore is subject to Copyright © 2008 Carlton Brown per existing documents on file. Unfortunately this will take me some time to get to write up, but needs to be shared; so i share it on that basis!

  8. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Carlton,

    Yes, I understand being a little shaky about swallowing Edgar Cayce and such like. His is a very different approach into God. For a long time I knew next to nothing about him, and what I did know just raised more questions. That was before I had an experience surrounding the reading of ‘Atlantis Revisited’, which was filled with his readings. I’d love to share it with you but it’s explanation takes some time. I was as surprised as anyone would be that I had any experience remotely connected to him, and although my experiences are usually very self explanatory – in that they come with instantaneous understandings and revelations, this one has stumped me ever since I had it. If for that reason alone, I’d like to share it on WM some day, because somebody out there might know a little something about what it’s message was really about.

    My dad and I always used to have discussions about whether or not Atlantis was a reality, and what it would have been like, and while I did believe that it was a truth, after my experience that involved Cayce’s book, I have never had any doubts. God did not create man as a bunch of dim-wits wandering in and out of caves, gawking at the stars in wonderment. When He does something, it’s with sense, understanding, edification, love etc., all the things you would start life out with, if you could start it. So I have no trouble believing in the ancients and their incredible knowledge that would surpass ours today, quite easily.

    The reason the question came up was as I explained, I had just read about colonies leaving Atlantis and coming over to various other continents – North and South America being 2 of them. It had crossed my mind on several occasions that since Atlanteans had been created by God – and were followers of Him, would not at least some of them received messages from Him concerning the destruction that was coming? And if so, wouldn’t they have had ample time to disperse? So when I read that Cayce in fact stated they did, and that some came to the Americas, I wanted to see if you knew anything about that, or about the sites they built.

    Attached to that article was another one about these ancient sites in America, and how this knowledge has been deliberately covered up and kept from us. That there are deliberate cover-ups going on I am fully aware, but I didn’t know about this one. Now, I’m not a conspiracy nutcase, and likewise, am also not a ‘space craft / wormhole travelling ET fan’, but when you start reading about actual experiences people have had while trying to find out about this stuff, conspiracy practically hits you in the eyes. When it comes to the ancients, knowledge would indeed be power, and that’s what everyone (in the upper crust) is grasping at. In my search to find a book on the subject, I found Frank Joseph’s ‘The Ancient Worlds of North America’, in which he brings to light a documented account of such an ancient site within the Grand Canyon, and how when a certain couple tried to search it out, they were immediately faced with a helicopter (from who knows where), whose loudspeaker insisted they get out until they got a permit. Of course no such ‘permit’ exists. I intend to buy the book and hear more of what’s going on.

    One last thing, I’m not worried about the timeline so much, as Atlanteans had space travelled, so getting to and fro was not a problem. They didn’t build these monuments with precise dimensions and measurements in accord with the earth, without knowing exactly where and how they stood in relation to the earth. The only question in my mind was had they been forewarned, and yes, I believe they were. Not just because it’s possible, but because of who God is. Having had my own experience of Pentecost, and having been taught from then on, by God, how to be led of His Spirit, such communication as I’m referring to, is very easy. Many who have had their own Pentecost experience, have such doorways opened to them, and if they choose to pursue them and walk in their truths, communication with God as I have described is not unusual for them. Most don’t pursue it however. Go figure. Since Atlanteans were not as fallen in nature as we are, they would have been much closer to God and communication between them and Him would have been a given.

    Anyway, I’ve taken enough time. Thank you for your response.

    • says

      Hi Brenda

      Yes and i genuinely do believe in lost civilisations and its part of my quest. I also found things that remove all doubt that interconnections existed, and that`s a story i will tell after my 2nd book! And if i come across any good reference material for Atlantis / Lemuria i`ll keep you posted. I`also came across something (unsure if true/valid), and i think via Graham Hancock`s site (??), which discussed the discovery of 60m base pyramids found 40-50m below the sea associated with islands along the mid-Atlantic ridge mid-way between Portugal & Newfoundland. Clearly if this place exists its either below the ocean or under ice (the latter unlikely??). So use sea level simulators and look at the world with 120m sea level lower than today and that should give you the landmass options on where we should be looking! All the best Brenda.

  9. says

    Hi Charles (to comment posted 2d ago below).

    Thanks for your comment and i think we`re on the same sheet here! :) You call it maths and me data, which also includes maths because its a universal language and its display in ancient sites has big implications. I think modern science and our understanding of earth systems, astrobiology, solar-terrestrial physics, climate change/geology, and many other known/unknown disciplines can also be applied – insofar as understanding the environment in which our ancestors lived, and the forces they were harnessing. I have to see numbers and know good statistics are implied and the science/math is robust and functional – The resources required to build these structures were huge so i`m a believer in the ends needing to justify the means!

    As i`ve previously mentioned in the context of Giza; both the USA & Germany have the biggest Egyptology departments; this being a post-WW2 legacy. Something about competitive advantage during the war and accessing new technology/science know-how… So i`m suspicious there is/was science here which offered these once enemies the opportunity for competitive advantage during their war efforts, and this was propagated further after WW2. Egyptology departments then sprung up out of that… What a great riddle or piece of fiction to be written!

    Truth is i don`t think the field of archaeology is broad enough in the scientific disciplines it applies when studying archaeology. It could benefit from using common research frameworks and apply these across epochs/geographies; it seems its still very much at a country/regional level possibly because its under the assumption humankind couldn’t travel the oceans until Christopher Columbus discovered the New Worlds, and that we today represent the pinnacle of development and progress… Compared to the scientific fields i come from i see a real need for improved scientific methods and its scientists could benefit from real spiritual-religious-mystic-shaman insight to help their data`s interpretation. This is why we maverick authors do what we do, because a single siloed discipline in academia is not going to solve these complex riddles, and we want our answers NOW… Insofar as maverick authors go though, the problem we all have is wading through fact from fiction; and i just wish more authors would not mix those two up, and chose the right book category to place their material… Subjective, anecdotal, N=1 or a few datasets, building on other fiction as though it were true simply don`t do it for me! and that`s why we get called pyramidiots and much worse. So yes, lifes not perfect and we should stick to good sound principles like good Math & Science, whilst applying that to mythology and data driven history!

    so yes Maths is certainly one of the truths we must listen to; but once you`ve generated that display you are still left with the requirement to interpret its purpose, and that of its architects correctly. So yes, we might get it wrong, but if we keep generating plausible well structured and data driven arguments (incl. maths) you know we might just get there!

    And yes, I`m sure time will cross our paths and we can chat! thanks for your post Charles!

  10. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Carlton,

    I don’t know if you’re still reading posts, but I just read an account in which it’s stated that Edgar Cayce’s reading spoke about the people of Atlantis foreknowing that destruction was coming, and some of them being sent out to other countries to preserve their knowledge. The account also stated that they were the ones who built many of these sites whose measurements relate to the Great Pyramid, including sites that were all over ancient North America – which we never hear about. Do you know anything about this, and if so, where I might purchase a book on that topic?

    • says

      Hi Brenda. Yes I`ve heard of Edgar Cayce and his psychic readings. As a rule in general i avoid propagating anything which can`t be proven, but note and log their stories. Regarding Atlantean, Lemurian and other lost civilisation myths – i think you have to follow Plato`s lead on that. I try to avoid reading what others have written, unless its data rich. Unfortunately there`s not too much of that. Do i believe in these myths? i think so, particularly when you put these lost civilisations into the context of abrupt climate change and the fact this world lost its Northern Ice Caps c.12K Yrs BP and the oceans rose 120m, the Bosphorus straights then collapsed raising the Black Sea level 120m, and we saw desertification across the Middle East & Northern Africa, and other major changes in other parts of the world. Trouble is evidence for this will be underwater, and the timeline much further back if you follow the geological/climate change record for these events!

      If i were to hazard a guess then yes it is plausible that lost civilisation survivors seeded these societies, BUT the timelines for these civilisations don`t match the geological/climate change record for the main impact of sea level rises; I still need to compile my own geology/climate change timeline to see how feasible this was.

      If you were applying the MECE principle (mutually exclusive completely exhaustive) then you would organise possible causes to the following categories, and then understand each author`s sweet-spot:

      1) developed independently: a) fingerprint was left by priesthoods-mystic-scientists, based on a common logic required to support time-keeping & teaching of rituals, b) independent access to altered states of consciousness, with a know-how/knowledge transfer.
      2) had a common origin: a) seeded by another precursor civilisation or remnants thereof (i..e Atlantean, Viracocha, Quetzlcoatl etc), b) priesthoods communicated globally via the simultaneous access of altered states of consciousness (ASC) and shared know-how via non-local communication, c) accessed know-how via ASC communicating with extraterrestrial life (pleiadian / annunaki theory), d) extraterrestrial visitation i.e. ET (pleiadian / annunaki theory).

      As i mentioned in other posts, I`m not a fan of anything without sighting real data and good scientific support. That said i believe in altered states of consciousness this knowledge/know-how is universal knowledge, and can be shared with journeyers of this realm. BUT at this stage I`m not an space craft / wormhole travelling ET fan (2d) until i see hard evidence (not subjective/circumspect). But it does make for great Sunday afternoon fictional reads! Basically these are the gamut of options (might be others) and we as a community have all these bases covered to keep us entertained!! :) Good luck.

  11. Starheater says

    Hello Brenda

    You are a Christians and you believe in anciens science, well, that’s new for me. Ley lines, and why not sacrifice? And talking about ancien science or believe, why they must face the East when they pray? Because it represente the light of truth that was beginning to point out.
    No where in the world you will found someone who will pray to the Ouest, except those who aren’t well inform of the basic knowledge. Many flags have the Sun shinning on it, many have the Sunrise while others have the Sunset. I think that they know what is it for.
    Today certain thing do have a certain meaning, but in those days, all things was do in a certain way, by monuments, construction or else. This was not only relay to their spirituals knowledge, but their science, and this for the most part. Religion is a word that is apply to humans, in those days they knew that Angels(spirit) had dominion over nature, so by honoring them they could benefit of their generosity.
    But we know that this do not fonction this way. Today, those who are not reading the Bible have a concept of God suited for them. But were is the woman that I knew awhile ago, she as change, in fact, she another Brenda that try to shadow over my head. This will never happen, my eyes are becoming like my Commander, “like flame” and now I can see far away in the dark. Because this is the Goal to be like the Christ, and this is not only a matter of religion, it’s a matter of science first, my hair are becoming white, I have pure thought for my God, and from this I have a good Judgement.

    To be a Christian doesn’t mean anything for me, it is just a word to discribe someone who believe in Christ and that’s all, but to be religious is another thing. Frankly more I see Christians followers, and more I see peoples that don’t know where to go. Jesus did what HE wanted to happen, bring war, banne the peace, but why?
    To show the world that we need HIM.


    • Brenda Brown says

      Hello Starheater,

      I answered you under the former article, but I see you are here now. Yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I most certainly do believe in the knowledge of ancient sites, ley lines, and a number of other things. I’ve just never had reason to go into them much, but I have commented about these things on WM in the past. Guess you missed it.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Brenda

        The science and the knowledge that you have acquire is not in accord with the Bible. Supposedly you talk to God but have not way to prove it, we must believe what you say, because it’s the truth.
        We are under the “ministry of the angel”, this as begin a long time ago.

        Sometime there are simple things that can shake our believe, and this can be brought to our eyes the way we don’t expect it.
        Recently I had a discussion with 2 Catholic, I was saying to those peoples that the Virgin Mary was to present in their beliefs, they didn’t accept what I was saying about Her, but I told them if it was Mary that was crucified on the cross? They have hesitate alot, but this is what you do right now my dear.

        Bye Brenda

        • Brenda Brown says

          Hi Starheater,

          I believe in my last post that I suggested you read the book of Acts, in particular chapter 2. When the baptism in the Holy Spirit occurred, gifts of the Spirit were made available to people in general, and in I Corinthians 12, Paul tells us of a number of these gifts, which include speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophesying, miracles etc. In order to move in the Holy Spirit and in the gifts it provides, it is essential that you hear from God. If you’ve had your own Pentecost Starheater, you would understand how these things work, and how easy it is to hear from God. If you haven’t, I understand your doubt, but it’s up to you to desire after God, and reach out and receive His gift, as many others have. If you don’t want to, of course that is up to you too.

          But in any case Starheater, I’m thrilled with my decision to walk with God, so don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I wish the same for everyone for it is a true joy.

  12. Charles Marcello says

    Hello Carlton Brown,

    Before I go searching for your book, I was wondering a couple of things. First is it possible to purchase a signed copy from your website?

    Second, is this book the first in a series discussing all the similarities that exist within culture after culture from every corner of the world regardless of space and time? I guess what I really asking is, why did you narrow your focus to just those locations? Is it because of how prominent they are in our zeitgeist or are those the only cultures you’ve found that are so similar?

    I too have been studying the ancient world, yet other then the math and those stories that are exactly the same, I personally reject everything else as man added fluff. Not to mention I’m confident there existed in our distant past a culture that was more advanced then our own. Have you read the book, “The Golden Bough” by Sir James Frazer? If not I highly recommend it, I found his book to be a one stop source for searching for exactly the same stories all around the world… only wish I would’ve found it a decade earlier, would’ve saved my hundreds of dollars… only in his series of books can you find out what a Wolf, King and a Stranger have in common. There are many more things I’d like to discuss with you if possible, yet I believe waiting to read your answer is a perfect place to start. I thank you for your time.

    –Charles Marcello

    • says

      Hello Charles

      Thank you for your message today and various questions. I am in the process of waiting for the first print-on-demand copy to be shipped to Guatemala for me to review it, and my hope (Guatemala post permitting) is to complete this process by the end of august. With regards a signed copy – that would require me purchasing it first, signing it here in Guatemala, then reshipping it! It could be done! send me an email to [email protected] and we can figure out how to make that happen! It will only be in black & white because the cost otherwise would be prohibitive given its 150 figures and 300 images.

      No i haven´t come across The Golden Bough but i did put it on my amazon bookshelf for a closer look, although having read its description i may have heard about some of his controversy! Thanks for that.

      Your next question is a good one and possibly more involved than you might imagine! I have always been into pyramids and ancient pyramid cultures because for me they represent, after the megalithic site builders, some of the earliest more contemporary global archaeology which possibly bridged the boundary of a global cataclysm in places. I have this strong magnetic attraction to things pyramid and after having slept on one at Tikal (1997) and having spent much time meditating in them all over the globe, something deep inside told me this was the story i needed to tell…! I´m very interested in lost civilizations and finding my own path to the point of death and what lies beyond! The project i engaged will yield at least 2 books relating to pyramids, but this next one must wait until i complete my 2nd book, which i am now heavily researching. I most certainly could have included other ancient world religions (i.e. megalithic cultures, Olmec, Aztec, ancient Buddhism) because the fingerprints that i discovered are also in evidence there. Between the lines, after i realized what i´d discovered, i gave it an agenda; i wanted to compare 3 once great pyramid/Sun god religions which were made extinct through annihilating religious assimilation with one that evolved more embracingly into the Hindu religion, which then spawned Buddhism and Jainism. Ultimately i see a common origin behind many of these religions, and I´m not the only one to say that; BUT in proving this we need to ensure its data driven. Anymore than 4 cultures and the book would have been too large a project, and it wasn´t required for my intended purpose. The 3rd book explores a very interesting pyramid story unrelated to SGSS.

      Ultimately my purpose for this archaeology was to build a bridge from the archaeology (i.e. its significance), using building blocks of science to assemble a doorway perenially and millennially covered, so as to help people understand what altered states of consciousness is about (ASC; our 4th state of consciousness). In my view, ASC was the basis of all religious and spiritual faiths, that are and have ever been in the history of our planet. Why? Because this might be of value to the more rational and cynical mind devoid of options to explore this in their lifetimes. This being especially the case later in their lives when it becomes more pertinent i.e once they start experiencing existential crisis and death anxiety. I also did my MBA thesis in market disruptive innovation and am drawn to BIG problems which can be solved through innovation (vaccines for mutating viruses was first, and i have two more to follow). I watch a world around me with folk going through the motions of religion with its cognitive adjusting dogma and control; and for every religious-spiritual person i come across, i see many more skeptical/borderline/non-religious folk who are cynical and jaded about the world we live in and its religions. Little wonder when we see these embedded in the cultures still at war and killing each other incessantly, instead of realizing peace and embracing the fact that we´re all on different paths to the same house… And i ask the question why is religion-spirituality the only thing that never changes, whereas we innovate in ever facet and corner of our lives to address our 21st century needs. So archaeology according to my method yields know-how and knowledge which can be broadly applied by good folk across the world from any religious-spiritual culture and this can be used to invigorate their spiritual & religious practices and provide real efficacy in coming to understand the real nature of mind, and the transcendent and immanent source of all life on this planet and the universe.

      So 3 pyramid cultures and the ancient Hindu temples permitted me to get a good set of data to frame the problem/context, so i could use the paint brush of science and esoteric subjects to paint the proverbial doorposts to the realm of altered states of consciousness; and humankind´s biologically enabled 4th state of consciousness. Why? To demystify and help ordinary folk get it in this lifetime (beyond cognitive adjusting dogma)! That´s my mission, underlying intent and hopefully answers the WHY this focus or scope. Thanks for asking the question Charles! :)

      Cheers mate

  13. Starheater says

    Hello Carton

    At the beginning of those construction, the knowledge contain in the form of those Pyramids was pure and intact, but with time the profound signification went apart and paranormal science replace the Science that reveal those form of mathematicals proportions.
    Now, only a glance exist of what a true Science, the knowledge was replace by superstitions and “illusions”. We are just beginning to discover those sciences.
    The choice of animal was purely choose for their characteristics, they had an affinity with the existant forces.
    We have today the Bible to acquire knowledge, but in those anciens times they could have write their knowledge on different surface including “stone”, but whaterver the larger of the stone, it can be broken, reshape or destroy.
    But this is more difficult to do when those constructions are immense and made with the hardest stone.

    The knowledge contain in the Pyramids of Giza is more then simple knowledge, it is the cream over the milk. Those Pyramids whatever is your beliefs, are the essence of all that exist, they expose God and what He is, in the second principal, they show how the Universe how he come to existance, and in Kheops, they predict the future.

    Bye, more to come

    • says

      Hello Starheater.

      Yes the Giza pyramids – the world´s greatest enigma and one of my life´s greatest passions! i will be writing a book on this subject after my 2nd book which is a work in progress.

      I found things and plan to put these into words which will certainly differ from mainstream thoughts & ideas, and the not so mainstream… The Giza plateau´s builders in my view were incredibly profound, knowledgeable people harnessing different paradigms of understanding… Did you ever wonder why the USA & Germany contain the biggest Egyptology departments in the world – a post WW2 legacy??? I know this because i downloaded all of academia´s Egyptology department emails from around the world. Paradigms of understanding and a source of wartime competitive advantage perhaps…? Yes something was definitely going on there.

      enjoy your day.

      • Starheater says

        Hello Carlton

        Did you ever ask you why a cercle have 360°? It could have be 300° or even 400°. This is because of the Maths that is in the Pyramids, for reference Charles Marcello is an expert in that field.
        Other question: Did you ever wonder why we have 9 numbers? We could have fonction on other mathematical then the one that we have.

        If we look the Pyramids of Giza were the Sphinx is laying, we could see that every Pyramids would enter in the others. Mykerinos could enter in Khephren and this last in Kheops. Because here too it is made especialy so that we could have this idea. The second thing that we see is that they have 9 angles. In the Bible, the Christ is the corner stone that have been rejected by the builders, that’s why Kheops those not have a top like the head of the Sphinx.
        If we put all the astrologic signs in a cercle, and if we search the Lion in the Zodiac, we found that the sign in front of the Lion is Aquarius, and if we put a cross that is align with the Lion and Aquarius, we found 2 other signs, Taurus and Scorpio (the Eagle), and now you have the 4 Animals (Beasts) that we found in Revelation. But why the headdress of the Sphinx is triangular. This was to indicate that the return of the Christ would be in the Aquarius.
        Now if we make a simple calculation, we have 9 angles on a base of 4 = 36. This is not a hazard, this is a link to 360° of the cercle. Like you know, Jesus is the King of Kings, so His at the top of Kheops, and then we have the 4 Evangelist, help by the reste of Apostles. This is the Kingdom that will last forever, the one that will never pass away.
        If you built a pyramid and place a little piece of meat in the third of the top, this one will be transform and will be as solid as a rock. This represent the immortality, the rock stay the same, it dont change in time.

        More later


        • Starheater says

          The Pyramids of Giza have a tremendous signification, why? Because they represente Principals that exist in the Universe.
          Like I have said previously couples weeks ago, the Pyramids are the basic of all that exist, even God.
          The first Pyramid represent God the Almighty, the second represent the Christ, and Kheops represent the Humanity, or man/woman. As you can see, the first 2 are complete, but thethe one of Humanity need a Pyramidion. The Pyramidion is the Stone that the Builders have reject, and the Sphinx is there to give the testemony that this will happen in the ere of Aquarius. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the true message of this site.
          But this doesn’t finish there, the French Reshearcher Mr. Georges Vermard have expose mathematicaly and Geometricaly the wide knowledge of those Pyramids in such a way, that we cannot pass away is facts (not theories), they are in solid rock. Naturelly, you have to know the French language.
          The Pyramids of Giza are in accord with the Bible in all their facts, even the prophety that is inscribe in Kheops.

          I like to point out a fact that seem to be insignifiant, but had a real sense to our Alphabet. The “i” is the 9th letter of our Alphabet, he have the same fonction of the number “1”. The fact the the number 1 stand straight in a vertical way is not a coincidence, neither the 1. If we understand the nine number, we understand that they begin the cycle with 1, and they finish with 9, well the letter “i” is the 9th letter.
          We have the same 1 but with a dot, why?
          Because the dot is God in the no-time region (eternety), voila.

          Bye Carlton, more later

        • says

          Hi Starheater.

          I´ll leave the math gymnastics for others! For me its a sign or symptom of, and tool for, something else… Some of it implies they understood Earth´s circumference, some of it more advanced physics, and that this world inherited some of its units of measure from this and other ancient societies. I´ve seen many displays of math regarding the pyramids, and developed my own, and yes this is interesting but i do not believe its the answer. Its the face and symptom of something much deeper, mind captured in form, and we need to get inside the mind of its designers and constructors and ask: Why did they do what they did? How could they justify the resources required and ensure they captured the hearts & minds of those they led to create these magnificent constructions… Did the end justify the means…?

          Enjoy your day and remember its a supermoon this Sunday and the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower Monday through Wednesday next week. Check out my blog on timing your meditation for this auspicious occasion!

          Take care
          Bye for now

          • Starheater says

            Hello Carlton

            This exemple that I give was just to justify the things that I’ve said about the Pyramids of Giza. Did the end justify the means? YES!!!!!

            Those contructions were made to Honor the God Almighty, (Isaah 19:19-20), to predict future, because all is created, even in time, for the eternity (I WAS, I AM, I COME). As for the Maths, I like it, but I’m not the best of all, but maths is important like Geometry.
            They wanted us to know that God have made the Universe with Intelligence.
            The Pyramids of Giza expose the Principals that exist in the world that we see and the one that we don’t see. 9 numbers, 9 angles on a base of 4. Because they could have been constructed on a base of 3 or 5, like on Mars.
            Look how the world have push us in illusions. We have take all that they have said for grated. But WHY the Moon SHINE?

            Because she have an atmosphere, a rock don’t shine when he’s in presence of the Sun. I let you on this, I think you meditate on it.

            Bye Carlton, see ya

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again Carlton,

            I’ll email you in couple of days regarding your book… right now I only have a enough time for a few quick comments. The only thing I trust regarding our past is the math… everything else is open to our interpretation and most likely we’re horrifically wrong. Not to mention major red flags go off in my head when I hear/read someone say they know the truth regarding anything that cannot be retested and verified by others. When I find stories that perfectly match from one corner of the world to the other, I’ll give it considerable thought, outside of that… I’ve said this many times before… I may not know what the truth is, yet I’ve discovered what many of the lies are. Hopefully when I find some time to sit down and talk with you, we can discuss what lies I’ve uncovered regarding the ancient world.

            To Starheater,

            I personally would not refer to myself as an expert on anything ancient world… if anything I would refer to myself as a hostile witness. The lies we are told on every level regarding the ancient world is sickening… from what god equals to who built the pyramids around the world and when. Let alone how I see all of those lies coming to head real soon… meaning it appears people within every level of the religious world are setting each other up to be destroyed, to cause never seen before horrific suffering from one corner of the globe to the other. As I’ve also said many times before… the way I’m reading religious texts from our not so ancient ancestors is, first they misunderstood the science left behind by the survivors of the last great human caused worldwide destruction… and second those religious texts are telling us if we do these things, you will cause this type of destruction, or the way our world defines it, prophecy. Again hopefully I’ll find time here in the near future to explain that thought further.

            –Charles Marcello

  14. Starheater says

    Hello Carlton

    Your book must be quite amazing and interresting, I love that kind of book. But in your book you touch alot of subject, and I cannot comment on each one, so to do so, I will summerize.
    Speaking of conscienous, I would like to point out that there are a good job to do in that field regarding all the subjects you have spoken.
    The first thing that I would like you to be conscious is the “fact” that we live in an Universe full of “illusions”.
    The first illusion, to name a few, is the fact that man thought that the Earth was flat, the second illusion is that the Sun don’t turn around the Earth, the third is the fact that the Sun is not “burning fuel” to keep the Earth warm, but it’s by a process of “fusion” that the Sun warm us. The fact is there to analyse, in space the tempeture is -450°F, so if the Sun is hot, why the space isn’t?
    I could relate more, but there is more to comment.
    All construction made on Earth was built for a reason…bring knowledge to the future generation. But the is something that is wrong in this process, if we don’t have the right principal that those structure expose, or if we “tint” their knowledge to explain what they wanted us to comprehend, we arrive with a false interpretation of what realy ment those structures. I think the best we can offer in that field is to lay down the facts with a little bit of logic.
    You know that knowledge will corrupte with time, this hhas happen and will happen again.
    If we look with our 2 eyes, we see that they expose some fundamental principals. You know, if we think that religion is all that could exist in life, we are wrong, science is the best religion that we could have, it lay down the truth no matter our belief. The Pyramids, especialy those of Giza, are for science purpus, they are cited in the Bible (Isaah 19:19-20).
    Now, to be more precise, religion those not exist, only the truth exist. The truth is the only binder that can stand time, that’s why it is said about the Pyramids of Giza: The Earth fear time, but time fear the Pyramids.
    This is because it expose the Science of the True God, all the junk that we have learn from the Egyptian are like the reality that we live today with our 400 different denomination in Christianity, there is no Trinity: John 1:1-3, only a Duality, the Father (the big energy in science) and the Son (the low energy), they have the same pole, the only difference is the fact that one is much more powerfull that the other, that why we have “swirls”.
    But don’t be confuse, God is not in the swirl effect, only one of many of His forces. He have made all at HIS image, not only humans, but the Universe too.
    GOD IS NOT in our Universe, if HE were, the Universe would be destroy, HE is to Powerfull. That’s why Angels exist (physique and Spirituel), they are there to take care of us.
    No One have ever heard GOD or see HIM, you couldn’t stand it. Moses have seen the Angel of God in the back (the ministry of Moses was under the autority of Angels).

    Second part later

    Bye for now

    • says

      hello Starheater!

      Thank you for your comments – I think i follow most of what you say and yes, i would not disagree with a lot of what you write. I can´t possibly comment on bible quotes simply because it wasn´t written/compiled until nearly 400 years after Jesus´s death – so I´m skeptical (not of Jesus, but the texts).

      What i know is meditation based ritual (with/without entheogens) opens doors in the depth of the illusory mind and permits one to connect directly with the immanent & transcendent source of all life; what some call god, some call unity states. I´ve had that utterly indescribable experience and other amazing phenomena beyond the illusory realm multiple times now; so no preaching to this converted is required!

      To share the pathway and its process is my purpose, and highlight some very interesting archaeology & science en route. Its not about defending or rebuking someone else´s beliefs or faith – we all need to find our path. Science & religion-spirituality are like a duality in many ways – they coexist and mutually help explain and support each other. Perhaps what i´ve written might be of value to others, if not that then be of interest. Why I´m here on this site is to express my archaeology & science, and give meaning. For those who wish, i reverse engineers a sacred process which opens doorways out of this illusion! And it works!

      thank you & have a great day

      • Starheater says

        Hello Carlton

        I love searchers like you who can give time to comprend the uncomprehenable, it’s a real qiest that you have, for the most noble quest that exist: tying to extract to truth in our past. Even if we are not in accord with every aspect of our past, I deeply encourage you in your research.

        WE are united you and me, I am a researcher like are my friend, and even if you make mistake, I wont be subjective, because I know that you are doying your best, and for that I thank you for your effort to search the truth that is hidden in every corner of the Earth, so, don’t ever lost your passion to follow our secret history.
        I know that the Bible could be for you a waste of time to study, you don’t have to, their are student that do this job. Your job is to extract the valuble idea or principal that our founder ancien would have let us know by different ways, this is your quest, and mine is to validate your work, if you are right. So keep on searching Carlton, do your best, and let us consider your work.

        I am with you Carton


        • says

          Hello Starheater! :)

          thank you and your message, which was really nice to receive! i guess what you´re saying is, it is one´s intention that matter, never mind if its not all right! And i think you are right. I guess with this project i started my own personal journey and decided i needed to share that en route in case others find it of value.

          So tell me about your name – Star heater… Whats the significance of that through your eyes? Thanks :)

          • Starheater says

            Hello Carlton

            The signification of the word – Starheater – is double. First it mean that I will warm who try to find the Truth, by passing the Truth to them. Star-heater
            The second signification is the contrary, I will “eat” them by destroying their false theories. Star-h-eater :)
            This is what I have done all the way on this site of World Mysteries.

            I’m a soldier of God, to be more precise, I’m a Knight according to the Scriptures, like the Scriptures say about the Truth: The truth is like a sword that have 2 cutting edge, one to unite, et other to de-unite, my Commandant is the Christ. Since my young age, I admire this Christ of ours for His true Courage et Peace Keeper, for this fact, I have givin’ me alot of gifts, many, so many that I cannot count them.

            I quit school early under the promise of my mother to learn well, that’s was already my objective. Even dough I quit school a 6 grade, I was consider to have 12 degree grade. My mind have been so high that I “eat” scientific that had a good reputation by proving they were wrong, the Sky is not my limit, God is my own limit even if I can explain what HE is.
            I’m protected by my Governement, by the U.S. and Great Britan and by the Greys (Angels) who are my friends, we are always in contact, but not the other contactees. They are attracted by the music that I play on my electric guitar, I’m in contact with demons too, they are there for my “trainning”, but I don’t know why. They are always trying to fool me and deceive me, but they love me and take care of me.

            I know that this may sound to you like a big lie, but this is only the half of it, when they approve me in my task, they falsify my tempeture program to indicate the number “22”, this was my number in first grade at school. If you want to verify by our own, you just have to listen to the serie Star Trek, the new one, you will encounter many “22” at such number that you will soon be convince.

            I am the only one on this Earth who can explain the “spontenius combustion”, the only one who can explain the chap. 4 of Revelation, the only one who can give another explanation to the Pyramids of Giza, the only one who can say why they have pick up the stone at 800 km from there, the only one who can explain how the Universe begin, and many, many other things.
            What I say, I will prove it.
            That’s why I am Starheater, I’m warming my Commandant every time I tell the Truth.

            So is you want to be rich, more that you are now, I’ll be glad to help you at no cost. :)

            Bye Carlton

      • Starheater says

        Hello Carlton

        I know what can do meditation, and I’m sorry to say that, but you cannot connect to what we call God, the real way to connect to God is to be PURE, or without any bad thought or bad feeling about our brothers.
        Now let me expose to you how meditation fonction. When you put your spirit on a single point and you concentrate on this point, your body will neglect many fonction for this purpose, specialy the respiration. When this is done you mind enter in a “second” state that is cause by the lack of oxygen, you are conscious but in a “altered state”, this is the beginning of the “nirvana”, you can hear and see things and even communicate with other being. There alot of illusions that you can be victim of, that depend on many factors, like your beliefs, your health, your level of oxygen in your blood.

        Do you have ever try to listen to a conversation on the other side of a wall, automaticly your respiration is block so their be no interference, if you could listen for a long time, your mind would be affected. 4 hours of meditation could not be without an effect on the mind in multiple ways.
        This is what we call: Transcandental Meditation.
        Those who say that this is good for the mind is pure fantasy, the only good effect of this, is the fact that your spirit rest, now, 4 hours of resting your spirit could result in a better memory and better attention.
        But if you have a good night sleep, it will do the same effect. So in conclusion, I’m not willing to loose 1 hours of meditation, in conterpart the real meditation is an act of reflexion on a subject to look all the possible way that problem or else can bring.

        As to connect to GOD, you will never be able by this way, to found something, you’ve got to know what you are searching for, and to know what you are searching for you’ve got to be able to know the basic elements of consciousness. What is intelligence? Why we suffer? Why we die?
        This are the basic, but there is more. No man on Earth have the real answer to those questions, but it’s not a sin to try to search the answer.
        Life is short, that’s why we have the Bible, it can answer those questions that are in suspension in our mind.
        And by the Bible you will be able so explain alot of things.

        Bye Carlton, have a pleasant day

  15. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Tammy,

    To be truly spiritual requires that we know our Creator and have a relationship with Him, and if and when that is the case, we won’t be using drugs, potions, or anything else He does not approve of to ‘help’ us get in touch with Him, we’ll be seeking and finding Him using the method He laid down for us all – including the tribes and nations in whatever part of the world they’re in.

    When Adam’s race fell, and Cain’s offering was rejected over Abel’s because of His lack of faith (Heb. 11:4), faith has been a requirement to come to God. And since faith doesn’t come from anything but His own Word, our journey begins with a humble and contrite heart (Isaiah 57: 15). Humble in that we yield our hearts to Him and hear what He’s saying, and contrite in that we know we are in a fallen state, and are sorry for it. Approached this way and sought after, God will always answer anyone. This isn’t ‘my way’ Tammy, it’s His way, which I learned as I followed Him.

    As for the science issue, I didn’t say science in general wasn’t good, or could not assist us in many things, I said the science as revealed in the article above was not the way to discover true religion or spirituality. God made science so I’ve no gripe against it. But God looks on the heart not the brain, and that requires us getting honest with ourselves before Him, yielding to Him, and following Him, not making up our own rules, or choosing what ‘way’ into Him best suits us.

    As for how I know the things I say, it’s certainly not by learning every whit of knowledge there is to learn, but there again, I don’t have to. All anyone has to do to know whereof they speak, is yield themselves to God and let Him lead them and teach them how to walk with Him. Since He is the all-knowing One, you won’t find a more knowledgeable source, or a more true way. Consequently it’s not that I ‘know everything’ or think I do, but I know Him, and He’s shown me a number of things as I walked with Him.

  16. Brenda Brown says

    As well researched and written as the article may be, personally, I prefer some ‘juice’ in amongst the dry facts and figures of science, and just knowing that the sun makes meditation easier for my brain 4 specific times in a year, isn’t quite juicy enough to cut through all that unseen, unfelt, science.

    More importantly however, I think using science to pin down and explain true religion and spirituality, is a little like trying to explain the vastness of multitudes of galaxies spread across space, by putting your head in a box. While science and spirituality will meet somewhere, the facts and figures of science as written in the article, don’t come near expressing the liberty and spontaneity of spirituality. And this is why I would find it very hard to believe that a global population as informed and knowledgeable about the universe, and the spiritual realm, as our ancient ancestors, would actually worship a ‘sun god’, and base and practice a religion upon how the sun makes meditation easier 4 specific times in a year. Not to mention the required element of psychedelics – which no true spiritually enabled person has any need of, or wants to have need of.

    For someone in the scientific realm, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have written some of the cutting-edge material on ancient sites and religions, but even here the same mistake is being made. Science is too busy looking down its nose at spirituality to understand the life-of-its-own that spirituality has, and consequently, ends up making ‘gods’ and ‘rituals’ out of symbols for spiritual realities. Our ancient ancestors did not become as knowledgeable or awakened as they were by being stoned; they did not see and worship ‘gods and goddesses’ in everything, as people would who could not explain or understand the world around them; and they certainly did not hold to some dead ritual of 5-minute meditation 4 times a year, for thousands of years. True spirituality cuts off and annuls all 3 of these points.

    When we are genuinely spiritually awakened, we are capable of being in touch with the spiritual realm at any time, anywhere, without any superficial aid of potions, pills, dullened senses etc. We see and understand the various aspects of God revealed in every area of creation; and most importantly of all, we have a living, vital relationship with the Creator on a daily basis, thereby eliminating the need for any form of ritual. Spirituality is alive and involved with everything we are and do in a day, not stagnantly awaiting its next meditative session.

    The Bible also states – if interpreted correctly, that the Sun and Moon had a ministry of their own as part of how the true ancient Zodiac operated, and since the Sun shines for over 16 hours a day, its ministry is far more active than yielding a 3-7 minute window for meditation 4 times a year. It was given a place and purpose of operation by the Creator, and should be recognized for what it does, but worshipped – not a chance, and not by any informed ancient.

    You can dig up and uncover the pieces of the past, and configure the system of the ancients, but you cannot discover the spiritual truth behind the symbols through science.

    • says

      Hello Brenda and thank you for posting your comment.

      As you will appreciate this is a small snap shot of a book with a much broader context, and it needs to be read to fully comprehend that. This book´s remit was to provide an alternative and rational pathway to understanding what religion-spirituality is meant to be about, from its foundation in archaeology i.e. bypassing the last two millennia in search of non-dogmatized insight. After all religion & spirituality have failed to deliver a meaningful incidence/prevalence of the experience of altered states of consciousness and the profound phenomena this entails; so we may accelerate our real life consciousness development in this lifetime, and practice death and its post-death process before we die so we may give ourselves the best possible chance of escaping karmic rebirth. After all, according to eastern spiritual traditions this is the meaning of life. Instead we inherited dogma, law & ethics which have served to control, brainwash and tax people, never mind the foundation of human carnage hiding in the history books upon which some of these stand. Whilst this book extols the path of science, rest assured this author has a foot in both camps; in science and spirituality, and there’s a lot of the latter in this book if you chose to read it with an open mind. It was written in such a manner as not to undermine today´s version of spirituality whilst enabling efficacious personal rituals i.e. to deliver transcendental efficacy within or outside today´s religious-spiritual context – what I would call providing practical tools for culturally specific ritual innovation so people may transcend.

      Please forgive me if someone says – isn´t it time we had different menu of options to better enable spirituality so we can experience these states of consciousness we´ve all been biologically programmed for, but rarely if ever get to experience? When I review across the main spiritual traditions, and lurking within the mystical foundations of our global religions, it seems we all have the opportunity to access transcendental states of consciousness. Unfortunately, the cognitive and ritual processes engaged today fail to deliver this with any meaningful efficacy in realistic timeframes i.e. this lifetime. I went back to look in these religions deliberately because I for one was disillusioned with this millennial façade, debacle and dogma. In my view archaeology represents a doorway to spirituality. In my hands the ritual processes reverse engineered from this archaeological study have already delivered numerous transcendental experiences of the most profound type, to several people, and this is something that routine meditation never did for me.

      A question for you Brenda; because I think spirituality means different things to different people. Have you ever transcended your ego-body-space-time boundary and accessed transcendental states of consciousness? Including experiencing unity states of consciousness (i.e. God or mystical union, non-duality), chakras opening, intense indescribable bliss-love suffusing your entire awareness, ego death/spiritual rebirth, spiritual healing, and a whole panoply of phenomenal experiences associated with what religion & spirituality elude to? If you have then I am all ears – but what you proffer as spiritualty is fundamentally different from the sort of experiences transcendental states of consciousness reveal. I´m not talking about 5 minutes of meditation either but hours of time, body and ego completely disappearing, as you access this realm within yourself after switching your state of consciousness. These are the most profound experiences you will ever have, and they accelerate one´s spiritual development thereafter way beyond the cognitive adjusting platitudes and dogma which populate today´s spiritual language.

      Thank you once again for your comment.

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hello Carlton Brown,

        Your quite welcome – for the comment.

        Let me start with the most important point, and that is what I have experienced and from where I speak. I can’t begin to recount to you the numbers of times I’ve heard God speak to me, or experienced real, seeable, spiritual transactions with Him, but I can give you a brief outline of a few of them.

        I was one of those kids who, from about the age of 6, was introduced to Sunday School in a very social, nominal, generic type of church. It was law and ritual – that’s it. The ‘minister’ did not believe in the virgin birth, considered Jesus a bastard, and thought Paul was a heretic/lunatic, and as far as the ‘church’ curriculum went, God was dead – if he ever existed in the first place.

        However, when I was somewhere around the age of 10 or 11, after an incident had occurred in our neighbourhood that had left me a little bewildered, I went to my mother for some support, only to find her too busy with the neighbours to respond to me at all. Feeling rejected – as kids will do, and like nothing really mattered, I went back home. Walking into our kitchen, I found myself alone, and for some strange reason I spoke aloud, “God, it seems like nobody cares.” “I care! I love you!”, came the instant response, as audible as if someone were standing right beside me. And if that wasn’t enough, along with the voice the kitchen was filled with light, though without knowing how to describe it, I was also in the sky at some great height at the same time.

        Before me in blue sky, appeared a huge tunnel made of white clouds that had a tinge of gold to them – as if luminous from the inside out, and they seemed to be in motion, slow, but moving. The tunnel was filled with brilliant light, very beckoning, warm, and welcoming.

        I was stopped in my tracks. On one hand I instantly knew who this was, though there was no reason for me to know, since I had been taught that God didn’t exist, much less talk to us. But on the other hand, I was aware of doubts and questionings that came directly from my mind. “God?” I asked; and as soon as I did, I felt I had sullied the experience, because honestly, in my heart and being, I knew it was God. I also was aware of something else. Along with God’s voice came an immediate understanding that He required full and complete commitment. No doubts. No maybes. No hesitations.

        But my foolishness had opened a door, and another voice – very different from the first, more gruff and demanding, spoke clearly to me from within my mind. “Don’t be too quick. Sit down and think about it.” This I actually did, and the instant my bumb hit the chair, I heard God groan as if I had literally shot an arrow into His heart. My whole being trembled. I couldn’t believe my actions had done this to Him, but I absolutely knew they had. His groan seemed to go on like a peal of thunder, though not gruffly or threateningly, but filled with vulnerability and real pain. I was speechless and sat there in the chair barely able to come to grips with what had just happened, and what I had done.

        Eventually I came to a point of honesty, and said that I didn’t think I was ready to give everything to Him right then, but that in the future, when I did want to give myself, would He be there? No answer. I waited. No answer. I started to walk away, but just couldn’t get rid of this insistence within myself that I get a solid answer, so I went back to where I’d been standing, and repeated the question. “Will you be there?” Two seconds later came the response, “I will wait for you.” Instantly the light was gone, the tunnel was gone, and I was alone in the room.

        That wasn’t my very first encounter with God, but it was the first one I could put my finger on and state with absolute certainty, this happened, this was real, and it was God.

        It took me about 5 years from that time, but at the age of 16, almost 17, while watching TV, I had a moment of absolutely clarity. While I did not hear an actual voice at this point, I got a very clear understanding that now was the time, that if I didn’t come now, I never would. It was that simple. Again, it was not said as a threat, but a fact, and I knew very well it was entirely up to me what I did. I got up, turned off the TV, told a friend of mine who was there with me that I was going to become a Christian, and that if she wanted to do the same, she could join me, otherwise it would be wiser for her to go home because I had no idea how long this would take or what was going to happen. She went home.

        I was alone at home, so I went to my bedroom and stood in the doorway wondering how one went about becoming a Christian. After all, my ‘church’ didn’t have a clue, the minister didn’t want to know, and I was clued out. “How do I go about this?” I asked myself. “Don’t get down on your knees!!!!” came a loud, gruff voice from within me – one I recognized the instant I heard it. I was a little concerned that it had come from within my being, but it was as audible and clear as a person’s voice would be if they were standing in front of me. No sooner had he spoken, than I heard my own spirit respond, “If that’s where he doesn’t want me to go, that’s where I’m going.”

        I walked over to my bed and knelt down on the floor beside it. Spontaneously, as my knees touched the floor, it felt like someone turned on the fire hydrant within my chest. What for all intents and purposes felt like gushing fountains of water, went back and forth from side to side across my chest, repeatedly. I could feel the washing and cleansing, and simultaneously with this experience, poured forth confessions of sins – and things I didn’t even know were sins. On and on they went, though I had no idea at the time of how I even knew such things. Confession after confession, washing after washing, and then I became aware of hearing distant bells, many different sounding bells, and the singing of angels. This continued for about 3/4 of an hour, and then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Everything was quiet, and I felt totally at peace, as if a ton had been lifted off my shoulders.

        From that day forward I had a living relationship with God. He spoke audibly to me on a number of occasions, taught me how to be led of His Spirit, and I gladly did what He asked me to do. There have been a number of experiences I can’t begin to recount, since a fair amount of space is already gone, but I know whereof I speak. I have heard Him, seen Him in vision, had 3 visitations from angels, and a number of experiences, so when I refer to genuine spirituality, I don’t mean dead traditions of spiritually asleep, dead people. I’s talking about a relationship with God – something a loving Father wants with His people.

        More than that though Carlton, He taught me His truths. Though He led me into a local church (different than the one I was brought up in) for about 5 years, I was eventually told to come out, and about 2 years later, to lead meetings of my own, in my own house, separate from any church title or doctrine. Let me repeat, I was told to do these things, these are not things I wished to do, or even had on my wish list, but when I came to Him, I came with one desire, to do His will, not mine, to follow Him, not do my own thing. And that is exactly what has occurred.

        I must leave it here, but I will return and continue, as there are other points I want to respond to. Back in awhile.

        • says

          Hello Brenda

          Thanks again for your comments and sharing some very interesting life experiences. You are very fortunate to be amongst a very small minority of people who naturally have such experiences! That’s a gift, which appears culturally specific to your Christian faith. Cherish that and use it wisely! I´m happy to hear of your experiences! Not so long ago society would have deemed that madness and perhaps you a witch!! I mean that in jest OK )))!

          I myself have had some unusual experiences involving the transpersonal/transcendental realm in my life; traumatic, spontaneous and more recently with ritual meditation. You might wish to read about one of these at the spring equinox this year ( On the one hand you can just accept the gift for what it is, and call that spirituality and scratch your head at people like me! On the other (flip side of the coin) I read between your lines and see a person who has a particular body constitution (physiology) which enables you to access altered states of consciousness (ASC) more readily. After all, humans have been genetically gifted 4 states of consciousness; being awake, asleep, dreaming and ASC, and each have specific triggers & thresholds which enable them to be experienced. ASC is the most difficult to experience, yet it is the gateway to experiencing God, or unity states! I´m a veterinarian and someone who spent a career in the human pharmaceutical industry and vaccine innovation and development, so I naturally look at the science & biology of things. BUT I see these representing 2 sides of the same coin which needs to be mutually respected and integrated! And we need to build bridges between these two sides for some folk to help them get it! We must also remember these are always culturally enshrined and specific i.e. your Jesus / God, Mohamed/God, Buddhism/Hindu´s unity state of consciousness and associated avatars, and shamans accessing nature deities and the spirit realm etc. They are all valid and represent different paths to the same house, and a one which will reclaim us all! I also saw some of your comments on your early life UFO and ghosts experiences, which the field of transpersonal psychology highlights are also categories of ASC – which supports my notion of a gifted physiology! Lucky you )) Although I could imagine as a youngster that was not easy…

          I, like many others, don´t have your constitution and therefore need to do something different! Which is where the use of ancient sacred rituals comes in. Imagine being a busy conquering pharaoh, king or queen busy building and maintaining your empire, and ruling your people – yet you held an obligation to society to ritually propitiate your Sun god(s)(esse(s)) (their culturally specific version of God) at least 4 times a year, not to mention undertake kingship/queenship development using ASC ritual practices. These busy people simply didn´t have the time and life focus to live the mystic-shaman type of spiritual life. This is where the ancient Sun god religion priesthoods came in because they took what were essentially shaman ritual practices and developed these over time into highly evolved ritual practices that ultimately became culturally and institutionally enshrined.

          The analogy is that 21st century busy humans living a western type of lifestyle, whilst wreaking havoc on our planet, have little time likewise to dedicate to the arduous spiritual practice required to frequently experience ASC (i.e. the mystic-ascetic lifestyle) and the eye opening awareness and insight this generates. So what I propose is we learn to re-use or re-purpose these ancient rituals, validated over millennia, for those in mass-society. Remember these were once very tightly controlled; for leaders, priesthoods & elite only, and represented an incredible source of power which built great empires and which were used to control society. This would not serve to undermine today´s religions and their gods and avatars, but offer the average religious-spiritual human a gateway to directly experience these culturally enshrined religions at the most profound level; in altered states of consciousness.

          Bottom line, in my view, is we need more people over the face of the planet experiencing such states of consciousness because our world is in a bit of a mess, and we can´t rely on our leaders to best manage this can we? Just look at what is presently going on in the world amongst the superpowers! That’s why we need to give humans their sacred rituals back, and why archaeology has been incredibly helpful in providing these. That is the purpose of Sun God Sacred Secrets!

          • Brenda Brown says

            I’m back Carlton, (Part 2)

            I understand what you mean when you speak of being ‘gifted’, and while I know there are definitely some people more sensitive to the spiritual realm than others, approaching and hearing from God does not require a gift at all. The most spiritually dead and ignorant of us can find Him if they come via the way He laid down – which does not depend in any way on science or ritual.

            That being said, I am an avid believer of the ancient truths – ley lines, alignments, energy paths, and the physical world working in perfect accord with the spiritual. I haven’t learned anywheres near what I want to in these fields, but that is because I’ve been too busy following His will for me, and not mine, and that is my point.

            How we approach God is not up to us, it’s not our choice, and we will not ‘naturally’ find it within ourselves in the state we’re in. It’s our choice whether or not we yield to God, yes, and to what degree we continue to yield to Him after our initial experience, but the ‘how’ He laid out to all of us; though this is where east and west part.

            The east takes spirituality from the ‘do-it-yourself’ viewpoint, while the west puts ‘self’ aside and follows what God lays down – at least those who find Him in the west, do. While every religion and form of spirituality may have some truths in it, and while there are devote followers of God in every religion, because something contains a truth or some facts, doesn’t make it the truth – the way to go. God is not God to me and Mohammad to another. He’s God. We cannot change a rose by calling it a lily, and we can’t change God into something He isn’t because that’s what we believe.

            When Adam and Eve fell, they took the whole human race down the tubes, and as God stated would happen, they ‘died’ the day they ate of that fruit. Scripture is clear that all have sinned, there are none clean or righteous, not because we all ate the fruit, but because when they did, their nature fell, and since we all stem from them, we inherited that fallen nature right from day one. This is what cuts us off from God in the first place, and makes finding Him much more difficult than it should be. Therefore in order for us to even begin to find our way back to Him, we must start out with a humble and contrite heart. Humble is yielding – yielding ourselves to Him, not telling Him how we’re going to walk with Him. And contrite is aware of our sin and sorry for it, not striving to learn more, be more open, or do more rituals.

            Since Jesus appeared on the scene, the Truth has been apparent, there for all who care to look and read. “No man comes to the Father but by me,” is pretty hard to get around. God declared Him His Son, and the Door to Eternal Life, so regardless of how many prophets or Holy people have gone before, nothing surpasses or will surpass, Him. Those who are following Him in their hearts, but aren’t fully aware of it, are soon going to have a revelation of who it is they’re following. Those who think they’re following Him, but aren’t, are also soon going to have a revelation of where they stand. For it’s coming time for mankind to realize Who – not ‘what’ is the truth, and that yielding to Him is the only way through the door.

            Though there’s other things I could comment on Carlton, this is really the point that needs to be laid down. This isn’t ‘my’ learned religious theology, for as I said, I wasn’t taught any such thing, nor did I know it. But God Himself taught me, told me to read the Bible, showed me what to do, and what was righteous in His eyes. He doesn’t tell one person one thing, and turn around and deny it, and tell another person something different. Beliefs have nothing to do with it. They don’t dictate who God is or what is righteous in His eyes. To the contrary, He is who He is and nothing will change that, regardless of what we believe.

            As I’ve said, there’s more I could say but again, it’s time for me to go.

    • Tammy says

      “Not to mention the required element of psychedelics – which no true spiritually enabled person has any need of, or wants to have need of.”

      So, the many indigenous and shamanistic religions of the Americas, Asia and other continents using entheogenic drugs to make contact with the divine as part of their religious rituals, are not truly spiritual people?

      “…you cannot discover the spiritual truth behind the symbols through science.”

      How do you know? Have you tried it? Kind of like studying the universe with your head in a box.

      Is your way the only way? Is there room for science in helping us attain “connection”? Like some people need insulin to make their bodies “work” maybe some need entheogens to make their spiritual connections work.


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