Stone Technology of the Ancients

Everybody who has traveled to Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America and many ancient places has seen it: the astonishing craftsmanship of these ancient stoneworkers. The precision fit of large stone blocks is eminent in both the Old and New World. It is hardly imaginable, that all of this should have been done by pure manual work alone. There are many theories trying to explained these Ancient Mystery including theories of Professor Davidovits from the Geopolymer Institute in France.
In short, his theory is that the 2 million blocks of limestone that make up the core of the pyramid of Chufu (Cheops), have not been cut into shape, but the limestone was solved in water, brought to the building place in small portions and then the blocks were cast in situ.  Even more interesting are his ideas on the precision-fit Inca walls: He puts forward a technique to soften the stone by use of acid plant extracts!
Another interesting website is “Stone Technology” (see Subject Related Articles below). The ancient Egyptians were masters in working with stone. These pages document photographic evidence, historical research and contemporary debates on stone technology. Topics include predynastic stonewares, straight saws, circular saws, tube drilling and lathes – Photos, Research Papers and Newsgroup Debate Summaries.

Unfinished Obelisk

This 3000 years old obelisk in the Aswan quarry shows us an amazing feat of technology and archaeologists have learned much about the techniques of stone-cutting from examining this abandoned monument and from the tools which have been left behind (it developed a flaw during quarrying and was never completed, left to lie still attached to the living rock.)

If it had been extracted and erected as originally conceived, the Unfinished Obelisk would have stood 41.75 m (137 feet) tall and weighed 1,185 tons, dwarfing all others  (the largest survivor, the Lateran obelisk in Rome, rises 105 feet and weighs “only” 455 tons.)

Unfinished Obelisk. The granite quarries of ancient Aswan lay beside the Nile, thus providing easy access to boats for transporting this prized building stone to sites downstream. A crack in the granite stopped the cutting of what would have been an enormous obelisk (estimated at more than 40 meters high). Now the abandoned partially carved obelisk gives us information about how ancient stonecutters worked. Photo © 2001 Mary Ann Sullivan.

Ancient Structures and Monoliths

Some of the ancient structures from different parts of the world:

Graham Hancock discusses how the ancients built megalithic structures to survive destructive earth changes and how they send a disaster warning to the future generations:

Subject Related Articles:



  1. Phillip I. Wink says

    Now that the Roswell rock has more attention in shape of designs reacting to energy fields, maybe others can realize that exchange by shape alone has it’s place in movement of energies! We paddle the boat by shape! We speed the air by shape! We fly by shape! We read by shape! What are they trying to tell us? Is energy in the stars shape as here on earth! I noticed three small holes in the Roswell rock that is a well known geometric pattern! My stone has them too among others! A hole in a stainless washer and a magnet with a hole or even touching another same washer can allow polarity to cause attraction! Laws of attraction have changed or at least been found new to me! Why would stones be any different! We use different ones for filtering water because of polarities! Is the gravity of today affecting usage? We have a lot of metal on the surface eating energies away that stone may have well harnessed before!

  2. Phillip I. Wink says

    After nearly a year of research and out-reach to every option I can find, OOO… nothing although most start off excited about my findings in petrified windings on a fashioned stone of three sets of cear wraps in a technical manner of usage of electrical knoledge, it seems too much for them to believe. I only picked it up and was amazed by the details, too many to dismiss. Still! Petrification ages this (apparently) man made device of acient technology. I can not understand the lack of intrest in such a find! Science may not be dead to the past but thinks its self to be too smart to look back on technology preserved in stone. Piezo seems to be a little older than we thought and how much energy does it take to a stone once the gravitational pull on its moisture content is reversed. Magnetics in stainless has more to do with shape and simularity or even association. Could the same be said of stone? Calsite seems to be the common link to all energy transfer in all forms of life in molectular bonding. A reversal of magnetic polorization needs only to be stronger and of the same field. I can only hope that this article helps those with the knoledge who are at a level to futher the science of simple,(negitive ion technology) to open up to what is not known insted of what is known!

  3. Phillip I. Wink says

    I have a stone! It has holes, symbols 2 different ones by 3s in sugsesion right and left of the point. It has center line holes with extra 2x2s on both sides. A pollished tapered center hole with a petrified stem still there. Acidic usage on the point and bottom. Repaired areas. A polished out dish with 3 holes coming to one location on back quarter. Looks like technology of gridline navigation using gravity’s energy to me! Petrified stem, 200,000 year old technology writen in stone! And also looks amber inside or at least a yellow that shows in light on the top with white on the point! Who knows what stones have just been turned and chunked for lack of thought!

  4. Phillip I. Wink says

    I have a stone with 3 sets of petrified windings. Ancient piezo usage. Clearly man made for a purpose! No one seems to be excited but me. Is science today so much a head not to pay attenion to negitive ion magnetics from yesterday. Simularity and shape with magnetics in stone is not a new field or is it still. From petrified to stupified. This stone knows more than I alone can hear! But who want to hear about 200,000 year old technology from the days of moving gaint stones with your brains by knowing simple science of energy. If I had such a thing, I would chizel it in stone and build a monument to house and keep it safe for all mankind. Write it with a language of pictures that any human could see and understand. OH! wait they did! Just forget you cant read! A bird with legs of man–is a baby chick who has yet learned to fly. A man’s arm is as a chick that can’t fly yet. A great man with a bird’s head–Someone who thinks of flight or has this knowledge. He will become SNAKE, top preditor on the ground! I am just saying, be an owl, look all around you, see what I see, be wise about the past and science written in stone. Its not all known yet!

  5. RichardPerry says

    The moving of large stones by the ancients has been popular on the net, I found something interesting that may shed light on this subject. I found this site a 1250 ton statue moved it was moved by using a posts into the ground and a 20 foot leverage log fastened to the top of each large fence post and fastened a rope to each post and the object they wanted to move. This gave the men about 20 times more force than just pulling a rope fastened to the object that they are moving. This shows that it does not take many men to move large weights as the leverage of this way to move things can be 20 times. This would easily allow one man to produce a force of 2,000 lbs, a 2,000,000 lb stone could easily be lifted by 1,000 men and far less to be pulled on loges laced with oils and fats to make it slippery or if cold enough create a ice road like they did in the site above. The site proposal can be improved by tying ropes to the end of the swing arm so that each worker produces the same maximum force, if you wanted to do it with say a few men say ten one could set up strings of cables from the swing poles over a try pod and fill nets full of rock until all the weights added are great enough to pull the large stones, would need about 1/50th of the weight of a object to be moved(I am just guessing here as to what it would take to move a stone on a slippery surface, but I am sure you get the concept). So I believe it is possible to move almost anything with even one person if he has the time to do it. I also seen a sight that claimed his pictures of Egyptian wall drawings where real and it showed how they moved the huge blocks up the side of the structure, they made two many leg saw horses and fastened them top and bottom with legs facing away from the block, this way they could just role them up the side of the pyramid. Again if you want less men to do it fasten ropes and through them over a try pod and load nets with stone till they move, but would be slow, just shows one person can do it if they have the time.

    • Fru Teston says

      Thank you for describing this interesting set of possible techniques for moving very large blocks of stone. Even though I don’t have any understanding of engineering or physics, your ideas seemed very feasible and I’d love to see them tried. However, please don’t be offended if I suggest that you find someone with a better grasp of spelling and punctuation than your own, to check your articles and to correct especially the spelling mistakes. I had a little trouble understanding that when you said “try pod,” for example, that you meant “tripod,” and since you are interested in convincing other people of the accuracy of your views, it seems to me that correct spelling and punctuation would be important. Thank you for posting this interesting article, and please accept my sincere appreciation for your theories. Fru Teston

      • RichardPerry says

        Fru, I admit my spelling is not good or my grammar but in math, electronics etc. I had marks 90% or higher math 100%. I’m sorry to hear your having trouble with engineering, I majored in electronic engineering with marks over 75% because of no English classes. Do not feel bad though a lot of people have found engineering difficult. From what you have written I believe you did get the concept, good work.

    • Phillip I. Wink says

      As smart humans today, we all strive for easy! If some one has a axe to clear 40 acres as our fathers did, we would break the handle on the first tree. A lost art at most or was it a science that evolved. Easy today can be lost again! Who will miss magnetics in stone by shape and simularity the next go round. Producing Hydrogen and using it as its made is as simple as Piezo and light. And yet poluters we are. The word is impossible with todays knoledge and timeline. I have done and achieved unthinkable with thoughts from what I can only say came from with in my (DNA)! I am a coondog to science because its in my blood. I havent started treeing yet but I keep a open mind to all the asspects of learning. Old dog as I am, You have to show me what makes you think the coon is up your tree.

  6. Anaru Mapa says

    Has anyone thought of megalithic giants (between 7′ & 25′ feet tall) that were living all over North & South America before & during the spanish invasion of the America’s? I believe, Columbus recorded the amazing size’s of these gigantic people, while he was invading that country in the 15th & 16th centry AD.

    • Sheridan says

      There wre no giants. It is physically impossible to be much larger than we are now. If there were 25 ft tall giants they would over heat withtheir own body tempature. Also their bones would not be able to support them. There was a breed of large hominids in Africa that were larger than us but evolution and the fore mentioned causes led them to be extinct before they could get much bigger.
      These stone workers from arround the world were the builders of the Tower of Babel. They were scattered all over world by God. We have lost or forgotten how they did it. But if giants built this then where is any evidrnce? All we have is the residences and remains of normal size people of those times.

  7. Graeme McCarthy says

    I have Always Belived that the Ancients had help, There is no way they cut built and lifted all these huges stones all over the world, I also find it strange that diffrent cultures all around the world all built with huges stones in a similar fashon are we supose to belive that they all just figured out how to cut and lift huge stones and build in a similar fashion.
    I also belive that the powers to be no ALLOT more about the past than they let on.
    It is a discrace that we are kept in the dark about the past, But sadley nothing will change because the powers to be care only about the chosen wealthy and no one else.

  8. Gerry comninos says

    Go to the website The Forgotten Technology ( and see how a “puny” 60 year old retired plumber moves megaliths (10 tons and upwards) without other assistance using only gravity and weights. He is rebuilding stonehenge on his own!!!!

  9. Frank says

    Right on, But then I am a believer in Sitchin’s theories from his books 12Th Planet and Earth Chronicles. and have been for a long long time. and have spent most of that time looking for answers. Hitting 80 years this year and hope to see a conclusion in 2012.

  10. says

    Many speculations concerning the ancient world almost always seem to point the finger at religious meanings,be it the Great Pyramid or a small stick found in the sand.In the Ancient Aliens series Erich V.Daniken said of the Carnac stones that the humans built them from instructions by the Aliens.Well,I´ll go one further.The Aliens(or somebody from another planet),built not only the Carnac,Stonehenge,The Giza Pyramid but also all the rest of these ancient monuments (with maybe a little help from us puny humans).Now,Im not putting humans down,sure they could build and make a lot of things,but unless they had superhuman strength(which I doubt) most of these ancient stones were just too heavy for them.And to cut Granite rocks with copper instruments(as we are told,with no wheels and no pully and only rope) while we need diamonds to cut Granite,is just ridiculous.
    If I were to come to another planet with all our technology and found nothing but cavemen who weren’t that smart to start with,sure I could give them a little bit of DNA boosting,but to trust them with my advanced tecnological instruments,whether it was a levitation device to move the stones or something else,NO WAY.
    I would of course use them for lesser things,things that they could handle but didn’t need to understand as they probably didn’t as we don’t.These ancient monuments were made by aliens for a reason that only they understand.I think we humans used it for religious purposes only because we were in awe of their power.As for the ‘Jet-fighter’models from S-America,it’s one thing to see something(in this case a fighter jet or something close to it) and to replicate it in gold,but to make one that is 100% air-borne is altogether another matter.I know most of us could cobble together something that looks like an aeroplane,but to make it so prcise as to fly 100%??If it’s so easy why do we need high-tech engineers to build them today?No way could that be made by a primative culture in the jungle.
    I often wonder how all these so called ‘highly educated’ men,spending years or decades in schools to become Archeologists seem so utterly Brain-Dead.
    It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to see that
    Just a thought,hmmmmmmm

    • Richard Perry says

      I have a hard time believing that man did not have hard metals, they melted a hard material to pour into the groves made in the stones to clamp them together and I have seen old art work showing workers using billows on their feet to feed air to something burning to get it hotter. The fuel must be something like coal to need airing to make the fire hotter and would only be used to melt metals or if they can produce high enough heat glaze or soften rock. I believe there was iron used years ago but was very rare and would be the most expensive material when pyramids were being built. None is found from the time of pyramids because of treasure hunters and scavengers.

  11. says

    What massive fools we are to sit in our little wooden homes and watch propaganda from our governments and the home and garden or fashion channels flittering away our mental power on things that truly have not worth. Then we look at the examples of engineering from our ancestors or some entities more wonderful than are we, and scratch our heads rather than get out there and find out who and what was here eons before us. There is worth to finding our roots held in those ancient complexes, but we just seek pleasure and gain. Their abilities were phenomenal before the run of the comet/s some 12,900 years ago when the great tsunamis swept the Earth clean. The Key to our past is there and we just play politics and seek the latest makeup at the malls. What idiots are we…


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