Stick, Stones and the Zodiac


Stick, Stones and the Zodiac

by Crichton Miller

Breaking the Seals

One ‘fictions’ history on the basis of a political reality that makes it true, one ‘fictions’ a politics not yet in existence on the basis of a historical truth.

— Michel Foucault

Modernity, as far as History is concerned, was a result of the Enlightenment when rational and linear thought lines took precedent over belief and over a cyclical perception of time leading to Science as we know it. This method of thinking was overturned by Michele Foucault, who was influenced by Nietzsche in the last century, when preferring to classify his thought as a critical history of Modernity rooted in Kant, leading to the current  Post-Modernist Historical view.

History could be seen as an art form, since it relies on an image created by a historian who could not possibly be expected to report events accurately even were he to witness such events in person.

It could be said that Post-Modernist History was the result of Foucault’s difficulties in conforming to society when he was young due to the conflict of his sexuality with the strict religious environment, which led him to consider suicide while at University, yet eventually influenced his life’s work when he decided that instead of changing himself to fit the world, he would try to change the world to fit to him.

Foucault states his intent in the opening quote when he “fictions” a politics not yet in existence where one of the side effects eventually led to “gay” politics as well as being used as a major reference for Women’s Liberation.

Foucault was a magician who cast a spell that was fundamental in changing society, politics and science.

Religious leaders and rulers also cast a similar psychological spell long ago and particularly with a focus on time measurement, since all religion is fundamentally about Time.

Measuring time and distance was a power only available to a few and only passed through the family of rulers or through mystery schools to suitable initiates, while the general masses were seen, at the time, as filled with  disease and avarice, lacking either personal responsibility or intelligence.

The teaching is clear in the words of the King James Bible when the advice is not to cast your pearls (Wisdom) before swine and extant in the saying that the Meek shall inherit the earth.
The etymology of the word Meek is the Old English word Meuk, meaning muck, mucus, mud and slime.
Clearly, the common man, who was considered profane, was not allowed to know Priestly knowledge about Time, or their belief that God’s work was the creative combination of the Sun’s energy in the moment, and/or that the Creation was measurable from Time immemorial.

They hid the secrets well by distorting the words, meanings and images, eventually creating a psychological block that would become endemic as it passed through generations spread by teachers, priests, parents and peer  groups infecting and numbing the system like the poison of a serpent.

Yet it was their fear of Judgment Day that placed the clues in full view and maintained them for millennia.
Moses placed a brazen Serpent in the desert for those suffering from the poison of snakes, because the antidote to the serpents bite is in the venom and the cure of the poison of subterfuge starts with words.


Words are important and we learn them by rote when we are young, rarely considering them and just accepting the meaning our parents, teachers and peers place on them, yet words have precise meanings that are only  available to those that make the effort to research them.
Who amongst the readers know that New Year’s Day was not at the end of December several hundred years ago but on the Spring Equinox in March?

Yet the word Dec-ember tells us that quite clearly and it also tells us that it was the French who changed it, because Dec means the number 10 in French and therefore it is the 10th month, not the 12th.
Similarly, the word Meter devised by the French to represent a unit of measurement comes from the word Mater meaning Mother.
Therefore the meter is a device to measure Mother Earth.
In this work we are going to show how our ancestors measured Heaven leaving the evidence clearly in full view for the discerning seeker.

Here are some more words that we may use in no particular order:

  •  Sunday means day of the sun.
  •  Monday means day of the moon
  •  Rod descends from a reed which is segmented and means Ruler
  •  Rood means cross in Scotland (Holyrood House, for example)
  •  Ruler means Measurer.
  •  Temple means place of measuring Time
  •  Church means ruler of the circle or temple
  •  Horizon means Belt or Circle of Time
  •  Heaven means the sky above
  •  World means Epoch or civilisation of Man
  •  Sign means constellation
  •  Zodiac means wheel of creatures

Source: Webster’s College Dictionary

In the word rod we can see how mistranslation occurs when we read the statement “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. The misguided thought it an excuse to beat children, whereas it inspired Chaucer to write the Treatise to the Astrolabe so that his son would understand the effect of personal creative or destructive actions in the future. Chaucer taught his son to Rule.

Figure 1. Portuguese Mariners Quadrant (Quarter of a Circle)
showing sighting pin holes and plumb line.

Ruler means those who measure and what they measured was time and distance using the natural motions of the stars, planets, the sun and moon for thousands of years in temples. The instruments they used were first called rods from a segmented reed, designed to observe signs.

In Scotland the word rood means a cross giving power over Time, to Celtic and Gallic peoples, long before Christianity.
It was a Gaul, Constantine the Great, who brought Church and Crown together in an attempt to control the masses through religion and fear while keeping the power secret.
The new Holy Roman Empire absorbed and used ancient techniques and instruments dating back beyond the Neolithic to the Palaeolithic era, when sea-faring hunter/gatherers navigated by the stars in the same way as the  Inuit did until quite recently, using skin covered boats to travel with the season as family or clan groups, hauling the boats ashore and turning them upside down to form a shelter.

Examples of the instruments of measurement inherited by Rulers are the Royal Crown Jewels and the Sceptre Crown and Orb, while the images of Astrology are displayed openly in churches and cathedrals all over the world.
The Popes regalia quite clearly displays a fish in deference to the 2,160-year-long Age of Pisces, just as the Pharaohs worshipped Amen as the creative Age of Aries, commencing with the building of the pyramids at Cairo.

Such is the confusion over the meaning of words in modern times that even scientists and even some atheists refer to the planet Earth using the word World when arguing about how long it has been in existence, while some fundamentalists argue that the planet has been in existence for only 6,000 years, also using the word World to describe the planet.

World means society of Man or epoch and there is no doubt that there are approximately three eras represented in Astrological time, beginning with the Age of Taurus through to our current Age of Pisces which are closely linked to the Hebrew date of the Creation as 3,170 BC.

But the confusion of the word World creates rhetoric and conflict between opposing forces that are emotionally driven by fear of retribution on one hand or the finality of death on the other.

There is often a disconnect between science and religion where neither truly understands the other and yet both send the same message in different languages, one modern and the other more ancient.

The church and the priests were the keepers and measurers of Time using astrology at night.

So what is and was so important about Time?

Time is change resulting from dynamic interaction between order and chaos that can be measured and it is, in many cases, predictable.


Why does modern science consider that Time travels in one direction?

The answer is simple; it is perceived through entropy discovered through the invention of the steam engine allowing the rational observation that time does not go backward.

If we were to build a stone structure and bind it with mortar, we could say that it would last longer than a dry and formless pile of sand subject to the wind, and therefore its entropy is less; consequently entropy is the  deterioration of an object into a chaotic state over time. This law applies to all structures, when not maintained.

Ancient people knew this aspect of time well, as entropy also applies to societies; those who practised the maintenance well lasted longest as with the Egyptian and Chinese civilisations.

Civilisations with strong traditions last longer than secular societies.
In our hearts, in Western civilisation, we know that our social fabric is at risk but unlike other lost civilisations, will we learn before it’s too late?

Science uses the Arrow of Time to explain the deterioration of the Universe and determine the future beginning with the Big Bang and progressing on to a pre-determined negative conclusion.

Does traditional Religion agree?

Traditional religions saw that there was a war between two forces, one that was designed to destroy and the other that was designed to create, which they called Good and Evil, and they observed that, although deterioration was inevitable, Life had overcome the problem by placing a seed of information into the future to re-generate into a new form.

Humanities secret weapon against entropy was its children, each carrying the genetic information of its parent into the future to flourish thus continuing the species. Humanity, as does all Consciousness, then becomes  immortal in the face of the forces of chaos. Our ancestors did not see Time as linear but rather as cyclical and that the changes repeated with variations over time.
The Egyptians created the word Nature from their word for natural spirits which was Neteru and they saw those spirits as distinct but inextricably linked to the All in what was described as Duality.

Our ancient ancestors would not have considered that the giraffe was an animal separated from nature, for their logic would be that it was indivisible from the rest of the flora and fauna and that it was designed to have a purpose serving the whole by pruning the Acacia.
Where it is true that Darwinism has been eclipsed by Modern Evolutionary Synthesis it is Darwinism as part of Modernistic rationality that causes modern Man to think in linear form so that Governments talk of continual  growth and History considers Time to be a linear process which results in a destructive mind-set that flies in the face of the obvious natural cycles that can be clearly observed in a small English garden.

Our ancestors thought in cycles and to be fair, those modern measurers who keep their knowledge a secret from the new generations that are so often exploited, speculate on cycles when investing in property prices, stocks and shares, futures, currencies and hedge funds.

Our ancestors thought in cycles by observing the stars in their clockwork motion through the night sky.
The answer to all the questions about how our ancestors kept Time is in the Bible under Genesis, verses 14 to 17.


And God said, Let there be “lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days, and years”

The key is the word “Signs” and its association with stars, why? Because it means that the Old Testament is insisting that Humanity kept time using Astrology and Astronomy.

Astro-logic simply means star mathematics. Ruler means measurer, just like the ruler that most children learned to use at school.

It was Copernicus, a friend of Martin Luther and an astronomer known for dabbling in astrology, that started the Protestant movement and blew the lid off the secrets of the Church during the Renaissance, yet leaving considerable ancient knowledge behind.

Around the Western schism which split off the Roman Catholic Church leading to the Reformation, clock makers had transposed the natural mechanics of the Astrological system of Time-keeping to mechanical clocks such as Wells Cathedral, Padua near Milan, and Chartres in France as well as many others. These clocks, although unreliable by up to 15 minutes per day and requiring re-calibration using sundial and astrological observation, show the direct transformation from Astrology to the technology we know and rely on today.

Figure 2. Chartres 24 hour clock with the hour hand
pointing at the sun, circa 1520 AD.

In the 24 hour clocks of the 14th to 16th Century AD, we can clearly see that they are earth centred and track the sun as they pass through the signs of the zodiac.

Figure 3. The Notre Dame Chartres zodiac on the North Transept.
Circa 1194-1225 AD.

Few realise that the word Temple is taken from Latin meaning place of measuring Time, but even more obscure is the meaning of Church, where the etymology is descended from the Old English word Kirk, meaning Ruler of Circles which clearly means astrological time keeping.

No one knows who invented the first mechanical clock, but if one believes Darwin’s theory of evolution, then it is obvious that there must have been a precedent to allow such accurate information and a method of measuring the motions to of minutes of arc. There is such a precedent; it is called the Antikythera mechanism, dated 69BC, which is a small perfectly formed mechanical instrument with over 30 inter-meshing cogs which predicted planetary positions (Time) far into the future and was as complicated as the clocks to come 1400 years later.

The Antikythera Mechanism is unable to make the observational calculations necessary for its own creation, so the manufacturer relied on observers using astrology and instruments.

Everyone knows what a sign means in astrology, it is the images made by joining up the dots (stars) to form a familiar shape and then dubbed a constellation, of which in common astrology, there are twelve around the Ecliptic Plane . These twelve Ecliptic Signs consist of a circle or a belt called the Zodiac with the sun conveniently placed in the middle. As planet earth revolves, each constellation passes by in the night sky at the same rate that the hour hand goes round on a clock, and the sun is seen moving through four quarters of distinct time from the fixed location of an observer.

Figure 4. Celtic Cross showing the four stages
of the day and the four seasons of the year.

Each day has 24 hours where each hour is subdivided by 60 into minutes of which there are 1440 between one sunrise and the next.
The circle of day and night was divided into four distinct parts beginning with morning, ending with night as well as the four seasons portrayed in the original Celtic Cross design in Figure 4 which gives us a clue as to how the stars were measured.

Ancient people knew which constellation or sign was occulted by the sun and invisible to the naked eye during daylight by observing its opposite sign the night before.
For example, if a person was said to have a sun sign or birth sign of Scorpio, then at noon it would be impossible to see Scorpio because it is behind the sun and so the observer would know that the sign must be the opposite of the one that was in the sky at midnight, which must be Taurus.


As the earth orbits the sun, each sign travels across the sky from east to west at the approximate rate of a full constellation every 30 days; consequently each month correlates with a sign in which the sun is “housed” for roughly 1° or 60 arc minutes for each day, before moving into the next sign. There is no need for the signs to be precise in length since they are only an aid to recognition with which to map the sky.
We can see this clearly in the Denderah Zodiac from Ptolemaic Egypt where the year was measured from the position of Orion also known as the Alpha and Omega attributed to the sayings of Christ.


Ancient observers divided degrees into minutes of arc for distance, and hours into minutes of time as related to the centre of the earth by using Astrology.
It is this knowledge that allowed Christendom to use Astrology and the different rates of orbit of the sun and moon to conquer the world using longitude long before Harrison’s Chronometer.

Figure 5. Saxton Map of England and Wales, from 1579.

We can see that longitude was known in the Saxton map of England made around 200 years before Harrison (Figure 5) by the divisions of degrees on scale along the bottom, and that the map was made with the prime meridian running through Wells Cathedral and its 24 hour clock. It is quite obvious that this newly released map, which has astounded scholars with an accuracy said to be akin to having been surveyed with modern GPS, would be a well-kept secret considering the threats that were posed to England by the Spanish during the reign of Elizabeth 1.
The clue to the secret method of measurement is exponential and similar to the decoration on the foot of the map. Figure 6 shows an exponential scale designed to be bisected by a plumb line used in combination with Astrology and lunar observations.

Figure 6

The moons retrograde motion against the zodiac of 0.5° per hour using an appropriate almanac and the angles measured against a bright star or the planet Venus would allow reasonably accurate longitude calculations two hundred years before Harrison’s Chronometer and the invention of a sextant.
Any discrepancy between the predicted angular positions of the moon can be translated into distance on the earth’s surface.
The instrument descended from a sacred Temple instrument known to the world as the cross and can be seen in both (Figure 7) and (Figure 8).

Figure 7. The angular measurement of the moon at a Temple.

Figure 8. Crossed sticks, a scale measure and a plumb line.

So, ancient rulers and relatively modern ones could tell the time accurately and make predictions using Astrology combined with crossed sticks, a scale measure and a plumb line long before the invention of clocks and sextants; they had the technology to navigate the oceans and measure land using the moon with tables known as almanacs.


The greatest discovery and most secret of all is the Astrological Serpent. It was the power of Pharaohs, the Vikings, The Maya, the Chinese and the Hindu as well as many other ancient civilisations, all separated by time and oceans and all that used astrology. The Astrological Dragon is above the North Pole of the sun, named the Ecliptic Pole and the angle from the sun’s pole to the centre of the Earth bisects our planet at latitude 66.6°. The modern Astronomical name for this constellation that shaped our knowledge of Time is Draconis.

Figure 9. The Constellation Draconis in the centre of a Hemispharium Borealis.

Every night at midnight the head of Draconis has moved approximately 1° as the earth orbits the sun so that ancient observers could tell what date it was and, every hour, Draconis moves 15° allowing ancient observers to tell what time it was.

It was this knowledge that led to the story of Adam and Eve disobeying God through the temptation of the Serpent by partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
Fruit does not mean apple, but produce. The tree of the knowledge means a gathering of information through time in the same way that an automobile is the fruit of a tree of knowledge going back to the invention of the wheel and all the other components required to construct it.
The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil means an understanding of the cyclical predictability of order and chaos.
In other words, understanding, measuring and using the knowledge of time to gain advantage over Nature.
It was the serpent constellation of Draconis and the Ecliptic pole in combination with the celestial pole that allowed Time to be kept and seasons predicted bringing about farming or Paganism.

You will observe in (Figure 9) that even modern astronomers still divide the night sky at the poles into four in the same manner as those ancient Celtic and Gallic sea faring people around 1400BC, long before Christianity as displayed in their Scandinavian petro-glyphs.

Precession of the Equinoxes causes the pole stars to shift and so Polaris was not the pole star before the 14 Century AD, which challenged earlier astronomers, astrologers and navigators such as the Greeks such as Hipparchus to advance their techniques in Geometry and Philosophy.
Thus, the last time there was a major technological breakthrough similar to the Reformation which led to The Age of Enlightenment was when there was another pole star which led to the building of the pyramids on the Giza  Plateau near modern Cairo in Egypt. That pole star was Alpha Draconis and the date was 2800BC.

Figure 10. Celestial pole at midnight in January of 2798 BC, in Alpha Draconis.

Note by WM Editor: Draco’s most famous star is likely Alpha Draconis, or Thuban. As seen in this simplified star chart, due to the precession of Earth’s axis, our north pole points in different directions over the centuries, wobbling slowly like a top that’s about to fall over. In about the year 2700 BC, Thuban was the brightest star in the vicinity of the pole and so played a very important part in the mythology of the time.

Between the Celestial Pole star of Alpha Draconis 2800 BC and our modern pole star Polaris coming into view in the 14th Century AD, there were no pole stars at all in the Northern Hemisphere and therefore it was difficult to locate the Celestial Pole. Only an expert using geometry and knowledge of the Ecliptic Pole could find the Celestial Pole. The reason that the Egyptians, Maya, Vikings and many others including the Chinese revered the Dragon or Serpent is because 2800 years BC the celestial pole and the ecliptic pole were both in the same constellation.


Figure 11. The Giza complex Cairo, Egypt dated around 2140 BC.

CG Editor’s Note: The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the largest pyramid ever built. It is made of over 2.5 million stone blocks at approximately 2.5 tons each. Next in size is Kafre, and finally Menkaure. These pyramids encompass some significant astronomical mathematics.

Each face of the pyramid of Khufu incorporates two triangles of 180° which amounts to 360°. Khufu 360 x 4 faces = 1440 minutes in a day.

Kafre 180 x 4 = 720 arc minutes retrograde speed of the moon every 24 hours.

Menkaure 180 x 4 = 720 x 3 = 2160 years = 1 astrological age. 3 satellites x 4 faces = 12 months.
Menkaure 2160 x 3 satellites x 4 faces = 25920 years for 1 rotation of luni solar precession – the principal component of the precession of the equinoxes due to the joint action of the moon and the sun.
The width of the moon and the sun is 30 arc minutes or 0.5° of which there are 720 in the full circumference of the Ecliptic Zodiac.

Figure 12. Dixon Relics.

The Artefact that was used by the pyramid architect to incorporate these natural astrological numbers taken from the imperishable stars for future generations was found in 1872 by Waynman Dixon in the north shaft of the Queens chamber and sent to Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal in Scotland, in a cigar box. Parts of it are in the British Museum and others are still in the shaft as last reported.

Figure 13. The Author, using a working Celtic cross or Wodens Wheel in 1998.

The Celtic Cross which was patented in 2000 and 2001 by the Author to prove its function is Mankind’s oldest timepiece and a sacred Temple instrument for the initiated on which the Son of God and of Man is transfixed in the illusion of death, yet resurrected, like the sun on the winter solstice, after three days to cheat the forces of chaos and entropy of their prize.

Without understanding the use of Astrology in the Bible it makes little rational sense which stops many people from reading it, since it does not fit with rational thinking and yet even the Gospel of Mark becomes clear and rational when it is included. The spell is cast, the future shall see if a seed of change is sown and in the words of Michele Foucault, we have ‘fictions’ a politics not yet in existence on the basis of a historical truth.

Copyright 2012 Crichton Miller, 
Presented with author’s permission

Sticks, Stones and the Zodiac
By Crichton E M Miller ©1st October 2011

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About The Author

The Celtic Guide is honored and very appreciative in having Crichton Miller as a contributing author. There is undoubtedly no other person alive, or perhaps who has ever lived, who has studied the history and true purpose of the Celtic Cross. In his writings, Crichton reveals how this ancient measuring device, which predates even the pyramids of Giza, was also used for maritime navigation. Like much of pre-Middle Age knowledge, its symbol was kept alive in the land of the Celt, in Ireland and Scotland, as grave markers, jewelry, and more. Miller’s work has been referenced in many places, online. These may be viewed at Author’s website: 

Is a Celtic Cross a scientific instrument as well as a sacred symbol? Is it possible there is more to the cross than we previously understood?

The Golden Thread of Time
This book by Crichton E M Miller reveals that the Celtic Cross is a machine to measure the wheels and cycles of Nature and the Heavens with which our ancestors once kept Time and invented the zodiacs. Time keeping and prediction resulted from its use and a deep understanding of spiritual values forgotten in our modern world. Misinterpretation and sometimes deliberate obscurity and ignorance by religious and scientific authorities has led to a distorted view in the historical perspective of our ancient past. To measure is to Rule just like the instrument you used at School, learn what the Rulers kept secret for 2 millennia and how they understood and measured Time Temple means place of Time, understand in the Last Times at the end of The Age of Pisces the enormous implications behind the meaning of the cross and its true capabilities. 

Order this book from Amazon: The Golden Thread of Time  Note: The link to Amazon shows the book priced at £400 because it is out of print and has become a collector’s item. However, it will be available in the 2nd edition run on Kindle and POD at a reasonable price within a month or so.



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