Statement on 9/11 – 10 Years After

Statement on 9/11 – 10 Years After

How I can prove we all live under the thumb of a Fascist state and not within a free state of Democracy

by Doug Yurchey

For those of you who think this article will bash Middle-Easterners and praise the red, white and blue of American Blackhawk troops in light of recent events bringing down Osama…readers will be very disappointed.  Apparently, the death of a man and his entourage has caused world-celebration?

People have been given the illusion of a moment of safety from the new ‘Hitler’ who wore a turban.  Are we any safer?  The frightening aspect we hear in the news now is ‘retaliation.’  This is a time when America and other nations should WITHDRAW soldiers.  Militaries/foreign occupation on their sands were supposed to be on the decline when inspectors found ‘NO weapons of mass destruction.’

Watch the fearful programming (called ‘the news’) carefully.  With all the reason in the world to ‘bring the boys and girls home,’ THEY WILL NOT!  ‘They’ are already setting up, ‘we must remain vigilant against retaliation.  I mean, we (the West) killed their spiritual leader.  Us, the infidels, shamed Bin Laden and we must remain strong in these times of terrorists with good reasons to STRIKE BACK!’

I can only think of children playing with knives, and like the Mafia, you must strike back with guns; then, retaliate with even bigger guns!  Stop it.  The madness is (generally) we do not know who the real terrorists are; who really were responsible for 9/11?  Ten years later, with clues everywhere, people remain clueless because they let the media rule their lives and refuse to do independent research into what is really happening. The masses refuse to see the truth that is directly in front of their eyes.  Why?…because they do not want to.

…And if you dare figure it out and broadcast/tweet/text/publish the truth on a massive scale…or, if you are a celebrity with a following and you whisper a hint at what is actually going on…

…Then, you are BLASTED for daring to utter what you believe is the truth. THERE IS NO FREE SPEECH IN A FASCIST STATE.  There is no such thing as free speech today (and I can prove it).

Consider what has recently occurred to Pittsburgh Steelers running back, Richard Mendenhall.

‘The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Friday that Champion “strongly disagreed” with the tweets and ended a new four-year contract the player recently signed. Mendenhall has endorsed the company’s products since entering the league in 2008. Mendenhall on Monday questioned the public celebrations of bin Laden’s death, and whether the World Trade Center towers were really brought down on Sept. 11, 2001, only by crashing two hijacked airliners into the buildings.’  (5/6/11).

‘Would the Steelers seriously part with Mendenhall because of what he said on Twitter?’

‘Tough to fine someone for free speech.’

Richard Mendenhall has been slandered, ridiculed and criticized for speaking his mind.  He has lost endorsements, millions of dollars and possibly his entire professional career.  He has been called a ‘nut,’ ‘an idiot,’ ‘bizarre,’ ‘ignorant,’ and ‘uninformed’ with his ‘off-the-wall’ comments on 9/11.  Richard Mendenhall is absolutely right.

Television, radio, the papers and other news media are in the process of ruining Mendenhall.  WE, you and me, can speak our minds because we do not have large followings.  ‘They’ do not mind small, unorganized, independent groups sifting through what is REAL.  But…if you are famous and have fans interested in your opinions, then you better shut up and goosestep along fascist lines. ‘They’ will even go after the likes of Donald Trump if he questions the birthplace of the President.

Truth is, ten years later, people like Mendenhall and many others have discovered a different 9/11 other than TV or media’s interpretations (brainwashing) of 9/11.  Many people have reviewed the enormous amount of evidence that 9/11 was an ‘inside job.’  We are just not allowed to talk about it on FASCIST-CONTROLLED TV and other media. Read this article: ‘It Wasn’t Muslims.

It is people like Richard Mendenhall and conspiracy theorists who are truly the INFORMED ones.  They are the ones not-brainwashed. We are not permitted to criticize our government.  This is not freedom and liberty.  USE YOUR EYES and see the truth with a film-loop of the second 9/11 plane crashing into the second WTC tower:

Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175?

’Not only is the anomalous device on the plane’s underside clearly visible, it is clear too that, just as the plane’s nose strikes the building, the nozzle of this device FIRES A JET OF FLAME.’
Also, don’t miss these videos:  9/11 Controlled Demolition Comparison
9/11 Controlled Demolition?

FORGET MEDIA PROGRAMMING and LOOK at the MISSILE ATTACHED to the lower side of the plane’s fuselage.  Since when do commercial planes takeoff with huge missiles on their undercarriage?  A good DVD disk to get exposing the real terrorists is called ‘In Plane Sight’ because the truth is directly before your eyes.  There is not supposed to be a bulbous attachment on the bottom side of planes.  Remember, Muslim terrorists did not use sophisticated missiles.  Yet, evidence points to a sophistication on the level of the CIA.

EXAMINE THE FLASH.  We are told it was when the very front or tip of the plane sparked against the building.  But, our eyes inform us the spark came FROM THE LOWER SIDE AND HAPPENED BEFORE IMPACT.  In fact, we see that the FLASH comes out of the attached missile that is not supposed to be there!

If we truly examine the second plane in detail, we discover that it is not a commercial airplane at all.  The deadly projectile is smaller and gray, without windows.  The aircraft was probably RADIO-controlled with no one onboard.  State-of-the-art terrorists could have been at computer screens; guiding it and a moment before impact, ignited the attached missile.  It is the MISSILE THAT FIRES and your eyes can plainly see it.  But, do you want to realize the truth?

Online, readers can find my article (“The Great 9/11 -Magick Trick“) and many/many others exposing what really happened or closer to what really happened on 9/11/2001.  You will never receive this information on television.  Why is it the Internet-universe knows well that there were demolition bombs already in place and brought the towers down like any building demolition, BUT this cannot be hinted at or shown on TV without a firestorm ensuing?  Is that free speech?

What struck the Pentagon?  Certainly not a plane; there was no shred of a plane.  Airplanes do not disintegrate upon crash.  Something should have remained of a plane and there was nothing.  The first hole in the side of the most-protected and filmed building was small; nowhere the size of a plane.  Later, the façade fell or made to fall which assumed a larger hole.  Now, why not admit that it was a missile that struck the Pentagon?  Why push the lame story in the press of a misguided, commercial aircraft?  OH, that’s right…the terrorists were supposed to be primitives with box cutters and not sophisticated enemies with sophisticated technology.

Sorry, to inform readers, but WE (leaders) are the TERRORISTS.  It is a hard pill to swallow.  We do not want to believe that our tax dollars fund mass-killings.  We do not want to believe that we financially support (secret) depopulation methods.  (DON’T TELL US THAT!) Truth is the physical evidence supports these harsh realities.

In a free society, we have the right to pursue the evidence.  We certainly must be permitted to SHARE information, no matter how sinister we discover it to be.  This old writer (now 60) sees the youth of today with their freaking Facebooks and Twitters and cell phone implants…but, what are we really saying to each other?  We’re good at debunking; we’re good at criticizing; we’re good at tearing apart the truth and only passing along misunderstandings.  What good is tech if we still are no closer to the truth?  Are we learning?  NO; we are not learning.  The truth is not something we WANT to acknowledge.

Conspiracy theorists do not deny the fateful, tragic events of that September morning; they deny the federally-controlled media’s VIEW of them.



Ever wonder why we do not see Democratic protests against the war at the Oscars like we saw in the 60s/70s?  Celebrities would not DARE these days.  Their built-up empires can be toppled so easily.   Also, before I receive a firestorm of criticism for my unpatriotic tendencies using a provocative word like ‘FASCISM’ for American society…maybe the uninformed can look up the definition of ‘fasces.’

Fasces (a plurale tantum, from the Latin word fascis, meaning “bundle”) are a bundle of wooden sticks with an axe blade emerging from the center, which is an image that traditionally symbolizes summary power and jurisdiction, and/or “strength through unity”.

…before young citizens of the USA attack me for sharing information, let me share that the FASCES SYMBOL runs through the halls of Congress and the House.  The symbol has been on U.S. money and in newspapers.  ‘Tied rods with axe head’ is as evil as the swastika.  It means, ‘if we control and unify all leaders, then we have POWER!’

A ‘republic’ is not a democracy, but ruled by a council of dictators or ‘star chamber.’  Look up the definition of REPUBLIC (only they do not use the word ‘dictators’).  Does this sound familiar?  ‘I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…’

Finally, a quote from my online article ‘The Sith Have Taken Over the U.S.’  ‘There is a scene in Sith (film) where Senator Padme (Natalie Portman) asks Anakin: ‘What if the democracy we thought we were serving no longer exists and the REPUBLIC has become the very evil we have been fighting to destroy?’ Is she really asking, ‘what if America has become the very evil we were fighting in the Second World War?’’

— Doug Yurchey


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: 9/11: The Pentagon
(what happened and why):

Controlled Demolition?


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  1. shonwalker says

    Dude! I got so tired of the Mind Fuck Propaganda, I had to leave; I couldn’t take living in my own Country any longer. I sold and gave to the poor everything I owned. And this blew my mind; I landed in Cairo Egypt on 9/11/09. Shit how about that? I have been to sixteen countries throughout the Middle East and Asia. I rented a car and drove to S. Lebanon to see with my own eyes the devastation, unfortunately I was arrested by the Hisbulah and taken to Sauaida to the Lebanese Army. They let me go the next day. I went to Iraq but Cpt. Foster of the US Army turned me around. I also made it to Kabul Afghanistan, spent a week talking to the locals, what a beautiful bunch of people. My mind is so full of bitchen stories. I’m now living in China. I can’t take all the beautiful souls murdered by my countrymen on my mind. I was literally shedding tears every day. I tried to come back twice but I get this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and had to leave both times, I don’t think I’ll try again. You know the Powers That Be, consider us as worthless eaters? I must say 85% of my beloved brothers and sisters seem like mindless followers? TV is God!!! Hey I’m cool now I have some cute well behaved kids to teach and I guess I’d rather not live in a Fascis society; it seems hopeless? Our leaders have betrayed us on a grand scale! I fear they will destroy our beautiful Amerika. I also have an overwhelming feeling that something very very big is about to happen. Bigger than the Chem Trails! May the Great Spirit cleanse His galaxies…

  2. jason apoyan says

    How to stop this happening again give arrest warrants that should send them a zap to the states of the nation new york.

  3. Semper_Frog says

    That’s not a missle, that is the gear well. Sorry tin hatters, the towere weren’t brought down by the buildaburgers or the illuminati.

  4. Jason apoyan says

    Middle easterners please do not feel threatend we are trying to help save you from the wicked leaders mainly the west media reporters they proudly display news about conquest of your land from there war machine media propagander we call it here they are in with the saudi usa british jews nato current elected leaders and getting worse you have seen what has been done to your tolerence goes only so far stay strong and proud we are all in this together.

  5. Doug Yurchey says

    Yes, I over-reacted…but, it was that DAY, you see. All I wanted to do was see some tennis and watch football, but no…every 5 minutes I had to be reminded and see you guys wave your flags and NEVER cover the real story. It’s like yer all so convinced Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. You don’t allow a contrary opinion; neither does your TV. Maybe I was trying to make a point. No, it wasn’t you, James…that got to me. It was that DAY. How could I not feel picked on – as I always have been? You even titled your article same as mine…then you certainly hit the HOT BUTTON with ‘Wayne McDonald.’ Is it like you wait for me to write – take the opposite stand – and that’s where you get your material? Don’t answer. The difference is I’m old and have learned; you’re young and haven’t learned, yet. I was naive…then I learned…had the realizations…and changed. If you haven’t changed from childhood programming, then you haven’t learned. But, I’m done arguing…or lecturing. I do feel betrayed by a webmaster who hasn’t realized this new article is pure anti-Doug. How about I let you alone and you let me alone?

  6. JamesMP says

    WOW!!! THAT WAS SOME SOAP BOX SPEECH THERE! Mr. Yurchey, I sincerely apologize. I did not realize you would take one person’s post comments so effin seriously. I’m not your enemy. I’m not the kid with the Dodgeball in gym class who backed you up in the corner. I was just posting something. I’m not a facist gustapo secret agent with an agenda to seek out the resistance and destroy free speech. I JUST DISAGREE WITH YOUR IDEA REGARDING 9-11 AND FASCIST AMERICA!! People are going to disagree. Its called criticism and I didnt intend to make you feel this way but I obviously pushed quite a few buttons. I made a general statement and I wasn’t nit picking every word that you said in the article like you did with mine. I wasn’t refering just to your article but the myriad of articles, videos, and posts on the web, and the misinformation and misinterpretation perpetuated by the Internet Age in regard to what happened on 9/11. You obviously have a very powerful mind and I’m not judging you or your mind; I just disagree with your position and the conspiracy theories that are on the Internet that, to me, don’t make any sense and are not based in reality. I just want to understand how the conspiratorial mind functions. What is going on outside of us is usually reflective of whats going on inside and vice versa. Were all looking for answers and explanations, thats what it means to have a human mind. Human society will always have its ills, but it doesnt mean that the government is evil and looking to destroy us all and the freedoms we possess; theres a difference between being cautious and curious and being paranoid. I NEVER SAID ANYTHING WAS PERFECT!! This country is falling apart, but its gunna fall apart faster if we waste timing concocting theories about past events and fearing the worst in everything and everybody. This wasnt a competition. I don’t feel like I won any arguement. Keep writing!!! I can’t stop you from writing or doing anything. If you are passionate about it, and obviously you are, keep being passionate. Do what you love, just don’t think the worst of everything and everybody. I kind of regret even responding to your article in the first place. I was just expressing an opinion. if you are so anti-ME and my opinions, use my comments to make your resolve stronger: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Anyway, I’m done too. I’m not gunna react to any of your articles anymore. We don’t agree on anything. I’m not gunna change my mind about what I think and neither are you, so consider this my last comment. Goodbye

  7. Doug Yurchey says

    I write this on September 11, 10 years after. And, I am very sad today…but not for the same reasons as you. My heart cries for the dead just as yours does. When I see the images of the falling NY buildings, it stirs emotions in me as well. These emotions are not the same as yours. My emotions concern ‘how could the government do this to its own people?’ THAT is the true sadness and tragedy in the events of 9/11. Please read the article & threads after my article which expose how in the land of the free, we are NOT FREE; WE ARE NOT FREE TO EXPOSE THE EVIL WORKINGS OF THE FEDS! We are not free to QUESTION federal policy, programming and propaganda. If we dare do so and freely speak our hearts, then little slimy/greasy minion-monitors come out of the woodwork and attack everything right/clean and wholesome…like ‘James.’ Truth is pure, but you cannot whisper it in a fascist state that corrupts real free speech.
    Look who JAMES tells us to go to for the truth and of course HIS truth is ‘there’s nothing funky going on.’ He tells us to read WAYNE MCDONALD. EVERY CONSPIRACY THEORY can be explained folks! It’s all psychological; we make it up and ‘concoct’ these wild, outlandish conspiracy theories. Didn’t you know that? Nothing’s going on. Let me tell you about Wayne McDonald. Here’s an experiment you readers won’t take the time to do. Read my article about Black Holes and Quasars; the possibility, the THEORY that the phenomena are better explained by being opposite of the other like each being ends of a wormhole between universes. Now…years ago, the W-M webmaster posts a COUNTER article to my wonderfully inspired article…written by the illustrious, Wayne McDonald. READ THEM! Read the common sense POSSIBILITY as I dare to say MAYBE something like a quasar is better explained as a HOLE. In a Black Hole, everything falls (shrinks, warps) into one point in space and disappears (and energy isn’t allowed to do that ‘cause it can’t be destroyed). In a Quasar White Hole, everything appears OUT of one point in space. Read Wayne’s counter argument to mine. I’ll paraphrase it for you: all he says is, ‘no it isn’t.’ THAT’S his evidence…no evidence at all; it just irks him that someone could have such a DIFFERENT view, it MUST be wrong. I told the W-M webmaster of my disappointment that he would post ‘just anything.’ McDonald was not making an intelligent argument; he simply countered everything I wrote. What is this? I get that enough in my personal life; people not taking the time to listen to what could be brilliant – and attacking for the sake of tearing something down. I can take rejection and being countered; I’m used to it. But, give me something more than ‘oh, that can’t be’ or ‘our government wouldn’t do such things.’
    You could say, ‘what’s the matter, Yurchey, you have to have everyone agree with you?’ That’s not it at all. It would be nice to have SOMEONE on my side and in my corner. Only a few write. INSTEAD, the ones who write are Waynes and Jameses and you know what, people?…they could be the same person! Could be. Isn’t that all I’m saying…these conspiracies COULD BE…there’s even solid evidence in many cases. But, we’re not permitted to think that or suggest the reality of certain controversies. Even if I and only the few war-protestors today are dead wrong…guess what, JAMES…WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK OUR DISCONTENT IN AMERICA! That’s what this country is really about – not YOUR FREE SPEECH, which is disguised fascism that only intelligent people will recognize. In your America, there will be a fascist on our tail every step of the way, CORRECTING US and always enforcing the view that we are just the sweetest little federal system in town, sugar plum! Isn’t everything beautiful in our land of the free? Nothing is going on. How could it be? The government does such wonderful things with our tax dollars; they don’t waste spending on ridiculousness; they don’t make war; build super Defense budgets; build more nukes; make viral diseases like AIDS; find new ways to kill people. No…no… aren’t schools just the best institutions with loads of money; aren’t teachers highly paid for the important work they’re doing? Our cities are clean and safe. Aren’t hospitals cheap so everyone can afford to become ill? Aren’t there oodles of public programs so those who want to work can earn a fair living? Gas prices are so LOW. Yes this is such a wonderful, modern state with computers and super-media where just about every problem has been solved and every family can live a great life free from crime in a booming economy? What? That’s not how it is? And, you mean to tell me that we have to shut up? What? We’re not even allowed to COMPLAIN? Just what branch of the SS Gestapo do you work for, Jimmy??

    I have an announcement, people. It probably will go completely unnoticed. I am usually totally ignored; no one really cares about my writing. I actually do have a few fans that I hear from on rare occasions. My announcement is: I QUIT. This is no fun. It’s no fun using Sherlock Holmes tactics to suss out the truth only to be not appreciated for the blood, sweat and tears you put into your writing and research. No one pays me. What is this ‘hobby’ of mine to give out what I truly/honestly believe and almost proven…without any type of agenda…to go where the evidence takes me. Why…to get shit thrown in my face for my efforts? To have red, white and blue people like James McDonald go out of their way to insist to others that I am wrong? So…I’m done, Jimmy. You and Wayne and your (generalizing) whole generation of mindless skeptic cynics have won!! Go toast yourself; raise a glass of champagne; you and Wayne who is probably your alter ego can go TOAST YOURSELF. You win. No candle of truth can stand against blowhards like you who do not permit dissent. So, I’m through…I WILL NEVER WRITE ANOTHER ARTICLE AND SUBMIT IT FOR POSTING ON THE INTERNET.

    I’m sorry, Alex, the webmaster of World Mysteries. You know we’re friends; you’ve supported me and my many articles over the last 9 years. I recently sent a booklet I wrote to your house. But, I can’t go on like this. These BLOGS only produced heartache for me. You happy, James? You won’t have Trickie Doug to kick around anymore. I’ve saved you a lot of time, work and energy. You don’t have to counter my pearls anymore, you swine! YOU WIN. Aren’t you and Wayne proud of yourselves? I’ll bet you get a nice little bump in pay at the CIA or whatever organization you truly represent. I’m either wrong or right on. You see, you protest too much. These threads and forums for OPINION are ruined by guys like you who truly have an agenda. You go thru the material as Social Monitors – who are you to censor real free speech and distort it? Who are you to try and prove a negative? That’s what you’re doing and it is impossible. The Conspiracy Theorists are saying WHAT IF…and it COULD BE…but YOU say ‘no it isn’t’ and you’re trying to prove it. I GIVE UP. Whatever I say, you will shoot it down.

    Now, people…guess what JAMES has gone and done? I have absolutely worked this ‘patriot’ up to such frenzy that he’s written HIS OWN ARTICLE…it’s on the W-M blog and called ‘9/11 Conspiracy Files 10 Years On.’ I can PROVE that it was ME responsible for HIS article. Read James’ comment near end of his short article (basically saying there’s nothing going on), he writes: ‘Reading all these posts about how 9-11 was an inside job and how the U.S. is turning into a fascist dictatorial government are very entertaining and fanciful.’ No one has been talking about the U.S. turning into a fascist state on the World-Mysteries site BUT ME! This is the same James I bested in the threads after the article; that I knew he would respond and he did just as predicted; he wrote back to counter every point of mine with rubbish.

    Shame on you, Alex. Shame on you for posting Wayne’s total opposition to me and shame on you for posting James’ article, which serves only one purpose…to go against all I write. Your website has been infiltrated not by people giving their honest opinion as a real forum should do…that’s not what’s going on my friend. Here’s more of James’ blog (feel free to comment). He writes:

    ‘…Conspiracy theories are not helping this country. The culture of conpiracy in this country is hurting us intellectually; we are struggling to look for an enemy, an evildoer, someone to blame for all the problems in this country. Once the mind begins to look for that enemy, there is a tendency to develop a network of conspiracy. There are conspiracies; there is no doubt about that. Humans conspire all the time! 9-11 was not an inside job.’

    He doesn’t even SPELL ‘conspiracy’ correctly; the webmaster doesn’t correct it. He comes out and says: IT’S ALL IN OUR HEADS! Nothing’s going on. I’m sick of being a teacher to students that don’t care and are so misled. James says 9-11 was not an inside job. How the hell can you say that? You cannot prove a negative! One shred of evidence proves you wrong! But, of course to you, there is not one shred of evidence. The truth is you refuse to see it and the world of television refuses to broadcast it. And you guys condemn anyone who dares say a word against the State. FASCIST!!

    Today, television won’t tell you of the many New York people (firemen, policemen, etc) who heard and seen the blasts/explosions on the different floors going off in sequence like any building demolition. You won’t hear about the strange, bulbous undercarriage of the second plane that seemed to blast forward before striking the tower. We won’t see footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon (because there was no plane hitting the Pentagon). I did hear Greta Van Susteren say today she saw high sparkles that caught the light and that it was what the plane disintegrated into. You also won’t hear a repeat of the Ohio news report where the real 9/11 plane made an unscheduled landing due to a ‘bomb scare.’ No…you’ll only hear the brave stories of people who risked their lives. You certainly won’t hear on the media any person or celebrities breathe a hint of what Richard Mendenhall had the courage to say…and it was a ‘belief’ – but today, we’re not permitted to have certain BELIEFS.

    Today…WAS a terrible day. Your CELEBRATION for the United States, pro-U.S. Don’t you see the evilness of what went on on television today? Was anyone allowed to present evidence to the contrary of the accepted 9/11 beliefs? There are tons of amateur films of EVIDENCE that something funky DID go on. Shouldn’t all sides be heard? What about the Learning or Discovery Channel on 9/11 Remembrance Day? NO WAY, just the propaganda, folks. Today, the truth died. You sick, misled, full of revenge, people who wave your flags and say ‘never forget’ are praising the guilty parties. The real truth is the U.S. is only a puppet-nation of England and their bank, Switzerland. Europe, the Rothschilds, only a few families rule the world. America has no say and must obey the real power people. SO, it’s not this USA I condemn as the fascists. They’re just obeying evil orders from the elite fascists above them (money).

    Holy James says, in his wonderful article…all sides should be heard. To him, it’s as if in the TV world, the media world and all around us is nothing but the Conspiracy Theorists and their wacky ideas…as if that was the majority. Huh? He’s asking for ALL SIDES to be heard. What color are the skies in his, Wayne McDonald’s and Michael Shermer’s world? Are they pink with green polka dots?

    What if me and a few confident people who have a little clue about what is really going on ARE RIGHT? What if…hypothetically? As I said in the beginning, Jimmy…you’re either a paid agent with an agenda. That means, of course you know what’s going on and your job is to blacken/ besmirch anything deemed controversial or anti-government; like in 1984 or redacted pages from NASA. See, THAT’S what you represent…truly…the censorship, the blacking out of what is real and true. And, sadly, if you are not a paid agent and are just doing this Love America or Leave It crap because you sincerely believe your nationalism is right and you just love your wonderful country…then, you’re an ignorant fool and a Nazi. You might be the kind of person that no matter what physical evidence is right in front of your face…your training will make you unable to see it.

    I’m done and nobody cares. You make me want to put a gun to my head, James. I am living such a miserable life. Totally broke at the end of each month. Why do I go on? I will never do another radio show again. For you people? WHY? So I can be blasted by more ignorant people. You people are not ignorant for disagreeing with me; you are ignorant because you give me no better alternatives. You’re very good at cutting something up, but not so good in building it up or coming up with your own BETTER answers if I’m so damned wrong!

    For example, there’s a website called ‘Unexplained Mysteries.’ Well, I’m on there with numerous articles and each has a thread of comments by its members. Now, I’m also on the threads of a site called ‘Paranormal News’ and I found it to be a decent forum with people agreeing and disagreeing with me; no problem. But, as I kept reading the comments on Unexplained Mysteries…all the members did was blast me! Again and again; same articles I was praised for by some people on other sites were cut to shreds again and again by IDIOTS on U.M. Again, you can disagree with me…just give me something; impress me with an intelligent argument. DON’T JUST CONVEY CYNICISM when someone speaks from their heart; show SOME type of open-mindedness, OK? Could you punks EVER give me benefit of the doubt that I might know what I’m talking about? So…I told the webmaster…that’s it. I can no longer send U.M. my articles. Why? I put a lot of thought in them…and it’s no fun to be blasted for your WORK! Especially, when you don’t get a dime for your work.
    Another example how I am totally wasting my time and energy on a generation that RUNS TO WAR! We volunteer! You sick people! You’re NAZIs who are not questioning and only obeying the fascists running things. Right now, I am holding in my hands a 2-disk video called ‘BEYOND TREASON, The U.S. Government’s Long History of Conducting Deadly Military Experiments and the Documents to Prove It.’ If you were to see what was done without OUR soldiers knowing about it; as if our military were German Concentration Camps where hideous experiments took place…then, you would have a completely different outlook on the entity we pay our taxes to. Radiation, birth-defects were the results; it doesn’t matter…these were our girls and boys serving our country and unknowingly experimented on. You see, these awful truths and so much more are REAL, Jim. But, we’re not allowed to reveal things where the authorities look bad….not over the media, which THEY own.

    Nothing’s right with the world. Everything is wrong. The Internet was going to be a great thing where free speech could NOT be censored and we could freely say anything. Oh, what a boom to like the Free Press where radical ideas could finally be broadcasted and THE MAN couldn’t stop us! Oh yeah, what’s happened is there is so much shit, lies, garbage purposely heaped onto the virtual highway that NOBODY BELIEVES ANYTHING! Do you really think the guy in Nigeria has 2.8 million dollars for you? How many millions of dollars collect in our Spam filter? IT’S GARBAGE. Congratulations, you’re the millionth hit, you’ve won, really. Do we ever win? It’s all lies; every TV commercial is a lie. TV is the government’s biggest tool for LYING. What is the purpose for all the bullshit? So nobody can know the truth and express it. If they did, NOBODY, but NOBODY, will believe you. Truth is lost in the shuffle of lies.

    I’m only saying if an incredible and terrible thing happened that the feds WERE at fault and were trying to make everyone believe a sweet-smelling cover story instead, we wouldn’t be allowed to report it as any true journalist should be able to do. It could be a movie, but not a news item. It could never be on TV and the people who have the right to know, would never know.

    …Since most people won’t read this far, attention deficit these days, you know. (Some girl on a commercial says, ‘I read PART of an article’ and that is typical of you guys today, huh?) You could say, ’Doug, you’ve ruined this thread!’ NO, that was already ruined by this Jimmy character who has taken it upon himself to inform us all that nothing’s going on. Now, he’s writing articles. Lord, help us. And the webmaster, my old friend, is posting little Jimmy’s work. Well, I’ve had it. I won’t be writing again. Do you understand why I’m writing a bit much now? Not gonna happen anymore and nobody cares. Jimmy is free to spew his Love America speeches to World-Mysteries and they’ll be posted…and don’t forget awesome Wayne McDonald.

    Sorry Alex, World-Mysteries was my favorite site by far. I went from 2 Google numbers to tens of thousands in 7 years and WM had a lot to do with reaching many people. I chalked up the cynicism I received from Unexplained Mysteries to a young society so tainted who only knows how to criticism. If left to find real answers for themselves, they’d be clueless. I even told the webmaster, ‘you mean you have not noticed the ATTITUDE in your members?’ All mean, spiteful; no intelligent additions. If you’re a member in a metaphysical group, shouldn’t you be INTERESTED in such things? It was as if their hobby was to blast anything that was up there. WM is no longer my favorite site because…where are they? How about having someone in my corner? How about someone writing some SUPPORT? No, I had to take on this counter-to-everything-I-say myself. Can’t do it alone…so, I’m not. I’m done.

    You and your kind James have won. Here’s a true story nearly 50 years old. I’m in Elementary School playing line-dodge ball. We actually had Gym. It comes down to me and my school nemesis, Clifford. Well, Clifford was very popular and everyone was cheering for him. I was shy and no one liked me, but I was as much the athlete as my opponent; maybe more. The battle raged on, something I’ll never forget in life. They wanted me to lose and him to win. Guess who won? I’m not saying I threw the game. It just so happens, he won. But, it was very difficult to go on when EVERYBODY WAS AGAINST ME.

    Do you know why I made the analogy? Doesn’t matter; nothing matters. We’re not wrong, Jim. Every conspiracy theorist is not wrong. They’re not all right. I don’t believe every C.T. The one where we never went to the Moon is a lie. The Feds WANT that Conspiracy because they go to the Moon all the time with our tax dollars, but don’t let us know their little secret. So they make it seem like it’s about impossible to go to the Moon when nothing could be further from the truth. AH! There I go trying to tell you something. What is wrong with the new me? Ain’t gonna do that no more. Why should I when you’re out there Jimmy boy to tell the world the error in my ways?

    No fun anymore. I wrote a fun article about what the future was supposed to be like and what it really turned out to be using an Outer Limits episode. It had a very important point that was totally lost except for one decent comment. In writing the article, a certain Ron Cook was adding things as me and Alex were formulating the article. I had to tell the webmaster have Ron Cook write his own article; he was changing the point of ‘my’ article. So, Alex did and I liked what additions the webmaster made. Who do you suppose had to leave a comment? Ron…and it was an irrelevant one; nothing pertaining to the topic. Who writes next? Someone else that Cook had previously pissed off so he had to respond on my thread; thanks, Ron!

    It’s total disenchantment with your lovely society today. You’re not worth the trouble, effort and aggravation. I got my next topic for a manuscript: ‘How the 20th and 21st Centuries Should Have Been a Utopia, but Instead Became a Nightmare.’ Oh, I’ll still write. YES, I have plenty more unpublished manuscripts to write that no one will read. I just won’t write gem articles for you unappreciative punks anymore.



  8. JamesMP says

    TO ALL:
    Reading all these posts about how 9-11 was an inside job and how the U.S. is turning into a fascist dictatorial government are very entertaining and fanciful. I suggest you check one of the more recent articles posted on this website entitled The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories and you will discover the reasons why people concoct such theories. This goes along with the idea that the majority of conspiracy theories are developed based on the relationship between one’s neurochemistry and one’s social/political/economic environment. In other words, its all in your head!! Americans are angry and disapproving of the workings of their government. Politicians are not very cooperative and can’t come to an agreement about how to deal with saving this country from destruction. There are a lot of problems in this country and things need to change. Conspiracy theories are not helping this country. The culture of conpiracy in this country is hurting us intellectually; we are struggling to look for an enemy, an evildoer, someone to blame for all the problems in this country. Once the mind begins to look for that enemy, there is a tendency to develop a network of conspiracy. There are conspiracies; there is no doubt about that. Humans conspire all the time! 9-11 was not an inside job. I think that every September, teachers around the country should include in their curriculum a day to remember what happened that day and teach students to critically think about these theories eventually arriving at the conclusion that they are false and not based in reality. Educators need to address these ridiculous theories because they are so rampant among students due to the success of the internet. I suggest you all read both sides. Entertain yourself by reading the conspiracy theories (they are very entertaining by the way) and look at the other side which is more credible and steeped in truer notions rather than speculative and fearful inferences. Its very easy to concoct a conspiracy theory, and even easier to accept them. Do yourself a favor: Don’t accept them at face value. Most of all, take a moment to remember and honor the memory of those souls who perished that day.

  9. hafsteinn halldorsson says

    Of course teh U.S. of A. has become a fascist state.
    New world order?Hitler said it first and Bush won’t be the last.
    Anyone who has watched the videos taken of the twin towers on 9/11 when the airplanes struck and the Pentagon building along with interviews by police,firemen and building constructors,surely must conclude that the U.S.Government is not exactly Snow-White.
    The Nazis burned their own Reichtag(and blamed it on a Jew) to obtain sympathy from it’s people.(The truth came to light after WW2 from captured documents).
    This wouldn’t be the first time that the U.S.Government has lied to it’s people(and won’t be the last).
    It’s sad but true that the American public can now proclaim:
    Land of the Fearful-Home of the Weak
    instead of
    Land of the free-Home of the brave.
    It’s not enough to have the most powerful and advanced army on the planet.If the souls,hearts and minds of the American people aren’t with the Government when it really has to count,it will be it’s downfall.All you have to do is read History to realize that.

  10. Doug Yurchey says

    It was explained in the comments, if you read everything. Copied and pasted from above:

    ‘In the above article, I didn’t mention what REALLY happened to the REAL missing passengers of the 9/11 planes. Why did Channel 9 out of Cincinnati report that Flight 93 made an emergency landing in Cleveland because of a bomb scare on board? The real plane was directed to land because of a bogus bomb threat…and I’m sorry to report dear friends and to you know who…but the innocent passengers had to be killed; carted off under some national security threat and then GASED or something…’

  11. Alex says

  12. Jones says

    Well, would you care to explain the victims onboard the airplanes? Did the government fabricate 100 of people and hired actors to pose as their families the rest of their lives?

  13. Doug Yurchey says

    I think James changed his name to Jake and wrote the above post; I wouldn’t be surprised. AGAIN, I’m complimented for the ‘fine’ post then BLASTED!
    Jake says: ‘You base this entire idea on a low resolution picture. You can barely make out that there is an airplane, for Christ sake! Wouldn’t there have risen suspicions if there was a missile in place under the wing? It’s in plain sight…’ No, I do not base everything on the film clip – there’s a ‘thousand points of light’ that don’t add up. You say you can’t even make out that it was a plane, ‘for Christ’s sake.’ What are YOU looking at? You can even make out a fire-like blast out of the tip of the missile before impact. YES, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUSPICIONS!!! The plane of course did not take off from a normal airport, but a secret military airport. IN PLAIN SIGHT…like the title of the documentary. Did you even read the article or are you so fixed on your own brainwashings as to not see a thing? I’M CHILDISH…I’M CHILDISH for writing back? It’s called blogs, threads, commentaries…that’s the whole purpose Alex put this here – but, I’M not allowed to respond to the true childishness in front of me? I feel like a teacher all right…A TEACHER OF KINDERGARTEN!!

  14. jake says

    First I would like to say that I don’t disagree with the author on weather the USA is turning fascist or not and would like to thank him for the fine post.

    But there are a few glitches in the theory I would like to point out.

    First the alleged missile. You base this entire idea on a low resolution picture. You can barely make out that there is an airplane, for Christ sake! Wouldn’t there have risen suspicions if there was a missile in place under the wing? It’s in plain sight. I’m sure someone would see it when the aircraft took of from the airport on an open runway… a bit too dumb to be true. Such a operation would require some more fines if you ask me.

    Secondly, the second airplane is not a commercial airliner, but a radio-controlled… something else? As far as I am concerned there were passengers onboard and their families mourned them. There were manifests weren’t there, with family and friends who could confirm their identities and the victims intentions on taking that particular flight that crashed into the towers. And this is based on, yet another low resolution picture.

    I think this event was suspiciously timed in benefit for Mr Bush and his staff, but if orchestrated by them a bit clumsy, vulgar and risky. They’re smarter than that.

    Thirdly, and this is more of an advice to the author, you completely lost all your credibility to me when answering to the critics in the post above. Real childish and not the behaviour of a supreme intellect who “sees the truth”.

  15. God says

    So some people still accept the governments version? noooooo, tell me it aint so. People just cant be that stupid.
    Some group of architects/engineers/etc wanted answers about building 3 – because it collapsed when a wastepaper bin caught fire – and obama said “dont look too deeply”.
    Its admitted! it was all a bit con!
    Controlled demolition to cause a war on civil rights.
    disagree? go check what civil rights you ‘really’ have, not what you ‘think’ you have.
    Why were the enemy reclassified, legally, so the Geneva Convention didnt apply – those bearded blokes were more evil than the nazi’s/ss – what a crock! Bush IS the devil.

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