Starchild Skull – Important Updates

Meet the Starchild Skull

 © by Lloyd Pye

In the 1930’s, in a small rural village 100 miles southwest of Chihuahua, Mexico, at the back of a mine tunnel, two mysterious remains were found: a complete human skeleton and a smaller, malformed skeleton.

In late February of 1999, Lloyd Pye was first shown the Starchild skull by its owners. Nameless then, it was a highly anomalous skull. He initially felt it would prove to be a rare genetic deformity of some kind. This skull’s symmetry was astonishing, even more so than the average human. In fact, all of its bones—most of which had human counterparts—were beautifully shaped. But shaped like what? Solving many questions that this unusual skull presented became his challenge.

Things have moved ahead at quite a pace since we last communicated about the Starchild. In that interim, we’ve recovered 9.5% of its entire mitochondrial DNA genome, more than enough to be statistically significant. Also, we lucked into 8.5% of one of the most important genes in a human body, the FOXP2 gene. Again, more than enough to be statistically significant. What both partial recoveries tell us is that without a shadow of doubt, when the entire genome is recovered, whenever we have the funding to do that, it will read out as not even in the ballpark of human. So this really IS history unfolding for us, and it’s as big as history gets.

To catch up on the latest information, please watch the video at the link below. It starts with a 90-second intro that is designed to intrigue “newbies” enough to make them at least start into the 17 minutes of video that follow. In those 17 minutes, you’ll see an analysis of the DNA situation and the physical anomalies, plus responses to internet skeptics and critics desperate to keep a lid on every form of paradigm-busting information. I think you’ll find it well worth your time, and please consider sharing it with anyone you think might be interested. 

With such strongly convincing evidence in hand, it’s time to use it to provide a major push out to those who are not yet aware of the Starchild, and who don’t realize it is poised to demolish the mainstream assurance that we humans exist alone in the universe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

90 second intro to the Starchild, a 900 year old human-like skull
containing non-human DNA:

The Starchild Skull for Dummies

The Starchild Skull presents credentials as an bona fide extraterrestrial. Includes DNA, physical anomalies, and critical analysis.

More video material:


Because the Starchild is real, one day it will be fully recognized as what we now know it is. Until then, we have to be extremely careful to avoid making it seem like a “hustle” for money. Thus, no Starchild merchandising  is in place. That can and will come AFTER we prove it’s an alien, but prior to that we only hurt its cause if we try to use it to make money. You might notice I never ask for money, I always stress that we need an INVESTOR we can pay back with the proceeds from films.

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  1. joe winesette says

    I find it strange that no radio carbon dating test have been done to find the age of the being and point in time it lived & died.
    The density and thickness of the skull layer is different that a humans skull as reported on television but no mention about that here. Some one is hiding evidence or so it seems ?

  2. RickyRasper says

    Why is this skull still doing the rounds? It’s been tested and proven to be 100% Human DNA. As far as being anomalous, it’s not; there are thousands of malformed skulls all over the Americas.

    • cataria says

      the first lab, that suposedly showed, that it is just human dna actually lied, they didn’t want anything to do with the skull.
      later and far more experienced dna retrieving experts even had a lot of problems and still have getting the dna and the major problem rightnow, is that random pieces, that have been recovered clearly show unknown dna and in the recogniced human like chromosomes imense difference, but a complete simple full dna analysis is not possible with the standard method, because u don’t know what u have to do with, hence u need the process, that will recover every piece of dna regardless of species.
      only problem here, that costs a shit load.
      and as loyd put his life in this and nearly went bancrupt and quit there is no money to do it rightnow. however the proof is already fully there to see for those who look at it, but the fully recovered dna will of course be the point of no more hiding place for the mainstream scientific comunity.
      hope i could explain, i did as good as my knowledge goes.


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