Sodom and Gomorrah

 Sodom and Gomorrah

by I. Penn

If you have read my first article Genesis v Science you will realize that I have spent a lot of time in my life  reading and studying ancient documents, looking for, amongst other things, ancient texts and artifacts that support modern scientific knowledge or thought. This has led me into various studies one of which is to try and understand what the ancient texts mean by good and evil?  Ancient texts have come to us via one of the world religions or societies with long traditions, often only oral, I think that they all have a concept of living your life in accordance with the rules of the Creator, that is being good and not evil, but what exactly is meant by good and evil? This concept I find in the writings of the Bible.


The following short article was written a few years ago when I was searching for signs of high technology in ancient documents and artifacts,  could the story of Sodom & Gomorrah  have messages applicable to both good and evil and high technology? I think maybe.
I start this study from The Epistle of Jude, the second to last book in the New Testament, primarily because Jude identifies  instances where evil, wicked or sinful acts , are referenced and punished.

The Hebrews that came out of Egypt during the Exodus and did not believe or love the Lord God, the angels that did not keep their proper domain, the the people of Sodom and Gomorrah who committed sexual immorality and Cain who murdered his brother.

Jude is writing to someone called “Beloved” and reminding him/her of the punishment for acts of evil.
The acts of evil written by Jude are:

 Jude 5, “But I want to remind you, though you once knew this, that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterwards destroyed those who did not believe.
 Jude 6, And the angels who did not keep their proper domain, but left their own abode.
 Genesis touches on this in Chapter 2 verse 2 and the Book of Enoch expands on the subject.
Jude 7, as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them in a similar  manner to these, having given themselves over to to sexual immorality and gone after strange flesh.
Jude 11, woe to them, because they have gone the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah.

Most people know the story of Cain murdering his brother, murder is a crime in most societies but can anyone enlighten me on “Balaam for profit” or the “rebellion of Korah”?

Yesterday I was watching the TV documentary about Sodom And Gomorrah, the experts talking about these two biblical towns that Genesis says were destroyed by the Lord God because of the evil of the people. In my view they where missing the main point of the story.

Now for my views on this mystical biblical story and the events that were recorded

The story starts with the Lord God and two of his angels meeting with Abraham, Abraham prepares the best meal that he can and offers hospitality as was the custom, food, water to wash his feet. The Lord God decides to tell Abraham what he is doing, he is sending his angels to find out if the people are as evil as is said, if so, he will destroy them. They discuss the destruction of the people in these towns, Abraham asks the Lord God that if there where some righteous people in these towns would he continue with his plan, the Lord God responds that he would not, various numbers of people are discussed, 50, 45, 40, 30, 20 and 10.   

In this story, Abraham immediately recognizes the Lord God and angels, they are physical beings, they walk, talk, eat, wash their feet. In the text, when the angels depart to visit the towns and people, in English text the angels turn into men?

When the angels arrive in Sodom, Lot immediately recognizes the angels, shows respect and offers them to stay in his house , the angels respond saying that they would sleep in the open square, Lot insisted and the angels accepted Lot’s hospitality. Before they slept, the men of the city, young and old, all the people, surrounded the house and demanded that Lot “bring them out to us that we may know them carnally”.

I don’t want to turn this text into something distasteful but I am trying to understand the full horror of the story, the absolute evilness of what the people of Sodom wanted to do, this is much more than sodomy between two consenting people, this was to force the two visiting angels/ men to have sex with them, forced sex is rape, rape is recognized as a terrible crime, when multiple men want to have sex with a person this is gang rape, but this was “same sex”  gang rape, can you imagine such a heinous crime?  I am trying to imagine this horror of this  crime, I closed my eyes and tried to picture the scene, this was the men of the whole city young and old, wanting to drag these two visitors to the open square to have carnal sex with them, how many men we do not know, but you can get an idea  from the text in the beginning where Abraham asks the Lord God  “if fifty righteous  men within the city”, not a large population as we think of a city today but is a large  number when you think of multiple men having sex with one,  in one session.

What was Lot thinking? had he seen this before? did it happen to all males that dared to visit these cities, was it because these two angels/men were exceptionally good looking, with beautiful bodies?
Was this ceremonial or was it a mass orgy inspired by drugs or alcohol or both. The “people of the town gathered”, did the women join in with this spectacle? Lot clearly recognized the angel for what they were but the people of the town didn’t, or did they chose to ignore  it.

There is one parallel of this story in Judges 19, 22 to 30, this is the story of a certain Levite from the mountains of Ephraim who rested on his journey in a town called Gibeah, nobody was prepared to give him hospitality until an old man coming from the fields offered his, as they were enjoying themselves, certain men of the city, perverted men, surrounded the house and beat on the door, bring out the man who came to your house that we  may know him carnally, the perverted men accepted the substitution of his wife or concubine, they knew her and abused her all night, in the morning she was dead.

Lot offered the substitution of his daughters, the men of the town were not having this , they wanted sex with the angels/men. What horrible crimes, in the case of Sodom and Gomorra they chose the wrong people to do his to, two angels who had been sent by the Lord God to judge them and if found guilty, destroy them.

The two angels had a very powerful defense, they had the ability to make the men of the town blind, how did they do this? were they prepared for this situation? Although the text gives no information we must assume that all of the men of Sodom were affected, it seems to have completely suppressed the situation, what an incredible weapon to have for crowd control, could it have been some sort of high technology?  


Now for the destruction itself, what does the text tell us? Before the angels could start or authorize the fire and brimstone, the blast was going to be so devastating that Lot with his ladies had to go as far as possible from the area, the angels wanted them to go to the mountains, a compromise was to go to the city of  Zoar. The blast was caused by fire and brimstone raining down from above, it destroyed everything, all the inhabitants, even everything that grew on the ground. When Lot’s wife looked back she turned into a pillar of salt. Early next morning,  Abraham looked towards Sodom and Gomorrah   “ the smoke of the land which went up like the smoke of a furnace” –  I think we all know a weapon that fits this description.  Even a modern conventional weapon would not cause this amount of destruction.

My Conclusions

The basic elements of the story of destruction by “fire and brimstone” could not have been understood in the way I have interpreted it until this modern era, Lot had to get as far away from the blast as possible, behind a mountain, the blast caused total destruction of at least two towns, presumably a rather large area, Lots wife looked back at the blast, she was running away from all her possessions and probably family, something killed her and changed her body to appear like a pillar of salt, the angels could not do anything until he arrives to safety and finally in the morning, Abraham looked in the direction and the smoke went up like the “smoke of a furnace” in modern terms we call it a mushroom.

How could anyone, those thousands of years ago have written such an accurate and detailed description of a thermo-nuclear explosion?
In this story the Lord God clearly does not condone the behavior of these people and totally destroys them, do you agree?

Copyright 2013 I. Penn
Presented with author’s permission

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In modern days, due to a relatively short life span of humans, asteroid impacts and catastrophic meteor showers seem to be very rare events.  The 1908 Tunguska Event and the most recent Feb 15th meteor impact over Russia (captured on video) remind us that such events exist.  Many reports of these catastrophic events can be found in ancient and more recent  writings (and oral traditions).

It is possible that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by an asteroid impact rather than atomic weapon of the Lord God (Yahweh)?



    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Penn, I wish I could find that ‘comment’, but up to this point I have not been able to locate it. Is it on Sacred Geometry – Part 2? I’ll keep looking, but if I can’t find it, on occasion I trash things that I shouldn’t, and I might have done that, so I’ll have to chalk it up to my error. Thanks for notifying us.

  1. says

    Hello Brenda Brown,
    Totally agree that Jude was writing to all people.
    Thanks for your leads on Balaam & Korah, I am in Europe for three weeks (working) & don’t have all my docs with me, I’ll read them when I get back to US.

  2. Doug Yurchey says

    Always Brenda Brown and Starheater to comment on anything religious or biblical. They always take the scientific OUT of the mystery and replace it with ‘GOD.’ We should be doing the opposite: seeing the scientific within the old records.
    The author’s conclusions are right on – In fact, I think he has read my take on it and could possibly gotten his conclusions after reading my ‘High Technology in the Bible’ article. If not, then I preceded I. Penn by many years.
    Sodom and Gomorrah were NUKED! Two humans went into the towns to warn them of the nuking. ‘Fire and brimstone’ was the blast description and ‘land went up like the smoke of a furnace’ perfectly describes the mushroom cloud. NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD!
    Many couldn’t make it to the other side of a big hill which would have protected them and they died. We can even conclude that Lot’s wife was heavy-set and that was the reason she didn’t make it – because they were running for their lives!
    Of course, this wasn’t GOD! Gee, maybe everybody was bad who lived in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I don’t think so. Author even realizes the ‘pillar of salt’ was a description of death by radiation. BRAVO! I’m impressed. If Lot was the only good man left, then why did he make babies with his daughters? That only goes to show the classic interpretations are completely wrong.
    Your good God doesn’t cause plagues and wipe out cities – people do that!
    And if you don’t believe the ATOMIC aspect of the whole story (which makes it real and true!)…then try educating yourself on the vast number of ancient books from INDIA that preceded the Bible…they report MANY MANY instances of nuclear attacks in simple terms; same diseases of radiation burns; importance of washing everything, etc. Your God doesn’t play with nukes…screwed-up people do. Just like the good people of Jericho did not deserve the mass-killing; neither did the towns of S. & G.
    To defend the actions of what only is a mass-murdering God or to say this was GOD’S justice and to condemn innocent women and children and bloody slaughter them!…wow…is utterly insane and completely ignorant.
    Guess what? Your God does not want SHEEP…mindless followers. Intelligence and knowledge are the only things that IMPRESS. How about having the courage to STAND UP and QUESTION things? How about questioning your own small view of God. How about stop using ‘God’ for every explanation? Or, how about YOURSELF putting together the truth by deduction? THAT would be IMPRESSIVE.

    • Starheater says

      Hello M. Yurchey
      I think that your comment have been fastly made, the Angels that have inform Lot of the coming disaster Was an AGENT OF GOD, if you read the Bible clausely, you will find the the ORDER came from GOD and not from E.T.’s or else. Lately I have said that I work with PROOFS, without proofs, this is just a theories like many that I’ve seen.
      I dont know if you are inform, but they have found Sodome and Gommorhe, strangly they have found that the 2 city were bombarded with sulfer 98.9% PURE. Or, we dont find anywhere sulfur that pure, sulfur have been refind to a state of 66% pure, this is the top of purety achieved by chimist. In those 2 city it as been calculated that the tempeture rise to the level of 6000°F to 8000°F, at this tempeture the rock tend to desintegrate and what is left of it is MORE then friable, you take a piece in your hand and you can easily change it into dust, this fact I saw it with my own eyes. I never have seen such a thing, beside this fact, they have found pieces of sulfur ball encasted in rock, not only 1 but many, by dozens, some balls of sulfur as not ignated, so they grab a bag and put alot of them to be analyse.
      But this is not all, the Bible state that it rain sulfur and FIRE, what was the cause of this fire? Oh by the way, they did not find traces of radiation, like you must know, radiation could last at least 5000 years, but the problem if this was atomic bomb, the radiation dissapeard like magic. That mean that this was not the energy of atom that cause this explosion, if explosion there be.
      In the Bible, it was not an explosion, they discribe this as a “GREAT FURNASE”, if you have a very big fire, that doens’nt mean instantly that it is cause by atomic explosion. This civilisation had big structure made in stone, all the bulding were made in stone, huge stone, they did not resist the intense fire that was produce by sulfur and fire. All the structure was intact but by the form only, that mean that none have exploded, and the most important of all, it has been calculated that those people did not suffer more then a fraction of a second, at this tempeture the heat is cooking you in an instant, you are straight up, lying on your feets, you dont have the time to reach the floor, you are dead.
      If you want more proofs of what I’m saying, make a search on You Tube, you will be amaze how this tragedy was discribe, with proofs naturelly!!!
      Same thing with the FLOOD, you’ll be surprise how quick people have died,if you want a good exemple of the force that water have reach, just look the Grand Canyon, and the Pyramids of Giza.

      Yes, I can prove to you that water have ravage the the Great Pyramids of Giza, just look the stone that were deplace, they always tell that the Arab have taken some stone to embelish their monuments, that is not the TRUTH, Arab or another race are not responsible for this action, I can prove it!!!!! No the responsible is BIG WAVES that came and went over the top of Kheops.


      When you have more then 1 wave, you must have a good contruction too stand the force that is in power. You are free to believe in what you have stated, but be prudent, I could passe after what you have stated.

      One thing that you must count like very IMPORTANT, is the fact that logic is valid in every sciences that exist on Earth, this is the MOST important factor in science whatever the science is.

      So, I can say that you have reason to say that God is not always behind all disasters or else. This time in the case of Sodome and Gommorhe, directly it was the angels, but indirectly it was God, because it is God who have give the order to do so. So in this way, your informations is not correct.

      Other thing that I have to correct that you have said mentionning the Bible.

      The Bible did not mention that the cloud look like a mushroom, this is not wrinting in the Bible, it is said: “28 And he looked toward Sodom and Gomorrah, and toward all the land of the plain, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.”

      You see, a smoke of a furnace those not make mushroom, beside, this fire and brimstone has benn launch on 2 city as we know, but the other city that was near as been destroy by the same ardent heat, no one could survive this intense heat, surely this heat as invaded local town that was clause to 2 major city.
      If you want name to facilate your reshearch on this 2 city, I could help you find it, just ask…

      Now. I can assure you that I know science, and that I dont have the choice, because science is a tool that serve me well in the pass as you can see now.

      Now for God, I have in the past dought everything that was in the Bible, so I did’nt read it all for many months, but in those days I was receiving reviews on the subject of the TRUTH, and I decided to give another chance to God and try to understand the meaning behind the crualty that was manifested in the writing, by the logic I have made more and more discovery that I’m proud to have found myself, this was always moment of good rejoicing when this happens. The more I read, and the more I understand, this not have been easy for me, because GOD look like a monster at my eyes, and sometime I was realy angry with HIM, but I have persisted because I want to know all the TRUTH, in this Bible was in fact a good source of history, and beside this was the Father of the Christ and by the same time, our Father, so I look this like if I were a child, and I was so to say, but now I have grown and I respect and approve all that I had ordain to men.
      So I would like to encourage you to read the Bible without Judging God, dont be fast to Judge, you will find that the way HE had done those action, is the best way. God Bless everyone, Shalom

    • Starheater says

      Oh I almost forgot M. Yurchey
      If I take always of God, it is because I love HIM, and I am proud of HIM and what He as made. But I will certanly IMPRESS you, ’cause I have’nt finnish with you yet, hahahaha :)
      I can make a prediction, is that one day you will be on my side, because none of what I have said will go without douing what it suppose to do. And it suppose to convince you little by little, so one day you will say, yes, this is a good knowledge, let’s study the Bible.

      Now, if you want science, you will have to mention what you want that could be explain by me with the science, you see, I have learn science and the other part of it, real SCIENCE.
      If you want an exposé on how the Univers was form, no problemo… I will do that for you because you like that, and what make pleasure to you will make pleasure to me.

      So let’s begin. One day, an energy that was high in power to say unlimited, control by an Intelligent Spirit decided to created the Univers like we know today. This Univers that IS was not, but this Intelligent Spirit was the Source of all that exist today but was not. He decide to make the Univers and all that this Univers contain. He created LAW to gouvern all that exist in our Univers. Once the Univers created, the LAW of the Univers to gouvern all that exist, He decide to create man at is Image….

      Ok, no God, I remember. Science, only science.

      All that we see is 100% energy. The energy exist, she created the Vibration at all frequency, when I stated ALL I mean ALL.

      E=mass by 3D+1 (mass=energy at minimum frequency) 3D=3 dimension of the Univers + 1 that is inner (atom, and the atom of the atom of the atom etc… infinitly)

      So the formula of the Univers is:


      This is an exemple of what is the Univers from my point of view. The (E) is the state of the 100% energy, this energy is equal to the 3 dimensions of space and time, the +1, is what is behind and over the time and energy (GOD), the / mean “with it”, the () is another formula that explain the first.
      (3 dimension+1 God=(7 base frequency of color that will overlap one and another over and over forever, little d is those are dimension in dimensions that is present in the Univers, A is the Vibration himself (the Word), the A point the Sky, the other / mean , with it, the big M is magnetisim, the É is electricity, static and all that stuff =the sign equal the mass per square, little e.
      Now, for does who dont understand, if you take 1 metre cube of air, you have 1 meter cube of 100% energy that is dormant (not awake). In that cube of nothing there are infitisimal atom that are in atom etc….this is the energy that could feed a machine by releasing energy of diffenrent frequencies, this mean that if you could release the energy of a molecule, and after that release the enrgy of the atom, after that the atom of the atom etc… You would have energy that would stop only when the process stop. But the problem, you would have to dig more and more deeply in the atoms, but this is feasable.
      Now, when you explose and atomic bomb, the energy of all the atomic elements explode until it as no more to explode, but this is not the end, that’s why we have radiation, this is the result of material that not have been utilize fully, if you take those small realy small atoms and make another explosion, you would have a continuaty in the process of releasing the atomic energy, that mean that miniature explosion would last until you reach a point that you cannot release more energy from that energy. All the elements are radioactive, it is just that those radioactivity are not dangerous for us, that’s all. Evedn a potato have radio activity, by that I mean some energy that are release by the potato, execpt that those energy are not dangerous.
      What we have to comprehend is that all that you see and what you dont see is energy, simple as that. The formula that I’ve made is not scientific according to formula that exist, I did not study those kind of formula, but we can all make formula to explain what is the Univers, the formula is a manner to remember what path your mind have follow, and with an international code you can exchange with other scientist. If i had more time, I would have make a structure 3D in formula, so with the code explain, you would’nt have difficulty to understand what I have in mind. This “essaie” was not even close to the real explanation, but just a sample of what I could make scientificly. The scientist are in fact far from the instruction that we have learn in school, this a a langage that scientist had created. God Bless

  3. ali says

    Dear Sirs or Mam
    Thank yopu very much for you good articles.I see & read them in my e-mail.
    Please if it may for you imprint some articles about SECRET TIBET SCIENCE TREASURES
    in the mountains of there.
    your cincerely

  4. Stephen Bekker says

    I find it absurd that the writer distinguises that same sex rape is worse than other rapes, more sinfull. RAPE IS RAPE! He seems to have no problem that Lot offered his own daughters as subtitutes for the towns people to RAPE! Oh, I see, they are women, less valuable than men. What Kind of a god, religion or angels would save such a man? So what do we learn about this christian Judean god? That he or it is a monster that reinforces the worst kind of ideas about women. Rape is intrenched through this religion. Remember how a certain monster from nazi Germany tried to eradicte homosexuals? I wonder where he got this Idea from? The horrible crimes commited here is by Lot and his God/Angels! The writer should rather desist from making moral statements and rather stick to the facts and his theory which is very interesting.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Stephen (excuse my English)

      I have to correct your comment on the subject you discust. First, the woman for God is a product of a man, both are call men in the Bible, and this is a fact, you cannot obtain by extraction, no matter how it is done, other product then a man, so female are NOT FEMALE, the are only other KIND of MAN. Beside Abraham was not JEW, he was a Urite from the town of Ur. The word JEW come from the 12 Tribes of ISRAEL (Jacob), the JEW come from JUDA, only JUDA are/is JEWS, the others 11 Tribes are not Jews.

      So, in accordance of what is, and what is not, the last count, to be clear, Lot did not want that a crime would exist, so he interact by proposing a naturel way to have sex, this way the majority of man making love with this woman that are consentant would not impute this fact as a crime, because it was done in the right manner. Now, for the part of those woman of Lot that would serve the purpus of “rate” does not exist by the fact that they were consentant, you can bet your pay on that, because they were instructed by the LAW, they new it fairly well, because the woman as the roll to educate the childrens.
      Now you’ve got to think about the aspect of a man who knows the LAW, when you know it, you cannot turn your back and say: ” this is not my problem”, it work this way in our time, but not in those time, and not for me either. When I know that a crime can be done over someone that I dont know even is name, I’m oblige to act rapidly, if I dont act, I’m guilty by consent, I let this happen without interfering. I have only 1 way or 2 to interfere; 1. By talking to the person, 2. By interposition if it’s a fight who where the hands is employ.

      There is not way that we can act like Pilate have done with Jesus, the man is not guilty, I have proofs, I’m interposing between the 2 mans.

      Those woman by the LAW, they were oblige to act, because to sin with with someone who’s consent the crime, well, you are in face no crime at all. But if you are not in favor, the sin remain and is valid. So, the concubine of Lot was certanly in favor and that because of the LAW of God. If you sin with somebody that is not in favor, you sin and the sin is valid, but if you want to sin with and Angel, the sin is more important that you can imagine, it’s like to want to make love with God Himself, naturelly that error was corrected by the Angels of God who had the power to make their eyes blank (I hope this is the wright word).
      Now, to give an explanation on how they have been like this. Well, by talking one to another, they have known that they were identical, that their pulsions were dictate by their instinct, so they said itself that if they were sexual, the other were too, so with no law to condamne their actions, the sexual intention spread like the wind, it’s like having a barel of apples, if you let 1 apple to rout, the other one will rotton, simple as that.
      Now, there another fact that exist that they did not know, is the fact that they search something that nourrish the spirit and their soul, they thought that sex could do the trick. Dont say to yourself that they were happy this way, because they were not and I not it well, because I know what is in men, and I know what HE need, and HE need all the Words that come from God, All men (when I say man I include woman to) need to be nourrish by HIS WORDS, even the Angels of God need to be feed by God, so we are not and exception. neither the E.T. or else, demons etc…

      I know what the end will be. God will WIN with all those who are with HIM, no one will be lost, because God is “THE MOST HIGH” and He cannot loose.
      God is capable of bleaching demons, Satan is nothing, Lucifer is nothing, BUT GOD THE MOST HIGH HIS ALL.

      The Finale Judgement is not when Jesus take the Kingship, this is only the First Judgement, the Finale Judgement is done when the 1000 years (Millenium) is Finish. And in this 1000 years, you will not have the choice that you have now, before the act of sinning will germe in the mind of a man, the Angel will correct the situation, because in the Bible it is writen’ that all will be instructed by God, and God know’s before you was born what would’ll be, because God is The Almighty and His hand is not to short to save us.

      Even the Beast once destroy, his spirit will return to God, and the “image” not the soul or spirit of the Beast will be save, this image will burn forever in the Lake of Fire. I hope that you understand what I’m saying to most of you, by the way, the Blood of Christ was for those who have sin, not for the Just, you’ve got to comprehend what God have say.
      It is not God who have desert us, it is us who have desert HIM, but God is Faithfull and Devoted to all man on this Earth, specially those who are sinners.
      Read the Bible everyone, and change emptyness with fullness, you’ll be happy when the time come, I can assure you that at 100%. So take my advice, read the Bible and think, ask you question, try to make the Bible lie, the more you will try, the more the Bible will proof you that you are wrong.
      God Bless everyone, some of you may ask itself why I bless everybody, this is because if the blessing goes to a person that is from God, or that came to mature enough to read the Bible, this blessing will go to this person and will make fructified the little spark of light that they have, and the esperance will grow until it transform in faith, and this by the knowledge that the Bible instruct. You’ll be less for quite a while depending on what you want from God, and when I say less, I mean fragile to every action that is not good, when you grow, angel will come to you and they will protect you from the beginnig to the end of your formation, if I can say that.
      And one day, you’ll be so strong, that no one this Earth will be capable of killing your spirit in you. Because the danger know dont come from the body himself, but the spirit that is in you. So take good care of that spirit and dont put your faith in all sort of knowledge, only the knowledge of God will lead you to God, and this is a fact. So God Bless another time.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Doug. Well let me see… the story is derived from the Bible, so it’s not a stretch to see God in the picture somewhere. And as I’ve said before, when people mention God/Bible, they open the door for comments on those issues, and if they get them, that’s what it’s all about. Articles being written, get comments. Doug, the human mind is enmity against God, it cannot receive nor understand the things of the Spirit. Only the Spirit of God can reveal what God is saying and doing, and why. I knew nothing about God before I humbled myself before Him, but after I chose to walk with Him instead of against Him, there has been no end to His revelations and insights. You know the saying, “You have to spend money to make money”? Well, along the same lines only in reverse, you will never understand God or make sense of Him, until you lose your own understanding and sense. The point being, we are fallen. He isn’t. We need to stop grappling with His Word, and get in touch with Him. He will reveal Himself to ALL who honestly seek Him – who want to know the truth.

    • Brenda Brown says

      Hi Stephen. Actually, the account of Lot is just that – an account. Not everything he did is condoned by God. Some of what’s written in the Bible is historical, some prophetic, some to teach us about the laws that were given, etc., depending on the text, you have to adjust your understanding on the matter. Imagine a riotous mob outside your door, I don’t think anyone would be thinking straight at this point. I think the idea of him offering his daughters is disgusting to say the least, but what have people done to each other in desperate times? It does not excuse him, nor did God excuse him, it just tells us, that’s what happened. And yes, rape is rape, a sin for which all rapists will give account – unless and until they are forgiven and make atonement for it. Nevertheless, morality is what it is – the laws of the spirit. Some sins are worse than others, but all sin wounds and inflicts our spirits whether we believe it or not.

  5. Brenda Brown says

    Hi Penn,
    It’s nice to see someone trying to understand exactly what the Bible is saying, rather than trashing it outright because it’s the Bible, and/or they just don’t like what it’s saying.

    First, let me just say that when Jude wrote to ‘Beloved’, it’s not to a specific person per se, but is equal in meaning to James saying,(1:16) “…my beloved brethren…”, and Peter in I Peter 2: 11, saying, “Dearly beloved, I beseech you….”, and John in I John 3:21, saying, “Beloved, if our heart condemn us not….” etc. It’s a term used for the entire body of God’s people at whatever location they were writing to.

    As for Balaam, and the rebellion of Core/Korah, Numbers 16 and 23 describe what happened quite well. To make this as brief as possible, Balaam was supposed to be a prophet of God, but when he was bribed by Balak, the king of the Moabites, on a few occasions, to curse Israel, and was told by God, not to do it, although he didn’t do it, he continued to ask God’s counsel with each bribe – as if God was going to change His mind on the matter, just because Balak was offering more. It made it look like God could be bribed, and even more so, proved that Balaam was being tempted by the bribe, or he wouldn’t have asked God’s counsel a second or third time, since God had made His decision very clear the first time around. When God declares something wrong or right, that’s what it is.

    As for Korah, he and a number of Israelites (including Balaam), had decided that because God was dwelling in the entire camp of the Israelites (when they were en route to the Promised Land), that the whole bunch of them were holy enough to take on the priestly duties that God Himself had ascribed to Moses, Aaron, and the Levites. They kept arguing against Moses and his supporters, and the next day, while Moses was trying to talk sense into them, God opened the ground beneath Korah’s crew, and the entire group were swallowed up. The point is, man doesn’t tell God who is going to serve in what office. God chooses His own ministers, and puts His blessing on whom He chooses – for very good reasons that we don’t see on our own without His assistance, most of the time. (See Hebrews 5: 1-4)

    I think your account of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah are quite correct. One thing I would say concerning the angels however, is that while angels can appear in various shapes – in this case men, it wouldn’t be facial recognition that Abraham or Lot had towards them, but rather a spiritual witness. When people have come to truly know God, His Spirit in them, witnesses (responds) to His Spirit in His Messengers/Angels, and lets them know that God is within the Messengers and/or the situation.

    While it is certainly a possibility that God used a meteor to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, it’s more likely that He just plain destroyed them Himself. He created the universe from nothing more than His own Word, so He doesn’t need weaponry to destroy anything, just as He doesn’t need any instrument to heal somebody or perform any miracle. Nevertheless, if He wanted to drop the equivalent of an atomic bomb on Sodom and Gomorrah, He could, so these things are possibilities. That’s why Lot’s wife was turned to salt – not because she was too close to the destruction, since I’m sure Lot wasn’t that far ahead that he wouldn’t have been destroyed too – but because, although she was physically leaving Sodom and Gomorrah, her heart was still connected to them. That’s why she looked back, she really hadn’t left. God knew it, and destroyed her because of it.

    The main point to grasp about God, when reading the Old Testament, is that He isn’t revealing Himself, or His principles, very simply there. The OT was written to the Israelites for the most part, and they had made a choice when coming out of Egypt, NOT to draw close to God, but to keep their distance from Him. All He originally asked of them was to obey His voice, not to offer sacrifices etc., just give Him their obedience. (Jeremiah 7: 21 – 25) They refused this simple and pure walk, and because of their choice, He gave them a religion that distanced Him from them. (Exodus 19: 18 – 21) Their Tabernacle of the Covenant, Laws, and Sacrifices were types and shadows of the reality that God wanted form them, and all of us, and that’s why He sent Jesus – to make the way more clear and open, to portray a more correct idea of God and what was required. I think I’ve said enough. Thank you for a chance to talk about the Bible/God, Penn.

    • Starheater says

      Hello Brenda
      If you permit me, I would like to correct fews things about Sodom and Gommorha.
      First, it was not a meteor who cause the destruction of the 2 citys, it was “brimstone and fire” that have left us today real proofs for us to see, and this proofs I have seen it, I have seen sulfur rock/brimstone embedded in the rock in those city, so no one can say actualy that this event did not happen, proffs are there, real and can be/and have been analyse. It happen that those chunk of brimestone were pure at 98.9%, what it is produce on this Earth actualy is 66% pure, our chunk are yellow, and those find in the 2 city was white pure.
      After the analyse they put a little chunk in a spoon to see how it burn, an the chunk as burn so intensively that the spoon had a hole in it without having found the metal that melt. This mean that the tempeture was so intense that the metal evaporate in the air in that lab.
      Beside those who have conduct those experimente have calculate that the heat in those city were about 5000°F to 8000°F. This intense heat could not be produce by a meteor, and what it is stated in the Bible was not reported as an explosion, even if at this time they did not new what is an explosion, there a difference in an explosion and an intensif heat, beside the would have been attack by the pulveraising rock that an explosion would have made, this was not the case, only the burning and the smoke was the main subject of this fact. So you can believe that those who were in those city did’nt suffer a bit, the death was quick as a flash, beside, the tempeture did not raise gradually, at the first second hte tempeture was already at 5000°F to 8000°F, so they did not have the time to suffer, and that is good.
      The sudden raise of the tempature have cause the lost of concience of the people in the 2 city, and the city that was cause to those city.
      If I was God, I would have done the same thing.
      We kill a worse when he suffer, and God kill humain when the suffering is too much for those to endure, that’s why I love HIM.
      Yes, those people have suffer when they were alive, they suffer about what they were beside what they would have been, they suffer the difference that they did not have. That’s why God will judge those people with no severity, and this is state by Jesus in the New Testament.

      THe only thing that I dont understand is why the wife of Lot was transforme in a statue of salt, well I did not catch the idea. I know that salt are use in the ceremonial of purification by the Levite, but I dont understand enough to make it clear in front of my mind.
      God Bless everyone

      • Brenda Brown says

        Hi Starheater, That answer on Sodom and Gomorrah being rained down on with fire and brimstone, is good. Thank you. I didn’t realize they have actually been able to say for sure that it was not a meteorite or something like that. That’s fine with me! God said fire and brimstone, and that’s exactly what it was. As for Lot’s wife being turned into salt – salt, spiritually speaking, is what she lacked. If she’d kept her focus on God, she would have been preserved in her heart – just as salt preserves, but having allowed herself to connect to Sodom and Gomorrah, she had lost her ‘preserving’ affect, and so she became an example of one who put their hands to the plough, and turned back.

  6. Elijahovah says

    The explosion of Sodom occurred on July 18 full moon of 1918bc. The full moon was setting as the sun rose, before it was the first rising of the star Sothis after a 72-day absence (May 7 to July 18). The faultline is the deepest of all continents and it ruptured pouring lava and sulfue and salt water together into an explosion. Already the night before it says that Lot presumed when the messengers (angels means messengers for God and includes human messengers) pulled Lot in and slammed the door, that they presumed the lightning flash that blinded the men and freaked them out so they left was caused by the angels and was from God. All eruptions, almost always do this. Magma flowing below ground causes static build-up that strikes lightning. The two messengers arrived with Jehovah to speak to Abram. THis notion quotyed here (The Lord God decides to tell Abraham what he is doing, he is sending his angels to find out if the people are as evil as is said, if so, he will destroy them) acts like Abram is the only good man on the planet like Noah, so why destroy Sodom and not everyone else. Do the Greeks of 1918bc not poke-ass? Since Jehovah cannot be seen in flesh, The WatchTower claims this was the son of God (Jesus). But Genesis is all to clear it was the son of God (Shem Melchizedek the son of Noah Melchizedek). In 450 years he was fully capable of understanding earthquakes, not just astronomy. In fact the journey to 99-year old Abram was foremost not about Sodom (to save his older-nephew 111-year old Lot), but about medical treatment for Abram. Diagnosis (dirty penis); solution (circumcise); diagnosis (Sarai’s miscarriages due to inflamation); solution (she hadnt had sex with him for 14 years and was clean); diagnosis (she stopped menstruation, does that not mean no ovulation) wrong, if one ovary stops then all hormones are insufficient to continue the cycles, but every two months the other ovary is still releasing an egg. If still releasing, the signs are so by any person who has observed 450 years (Dr. Shem), then she will get pregnant, but will definately totally shut down after birth. NONE of this is about God informing Abram he will destroy Sodom. It is about predictions, knowing how to, being correct about it, thus knowing God, and the one who did so Abram called him JEHOVAH (what is foreseen comes to be, he is what he proves himself to be what he is). Can any of you find a flaw in all this written, and where do the outlandish exaggerated theories of aliens or nuclear bombs come closer to reality than what Jehovah says here thru me. Elijahovah here for a reason. Heed it. Question me, dont defy me. Jehovah always gives the answers. Do not go to those who had Jehovah, and have him no more.

  7. wishbone says

    i have always thought the story of “sodom and gomorrah” was an account of a nuclear strike carried out by aliens (that we called angels, people from the sky) that engineered us, and sodom and gomorrah was were their genetic experiment had gone badly wrong, so they “cleansed” it. there is a similar account in the “koran”, a very interesting part of the story is when lot’s wife turned back (after being warned not to) and was turned to “a pillor of salt”, in hiroshima it was found that in a certain area around the blast that people were flash carbonized, not blown away, but ended up like statues, covered in a white powder, (that could be mistaken for salt) maybe lots wife ended up in that area. there are many accounts of encounters with alien / gods / terraformer engineers in the bible and other books of religion and history, but they are very rarely read out in church. if ALIENS landed openly on earth today, most of the worlds population would still probably think of them as gods or angels or demons. us earthlings are still a bit thick.

    • says

      h20 levels rotation of earth red blood cells that’s why scientist have come to the conclusion of gods great doings find a scientist that has turned from him I cant find one many scientist went to disprove the bible and they found god look it up google it and talk to me the stang is waiting


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