Secrets of the Giza Pyramids

Secrets of the Giza Pyramids

by Charles Marcello

Everyone knows we live within a three dimensional universe, and that time equals the fourth dimension. While at the same time just about everyone has heard of E=MC2 …the thing is, the Pyramids of Giza has both of those truths intertwined within their legends and their physical makeup. What is a four sided pyramid? The quick smart-aleck answer is, it’s a four sided pyramid. While the other answer equals, a four sided pyramid is one sixth of a cube, or a box, or a perhaps the misunderstood science called a cubit.

If that is true… and it is mathematically true… then what are those pyramids trying to say? Well, Graham Hancock and Robert Duval were able to answer some of those questions… I believe in their quest to be unique they still wanted to be accepted by mainstream Egyptologist, so they only allowed their uniqueness to go so far. I on the other hand don’t care if someone calls me a liar, or if someone else is annoyed I used the bible to make point, or any other derogatory names people can invent. I didn’t start this journey worried about how others were going to receive the truth. All I demanded was the truth. All I continually search for is the truth.

Over a decade ago I discovered a three dimensional mathematical concept that I broke all the down into a simple sixth grade mathematical formula… so anyone who wanted to learn, could. Because I already had that experience, when I started to break down 144,000 and 666 at first I thought it was simple understanding… until I had a dream about the number 6… then I knew an extremely advanced civilization hid that science in those numbers and that they lived in our very distant past, because those two numbers exist all over the ancient world. So I began a journey of re-reading the Bible with a brand new appreciation. When I discovered December 3, 2012 does in fact match the Pyramids of Giza layout, I tried to give it away. Seriously, for two weeks I told people… hey go check this out. No one would… so I then created a simple video and posted it online, and then went, now look… and still no one wanted to do the work. I let this discovery sit for almost a year, and still no one took it! I was like… damn it! I do not want this… But there truly was no one else. So I accepted my fate and dove into this project head first. The math is completely undeniable. Even though the math always made sense and was always correct, I was not sure until I found this alchemical symbol (below)…This picture (squaring the circle) told me that what I accidentally discovered over a decade ago was in fact true.

At the bottom of this post you will find compass method
of drawing perfectly this alchemical symbol.

I still thought it was simply a game because it argued against everything the world told me I should believe. To then find the same answers within 144,000 and 666… it totally blew me away. So when I decided to see what else the pyramids were actually trying to say… once I understood what Graham Hancock and Robert Duval had discovered… I instantly knew they didn’t go far enough. Its not their fault, and I can honestly say without their research I never would have put two and two together. They deserve all the credit for this find. While Maurice Cotterell deserves all the credit for helping me to unlock the truth about our spiritual reality.

Those pyramids are in fact demanding our truly ancient ancestors flew in space… make no mistake, anyone who tells you different, after sitting down and doing math, is either dishonest or purposely ignorant. They’re being purposely ignorant because they refuse to do the math while desperately holding onto an outdated belief… or they’re being dishonest because they desperately want YOU to hold onto that outdated belief. A four sided pyramid is in fact 1/6 of a cube. The question becomes what are they trying to tell us with those pyramids?

The first is the Great Pyramid. They are telling us they understood our reality is three dimensional and that is exactly how they saw their/our reality. If you use the mathematics as described by Graham Hancock and instead of using the Earth, use the Sun. Understand The Great Pyramid is explaining two things. One, use the Great Pyramid as 1/6 the true dimensional volume of our Sun… Then use the apex of that pyramid as the volume of our Sun. What does the rest of the pyramid teach?


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The summary of the selected main mean dimensions of the Great Pyramid (Khufu):

dimension b. inch m royal cub. palm digit
base 9068.8 230.35 440 3,080 12,320
height 5776 146.71 280 1,960 7,840
sum     720 5,040 20,160
slope 7343.2 186.52 356 2,492 9,968
edge 8630.4 219.21 418 2,926 11,704


Volume of the Great Pyramid:
Volume of the Pyramid =h*B/3 (Here h is the height of the Pyramid, B is the area of the base)
=(1/3)*146.71*(230.35*230.35) cu. meters = 2,594,865.6 cubic meters (18,069,333 cubic royal cubits or 91,636,814 cubic feet)
Base: 214.5 m (704 ft) on each side
Height: 143.5 m (471 ft) tall
Angle of Incline: 53 degrees 7′ 48″
Volume: 2,200,603.543 cubic meters

Base: 110 m (345.5 ft) on each side
Height: 68.8 m (216 ft) tall
Angle of Incline: 51.3 degrees
Volume: 277,465.584 cubic meters

Interesting relationship between volumes of the 1st (Khufu) and the 2nd (Khafre) pyramid: If volume of the Great Pyramid  (Khufu) is equal 1, volume of the Khafre’s pyramid (to the scale) is 0.848. If volume of Earth is equal 1, volume of Venus (to the same scale)  is 0.857.  …In other words, both volume relationships are different by just 1% (1.01056).


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With the Second pyramid they are trying to teach us they understood how our solar system works. Time is not the axial rotation of our planet, no matter how hard religious influenced scientist try to force that geocentric outdated ignorance onto man. Make no mistake it is being forced onto our world by a religious institution. This same religious institution once made the world believe it was flat and the universe revolved around our planet… now they have our world believing the universe is flat and time revolves around the individual. Sorry I have to be the one to expose that as pure nonsense, but those pyramids, and your bible by the way, proves it! For you see the creators of those pyramids not only understood three dimensional volume, they also understood the secret of time… ie… the Star of David… more on that in a few minutes. Because what the second pyramid demands is, they understood that time in our solar system is measured by the elliptic rotation of our Sun around the center of our Galaxy. Yet even that is just the beginning… because when you T-Cubic meter time you realize they also understood the truth about our spiritual reality.
While the third pyramid is teaching us the truth about light! Light is simply the by-product of matter, regardless of how fast matter moves light always leaves matter at a constant. That is one of truths the legends about the EYE in the center of a pyramid is teaching. The other is how to truthfully view our reality… as if a god looking back down upon creation… while the third truth is how to create unlimited Energy. You do this by capturing Light. If  E=MC2, then captured C equals Me… or stated another way… the creators of those pyramids knew the secret to Hawkings Radiation.

I would give you the math but I could post it day long and haters will not believe it and simply try to tear me down. So instead I demand you do it yourself. I’m giving this all away, I’m not asking you for anything other then spend one hour doing the math.

Here’s where it gets interesting… they are also telling us they understood how our universe actually works. They broke our reality down into what I call M-Cubic or T-Cubic Meters. Where you create a homogenous box/cubic (meaning all six sides are exactly the same), and then your break them down using M-Cubic or T-Cubic Meters. Here is a visual representation…

That picture is there simply to get your mind wrapped around this concept… so you will understand those pyramids are telling you how many times you need to m-cubic meter our reality in order to discover the real truth of our existence.

Now I’m going to skip way ahead and give you the answer, and then demand you find out for yourself if its true or not.
The Star of David is not only talking about the beauty of God, its also telling us everything we need to do mathematically in order to understand our true reality.

Space is comprised of both the extremely small all the way to the extremely large dimensions, ie… from the lowest of dimensions to the instant vastness of space. While Time is just the opposite. In order to prove this, you need to T-Cubic meter time until you stop light from one atom to another… and then you need to invert that answer and stretch it across the universe. Where time throughout the vastness of space happens instantly… From there time begins to slow down as you T-Cubic meter downward, until it either appears to stop or does in fact stop. Space and Time are uniform inside their respective dimensions only. In our reality time moves at the same speed whether you’re experiencing velocity here on Earth or on Mars, Mercury, Venus or Saturn or on the other side of our galaxy… you can prove that is true by M-Cubic Metering each planet… You will discover mathematically they all come together at a certain dimension. You now have the measuring stick for time. That is what the Star of David is actually trying to teach us when it comes to the majesty of our Reality and God. It truly is beautiful!

Earlier I said if you capture light you can then convert it over to energy. That is true… there will be many new ways for mankind to discover how to do so over the next several years, that is… if we survive the transition some cultures have prophesized/warned us about… before we all die this how I suggest you should start.

Create a little sphere that allows light in but does not allow light to escape. Inside this little sphere you want to add mercury, with trace amounts of silver and gold… while at the same time you want to add into this little sphere a gas that gets hotter and hotter the more it is compressed. This glass like object must be able to expand and contract ever so slightly. Then create a second larger sphere that will hold the first sphere. Allow this sphere to capture light, yet not allow it to escape as well. Inside this sphere you want to add a gas that becomes colder as the gas is compressed. I believe magnets need to be used as well. But that’s as far as I’m going to take this new power device. This is important… before you create this device make sure you have a way to measure the energy being created inside, while at the same time, make sure you are able to open this device quickly. If I’m understanding the hidden science within ancient texts correctly, if you don’t have a way to drain the energy it will kill you.

We are ONE

If you do the math and open your eyes to our true reality you will see the beauty of our existence in a way you’ve never noticed it before. Once you do see the truth of our reality, you will realize we are all One. And the saying, “From one many, from many one,” you will understand truly equals the only way we can save ourselves from ourselves… We Must Re-Learn this simple truth… we are all ONE regardless of race, color or creed… we are all One Spiritually, we all live in one house/planet… YES each of us has the right to choose our own path. Its your life, live it… yet in order to save ourselves from ourselves we must have a solid base from which to rebuild our reality upon. Our world is broken, and it is cracking at the seems, just like prophecy said it would… Please open your eyes. Can We Learn To Love Like God.

If each us takes responsibility for everyone else’s sins what could you justify? What could you justify knowing your loved ones are begging God to be held responsible for everything you do? What could any of us get away with then? History demands humans are capable of the most atrocious crimes if they believe one of two things… if they believe they can get away with it, or if WE know we won’t be punished for it. The twentieth century has taught that lesson well. From Hitler to Stalin etc etc… If the children of yesterday prayed to God every night to be held responsible for their parents sins, do any of you believe the fires of the holocaust would have been lit? Or that the bricks would’ve been laid for the prisons of the USSR? What would our world be like right now if our children prayed every night to be held responsible for our sins… would we stop throwing away their future for our own personal greed?

Whether we as the Only One Race/The Human Race… like it or not, we only have two choices… If our world discovers this science before we learn we are in fact One, and only as One can we save ourselves from ourselves… if we refuse to learn that simple lesson we will kill ourselves… make no mistake history is repeating itself right before our eyes. Just look at the European Unions Headquarters as one shocking example… they took an artist rendition of the tower of Babel and then created their Union Headquarters from that rendition.
If that’s not telling you how close we are to killing ourselves, from receiving our own judgment for our own iniquities… because of the evil we accept as truth and force ourselves to slave under… if the world continues to deny the simple truth we are all One Spiritually… then we are doomed… if you believe the one has nothing to do with the other, then nothing will save you from yourself, nothing!
Well, that’s it. You now have it all! You can accept, deny, embrace or throw away everything I’ve said, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy this ride, this wonderful miracle we call life.
–Charles Marcello

Additional Material (on this page):

  • PS 2:  World’s Knowledge in a single Monument
  • PS 1:  Pyramids and the Solar System
  • PS 3:  Drawing the Alchemical Symbol

PS 1: World’s Knowledge in a single Monument

by Charles Marcello

How would you put all of our worlds knowledge into a single monument… and I do mean all our science, all our understanding of our solar system, and our technology?  Below is a scenario Ive asked people on another forum to think about before they even begin to search for hidden knowledge.

The scenario…

Its December 21, 2012 and you’re one of those people who aint worried about something happening.  So you and your significant other decide to go to a Christmas Choral down at the park. The people on stage or singing Silent Night when you hear a sound off in the distance… You think nothing of it.
A few seconds later you notice that sound is louder.  A few more seconds and it sounds like an airplane and a freight train roaring down upon you at the same time.  The next thing you know your significant other has a frightened look, you turn to see, but you never make it. 
The next thing you know you’re waking up in a valley, and as you look around you see nothing but destruction in every direction.  You also notice several children wondering around, plus a few adults.  You start checking to see if the children and all the other adults are okay.  All of you gather in one area.  After three days and zero help, and with no other survivors being seen, you decide, its either get busy living or get busy dieing.
The children ages are between 8 and 3 years.  The adults are all over twenty, and then there’s you.

Because its winter you realize you need to find or create shelter.  You don’t recognize the area, so you’re not sure which way you should go.  So you suggest two adults stay behind with the children, and each group should walk for three hours one going east, the others west, north and south.
Several hours later one of the groups finds a cave that will house all of you.  For the remainder of the day you and the adults decide to gather wood.
After three days of zero food and water, the children are cranky, scared and hungry.  Two adults always stay behind, while the 8 other adult survivors go out to find food, water and wood.  Because all you have are the clothes on your backs… you understand you are right back in the stone ages.  You and other adults start to fashion weapons to hunt with.  Some how only 2 adults die and thankfully you only lose 10 children to hunger and sickness within the first three months.  You’re down to 8 adults and 90 children.

For the next three years you and the adults work furiously to garden and hunt for food and clothes for the coming winters.  You and the other adults are up at dawn and doing back breaking work until sunset… your only motivation is you understand you and your small band might be all that’s left of humanity.  You don’t talk all that much about what has been lost, the pain of it is just to great.  Thankfully some of the children are old enough to help with some of the chores now.  Then it hits.  In one year you lose all of the adults and thirty children.  And now you have the same symptoms that killed all the others… and that’s when the deeper reality hits you.  Because you and all the other adults were to busy with survival, neither you or the other adults taught the children how to read, math, world history or science.  Because you’re the last adult, how would
you go about explaining to illiterate children all that you know?  Would you sit them all down, or would you pick the smartest one or two within the group?  Would you explain to the others, these two have extremely important information that they must be allowed to learn, so they can also learn how to pass it forward?  Would you use figurines to help explain the science to those children, like birds, snakes, simple designs of the night sky, ect… etc…?  How would you do it?  How would you pass all you know forward?  Would you explain it with God being the main figure?  Or would you want to be as matter a fact as possible, yet trying to explain it in such a way, that its entertaining enough so these children would feel compelled to pass it forward?  There is no way you could know how long its going to take for humanity to reach the same level of technology we currently enjoy.
How would you tell the story that some advanced culture in the future will be able to see your science, math, history for what it is?  How would you explain it to children and how would you place advanced knowledge within the stories?

I would ask all who are actually interested in understanding what I believe I’ve discovered… I would ask you spend a little bit of time thinking about that… and then allow your mind to understand, that over time, as our ancestors move further and further away from our time, your stories will become boring, and harder to relate to or even understand… does it seem so far fetched some future “priest” would decide to spice it up a bit.  To glorify his position even more?  How would you find the science, math, history in your own story?  Now re-read the first five books of the bible…  If you do this mental exercise, do you see any similarities within your own story?

When those pyramids were built, they knew when the secrets were unlocked, they wouldn’t have to have everything just so.  That just needed to show they knew this, that, those things and some of those…  would you really over build something just so everything is one two three… or would you not insult your future generations intelligence?  Let alone glorify your own ignorance.  Science has closed the patent door to concepts we reject, just like our ancestors did in the 19th century.  Open your.mind by trying to describe your knowledge to a two year old like the whole future of mankind depended in it.  Then relook at all our ancient monuments and ancient religious texts.

–Charles Marcello


PS 2: Pyramids and the Solar System

by Editor in Chief

Max Toth in his book Pyramid states how many interpreted the various dimensions of the Great Pyramid. It reads: “…pyramidologists believe that the Pyramid in all its symbolism, represents the laws of the universe expressed geometrically (p. 189).” This cannot be denied if history is correct about when men acquired certain knowledge. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid will show its purpose and plan in the design. Space is not available to list all these correlation’s, but a few of the most important and the simplest to understand will be provided. Here are some of the dimensions and their correlation to astronomical calculations.
The base unit of measurement in the Pyramid’s is 25.052 inches. The Pryamid’s inch is 1.0025 of our regular inch. Each side of its base is 365.2422 cubits, which is the exact number of days in a solar year. Now 365.24 cubits occur five or six times somewhere within the pyramid that shows it was not a coincidence.

  • The Pyramid’s perimeter ( the distance around the four sides of the base) correlates with the circumference of the earth.
  • According to Professor Piazzi Smyth, multiplying the height of the Pyramid’s 35th layer by 10 derives the distance of the earth from the sun.
  • The base unit of measurement used by the Pyramid designer is ten-millionth of the earth’s polar radius, according Peter Lemeisuier.
    Simply put it is one ten millionth the distance from the North Pole to equator.
  • The number of days in a century (100 years) is 36,524 days and corresponds to the total inches valued in the Pyramid’s perimeter.
  • The number Pi is the mathematical constant 3.1415, with the ratio of the diameter to the distance around the circle, called the circumference. In the pyramid it is the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base.

Other correlations

  • The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of 1 : 43,200.
  • The Great Pyramid has perfect geometric relationships.
  • It contains a complete astronomical catalog of our solar system.
    It contains, in its various ratios and dimensions, the quantum physics of light.
    The Great Pyramid’s height is in relationship to its base sides as a circles’ radius is to its circumference ( 1/2  Pi ).
  • We can’t help but be surprised and amazed to see that the Great pyramid corresponds so precisely to the earth: When we use the regular height of the pyramid (146.7m), it reveals the earth as a perfect sphere with only the equator radius, and when we use the minimum height of the pyramid (146.2m), it reveals the real earth with equator and polar radius.

The whole solar system appears to have been transformed at the same time as when the earth itself suffered an increase in it’s orbital period from 360 days per year to its present value of 365.242184 days. The once harmonious solar system was based upon the numerical values of the Babylonian/Sumerian sexagesimal base-60 system. This is in accordance with the myths of the ancients when correctly decoded. The existence of the asteroid belt, and of Ceres, the largest asteroid within the belt, with a critical proof that Ceres once possessed an orbit of exactly 1440 days per year at the very time when the earth itself possessed 360 days per year.

The Sun – Important Numbers

The Sun:
Mean diameter 1.392×106 km (109 × Earth )
Equatorial radius 6.955×105 km (109 × Earth )
Equatorial circumference 4.379×106 km (109 × Earth )

Illustration showing relative sizes of the planets compared to the sun

  • The Sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth,  and its mass (about 2×1030 kilograms, 330,000 times that of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.
  • The maximum distance of the Sun from the Earth (aphelion) is approximately 152 million kilometers, about 109 times that of the Sun’s diameter. 
  • On September 18-19 the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius)
    216=63 , also 216=23 x 33
  • The mean distance of the Sun from the Earth is approximately 149.6 million kilometers (1 AU). At this average distance, light travels from the Sun to Earth in about 8 minutes and 19 seconds (499 seconds).
  • Mean distance from Milky Way core ~2.5×1017 km or 26,000 light-years
  • Galactic period (2.25–2.50)×108 a
  • Velocity:
    ~220 km/s (orbit around the center of the Galaxy)
    ~20 km/s (relative to average velocity of other stars in stellar neighborhood)
    ~370 km/s (relative to the cosmic microwave background)

Volume of the Planets and the Sun (Source: NASA)

Rank Name Volume
(cubic km)
1 Sun 1.41200 x 1016
2 Jupiter 1.43128 x 1015
3 Saturn 8.27130 x 1014
4 Uranus 6.83300 x 1013
5 Neptune 6.25400 x 1013
6 Earth 1.08321 x 1012
7 Venus 9.28430 x 1011
8 Mars 1.63180 x 1011
9 Mercury 6.08300 x 1010
10 Moon 2.19580 x 1010
11 Pluto 7.150000 x 109

Solar System – Planets

Earth (outer circle), Venus (middle), and Mercury (inner circle) – to scale

Satellite image of the pyramids near Giza with overlay of Earth, Venus and Mercury (scaled down by the same factor). Although it is not a perfect match, similarity in size is puzzling.Click to enlarge.

Interesting relationship between volumes of the 1st (Khufu) and the 2nd (Khafre) pyramid: If volume of the Great Pyramid  (Khufu) is equal 1, volume of the Khafre’s pyramid (to the scale) is 0.848. If volume of Earth is equal 1, volume of Venus (to the same scale)  is 0.857.  …In other words, both volume relationships are different by just 1% (1.01056).

Speed of Light

Exact values
Metres per second 299,792,458
Planck units     1

Approximate values

kilometres per second     300,000
kilometres per hour     1,079 million

miles per second     186,000
miles per hour     671 million

astronomical units per day     173

Approximate light signal travel times
Distance     Time
one foot     1.0 ns
one metre     3.3 ns
one kilometre     3.3 ?s
one statute mile     5.4 ?s
from geostationary orbit to Earth     119 ms
the length of Earth’s equator     134 ms
from Moon to Earth     1.3 s
from Sun to Earth (1 AU)     8.3 min
one parsec     3.26 years
from Proxima Centauri to Earth     4.24 years
from Alpha Centauri to Earth     4.37 years
from the nearest galaxy (the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy) to Earth     25,000 years
across the Milky Way     100,000 years

PS 3: Drawing the Alchemical Symbol

by Editor in Chief

How to draw perfectly this alchemical symbol – Compass Method

Note: Click on any of the images below to see them in full size

1. Draw 2 points (dots) A and B  and connect them with a straight line:

2. From each point (A and B) draw a circle with radius AB.  Mark 2 points where
both circles intersect and connect them with a straight line:

3.Mark point C where both lines intersect and draw a circle from point C
with radius = AC = BC. This will be the inner circle of the symbol: 4. Find 4 corners of the square DEFG around the circle by drawing 4 circles as shown below:

5.  Draw perfect square around the circle connecting with straight lines its corners DEFG

6.Draw small equilateral triangle on top of the square;
find its top corner H by drawing 2 circles with radius = side of the square DE:

7. Draw straight lines through points HD, HE, and FG, mark points I and J where these lines intersect. These are corners of the large equilateral triangle HJI:

8. Draw arcs from points H and J. Mark point K where both intersect.
Connect points K and I  to find the center L of the big circle:

9. Draw big circle with the center L and its radius = LH

10. Remove the “construction” lines to see the perfect symbol:


    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Andras

      Two very informative comments in as many months, yours and Rodrigo. The creature of that video you mentioned, , is moving in a direction that is extremely helpful. If people agree someone has finally figured out the correct Egyptian cubic ratio… the question becomes what is the formula for stepping it down…. ie the Egyptian version of centimeters, sixteenths, eights, quarters, halves etc. and if we do the math with those ratios, what does that begin to reveal, let alone when you cube all the answers?

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        how funny I wrote creature instead of creator… I’m really gonna have’ta start proof reading this stuff. embarrassing!

  1. William says

    Does the fact that the great pyramid actually has 8 sides conflict with the math presented here? seems the each side is angled inwards 1-1.5 degrees and is visible on the winter solstice when the shadow caused by the sun rising covers only half of one side.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello William,

      Because the Great Pyramid is eight sided, that was the clue that made me look at the pyramids as a cube, rather than just a pyramid. While following on which days the Sun aligns with what pyramids around the world was another clue to start looking at these pyramids as a single message… which led me to bringing all of their ancient legends together to equal a single message left in stone for future generations.

      –Charles Marcello

  2. Rodrigo says

    It´s not true that the pyramid is the sixth part of a cube, Cube has same measure of course… Why the high of the pyramid is not the half of high?

    If the pyramid were the six part of a cube high should be exactly the half of the high. So, if base dimension is 230.35 meters high should be 115.175 and not 146.71. and in royal cub 440 the half is 220 and not 280.

    dimension b. inch m royal cub. palm digit
    base 9068.8 230.35 440 3,080 12,320
    height 5776 146.71

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Rodrigo,

      First I want to say thank you, Thank you for being the first to actually sit down and attempt to understand what it is I’m trying to share. As you’ve correctly stated, if, that is if the great pyramid at Giza was a homogenous cube then the base and top should have an even split… because it’s not that does not mean those pyramids are not part of a cube. Which brings me to what I call dimensional m-cubics. Our planet is not homogenous, yet it is spherical, which means it can be cubed. If you take the measurements you’ve already done, I promise you if you pay attention you will discover what each of the pyramids are trying to reveal. Remember we can also cube the dimensions of the earth… the question becomes can we cube other planets within our solar system, while at the same time placing the dimensional m-cubic spherical measurements within those cubes? For the first time in over two years someone has finally posted some math regarding these pyramids, and I’m excited. I just wonder if you’re willing to follow it up, to show you’re actually attempting to understand even if you can’t immediately see the answers. I’m more than willing to help direct, as long as you’re willing to prove you are doing the work. Until our next encounter.

      –Charles Marcello

  3. Charles Marcello says

    I am thinking about seeking a person/or creating a team to discover if what I believe I’ve discovered regarding “the fountain of youth”, is in fact true. This team will need to have someone with a lot of capital and no real illusions that what I believe I’ve discovered is actually real. I just want to test the first three possibilities… and if possible to either learn how I’m wrong, or maybe how to make this more effective/longer lasting. That is one the things I plan to start working on immediately.
    Not to mention this summer I am going to see what happens when massive amounts of sunlight is forced to stay/captured inside a prism. I will start with a simple hexagon styled sphere, with no inner sphere and no gases. I want to see how much mass can be generated within one of week of continuous sunlight collection if any. (Well I know damn well there will be a growth in mass, no doubt whatsoever on that score, whether it can generate energy however… that I don’t know… Now I plan to use one way mirrors around the sphere and place open ended mirrors laying around this spherical styled “collector.” I just want to see how much mass can be created by doing nothing else but collecting sunlight. From there I should be able to figure out the mathematics on how to make the correct style of spheres to create the type of energy I envision… well maybe. Just so you know I will use the same materials people use to create stain glass windows. I only mention the how I plan to go about testing my hypothesis is so others can try the same if they so which. This is important, if I’m understanding ancient texts correctly, which is the only reason i believe this could work… this apparatus must be able to release the sunlight quickly just in case the energy is greater than anyone can predict. What I mean is, my apparatus, at the top of the hexagon styled sphere will be free floating, meaning it will not be permanently fastened to the structure, rather, if the mass or energy levels increase too rapidly then I can remove the top so as to release that energy without causing harm to myself and/or the surrounding areas.
    Well at the moment these are my thoughts and my plans for the next couple of months. Come fall or early winter I will start talking about the pyramids again… I want to give people adequate time to do there own research. In the meantime, any failures or successes will be shared here on Plus I will most likely youtube the whole captured sunlight process. I will be taking classes on how to create stain glass structure here shortly. I don’t know what to expect from either of these concepts, yet it seems like harmless fun that just might equal something important. I honestly doubt it, but as always time will reveal the truth.

    –Charles Marcello

  4. MsShell says

    PLEASE READ! We need to think about something here. I am going to dive into a bit on spiritual science. We as humans and everything in this entire universe we live in is made of, and produces energy. Even deceased people can somehow maintain an “energetic footprint,” if you will, in this world present day. If you don’t believe me, please search Mr. Emoto’s water crystal studies, where it clearly shows deceased people still have an energetic footprint. Google Dr. Vladimir poponin and Dr. Peter Gariaev, and their studies proving us to all be made up of energy… Energy we get from the sun. Also, everything we do, listen to, THINK, or say sends out energy into the universe, either positive or negative energy. When you Google the Maharishi effect you will see that a group of 7,000 people back in the 1970s, meditating on LOVE and GRATITUDE, produced a measurable decrease on violence, illness and other negative aspects globally! NOW, to re-analyze how the Bible was interpreted, because it was interpreted ALL wrong! 1. WE ARE GOD! The Bible says, “do not take God’s name in vain,” IE, do NOT talk or think badly about yourself or others! Also, many times it says we need LOVE! “Love thy neighbor” and most importantly, “Love thy enemy.” How does this pertain to your discussion? I have found the solution. The world right now is about 90% negative. Wars, hate, murder, crimes, & illnesses are at all time highs! This is the scary part… Korea is threatening to blow up the sun! The only thing that keeps the Earth and all it’s energetic souls alive. Without the sun, the Earth’s energy would literally cease to exist! Our bodies and souls would also cease to exist!! Everything, every person, every spirit and soul (Everything in our reality is made up of energy) from the past and present, will be GONE without the Sun’s energy. We are NOT talking about a flood like Noah experienced. We are talking about the end of the end. The ruin of the very thing that our world and souls vibrate and survive from. Without the sun, kiss EVERYTHING good bye, indefinitely! No spiritual after life, as spirits need the sun’s energy to exist as well. Do not think that you or your soul will survive without the Sun!!
    Here’s how we can make a serious difference: by disarming the enemy with LOVE! Start meditating on love and gratitude! The Maharishi effect worked with as little as 1% of the population! YOU CAN make a difference! Your soul and every soul on the planet depends on this! “Love thy enemy”!! No guns, no war, NO more negativity being fed into this world! If the negativity reaches the threshold, the ramifications are not only catastrophic, but unreversible, and the threshold is GOING to be met-unless WE change it! Look up how many times the Bible says to love! It IS the answer, written plain as day, and proved to be successful by modern science! Also, in the Bible it says the son (sun)(yet ANOTHER misinterpretation by the church, think about Easter…) will come down to the Earth, the coming of the SUN.. We DON’T want this! Man I feel bad for anyone who thinks some guy is going to float down here and save them, because it’s NOT going to happen! Only WE can save ourselves. We really can’t afford to sit back and do nothing if you care about life at all.. Are you willing to let all this happen? I’m going to try to neutralize and reverse this negativity with all my might, but remember, the more people who join me, the more effective this exercise will be!! Please, if you will, if it moves you to do so… Please meditate daily on love and gratitude! Please stop thinking negative thoughts about your job, your spouse, your health, your kids, dinner, the way the waitress wasn’t fast enough for you or that you think you’re fat or ugly or WHATEVER negativity YOU contribute to the world! We all need LOVE and Nothing else! Or simply play Beethoven’s pastorale… I believe that will work too. Please, start now.
    If you want to become more spiritually awakened, please do Buddhism’s 5 precepts. Especially the one regarding not allowing toxicatiins into the body! Remember, “Your body is your temple” I also refrain from eating meat, and eat organic, and also literally ground myself with my bare feet on the Earth, to receive the Earth’s healing energy. Peace and LOVE be with anyone and everyone who reads this.

    • Kevin says

      MsShell, Yes Jesus is coming to save those who believe in Him and we are not God. You can not mix the Bible with Buddha, Buddha denies God and the Bible is everything about God and God is Love. “Do not be overly righteous, nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?” Ecclesiastes 7.16
      Romans 14:3 “Let not the one who eats despise the one who abstains, and let not the one who abstains pass judgment on the one who eats, for God has welcomed him”. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, be born again of the Spirit and He will guide you to all truth. 1 Corinthians 13:13 “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
      May God Bless You with the Truth.

      • Name of the Lord says

        Kevin, I must apologize but I must break down your belief of Jesus. Pope Leo X admitted “This Myth of Christ, has served us well”
        Jesus had 12 disciples and he taught over and over not to pray to him, that he was no different his disciples, you and I. Jesus also mentions only one of his 12 disciples would truly understand his teachings, that was Judas who was stoned to death and hung by the other 11 disciples of Jesus. The bible itself was revised so many times as the true language (Hiburu-language of light, language of hieroglyphics in the pyramid) of the prophets has been translated so far to the languages we speak in the world today, to the english language where you probably learned christianity. I was raised baptist, but in the last two of my 24 years of life i’ve been endowed with the knowledge of self and more knowledge of the universe, and of course the knowledge of the conditions of reality. The bible itself reveals God’s existence as a plural. Genesis 1:26 “Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness”” The Quran Allah is described by pronouns we us and our. God and the Devil exist in Man, and the Sons of Man. Genesis the actual word comprised of Gene-Sis refers to a Gene Process or Eugenics Experiment conducted by Abrahams Son and followers Jacob, better known as Yacub. While the book of Genesis teaches us the beginning of Man and Sin, it actually artistically and intentionally confusing describes the beginning of a “certain” type of man. Adam literally means ruddy, to be ruddy or flush red in the face (whiteman) (this true definitinon can be found in James Strong’s “The Exhaustance Corcordance of the Bible” published in 1890. January 3rd, 1910 an article in the New York Times was titled “May Make Negroes White; Chicagoan Believes It Possible to Nuetralize the Color Units”, in it Q.T. Simpson proudly confirms this eugenics process to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Genesis describes the same eugenics process of shuffling out genes and isolating genes with calcified melanin (the chemical produced in the obdulla oblongata found in unquantifiable abundance in black men and women, expressed through the human organs most notable in the skin organ which makes the skin black) this type of science has been known for thousands of years, and of course as this website clearly proves and supports our technology pales in comparison to that of our ancestors which constructed these Pyramid structures, which i believe to have been used as vessels of transport. Non the less the God and Devil, spoken of in Genesis are Asiatic Black Men (God[s]) who were really advanced scientists, including those following Jacob of Abrahams lineage and the white man (Devil[s]) Adams and Eves(Revelations 13:18 – “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is a man’s number. His number is 666.”–the relative number 666 can be found in the number of electrons protons and neutrons that make up the molecule CARBON 6 electrons 6 protons and 6 neutrons, the building block molecule for all organic material on earth). This is historically accredited to have taken place about 4004 b.c.. Many white scholars since then such as Dr. John Lightfoot declared in 1654, have tried to declare man appeared on earth around that time as well to line up the birth of mankind with the setting of Genesis although from carbon dating bones in the last few decades humankind knows Man was on this earth far before 3million years ago. Man before Adam and Eve is supported in Genesis as well– Genesis where the story of Adam and Eves sons Abel and Cain contradicts the origins of man by describing Abel’s murder by Cain, Cain’s banishment by God from the land, and Cain’s procedure to move to another land and take on wives.. The existence of this mention of wives he takes on from other lands suggests the obvious existence of other man kind before the existence of Cain’s parents Adam and Eve. Ethiopian scholars have located many books from the “Lost Books of Eden” one of which is the “Book of Adam and Eve” which takes on where the book of Genesis left off, Adam and Eve were banished from the promised land–present day Mecca, or Medina near central Saudi Arabia and traveled to the north barefoot through hot sand and stones (which happens to be a ritual of FreeMansonry once reaching the 33rd degree to symbolize the knowledge of self at the last stages, to walk over hot stones and sands acknowledging the truths of their origins.) (although there currently are black people in Mason lodges, it originated for whites only, before black people during the end of our 6,000 years of oppression began to fight for their equal rights in our world) in the Book of adam and Eve is explains Adam and Eve traveling north where they take refuge in the Caucasus mountain range (why white people are referred to as Caucasians), present day South Western Russia, where they expressed lament when looking at there bleached skin so different to that of their creators. Originally the Gods including all the Greek mythological gods were depicted and portrayed truly black and the forces of Evil white, many ancient historical paintings still reflect this. The Roman Catholic church made its job to burn as many ancient texts and libraries to hide these truths hence the burning of books that began massively around the times of the crusades. Refer to Dr Dorothy Fardan’s (a white woman) “Message to the White Man and Woman in America:Yacub and The Origins of White Supremacy” historically accredited many other developments took place around 4000 b.c. such as domestic violence, murder, genocide, and other extreme evil acts which are the origin basis’ for in debt psychological evaluations for these latent intentions in certain men and women. Ultimately we are All Sons and Daughters of Man, and as MsShell has declared God is in all of us, we ARE the God(s) spoken of in the Bible and many of us unfortunately are the Devil(s) mention as well, but in our world today this undeniable balance of Good and Evil, positive and negative, Yin and Yang, are unbelievably Relative to the Sciences of the Universe and even of all Social and Chemical Relations. Everything is Relative, and going onto the more important subject of Free Energy and this Secrets of this Ancient Science, it is also Relative to this relationship the magnetic relationship between opposites that [attract] or in more accurate terms pertaining to physics the magnetic relationship between Northern and Southern Poles that create Polarization with a perpetual core energy of course. I understand how to convert energy into the type of Residence with modern technology to be able to resonate energy into the core of an anomic object by match the frequency of that object (equating to the distance between the objects atoms) to be able to temporarily recreated polarization, a southern and northern pole around the metaphysics of that object to alter the density of the matter to induce levitation. This is the same type of residence in quantum physics Tesla attempted to divulge. I understand the concepts of utilizing mercury within column like figures in the center of structures built to store and process energy at the highest speeds to continuously produce the energy required to maintain the manipulation of such structures atomic structure. Build with me.

    • Judy says

      I have seen a few websites that totally agree with you. It rings true to my inner soul. I know this is what needs to be done. I see energies of the deceased. No I’m not psycho. I have the sixth sense which many are being born with and greater. I have experienced healing from a child with the gift of healing a new profound gift being created by the sun. The Sun has rays which touch the inner parts of us changing our DNA/eggs. It is evolving our species for the new time/Age how ever you wish to comprehend it. We are reaching great strides now the old paradym will die off. Our souls and lives are being transformed to a better way of life. There will be no transhuman furture.

  5. Msshel says

    He is withholding information because the information is so crucial to survival, so secretive, he does not know who he can trust with this information! Life has just taken me on a similar life path as his… Finding out all these secrets. I’m also skeptical of whom I can trust! If YOU are reading this, Charles, please please e-mail me. I am also a chosen one to help save! I have MUCH information to add to everything in your mind. It’s coming from intuition, dreams…Could you imagine the two of us together? Destiny has brought me, a nobody, to your web page and I have this burning desire in my heart to talk to you. E-mail me. I had to input my email address when I post this comment. Charles, you need to realize if you do not share this information with people like me, and do not allow me to share this information with people like you, we are not doing what we are called upon to be doing! Start small! Us two, we are supposed to change the world my friend.

  6. j.a says

    Delve into this, us are staying with this structure that has been displayed,we might find that stuff can run more smooth when there is a energetic programes locked into a biological matrix to just guess.

  7. Starheater says

    There is something that I would like to point out about 12 and 144000. In the Bible, after each battle done by Israel, all Israel goes on counting the mans of every Tribes of Israel.
    I have discover that when they write the result of each Tribes, the number always without an exception, finnish by 1 zero, or two, tree. This is quite amazing for me, because we dont ever see a number like 200,875 mans, or 453,662 mans. This is surely a clue that lead to something important. God Bless

  8. Starheater says

    Hello Charles

    I must point out few things that are very important to say about the Pyramid of Giza, is that Kheops is devide in 8 parts, not in four like the others Pyramids.
    8 is a number that is very important, why? Because if the 9 represent completion, the number 8 represent knowledge of everythings, it represent eternity because he is like a double zero that have no beginning and no end.

    If you look the Pyramid of Kheops in a bird view, you’be surprise to see that the 4 sides are curve toward the center. The lines are straight and reach the center in straight lines, this is particuliar to Kheops, only Kheops have this particuliarity, the 2 other are straight. So why the Anciens built a pyramid that is not straight, what they want to prove by douing that. We’ve seen “stage” pyramids, and pyramid that are made with 2 different degree angle, but why in 8 parts.
    Some experts have explain that if Kheops was with 8 angles, it was to point the soltice in the year, because at every soltice Kheops project a shade, and this last is done because of is angle. When I see ancient people that does those kind of thing, that make me wonder if they have calendar. Why they do such thing, this fact I do not know the answer, it is a mystery for me.
    All happen like it was the renew of everythings, and beside this fact, that was important in their religions. Well, I dont see anything religious in the beginning of a new year, this are the cause of celebration of all man that living at certain latitude.
    To kink a Pyramid at 4 side, it must have been important for those who have created those Pyramids.
    Another thing that I would like to point, is that those Pyramids was construct before the Flood, and this with the Sphinx. They have been construct to tell our generation what will happen. As M. Marcello demonstrated, they are fill with abondunt mathematicals references taht tell us how are Univers is moving in order, because our Univers was made with intelligence and lot of care, and this demontrate the intelligence lying in the brain of those man who have made the Pyramids of Giza

    There are a place on Earth that have Pyramids that show by proportion and alingnent were the planet are dispose, they are 12 planet aling and for those who are fans of Nibiru, there are no Nibiru that is part of our Solar System. This is kind of helpfull when you have no good notion on Astronomie, but to point out that this alignment is the planet in our Solar System, we got to know Astronomie to make the connection.

    What I know of the Pyramid of Giza, is that they expose the Principles of the Univers, and all the Principles that exist on this Earth is kept in the form of those Pyramids, this contain all that is visible or invisible.

    In paralelle, they are only 3 Symbols that exist that have made all the others Symbols: the Triangle, the Square, and the Circle. All the others geometric forms are made by these 3 base Symbols. God Bless everyone.

  9. says

    Pyramids are mystery & it will be……..
    the facts which are came to know are only the parts of that mystery….
    this mystery will be continue till the pyramids will exist.

  10. says

    Astronomer Phylis Pitluga of the Chicago Adler Planetarium would include a warning to so-called archeo-astronomy in her lecture of the 1990s saying that the planetarium is a theatre not an observatory telescope. Yet 3000 years in the future if they dig it up, they might think the Sears-Willis tower was a marker from the planetarium to look at the setting summer solstice sun. (very easy to create a lie from anything presumed in history). An example i think of is that myths of Mars have two servants. BUT when a telescope was invented, then we discover two moons around Mars. Who the servants were in myth is then ignored, and today’s space-freaks insist it was knowing the two moons of Mars. Not sure! Those two moons could have been Richie Cunningham and the Fonz on beer night.

  11. john says

    whats very interesting to me is the numbers in the bible :666 in revelation chap:13 and also 144,000 in REV;7;4.can you explain if you know how it coincide with Gods word?

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello John,

      Those two numbers can be found all over the world, they are not only Christian and Jewish numbers… Religions and cultures from every corner of the world, and throughout time, have those two numbers interwoven within their own histories. I believe they were once used as a teaching tool to explain our world and its seemingly mystical connection to our Sun. These numbers tell the same story that I believe was corrupted long ago, however in order to understand the real story you must follow the math… and then read the stories that each culture has interwoven with their history regarding these numbers. I believe you will find similarities exist everywhere around the world, and when you do I believe you too will find the one truth that connects every corner of our world…. perhaps that may be the real word God wants the world to relearn. Below are those numbers broken down into a mathematical equation. Open your mind and decide for yourself.

      ***One day I decided to multiply/divide 666 into 144,000. Because there are three 6’s I decided to multiply/divide 6 into 144,000 three times… and then decided to multiply/divide 6*6 = 36 & 6*6*6 = 216 into each of those numbers… and then decided to multiply/divide 6, 6, 6’s into itself. Below is what I found. You decide if any of these mathematical answers equal something or nothing at all.

      144,000 * 6 = 864,000 — 144 * 6 = 864

      144,000 / 6 = 24,000 — 144 / 6 = 24

      24, 000 / 6 = 4,000 — 24 / 6 = 4

      4,000 / 6 = 666.66 — 4 / 6 = .666

      144,000 * 36 = 5,184,000 — 144 * 36 = 5,184

      144,000 / 36 = 4000 — 144 / 36 = 4

      24,000 / 36 = 666.66 — 24 / 36 = .666

      4,000 / 36 = 111.11 — 4 / 36 = .111

      144,000 * 216 = 31,104,000 — 144 * 216 = 31,104

      144,000 / 216 = 666.66 — 144 / 216 = .666

      24, 000 / 216 = 111.11 — 24 / 216 = .111

      4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 — 4 / 216 = .0185185

      144,000 * 666 = 95,904,000 — 144 * 666 = 95,904

      144,000 / 666 = 216.216 — 144 / 666 = .216

      24,000 * 666 = 15,984,000 — 24 * 666 = 15,984

      24,000 / 666 = 36.036 — 24 / 666 = .0360

      4,000 * 666 = 2,664,000 — 4 * 666 = 2,664

      4000 / 666 = 6.006 — 4 / 666 = .006006

      666 * 6 = 3,996

      666 / 6 = 111

      666 * 36 = 23,976

      666 / 36 = 18.5

      666 * 216 = 143,856

      666 / 216 = 3.083

      with the added bonus of…

      6*6*6 = 216*432,000 equals 93,312,000. 216/432,000 equals 2000.

      –Charles Marcello***

  12. Paul R Metivier says

    You have speed of light, but not the speed of gravity which scientist now believe is why our communications attempts at CETI have failed. Light is so much slower than gravity that to communicate through the vastness of space they use Some sort of gravity transmission so it does not take years to travel to distant stars. Is there possibly a hidden clue in here for that. I do not think I have what it takes to find it but you may.

  13. M Sloan says

    I am so relieved that you came to the conclusion that you did. We are not just ONE with everyone on this planet. It includes beings on every planet in the universe because GOD made us from Himself so we are also ONE with HIM. All of us a little spark of GOD.

      • Name of the Lord says

        Pola, unfortunately there are two types of Mankind that are secretly spoken of in beautiful story like terms in the bible specifically the book of genesis. God, and the Devil are in Man. The true name of the lord, is Allah “ARM, LEG, LEG, ARM, and HEAD” It is a representation of God in all of us, to be historically correct the Original Men on earth, and the Devil described in genesis where sin was born symbolizes to birth of evil intention, that was literally grafted into Mankind from the seeds of God[s]–Adam literal definition is {whiteman} to be flush red/ruddy in the face. the original definition of adam can be found in many texts published in the late 1800’s such as James Strong’s “The Exhaustance Corcordance of the Bible” Genesis is a compound word made of “Gene” and “Sis” meaning Gene Process, what is described as a story of the creation of Sin in the first Man, is actually a successful Eugenics experiment to graft a different looking mankind made to attract and utterly control the world as we know. The World as they knew it in 4000 b.c. which is when genesis and the appearance of adam and eve is historically accredited to be, was ruled by the Asiatic Black Man at the time therefore this different blue eyed man and women were the symbols of attraction, deception, many other innate human reactions to such a different kind of man and woman, lust, envy. They were endowed with the knowledge to rule with knowledge and deceit, which is how evil works and has worked so far, to Divide the united world and conquer it, for an estimated 6,000 years out of the 25,000 year cycle. from 4000 b.c. to 1996 about 6,000 years have gone by, reach the 90’s white supremacy has had its feats, although the systems and gov’ts of the world still in play have a intelligent way of maintaining oppression.. The important thing is to understand that we are all Sons and Daughters from the seed of the Original indigenous people, our original ancestors of this planet and universe, and we’ve reached an age where this balance of Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, Positive and Negative, and understanding and acknowledging this truth is essential to establish Peace and Unity once again on Earth

  14. says

    I really wish you explained things better, your information is disjointed and all over the place and not very well written unfortunately. It leaves so many questions and frankly needs to be broken down into smaller segments for people who are knew to this, especially those of us who are in no way mathematically inclined.

    You seem to say a lot, but also nothing at the same time. It’s like youre saying, “here is a shit-ton of information, now go and figure out what it means, I know what it means, very simply, but Im not going to tell you.” which is not helpful at all.

    Youre giving a lot of information, but not explaining it or concluding it.

      • Morgan's says

        The subject is of most value but this post appears an amount of collage of diferent sources. I got an impression that you didn’t write anything you just copy and paste… am I wrong ?

    • Maelstrom says

      Agreed, it seems like it could be really interesting but you are reluctant to commit yourself so you don’t give enough information for the non mathematically trained to follow your steps to understanding. As a result, I find myself wondering what I have actually learned from all this and unfortunately at the moment the answer is not much.

      Is there any chance you could break this down step by step for us slow coaches so we might catch up with you please?

    • says

      Just because you cant figure out the math does not make it not well written. How about you go get an IQ, do some true education instead of letting book education think for you, figure it out and you’ll be on the same page. Until than do not even comment….

    • says

      Just because you do not use true education to figure it out for yourself does not mean it is not well written. Just because you use book education to think and it figure it out for you does not mean its not well written. Maybe if you got an IQ and figured it out you would be on the same page. Until than do not even comment.

      • People Are Annoying says

        Excuse me, but they are commenting on this to truly understand what it is he is talking about. You shouldn’t be commenting on their intelllectual level when they are TRYING to understand it, and helping him to help THEM, the readers he desperately wants to understand. You also should not comment on their IQ’s when you obviously do not even know when to use then with an e, and than with an a, (the correct use was then, in your case) or use an apostrophe when needed. I suggest that you mind your own business and let others learn at their own pace.


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