Secrets of the Giza Pyramids

Secrets of the Giza Pyramids

by Charles Marcello

Everyone knows we live within a three dimensional universe, and that time equals the fourth dimension. While at the same time just about everyone has heard of E=MC2 …the thing is, the Pyramids of Giza has both of those truths intertwined within their legends and their physical makeup. What is a four sided pyramid? The quick smart-aleck answer is, it’s a four sided pyramid. While the other answer equals, a four sided pyramid is one sixth of a cube, or a box, or a perhaps the misunderstood science called a cubit.

If that is true… and it is mathematically true… then what are those pyramids trying to say? Well, Graham Hancock and Robert Duval were able to answer some of those questions… I believe in their quest to be unique they still wanted to be accepted by mainstream Egyptologist, so they only allowed their uniqueness to go so far. I on the other hand don’t care if someone calls me a liar, or if someone else is annoyed I used the bible to make point, or any other derogatory names people can invent. I didn’t start this journey worried about how others were going to receive the truth. All I demanded was the truth. All I continually search for is the truth.

Over a decade ago I discovered a three dimensional mathematical concept that I broke all the down into a simple sixth grade mathematical formula… so anyone who wanted to learn, could. Because I already had that experience, when I started to break down 144,000 and 666 at first I thought it was simple understanding… until I had a dream about the number 6… then I knew an extremely advanced civilization hid that science in those numbers and that they lived in our very distant past, because those two numbers exist all over the ancient world. So I began a journey of re-reading the Bible with a brand new appreciation. When I discovered December 3, 2012 does in fact match the Pyramids of Giza layout, I tried to give it away. Seriously, for two weeks I told people… hey go check this out. No one would… so I then created a simple video and posted it online, and then went, now look… and still no one wanted to do the work. I let this discovery sit for almost a year, and still no one took it! I was like… damn it! I do not want this… But there truly was no one else. So I accepted my fate and dove into this project head first. The math is completely undeniable. Even though the math always made sense and was always correct, I was not sure until I found this alchemical symbol (below)…This picture (squaring the circle) told me that what I accidentally discovered over a decade ago was in fact true.

At the bottom of this post you will find compass method
of drawing perfectly this alchemical symbol.

I still thought it was simply a game because it argued against everything the world told me I should believe. To then find the same answers within 144,000 and 666… it totally blew me away. So when I decided to see what else the pyramids were actually trying to say… once I understood what Graham Hancock and Robert Duval had discovered… I instantly knew they didn’t go far enough. Its not their fault, and I can honestly say without their research I never would have put two and two together. They deserve all the credit for this find. While Maurice Cotterell deserves all the credit for helping me to unlock the truth about our spiritual reality.

Those pyramids are in fact demanding our truly ancient ancestors flew in space… make no mistake, anyone who tells you different, after sitting down and doing math, is either dishonest or purposely ignorant. They’re being purposely ignorant because they refuse to do the math while desperately holding onto an outdated belief… or they’re being dishonest because they desperately want YOU to hold onto that outdated belief. A four sided pyramid is in fact 1/6 of a cube. The question becomes what are they trying to tell us with those pyramids?

The first is the Great Pyramid. They are telling us they understood our reality is three dimensional and that is exactly how they saw their/our reality. If you use the mathematics as described by Graham Hancock and instead of using the Earth, use the Sun. Understand The Great Pyramid is explaining two things. One, use the Great Pyramid as 1/6 the true dimensional volume of our Sun… Then use the apex of that pyramid as the volume of our Sun. What does the rest of the pyramid teach?


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The summary of the selected main mean dimensions of the Great Pyramid (Khufu):

dimension b. inch m royal cub. palm digit
base 9068.8 230.35 440 3,080 12,320
height 5776 146.71 280 1,960 7,840
sum     720 5,040 20,160
slope 7343.2 186.52 356 2,492 9,968
edge 8630.4 219.21 418 2,926 11,704


Volume of the Great Pyramid:
Volume of the Pyramid =h*B/3 (Here h is the height of the Pyramid, B is the area of the base)
=(1/3)*146.71*(230.35*230.35) cu. meters = 2,594,865.6 cubic meters (18,069,333 cubic royal cubits or 91,636,814 cubic feet)
Base: 214.5 m (704 ft) on each side
Height: 143.5 m (471 ft) tall
Angle of Incline: 53 degrees 7′ 48″
Volume: 2,200,603.543 cubic meters

Base: 110 m (345.5 ft) on each side
Height: 68.8 m (216 ft) tall
Angle of Incline: 51.3 degrees
Volume: 277,465.584 cubic meters

Interesting relationship between volumes of the 1st (Khufu) and the 2nd (Khafre) pyramid: If volume of the Great Pyramid  (Khufu) is equal 1, volume of the Khafre’s pyramid (to the scale) is 0.848. If volume of Earth is equal 1, volume of Venus (to the same scale)  is 0.857.  …In other words, both volume relationships are different by just 1% (1.01056).


Subject Related Resources

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With the Second pyramid they are trying to teach us they understood how our solar system works. Time is not the axial rotation of our planet, no matter how hard religious influenced scientist try to force that geocentric outdated ignorance onto man. Make no mistake it is being forced onto our world by a religious institution. This same religious institution once made the world believe it was flat and the universe revolved around our planet… now they have our world believing the universe is flat and time revolves around the individual. Sorry I have to be the one to expose that as pure nonsense, but those pyramids, and your bible by the way, proves it! For you see the creators of those pyramids not only understood three dimensional volume, they also understood the secret of time… ie… the Star of David… more on that in a few minutes. Because what the second pyramid demands is, they understood that time in our solar system is measured by the elliptic rotation of our Sun around the center of our Galaxy. Yet even that is just the beginning… because when you T-Cubic meter time you realize they also understood the truth about our spiritual reality.
While the third pyramid is teaching us the truth about light! Light is simply the by-product of matter, regardless of how fast matter moves light always leaves matter at a constant. That is one of truths the legends about the EYE in the center of a pyramid is teaching. The other is how to truthfully view our reality… as if a god looking back down upon creation… while the third truth is how to create unlimited Energy. You do this by capturing Light. If  E=MC2, then captured C equals Me… or stated another way… the creators of those pyramids knew the secret to Hawkings Radiation.

I would give you the math but I could post it day long and haters will not believe it and simply try to tear me down. So instead I demand you do it yourself. I’m giving this all away, I’m not asking you for anything other then spend one hour doing the math.

Here’s where it gets interesting… they are also telling us they understood how our universe actually works. They broke our reality down into what I call M-Cubic or T-Cubic Meters. Where you create a homogenous box/cubic (meaning all six sides are exactly the same), and then your break them down using M-Cubic or T-Cubic Meters. Here is a visual representation…

That picture is there simply to get your mind wrapped around this concept… so you will understand those pyramids are telling you how many times you need to m-cubic meter our reality in order to discover the real truth of our existence.

Now I’m going to skip way ahead and give you the answer, and then demand you find out for yourself if its true or not.
The Star of David is not only talking about the beauty of God, its also telling us everything we need to do mathematically in order to understand our true reality.

Space is comprised of both the extremely small all the way to the extremely large dimensions, ie… from the lowest of dimensions to the instant vastness of space. While Time is just the opposite. In order to prove this, you need to T-Cubic meter time until you stop light from one atom to another… and then you need to invert that answer and stretch it across the universe. Where time throughout the vastness of space happens instantly… From there time begins to slow down as you T-Cubic meter downward, until it either appears to stop or does in fact stop. Space and Time are uniform inside their respective dimensions only. In our reality time moves at the same speed whether you’re experiencing velocity here on Earth or on Mars, Mercury, Venus or Saturn or on the other side of our galaxy… you can prove that is true by M-Cubic Metering each planet… You will discover mathematically they all come together at a certain dimension. You now have the measuring stick for time. That is what the Star of David is actually trying to teach us when it comes to the majesty of our Reality and God. It truly is beautiful!

Earlier I said if you capture light you can then convert it over to energy. That is true… there will be many new ways for mankind to discover how to do so over the next several years, that is… if we survive the transition some cultures have prophesized/warned us about… before we all die this how I suggest you should start.

Create a little sphere that allows light in but does not allow light to escape. Inside this little sphere you want to add mercury, with trace amounts of silver and gold… while at the same time you want to add into this little sphere a gas that gets hotter and hotter the more it is compressed. This glass like object must be able to expand and contract ever so slightly. Then create a second larger sphere that will hold the first sphere. Allow this sphere to capture light, yet not allow it to escape as well. Inside this sphere you want to add a gas that becomes colder as the gas is compressed. I believe magnets need to be used as well. But that’s as far as I’m going to take this new power device. This is important… before you create this device make sure you have a way to measure the energy being created inside, while at the same time, make sure you are able to open this device quickly. If I’m understanding the hidden science within ancient texts correctly, if you don’t have a way to drain the energy it will kill you.

We are ONE

If you do the math and open your eyes to our true reality you will see the beauty of our existence in a way you’ve never noticed it before. Once you do see the truth of our reality, you will realize we are all One. And the saying, “From one many, from many one,” you will understand truly equals the only way we can save ourselves from ourselves… We Must Re-Learn this simple truth… we are all ONE regardless of race, color or creed… we are all One Spiritually, we all live in one house/planet… YES each of us has the right to choose our own path. Its your life, live it… yet in order to save ourselves from ourselves we must have a solid base from which to rebuild our reality upon. Our world is broken, and it is cracking at the seems, just like prophecy said it would… Please open your eyes. Can We Learn To Love Like God.

If each us takes responsibility for everyone else’s sins what could you justify? What could you justify knowing your loved ones are begging God to be held responsible for everything you do? What could any of us get away with then? History demands humans are capable of the most atrocious crimes if they believe one of two things… if they believe they can get away with it, or if WE know we won’t be punished for it. The twentieth century has taught that lesson well. From Hitler to Stalin etc etc… If the children of yesterday prayed to God every night to be held responsible for their parents sins, do any of you believe the fires of the holocaust would have been lit? Or that the bricks would’ve been laid for the prisons of the USSR? What would our world be like right now if our children prayed every night to be held responsible for our sins… would we stop throwing away their future for our own personal greed?

Whether we as the Only One Race/The Human Race… like it or not, we only have two choices… If our world discovers this science before we learn we are in fact One, and only as One can we save ourselves from ourselves… if we refuse to learn that simple lesson we will kill ourselves… make no mistake history is repeating itself right before our eyes. Just look at the European Unions Headquarters as one shocking example… they took an artist rendition of the tower of Babel and then created their Union Headquarters from that rendition.
If that’s not telling you how close we are to killing ourselves, from receiving our own judgment for our own iniquities… because of the evil we accept as truth and force ourselves to slave under… if the world continues to deny the simple truth we are all One Spiritually… then we are doomed… if you believe the one has nothing to do with the other, then nothing will save you from yourself, nothing!
Well, that’s it. You now have it all! You can accept, deny, embrace or throw away everything I’ve said, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoy this ride, this wonderful miracle we call life.
–Charles Marcello

Additional Material (on this page):

  • PS 2:  World’s Knowledge in a single Monument
  • PS 1:  Pyramids and the Solar System
  • PS 3:  Drawing the Alchemical Symbol

PS 1: World’s Knowledge in a single Monument

by Charles Marcello

How would you put all of our worlds knowledge into a single monument… and I do mean all our science, all our understanding of our solar system, and our technology?  Below is a scenario Ive asked people on another forum to think about before they even begin to search for hidden knowledge.

The scenario…

Its December 21, 2012 and you’re one of those people who aint worried about something happening.  So you and your significant other decide to go to a Christmas Choral down at the park. The people on stage or singing Silent Night when you hear a sound off in the distance… You think nothing of it.
A few seconds later you notice that sound is louder.  A few more seconds and it sounds like an airplane and a freight train roaring down upon you at the same time.  The next thing you know your significant other has a frightened look, you turn to see, but you never make it. 
The next thing you know you’re waking up in a valley, and as you look around you see nothing but destruction in every direction.  You also notice several children wondering around, plus a few adults.  You start checking to see if the children and all the other adults are okay.  All of you gather in one area.  After three days and zero help, and with no other survivors being seen, you decide, its either get busy living or get busy dieing.
The children ages are between 8 and 3 years.  The adults are all over twenty, and then there’s you.

Because its winter you realize you need to find or create shelter.  You don’t recognize the area, so you’re not sure which way you should go.  So you suggest two adults stay behind with the children, and each group should walk for three hours one going east, the others west, north and south.
Several hours later one of the groups finds a cave that will house all of you.  For the remainder of the day you and the adults decide to gather wood.
After three days of zero food and water, the children are cranky, scared and hungry.  Two adults always stay behind, while the 8 other adult survivors go out to find food, water and wood.  Because all you have are the clothes on your backs… you understand you are right back in the stone ages.  You and other adults start to fashion weapons to hunt with.  Some how only 2 adults die and thankfully you only lose 10 children to hunger and sickness within the first three months.  You’re down to 8 adults and 90 children.

For the next three years you and the adults work furiously to garden and hunt for food and clothes for the coming winters.  You and the other adults are up at dawn and doing back breaking work until sunset… your only motivation is you understand you and your small band might be all that’s left of humanity.  You don’t talk all that much about what has been lost, the pain of it is just to great.  Thankfully some of the children are old enough to help with some of the chores now.  Then it hits.  In one year you lose all of the adults and thirty children.  And now you have the same symptoms that killed all the others… and that’s when the deeper reality hits you.  Because you and all the other adults were to busy with survival, neither you or the other adults taught the children how to read, math, world history or science.  Because you’re the last adult, how would
you go about explaining to illiterate children all that you know?  Would you sit them all down, or would you pick the smartest one or two within the group?  Would you explain to the others, these two have extremely important information that they must be allowed to learn, so they can also learn how to pass it forward?  Would you use figurines to help explain the science to those children, like birds, snakes, simple designs of the night sky, ect… etc…?  How would you do it?  How would you pass all you know forward?  Would you explain it with God being the main figure?  Or would you want to be as matter a fact as possible, yet trying to explain it in such a way, that its entertaining enough so these children would feel compelled to pass it forward?  There is no way you could know how long its going to take for humanity to reach the same level of technology we currently enjoy.
How would you tell the story that some advanced culture in the future will be able to see your science, math, history for what it is?  How would you explain it to children and how would you place advanced knowledge within the stories?

I would ask all who are actually interested in understanding what I believe I’ve discovered… I would ask you spend a little bit of time thinking about that… and then allow your mind to understand, that over time, as our ancestors move further and further away from our time, your stories will become boring, and harder to relate to or even understand… does it seem so far fetched some future “priest” would decide to spice it up a bit.  To glorify his position even more?  How would you find the science, math, history in your own story?  Now re-read the first five books of the bible…  If you do this mental exercise, do you see any similarities within your own story?

When those pyramids were built, they knew when the secrets were unlocked, they wouldn’t have to have everything just so.  That just needed to show they knew this, that, those things and some of those…  would you really over build something just so everything is one two three… or would you not insult your future generations intelligence?  Let alone glorify your own ignorance.  Science has closed the patent door to concepts we reject, just like our ancestors did in the 19th century.  Open your.mind by trying to describe your knowledge to a two year old like the whole future of mankind depended in it.  Then relook at all our ancient monuments and ancient religious texts.

–Charles Marcello


PS 2: Pyramids and the Solar System

by Editor in Chief

Max Toth in his book Pyramid states how many interpreted the various dimensions of the Great Pyramid. It reads: “…pyramidologists believe that the Pyramid in all its symbolism, represents the laws of the universe expressed geometrically (p. 189).” This cannot be denied if history is correct about when men acquired certain knowledge. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid will show its purpose and plan in the design. Space is not available to list all these correlation’s, but a few of the most important and the simplest to understand will be provided. Here are some of the dimensions and their correlation to astronomical calculations.
The base unit of measurement in the Pyramid’s is 25.052 inches. The Pryamid’s inch is 1.0025 of our regular inch. Each side of its base is 365.2422 cubits, which is the exact number of days in a solar year. Now 365.24 cubits occur five or six times somewhere within the pyramid that shows it was not a coincidence.

  • The Pyramid’s perimeter ( the distance around the four sides of the base) correlates with the circumference of the earth.
  • According to Professor Piazzi Smyth, multiplying the height of the Pyramid’s 35th layer by 10 derives the distance of the earth from the sun.
  • The base unit of measurement used by the Pyramid designer is ten-millionth of the earth’s polar radius, according Peter Lemeisuier.
    Simply put it is one ten millionth the distance from the North Pole to equator.
  • The number of days in a century (100 years) is 36,524 days and corresponds to the total inches valued in the Pyramid’s perimeter.
  • The number Pi is the mathematical constant 3.1415, with the ratio of the diameter to the distance around the circle, called the circumference. In the pyramid it is the ratio of the height to twice the length of the base.

Other correlations

  • The Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of 1 : 43,200.
  • The Great Pyramid has perfect geometric relationships.
  • It contains a complete astronomical catalog of our solar system.
    It contains, in its various ratios and dimensions, the quantum physics of light.
    The Great Pyramid’s height is in relationship to its base sides as a circles’ radius is to its circumference ( 1/2  Pi ).
  • We can’t help but be surprised and amazed to see that the Great pyramid corresponds so precisely to the earth: When we use the regular height of the pyramid (146.7m), it reveals the earth as a perfect sphere with only the equator radius, and when we use the minimum height of the pyramid (146.2m), it reveals the real earth with equator and polar radius.

The whole solar system appears to have been transformed at the same time as when the earth itself suffered an increase in it’s orbital period from 360 days per year to its present value of 365.242184 days. The once harmonious solar system was based upon the numerical values of the Babylonian/Sumerian sexagesimal base-60 system. This is in accordance with the myths of the ancients when correctly decoded. The existence of the asteroid belt, and of Ceres, the largest asteroid within the belt, with a critical proof that Ceres once possessed an orbit of exactly 1440 days per year at the very time when the earth itself possessed 360 days per year.

The Sun – Important Numbers

The Sun:
Mean diameter 1.392×106 km (109 × Earth )
Equatorial radius 6.955×105 km (109 × Earth )
Equatorial circumference 4.379×106 km (109 × Earth )

Illustration showing relative sizes of the planets compared to the sun

  • The Sun has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, about 109 times that of Earth,  and its mass (about 2×1030 kilograms, 330,000 times that of Earth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.
  • The maximum distance of the Sun from the Earth (aphelion) is approximately 152 million kilometers, about 109 times that of the Sun’s diameter. 
  • On September 18-19 the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius)
    216=63 , also 216=23 x 33
  • The mean distance of the Sun from the Earth is approximately 149.6 million kilometers (1 AU). At this average distance, light travels from the Sun to Earth in about 8 minutes and 19 seconds (499 seconds).
  • Mean distance from Milky Way core ~2.5×1017 km or 26,000 light-years
  • Galactic period (2.25–2.50)×108 a
  • Velocity:
    ~220 km/s (orbit around the center of the Galaxy)
    ~20 km/s (relative to average velocity of other stars in stellar neighborhood)
    ~370 km/s (relative to the cosmic microwave background)

Volume of the Planets and the Sun (Source: NASA)

Rank Name Volume
(cubic km)
1 Sun 1.41200 x 1016
2 Jupiter 1.43128 x 1015
3 Saturn 8.27130 x 1014
4 Uranus 6.83300 x 1013
5 Neptune 6.25400 x 1013
6 Earth 1.08321 x 1012
7 Venus 9.28430 x 1011
8 Mars 1.63180 x 1011
9 Mercury 6.08300 x 1010
10 Moon 2.19580 x 1010
11 Pluto 7.150000 x 109

Solar System – Planets

Earth (outer circle), Venus (middle), and Mercury (inner circle) – to scale

Satellite image of the pyramids near Giza with overlay of Earth, Venus and Mercury (scaled down by the same factor). Although it is not a perfect match, similarity in size is puzzling.Click to enlarge.

Interesting relationship between volumes of the 1st (Khufu) and the 2nd (Khafre) pyramid: If volume of the Great Pyramid  (Khufu) is equal 1, volume of the Khafre’s pyramid (to the scale) is 0.848. If volume of Earth is equal 1, volume of Venus (to the same scale)  is 0.857.  …In other words, both volume relationships are different by just 1% (1.01056).

Speed of Light

Exact values
Metres per second 299,792,458
Planck units     1

Approximate values

kilometres per second     300,000
kilometres per hour     1,079 million

miles per second     186,000
miles per hour     671 million

astronomical units per day     173

Approximate light signal travel times
Distance     Time
one foot     1.0 ns
one metre     3.3 ns
one kilometre     3.3 ?s
one statute mile     5.4 ?s
from geostationary orbit to Earth     119 ms
the length of Earth’s equator     134 ms
from Moon to Earth     1.3 s
from Sun to Earth (1 AU)     8.3 min
one parsec     3.26 years
from Proxima Centauri to Earth     4.24 years
from Alpha Centauri to Earth     4.37 years
from the nearest galaxy (the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy) to Earth     25,000 years
across the Milky Way     100,000 years

PS 3: Drawing the Alchemical Symbol

by Editor in Chief

How to draw perfectly this alchemical symbol – Compass Method

Note: Click on any of the images below to see them in full size

1. Draw 2 points (dots) A and B  and connect them with a straight line:

2. From each point (A and B) draw a circle with radius AB.  Mark 2 points where
both circles intersect and connect them with a straight line:

3.Mark point C where both lines intersect and draw a circle from point C
with radius = AC = BC. This will be the inner circle of the symbol: 4. Find 4 corners of the square DEFG around the circle by drawing 4 circles as shown below:

5.  Draw perfect square around the circle connecting with straight lines its corners DEFG

6.Draw small equilateral triangle on top of the square;
find its top corner H by drawing 2 circles with radius = side of the square DE:

7. Draw straight lines through points HD, HE, and FG, mark points I and J where these lines intersect. These are corners of the large equilateral triangle HJI:

8. Draw arcs from points H and J. Mark point K where both intersect.
Connect points K and I  to find the center L of the big circle:

9. Draw big circle with the center L and its radius = LH

10. Remove the “construction” lines to see the perfect symbol:


  1. JUDY says


  2. charli says

    I am so thankful that you have taken the time to share your gathered Information. id like to say I respect your search for the unbiased, stripped down, straight to the origin, truth. I feel as you were doing your research you found a tiny grain of truth that quickly unfolded Into more and more truths. people are so blind to the magic of the universe. I have always believed, without any research, that we are as one. Many believe in the importance of the “individual”. I agree. one individual touches the soul of of her brother, who then shares and touches the soul of his wife and daughter, who then touch the soul of their family and friends and eventually she as an Individual made a difference within the whole. Imagine if we all acted like this individual in a positive way? This year I have felt more awake, and more driven then I have ever felt to such an extreme that I have asked myself where is this coming from? and as they say… “ask and you shall recieve”. I began to ask more and more questions and again recieved more and more answers. I jist want to point out that I didnt ask God for a direct answer to my questions nor do I think I have recieved one, I did pray for help in finding the answers to the truth. the truth in all. and then I had a dream of the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time, but not like normal. they were close and equal in size. I woke up the next morning and jumped on the internet. within 10 minutes I had found a picture of a crop circle that brought goosebumps to my skin when I compared it to the vision from my dream, it was an identical map of our galaxy on 12-21-2012. some of the information I saw seemed irrelevant but for some reason I found myself writing down versus from the Bible that these web pages were quoting. so, for the purpose of finding information, facts, truth, I opened the Bible for the first time In a very long while. I didnt open to page one though, I have never read the Bible from start to finish but for some reason on this day I decided to turn to the end and start with revelations. as I read this mysterious ancient literature I found myself not fully grasping the concept of this book. I Knew there was some importance that I was missing. notice how I come across a piece of information or even just a gut feeling and I do not disregard it right away, I am not all knowing. I do not have a degree in all things, but I do know that the truth is only hidden because we refuse to open our eyes to see it. How can anyone be so bold as to assume something cannot or will not happen without picking up the materials to find out themselves? and then to tell those who have taken the time to find out and prepare themselves they they are the fool? Their boldness will have unfortunate consequences. I sat with my information I had gathered for a few days and prayed for just a little more help… help me see the truth i am still confused the pieces arent coming together i dont understand what you are trying to tell me… and then i saw a picture of the planetary alignment with the pyramids on december 3rd and I could not ignore it. i google searched and now i am here. reading what this brilliant man has to say and the only person who has given me fact over opinion and how to derive the truth from things that are right in front of me. since elementary school one subject i have always known to be true… one subject where the answer is either right or wrong, black or white.You can use religon or science or whatever you want to gain the truth but if you still don’t believe what is inevitable then please… Do your math. there is no grey area… Starting now I am begining your equations and reading the first 5 books of the Bible, you have helped me to obtain confidence in something I have always believed in. we are one with the universe and eachother and if you look closely you will find all the answers to your questions within. something is not going to happen… it is happening. I am going to find out what.

  3. Bill D says

    Where did the ancients who left us these monuments go??

    Were they suddenly wiped out by a global level catastrophy?

    Did they see it coming??

    It appears that the earth has gone through sudden, catastrophic transformations in the past…..Un-digested tropical plants found in the stomachs of mummified mammoths found in the frozen tundra….Evidence of past polar shifts due to the magnetic signatures left in rock formations….

    What could cause such a sudden change? Planetary alignment? Nibiru? solar flares?

    Searching for the truth…..

    • Maelstrom says

      One hypothesis is that the last ice age ended very suddenly when the meteor that left that huge crate in the states struck. Water levels went up massively in a matter of days as the ice melted resulted in the flood hinted at in so many ancient myths. Another is that the ancient civilisation destroyed it’s self with its own technology and the Bermuda triangle is a remnant of the device that caused the disaster.

  4. Giuseppe says

    The math instructor from my College day is an electrical engineer as he also designed the elevators at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this is his way of doing math is that you show every single step of the equation from cancelling out to moving to every part shown and you miss one single step than you get a zero mark, that is how strict he was.

  5. armagedon says

    oh and buddy the information u put here is brilliant and i hope ur cube concept goes down in history under your name as it should but u shouldnt take pride in that or you may sease to progress not trying to school you

  6. armagedon says

    its great that u can all share this information but i have been looking into conspiracie mansonry and egyptian mayan and about all the other cultures that have been building these pyramids over the centuries or whenever they were built i believe during the transition of virgo and leo 12 000 years ago besides the point though what are we going to do about this is the more important questions the point of the pyramid was to show that man has always been as broken as he has been constructed in other words weve always been the few who are extremely intelligent and left these marks behind and well we knew the sheople or the masses are extremely stupid the story of today is not finding the answer that smallpercent will always find it but how will u use it to stop what the ignorant masses are doing killing ourselves but first before you can stop theym from doing what you are afraid of you must loose all fear and rise litteraly to the occasion we will see some interesting things this is arms hopefully we will all see eachother soon for the few brilliant ones out there

  7. Kay Bail says


    I have been studying sacred geometry and the Keys of Enoch for some time. I dowsed your blog and found it to be, for the most part, accurate and truthful. Thank you for doing this work. I have two questions. 1. Is there a relationship between the pyramids and the crop circles? 2, What I have deduced from your blog (in very simplistic terms), is that the Earth is breaking from her former third dimensional structure (formerly tied to the Tower of Babel beliefs and energy) into an undefined fifth demensional pattern/energy of light. However, dark powers still exist and these patterns of belief are creating a reality where great destruction might occur at the time of this change. On the other hand, there are those who work to hold the light and change this course. Can you comment on this using mathematics or what you have found about our anscestors?

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Kay Bail,

      To answer your first question, I don’t study crop circles and if they have any relation with Pyramids around the world. The main reason is, though I find many of them interesting, I also find them a distraction. Also, if I’ve even hinted towards some esoteric fifth dimension possible reality I must apologize. I do not believe that at all, that we are going to be pushed/pickup/or vibrated away into some other dimension. Death is the only thing I believe that will release us into the true reality beyond. However there was a truth you mentioned with those sentences… light! How many of you realize our current technology proves there is no such thing as darkness, that darkness is the illusion? Some of you will raise your voice and declare, I can go into a cave, or a I can this that or the other thing… question do you own night-vision? I do! Have you ever seen pictures of our universe in infrared? In our day and age, the only argument that we can make that darkness exists is philosophical, yet we still haven’t made that jump. Our technology teaches a simple truth, yet we as a people, in our cycle, haven’t made that connection. Why? Well for me that would go a long way to answering your second question. Regarding your last sentence I would recommend reading all of my comments in this blog and “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza” blog… you should find how to answer your questions there.

      –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Michael Green,

      I went to your website and read the information and looked at the pictures, is that the complete apparatus? Second do you have a video of you lifting anything with this concept… if you’re correct you’ve just changed the world in ways that will be felt for the rest of our cycle. I personally don’t see the how with what you presented, yet my mind is not closed. I so want to hear back from you and if your device is finished.

      –Charles Marcello

  8. blanche mclanahan says

    Charles your symbol is a nuclear device….literally the nucleus of a new elucidation of the atom. It defines the relationship of the proton and neutron and significance of this structure to unfold and recreate the cube in its entirety.
    Everything I have learned since postulating a new structural determination of the atom, I have found questions to ask and have received answers.

    Joseph said;
    Look closely at the woman…she holds the key to this incredible mystery…cause she is more than what she appears to be.
    There is a great mystery around her…such as i have ever seen in my life!


    The seed or root of G-d is an embryonic nuclei…..a blank page ready for the story of creation to be written. Born in this garden and from that seed we grew to be in G-d’s perfection, not in likeness.
    The Aboriginal tribes in Australia continue to date to live by and with memory of how life was transformed after loss of the regenerative potential of these nuclei circulating in our blood. The tribal medicine woman collects the menses of women in the tribe, packing it with Eucalyptus leaves that assist in decomposition, into a pouch made of Kangaroo bladder. She carries this vertically on her spine whilst it cures or decomposes. When there is injury to members of the tribe she opens the distal portion of the sack removing a black tarry substance that is applied directly to the area of injury after the elders have laid hands on and prayed for the victim. In hours there is miraculous healing. Or is it? What do they remember that we have forgotten?
    What happened to Eve in that garden? Was the forbidden fruit knowledge and does the snake represent our now helical DNA?
    Adam and Eve represent all of humanity in a place without time, in a Universe where static equilibrium reigned. The technology of the time man again abused taking it to the extreme, as apposed to leaving the balance in check. The so called Big Bang was this point in time…..the creation we still live by today as co-creators. Whether or not the worlds collided, at its root of the destruction was abuse of nuclear technology. In so doing both the micro and macrocosm suffered the shift in the vertical axis to 45 degrees left. The Earth and DNA tilt and wobble.
    Our longevity of thousands of years began to decline as is mentioned in the lives of Enoch, Noah and Moses. Why would these incredible machines, our bodies begin to suffer diseased effects, grow old and die, when in earlier times known in the Garden of Eden we lived in perfection of the immortal?
    First I must confirm man is once again tempting fate. Our fate is no equation! We splice in genes when we have no idea what the effects will be…the potential for further mutation is endless. Many past civilizations have left documentation in images of humans with the heads of a bull or lion. Did genetic manipulation of our past cause these effects? I think so. Are our attempts at cloning going to derive the same results once again.
    We are warned in the Torah stories not to take this path. Moses’ Ten Commandments states clearly, in particular that we should “honor thy mother and father”….meaning we must accept the genes gift us by them. 1/2 chromosomes from each to make us whole. And it is the joining of these gamete into a zygote embedded in the bloods lining the uterus where life begins. And this once freely circulating, de-differintiated nuclei in our blood that gave us immortality is now confined within membrane of the uterine wall of woman. This new thread of code now embedded with data for creation begins to call out to these embryonic nuclei whose blank slate awaits dictation of the genome to begin its growth. This seed newly planted builds its temple from the inside out, forming layer upon layer of endoderm exoderm and mesoderm. The three letter code is there to build every cell in the human body using this blank slate….ex nihilo…nothing from nothing.
    We were cast from paradise when the genetic nuclear fragments, a result of nuclear warfare in their time, shifted the vertical axis during the chromosomal divide from its 90 degree perpendicular crossing with the horizontal, displacing DNA from the nuclear domain into the waters of the flood or cytoplasm where it remains today in the circular mitochondrial DNA. This, a gift to all future generation from EVE. What went into the flood of water was our perfection, our immortality and the genes that encode for this embryonic seed, and the on switch for the non-coding and ‘junk’ DNA. And this is why woman is so important today.
    She has passed this gene, not to her daughter, rather to her son and he holds it in the mDNA, in that circle that will be opened or loosed. And this son will carry the code back through the nuclear envelope into realm of nuclear DNA when the axis shift occurs through a retro inversion of the code. So let go the stigma of AIDS! This retro-viral prolific monstrosity who speedily kills its host also holds the key to immortality. The key is in the nucleus of the AIDS cell. God Blesses the mother and her son. A SON WILL BE BORN AND A PLANET WILL MARK THE SPOT.

    Only she pro-creates with the blood of the menses…..for as it disintegrates in the lining of her womb…a medium tempered for the formation of this nuclei or seed, the iron decomposes enabling a nucleus to form in the RBC, or red blood cell. It is here the miracle of life outside the nuclear garden begins.
    The ancient tribes collect the menses for this reason, knowing proper storage and timing of decomposition factors are critical to the seeds outcome. The medicine woman then can extract the tarry healing seeds applying them to injury so the DNA that has been damaged can re-create those cells…..repairing the phantom limb by its memory contained, mending the broken bone, healing and suturing the lacerated skin and muscle, and even mending a broken heart.
    The Great Wheel, the Universal clock and their gears are aligning to shift the vertical axis back to 360 degrees and 90 degrees perpendicular at center with the horizontal axis with the Galactic alignment this year. The one degree mark or 666 will set static equilibrium in line. It is what we have been waiting for.
    Signs in the heavens are already visible as was seen with the vernal equinox September 21. As we gain momentum from all the past events of quakes, tsunami, cometary impact and other functions induced by a dynamic Universe the axis has begun to shift. The charged particles from the Milky Way center in the Dark Rift, CME’s, solar flares from the sun will converge on Earth’s weakened magnetic field, depleted ozone barrier and using linear velocity will diffuse Earth’s cutaneous membrane equal to her angular momentum as the increased core rotation dictates, penetrating through stone monuments erect through the ages by man to be used as a macro-electronic circuit to fracture the ferric domain in Earth’s iron core. Ancient man built those monuments hoping and praying his future would reap the benefit. Not only will Earth be set free, but we who are derived from substance alike shall be saved.
    When the ferric hold in our iron is loosed or fractured the new resonance will free the contained rest mass in every atom recalibrating energy to matter ratios, removing every isotope of our disease and those mimicking replacing molecules that once formed homeostasis of our cells. Our disease is one cause….iron. Our war is the abuse and extreme use of radiation effects. Once the neutrons are freed from their nuclear hold the atom of creation will at once and again reign in the garden where all things we will held in a static equilibrium………Einstein’s Cosmological Constant was shown him by G-d…he believed and so asked….ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. All knowledge is available to each and every one born under the sun standing erect on Earth’s convex surface.. It is there, within Earth’s iron core encoded through the generations to precede us and passed to us in our genes.
    For now look to the woman. For he puts enmity between them in the garden.
    When the nuclear device is in place and the axis well defines the sign of a cross where from its center all becomes equidistant to any point on the periphery, we shall all reside in Paradise. It has been inside us all along.
    We fail to dream and envision what was and will be. How is it we have forgotten that place in the garden? Because we fail to ask.
    I remember.
    One last word. Do you remember now what was in the Alabaster jar that Mary used to rub something on Jesus’ feet as he hung on the cross? it has everything to do with the resurrection and the potential that is within all of us.

    she who watches

  9. deb says

    Obviously the vatican are in receipt of these secrets, clearly the devil is confined to one small place with a limited time to do as much damage to mankind (paedophiles/aids in arica) knowing that his power is limited (information, truth), The roman empire is the devil who ruled from 7 mountains the whole world, then was evicted from the mountains and confined to one place from where it has a limited time (which it knows),. and thats the vatican city (its own state within a state). Obviously nobody is going to disagree that the roman empire has reduced its rule from the whole world to now being the pope and the vatican. The freemasons with their secret knowledge to build using passed down geometry, is also part of this last vestige of the roman empire, and is also doing everything it can to confuse reality. This is true evil as far as I’m concerned. As you see the butler to the pope is on trial, for trying to expose the evil in the vatican but I beleive he did the right thing. I cannot do math but I have always been able to see the facade that most people couldnt, and over the last 20 years now I realise my eyes were not lying to me. I can see that god is the mathmetician of the whole universe and all its dimensions, and thats why its magical to me that the numbers relate to the hebrew language, its all so perfect and amazing. These evil men are flaunting their intentions and laughing at us, thats how evil operates, rotten to the core.

  10. Jason says

    Sure you can explain the constuct and design of stuctures after all they are primary thou attributes of thought modern is captured what a subject access who property might have to make passes up for some going to the ends to find reason from your reflection.

  11. Benjamin Yañez says

    This is so interesting but I’m just to dence I guess. All these numbers have me looking like I did in high school math class (dazed and cunfused) I realy wish I was able to understand it more I’m sure I could better appreciate whats going on here. Still I couldn’t stop reading.

  12. Mathew says

    Upto a few months back, I literally believed that the World was created in one day as in Genesis & our planet is just a few Thousands of years old. Then I chanced upon My view changed there. Not that i believed everything wrote in that site, but rather I disbelieved what I was taught untill now by Science. From then on it was a quest to understand the missing link. Note that, I am still an Orthodox Christian. I know for one that Egytians did not build the 3 Pyramids atleast, that Dinosaurs & Man co-existed (the proof is right there in front of everybodys eyes, in-fact there is more proof to state they co-existed than otherwise!!) & the Bible is true (but INCOMPLETE). From what I read in this site & from what I gathered from Enochs book, I can say for sure that FACTS has been hidden from common man for quite a long time, by the Church / Government, whoever it was. Moses when he wrote the Genesis might have just told what the people at that time will comprehend, hence, He just briefed the beginning of earth & man, which as we see here will be more than 26,000 years old, nothing else will prove the many anomalies around the world including the Great Pyramid. What the Pyramid tries to say, we can just wait & watch, because I for one, believe that its something that cannot be stopped by any living man!.
    Those who wants to know who I believe constructed the Pyramid’s & who were the advanced civilization that roamed on a different landscape of earth, some clues are given in the Genesis itself, but explained in bit more detail in the Book of Enoch. I believe that a huge gap exists between Adam & Noah. Another interesting fact which I doubt, the Book of Job could be older than the Book of Genesis in terms of who wrote it first. Read it from a scientific point of view. You will understand.
    And thanks Charles on those wonderful posts, even though I could grasp only half of the Maths. (had a dislike to mathematics from day 1! :) )

    Thanks & Regards

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Mathew,

      Lets look at the Creation story with a modern understanding/twist.

      Day 1)

      Day 2)
      24 * 24 = 576

      Day 3)
      24 * 24 * 24 = 13,824

      Day 4)
      24 *24 * 24 * 24 = 331,776

      Day 5)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 7,962,624

      Day 6)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 191,102,976

      Day 7)
      24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 * 24 = 4,586,471,424

      When you look at the creation story as a mathematical equation an interesting question raises its ugly head. The first question for me was.. umm, is science mimicking the Bible or is the Bible telling another story just below the surface? Google; what happened 4.58 billion years ago? … or how old is earth/the age of the earth through the ages?

      Yet that is not where that ugly question ends, it is where it simply begins. Take all the numbers above and multiply/divide them by 3, 6 and 9… and with a mixture of 3.3, 3.6, 3,9, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9, 9.3, 9.6, and 9.9. and then Google all those answers. The harder question I sought to answer was, “if science is mimicking the Bible was it done on purpose and if so, who has the most to gain by this purposeful deception?”

      That is a question I believe I know the answer to… however, until someone else sees the same answer I will only hint towards my own conclusions… which, if you read what I’m saying just below the surface, who I believe is responsible is not that hard to find at all. Trying to figure out what they believe they’d have to gain in the long run, now that answer to me was worth the journey. Remember in the book of Judges it warned about the theory of evolution. So for me, the entity that has the most to gain by this deception must’ve known the day would come when man would start to believe they oozed from rocks… not to mention this entity has no love loss for the institution of science unless it benefits their own agenda. Remember according to the Bible there is nothing new under the Sun. So that suggests… the answer above was known to our past, and for that person who is willing to see… you now have the opportunity to teach this to our present and pass it on to future generations. In order to fix the mistakes of our grandparents we must re-examine all we’ve been taught. If you begin this journey you might discover the truth has been in front of you the whole time. As always…

      Enjoy the Ride…

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        On my daily walk across the Internet today, I just found someone who is very close to unlocking the secrets being revealed within me blogs and across the world…

        maybe one of you can see three-dimensionally where this person is right at the cusp of it, then quickly turns back towards this illusion we call our reality. Maybe when people put all the signs together they’ll figure out what pyramids, chess boards and bee-hives, and all the other captured secrets, have in common… and how the answer has been starring us in the face our entire lives.

        –Charles Marcello

  13. Kathleen says

    So how am I going to put all of our worlds knowledge into a single monument?
    I’m going to start with showing the children a working celtic cross or as the Maya call it the Staff of Power. We need that to survey and astronomically align our monument.

  14. Jason says

    Acsess to secure this knowledge has to be held in a frame work symbol are very ancient to measure the creative forces into a physical model does take time so just be carefull when learning from this knowledge preserve the model is very important.

  15. So says

    hello, when you talked about “capturing light you can then convert it over to energy.”, the whole explanation about how to do it, wasn’t that realistic…i mean how can you create a sphere that catches light but doesn;t let any out, and the gas and everything it’s just too hard to find any of the materials ,even harder to build such a thing , especially when you didn’t explain all the details. it’s foggy all over. and I’m curious how did you came to this constructing method conclusion?? Thank you

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello So,

      Regarding the energy device, everything mentioned therein is not hard to find at all, our time knows the gases that get hotter and colder the more they are compressed. Capturing light is not difficult either. That has been successfully attempted several times throughout the last one hundred years. However, creating a sphere with the inside being mirrored… that has proven to be problematic… especially when it is important that the smaller inside sphere be capable of flexing. I could’ve suggested a tetragrammaton styled sphere. A sphere created with 72 small mirrored windows and flexible metal that are also mirrored on the inside… each with an octagon styled shaped, that allows light in from all directions, yet the inside mirrored surface does not allow light to escape… until it reaches critical mass that is… Of course this would require a lot of light… seeing how there is this little ol thing in the sky that burns all day long… if a person was serious, finding a light source and the materials needed to create this device shouldn’t be all that difficult. For those who are reading ancient texts available to the public, this answer should provide more clues as to what cultures I am bringing together in order to seek a single truth.

      –Charles Marcello


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