Secrets of the Giza Pyramids – Part 2

Introduction: Intelligent Origin of the Foot

Official value for the equatorial circumference of the Earth:
40,075 kilometers
This value is expressed in modern units of length called “meters” (defined in 1791). 

Originally, the meter was defined as one ten-millionth (1/10,000,000) of a quadrant, the distance between the Equator and the North Pole. In other words, meter was defined as  1/10,000,000 of the distance from the Earth’s equator to the North Pole measured on the circumference through Paris.

The imperial unit of measure called “foot” was defined in ancient times and reveals knowledge about 3 important numbers:

  • 1,000 (10 base system of counting),
  • 360 (number of degrees in a circle)  and
  • 365.24 (number of days in a year)

1,000 x 360 x 365.24 feet =
= 131,486,400 feet =
= 40,077km 

In other words, 1 foot is unit of length defined as 1/1,000 of degree measured on surface of the Earth divided further by 365.24 (number of days in a year)!!!
Expressed in meters: 1 foot = 0.3048 m

It is incredible how our ancestors embedded their precise knowledge about the Earth in this unit (foot) of measure (the size, period of orbital cycle, and decimal system of counting).

Here is another unit related to Great Pyramid:  1 yard = 3 feet = 36 inches = 1.746 REC (Royal Egyptian Cubits).
1 mile = 1760 yards = 4 x 440 yards (440 is side of GP measured in Royal Egyptian Cubits).
GP side is 440 REC = 9072 inches = 252 yards (1 REC = 20.61818 inches)

The Great Design

Moon Radius is 1,738 km (1080 miles) and Earth Radius is 6,373 km (3960 miles).
Moon Radius/Earth Radius = 3/11 = 0.272727 which is the single design principle of the Great Pyramid.
It results in pyramid’s proportions (height to base ratio) 14/22 (7/11) – see image below.

Now if Great Pyramid’s side represents scaled down Diameter of the Earth, here are the details:

Earth Diameter in Miles = 2 x Earth Radius = 2x 3960 miles = 7920 miles
If Earth Diameter is is represented by 22 units (2x 11), each unit would have 360 miles !!!
Each unit would also be represented by 20 REC.
Ancient builders of GP used likely smaller units called Royal Egyptian Cubits and according to Egyptologists, base of GP has length of 440 REC.
Therefore GP as scaled model of Earth-Moon system was built to scale where each REC represents 7920/440 = 18 miles and
each of 22 principal design units represents 360 miles (7920/22).
1 cosmic unit = 360 miles = 579.36384 km= 633,600 yards.


The latitude of the Great Pyramid is 30 deg N  


Secrets of the Giza Pyramids – Part 2

by Charles Marcello

I believe the Pyramids have three different messages intertwined within them… I believe one of the three is a three dimensional mathematical equation passed forward by our truly ancient ancestors regarding our Solar System, (the great pyramid), Time (the Second Pyramid) and light (The Third Pyramid.) Still working on the significance of the Red Pyramid, though I believe I might have solved that as well. The answers are absolutely unbelievable. It seems completely ridiculous that a civilization existed in our distant past that was more advanced even then our own.  [ source >> ]

Note: The following post is based on some of the most recent comments by Charles Marcello we would like to bring to the spotlight for further discussion


December 3, 2013

I was gonna wait until my Secrets of Giza Pyramids blog part 2 comes out next year to mention this but I always love giving information away for free to see if others are willing to look just a little deeper. To add to your list go to Genesis Chapter 11 and add up all the ages… Our go to my other blog December 3 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza (quickly located to the right) and scroll down to Part 3… Now take those totals and divide them into the Sun. And then compare that answer to the Great Pyramid. Obviously people can argue so what… But now that you’ve been shown a different way to look at the collection of ages, is there more than one answer hidden inside the Bible?   Enjoy the ride!

–Charles Marcello

December 31, 2013

Above I asked people to divide the ages of Genesis Chapter 11 into the physical dimensions of the Sun and compare those answers to the Great Pyramid…
if you did so you would’ve discovered these answers;

432,000/2996 equals 144… and
864,000/2996 equals 288.

So I began to think, what if the original dimension of the Great Pyramid was 288 before missing its capstone? So then I was like, is it possible there is a hidden formula for figuring out the true dimensions of the Great Pyramid inside the bible? I know our history books state standard mathematics was invented by Rome… Yet, if what is revealed below is true, there is no way in hell Rome invented the inch, foot, mile because they didn’t build the Pyramids or Write the book of Genesis.

So… the big question becomes does the Bible and Standard Mathematics reveal the Dimensions of the Great Pyramid and if so just how old is the standard measurement system?

  • With a follow up question… using the formula below could that suggest the builders of those pyramids did in fact build ALL the Pyramids at Giza to represent our three dimensional reality?
  • And if so does this demand someone in our very distant past hide these secrets inside Genesis Chapter 11…
  • or perhaps our not so ancient ancestors misunderstood the science that was passed forward by the survivors of some catastrophic worldwide event?
  • If any of that is true, how is this secret revealed?

Well the Above Answer takes the ages in Genesis Chapter 11 and then divides it into the Standard Mathematical measurements of the Sun which, I now believe, equals the true physical height of the Great Pyramid if it had its missing capstone. If that is true how do we find the other measurements of the Pyramids. Well first I have to point you to my blog the “Secrets of the Giza Pyramids” for even more clues. Inside that I stated, to my mind, there are three undeniable truths regarding the Pyramids at Giza.

  • First, the pyramids are 1/6 the true physical measurement of a cube that equals the true hidden secret/knowledge left behind by our very ancient ancestors. Meaning this knowledge wasn’t’ hidden from them, but it has been purposely hidden from us.
  • The Second, that whomever built those Pyramids had to of flown in space, period!
  • And lastly, to my mind the evidence is overwhelming they only accepted and acknowledge our three dimensional reality while at the same time they knew our Earth perfectly mimics the Sun in every way possible. Which is kind of embarrassing for our time… we rightfully deny the Earth is flat yet we use flat earth/universe mathematics to define our three dimensional reality. I wonder if that is going to change anytime soon?

How to reveal the rest of the secrets hidden within Genesis Chapter 11 using Standard Mathematics for the Great Pyramid… followed quietly by… could this simple discovery create some very embarrassing questions for science, our history books, Egyptologists and worldwide religions?

Before we begin we must agree on some very basic truths. I suggest you check these facts out for yourself…

  • do the total Ages of Genesis Chapter 11 equal 2996 and are there 5,280 feet in a mile?
  • Next we need to agree that 2996 times 2 equals 5992. Read the rest of Genesis Chapter 11 to find why by 2.
  • So if we take 5992 and subtract 5280 we get 712.

I was amazed when I saw the second measurement of the Great Pyramid. Oh wait, that’s right I should probably divide 712 in half, which equals 356. A second physical dimension of the Great Pyramid.

Dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Royal Egyptian Cubits 

Yet I was still not convinced. So I played around some more and this is what I found.
Take 5992 and divide 5280 into it which equals 1.13484848… all by itself that number seemed like it equaled nothing, until I decided to multiply 369 (take the pyramids and sequence them, 3, 3 plus 3 = 6, 3 plus 3 plus 3 = 9 ie 369 times 1.13484848 equals… 418.7590909 or to keep things simple 418. The third physical dimension of the Great Pyramid, that convinced me the pyramids were created to represent a cube. Do the math without cubic measurements and see what you get.

While the 440 base measurement as many others have discovered equals the physical measurements of our planet if multiplied by a variant of the Sun’s physical dimensions in miles.

The question becomes what are the odds that all the physical dimensions of the Great Pyramid can be found hidden inside Genesis Chapter 11 using nothing but Standard Mathematics and the Pyramids physical setup? And yes I could’ve given these answers years ago, yet I did not want these answers associated with 2012.

Let alone are there still many hidden answers awaiting discovery… for example… if we subtract Shem’s age from the total and divide that into the Suns physical dimensions we get 864,000 / 2,396 equals 360.601001 or 360 degrees perhaps.

Are there other answers? Yes there are, but the rest are for you to find. Some day soon I will give examples on how our truly ancient ancestors could’ve used 3 dimensional mathematics to improve there lives greatly… and how if we use three dimensional mathematics it will do the same for us, both physically and mentally. If you’re impatient jump ahead play with three dimensional mathematics I promise you will be …

–Charles Marcello

January 2, 2014

For those who aren’t familiar with my style of revealing things that I believe I’ve discovered, the above comment may appear that I’m attempting to have my cake and eat it to. When I said I now believe the real height of the Great pyramid is 288. And then give measurements that only shows the pyramid without it’s capstone. I probably should’ve just said I believe the All Seeing Eye equals the missing measurements that allows us to finally break the Pyramid code and how parts of the Bible was written to help us do just that.

How so… Well let us start simple. 440 + 356 + 288 = 1084. Or perhaps 108.4 equaling another Earth-Sun connection using standard mathematics. Now let’s be a little more complicated. I said the pyramids at Giza are actually 1/6th of a cube and the measurements for the All Seeing Eye is 8. So that’s 8 × 6 = 48 × 6 = 288 × 6= 1728 × ? Will give you the speed of light in standard mathematics.

[ Note: Speed of light 299,792,458 m/s = 186,000 miles/second when divided by 1728 gives respectively 173,491 and 107.64 ]

I would show you more but I’m now confident I’ve now shown more then enough to help those who want to see, see… While at the same time helping the so called illuminated to see something that’s been hidden from them in plain site. BTW to see the all seeing eye, overlap the pyramids by the scale represented with this discovery. If you do you’ll begin to understand why we are all one and how everything is connected… And why every culture on earth created their own version to save the knowledge of three dimensional mathematics/knowledge/very ancient wisdom, that over time has been corrupted by those seeking to bend mankind to the own will. I hope you look for the rest of answers.


144,000 ::: 666 ::: 216

144,000 * 6 = 864,000 and 144 * 6 = 864
144,000 / 6 = 24,000 and 144 / 6 = 24
24, 000 / 6 = 4,000 and 24 / 6 = 4
4,000 / 6 = 666.66 and 4 / 6 = .666

144,000 * 36 = 5,184,000 and 144 * 36 = 5,184
144,000 / 36 = 4000 and 144 / 36 = 4
24,000 / 36 = 666.66 and 24 / 36 = .666
4,000 / 36 = 111.11 and 4 / 36 = .111

144,000 * 216 = 31,104,000 and 144 * 216 = 31,104
144,000 / 216 = 666.66 and 144 / 216 = .666
24, 000 / 216 = 111.11 and 24 / 216 = .111
4,000 / 216 = 18.5185 and 4 / 216 = .0185185

144,000 * 666 = 95,904,000 and 144 * 666 = 95,904
144,000 / 666 = 216.216 and 144 / 666 = .216
24,000 * 666 = 15,984,000 and 24 * 666 = 15,984
24,000 / 666 = 36.036 and 24 / 666 = .0360
4,000 * 666 = 2,664,000 and 4 * 666 = 2,664
4000 / 666 = 6.006 and 4 / 666 = .006006

666 * 6 = 3,996
666 / 6 = 111
666 * 36 = 23,976
666 / 36 = 18.5
666 * 216 = 143,856
666 / 216 = 3.083

with the added bonus of…
6*6*6 = 216; 
216*432,000 = 93,312,000
432,000/216 = 2000.

–Charles Marcello


666 :::  6x6x6 = 216 :::  216/2 = 108
216 = 63 = 23 x 33

  • The Sun has radius, diameter and circumference about 109 times that of Earth
  • The maximum distance of the Sun from the Earth (aphelion) is approximately 152 million kilometers, about 109 times that of the Sun’s diameter. 
  • On September 18-19 the distance of the Sun from Earth is approximately 150.336 million km, which is about 108 times that of the Sun’s diameter (or 216 times of the Sun’s Radius)


To my young friend (via email) and everyone else:

I’m trying my best to make this a worldwide discovery and that is why I use the verbiage that I do. If I only give you half the answer and you discover the rest then that part of the discovery belongs to you. The answer is not 316 it’s 480.

  • You really think the so called secret numbers 322 and 233 is some hidden reference to 666, really?
  • You really believe all those weird pointed hats used by religions around the world are used to honor some extinct culture instead of something a lot more powerful…
  • Or that the obelisk at the Vatican, Washington D.C. and hundreds of other places around the world is there to honor some dead dude’s/gods penis, really?
  • Its never occurred to any of you that those hats and obelisks represent the light bearer and the true source of power for the ancient world?

To understand what I’m suggesting humor me by adding the 8 extra Royal Cubits and see what kind of design you have for the great pyramid.
And then perhaps you might reconsider why I mentioned capturing the Suns light as an ancient power source.

–Charles Marcello

– – – – – –

I’m Petros Petrosyan from Armenia.
I now live in Chicago.
Attention please!

I established…

1. The pyramid is not a sepulcher of Pharaoh and the purpose of its construction was not on this plane.
2. The huge volume of the information is ciphered with use of the geometrical form of a pyramid.
3. The basic model of the Pyramid cipher was established.
4. The basic model of the code of a pyramid is formed of 365 small pyramids which consist at 14 steps of model of the code.

Pyramid is ciphered message, It is simply improbable.

Please Go to:
Full Article:

The code of the pyramid like starry gates can open the way to the stars, but it can be a weapon of self-destruction for our civilization as well.
The full history of science shows, that many scientific discoveries didn’t only serve for mankind, but were against people and civilizations.

Thanks, Petros M.Petrosyan

– – – – – –

Feb 4, 2014

Hello Petros M. Petrosyan,

I really enjoyed your blog, however with all due respect, can you please provide me with a few basic visual facts. First, can you show me a video, any video, of known ancient style copper tools being able to chip or carve hard granite? Every person I’ve seen attempt it cannot even scratch the surface of hard granite with copper tools, yet seeing how your blog demands you’ve solved the how, you must have a video somewhere of you or someone in your group carving hard granite with copper tools, please provide the scientific evidence that it can be done. Yet I am a little confused, because the most talked about written account of building Pyramids by slaves for Pharaohs, (even though according to some scholars, the real power belonged to the Female lineage of Ancient Egypt, and the male, ie. Pharaohs were nothing short of a modern day version of ceremonial first (lady) dude. Which ever the case, because it matter not regarding the version of written history, only the the science of how is in question… No one can deny pharaohs demanded slave bake mud/straw bricks, and we see all over Egypt those decrepit broken down, fallen over mud brick pyramids. Yet where is the evidence, the modern day evidence anyone at any time throughout history could carve granite with copper tools? Please I beg of you provide just one video.

Regarding The Pyramids matching Orions Belt. Years ago asked Robert Bauval to please give me the exact date he used for Orion’s Belt and it matched all three Pyramids at Giza…


Representation of the central tenet of the Orion Correlation Theory – the outline of the Giza pyramids superimposed over a photograph of the stars in Orion’s Belt. The validity of this match has been called into question by Hancock’s critics (as you can see this is not perfect match at all).

Now I’m sure he’s a busy man which may explain why he never responded… even though he (or someone responded, ((I’m sure I have it saved somewhere if someone wants proof)), responded to my email were I showed him the dead on Alignment with December 3, 2012 Mercury, Venus and Saturn convergence. To which he, or one of his handlers replied, “So what do you want me to do with it?”

Be that as it may … the real life December 3, 2012 show was way better then I ever thought possible. When I present the Next Great Alignment Date that is relatively coming soon, only then will I show how December 3, 2012 was absolutely perfect, perfect, with its spacing and dead center alignment with all three Pyramids at Giza. Seeing how Robert Bauval and his all of his supporters I’ve talked with absolutely refuse, THEY REFUSE to give the exact date, I was hoping maybe could provide that exact date all three stars of Orion’s Belt touches all three Pyramids at Giza. I’ve gone back 10,500 years and I could only get 2 stars to touch 2 pyramids… I even went back several thousands more years beyond 10,500 years, yet I could NEVER ever get all three stars to touch all three Pyramids. To be fair and completely honest I did not do a day by date analysis. Also to provide full disclosure… I’ve talked with three other people who found the same results I have, that only two stars of Orion’s Belt touches only 2 Pyramids and never all three. Those two people also frequent this website. So if you please I would love to put this to bed… just saying they do is not science or even factual… unless others can reproduce the same results, so please, please provide the exact date you discovered that all three stars touch all three pyramids at Giza… And perhaps you might want to mention the program you use… its possible I and the others are not using the most sophisticated software, so perhaps that’s the real issue. I’m prepared at any moment to declare Orion’s Belt a success, so far however I’ve had zero luck confirming that rumor.

Other then those two requests I enjoyed reading your blog. I will patiently await your answers. Thank you so much for commenting within my blog, and thanks in advance for providing the much sought after evidence that copper tools could chip, cut or ever carve hard granite. And also allow me to give a premature thank you for providing the exact date you used for proving the Orion’s Belt /Giza Pyramid rumor… Its about time that the whole world will be able test this theory for themselves. Everything I’ve discovered I eventually put it all out for people to destroy or debunk if they can, yet to date everyone has been able to confirm everything I’ve asked them to check out for themselves… just as they did for December 3, 2012, and just like they will do do again when I present the next date that is coming. Well that’s if someone doesn’t claim it for themselves first, which I honestly hope someone does.

BTW… down here in the comments sections I posted a scenario hypothesis, you might not want to see it as a hypothesis as all… to help you find that answer remember Isaiah 29, verses 15 through 16:

15 …They carry out their schemes in secret and
     think no one will see them or know what they are doing.
16 They turn everything upside down…

Thank you again and I can’t wait to read your answers.

–Charles Marcello

cube_pyramidFebruary 7, 2014

The Scenario Hypothesis

by Charles Marcello


I would like to present a scenario hypothesis for everyone to consider.
Before I do however I would like to explain some simple mathematical truths regarding three dimensional mathematics.

There are 12 inches in a foot, 144 inches in a square foot and 1728 inches in a cubic foot.

Understanding that is a mathematical fact… could that simple truth be used to pass a message forward in time?
For instance as a long distance measuring tool, like… New York City is 1 and 2/3 cubic feet from Los Angeles.

Also there are 5,280 feet in a mile, 27,878,400 feet in a square mile and 147,197,952,000 feet in a cubic mile. That is another mathematical truth.

If I wanted to use one cubic mile as a message, couldn’t I use just one sixth of that cubic to save on materials… and still pass my message forward?

Because things are fixed… like the distance to your nearest neighbor for instance… regardless of the measuring concept you use, if your neighbor’s house does not move and the distance is set… could I not reach the same answer regardless of what kind of collective measuring system is being practiced or possibly passed forward in time?

We use standard and metric… both explain both. There are many other ancient measuring systems. If location and universal velocities are set, could we not pass a message in time? If we can, why couldn’t our truly ancient ancestors do the same?

The Scenario Hypothesis

Here in the United States we are officially 16 trillion dollars in debt… and some put the actual unofficial total to well over 26 trillion… with fractional lending we could add 2 zeros to the end of either of those totals.
For the sake of this scenario let’s say all of that money is in my bank account… and what’s more the whole world knows it. Because I have more money then sense, on September 1st of this year I purchased TV and radio commercial ads for every channel in every country in Europe, Asia, and in all the countries in the Americas. This commerical was slated for the 6pm news slot and was paid to run for three days straight. The commercial was only five minutes long and below is what it said.

Hello everyone… as everyone knows I’m incredibly rich, and now I wish to create a worldwide monument. In order to make this dream a reality I will give any person, company or organization one trillion dollars if you or they can solve the mathematical problems such an ambitious concept will surely face. I want to permanently stamp our moment in time with stone. I want to create a monument that will survive for a million generations… so in many years from now our ancestors will know we truly existed. Here is my idea.

I would like to use the core of our earth as the scaled model to represent our Sun… and I would like to stamp a world holiday, a day in time represented by our solar system, all around our world by using the physical location of all the planets in our solar system as they exist and their exact location on that day. I would like for those monuments to be perfectly scaled as well. Meaning, where the core of our Earth is being used to show the physical size of our Sun to scale… I want these monuments to be perfectly scaled in size and distance from our Sun also. The problem you will face is the vast distances and the massive size of some of our planetary neighbors. No easy task… which is why the reward is so great. Once those mathematical issues are resoveled… I will give one trillion dollars to each country these monuments need to be created within. One top of that, I will pay for all materials, labor and construction equipment that is needed.
 Also, all material will be generated locally if available, and regionally if not. If these monuments need to be created in a already occupied location, I will double the true market price. Plus… all labor will be hired in country. So there will be no cost to you or your citizenry and only benefits. Also we will incorporate the scientific knowledge our world collectively chooses to interwove within these monuments. But first we need to solve the dimensional to scale issues. Though I will assume all the finical burden, this is not to glorify me. This is a gift to our whole world. No names, not even mine will be etched therein. We are all of one planet, so too will these monuments equally represent us all.

I thank you for your time, and anxiously await your solution.

If that were to happen today, how would you solve the problem, does the answer already exist?

Enjoy The Ride…
–Charles Marcello


PS Sunlight Collector

by Charles Marcello

I am thinking about seeking a person/or creating a team to discover if what I believe I’ve discovered regarding “the fountain of youth”, is in fact true. This team will need to have someone with a lot of capital and no real illusions that what I believe I’ve discovered is actually real. I just want to test the first three possibilities… and if possible to either learn how I’m wrong, or maybe how to make this more effective/longer lasting. That is one the things I plan to start working on immediately.

Not to mention this summer I am going to see what happens when massive amounts of sunlight is forced to stay/captured inside a prism. I will start with a simple hexagon styled sphere, with no inner sphere and no gases. I want to see how much mass can be generated within one of week of continuous sunlight collection if any. (Well I know damn well there will be a growth in mass, no doubt whatsoever on that score, whether it can generate energy however… that I don’t know… Now I plan to use one way mirrors around the sphere and place open ended mirrors laying around this spherical styled “collector.” I just want to see how much mass can be created by doing nothing else but collecting sunlight. From there I should be able to figure out the mathematics on how to make the correct style of spheres to create the type of energy I envision… well maybe. Just so you know I will use the same materials people use to create stain glass windows. I only mention the how I plan to go about testing my hypothesis is so others can try the same if they so which. This is important, if I’m understanding ancient texts correctly, which is the only reason i believe this could work… this apparatus must be able to release the sunlight quickly just in case the energy is greater than anyone can predict. What I mean is, my apparatus, at the top of the hexagon styled sphere will be free floating, meaning it will not be permanently fastened to the structure, rather, if the mass or energy levels increase too rapidly then I can remove the top so as to release that energy without causing harm to myself and/or the surrounding areas.

Well at the moment these are my thoughts and my plans for the next couple of months. Come fall or early winter I will start talking about the pyramids again… I want to give people adequate time to do there own research. In the meantime, any failures or successes will be shared here on Plus I will most likely youtube the whole captured sunlight process. I will be taking classes on how to create stain glass structure here shortly. I don’t know what to expect from either of these concepts, yet it seems like harmless fun that just might equal something important. I honestly doubt it, but as always time will reveal the truth.

–Charles Marcello

To Be Continued…

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  1. Charles Marcello says

    So one day I’m looking at the pyramids and I ask myself, what would happen if I overlaid a clock… once I understood the answer I was like… no, you can make a clock say anything you want, so unless there is something deeper here no one in their right mind would accept those answer. So instead of telling what you’ll find if you overlay a clock I’m going to give you answers for turning the Great Pyramid measurements into hours and minutes. First as I’ve said many times the pyramids at Giza are one sixth the true measurement left behind by our truly ancient ancestors. Btw I think now would be a good time to define what I mean when I say that. The term “our not so ancient ancestors” means everything from our grandparents to 5/6 thousand years ago… While our truly ancient ancestors equals everything beyond 6 thousand years.

    Here are those measurements 280 without the marble surface (I’ll leave the 288 measurements for you to break down), 356, 418 for each side and 440 for the base. Only the base will not be doubled. So 356 plus 356 equals 712. So I’m like what if that means 7 hours and 12 minutes. Well what does that equal… 7hrs times 60 minutes times 60 seconds equals 25,200 while 12 minutes times 60 seconds equals 720. Add those together and you get 25,920. I was like WTF. Well that can only truly mean something if the rest of these also point to hidden knowledge. So I did the other side. 418 plus 418 equals 8hrs and 36 minutes. BTW doesn’t all of this sound like coordinates? So that 8hrs times 60 minutes times 60 seconds equals 28,800. And 36 minutes times 60 seconds equals 2160. (Are you guys seeing a pattern yet?) So when you add those together 28,800 plus 2160 equals 30,960. So then I was like what if I’m supposed to subtract the great year from that total… 30,960 minus 25,920 equals 5,040 to say I was shocked by that answer would be an understatement. Not only does that answer proves the Hebrews and the Egyptians are attached at the hip… it does a lot more than that. But, that is for you guys figure out how and to share with the world with the world if you so desire. So now we have to add 280 plus 280 equals 560 or 6 hours times 60 minutes times 60 seconds equals 21,600 subtract 25,920 equals 4,320 another amazing answer. And then finally 440, so that’s 4 hours times 60 minutes times 60 seconds equals 14,400 and then 40 minutes times 60 seconds equals 2400 plus 14,400 equals 16,800 minus 25,920 equals 9,120. For those who want to know what all of these numbers mean you’ll have to do the work. Many of you already know and I suspect it’s gonna take you as long as it took me to accept this can’t be just another kawinkadink.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      Now some people could argue so what Charles… you got some interesting numbers here but how do you know they equal a damn thing.? Well the builders of those pyramids really thought it through cause check this out. If you multiply those numbers to the base measurement and divide by 5,280 just like I did with the Bible inside this blog Secrets of Giza Part 2 (ie… how many feet are in a mile) you get some pretty interesting answers.

      Here is that math…

      440 times 4,320 equals 1,900,800 divided by 5,280 equals 360.

      440 times 5,040 equals 2,217,600 divided by 5,280 equals 420.


      440 times 25,920 equals 11,404,800 divided by 5,280 equals 2,160

      Yet this is a gift that keeps on giving.

      360 times 72 equals 25,920

      420 times 72 equals 30,240 minus 25,920 equals 4,320

      And then

      360 times 420 equals 151,200 divided by 5280 equals 28.6363636…

      and finally

      360 divided into 4,320 equals 12.

      420 divided into 5,040 equals 12.

      12 times 12 equals 144.

      And 12 times the base of the great pyramid 440 equals 5,280.

      Kawinkadink maybe… then again maybe not

      –Charles Marcello

  2. Charles Marcello says

    I wonder what you’d discover if you placed a clock over the Giza complex? Just another kawinkadink I’m sure.

  3. Charles Marcello says

    We are told Jesus started his ministry at 30, died at 33 and was raised on the 3rd day. Well lets just play with the 3 days seeing how that is also mentioned in the old testament. 3 times 24 equals 72. 72 times 60 equals 4,320 times six just happens to equal the perfect distance from the Great Pyramid at Giza and another Pyramid that just happens to equal the first part of the 3 dimensional platform left behind by our truly ancient ancestors. (not to mention that answers also equals 1/6th of the great solar year. Which btw if you divide the great solar year by 13 you just happen to figure out why 1993 was such a pivotal year in our own zeitgeist…) Now we are told there are 2,400,000 million ish stones stacked on top of each other that just happens to equal the total number of blocks that make up the Great pyramid, yet I believe the exact number equals 2,543,806. I say that because the Great Pyramid equals the stepping stone between the micro and macrocosms aspects for measuring our entire existence/3 dimensional reality… and believe it or not this exact answer can also be found within the bible and hidden within the mathematical breakdown of the Giza Pyramids…. which then unlocks all of Egyptian Pyramids…. which also gives/leads us to the answer which connects all the Giza like pyramid setups around the world. Btw, that 2million 5 hundred thousand plus answer is 1/13 over 1/6 of the full answer… or stated another way…. why they decided to build the Great pyramid using 13 acres. If you combine this answer with everything else I’ve already revealed within this blog you should be able to solve the 3 dimensional grid platform used by our truly ancient ancestors rather easily… and how to m-cubic meter towards the macro and micro levels. Enjoy the Ride!

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      Oh yeah the size of the Sun multiplied by three just happens to equal 100 Great Solar Cycles.. Which just happen to equal 1/10 of a Galactic Year… Ooh and oops that’s the speed of our planet divided 60 and multiplied by a variant of the 3, 6, 9 formula that equals the exact distance to another pyramid that gives the second part of the 3D grid system…. the three day thingy goes on to give the 1/10th for the above answer.

      • Charles Marcello says

        Just in case someone is having a hard time putting all the pieces together here is another clue…. 5280 × 13 = 68,640 x 6.3 = 432,432. While a cubic foot has 1,728 inches times 108 equals the speed of light in miles per second 186,624.

        –Charles Marcello

  4. Mythias says

    Hey buddy, glad I found some more of your work. I have never been great at math but I’m glad you are. My question to you is, what significance does the planet’s in our solar system on December 3rd 2012 alignment have instead of Orion?I understand that Orion isn’t exactly perfectly aligned, but there has to be reason why those 3 planet’s align. I mean I’m native american from a tribe here in California. One thing I noticed in our creation stories of Orion belt. Our people have songs and stories speaking about this constellation. But what do the native tribes of north america really know about out ancient ancestors before European arrival?…we know jack shit. That brings me back to ancient history…most speak about Orion belt. Quite interesting. But there had to be a reason. Just conversing, don’t mean to sound so mixed up on the subject.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello again Mytias,

      Your question:
      “My question to you is, what significance does the planet’s in our solar system on December 3rd 2012 alignment have instead of Orion?”

      To be perfectly honest I honestly don’t know… so much is hidden within lie after lie and precept upon precept… let alone going through all the cultures around the world trying to piece together a single story has been and is a really rough job. With that being said, I believe its possible Orion was used as a reference for that planetary alignment. For people to suggest our truly ancient ancestors where so perfect when it came to everything else they purposely placed within the Giza pyramid setup, yet somehow missed a perfect dead center alignment with Orion’s Belt I find disingenuous at best. Because the New World pointed to December 21, 2012 I believe it is no accident that December 3, 2012 perfectly matched the Pyramids at Giza… just like I believe it is no accident that cultures all over the world have stories regarding Orion’s Belt… because that is the closest thing in the night sky that resembles (ed) that Planetary Alignment… especially if it’s an important date for our future. (not to mention the bible does say that the first Sign of the Messiahs return will be in Egypt.) In several cultures around the world we are told to pay close attention to the Stars, Moon and Sun. Well first we had this planetary convergence, now we have the four blood moons… and next perhaps something will happen to our Sun???? Which I believe could be a Coronal Hole that will cover the Entire Sun, thereby making it look completely black to our Point of View… if that does happen I believe people are going to freak the hell out, let alone what something like that could do to our planet, time will tell. BTW I would really love to hear your Orion Belt story. Because perhaps, just perhaps the real purpose behind your legends I can decipher if I can read those songs/stories… the fact that I’ve searched (and I am still learning more about) all the religions around the world it might help me bring some type of modern understanding to you and yours.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Charles Marcello says

        Also Mythais….

        is your name a hidden anagram for an Egyptian god? if so we might have an even more entertaining conversation about that gods creation

  5. Charles Marcello says

    Just in case no one is paying attention, everything displayed within my blogs 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza and both of the Secrets of Giza Part 1 and 2 are pointing to our Sun… yet what I’ve shown is just the tip of the ice burg, there is so many more Giza like setups around the world and inside of every religion around the world showing the exact same information, let alone the information hidden within the 5 days missing from calendars around the world. ie… 5days*24hrs*60minutes*60seconds = 432,000… which equals another hidden reference to our Sun. In every region were there existed a 360 day calendar there are Pyramids. And each of them tells the exact same stories and each of them has the exact same numbers within their cosmology/theology. Yet there is no way in hell they could know the Size of the Sun simply by looking at in from Earth… nor could they ever know the distance from the Earth to the Sun, let alone all the seemingly magical connections that exist between our Earth, Sun, Solar System and Galaxy… you see the more you M-Cubic Meter out the more you learn just how advanced our truly ancient ancestral culture was. Let alone how the hell did they know the speed of light? And how the hell did they know the exact amount of time it takes light to travel from the Sun to the Earth and vis-versa. Let alone how the hell did they know that is the correct way to measure time for our entire Solar System? What am I talking about? Whoever built all the Giza like Pyramid setups around the world used the Speed of Light and our Sun to measure time. I will give you the three ways you can go about finding that exact answer. Yet in order to know the answer you will need to do all of these steps on your own. Why? Because to date I have found 8 people claiming the information I’ve revealed in “2012 and the Pyramids at Giza” and the “Secrets of Giza” part 1 as there own, two of them didn’t even bother to fix all the grammar and spelling errors… now that doesn’t bother… I wish millions of people would claim this information for themselves… what bothers me is none of them have done any of the extra steps to find all the things that I haven’t mentioned yet… so this time if you decide to do the math and claim it for yourself, it truly will be yours. So lets begin;

    The three ways to find the correct way to measure time using the Sun and the Speed of Light.

    One… have the Speed of Light (C) start dead center of the Sun and expand it out from there, measuring how long it takes light to travel from the middle of the Sun to its outer edges.

    Two… Have the Speed of Light (C) start at either end of the Sun and measure how long it takes light to travel from one end of the Sun to the other. To allow for a more precise measurement you might want to incorporate into your equation the Axial/Rotational and elliptical velocities of the Sun first moving toward your C Measurement and the Axial/elliptical Speeds Moving away from your C Measurement.

    And then finally… Create a meridian marker on the Sun and measure how long it will take the Speed of Light (C) to travel completely around the Sun… again to be more precise you might want to add the Axial/Elliptical velocities going towards and going around from your C measurements.

    What I found most interesting about this answer is… when I first started chasing the truth about time I used the planets… it never even occurred to me to simply use the Sun… Yet our truly ancient ancestors not only did so they put that answer to stone. BTW… outside of being philosophical time as we measure it and equate it equals nothing more then velocity… Well what is velocity? To our understanding it equals nothing more than distance of over itself (ie:Circular Logic)… and that is why we have been unable to marry the quantum with the physical until now… until you! Surprisingly enough, even that answer can be found interwoven within the Giza like Pyramids setups around the world, and inside the Bible and other religions alive and dead.

    Now, because I refuse to be responsible for any of the information found within these blogs, save for “The New Garden of Eden”, that information I do lay claim too… (which is why I just give it away while asking for nothing in return…) this time if you want to own this discovery you will need to figure out all of the steps in order to T-Cubic Meter all of those answers… once you do you will know instantly how it all relates to the Pyramids at Giza and the Bible. Remember if time equals velocity you might want to search for what I call “Zero Point Velocity” and expand outward from there. Or stated another way “The Pulse of God”. I’ve said this more then once…. if you want to know the truth about time… stop light from traveling from one atom to the next, invert that answer, and then stretch that answer across the universe.

    Hopefully before the end of the month I will be able to come back and define what I think all of this means. My personal position is… our truly ancient ancestors were showing off/cementing their knowledge of the cosmos for future generations and nothing more. To a more glamorous, or a hell’va alot easier to sell… scarier notion… the count down has begun… and if that is true we should see the Sun behave badly starting the countdown in December 2012… for every 18 months or perhaps 27, 36 or 42 months for 9 cycles… yet at every 1/3 point in the cycle something horrific happens until the grand finale… or perhaps its every 6 to 9 years for 9 nine cycles with every third cycle things continuously get worse until the great terrible day of the Sun’s/Gods release. If it is every 18 months… we are in the first wave of it right now… and this wave will last from now until September 28/29. The good news is we don’t have long to wait. Until I find more time, if you want to trace this possible cycle down and confirm for yourself if its possible or not, use nothing more then the Old and New Testaments and they Physical setup of Giza.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      God: ” A thousand years is a day and a day is like a thousand years.” To me that suggests to multiply and divide.

      How to find the speed of light… below I dd the math 120 days times 360 = 43,200 which equals the dimension of the Sun if you use the A Day equals a thousand years… ie 43,200 times 1000 equals 432,000. Now above I did the math for 5 days and broke it down all the way down to seconds… 5days*24hrs*60mins*60seconds = 432,000 which equals the Sun in miles. What happens if we do the same to 360days*24hrs*60mins*60secs equals 31,104,000… and now if we apply a thousand years equals a day (divide)… ie 1000 divided into 31,104,000 we get 31,104 (check the break down of 144,000 and 666 inside this Blog.)… which equals 1/6 the speed of light. The question becomes why… why is the Sun and the speed of light hidden inside every ancient 360 calendar on Earth. To test the Mediterranean/Middle East… Giza/Bible connection and if it is true, do the same thing to the Mayan/Aztec/Inca Cosmology/Theology. Let alone the Cosmology/Theology of Asia and Asia Minor.

      –Charles Marcello

  6. Charles Marcello says

    My life has been extremely busy over the last couple of months so much so I haven’t had the time to setup the next unbelievable knowledge the creators of the Giza like pyramid setups have left encoded within there designs. My next post will explain how the ancient world measured time. Until then if you see a earth rainbow around the Sun you might want to take a picture of it and then place the great pyramid of Giza in side of it. While at the same time you might think of using it as the scaled representation of our entire solar system. I wouldn’t suggest you do so for nothing. Anyway I hope to post that time info this weekend or next.

    –Charles Marcello

  7. Charles Marcello says

    (The bible:) God said, “I will dwell among man for 120 years” * 360 (Hebrew Calendar) days = 43,200 the mathematical variant of the Sun multiplied to the base of the Great Pyramid which equals the dimensions of our planet Earth. And if a day equals a thousand years to God then you also have the dimensions of the Sun when applied to the years that equals a single day to God .

    Now if you want to solve more of the secrets hidden inside the Bible and at all the Giza like pyramids setups around the world simply multiple these numbers into every aspect and see what you discover…

    3, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 6, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9, 9, 9.3, 9.6, 9.9. and don’t forget 18 and 27.

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      That’s multiply and divide 3 thru 9.9 to reveal more secrets inside the bible and Giza like setups around the world.

      • Jason says

        What if a secret is told and who is resposnsible for that knowledge would the title mean any different would the numbers fit the figures and last but not least would the accounts of many cultures and many planetary species still exist if records are made strait in the stream of time however if one plus one equalls a pair combined then truely the whole spins for the universe The Lord does indeed have many expressions that is why pray and offers cultural knowledge about our ancient past might just reveal a future and power hubs to develop correctly.

  8. says

    Dear sirs….this is her answer,,,The pyramid was coated in mirrorlike solar reflective encasing stone, restore it…stand back then + LOOK…visual communication is WHAT YOU SEE…what you SEE is smaller volcanic buildings + a huge super volcanic by scale building coated in reflectivity…VOLCANIC MIRROR…which is a real phenomena of volcanology…Super volcanoes get acid rain aerosols to stratosphere where they stay up + with winds + rotation encompass earth in mist highly solar reflective is the volcanic mist mirror that incoming sun heat radiation + flares are redirected away, thus earth temps drop every time…We know geoengineering would work because above ANY naysayer we have Pinatubo with a volcanic mirror in mimic in smaller form ,*the real one encompasses a world*,,with a sphinx in front wearing protection from sun *klaft* we have geoengineering instruction….”‘mimic a volcanic mirror small form above all men + beasts, do this in correct amount you live:” its simple pictionary like reading a duck crossing sign…instructions to cool earth are written across earth …there are more …Easter isl….is a rebus of the ring of fire it sits within…simply magnify the entire island + the volcano statue ring dormant + erupting matches…only way to make it more apparent would be add faces to the real volcano ring…EACH piece of Each site fits exactly to its message+ correlates to specific phenomena so you cannot bully a piece in….the perfect puzzle….it is a message its even woven through the bible time all things ….the 6th seal of revelations is SUPER VOLCANO…sky darkens *ash+ debris*, world earthquake ,all continents shift, stars from heaven *pyrokinetics from eruption embers etc go so high they seem coming back down to be stars from heaven* the moon turns red …*volcanic mirror once formed reflects the sun back causing the moon to blood reflect* judith woolworth donahue see my fb page…someone had to solve them 1 day

  9. Charles Marcello says

    I find it odd, out of all the questions/statements no one has mentioned just how dangerous all of this information is to our time. As long as this information stays within a small blog, no danger at all. We can all move on cause there is nothing to see here. Yet if this information circles the world, that the pyramids of Giza’s, plus other information regarding pyramids around the world that can also be found within Genesis… and that was only unlocked by understanding/knowing the modern measurements for our Sun… which we only discovered once we traveled in space… just how the hell was all of this information discovered before? Let alone these Genesis Standard mathematical truths exist all over the world, hidden inside similar stories with very similar mathematics… each only unlocked by modern understanding of our solar system. It amazes me how the larger picture is being completing ignored. It wasn’t aliens, it was us! And it appears we are about to make the same mistakes that destroyed us the last time. BTW. This is kinda of an interesting question one of you might want to seek and answer too. How come NASA in 2011 said they believed a Sun (a really neighbor) went Super Nova and when nothing happened no one questioned how NASA got that so wrong… and now in 2014 NASA says another Sun has gone Super Nova. Yet what is strange… if someone were to do the math from December 2012 backwards to 2011 and then forwards to 2014… is there some kind of unknown connection that can be discovered, and does any of it marry the old testament and the new regarding the end times? Oops, and perhaps the unveiling of something that was hidden until that end? Just an extremely small question for one of you to consider as I try to understand how the bigger question keeps being ignored!

    –Charles Marcello

    • Charles Marcello says

      that’s a…. (really close neighbor)

      Regarding doing the math that should’ve read.

      if someone were to do the math from December 2012 to when NASA said the Super Nova light would appear in 2011, and then forward to when NASA says that light might appear in 2014.

      • Charles Marcello says

        (((( A blog I wrote all the way back in 2006, 4 years before I started playing with the mathematics for the Pyramids at Giza… that blog can be found here… )))

        How Marcello’s Formula (M-Formula) Is Changing The World.

        For those of you who are not familiar with M-Formula (Marcello’s Formula) please follow this link. (****this blog is no longer active as of this year 2014)

        To give a quick summary: M-Formula allows man for the first time in recorded human history (as I’ve since learned this is not even remotely true… because the below answers from 2006 can be refound inside the above information) to map every atom of everything that exists within the Universe. By creating boxes (M-Cubics) within boxes (M-Cubic Meters) that scale both up and down, potentially for infinity.

        How does creating boxes within boxes while scaling up and down change the world?

        There are several exciting things this formula allows mankind to do, within this message I will name but a few.

        How many of you have watched Star Wars or StarTrek? Have any of you asked yourself, how in the heck do they know how to fly from point A to point B, yet those points are separated by light years? Well the creators of StarTrek and Star Wars didn’t know it, because M-Formula did not exist before I created it, but M-Formula is the only system they could have used in order to reach their destination flawlessly every time. Because M-Formula, when you expand it outward and inward, it allows man to map everything… From the extremely big (like the universe), to the extremely small, (like an exact location at any given point within the universe.), when you scale down, and then brings them together perfectly every time under one formula. M-Formula will allow man to travel anywhere in the universe, once the ships are invented, and guarantees man will reach his destination every single time, regardless of where you want to go.

        How is that possible?

        The easiest way to achieve or prove this? I would suggest mapping our entire solar system first, down to every M-Cubic Metered inch of it. (You can find the math to prove this statement located at the bottom of this message.) Then M-Cubic Meter out one light year. Once that is done, then use that as your starting point when you scale up even further to map the entire universe. (Science says the universe is 185billion light years in size, so as you can see there is a lot of math involved.) However, when we have accomplished that, we can then put everything that exists within the universe into its mathematical location within the M-Formula scaled coordinated system. Mankind can then travel to every star within the universe, that is, after we create the vehicles that will take us there. The beauty of this formula is this, sure the universe will continue to move, however, the mathematical coordinated system is stationary while at the same time it allows the universe to move freely within it. No part of the known universe can be missed using this system.

        Also from StarTrek: Transporters. How were they able to dismantle an entire human body, and then put it back together again, perfectly, every time? The answer… M-Formula. As I’ve said, M-Formula allows man to map everything within the universe… That includes our entire physical makeup. By using M-Formula, mankind can perfectly map every molecule of everything that exists everywhere. So when the time comes when man can physically move physical matter from one place to the other, without physically having to pickup and carry that item, M-Formula will be the mathematical principle used. Because, for any given object, M-Formula can perfectly map its entire makeup within the mathematical principles described within M-Formula down to the atom and beyond. (See below for the math to prove this statement as well.)

        Along that same line: With the technology available today, mankind can use M-Formula to create improved CAT Scans and MRIs that perfectly pinpoint and map out every molecule within our bodies today. So even though we won’t be able to say, “Beam me up Scotty,” for a few more generations to come, science will be able to see that tumor, hemorrhage, clot, parasite, germ, and our entire gnome makeup using this formula. While at the same time, creating medical scanners that use M-Formula to get a complete picture regarding what exactly is wrong and how to fix it faster.

        As a coordinated system here on Earth it works flawlessly. Imagine, mapping every atom of everything that exist on Earth, and then using that data to allow planes to fly without incident, cars to drive themselves, but more importantly, in our time, the threat from nuclear exchange is annihilated because technology will allow man to hit everything that flies in our skies with perfect precision every time.

        The list of advances M-Formula can bring the world are truly endless. This is but a taste of the new discoveries awaiting man and our first steps towards mapping everything that exists within the universe, from the incredibly big, to everything that makes up our own bodies.

        Here is some math to prove what I said above is true.

        The first thing we need to do is setup this mathematical system in order to find out some very basic questions. Like, how many atoms are in a M-Cubic inch? To answer that question we need to find out how many atoms are in a basic inch.

        (For quick reference please refer to this website: )

        WARNING* This is an example only! It’s being done to teach how M-Formula can map the entire Universe and everything within it. The mathematical numbers are true, the conclusions however, still need to be verified.

        We are going to use a nanometer to determine how many atoms are in an inch. A nanometer is 100,000 times smaller then the width of a human hair, and there are 25,344,000 nanometers in and inch. 3 to 6 atoms can fit inside a nanometer depending on the type of atom.

        For the sake of these mathematical equations we are going to use the prime number 5.

        We know there are 25,344,000 nanometers in an inch, so in order to find out how many atoms exist within an inch, we need to times that number by 5.

        25,344,000 * 5 = 126,720,000 atoms are in a standard inch. We then need to put that into an M-Cubic inch.

        126,720,000 ^3 = 2,034,864,488,448,000,000,000,000. In one M-Cubic inch of space, that is how many atoms can fit within it, if we limit ourselves to the prime number 5.

        There are twelve inches in a foot. However, because M-Formula is completely three dimensional, how many inches are in a M-Cubic foot?

        12^3 = 1728 inches in one M-cubic Foot.

        Now in order for us to find out how many atoms are in a M-cubic foot, we have to multiply the number of inches in a M-Cubic foot times the number atoms in a M-Cubic Inch.

        2,034,864,488,448,000,000,000,000* 1728 = 35,178,737,276,289,024,000,000,000,000.

        With that simple beginning we can now begin to map everything in the universe down to the atom using M-Formula

        Let’s start with the human body. (In order to make the math easier for everyone to follow along, I am going to limit this mathematical human equation to a set parameter.)

        The Measurements we are going to use are: 6 feet tall, by 3 feet wide, and a width of 3 feet. We must then turn those parameters into a M-Cubic mathematical equation that equals 6*3 = 18 * 3 = 54 M-Cubic Metered feet.

        Then take that number and multiply it by the number of atoms within a M-Cubic Foot. The Answer:
        35,178,737,276,289,024,000,000,000,000 * 54 = 1,899,651,812,919,607,296,000,000,000,000
        That is an amazing number of atoms, but is that the true number of atoms that make up a human body? No! The reason being, humans are not squared. However, if you take a human who is five foot eleven and weighs a hundred and eighty pounds and then place them within that M-Cubic Metered equation, you can get a truthful account regarding all the atoms that makes up that human body.
        When we look that the human body within its true physical makeup, and then use this mathematical formula that allows mankind to examine everything within our physical reality, only then we will be able to accomplish ever more wonderful and exciting new discoveries.

        Now Let’s look at the planet Earth.

        If you stood on one side of our planet holding a tap measure, and then had your friend run to the other side you would come up with a width of (roughly) 8100 miles. Now we need to put that into a M-Formula equation.

        8100^3 = 531,441,000,000. That is the number of M-Cubic Metered miles that make up the entire Earth.

        Well how many feet are in that 531,441,000,000 M-Cubic Metered miles?

        First we need to find out how many feet are in a M-Cubic Metered Mile. 5280 feet are in a flat mile, however in a three-dimensional metered mile, that equals.

        5820^3 = 197,137,368,000

        We then multiply that by the number of M-Cubic Metered Miles and we get:

        531,441,000,000 * 197,137,368,000 = 104,766,879,987,288,000,000,000 M-Cubic Metered Feet that comprises the Earth’s M-Cubic Metered circumference.

        How many inches make the Earth’s M-Cubic metered circumference?

        We now know that 1728 inches makes up a M-Cubic Metered Foot. When we multiply the number of M-Cubic Metered feet, by the number of inches within a M-Cubic metered foot, we get:

        104,766,879,987,288,000,000,000 * 1728 = 181,037,168,618,033,664,000,000,000 M-Cubic Metered Inches.

        How many atoms?

        We now know that the Earth is made up of roughly 181,037,168,618,033,664,000,000,000 M-Cubic Metered inches. And we know that there are 2,034,864,488,448,000,000,000,000 atoms within an M-Cubic Metered inch. So if we multiply those numbers we get:

        2,034,864,488,448,000,000,000,000 * 181,037,168,618,033,664,000,000,000 = 3.68,386,105,510,009,390,803,003,113,472e+50 M-Cubic Metered Atoms within the M-Cubic radius of the Earth.
        Once again, is this the true number of atoms that make up the Earth? No! The reason being there is a lot of open space within the Earth’s physical makeup. However, if we place the Earth within this mathematical equation we will get the physical mathematical number regarding how many atoms make up the diameter of the Earth.

        How many inches make up our solar system?

        The distance from our Sun to Pluto equals three billion, six hundred and sixty-six million miles or 3,666,000,000. Now let’s M-Cubic our entire solar system.

        3,666,000,000^3 = 49,269,412,296,000,000,000,000,000,000 M-Cubic Metered Miles.

        We now know there are 197,137,368,000 M-cubic metered feet in a M-Cubic mile.

        So if we multiply the number of M-Cubic Metered Miles that exist in our Solar System, from the Sun to Pluto, by the number of M-Cubic Metered Feet in a M-Cubic Mile, we get:

        49,269,412,296,000,000,000,000,000,000 *197,137,368,000 = 9.712842262940276928e+39

        How about inches? How many M-Cubic Inches are in our Solar System, From the Sun to Pluto?

        9.172842262940276928e+39 * 1728 = 1.6783791430360798531584e+43

        Now for the big one, how many M-Cubic Metered Atoms does it take to makes up our Solar System?

        1.6,783,791,430,360,798,531,584e+43 * 2,034,864,488,448,000,000,000,000 = 3.4,152,741,163,159,052,520,044,465,731,142e+67.

        Those are some big numbers, but to a computer program that is all they will ever equal. However, here in the real world they equal our very existence. Somewhere in that incredibly ridiculous number of M-Cubic Metered atoms, each of us exists, and each of us exists at the exact same time. The numbers don’t lie. We can debate what each other experiences at any given moment, but we cannot debate any longer that our entire solar system, every M-Cubic Metered atom of it, exists at the exact same time.

        If the space that makes up our entire solar system exists at the same exact time, then does that mean that the space that makes up the universe exists at the same time? Yes it does and the numbers prove it.

        Let’s start simple… How long is 1 light year? Light travels at 186,000 miles a sec. There are 60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in and hour. 24 hours in a day. And 365 days a year. If we take all those numbers and multiple them we get a physical mathematical equation to the distance of 1 light year.

        186,000* 60 seconds= 11,160,000 (in one minute)

        11,160,000 * 60 minutes = 669,600,000 (in one hour) (The light from the Sun still has not reached Pluto)

        669,600,000 * 24 hours = 16,070,400,000 (in one day)

        16,070,400,000 * 365 days = 54,076,896,000,000 (one year/1 light year)

        In order to get a true mathematical reality scale of a light year, we need to M-Cubic the distance of one light year

        54,076,896,000,000^3= 1.58,137,644,567,845,841,371,136e+41 M-Cubic Metered Light Year. That’s how many M-Cubic Metered miles are in 1 light year. And somewhere in all those miles exists each of us.

        If, the math that equals a human beings atoms exist within every M-Cubic inch of everything. And Every M-Cubic inch exists within every M-Cubic foot, and every M-Cubic Foot exists within every M-Cubic Mile. Then every M-Cubic mile must exist within every M-Cubic Light year. And if every M-Cubic Light year exists at the same time, and we scale that up to include our Galaxy. Then every M-Cubic Galaxy exists at the same time, and when we scale that up to include the entire Universe, that proves that everything that exists within the universe exists simultaneously. With this new formula it is now possible for mankind to physically, mathematically, put every single M-Cubic Metered Atom into a physical, truthful, mathematical equation that proves beyond any doubt, that every piece of space in the universe exists at the same exact moment in time and all of it exits together simultaneously.

        Einstein said regarding Relativity, “I will be proven wrong.” I wonder if he foresaw M-Formula.

        For a visual aid click on this link:

        Within this post I have walked each of you through the math, using the most basic mathematical principles available today. Do the math yourself. Go from 5 atoms in every nanometer to 6. You can equate one hundred atoms or one million, even one billion atoms into a nanometer, it truly makes no difference. Whether you scale up or down using M-Formula, Marcello’s Formula proves all of it; every M-Cubic Metered Atom of everything must exist at the same exact moment in time and everything in our universe is interconnected. Sure, it takes time to go from one end of the universe to the other. Just as it takes time to move from one key to the next while typing this message. But when we put all of it under one mathematical equation and then build it up or down, and then give each box its own name/number, the truth regarding existence cannot be denied.

        M-Formula is changing the world and our understanding of the universe and everything that exists within it, one M-Cubic Metered Atom (and beyond) at a time.

        Thank you for your time.

        –Charles Marcello

  10. Elijah says

    The year now is 2014AD and humans rapidly going down hill from their technological genius of the late 20th century just as Ur went down during its late 3rd dynasty, and late 12th dynasty Egypt went down after 4th dynasty parents 400 years old died off building pyramids for their 12th dynasty children.

    Here is the question never answered because they kept claiming pyramids were 4th dynasty tombs for these 400-year old people. Pyramids are telescopes. The shafts are only 3-feet high. Priests are not dwarf midgets. They enter the pyramid from another tunnel because steps upside the removed former ouoter casing isnt going to change the fact that crawling down the north shaft is no more an entrance than crawling down a 4-inch shaft of the so-called Queen’s chamber (Mother Isis queen of heaven; not queen of the Pharaoh). So 80 pyramids and no one looks for these sealed entrances. Sealed not as tombs but as failures made insignificant and trivial by turning true science into mere religious ritual to keep people from moving away. Capitalism, sell the people crap so they stay your slaves by lying to them. Anyone reading this that has found the true entrances to the three chambers (ground, and queen, and Master Holy of Holies…. the two part Kings chamber just as the tw-part temple of the Jewish tabernacle tent, as well as its stone temple).

  11. says

    Check out William Eisen’s English Qabala. Patterns of significance are apparently ubiquitous.

    I’m not sure what is meant by 3d math other than using xyz for the hat or number rack. I do know that any endeavor in this involves so many other rules, artifacts and expressions. Number mirroring (or inversion) is very interesting.

    Seems that things should “map out” an In-Out process. Not quite as above so below but within and without. Eisen mapped this with the alphabet tacked to the phi spiral.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello Mark,

      You said you’re not sure what is meant by 3d math other than using xyz. Actually 3d math Does Not use Cartesian dynamics… the xyz system is outdated and antiquated when compared to 3d mapping. Let me see if I can help you wrap your head around 3d mathematics. Can you or anyone create a 4 inch cube, a 40 foot cube, 40 mile cube, 4000 miles, 4 million, 4 billion, 4 light year cube etc etc? Second, can a 4inch sphere fit perfectly within a 4 inch cube, or a 40 foot sphere fit inside a 40 foot cube, etc etc? Now if you take 6 homogenous pyramids (meaning all of its sides are exactly the same) and connect the points of all six pyramids, will you create a cube? Can you create a 4 inch cube using 6 homogenous pyramids, what about a 4 light year cube using 6 homogenous pyramids? And finally can you perfectly fit a homogenous cube inside a sphere? The answer to everyone single one of those questions is yes! Now what happens when we bring all of them together, and each is measuring the exact same area of volume, respectfully, yet as different mathematical components to the same problem. What happens? Are we able to be more precise in how we track things, or drive, or fly… or even more precise on how we measure every aspect of our 3 dimensional reality? The only way to know is to do the work yourself… and if you do, the next question you will discover is, did someone in our distant past already discover these answers? This, all of these things is what I’m attempting to help open up your and everyone else’s minds to.

      To understand scale and what the true message left behind by the creators of all the pyramids around the world are actually revealing is, you need to grasp the concept that space or more correctly space/volume/distance is relative. You can just as easily overlay our solar systems Sun or our planet Earth over the great pyramid at Giza (as one sixth the volume of each) and both answers would be correct. And if you use those pyramids to create a cube of each (the Sun and Earth) you just figured out how our ancestors m-cubic metered their world in the larger relative aspects of our 3 dimensional reality. While the Royal Cubic is for the lower aspects of m-cubic metering our reality… yet each is a perfect representative of the other, but only if you see space/volume/distance a relative… that each exists within each and nothing can exist without the other. While the last aspect of the trinity is time. Yet I see so reason to go there just yet, but if you would like to jump ahead, simply invert the answer for space/volume/distance… volume equals the smaller aspects creating the larger, while time equals the large aspect (singular) allows for the smaller (plural) to exist. IF you simply play with the math you will begin to under, if you try to wrap your head around it without doing the math, good luck… though you could start by simply starring into an empty box. Remember if space/volume/distance is relative, then whatever empty box you look into, it could just as easily be all creation… you just have to adjust your mind to accept our simple 3 dimensional reality.

      –Charles Marcello

  12. says

    I would like to give You a very simple way to get the pyramids all sizes.
    At Youtube: ” Khufu pyramid size” (of courese with Pi too)
    Andras G?czey

  13. says

    Charles–Very interesting articles. I’ve seen some other work about encoding of the pyramids. This is not my area, but I have no doubt that the ancients passed on megalithic messages to us. I am a firm believer that our ancestors before the Cataclysm developed a high level of civilization, though their science and technology may well have been along different lines than ours. I’m glad you use the Bible–though I don’t agree with the “Bishop Ussher” school of dating Creation and the Flood. I tend to agree with Plato/Solon on the date. The real problem in archeology is to identify any pre-Cataclysm structures left, and to differentiate them from post-Flood ruins. Tiwanaku would seem to be one of the former.

    Regarding copper tools and granite . . . Chris Dunn has done some important work in Egypt and elsewhere demonstrating that some form of power tools must have been used, with concommitant technology. Surveying, engineering measurements, and examination of toolmarks showed him that copper tools were useless for building the Great Pyramid and other megaliths.

    Daniel Moore

    • says

      Daniel, you are well informed and I hope you come here with more of your knowledge. I often look at the Carolina Bays Event situated around 12,900 years ago as a point of departure to our present day starting point. If a comet or some other condition started us on this trek toward today, then our world could have been swept away by massive tsunamis that washed the Earth clean and at the same time deposited over 600 feet of water level to the surface of the planet. Since most civilizations build near the Oceans, much could have been lost in the cataclysm .

      There are other scenarios to the above but whatever happened, few of the engineers survived and some of them might have been genetic engineers to boot. There is high evidence that they already had a 3-d printing or extrusion capability also. The few survivors (Military?) must have had a discipline that they tried to convey to the stragglers, that later became what we call MASONS. Even today, we see parts of this WAY shining through. We beings here are indeed much more than residents of this planet. I believe we are the remains of explorers and universal engineers who must traverse the realms in whatever forms we can develop to move in physicality. We have things to accomplish for a very high order.

      Ron O.

  14. says

    Charles, I complement you on your constant endeavor to discover the how, when and why of our existence. It is not easy to see the reality of being and becoming. I too have been receiving data in my mentality that is constantly amplifying my knowledge of our true mission/s. The true secret number is 137.

    What is going on here in Time/Space is awesome, but that is only the tip of the universe. This massive broadcast of mentality is much larger and gestalt in nature. At times, I see the whole plan in a flash of light, but conversion to the onboard computer (human brain) is not working as it should. I just cannot hold on to the data long enough to convert it into our present syntax. I hope you can do that for us. It is indeed becoming clearer in these days of the BURGEONING, that we may just see through to our true reality.


    Ron O.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hey Ron,

      Can you explain how137 equals an answer? I see that 137 times 3 equals 411, no that’s not an attempt to be flippant its just one of the answer I found while playing with the math. If you have a blog explaining that number I would be most interested.

      –Charles Marcello

      • Elijah says

        it is more probable to be 3x 137 years than 137x 3 years

        as 441 years this is Flood 2370bc to 1929bc
        2370bc Oct 12 year 600 = egyptian zero
        2233bc Oct 12 year 739 = egyptian 137
        2096bc Oct 13 year 878 = egyptian 274
        1959bc Oct 14 year 1017 = egyptian 411

        but age of the pyramid this is 2170-1759bc
        2170bc Nov 11 year 803 = egyptian 200
        2033bc Nov 11 year 942 = egyptian 337
        1896bc Nov 12 year 1081= egyptian 474
        1759bc Nov 13 year 1220= egyptian 611

        • Elijah says

          So Charles there is your 137 and your 411 and your 480. The 69 sothic Julian years from year 411 to year 480 are 70 of 360-day. As for the 440 cubit pyramid it is 22x 20 cubits because a cubit radius rolling-stone (a wheel) made by a 1-cubit string drawing a circle has a 2pi circumference. When rolled 70 times it will roll out as 70 times 2-cubit diameter times pi which is 140 times pi which equals 440 cubits. They rolled the stone 70 times to the north, and 70 times to the east.

          They knew that 3 cubit by 4 cubit produced a 5 cubit diagonal. Thus 3×3 + 4×4 = 5×5 or 9 + 16 = 25. Thus in cubits (440×440)+(440+440) = 193,600 cubits +193,600 = 387,200 cubits which is not going to square root very easily. However, the 440 cubits is a rolled 70 of the cubit radius stone. Thus (70×70) +(70×70) or 4900 +4900 = 9800 making the diagonal 99 rolled cubits the 100th rolled cubit. (99×99 = 9801) First rolled cubit plus 98 rolled cubits = 99 rolled cubits to the 100th unrolled. So 99 rolled-cubit diagonal for 440 cubit sides (70 rolled cubits). It becomes clear that the 70 rolled is the significance to the square base, not the 100th as diagonal. BUT the diagonal must be used to do a verify check on the dead center. Of which the chambers and their shafts ARE NOT DEAD CENTER, nor square.
          They could have verified by a cross-X corner to corner to find the center by this rolled 99. AND from this center then also roll out 35 rolled cubits in four directions to verify their 70 rolled in the whole square base at any point transversing the distance north to south, south to north, east to west, west to east, always 70 across, 35 to the four directional axis, and to center. Now why anyone wants to convert this to meters and to miles and feet and yards is beyond me because i think it means that when you grind 2 oranges with 5 walnuts you will get 6 monkeys pedaling their bikes fast to walk them to the north pole’s equator. Did you know when billions are killed in an Armageddon asteroid that then a resurrection of all people will expose egyptians who will ask you where you got stupid concepts of their pyramids? BUT you wont be embarrased will you? Dont admit your sins in wasted time in this crap (convincing others); just convince yourself it is true when you tell them others believed this stuff not you.

          • Charles Marcello says

            Hello again Elijah,

            I still can’t follow your logic, because 70 rolled cubics does not equal 440 cubics, it just doesn’t. But I’m more than willing to be patience as you work your concept out. However to say I or this information is stupid is literally shoving your head in the sand and screaming its not real… while all anyone has to do is do the math and everyone, and I do mean everyone will come to the same answers I have. BTW I aint afraid of no Egyptian anything being resurrected and asking me about my “stupid” thoughts. Because to me, the really stupid thought is to believe copper tools can cut or chisel solid granite, it cannot be done. Let alone are you suggesting the builders of Pyramids at Giza just got lucky with regards to our Sun and our planet Earth? Or that its a simple kawinkadink that dividing Genesis Chapter 11 into our Sun gives us one of the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and then if you continue on that line of thinking it gives you the rest of the Great Pyramids measurements… that’s just a stupid kawinky and nothing more to you right? Really…? You seriously don’t want to use it to glorify the god of the bible by saying he new the end from the beginning and used his superpowers to make the Egyptians build the Great Pyramid to his measurements hidden inside the bible for the end of time? You don’t find that appealing, really? Now since I started posting here on world-mysteries I’ve been called a liar, a fake, eccentric, and now I’m being called stupid. Well ok, though I must challenge you to prove my Genesis Giza connection wrong. Because in truth if all you’re going to do is call names and present math that doesn’t make a lick of sense, then you might want to look at those other fingers pointing back at you as you point that one at me… just sayin! I’m all for having a conversation, and as always I’m not asking anyone to believe a world of what I’m saying… though I do challenge all to prove me wrong. Please do so!

            –Charles Marcello

          • Charles Marcello says

            Over the years I’ve learned to be a patient man, no I still can’t wait in long lines at the store, and I don’t care how good your food is, I won’t ever wait over twenty minutes for table. Yet when it comes to personal interactions with people, I have learned. Most people when they are rude they do it for a couple of reasons, one they’re having a bad day, or two they don’t know to defend their position, regardless of what that position is. If they’re having a bad day you can almost always expect them to come back. So when someone calls me names I usually come back and ask them to prove me wrong, or I ask them if they can’t to come back and apologize… almost no one online ever comes back to apologize because if I post it online I’ve honestly done the work. I realize the information within this blog is damning, I get it. However denying the math because it hurts your feelings or argues against what makes you feel good, is so yesterday’s human. If I think I know something I do everything I can to prove it wrong, and when I can’t I almost always post that thought online… and I do so in such a manner that I’m trying to bait people into proving it wrong, so as to help me understand the flaws. I wonder how many of you have done the math, I wonder how many of you see what is not mentioned and how… if you read the entire book of Genesis… what is missing should stick out like a sore thumb. The New and Old Testaments says there will be signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars… All of my blogs regarding the pyramids at Giza and those like it around the world are talking about all three of those… I know there is at least one person who continually does the math, and to that person I am grateful… so I won’t say the object out loud, I’ll just ask you, (and anyone else), during the waxing/waning how far does that object move around our reality every quarter cycle? And are there things on this planet if measured as a continuous story, do they perfectly match that distance? Getting back to the name callers… one of the reasons I’ve been away for so long is there is not much left for me to do but to make people extremely angry. My studies demand all the religions of the world, including those who call themselves spiritualist, they are each worshipping the same god, the god of this world and not the God of the Universe. Yet inside each at least one of their icons points to the God of the universe.
            In my ‘2012 and Pyramids at Giza’ blog I asked a very simple question down in the comments section… if the same information will teach mankind how to save itself from itself, or help mankind to destroy itself more efficiently, which would you want the world to learn first? Overwhelmingly it has been decided the world should learn how to destroy itself more efficiently, so I’m working up the courage to allow mankind to do just that. It truly is a frightening proposition. You know other than trying to get the word out regarding December 3 2012 alignment I have yet to promote any of my other blogs outside of this website. Yet for that blog I will promote it like nothing I’ve done before. I might even tell everyone what I think equals the fountain of youth elixir. While at the same time giving links the correct type of mirrors that will keep light in while not allowing it to escape… meaning you don’t have to keeps those mirrors inside a box, ie inside the arc. Hell I might even explain how to use the math of the Pyramids to find those things that are still hidden around the world. Time will tell. Before I do any of that I’m working on a concept to create unlimited clean water, this weekend will be the test to discover if my concept will work or not. I’m hopeful. So hopefully I will have that blog sometime soon, unless it’s a bust then enough said.

            –Charles Marcello

        • Charles Marcello says

          Hello Elijah,

          I’m confused… 137 * 3 equals 411 not 441. Let alone the comment above this one, you said, 137 Julian years then do the math 139 * 360. Sorry but I can’t make heads or tails of what it is you’re trying to explain… can you please elaborate further as to what you’re trying to explain. Thanks in advance.

          –Charles Marcello

  15. Alex says

    The Great Pyramid reveals units of measure called Royal Egyptian Cubits which are defined by the “Pi”. Dimensions of the GP expressed in the REC are 440 (base) and 280 (height). Using approximation of Pi = 22/7 = 3.142857 divided by 6 we get 0.5238. This number in meters gives the value of 1 Royal Egyptian Cubit (0.5238 m = 20.622 “). Official value of 1REC is 20.62″ (based on the average of measurements of Giza pyramids). According to measurements by Petrie, the GP height is 5776 inches = 280 Royal Egyptian Cubits, the base is 9068” = 439.8 REC.

    Here is another amazing connection of the REC and the size of our planet:
    A circle has 360 degrees (each degree has 60 minutes and each minute has 60 seconds.)
    One degree of arc has length = Circumference /(360) = (2*Pi*R)/360

    For equatorial circumference of the Earth = 40,077,000 m (radius= 6,378,453 m )
    1 degree of arc / 1,000 = 111.325 m = 365.24 feet

    There are 1,296,000 seconds of arc in a circle. If we divide it by 2*Pi we get Radius of earth equal 206,264.81 seconds of arc.
    Curiously, this is the length of the Royal Cubit in English inches multiplied by 10,000. (10,000 X 20.625 = 206,250.)

    It is not by coincidence that feet and inches and Royal Egyptian Cubit are connected with dimensions of our planet!


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