Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

Positions of the planets can be used as a perfect clock. Such a clock can mark date in time (in the past and/or in the future) which can be read by intelligent beings regardless of their language and calendar they use…

Note: This post is an update to our very popular post 2012 and the Pyramids at Giza… by Charles Marcello

Whether you believe something will happen in 2012 or not, is not important…

What will happen in the night sky over Giza mimics the layout of the Pyramids at Giza! The fact is that the planetary alignment matches exactly layout of  Pyramids at Giza on 12.3.12 and this will happen just 18 days before 12.21.12.  … 6 plus 6 plus 6 = 18… Even the most ardent skeptics have to admit, that is one hell of a coincidence!

Planetary alignment that will take place Dec 3, 2012  is dead-on alignment with the Pyramids at Giza.

Is it possible that Giza pyramids where built to honor (or warn about) specific time marked by the planetary convergence?

Positions of planets can be used as a perfect clock (see the image at the top of this post). Such a clock can mark date in time (in the past and/or in the future) and can be read by intelligent beings regardless of their language and calendar they use…

Also, it should be noted, that planetary convergence only happens every 2,737 years, and its different for at least 2 more cycles running the program forward… and doesn’t happen again for over 28,000 YEARS if you run that program backwards in time…

The Dec 3, 2012 planetary alignment can be verified by anyone  who can use astronomy program like Starry Night and superimpose night sky image of 3 planets on Dec 3, 2012 on the image of 3 pyramids at Giza.

One of our visitors sent us his verification of the planets and pyramids of Giza image we posted on April 2011:

I just made this video which checks the alignment of 03 December, for those interested in the subject.
If someone finds an identical configuration [for another date] and check-able in the same way, I gladly offer him a bottle of good champagne!
No interpretation, fear of any kind, no expectation, or any delirium, just see it !

The documentary “the revelation of the pyramids” advance the same theory, that the site of Giza is a cosmic clock with sphinx facing east, where sun rises with the configuration of the next December 3rd.

Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre. However with over thirty-seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to reveal what lies behind this greatest of archeological mysteries: a message of paramount importance for all mankind, through time and space.
Narrated by Brian Cox, and based from the book of Jacques Grimault.

(with French subtitles:

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  1. says

    Every body is write here to know the doomsday coming.well,I think it is not doom day for African,it is the true librations day as we promised .all the history of African and color hated and u erased .you must worry for it sin. We are eager to see that day. It is too long we keep it with worship pray

    • jenny says

      i hear you… i could actually feel this birth coming. be of calm mind and greet the child with a true heart in thanks. thank you for your message. it wil heal the sickness in the heart of the glutton and folly and murder of the clumsy wandering giants.

  2. deborah drake says

    Hello!charles,I have read your articles ,very interesting to say the least!I have read some other posts that make me sick how some try to degrade a persons finds or toughts ,I have wonder for many years,why many of these items were built,We don’t have the smarts to do what they did.Or have the info but don’t want to share.On the article you wrote summary. How would u tell children or anyone what happen if it happen that way.who says u would even understand or remmber what happen.If u don’t spend it wondering about are world and research a little bit u would never no what happened or If u are waiting for gov. to tell u anything,well. I have wondered if we r not in the last 1000 yrs.and did his return happen already.are they trying to tell us . just like cave people makes alot of sense!Iwould like to thank you for your wonderful works i read on here. I have never been a math person so will take me a bit to get it all, but put me on a past of reseaching which is my love. Keep on going forward , never mind the ones who like to make some feel bad cause they can’t get somethings to come togeather.I for one injoy your post and had to go reseach more since I read yours!!! god bless

  3. Judie says

    Now that Islamists have control of Egypt, all of these structures are at risk for destruction as representing pagan idols. Whatever the predictive capabilities or historic significance of the pyramids and sphinx, they may all be lost unless someone can intervene in the current political situation in that area!!

  4. Michael D. Howard says

    Sorry I see nothing significant in 3 planets aligning with the face of the pyramids. Now if all of them lined up in our solar system tell me that date please and if all of them line up with the galactic center in a perfect alignment with the pyramids you got something. What about other pyramids around the world?

    Here is what I do know for certain. One group may think it is a king pin and the winner always writes the story but then someone greater group comes along who is bigger and bad’er than the others. So I doubt if any group of aliens is coming along to say howdy folks we own or we are here to save you. And NO Jesus either.

    I know with certainty that nothing is increasing in humanities conscious as the New Agers insist who are waiting for that 12/21/12 conscious shift. I can tell this by the elections and I mean a pox on both houses. Things will continue and people will continue to be more gullible as ever more so than ever before. People just don’t have “The Right Stuff” and the only thing I see is the society is getting dumber and more bowled over with their Slave Status as “Brave New World” types.

    And after 12/21/12 they will simply wait for the next World Ends or Shift in conscious guru’s selling books and of course the next planetary alignment.

    Been there done that before.

    • says

      There will be a change on the 21st.,Dec.,2012. Our Reality will create a new world order. And it’s nothing to do with the Illuminati! It is they who would have you believe a change to the current status quo would be a bad thing.
      But the Truth has always been there for anyone to see. The astronomical location of the planets relative to Earth look like a pair of scales. Mars, the planet of war, violence and blood, is with the sun in Capricorn. This is the fulcrum. Venus and Mercury are in Scorpio(the Eagle) and Jupiter and Saturn are in Taurus(the winged bull). As above, so below. We are in an event space-coordinate that gives us the opportunity to change the way we view Reality or suffer the conflagration that will be the inevitable outcome of our current world-view. If you’re impatient, you can find the information on

  5. says

    From what we have researched on this topic, those pyramids may start to resonate with this alignment. It is our understanding that they were built as giant resonating structures, powered by underwater streams fed by the overflowing Nile.

    They have an internal design that mimics Tesla’s famous energy tower.

    Based on an interview we saw with Abd’el Hakim Awyan, a shaman who’s ancestors have lived in the region for eternity, the pyramids were healing structures that, when resonating, could be felt for miles in the region.

    Dr. Carmen Boulter, a Canadian professor, has made a documentary on this resonating feature called, “The Pyramid Code” and available on Netflix.

    Thanks for the article. Pretty timely and we can hardly wait the three days till then.

    • Scordra says

      I have tried to find this information myself and any countdowns are all pointing to the other date of 21 Dec. So, I figured if the alignment is to happen in Egypt the question would be, what time in Egypt?? I’m just going to say perhaps the alignment is at sunrise, Egypt time. I found a site that tells you exactly what time it is in Egypt (Cairo). That’s: . So, if their sunrise is at 6:35 am…and they are 10 hrs ahead of me (PST). Then, I am just planning on an alignment at 8:35pm that is PST since I’m in California. But, again I’ve no idea if the alignment would be at midnight on the 2nd or 3rd…or if it would occur at sunrise/moonrise. Anyone writing these articles should have helped us out with this one….Namaste

  6. Interested viewer says

    I just read both this and the other article which are truly fascinating. I checked the alignment in Stellarium and I thought I would mention the important fact that when the alignment is turned upside down, you can see the constellation Virgo besides and Leo following. It is my understanding that the Sphinx is a representation of Virgo and Leo and with them being in that position, the head of the woman and the body of the lion makes perfect sense. Well done in finding this.

  7. Blanche McLanahan says

    Charles the compilation of information here is profound. I admit graciously much I am now aware of is due to this post. The Revelation of the Pyramids is no doubt concise, as well as, precise in their findings regarding the alignment of these ancient sites. The meaning implied leaves question and can be extended using the new equator and magnetic North.

    If pole shifts of 180 degrees have occurred in our past, then the equator would have remained in its current position. So the initial insult leading to a shift must have been greater than 180 degrees. The fact that these monuments were erected on a new/old equatorial placement means our past was aware of a time before the axial shift, its rate of precession; a need for the equinox and solstice, and the magnetic north.

    What caused the shift from the equatorial line of the past? And could this alteration have caused the elusive nature of linear time? This changes the time meridian. Therefore, the way to change time is to shift the equatorial line. Since this would divide the Earth into two equal halves a pole shift would not be possible. This implies the polar 180 degree shift comes from an internal source working to the periphery, as apposed to crustal displacement and may explain how these monuments of the past withstood past shifts.

    Just viewing this aspect of the video as they outlined this alignment I could see a correction of tilt and wobble with increase of rotation, as would shifting the ballast in a ship at sea increase speed. I think the Earth needs an increase in rotation, so a shift in her ballast or mass, would undeniably ‘speed things up’. Perhaps the December 3 alignment is a precursor for this, and in that lead to a more complete explanation of the message left by our past in architecture of their devise.

    The light or energy of the stars linearly aligned to correspond these monuments, which were built with minerals and elements very similar to our microelectronic technology, indicates some form of macro circuitry. If the core is Earth’s hard drive, then I suspect the goal is to diffuse (integrate) the core with electrical precision (electron voltage) in aligning these surface circuits relative to the geographical areas of resonance emanating her iron core and positioned in line the stars. The Universe appears to be setting up a fracture of Earth’s core domain.
    So the Galactic Alignment is probably the finality of the Universes attempts to fracture the ferric domain of Earth’s core. We have reached the mark or point in time to end the linear progression and return to time cycles that sounds vibrations equate to nuclear mass expanding in concentric rings from center to periphery and where light’s generation is linear and contraction of vibrating strings attached to the core. The event of the two contracting and expanding occurs in a simultaneity…a static evolution free of time constraints.

    The Mayan calendar ending this December is another indication of a greater Earth change. Is this related to a simple but cataclysmic pole shift? Since they have occurred consistently throughout time, then “Time’s End” is definitive of an event not encoded in time, nor within our genetic memory.

    The flow of magnetic resonance is generated from the iron core. The poles indicate the core is in fact a large bar magnet. Our bipolar dysfunctions mentally and physiologically, and our current bipolar technology are in effect due to our current polar flow and electromagnetic wave function, an underlying cause of a bar magnet placed within a sphere. This leads me to think Earth’s core suffers a ferromagnetic domain, a ferric condition though temporary that has a stronger magnetic field. Iron’s potential to be magnetized using electricity has mislaid her internal ballast.

    What if our past evolved without the time factor as we know it. What if their technology was mono-polar; a central pole at the core of Earth that would resonate equidistantly to every when of space and where of time to the peripheral hierarchy?

    Since our current atom defines our technological mentality, then our past based their technological prowess on an atom we have failed thus far to elucidate. What if what we know as the Big Bang was caused by the shift of the Time meridian creating linear time and the illusion of an expanding Universe? Did the technology of the past lead man to the extremes….where nuclear resonance synergistic to electrical input used on the surface diffused the core magnetizing and shifting core vibrations eventually tilting Earth’s vertical axis from 90 degree perpendicular to the horizontal?

    I am not looking back in the past for answers to this dilemma, as it is not encoded there. The artifacts and monuments left in the rubble of time elude to it, but I chose to look at a future based on that past and our present, then imagine what could have been.

    The bipolar Earth aligns to the bipolarity of the atoms. A Mono-polar Earth speaks of the atoms mono-polarity.
    Earth is a magnetic mono-pole….and the ancients were able to levitate stone using core magnetic resonance to diffuse energy into matter and reduce mass weights.

    The Maya people may not have known a time before time. But, they knew the story told in the stars and their geographic positioning on Earth relative to each Constellation.
    There is one ‘bit’ documented in the past, not too far distant.
    Einstein’s Cosmological Constant is vision of this future to which we now venture. More than anything else he understood, it was time that he learned from. His biggest blunder will be within a short measure of time his greatest triumph.
    The findings in “Revelation of the Pyramids” is profound. All disciplines must consider taking seriously these outstanding truths.

  8. says

    All things considered; the smallest pyramid would symbolize the smallest planet? So this alignment does not make sense. I can make this alignment occur with a number of combinations. Along with Orion, I found this alignment to happen many times, but Orion is the one that is consistent, so why should this be important on dec. 3rd? Our calendar is not based on Egyptian civilization…we also have no way of verifying the age when they were built…the sky may have been very different then. Now if you showed me this alignment as Mercury, Saturn, Venus…that would make more sense, but still what would be the importance…666? lmao. It could also be 9 in numerology…what special correlation do those planets have with 666? The fact we have no clue how or why they are built is proof enough to not put much belief in the theories presented here or anywhere. And what about the precession? Did the Ancient Egyptians know the Earth wobbled? Did The Mayan know about these things? If they only averaged lets say…50 years of age…the equinox would not have changed and they would have thought it was the same time every year…we have 365 days maybe they used weeks to tell time…who knows…if I go look at the equinox it changes and takes a cycle of 26000 years to complete (roughly) so how could they know? They didn’t, but another civilization may have had knowledge…we call them alien…what if they are our ancestors from a much more advanced world and they used their methods of building and the pyramids have magnetic energy that connects them to a source…and when a certain alignment does occur they get activated? My theory is just as plausible as any other wouldn’t you agree?

  9. Scordra says

    Here are my thoughts. Some of this was just hashed out as it came to mind, so please excuse some randomness….

    If the Egyptian pyramids were built for resurrection and the afterlife, than it would not surprise me they would create them using such earthly/heavenly forms. Using math and geometry that honored the very existence of our planet, and that of the universe, to ensure they would travel the Underworld and arise once again. I believe it was done on purpose, the construction of the pyramids. You don’t achieve such perfection through guesswork or by accident. But as to the true nature and the true reason, looking at their culture and belief system is something that should be taken alongside such discovery. This is where Egyptian mysteries and esoteric studies can come into play.

    I agree with the pyramids, sphinx, and other ancient structures being a clock or measurement of the Earth’s life cycle. We shall see soon enough what happens when this clock resets. Will there be destruction where few, if any, survive? Will it light a beacon for visitation by intelligent beings from elsewhere? Will true north/south and the magnetic poles change that makes the “impossible” now possible? It would be neat to think that once the clock reset there would be a return of these (Egyptian Pharaoh) souls back to earth. Unfortunately, coffins/mummies have been moved from these burial tombs/sites (the need quite obvious). Would their physical body preserved and strategically placed in the pyramids have been needed to guide these souls back? Has anyone done any mathematical research on the placement of the sarcophagus in the pyramids?

    Perhaps the burial chambers within the pyramids were for the soul to travel throughout time and space, back to where it came from, back to Source or Creation. The pyramid honoring and being in tune with perfect geometry made this possible. The speed of light number being found within the pyramid could suggest that these structures were built to propel the soul through the time/space continuum. If the Pharaohs were to be honored as Gods, this is very fitting.

    In the video it is mentioned that beavers build a dam the same way regardless of where they live because they are beavers. Well, perhaps someone should question in the case of the cultures with pyramids (in Egypt, South America, Easter Island, and Asia), who were the beavers? Is it possible that there was another race of beings, perhaps even non-human, that came to our planet in human form (with cultural differences to blend in to that region), in order to teach the secrets of our Universe? I don’t mean to start another topic but I’m thinking even something along the lines of Walk-Ins if we can believe in the transferring of souls. Unfortunately, we may have proven too young, naïve, and unworthy during different times in our history to deserve such information. They may have left us (like some civilizations that seemed to vanish without a trace) until we could prove ready to….LEARN.

    Overall, I think the only thing that makes sense to me is that these structures had been here previously. We honored them, used them, and saw them as gifts from the gods or another race of beings. Whether some Atlaneteans survived to share some knowledge or it was given to elders from other beings to be passed on generation after generation, I do not know. One day, maybe we can discover our true roots and know that all cultures and religions are offspring from true source. We are all brothers and sisters in this vast Universe.

  10. says

    Thank you for this post! I think it should be spread and shared a lot more!
    I for one will treasure this day! Considering how rare and unique it is, regardless of it’s definition, indication, instruction or marking!


  11. James Swindells says

    I personally reject the theory that messages where encoded for us to find in the future. If our ancestors had wanted to leave us messages they would of done it in a less cryptic and more straight forward way. The Pyramids at Giza i believe where built for a function and use for the people who built it. The alignments and all the mathmatical phenomena that where pointed out in “The Revelations of the Pyramids” video where crucial for it’s function. The pyramid harnessed energy of the earth and the heavens and had the ability to warp space time so could also act as a stargate. This function has been disabled but could probably be re-activated with certain repairs and crystals that are needed. The builders had no thought towards the future generations that came across them and there only intended use was for their purposes. I really enjoyed the video though and thought their was some useful information on there.

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello James Swindells,

      Let me make sure I understand what you’re saying… “If our ancestors had wanted to leave us messages they would of done it in a less cryptic and more straight forward way.”
      I guess you’re saying you can think of a better way to talk to future generations then using thick pieces of stone stacked really high to help people notice them… and that there is something simpler than using mathematics that perfectly depicts our solar system and earth mathematically… and the answer to answering those questions… each interwoven for different stages of understanding/progression of knowledge… and I’m guessing you can think of something a heck of a lot more simpler than using the planets that will repeat itself… you know as a perpetual cycle that they must’ve just guessed would happen again. Interesting… something simpler?
      Well for me… what I and others have discovered seems pretty damn straightforward to me. Actually I see it as overly simple, so simple in fact… hell even I could understand it… which means it’s got to be pretty damn simple. Yet I’ll bite, let’s just say I’m wrong and I’m just seeing stuff that truly isn’t there… please do tell what you would use to pass a message forward in time? Let me ask an even simpler question… how would you cube the Sun? How would you cube the solar system? How would you cube the measurement of time as understood from our planet? How would you mark a moment in time that you wanted to last forever??? If you can answer those extremely simple questions, you will begin to understand why I believe the pyramid code is so simple. But I’ll meet you halfway… maybe the pyramids were used to power some temporal whatchamacallit. Why not make it artsy though, throw in some advanced muse into the makeup? (That’s what we do today!) Perhaps this stuff was added as some cosmic joke… maybe as a some-thing-ah-ma-bob whatchamacallit that kids twenty thousand years ago could oh and ah at. Hell maybe the pyramids were power plants or space ports of some kind… I can’t say no for sure… but I sure as hell can understand the mathematics… anyone can once they start playing with the universe the way it actually is…Yet never mind my weird concept of looking at the universe three dimensionally… I would really love to know what could be simpler than using some really big ass pieces of stone to form a message that will last for a long damn time… while incorporating mathematics and the placement of the planets to pass, or perhaps save/and or show off advanced knowledge. Please you have my undivided attention… what could be simpler?

      –Charles Marcello

  12. says

    To The Most Respected Sir Charles Marcelo , I have been following different stories regarding 2012 phenomenon. Personally Sir . are you also worried or you are doing your part to warn some people in your honest way to let them know what wiill happen or might happen on this date. Thank You Very Much Sir .

    • Charles Marcello says

      Hello mhar reyes,

      I’m positive nothing is going to happen on this date or any date in December. Personally I believe the Pyramids were created to honor the Procession of the Equinox.

  13. Charles Marcello says

    In over three years I know of only three people who have actually taken the time to look. Thank you for that and for creating your video.

    –Charles Marcello


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