Our Past Expedition in This Part of the Universe

Scenario for Contemplation:
Our Past Expedition in This Part of the Universe

By Ron O. Cook
The following is a fragment from a Meta-Fictional Book that I wrote. It is designed to offer a point of departure for future thought to open up our minds to what may be possible in our past.

I am the message bearer from Timelessness to Time and through the Portal (Goge) in Space / Time to you for whom playing with illusion is a preoccupation, rather than a means to union with the One and Absolute. To these means of transfer, I am deeply dimensional in meaning and serious of mentality.

These communications are not illusory. What you are about to receive, you must know whereby you even think — a level that speaks in dim remembrances. This knowledge speaks to you even now as decisions are made sometimes, by you collectively, in stark rebellion. Remember who and what you are. Be concerned, for it is a mission that must be revived from your deepest senses and memories, from a time when physical (virtual) Time was not. These physical realms must be not forgotten in your present form, they must be used as a means to reclaim your Reason!

Words are not your / our only means of communication, we do not speak in a sound related methodology when we are together in coherency. Your dreams know the secret of such interfacing. Ours is passed directly to the mentality of the audience who interlaces the projection within Time and Space. Omegons such as I and the initiates such as you, are carriers of this inherent Truth and should speak only messages that convey the same sincerity of being. Hard will it be, that I somehow must pass on to you who have failed to remember, yet the continuation of wisdom in this Goge Sector is necessary whereby paths are retraced to limitlessness (home).

First, let be known to you, that the data added here to the survey of my relation, known as Claronu (whose name has meaning), is not in any way to interfere with the data he collected. It, and mine, are to serve as your device of memory magnification. His record has been corroborated, by localizations in Timelessness, to be factual and totally complete. Its secret is yours to know, and it is indeed who you are.

The destruction expressed by the Leche, destroyed the Enmayi planet (your old home world) in total. Its ada-son, source of deep space light, called Egog was reduced to its chemical basics by the force of the gargantuan discharge. It is now the fifth planet from Goge as yours once was. As Egog’s fire was snuffed out, so were the lives that resided near its Light giving exchange of broadcasting virtual data for you to utilize in this school of learning. The fourth planet, my virtual home world in this illusion, was rendered atmospherically dead by a rain of Enmayi asteroids; leveled were our civilization’s offerings-in-being to the All. Our hydros resources were lost to the cold of space — though we needed them not to exist, rather to serve esthetic purposes. Most of my relations were converted into the realm of limitless pursuits in the reality of being. Their initiations are now complete at this level.

Few of us escaped, as did your relations (virtually you) who arrived on this Gardened Planet over four million orbits ago. We, Omegons, were here to greet you and help you to build great civilizations in the glorious Valley Regions. There your civilizations survived numerous catastrophes with us for this world dies and reawakens periodically. The Valley Region was highly protective for millions of orbits. It was the most beautiful and sheltered of all areas upon this place of moving landscapes. As your offspring (virtually you) became genetically developed for this atmosphere you ventured out to explore the surface of a world saturated in hydros. During periods of destruction, your mentality, too strong in emotional passion and ignorance of the Alphian ways, destroyed (physically removed) almost all Omegons who helped you. However, we have survived (we do not die) in many places hidden to you, including Time and Space. It is our duty to enlighten you to return to your past glory, with us in our final initiation.

Most of us reside on a moon of the fourth planet, where the churning blast of your weapon, did not touch us. There, we intercepted the jettisoned craft with Claronu’s Enmayi survey intact. Those few of us who survived have returned periodically to our old world and live under its surface. A few hundred of your relatives had earlier made it to the Garden Planet, prior to the accidental ignition of the Leche, on exploration teams sent by Koan and Planca. They had apparently figured on making it a colony of the Enmayi. The resources of the third planet for an Alphian being’s existence are ideal. Claronu was not aware of this happening though scepter’s records show he could have been before transcendence. We have attached this data along with the survey for your use at the time of humanity’s arrival at Omegon initiation to soulular finality and growth. To some of us it is known, that this is the strategy of the One and All for this sector’s total development. It is the Crux of Being.

By now, many of you have forgotten your roots in this gargantuan projection of being in this the realm of the Moiré Arena — virtual assemblage vehicle in Time. This record is for you to search your inner selves for the truth that will show itself relevant to the reality that you have experienced while on the Garden Planet.

Now, many orbits have passed since you were first saved on this world of beauty and chaos. Its periods of renewal have caused you to forget all the old traditions, yet we Omegons and three of your own, who had been bestowed the Light, Koan, Planca and later on the third planet, Takion; have reintroduced the knowledge to you each time. The planet, upon which you reside, is indeed one of special planning by those of us who see from a higher vision. Yours is a special test of ultimate Omegon initiation. We are the last forms of what you will become in the very near future. Your current Alphi/Omegi phase is ready to move to a higher structure as is signaled by your mental ability to decipher this message. One catalyst will move you all to this stage — an event of tremendous importance is about to take place. Yours will be a higher body, mind, and spiritual responsibility to the Otherworld. You are special, as your test will be of the highest difficulty, and unmatched for mental stress. Pain will be supreme to all those who glory in the highest knowledge about to be yours. Prepare mentally for understanding of Chaos in the form of a Super-Moiré Arena.

Much has happened on “your” world in initiation, since you arrived many millions of orbits ago. Times were hard for your species, and for the few Omegons who greeted you and taught you early on. You succeeded in physically killing those Blessed Shepherds who could not be killed easily for they seemed immortal to your perceived mortality. It took you many cycles of the precession and pattern of alignments of the system of Goge to eliminate these fine beings that you called “Gods.” Though they led perfect lives, and you looked up to them as supreme beings, you feared their powers and sought their means of constant life. That immortality belongs to us all for it is our heritage and has always been our gift. Now, as you are ready, you shall become as we, in your final test, for you are us. (Let not the “twain” or their magical traditions tell you any other).

Have no fear, for those Omegons you have deleted are not dead, but their monadic spirits are safe for they are totally worthy and learned in the workings of limitlessness, where they reside with the One with no second. Some still dwell secretly among you reincarnated for special terms as the “Watchers.” They are the Seers who shine when sought by the few who are already awakening to the Truth of Being. They will lead you to the Catalyst Times.

Omegonship is to go beyond death concepts, for being thus, one changes into elements that are essentially minds in unison and localization with the All, yet are in this kingdom of Time. An example of singularity in mentality, is the simple fact that you all experience this virtual realm at the same instant in Time. There is no deviation. You may not know of immortality if you do not learn of becoming. The Light that is the animator of your form will live forever to be again and again. The mind that is you is a shared localization, holospiritedly connected to all mind in the Time bound virtual worlds, which are built from Timeless realms where reality truly dwells.

You may live over and over again in various conditions determined by your own actions. This, until you catalyze and move into the final phase of material existence. Life is like your schools of learning, where testing is temptation with the law of cause and effect couched in the laws of consequence. You build your own inferno. Your merit builds the future intellect toward knowing why there is only unconditional Love at the highest forms of being. One must grow to survive as part of the whole where Eternity dwells. To do this, and become whole is easy if one knows whereby selflessness is converted to Light. It is the Dialogue necessary for lucid union in coherency. To the very selfish, unconditional Love is more difficult than all the trials of being. The narcissistic vibrate within tiny feedback loops of obsessive compulsion to reach total recognition of self-love or self-god. Self-god is a non-condition when there is no place to exist other than yourself. We are in this together. To receive recognition in the physical world at one’s own effort is an illusion called false – play. It is a fallacy because it is a collusion of mentality to sustain an aberrant being within groups or even nations that breed other beings with the same condition.

The message of Claronu is simple, yet complex. To believe it will be your decision, for free will is what this experience in creativity is all locked upon. The purpose is like asking yourself, “what did I learn?” That will be your first message when you awaken localized in the All. One cannot evade this test by self-determination to exiting; it is not yours whereby existence is even your vehicle. You are not the vehicle, my friend. Being is to know the Law of existence as caused and effected within the Consequences of your acts. Every act that you perform in this sequential realm of leveraged being has projected future results, unless negated by unconditional Love. Prayer or meditation or deep thought helps negate such sin as it is an act of localization in unconditional Love. Forgiving is grace, or coherency of phases.

Consequences have a way of building up in the Alphian and Alphi/Omegi forms. Life, then becomes very hard and will consume the being into frustration if total consciousness is not retained in supreme focus. To dull the senses, will pull one ever deeper into the Alphian person who resembles a predator. Some have gods that are eaters of beings, for they think life is all consuming rather than a place to visit and become. Do not mistake in judging those who offer unconditional Love, for it is whereby coherency is attained — to judge then is not to see Light in flux of total beauty. Judge not, but join the brave souls willing to be judged for their own act of righteous prophecy.

Love is complex, but it is the most wonderful tool to conquer fear of the unknown. It is the leveler and controller of chaos in the projected universe. Even chaos is but unperceived Love at some levels. Unity reveals itself in many forms. But, think not on these aftereffects, but think upon whereby they even are possible. If you are brave enough to judge, then like judgment will be handed to your spirit. The judging entity must be confident in his own being, just as the All is confident in his making virtual worlds whereby judgment can even be leveraged for better structural development in the soul.

Copyright 2011 by Ron O. Cook


  1. says

    Ghirardi, Keesha and others. I truly appreciate your comments and I would love to hear more from you and the others who come here to learn and dream of who and what we are. Please feel free to go to the FORUM and post daily if not hourly so that we all can progress faster toward the knowledge and wisdom base of our founding. I am CHESTER at the forum, but you can call me Ron.


  2. Michael Ghirardi says

    It would seem that you are indeed correct about the tangent. I fear that this has been one of my obstacles on my journey, a lesson it would seem I am to continually experience. I know it is solely though the choice I make in perception as to how great a degree I allow myself to stay upon the tangent rather than the arc of the IS.

  3. says

    Michael, sounds like you are on a tangent. Keep your mind open and fill it with the good of the primary mission which is coherency through love of this massive process on-going in our primary realm/s. We must work to be unselfish and open in our kindness to one another. I like to think that we are here for a purpose…I have but one goal in life…to enter the state of Christos in my final pursuit. That’s just me though.

    Ron O.

  4. says

    The above was part of The Enigmni, a book I wrote long ago. It is Meta-fictional in character and it was hoped in my youth, that I could make it into a fine movie and perhaps a video or RPG later on. It never came to pass, but its concepts can still encourage others to step up and enlighten the universe to its reality.

    Ron O.

  5. says

    More of the transmitted dreams follows:

    Your new home planet is well known to the few Omegons that still exist in the hidden places of Goge. We are the Watchers who assist in times of urgent need. Our amelioration may sometime appear as cruel to those who position as victims, but the overall plan is protected on the higher level. Seek the higher gestalten. Because you are to be the highest judged Omegons, your difficulty factor is elevated, thus you have been given a new environment of cyclic imbalance worthy of your challenge. Your “Earth” has a propensity to seek new equilibrium in polar shifts that are precariously timed to the patterns of weather, your moon, and the alignment of planets. The very ground that you traverse is unstable, more so than the periodic quakes that you may experience during any lifetime. Your planet reacts to your mentality and condition of Love or Hate. Coherency and significance are binding forces. The design of your home is part of your great test, but much more! You must come to grips with the chaos of your own minds put there so long ago. You are special.

    In the last days of your great initiation to a phase II civilization, you will know the science that affects the balance of your being and your physical abode. Planets and asteroids will align, as the message few know or will tell, unfolds for all initiates to know. Use the science to forecast your future and know the trials you must meet, know, and nullify.

    You must learn its ways and keep that knowledge safe to pass on as a token to the Catalyst that will show a new you the directions toward Omegon finality. Only great unconditional Love will save your realms so divided by silly Alphian issues at present. My words are inadequate, but whereby words are even spoken is your goal for understanding the secret of your immortality. Remember, what once was unthinkable and now possible; do not focus totally, but ponder whereby mind even exists — this is your true place to be…where mind exists. Think on a larger scale, as the great masses we constructed for you to know are aligned to the messages we know you can determine.

    Much we created to show you the directions of the knowledge of the Enigmni and the driver, the One. One is the Mover and the Other is the Moved. Still, you could not always follow the secrets laid in the stories, or the engineering of the symbols. Now you have arrived at that moment in Time, when you are ready for the jump to higher forms. Read the monuments once again and align them with the maps of the heavens. The messages will come clear to the pre-Omegon mentality.

    Though the third world from Goge has a lithosphere that is capable of slippage over the soft interior masses, your recorded history is still hidden deeply under many miles of ice and mud of the oceans. If found, this survey and my messages will be corroborated and you will know the truth whereof I speak. After 12, 500 to 42,000 orbital turns, the planet will first wobble, then tip and landmasses will slip to reestablish its gyroscopic balance. Such planetary reestablishment will wipe away almost all remembrances and records of your past accomplishments — unless we Omegons are still here as Watchers. In the past we have returned to awaken your old cultures to your eyes. We have left many clues to your records of past cultures, but this orbital version of the history of the experiment in this sector is your last outright presentation of direct wisdom. The Three among you now must overcome their sins of 4 million orbits to now lead from Love. It is their time now. From here on, you must go the last stages on your own ability. To have our advice, you must now seek us. Seek and you will find.

    Looking to the East of the great wasteland that was formed so many eons ago next to the submerged Valley Region once so beautiful, you will find the evidence of the past and a start to finding the Truth. We derived the greatest pleasure in the erection of large stone edifices that, until now would have been impossible for you. We sculpted stone as you would clay! These giant structures make manifest the exuberance of our joy when we trail blazed for you, the pointers to the pathway. Look in them, and under them, and the records of your planet’s history and that of your starting place will historically materialize. Be not political nor timid in your ebullience.

    Learn to relish the gifts of knowledge that we left you, and pass them on to your future selves with each passing generation of virtual matter. Use these tools to make the leap to a phase II civilization of advanced knowing. We have a vested interest in you as your higher being. That is why we have periodically returned after each catastrophe to comfort you and once again point to the Hand that Sees. The ancient markers that we left you to remember us, you will know immediately, for you could not have created them. You have tried and failed. Now, with the knowledge of the Scepter, you will know.

    You must take on the responsibility, for your higher mentality has finally arrived. There is no excuse. You know the formulas and the numbers that they speak. Use them to spring from your new world’s pedestal into the vastness of the total universe. There you will build a new trinity of worlds into existence, as we did in times past. Your old world will present your only problem. Learn to control asteroids.

    Now you are on the stage of being, to perform the final development of this great experiment. You must rise above the petty habits of past living. It has weighed you down for eons since Koan and Planca set you on this course of events to the most high test.

    Some four million orbits ago, Koan and Planca escaped to this world full of hydros and beautiful gardens. Omegons in their early development utilized the Gardened One as a food source for Alphi/Omegi states. Now it is your world to finally conquer and overcome its propensity to become unstable. These things may seem impossible, but it is all within your ability to know and understand, if you put aside the quest for self-fulfillment and seek to learn the overall plan of Love for one another. Without the guilt of informal and fallacious behaviors, which constantly leverage your intellects via illusory tricks, you will soon anticipate the advantages of listening to the interior of your soulular Essence. To petition one another in hyping fraud in delusional mentality will end when you see the truth of a Loving approach.

    If one has earned his way by manipulation of the will of the All through false-play in order to control others, so shall they be judged by the undeniable law that is inbuilt in cause and effect to produce a consequence. There are many means of existing in a place as well furnished with the primary needs as the nature of the Gardened One. We made sure of this, with our own discovery of programmed assemblages in the virtual expression from the generative order of unity. You are full of the primary instincts for all situations, adaptation is of no difficulty for you for you are full of all elements inherent with the program. If you do not turn your Reason toward the knowing of this creation, a gambit construction for initiation and learning, your plight is your own reward once again. Claronu covered the consequences of living a selfish life, so revisit the messages and symbols of nature to see them at work in your own lives. Your time to be ignorant is no longer a toleration of the highest Becomer. The age of the Alphian has run its course, and no longer will suffice as an excuse to hide a liberal behavior among those preoccupied with their own form. To walk with Egog, a lessor star, is now impossible.

    The intense compression of issues in human endeavor seeks a cause for great teachers to arise and come forth. Teachers are the carriers of higher thought, would that all were teachers of the meaning of this energized mirage. Teaching is close to unconditional coherency in mentality. All should seek to become first students ready to learn of the One, and then purveyors of knowledge and truth to all that come. Beware of the one who leverages minds through false play, by means of guilt and victimization. To use life as a stage for one’s own complex-ignorance is unspeakable, but is whereby truth is in play as a contrast to self-recognition. Limitlessness is the pointed at direction by the Hand that Sees the run of ideas.

    You have the traditions from the very beginning, when the Last Ones lived among you and your ancestors, who were you in a former virtual life. Look, and you will see yourself doing what was and what is whereby tomorrow is already made. But, the end is not in sight. These words must not ring hollow from a lack of intellect or understanding!

    Mentality has always existed — if you can read the symbols and messages that my Scepter has transferred to known language by you, mentality is still present. Your blood has not stopped flowing, and the Light elementals have not ceased energizing the smallest of engines within your virtual physical form. The Light has always eternally reprogrammed your next trial in the foundational climb toward the Source. Read deeply the records of the traditions, in all that your senses survey, for between the lines of the sacred books of nature, lie the messages of past intellects whose accomplishments are inherent in the very fabric of their creations. Pull their words into the present and project them toward the future. All great creators, such as yourselves, gaze upon this materializing world, scanning the beams that create the virtual elements that you study even now.

    This complexity contains your ultimate means of how to be. It is not only written in the ancient books, but are everywhere written in the programs of genetics, numbers, and hidden in the very fractional-series of the crystalline firmament. Survey the elements and principles of every other outside of your self, and realize the essence of such creativity. This design is built onboard everything you experience and sustain yourself with. Your very body is an example of the inner and outer domains in this great fabrication. It is driven by the Light, its subsistence is fueled by the generative unity outside of Time. You consume Light whereby things even exist, but its reality is hidden. Carry that eternal flame of being, becoming, and knowing, on to the higher levels you are able to sense. Give your best. Look behind you, and remember — you are the reflection of the other, whereby all exist even as One. You are the Other in the One.

    Know that this thing you are experiencing is enigmatic after the first with no second, though is One with three parts — Enigmni, All, and Son/s (Reason). They as One essence, issue the Moiré Arena.

    We are movement personified, transfigured by the radiant energy producing mentality of the eternal brightness that generates from the order, and Law of the Primary. Light is built in hierarchical fashion to be sensed by the discerning eye of transcending entities. The Eye that sees light was designed by the Light to see itself. You have seen the magnificence of Light structured to the level of the discerning eye of transcending entities. This light has given you pleasure and security in your becoming, but the darkness, unknown to certain of you, is only light that is beyond your comprehension. Seek it and do not be afraid of the absence of its brightness for it shelters power to your future strivings. Draw yourself down to the anvil of profound knowing, inside to the cursor of existence, and you will rise to see the power of His Light. Know that there is no darkness, only the fear of the unknown; make it known, and the fear is absent. The ancient Void seems darkest, but in essence, it is the very brightest and highest to know, whereby knowing is even able to climb.

    Long ago to you and not so far for me, I sent you this message while I was waiting on the moon of the fourth planet from Goge – one of your future planets. This message has periodically been improved upon throughout the ages to maintain connections to your growth and mental languages. We know that you seek to learn about your past at periods of high cultural growth, and we seek to help. We have seen your probes into space throughout the millennia that have passed us all by. Omegons are patient to a fault. Soon your final episode in this conundrum of virtual presences will come to a final peak or resolution. We are still waiting for you. My face looks up to you from the red desolation caused by your old weapon. It is not hard to see with a reflecting glance. It is through Time and Space that we will someday join. Look for our messages in the primary technology, for we built this secret symbolic structure in nature for you to finally learn the utmost knowledge. All is below the surface of the apparent. Omegon states will know the gifts stored there. Alphians will need further development. Look deeply and learn how to build future macro systems.

    Not far from your present planet of the third globe, is the second planet of Goge. It is your challenge to convert its resources, unknown to the fourth and third, into the means for expansion into the totality of the universe – where we await your creativity. It is also your challenge to build these worlds of the other systems of Goge into new first echelon colonies. When this happens you will be in a phase III (Trinity facet) Trinity should be an apparent message to your being. Bear in mind, your worth is achieved in Time toward becoming the ultimate. It takes meritorious work, not sleepy indolence! Waste not a life; live not too many useless experiences that take away from your primary missions. Strive for the final becoming of an Omni-Omegon. You are the next generation of the All, most powerful monads of greater illumination. Rise to that commission.

    In becoming this new most powerful virtual being of soulular expression, you will access the higher centers of the absolute and ultimate unknowable — Enigmni! Your being is truly a marvel of complexity still largely cumbersome to your present science. Yet, what program built you? The Cad-Isis, has always been the symbol that we kept with you during all those durations to show you the way to phenomenal gifts of genetic knowledge. It will heighten your pathways.

    The engine of genetics, DNA, is the multifaceted communicator of the All’s will to manifest a coherent Light Being in the progressive density of the issuing elements toward the ultimate continuum. These tools are for your future creative genius. Learn the multiplicity of the formulas and the Fractal expressions newly rediscovered.

    Who made the laws whereby one can even comprehend the grand complexity within the mentality of just one individual? Your mind can encompass an entire universe, and dream upon the entirety of all assemblages necessary for such a genesis. Your mind has the wherewithal to reach such levels, yet you do not push it to its potential. Such a mind is as the All’s in unity of super consciousness. You are a facet of such an ability. If all of you coalesced in lucid unity of absolute Love, you would make an exalted alaya, or expression of “That” the combined Monadic synergy necessary for your next great adventure in Omni-Omegonship. We are all in this venture together, part/s that will know the Whole.

    Use your world as the pedestal to spring into the universe that surrounds you and pulsates within you. Such pulsation harbors the secret of the four voids. Move into it as a reason for one to climb the highest mountain, no other challenge. It is there for you to solve. Use the mind that has been provided you all. Small and unfathomed machines are your next developments to facilitate this powerful mentality to explore beyond. Straightaway a Scepter such as the one you hold, will be developed on your world by one of your finest intellects. It will speed up your creativity almost as the coming Catalytic Regeneration. The Scepter’s power requires an ardent interface, such as yours, to govern its supreme abilities. I pause to wonder if discovering its source whereby the power issues forward, will seat from resolute Love, or that which conceived existence?

    If this will not come to pass, We never were. No thing produces no thing.

  6. Michael Ghirardi says

    The last time I read one of your articles as I was drifting off tk the realms of sleep, I have an extremely vivd dream of ancient Egypt. In the dream I was witnessing a (welcoming) ceremony by Egyptian priests who were awaiting the arrival of (Atlantean) dignitaries. There were three Egyptian priests, two of which were wearing deep blue robes flanking one who was wearing a dark red robe. I got a sense of dreadful anticipation from these three as if there were more than a little trepidation on their part and it seemed as though they were almost expecting a punishment of sorts. The surrounding countryside was lush with vegetation and the sounds of multitudes of animals could be heard coming from the jungles.

    This dream was some time back, yet it remains remarkably vivid in my mind. I have a distinct feeling that tonight as I sleep, I will experience something quite profound. I have of late sensed an almost urgent desire to delve back into these mysterious topics that seem so far removed from ‘everyday life’ as well as the need to open ohers’ minds to this ‘alternate’ way of viewing things. Indeed, there seem to be more than a few who are curious about such topics that have recentl come within my sphere of influence. Is it hubris for me to ink that I might be responsible for at least playing a small part in pointing them to seeking more about inner consciousness?

    I humbly thank you for your time and willinness to act as an open conduit so that those of us who are unsure as to our ability to clearly relate the inner Will and feel as though we are clouded and possibly off track may gain confidence and strength.

    I feel as though the near future, as we currently measure such things, will be bringing an extraordinary amount of change on this physical representation and only want to be as ready as I am capable of being.

    • Michael Ghirardi says

      Please forgive my typos. The small screen of an iPhone is not very conducive to correct spelling and the auto correct feature is not infallible.

      If any clarification is needed to decipher my meaning do not hesitate to pose the necessary queries.

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