Opposite of the Atomic Bomb


Opposite of the Atomic Bomb

by Tray Caladan

 Eighty years ago, MEN developed and unleashed a hideous ‘monster’ upon our world called the Atomic Bomb.  Einstein wrote of nuclear feasibility and the Bomb should be built as a deterrent to WAR.  I mean; who would dare wage war in an age of such awesome destructive power?

     We can debate the making of the Bomb until the ‘cows come home.’  The point of this article is to simply relay that these ‘MEN’ would rather play with toys that could destroy our planet before they will develop and unleash the OPPOSITE; a means to give human society not ‘energy from matter,’ but matter from energy!

     Nuclear Power might stop a World War or shatter a Doomsday Asteroid, right?  What could be wrong with making it or its Big Brother, the Hydrogen Bomb?  Many viewers will probably defend the development of Robert Oppenheimer’s ‘baby.’  They would know very little of the horrors under years of atomic warfare, clearly described in ancient texts of India as well as the Bible.

     Japan and Germany would have surrendered just the same if one UNINHABITED island had vaporized!  This writer can call the builders of the Bomb ‘MADMEN’ for the following reasons:

* As above paragraph mentioned, SAME RESULT…the Second Great War would have ended if an uninhabited island was obliterated.  These ‘men’ wanted to proudly test their destructive achievement by melting the flesh off an entire city’s populace that also included innocent women and children; how Biblical.  This was not a heroic act…but one of great, great (evil) cowardice.    

* THEN, they repeated the horrific sin…by doing it again!  The unspeakable Crime committed at Hiroshima was repeated AGAIN at Nagasaki.  Before readers defend ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the U.S. (really United Kingdom) does…answer this:  ‘Would you defend a third, Japanese city being nuked?’  ‘Why was Germany untouched by the Atomic Bomb?’ 

* The first military tests of this ‘wonderful’ TOY called the Bomb were done ABOVE GROUND!  Just contaminate the air and water which also gets into our food, why don’t you?  (sarcasm).  Later, some official had the brilliant idea, ‘maybe we should test nukes UNDERGROUND?’  Heck with ‘Gaia’ and our beautiful planet or the possible increased earthquake activity or radioactivity this might cause!

* The MEN did not stop with the Atomic Bomb.  People like Edward Teller wanted something bigger and better.  They developed the HYDROGEN BOMB; a Power hundreds of times more destructive!!

* Before atomic testing went underground and in the ‘innocent’ days of soldier-robots doing anything their superiors ordered them to do (Oh, wait…it’s the same today)…our troops were ordered to APPROACH and charge INTO  radioactive Mushroom Clouds!  You can see old films of naval ships with men onboard and infantry troops; basically, consumed by the Flash and Force of atomic detonations.  In some cases, the obeying soldiers were protected with only SUNGLASSES.

     See if you can get your hands on a disk or view the film called BEYOND TREASON ‘The U.S. Government’s Long History of Conducting Deadly Military Experiments.’  They tested and exposed soldiers to radioactive dangers without their knowledge or consent with disastrous consequences.

* Islands were taken from natives no different than when the U.S. stole the land from the Indians.  In most cases, these lands were sacred.  Numerous tribes were forcibly removed only to witness their ancestral homes NUKED.  Their islands weren’t there anymore. 

     To repeat, not the point of the article to blast nuclear blasting…as horrific as it is.  (There are far superior means to acquire Electricity than the ‘dirty, dangerous’ method of Nuclear Energy, so said Nikola Tesla).  THE POINT IS:

     The exact opposite of the awesome, destructive power of the Bomb is not fantasy.  The old, scientific principle of Matter from Energy is as credible and realistic as a lot of Energy from a little bit of Matter.  Physicists know that Transporters are possible and moving at light-speed.

     Our parents and grandparents were well acquainted with the Bomb.  But, we are very UN-familiar with the OPPOSITE OF THE ATOMIC BOMB.  A Positive/Constructive Power going off is unknown to us, but we all are aware of Mushroom Clouds and radioactive fall-out…

     Something from Nothing sounds like magical fantasy.  But, you understand the instantaneous annihilation of physical reality and the awful poisoning of the environment; interesting.

     Now, everyone has the Bomb.  Einstein who held anti-war banners that read ‘One World or None!’ would see an insane, nightmare Earth of today.  Nations appear like an atomic powder keg only waiting to explode!

     THE OPPOSITE OF THE BOMB IS THE ‘REPLICATOR.’  We say ‘chicken soup’ and if the component-patterns are programmed into the device…then, BOOM, there it is!  Obviously, you would not charge money for this type of endless/eternal/infinite MATERIALIZATIONS!  Such a concept would be like paying for water.  (Bad example).  Such a concept would be like paying for air!

     Therein is the problem to our backwards, crazy, upside-down world.  We can’t have free restaurants; free building materials in massive quantities; free machines; free tools; free power; free, physical transports to the other side of the planet as easy as we make phone calls to the other side of the planet, etc.

     Maybe WOMEN should run the world?  MOTHERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!  There would definitely be less wars, more construction/production and good side of the Force than wasting Energy on old ways of mass-killing.  Helping, not hurting, is closer to everyone’s Center or Soul.  We will go out of our way to help someone before we will go out of our way to hurt someone.

     If only quantum leap technology was allowed to exist on Earth.  When?  Possibly, one day, realistic and scientific dreams will be permitted to come true.


H-Bomb2PS What is the difference between a hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb?


Atom bombs work by the principle of atomic fission (splitting the atomic nucleus), while hydrogen bombs work by atomic fusion (combining atomic nuclei).

The hydrogen bomb is hundreds or thousands of times more powerful than the atom bomb. The hydrogen bomb uses an atom bomb as a trigger.


Must I be stronger – or can we work it out?

Of course any reasonable person would want to be friends, wouldn’t they? Especially with so much at stake… but we’re not talking about reasonable people here. Atom bomb advocates are sick people whose life is rooted in insecurity, paranoia, mistrust and above all power-lust.

The bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki need never have been dropped. They were not necessary to end the war in the Pacific but dropped by the US military to impress the Russians engaged in joint discussions over the future control of Europe. Also as a ‘live’ test of killing power. This is the horrifying conclusion of Gar Alperovitz’s astonishignly well referenced book ‘The decision to use the atomic bomb’, an absolute must for any serious atom bomb scholar.


Left picture : At the time this photo was made, smoke billowed 20,000 feet above Hiroshima while smoke from the burst of the first atomic bomb had spread over 10,000 feet on the target at the base of the rising column. Six planes of the 509th Composite Group, participated in this mission; one to carry the bomb Enola Gay, one to take scientific measurements of the blast The Great Artiste, the third to take photographs Necessary Evil the others flew approximately an hour ahead to act as weather scouts, 08/06/1945. Bad weather would disqualify a target as the scientists insisted on a visual delivery, the primary target was Hiroshima, secondary was Kokura, and tertiary was Nagasaki.

The arms race was (and is) driven by the U.S.military-industrial complex, without the consent of the U.S. people. Arms are consumer durables and the second hand market in arms is terrorising ordinary people right across the so called ‘developing world’. Again, in the South, its the corrupt politicians that buy those arms not the people. [ from Hidden history: The Hydrogen Bomb Homepage ]



  1. says

    There are legends , as well as physical evidence, of prehistoric nuclear warfare. We have reached a stage that was known eight ten or twelve thousand years ago. There is still the anti-matter bomb that must be created and exploded (not on planet Earth thats for sure!). There is also the “anti-gravity bomb” that could be used for ruthlessly uprooting entire cities. The outcome would be just as devastating as the hydrogen bomb.

  2. Tray Caladan says

    Thanks Penn – my recent kick is learning about the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk and how Time Travel was actually used in WW2. People should YouTube Al Bielek – his story is AMAZING – UNBELIEVABLE – yet he knows so much…I think it’s true because so much is explained. If you want to really learn about the aliens’ involvement with us and the War and what REALLY ended the War…it wasn’t the Bomb. See the YouTubes on Al Bielek and where he’s been and what he knows and what went on during the War from his POV – and you won’t believe it. That’s the point. We have been Mind-Controlled to not see the Truth. Montauk Project bent Minds and bent Time! We were Time Traveling by the 1950s! I know it’s hard to believe. Nazis, greys, Lizards, Time Travel, the war – the bridge they created between Montauk in ’83 and Phila. Exp. in ’43 is a shocking reality and AGAIN almost destroyed the planet! Tesla was on the scene and the USS Eldridge disappeared; went thru Time and came back. They don’t teach us this. Al Bielek is not lying – he has answers and you should YouTube him.

  3. says

    Hello Tray,
    I tend to agree with most of what you said, thanks.
    At the moment I am working on my next post, one subject I cover is the origins of “Military Might” what is written in the Book of Enoch is a starter.
    “And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields, and breastplates.”
    Azazel was one of the “fallen angels” condemned by the Lord God, they had children with the “daughters of man”, these children were Giants, in my last post I speculated that the SOULS of these Giants are the “beings” that are behind our governments, military, big business, etc.
    Nuclear engineering is here to stay, lets hope future generations can handle it better than ours.
    Finally, your “Mothers of the World Unite” people used to say that when I was young, then along came Golda Meir, Israel, Margaret Thatcher, UK and Benajir Bhutto, Pakistan, not the most peaceful people that have ever lived on our planet.

    • Luther Timmins says

      I read it, I thought, my eyes were open but I came to the same conclusion I did decades ago. Just like the British vowed to never surrender, Japan wasn’t going to roll over either. If you reject that as fact, you can run off the rails real fast.

  4. Elijahovah says

    The Flood caused humans to age by removing the last 40 feet of water canopy 52 miles above. In doing so carbon-14 amount was created 12 times greater so that in 857 years the stauration point was reached and aged us 12 times faster. Though I will post this in your space-travel section on aging, the issue is the carbon-14 created before that Flood by angels. Turning energy into flesh or into any matter is not without its bad side. The angels or travellors from heaven could have eventually figured out how to create human flesh from carbon dioxide but instead the easy way of turning the nitrogen air atmosphere into carbon by energy is what they realized they could do, and so did. Whether two angels stood stationed at Eden as the example to follow in materializing matter from energy (two human bodies) or not is up to question when the two swords circling about Eden could be merely two lava flows (swords flowing down the mountain) preventing return to Eden after a wind or volcanic wind pushed them out. But the fact remians that if C-14 on human DNA molecules causes aging, the the angels of 100% carbon-14 were in a state of continually renewing their mass of matter from nitrogen air. Easily then the sin of Adam was ignoring this about them because he lived in bitterness that his wife Eve would again contradict his decision (on yet another forbidden fruit). BUT the point is dying at 930 was caused by that C-14. The angels caused a rapid aging from humans living 6000 years down to a mere 900 years. Whatever aging rates were in the preFlood world, the making of matter from energy in the wrong way created C-14 that was killing all organic life very slowly. When everyone lives 1000 years then wait until your 700 or 800 and you will think death at 900 is too soon. So let’s toast: Here’s to bragging that creating matter from energy puts shame on those destroying by turning matter to energy. Sorry, youre as blind as those who see nuclear plants as clean energy. While we birn carboin and dilute the bad C-14, we have those pro-nuke who ignore that all their power plants create heavy water (radioactive water that has to be buried 1000s of years in toxic lead containers which are dropped off in deep ocean). The water that cools these plants is contained spearate from the steam used to turn the turbans. That contained water cannot cool anything when it gets permanently radioactive so new water must be added to keep the uranium cool form meltdown. In other words, we use uranium to make dangerous water. The human gods that rule are once again killing us for money.
    BUT let it be known that the angels did turn matter into energy at close range without nuclear fission. When Kichunna of Larsa became the world’s king (the 4th king) in 3040bc 241,200 days before the Flood year, Enoch condemned the first king Alulim of Eridu for anointing this angel Kichunna in the 300th year of the angel kings. Alulim struck Enoch in the name of God condeming Enoch and with one wave of his hand dematerialized every atom of Enoch into the air without harming anyone watching because it was not nuclear fission (collision) nor fusion (fusing /bonding). It was anti-matter electrons (positrons) and protons (negative protons) cancelling out every atom of Enoch. It is his body that translated from earth (matter) to air (heaven)… or more accurately since air is matter, Enoch turned into energy (spirit). His soul, his mind, became instantly dead as in any accident awaiting that God truly has a memory to return all who have died. – Elijahovah (the Elijah sent to you this last day because I have answers no one else has and they have been given to me to give to you. God condemns you for ignor4ing what is about to happen to you. But he doesnt condemn without preaching the truth first, to put all blame on you for not listening nor learning. Believe your crap if you wish, as Eliljah said maybe the god you worship is on the toliet still taking his crap.)

    • Starheater says

      Hello Elijahovah

      Tell me that you have taken other liquid then water to satified your thirst. Oh boy, your comment look like a melting pot of different metal that are unstable.
      But in all that you have said, it is true that once there was a canopy that was in the sky, this canopy was entirely englobing the Earth. It was compose of pure water H2O, and it was in space. This canopy was responsible for the long living life of our ancesters. The Official Science have said, that the X-Ray are responsible of the aging of our cells in the entire body, water is the only element that can filter the deadly X-Ray’s, and can filter the UV and infrared ray, so, this is why we aging more rapidly.

      If you consult the Bible at the beguinning, you will notice a talk about a fracture in the Earth: Genesis 7:11-12
      “11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.
      12 And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.”

      In the verse 12, it is mention for the first time the pooring of rain on the Earth. Why? The canopy of “ice” that was in space over the sky (where there are no atmosphere), was no longer in service, this one was broken by probably a meteorite, or asteroid, that broke off the canopy. This was the day of Noah. The fact that it rain, was due to the canopy that was falling from the sky to the ground, as it pass the atmosphere, that ice melted down, and rain fall up from the sky for 40 day.
      This rain was not the cause of the Flood, this Flood happen when the crack at many places, the water that was under pressure was released and the level of the water was over the mountains, in those day’s the mountains was not so high, the Everest was not even born yet. When the pressure of the water have gone, the land begin to sink by craking here and there, this have been done step by steps, until the pressure cause by the weight of the land stabelize. Lakes was form, and the Oceans too. All the structures built in those day’s was cover by water. In one year or more, the land slowly stabelize and was fill with water.
      The first phase of this event, take place in the first 40 day’s that Noah was floating in the Ark. Then suddenly the life of our ancestors was shorted appro. of 200 and to slowly diminish to 120 years. It was reported that all have perish in this flood except 8 persons. The turbulence of those waters rushing from the ground was ravaging the land, and I don’t think there was any survivors left, if there was, they perish from lack of food and fresh water.

      This Flood was spread all around the Earth, if in those day’s there would have mountains, some could have been spare, but the mountain was to low for people to take covert, and event if they could have place to reach, they would have died from weakness and illness.

      The thing you have mention about Eden, there was only one Angel not two. And the Eden that is mention in the Bible is not the Eden that was destroy, this is an analogy, the Eden that none can enter an stay alive, because it is garded by One Angel. The real Eden of the beginning will be hard to located, they are some who think that Eden is in Irak, probably, but whatever the fact, it doesn’t exist now. So, it is wasting time to search Eden.

      God Bless


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