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     Par hammered him with a truth.  ‘Was it obvious to YOU, Director?  I mean, before they told you?’  The Maychildren hid a smirk and two snickers.

     The lunar flunky was caught off guard, but answered honestly.  He knew he was transparent before the Children of the Damned.  He could hide nothing, almost.  ‘Of course, you’re right…no.’  He coughed.  Before he could make another statement…

     Ro rose to her feet and asked the agent a direct question.  ‘Is it true?’  She knew it was true; she only wanted to hear his response.

     ‘Is…is…’ the man stammered at her forwardness.  He was informed; Ro was the ‘heart’ of the special group.  The Director did not possess the PTB, official response.

     Ran, Tor and Sa shouted variations of, ‘what we saw!  The ATS communiqué!’

     ‘Yes,’ the Director said sadly with his eyes looking down.

     ‘Then, why are we lied to; why are you bloody well wreaking havoc on Earth- people?!’  Tor pointed at the man, which only bolstered the tiny tirade.

     Ran thought a surprising question.  ‘Why don’t we meet…the real Directors?’

     The question was not that strange; it was the person who asked it.  Ro sure was taken back.  Most of the Moonchildren were also.  Ran was not extremely psychic. 

     In truth, Ran picked up on a mega-hidden vibe of Jud.  Did she have a secret connection with cold, turquoise boy?  This was really Jud’s question.  He knew the twin sisters would soon be onto his secret game that he mastered for a few Earth years; but, no more.  One more bomb was about to explode and it would be a huge burden off of Jud’s back.  Maybe he did not need his shields?  What could he do without them?

     ‘Real Directors?  Oh!’ the man asked and then remembered.

     Tor took over.  ‘We’re their children; their products!  Why have we not greeted our manufacturers, the Reticulans face-to-face?’ 

     ‘He’s going to say POLICY,’ Ro interjected before the adult could.      

     ‘Why?’  Tor and most other rebels wanted to know.  ‘We’ve been steered away from them. ‘Been you privileged ‘Grups’ with the great honor of meeting the aliens who built Mayflower.  Why?’ the ‘head’ of the group strongly inquired.

     ‘Rarely…in time,’ the Grup quickly and very softly replied under his breath.

     Cute Ro never swore, but stopped the habit.  ‘Yeah, why the HELL is that?  We can’t meet our Creators, but they can test us and measure every last, damn thought?!’



     Almost everyone was amazed that the sweet one demonstrated some spunk.

     Ran tuned in on Jud, who was ready to blow.  Everyone eventually sensed what was coming next, even Fon.  Weird thing was; Ro did not, right away.  Did she see RED and momentarily switch personalities with her clone?  It was one of her fears.

     Jud, with all the strength he could muster, took large strides to the back of the desk.  He turned and sat down in a puffy, leather chair.  ‘They promised me unlimited audience with the greys…for years I’ve waited and waited.’  Jud clicked his boots a few times that were first stationed on top of his keen desk.  He wanted to reveal everything he had been concealing.  The cat was jumping out of the bag.  Jud was the mole.

     ‘Oh, no,’ Ro and Ran exhaled simultaneously.

     ‘You!’  Blue leader’s eyes widened with anger.  Only now did Tor and (seconds later) the rest of the Maychiildren realize the true enemy.  Jud was the informer; an underground dweller of the coveted Fourth Floor.  His sources were PTB all the way.  He was the spy and the stumbling block to their entire operations.

     ‘Yes, boss…me,’ Jud spoke with pride from his puffy, leather chair and his boring office.  He smiled and exposed fangs on his (upper) third-teeth back.

     Tor went ballistic, but not before he reached into Par’s eyes to see if his mate shared his violent thoughts.  Blue leader did not wait for company.  Tor nearly FLEW over the desk and attempted to choke the living daylights out of seated Jud!

     Only turquoise boy’s trained ultra-powers stopped the forward thrust.  Tor was slapped to the side like a swatted fly!

     ‘My God.’

     Arrogant Jud assumed he was in total control and dominated everything around him.  The boy calmly told the Director (who was under him in the chain of command), ‘leave us now.’

     ‘You sure?’

     Jud glared a silent command and the official cowered.  The agent did not have to be a telepath to receive the message of, leave the room!  The Director bowed and left Jud’s office, immediately.

     The others never observed their Agent and Director treat Jud as if HE was the boss and gave the orders.

     Tor regained his composure.  He charged himself to generate another attack.  He was about to leap or fly again.

     Jud was cool.  On his feet, he extended his left arm and put his palm up.  ‘Wait.’

     Tor did not.  Blue leader, again, chose to ATTACK.  This time he was not going to use his hands to snuff out the life of the turquoise traitor in the midst.  From a distance, Tor focused a beam of white energy.  The light was unexpected and STUNG Jud.  By this time, Sa and Par joined Tor.  The next Earth minute contained a psychic battle not unlike one of their heightened, lunar games.  It was three against one, then five against one (minus Ran).  In no time, Ro stopped and regretted participating in the psi-violence. 

     Jud was mind-struck again and again with hard, unseen punches as they were able to strike during a weak moment!  Normally passive Maychildren suddenly took out a few frustrations and became ‘Lord of the Flies’ on the Moon.  It did not matter what island.  Soon, the mad mob ceased and saw what they did.  Jud was bleeding badly.  He would recover.  In this case, the ‘kids’ dispensed justice.  But, then…there was a sound.

     A GAS-pellet was dropped from the high ceiling.  ‘Knock-out’ gas quickly filled the lower portion of the grey office.  Four boys and three girls were able to telekinetically create protective bubbles, but only for a short time.  Rapidly, the gas cracked through; got the better of them and panic did the rest.  They were out in almost an Earth minute.   

     When six of the children became consciousness, they were together and inside a Trilateral Hanger.  They never saw one from the inside.  No surprise; it was grey.  A single vehicle stood under the massive retractable roof.  The Moonchildren were missing a turquoise-haired turncoat. 

     Not far from them was Saucer RN12-VP7 otherwise known as ‘Tincan.’  Here was a flying disk with a well-known history:  President Dwight David Eisenhower was once a passenger and taken to the Moon!  This incredible fact preceded the ruination of Otis T. Carr’s corporation of Nikola Tesla-designed saucers in 1960.

     Everyone OK? Ro asked.    

     We’re in a hanger…and look at that, Par thought as he viewed the saucer in the foreground.  You know what that is?

     Fon spoke.  ‘Tincan…one of the first ones that WE built…with their help.’

     ‘She still runs, I think,’ Tor said as he moved closer to Sa.  They touched and kissed.

     ‘Fucking Jud would know.  Where is the bastard, anyway?’ Par asked in words.

     Just then the saucer craft powered up!  A loud BOOM of electric engines took the children by surprise.  The sleek, silvery disk began procedures to spin off of Luna.  A constant, magnetic buzz filled the air.  They were not alone.  Who’s inside? 

     Thoughts were answered when a section of the disk’s underbelly opened and revealed steps.  A short moment later, Jud casually walked down the steps as if nothing had happened.  The boys were going to rush him when they noticed his protection.  A clear, energy-oval surrounded Jud and lightened everything within three feet of the oval.  No attack occurred.  They understood that energy of every form would only bend around and around.  Jud was safe, but had a lot of questions to answer.

     Turquoise boy put both hands up in a ‘surrender’ sign.  He was clean.  His black and blue marks were gone.  Let me explain.

     The colorful children relaxed their stance.  They let Jud have his say with thoughts.

     Alright…comrades…yes, I’ve been reporting to the PTB.  But, they knew of Jones Beach without me telling them.  And, they’re well aware of Pandora.

     Then they know everything and we never stood a chance, Par thought.

     Tor walked a few steps closer to Jud who stayed partially inside the vehicle.  The blue boy thought, odd that Pandora is our planned NEXT caper; to steal a craft much like Tincan here…and here we be, conveniently delivered right in front of her?

     Finish the mission statement, Tor.  With a primary goal of…Jud coaxed their leader.

     Piloting a disk-craft to Earth…maybe to D.C., the Pentagon…or Dallas, itself; we must do everything we can to publicly blow the lid off the assassination!    

     OK, Tor…here’s a riddle for you.  Why do they want Jack dead?  I mean, besides his opposition to the new Vietnam hotspot; or later paving the way for hemp legalization…OH!  Of course, the Zetas don’t want ROSWELL to go public!  But, besides all that; why, why ELSE are they going to kill him?

     The little crowd of Maychildren talking/thinking high, political intrigue was a tad disturbing.  The youngsters were engrossed in the mental conversation.  Jud, obviously, wanted to prove a point.  Or, did he merely want to show off knowledge beyond the others?  Truth was…Jud was testing Tor.  Was he only a brave leader as in great military warrior; or, did he have the spiritualism to achieve higher planes like a 4th Level?

     Longhaired Tor looked to Sa and then back into the eyes of flattop Jud.  Tor had worked on his esoteric studies and made the connection.  He was not sure if Ro clearly saw what the terrible assassination plot on the U.S. President was really about.  But, he knew.  Reasons already expressed were reasons enough for Earth’s ruling Big Brother (PTB/NWO, etc.) to destroy Camelot…


     Young Tor smiled and calmly spoke the truth from his heart.  ‘The old ritual is called The Killing of the King.  It was why Caesar was killed; Lincoln also…hell, you could take it back to the killing of another KING two thousand years ago!  If an upstart thinks he can reign and usurp the occult system, then he is killed to show the secret world who is actually the BOSS.  It’s why the Ace is over the king in a deck of cards.’  Blue boy knew he was right.  Somehow this passed turquoise’s test and a mutual respect was created.

     Jud sat down on one of the steps, which was a gesture of familiarity or informality.  Could he be forgiven?  Could he ever be trusted again?  There was a change in turquoise boy since learning new, recent information.  Jud continued as Ran approached very close.  All I’ve wanted was answers.  Meditating at Fourth Level won’t do it.  I’ve been working on a big mystery of my own…and Tor, I’ll answer your question of why we’re here.  OK, yes…PTB knows everything we think and have organized under the name Pandora.  What, for the life of me, I can’t figure is WHY!  He stood up.

     Why what?

     Jud answered in spoken words.  ‘Why we’ve been allowed!  We can drive to fucking Earth anytime we want!  We can go HOME,’ Jud pleaded.  ‘They programmed codes.’

     The rest of the children were in disbelief.  ‘PTB’s going to just let us expose the assassination?  Is that right?’ a highly skeptical Tor asked a standing Jud.

     ‘Coordinates are locked and loaded.  They fixed the ship; they fixed me.’

     ‘Did you have your audience with a Zeta?’ Ran, who hid a heart of gold, asked the one Maychild she cared about.

     ‘No,’ Jud sadly answered her.  Then, he brightened up.  ‘But, the Director conveyed a truth to me…a very important truth.  I know it is…because it came from a Time Lord.’

     ‘Huh?  Not like the new series?’

     ‘Yes, Fon, like the British series…there are Time Lords at the top of the Cosmic Pyramid…and our masters must answer to Them.  Truth is WE GOTTA GO!’  Jud looked into the others’ eyes as if they knew what was next.  They didn’t.  Well, Ro did.

     Ro spoke.  ‘You want us to willingly trust you as the pilot…to smoothly cruise to our beloved home world; just like that?  Seriously?’

     ‘It’s what you guys always wanted!  We’ll be celebrities!  Maybe our technology can be siphoned over to Earthlings?’  No one could be sure if Prometheus’ rant was sincere.

     Par asked, ‘and what’s in it for you, Fed Boy?’

     The traitor’s response appeared genuine.  ‘Somehow…’  Jud looked around the hanger.  ‘…I’ll discover why…why the bad guys are now helping us?  And, why we have to GO?’  He was sure the sales pitch worked and everyone was onboard and will soon be literally onboard Tincan.  ‘We only have four minutes.  Ready to fly to Earth?’

     Tor, Sa and Ro were unanimous with a surprising response.  ‘NO.’

     ‘What?’  Jud was sure they’d go.

     Blue leader picked up on a ‘pushy’ vibration that the others felt also.  This was too easy.  Yes, why the change of heart from the highest realm of Authority?  Why, indeed?  Five children (not Ran) had their minds made up and confirmed.  They weren’t going anywhere with Jud as a pilot and using his coordinates.  Something was not right.

     A standoff happened and was quickly interrupted by a sound of an opening hatch many meters away from the saucer’s entrance.  No one could believe what walked through the door right up to the silent bunch of lunar rebels.  It was a 4-foot tall Grey!

     ‘No, no!  You must GO!  You know not of your temporal importance.  Imperative that you seven land on Home World,’ the small, shriveled creature begged.  The dark grey, bug-eyed bugger seemed ancient and dying.  (What was it saying?)  ‘Please…you seven must save both worlds; past and future…mine…and yours.’


  1. Doug Yurchey says

    ‘No aliens on moon and it is empty for occupation.’ Mohan you made that statement above and you cannot, no-way, EVER make such a statement. YOU HAVEN’T BEEN THERE…you don’t know. You could easily be wrong. Governments LIE. I liked what you said at the end, but this here is absurd…especially when you can go to websites and see all kinds of structures on the Moon. SOME of it is true. How about NASA blurring images of tall structures on the Moon? There’s something artificial THERE behind the smudges. They should have erased them in Photoshop…but no, the NASA dummies just blurred these towers and tall structures. How about frozen ice at its poles and reports of a very light atmosphere? And, of course, my story is MYTH…literary license…I’m allowed to let myself go. But…it’s based on something real, my friend. What is not myth are alien miners on the Moon and million year old structures on Mars. Find out what code name ‘Annabelle’ is; this ancient, abandoned, long, cigar-like object on the Moon. It is so old that there are small CRATERS on the exterior of this (probable mining) MACHINE…and there’s plenty more where that came from. We’ve been saying for decades: we’re going back to the Moon. NO WAY…not allowed. The secret will be blown…so the general public ain’t ever going.
    What if the Earth is hit by a Doomsday meteor or a virus breaks out that nearly destroys EVERYONE? You don’t think provisions have already been made to salvage what remains of the human race on the Moon in the event of a global disaster? I’ll tell you what is MYTH…the idea that we NEVER went to the Moon! Oh, the Feds allow THAT Conspiracy Theory out, for sure! They WANT you to think it’s about impossible to go there…certainly not worth the effort in these lean economic times. Truth is…Feds with well-known saucer-technology can get there with a push of a button, at the speed of light. THEY do things the right way in secret…we, down here (in hell) at this time, are purposely meant to do things the WRONG way. Why are none of you guys responding to the amazing KENNEDY info on this blog? What’s wrong with you YOUNG guys who do not remember? This is why the bad guys have completely won and taken over………………..because of mass-public-apathy. Exactly what ‘they’ want…

  2. K S MOHAN says

    I read the Moon children thing and I think it is just myth. Lot of web pages say that Moon is occupied by aliens and the reason why people are not going to the moon. This is also a myth. No aliens on moon and it is empty for occupation. To set up a base on the moon require lot of money and one nation alone cannot do it without global cooperation. With each nation against each other we will not see colonies on moon in the immediate future and NASA of USA do not have that kind of money or any nation alone do not have it either. If nations fight against each other (not necessarily have to be at war with each other), we Earthians will never see the day we start our space adventure. There are lot of planets and even stars to be explored. It will be possible only with a united Earth to explore them. It is sad with the kind of technology and promising future in terms of inter-stellar travel, the only stumbling block is unity among all nations. We see each other as different races (white, black and brown skinned etc). Inside our mind emotionally we are all same. The skin colours are an illusion. I hope to GOD the day will come when humans of earth are united to start an exiting and promising space adventure. Let our children and grand-children (I have a grand son) see the day. – K S MOHAN

  3. Doug Yurchey says

    It’s just a STORY, folks…I don’t want any CIA or NSA coming after me saying, ‘how did you KNOW?’ I’m only having fun! Why can’t they make movies of MY stuff? Oh…that’s right, I forgot for a second. And, I’m also writing to beat Ron O. Cook to the punch…


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