Mind Control

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

— Zbigniew Brzezinski

Do humans have “built-in” vulnerability to manipulation and control?

Why people in a crowd appear to act differently towards people from those who are thinking individually? It seems the minds of the group merge to form a way of thinking.
Why dictators are able to control millions?

It is amazing how easily politicians and big business manipulate people to do what they want ( and, more often than not, fraudulently.)
At the heart of all this deception are experts who know how to manipulate the perceptions of the public by taking advantage of the principles of psychology.

Why is it possible to hypnotize a person?

In hypnosis someone, the hypnotist, superimposes own commands on the hypnotized person’s will. The hypnotist is in complete control and can make the hypnotized person perform anything he/she wants as long as the commands don’t run against a barrier strong enough to oppose the hypnotists’ commands. Hypnosis can be used to gain unfair advantages over the hypnotized person especially if post-hypnotic commands are implanted in the hypnotized person’s mind before he/she is awoken from the hypnotic state.  Also, it is easy for the hypnotist to influence the hypnotized person in order to obtain a specific result.

Mind Control, Part 1:

Is somebody thinking for you?

  • Is there really such a thing as “brainwashing,” or “mind control?” 
  • What kind of person is susceptible?
  • What exactly is a “cult” and how are followers controlled?  
  • How can one recognize an organization that engages in such practices, and should such organizations be held responsible for the damage intentional manipulation can cause?

        The most insidious threat to our basic freedoms, such as freedom of mind and freedom of speech, is a little-known phenomenon known as mind control.   “Mind control” refers to all coercive psychological systems, such as brainwashing, thought reform, and coercive persuasion.    Mind control is the shaping of a person’s attitudes, beliefs, and personality without the person’s knowledge or consent.   Mind control employs deceptive and surreptitious manipulation, usually in a group setting, for the financial or political profit of the manipulator.   Mind control works by gradually exerting increasing control over individuals through a variety of techniques, such as excessive repetition of routine activities, intense humiliation, or sleep deprivation.

     “Cult” refers to a destructive group which uses mind control to deceivingly influence its members.  It has become fairly standard to use this term for any organization or group which uses mind control on its members. Cults are not necessarily religious.  A cult may form around any theme, such as a political, racial, psychotherapeutic, or even athletic agenda.

           For the protection of our basic human and constitutional rights, I hope to provide a fundamental education on the subject of mind control so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from any individual or organization that is engaging in this kind of manipulation.     Satan implemented his mind control scheme on the human race along time ago.   Dumbing us down using various mediums.    And it is time to recognize them.

How does Mind Control work?

A technical overview of mind control tactics:

[This document, in substance, was presented to the U.S. Supreme Court as an educational Appendix on coercive psychological systems in the case Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology 89-1367 and 89-1361.   The Wollersheim case was being considered related to issues involving abuse in this area.   In this document coercive persuasion is the professional term being used to describe the nature of coercive psychological systems. Wollersheim case-specific details have been deleted.]

        Coercion is defined as, “to restrain or constrain by force…” Legally it often implies the use of PHYSICAL FORCE or physical or legal threat. This traditional concept of coercion is far better understood than the technological concepts of “coercive persuasion” which are effective restraining, impairing, or compelling through the gradual application of PSYCHOLOGICAL FORCES.

        A coercive persuasion program is a behavioral change technology applied to cause the “learning” and “adoption” of a set of behaviors or an ideology under certain conditions.   It is distinguished from other forms of benign social learning or peaceful persuasion by the conditions under which it is conducted and by the techniques of environmental and interpersonal manipulation employed to suppress particular behaviors and to train others. Over time, coercive persuasion, a psychological force akin in some ways to our legal concepts of undue influence, can be even MORE effective than pain, torture, drugs, and use of physical force and legal threats.

        The Korean War “Manchurian Candidate” misconception of the need for suggestibility-increasing drugs, and physical pain and torture, to effect thought reform, is generally associated with the old concepts and models of brainwashing. Today, they are not necessary for a coercive persuasion program to be effective.    With drugs, physical pain, torture, or even a physically coercive threat, you can often temporarily make someone do something against their will.    You can even make them do something they hate or they really did not like or want to do at the time. They do it, but their attitude is not changed.

        This is much different and far less devastating than that which you are able to achieve with the improvements of coercive persuasion. With coercive persuasion you can change people’s attitudes without their knowledge and volition.   You can create new “attitudes” where they will do things willingly which they formerly may have detested, things which previously only torture, physical pain, or drugs could have coerced them to do.   The advances in the extreme anxiety and emotional stress production technologies found in coercive persuasion supersede old style coercion that focuses on pain, torture, drugs, or threat in that these older systems do not change attitude so that subjects follow orders “willingly.”   Coercive persuasion changes both attitude AND behavior, not JUST behavior.


       Coercive persuasion or thought reform as it is sometimes known, is best understood as a coordinated system of graduated coercive influence and behavior control designed to deceptively and surreptitiously manipulate and influence individuals, usually in a group setting, in order for the originators of the program to profit in some way, normally financially or politically.   The essential strategy used by those operating such programs is to systematically select, sequence and coordinate numerous coercive persuasion tactics over CONTINUOUS PERIODS OF TIME.   There are seven main tactic types found in various combinations in a coercive persuasion program.   A coercive persuasion program can still be quite effective without the presence of ALL seven of these tactic types.

TACTIC 1. The individual is prepared for thought reform through increased suggestibility and/or “softening up,” specifically through hypnotic or other suggestibility-increasing techniques such as:

A. Extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills;
B. Excessive exact repetition of routine activities;
C. Decreased sleep;
D. Nutritional restriction.

TACTIC 2. Using rewards and punishments, efforts are made to establish considerable control over a person’s social environment, time, and sources of social support.  Social isolation is promoted. Contact with family and friends is abridged, as is contact with persons who do not share group-approved attitudes. Economic and other dependence on the group is fostered. (In the forerunner to coercive persuasion, brainwashing, this was rather easy to achieve through simple imprisonment.)

TACTIC 3. Disconfirming information and non-supporting opinions are prohibited in group communication. Rules exist about permissible topics to discuss with outsiders. Communication is highly controlled. An “in-group” language is usually constructed.

TACTIC 4. Frequent and intense attempts are made to cause a person to re-evaluate the most central aspects of his or her experience of self and prior conduct in negative ways. Efforts are designed to destabilize and undermine the subject’s basic consciousness, reality awareness, world view, emotional control, and defense mechanisms as well as getting them to reinterpret their life’s history, and adopt a new version of causality.

TACTIC 5. Intense and frequent attempts are made to undermine a person’s confidence in himself and his judgment, creating a sense of powerlessness.

TACTIC 6. Nonphysical punishments are used such as intense humiliation, loss of privilege, social isolation, social status changes, intense guilt, anxiety, manipulation and other techniques for creating strong aversive emotional arousals, etc.

TACTIC 7. Certain secular psychological threats [force] are used or are present: That failure to adopt the approved attitude, belief, or consequent behavior will lead to severe punishment or dire consequence, (e.g. physical or mental illness, the reappearance of a prior physical illness, drug dependence, economic collapse, social failure, divorce, disintegration, failure to find a mate, etc.).

        Another set of criteria has to do with defining other common elements of mind control systems. If most of Robert Jay Lifton’s eight point model of thought reform is being used in a cultic organization, it is most likely a dangerous and destructive cult. These eight points follow:

Robert Jay Lifton’s Eight Point Model of Thought Reform

  1. ENVIRONMENT CONTROL. Limitation of many/all forms of communication with those outside the group. Books, magazines,
    letters and visits with friends and family are taboo. “Come out and be separate!”
  2. MYSTICAL MANIPULATION. The potential convert to the group becomes convinced of the higher purpose and special calling of the group through a profound encounter/experience, for example, through an alleged miracle or prophetic word of those in the group.
  3. DEMAND FOR PURITY. An explicit goal of the group is to bring about some kind of change, whether it be on a global, social, or
    personal level. “Perfection is possible if one stays with the group and is committed.”
  4. CULT OF CONFESSION. The unhealthy practice of self disclosure to members in the group. Often in the context of a public gathering in the group, admitting past sins and imperfections, even doubts about the group and critical thoughts about the integrity of the leaders.
  5. SACRED SCIENCE. The group’s perspective is absolutely true and completely adequate to explain EVERYTHING. The doctrine is not subject to amendments or question. ABSOLUTE conformity to the doctrine is required.
  6. LOADED LANGUAGE. A new vocabulary emerges within the context of the group. Group members “think” within the very abstract and narrow parameters of the group’s doctrine. The terminology sufficiently stops members from thinking critically by reinforcing a “black and white” mentality. Loaded terms and clichés prejudice thinking.
  7. DOCTRINE OVER PERSON. Pre-group experience and group experience are narrowly and decisively interpreted through the
    absolute doctrine, even when experience contradicts the doctrine.
  8. DISPENSING OF EXISTENCE. Salvation is possible only in the group. Those who leave the group are doomed.


        Programs identified with the above-listed seven tactics have in common the elements of attempting to greatly modify a person’s self-concept, perceptions of reality, and interpersonal relations. When successful in inducing these changes, coercive thought reform programs also, among other things, create the potential forces necessary for exercising undue influence over a person’s independent decision-making ability, and even for turning the individual into a deployable agent for the organization’s benefit without the individual’s meaningful knowledge or consent.

        Coercive persuasion programs are effective because individuals experiencing the deliberately planned severe stresses they generate can only reduce the pressures by accepting the system or adopting the behaviors being promulgated by the purveyors of the coercion program. The relationship between the person and the coercive persuasion tactics are DYNAMIC in that while the force of the pressures, rewards, and punishments brought to bear on the person are considerable, they do not lead to a stable, meaningful SELF-CHOSEN reorganization of beliefs or attitudes. Rather, they lead to a sort of coerced compliance and a situationally required elaborate rationalization, for the new conduct.

        Once again, in order to maintain the new attitudes or “decisions,” sustain the rationalization, and continue to unduly influence a person’s behavior over time, coercive tactics must be more or less CONTINUOUSLY applied. A fiery, “hell and damnation” guilt-ridden sermon from the pulpit or several hours with a high-pressure salesman or other single instances of the so-called peaceful persuasions do not constitute the “necessary chords and orchestration” of a SEQUENCED, continuous, COORDINATED, and carefully selected PROGRAM of surreptitious coercion, as found in a comprehensive program of “coercive persuasion.”

        Truly peaceful religious persuasion practices would never attempt to force, compel and dominate the free wills or minds of its members through coercive behavioral techniques or covert hypnotism. They would have no difficulty coexisting peacefully with U.S. laws meant to protect the public from such practices.

        Looking like peaceful persuasion is precisely what makes coercive persuasion less likely to attract attention or to mobilize opposition. It is also part of what makes it such a devastating control technology. Victims of coercive persuasion have: no signs of physical abuse, convincing rationalizations for the radical or abrupt changes in their behavior, a convincing “sincerity, and they have been changed so gradually that they don’t oppose it because they usually aren’t even aware of it.

        Deciding if coercive persuasion was used requires case-by-case careful analysis of all the influence techniques used and how they were applied. By focusing on the medium of delivery and process used, not the message, and on the critical differences, not the coincidental similarities, which system was used becomes clear. The Influence Continuum helps make the difference between peaceful persuasion and coercive persuasion easier to distinguish.


        Not all tactics used in a coercive persuasion type environment will always be coercive. Some tactics of an innocuous or cloaking nature will be mixed in.  Not all individuals exposed to coercive persuasion or thought reform programs are effectively coerced into becoming participants.  How individual suggestibility, psychological and physiological strengths, weakness, and differences react with the degree of severity, continuity, and comprehensiveness in which the various tactics and content of a coercive persuasion program are applied, determine the program’s effectiveness and/or the degree of severity of damage caused to its victims. For example, in United States v. Lee 455 U.S. 252, 257-258 (1982), the California Supreme Court found that “when a person is subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent… [he may] develop serious and sometimes irreversible physical and psychiatric disorders, up to and including schizophrenia, self-mutilation, and suicide.”


  • A)   Determine if the subject individual held enough knowledge and volitional capacity to make the decision to change his or her ideas or beliefs.
  • B)   Determine whether that individual did, in fact, adopt, affirm, or reject those ideas or beliefs on his own.
  • C) Then, if necessary, all that should be examined is the behavioral processes used, not ideological content. One needs to examine only the behavioral processes used in their “conversion.” Each alleged coercive persuasion situation should be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.   The characteristics of coercive persuasion programs are severe, well-understood, and they are not accidental.


        Coercive persuasion is not a religious practice, it is a CONTROL technology. It is not a belief or ideology, it is a technological process. As a PROCESS, it can be examined by experts on its technology COMPLETELY SEPARATE from any idea or belief content, similar to examining the technical process of hypnotic induction distinct from the meaning or value of the post-hypnotic suggestions. Examining PROCESSES in this manner can not violate First Amendment religious protections. Coercive persuasion is antithetical to the First Amendment.   It is the unfair manipulation of other’s biological and psychological weaknesses and susceptibilities.   It is a psychological FORCE technology, not of a free society, but of a criminal or totalitarian society.   Any organization using coercive persuasion on its members as a CENTRAL practice that also claims to be a religion is turning the SANCTUARY of the First Amendment into a fortress for psychological assault.    It is a contradiction of terms and should be “disestablished.”    Coercive persuasion is a subtle, compelling psychological force which attacks an even more fundamental and important freedom than our “freedom of religion.” ITS REPREHENSIBILITY AND DANGER IS THAT IT ATTACKS OUR SELF-DETERMINISM AND FREE WILL, OUR MOST FUNDAMENTAL CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS.

$ The Illuminopoly $

        Using a monopoly on the money supply our enemy, the illuminati, set about gobbling up other areas of society, all of which was done while the public slept unawares of the conspiracy.    ALL people must know the information contained within this DEBRIEFING and on this site [The Revelation]. The Illuminati managed to get this far off of the ignorance of the people. We must be ignorant no more!

        There are other things we can do as well. We need to keep pressing the politicians for change and keep them on their toes. Our ultimate goal is to educate the people and turn the outer ring against the inner core with truth until it cracks. We can capture the technology and make a good use of it.   In the right hands, this technology can let the blind see and the deaf hear.  Once it is readily available then protective technologies will also emerge.   Finally, we need to realize that what the enemy is doing is fear tactics.  We should never give in to blackmail and fear tactics, even when our own loved ones are used for blackmail because when we give in then someone else, somewhere, is going to be tortured because of our weakness.  If you know for a fact someone who is engaged in this mind control business then turn them in before they kill someone else.  Serial Killers do not need to be protected and “national security” is a joke considering there’s a One World State which usurps national governments anyway.

        Imagine this, a very secret society, corrupted and hell-bent on world-wide domination, sets up ground based and orbital satellite transmitters, perhaps using MASER’S. The purpose of these are to brainwash, from birth, the citizens of the world with posthypnotic suggestions to make them operate the way the secret society wants them to with just a few key word commands.   Which words and commands? How about “sleep,” “forget,” “obey only my voice,” and “I am your master” just to start with! It is said that a person will only go so far with hypnosis and that you can’t do anything against your will. This is true, but how much willpower do you have when you’re an infant and don’t know anything!    And how much willpower would you have if, in ignorance, you heard voices in your head and believed them to be… your God! Programming someone in such a way is similar to how COMPUTERIZED TROJAN HORSE PROGRAMS work in computer viruses. They’ve created a ‘backdoor’ into your mind from birth that only they have access to.

        I have met some people who ignorantly insist that the mind of man cannot be controlled.   Oh but it can under certain circumstances! A man’s mind is normally controlled by a correctly functioning mind under their own belief system.  But weaken the correct functions of the mind, use their own belief system unknowingly against them, and also maintain around them a circled wall of ignorance and they will do just about anything for you if they feel that it is justified. They will obey commands willingly.   In the past we’ve had cult leaders such as Hitler, Manson, and Jim Jones use simple mind control techniques on their PUPPETS with great success proving that men can be manipulated and controlled to do things they normally wouldn’t do.   You can imagine the hell that this new unregulated technology can produce in the hands of vampiric political leaders!   That hell is NOW because what you may or may not know is that these games are already in progress and hundreds of people are getting burned by them.

Haven’t you ever wondered why you have to work so hard to get ahead while the elite seem to have it made?

“Give careful thought to your ways. You have planted much, but have harvested little. You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm. You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it.”— Haggai 1:5-6.

When they inflate the money supply your “purse” gets more holes. When they deflate the economy and cause a recession or depression, you stand a good chance of losing your “purse” through “corporate down sizing” and loss of jobs.

 So what do they do with all this free money?  

Why they kill people by creating wars in other countries, brainwash the mass populace, and corrupt the laws of the land. There is an unspoken rule that the best money to be made is to loan money to countries at war because any country at war will bankrupt itself to survive. And after the war you have a few devastated nations that are under your thumb. Anytime usury, debt based monetary systems, fractional reserve banking, and fiat money coexist together they lead to mass murder, war, corruption, and the breakdown of society.

 Worth a Look



Occupy Wall Street and Gov. Hypocrisy

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The Controlled Media – Government – Educational Institutions

Method Of Influence Techniques
Mode of Influence: Choice-respecting (emphasis on message)  
Educative/Therapeutic Reflection
Information Giving
Directed Questioning
Creative Expression
Commenting on Problem or alternatives
Suggesting Ideas
Recommending solutions
Rational argument (message oriented)
Hypnosis (some forms)
Mode of Influence: Compliance-Gaining (emphasis on response)  
Persuasive/Manipulative Rational Argument: compliance oriented
Emotional appeals
Compliance tactics: consistency, reciprocation, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity (see Cialdini. 1985)
Hypnosis (some forms)
Controlling/Destructive Isolation from social supports Selective reward/punishment
Denigration of self and of critical thinking
Dissociative states to suppress doubt and critical thinking
Alternation of harshness/threats and leniency/love
Control-oriented guilt induction
Active promotion of dependency
Physical restraint/punishment
Pressured public confessions

Basically what happened is that in 1913 this country instituted criminal banking fraud. Some believe it happened through secret societies. Once they had the power, they used their endless supply of interest money to buy both sides of the political spectrum. Whereas the public sees two or three parties, there is really only one hidden power that controls things behind the scenes. They have usurped your vote.  Doesn’t really matter who you vote for if they control the politicians on all sides of the fence. They’ve used their money to buy a controlling interest in the stock of the major media companies to fuel their propaganda machine. And since 1913 they’ve also gone after and attained control of the schooling system, the medical community, the scientific community, the military, the law, the courts, the entertainment community, and have been busy trying to slowly rewrite history to further their agenda. Did you know any of this? Probably not, unless you’ve kept your eyes open because knowledge has been controlled and knowledge is power. Most likely you’ve only known what they’ve wanted you to know, unless you’ve purposely sought out this information all on your own.

“Stop watching TV, and start thinking for yourself.”

        “He who controls the money supply controls that nation.”   If you’re in the center of things and control when the market expands or contracts then you know ahead of time what to do financially. The money is there for the taking. Take control of the money system, buy out the politicians on both sides of the political fence, buy a controlling interest in the stock of the media companies, change the laws of the land to escape justice, control the schools and keep the populace dumb. The definition of communism is : A system in which political and economic power is concentrated in one party or ruling class. In America that ruling class is the Federal Reserve and those that control it. Democracy in America is an illusion, one that is perpetuated with mass genocide. Now that we have a world central banking system and an IMF there is no such animal as democracy. In reality it is a world communist state, a New World Order.

        You are literally paying people with your taxes to steal from you and use the stolen money to sponsor wars which then kill your children.


        Coercive persuasion is secular conduct. Insofar as it is recognized as coercion and “undue influence,” it is illegal conduct. Prohibition of this specific conduct will protect the State itself and the free exercise rights of all citizens without infringing on the free exercise rights of religious organizations.

        Coercive persuasion is antithetical to the First Amendment. It achieves much of the harmful result of fraud, false imprisonment, coercion, undue influence, involuntary, servitude, intentional infliction of emotional distress, outrageous conduct, and other tortuous acts.

        Coercive persuasion is unfair manipulation of the biological and psychological weaknesses and susceptibilities of one’s fellow men. It is an opposite to charity and kindness. It is a psychological modus operandi of a criminal or totalitarian society.

        Coercive persuasion is not a religious practice. It is a covert control technology. It is not a belief or an ideology. It is a technological process that impairs rationality.

        As a process it can be examined separately from any message content that may be associated with its practitioners. This is like examining the technical processes used in hypnotic induction separately from examining the meaning or value of any hypnotic suggestion given during hypnosis. Examining processes, never beliefs, will not violate anyone’s First Amendment religious protections.

        John Dewey believed that, “the human power to respond to reason and truth protects democracy.” Any organization using coercive persuasion on its members that also claims to be a religion is turning the sacred trust and privileges of our democratic First Amendment sanctuary into a fortress for psychological assault. It is covertly twisting “religious freedom” to deny our more basic constitutional right to unfettered rationality in our freedom of thought and free will.

        Freedom of religion cannot exist without first having an absolutely protected freedom of thought. Freedom of religion without freedom of thought is an absurdity.

        “… [a] church cannot seek the protection of one constitutional amendment while it allegedly deprives citizens of the protection of other constitutional guarantees.” –Robin George v. International Society of Krishna Consciousness 473 F, Supp. at 312, U.S. 89-1399.

        As you will learn from other pages on this site, the Illuminati own and operate several big companies which make an enormous amount of money and this money is used to finance their evil empire.

Article Source: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/mindcontrol/index.htm

– – –

An Example of Mind Control?

Unsolved Mystery of Anthrax Attacks – An Article from 14/3/02

In the wake of Sept 11th, the anthrax attacks caused panic throughout the States and around the world. But has the FBI found the whole case too hot to handle?

A Newsnight investigation raised the possibility that there was a secret CIA project to investigate methods of sending anthrax through the mail which went madly out of control.
The shocking assertion is that a key member of the covert operation may have removed, refined and eventually posted weapons-grade anthrax which killed five people.

Our science editor Susan Watts reported from Washington.

America’s anthrax attack last autumn was second only to that on the Twin Towers in the degree of shock and anxiety it caused…Some even say the anthrax letters triggered sub-clinical hysteria in the American people…yet this, the first major act of biological terrorism the world has seen remains an unsolved crime…

Initially the investigation looked for a possible Al-Qaeda or Iraqi link, then to a domestic terrorist, then inwards to the US bio-defence programme itself. But in the last four or five weeks the investigation seems to have run into the sand…There have been several theories as to why …

Three weeks ago Dr Barbara Rosenberg – an acknowledged authority on US bio-defence – claimed the FBI is dragging its feet because an arrest would be embarrassing to the US authorities. Tonight on Newsnight, she goes further…suggesting there could have been a secret CIA field project to test the practicalities of sending anthrax through the mail – whose top scientist went badly off the rails…

Some very expert field person would have been given this job and it would have been left to him to decide exactly how to carry it out. The result might have been a project gone badly awry if he decided to use it for his own purposes and target the media and the senate for his own motives as not intended by the govt project…but this is a possibility that I think needs to be considered

And another leading bio-defence analyst has already sketched out a similar profile for the kind of person likely to be behind the anthrax attacks…

I would think it was somebody who had this kind of experience, and I think the word that I used for you was ‘a cowboy’ when we first spoke, that simply means in the United States someone who feels such bravura in his actions, he feels he’s a free actor, he can decide what should be done and what shouldn’t be done, and what the reason is.

In recent weeks, the focus of the investigation has been the US army medical research institute at Fort Detrick near Washington. Fort Detrick is the site at the centre of a web of military centres spread across the US and twilight private companies which work with these military sites hand-in-hand as contractors…

Colonel David Franz was in charge at Fort Detrick for eleven years – he’s had hands-on experience with biological agents and has his own ideas about the kind of person the FBI should be looking for.

It’s not someone who just got on the Internet or went to the library and got a book and held the book in one hand and a big wooden spoon in the other and stirred up batches. It’s someone who has spent a significant amount of time I believe working with a spore former of some kind and knew how to grow …and how to purify and how to dry

Inside accounts by former staff at Fort Detrick during the nineties reveal a research site in disarray with questionable security measures. We spoke to one former lab technician now working in Belize about unexplained night-time activities in the lab.

I came in developed my negatives and here they said anthrax and I looked at this little counter that would have been putting the sequential numbers on the film and there weren’t any films missing and yet I knew that Friday I had used it and it hadn’t said anthrax.

What did that suggest to you had been happening over the weekend?

That someone had been in there working on anthrax….Anyone who did have access to the labs was not monitored in what they did, either in what they did in the lab that is the amount of agent they were growing, or in what they did with that agent, that is if they put it in their pocket and took it home …

Such is the FBI’s determination to establish if Fort Detrick is at the heart of this that it has turned to genomic analysis of the powder itself…The Inst for Genomic Research was founded by Craig Venter – the man who sped up the decoding of the Human Genome… their anthrax team has created a DNA “fingerprint” of anthrax taken from the body of the first person to be killed – a Florida-based newspaper man. They’re looking for differences between this so-called Florida “strain” and stored samples from a number of US military sites.

This is the first time genomic analysis has been used for microbial forensics…Tim Read is one of the world’s leading authorities on the genetic make-up of anthrax . He compared the fingerprint of the Florida strain with that of samples originating at Fort Detrick. The results are not yet published – so he’s being careful what he says:

They’re definitely related to each other …closely related to each other

Could they be so closely related that one could consider them to be one and the same thing?

I’m not commenting on that…

But the real answer may lie not just in where the anthrax came from, but who had access to it. Veterans of the 1960s US germ warfare programme were the obvious first thought. Early on in the investigation, there was one name that immediately came to many people, but few dared whisper it aloud. William Capers Patrick the third was part of the original US programme, which officially drew to a close in the 1960s…The New York Times claimed last December he was the author in 1998 of a secret paper study on the possible effects of anthrax sent through the mail, although he now denies that. …

We went to see Bill Patrick to ask him if he might know the culprit…

Hello Susan Watts BBC

Patrick is an acknowledged showman…known for his startling demonstrations …some in less than classified company. During the course of our interview he told us several pieces of technical information which one expert said could help anyone intending to create an anthrax weapon.

I’ve prepared two harmless simulant powders… beautiful flow properties…

It’s clear from what Bill Patrick told us that he’s been a central figure in the bio-defence community for many years and that he may well have met or come across the person behind the attacks…

Most of my discussions about the biological problem has been in secure conferences and meetings, and involve people with need to know, with security clearance and what have you. I don’t talk about ‘how to’, I don’t get into ‘how to’ with many people, no people other than the fact that those who really have a need to know.

Does it nag at you in the back of your mind that possibly you do know him?

Possibly, possibly, I could have talked to these people. But it would have been within the context of their having a need to know.

He told me two FBI agents and an official from the attorney general’s office interviewed him for 3 and a half hours two weeks ago. He says they told him he had been a suspect, but left him believing he was in the clear.

And just to put on record can I ask you did you perpetrate these attacks..

my goodness I did not ….I did not…I’m an American patriot.

Patrick was on the UN team that inspected Iraqi weapons facilities in the mid 1990s, and he WAS surprised the FBI didn’t come to him straight after the attacks, simply because of his expertise. He acknowledges it was only logical to consider him a suspect, but for Patrick, the most likely explanation, or perhaps the most comfortable, is that the powder and the motive originated overseas – in some rogue state…

I would hate to think that anyone in our country.. that would do this to our own people, if we ever find whoever does this I hope it comes from overseas, because that way I would.. well I don’t want.. I want someone to be caught, I want the perpetrator to be caught, but I would rather think that it came from our enemies outside of our own country as opposed to our own people perpetrating this crime against our own

Bill Patrick is no longer seen as a suspect, but the net IS closing around someone at the heart of the US germ warfare programme.

We now know by piecing together information from well-placed sources that there’s another individual. He’s been interviewed by FBI agents, and remains under widespread suspicion…

But he’s no loner. He’s likely to have worked on a key government project in the past and to have a network of friends and colleagues he can rely on. The possibility that more than one person is involved may answer some of the perplexing geographical questions about where the attacks originated.

I think that the significance of focussing on a group is that you can have one person with the expertise to produce this weaponised anthrax and someone else to actually deliver it to Trenton. I think that a large part of the investigation early on focused on AN individual. As such we would ask the question, could that individual have gotten to New Jersey. If you begin to think that it could have involved two or more, then the alibi of an individual that I was not near New Jersey may in fact fall apart and you could look at someone else delivering it…

The private contractor companies linked to the military and jokingly referred to as “beltway bandits” because they’re sprinkled around the Washington beltway ring-road, is where individuals with the right mix of skills might be working. Some of these contractors are now known to have been involved in classified bio-defence projects. One of these secret projects, carried out in the Nevada desert, was part of a series of three In the first few days of September last year – immediately prior to the attacks of the 11th, the New York Times carried a major investigation which at any other time would have been a story of huge significance…It revealed three secret bio-defence projects at a time when the American people believed none was taking place. One – run by a contractor – Battelle – was to create genetically altered anthrax. The question now is – are there more such projects?

now we’ve discovered that the CIA is in this business too, though presumably only through contractors. But we don’t know how many contractors. One contractor is now publicly disclosed, Battelle, that did one of those projects. There may be other contractors, so there was this whole story has not been clarified publicly, so that’s the rest of your iceberg, in other words we don’t know how many contractors, we don’t know how many projects.

The 1998 paper study on anthrax in the mail was one secret project. Dr Rosenberg is making the astonishing suggestion that there may have been a deadly follow-up by somebody else. Last time she questioned the investigation, she was attacked by the FBI and the White House. But she says she’s prepared to speak out again because she’s so afraid of what might happen next.

This person is.. knows a lot about forensic matters, knows exactly what he can be prosecuted for and what he can get away with and I think he had some personal matters that he might have wanted to settle but I think in addition that he felt that biodefence was being under-emphasised for some time in the past

Rosenberg’s claims are astonishing but she’s an insider with good contacts. She thinks the FBI must act soon.

I think the time is rapidly coming when it will be very important to bring him to trial, even if they don’t think they have sufficient evidence. This might at least, if not result in a criminal conviction, make it possible to bring civil charges somewhat like what happened to OJ Simpson in the past. So I think it’s time to start moving because it’s very important from the point of view of deterrence of any possible future terrorist.

America’s desire to protect its biodefense programme from scrutiny at all costs was part of why it walked away from an international agreement to control biological weapons last summer. Could its near obsessive secrecy have come home to roost? breeding a climate that allowed one of its experts to take a step too far and turn bio-terrorist against his own?

THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT WAS READ OUT AFTER THE BROADCAST : The CIA have told Newsnight they totally reject Dr Rosenberg’s theory and say they were unaware of ANY project to assess the impact of anthrax sent through the mail.

This transcript was produced from the teletext subtitles that are generated live for Newsnight. It has been checked against the programme as broadcast, however Newsnight can accept no responsibility for any factual inaccuracies. We will be happy to correct serious errors.

Article Source:  Unsolved Mystery of Anthrax Attacks (BBC News)

– – –

Mind Control, Part 2:

The Department of (misguided) Education

Ancient civilizations all over the world tell us it was the “gods” who created and educated mankind.  They also tell us the gods were both male and female.  The first humans were birthed in the wombs of the female gods.  The creation of Mankind is linked to the modern day global elite (Freemasons) and the biblical Elohim (the gods).    It ties in with the behavior of  “God” as well.

Viracocha, Kukulkan, and Quetzalcoatl were all the same individual.  His other names were, Gucumatz in Central America, Votan in Palenque and Zamna in Izamal.    As Viracocha he was teacher to the Incas.  As Kukulkan he taught the Maya everything from Astronomy to Irrigation.  “Quetzalcoatl” was his name to the Aztecs and he taught them as well.   It is a common theme all throughout ancient civilizations.

Your government controlled Education

From birth people are programmed, parents dictate all kinds of rules and regulations to their children.  Your mind is ready for imprinting.  Your first experiences are imprinted and greatly impact the rest of your life.

The Department of Education (DOE) is a faction within the United States government.  It sets the standard for education all throughout the land. People are born into this world and educated in falsehoods schools without even realizing it.  Some grow up and become teachers teaching those lies to future generations.

Most subjects pertinent to your spiritual recovery are not present in the government controlled education system.   The truth about Freemasonry isn’t taught in public schools is it?

The making of a Robot

Where do you start if you want total control of the minds, bodies and souls of a country? 

You start with the children. Both schools and churches educate the masses.   As you further your studies you will realize that this isn’t good for the people.   In fact, it turns people into robots.  Robots that do not question what they are taught.

How do you perform this systematic brainwashing of the children? 

First you have to start by getting full control of the schools.   You have to be able to force the use of your materials, your methods and your value system.   Teachers must be indoctrinated in college and enrolled into a strong socialist organization to keep them straight. The teachers are convinced that top educators and the centralized government know what’s best for your children. To handle teachers not indoctrinated, you need to punish those who would rebel, first by controlling their funding and then by passing laws which force them to use your “system”.

Next, you make sure that the parents are happy with what you are doing.   HOW? What do you tell the parents? You announce a revolutionary new approach to teaching. You tell the parents that you are going to make dramatic improvements. You use positive, flowery words to put the proper “spin” on what you are doing.

You then tell the parents that this approach will help the children be more tolerant and understanding of others. The children will be taught social skills such as conflict resolution, self esteem, etc..

What does that REALLY mean? You teach the children that people have different values and that no set of values is superior, just a different way of looking at things. Christians are no better than Buddhists who are no better than Satanic Cults. It’s all just a “different way of viewing the world”.

You know that to control people, you have to get them to stop thinking for themselves but to think for the collective good.

How do you do that? You teach the children in groups. You teach only at the level of the least intelligent. The goal is to “dumb down” the children and get them used to working only for the good of “the group”.

School is nothing more than an essential support system for model of social engineering that condemns most people to be subordinate stones in a pyramidal social order.    It prepares a person from the cradle to a job in the adult world.  If you are taught lies as truth you will live the lie thinking it is the truth.

Competition, suppression and intimidation is where the mass education system is rooted.   Such a system cannot support democracy, it cannot support a fair society.

The education system divides and classifies people.  It demands that people compulsively compete with each other and publicly labeling losers by literally degrading them, identifying them as “low-class” material.   “The bottom line for the winners is that they can buy more stuff.”

In the 1950’s you saw shows which depicted the family as being fully functional where the man went to work and the woman stayed home and raised and guided their children.  Today you see shows like “Married with Children” (which was on FOX network) where the family is dysfunctional.  You also see forms of soft pornography on Television today where as in the 1950’s you did not.  Television has gone from moral to immoral in just 50 years time.

We are facing a crisis where young people are indifferent to almost everything except the diversion of toys and violence.  Children are unable to concentrate on anything for very long.  They are mistrusting of intimacy, hating solitude.  Children also tend to be cruel, materialistic, dependent, passive, violent, timid in the face of the unexpected and addicted to distraction.  This is to be expected, given the lessons our schools are teaching.

“The absurdity… is clear if we ask ourselves what is gained by perceiving
education as a way to enhance even further the runaway consumption that
threatens the earth, air, and water of our planet. Should we continue to
teach people that they can buy happiness in face of tidal wave of evidence
that they cannot?”

The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders. Children are conditioned not to think for themselves.   They graduate from high schools as robots.

Television rivals schools, even surpassing them in controlling our children’s lives.   In the past childhood and adolescence were filled with real work, real charity and community pursuits.  With as much time most children spend in school and in front of the television, eleven hours a week is left for them to create a unique consciousness.

Television is by far the most successful mind control tool there is!   Most people go home after work and sit in front of their Televisions and watch all evening.   If you look at the past 50 years of Television what do you think you will see?

Freemasonry controls big government.    Freemasonry is clearly the worship of the Devil by the elite top 5%. Luciferic layout for government center Washington D.C. and Masonic writings reflect it.     Carl Claudy, a Masonic author sums it all up is his book, “Cut through the outer shell and find a meaning; cut through that meaning and find another; under it, if you dig deep enough, you may find a third, a fourth — who shall say how many teachings?”

Many peoples beliefs are based on what they were taught.   If someone is living a lie it means their thoughts and lives are not their own.   It also means that they are easily controlled by the ones who educated them.  If this isn’t a cause for alarm, I don’t know what is!

Most of the really religious have been so brainwashed by the teachings of these demons (controllers) so that anything that contradicts what they have been taught is heresy and from the devil, so they will not listen.

Claudy specifically says that Masonry cannot be trusted.   The same can be said about the U.S. Government.   Anybody who trusts their government controlled education is opening themselves up for deception.  The thoughts of the ones who are not aware of the truth are not their own, they are living a lie.  Does The Matrix have you?  People must not be so gullible and believe everything the government tells them or teaches them.  Those who believe in an end times deception have already been deceived because it has been taught that way all through history.

The “gods” (biblical Elohim) controlled every aspect of mankind’s development, teaching only what they wanted Mankind to know.  Lies disguised as half truths were and still are the foundation of their education system.

Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.  – Plato

Many Masonic secrets are not even taught in public schools.   The information is out there but who is going to seek it out when they do not realize how important it is to learn or that it even exists?

The symbols of Freemasonry can be tracked all through the history of earth.  The elite Masons (Satanists) have been with us all through history, ever since Eden, controlling and manipulating Mankind for the purpose of slavery and suffering.

The Uneducated Educated

There is a difference between vocational training and true education, and it has been cleverly blurred. Below are some tactics used by smart people to control other people.   These tactics are also seen within the world system that you live.

You must not let people know you are controlling them.  This is the first principle of people control.  If they knew this knowledge they would rebel against you.

Controlling people indirectly is easier than you might think.   Manipulating them into what ever you wanted them to think or do.

Keeping the people ignorant is one basic technique.  People who are educated cannot be manipulated easily.   A direct approach would be to restrict access to education or abolishing it.  That of course would “spill the beans.”    Controlling the education they receive is the indirect approach.

It is possible for the educated such as a Ph.D., doctor, lawyer, businessman, journalist, scientist or an accountant to be uneducated. As mentioned above there is a difference between vocational training and true education, and it has been cleverly blurred.  And the reason for this is?  It is so that people can successfully practice their vocations while at the same time remain totally ignorant of the larger issues of the world in which they live.

The absence of original thought is the most obvious symptom.  To reveal this, ask them a question.  You will hear them recite someone elses thoughts or what they thought the answer was.  This is typical behaviour simply because they grew up learning how to use the library and cite sources.   I gave an example of this above with the “seed” and the convenience store.  This makes things easier for the controller.   With lots of money, university endowments, foundations, grants, and ownership of media, it is relatively easy to control who they will think of as authorities to cite in lieu of doing their own thinking.

Keeping them entertained is another technique.   In ancient Rome, circuses and gladiator contests were not staged because they did not have television.   We have television today because we do not have circuses and gladiator events.  The purpose is to keep the minds of the people focused on sports, political issues and entertainment either way.   They will never figure out the real issues which allow them to be controlled.

An educated person would be most difficult to control as stated above.    Someone who is economically independent is just as difficult to control.   It would be in your best interest to create conditions which will produce “wage earners”.   Workers do not have much control over their economic destiny.   Controlling the monetary, credit, and banking systems would be in your best interest to control as well. What this will do is it will allow you to inflate currency and make it more difficult for wage earners to accumulate capital.  Causing the collapse of family businesses, family farms, community banks and entrepreneurs by deflation would be easy for you to do.

Shifting production jobs out of the country and then importing those products is called “free trade”.   Trade unions would be kept under control using this method.  You would end up with no unions or docile unions.

Buying both political parties would allow you to control who gets into office.    Making sure your friends or “brethren” (from Freemasonry) get into office to continue with your secret agenda.   Many times people EVEN WONDER why politicians promise to change things for the better but never do.   People do not understand there is a connection there to a secret society that has its own agenda.  Freemasonry has an extremely powerful presents in politics.  

Eventually the populous will feel completely helpless.  They will think that all the bad things which happen are the fault of nobody in particular.   You can even offer scapegoats if needed.

Then you can ride on their backs.  They do the work while you bleed them dry while not having to worry about one of them sneaking into your home one night and slitting your throat!   If you do it right, they won’t even know whose throat they are cutting.

If you look at symbols of modern government you will see references to the Garden of Eden.  This isn’t limited to just seals of divisions within the United States government either.    They are in governments all over the world.  Some of these symbols refer to ancient Egypt as well.    The DOE seal (below) refers to the tree of knowledge (of good and evil).   The Forbidden Knowledge.

Article source: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/doe/index.htm 

 – – –

PS1:   The Gods of Eden

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Truth when broken down into its basic elements comprises of Logic, Common Sense and Circumstantial Evidence.   Logic is the principles of reasoning, especially of the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.   Common sense is sound judgement.  Circumstantial evidence is relating to, or dependent on circumstances or physical evidence.  All three elements have to coincide with each other for it to be the truth.

“The Gods of Eden” is a book which was published over 10 years ago.  Many people who read it at the time rejected it because much of what it says goes against orthodox teachings.   With all that I have researched this doesn’t surprise me at all.   People are basing their beliefs on what they have been taught and often the societal system reinforces those teachings.   When the truth does come out it is mocked just as Arthur Schopenhauer said.   Many people have suffered because of this.  The life story of Galileo is an example.

Galileo had proof the earth orbited the Sun but the church refused his information and tried him for heresy because his findings contradicted those of the church.   The church later reversed the charges in light of the truth.

A Purpose for War

William starts his book by questioning why humans go to war.   Human psychology, sociology, political leadership, economic conditions, and natural surroundings have to be taken into consideration.   “Many thinkers, however, have erroneously equated all human motives with motives found in the animal kingdom.  This is a mistake because intelligence breeds complexity.”    Motivation becomes more elaborate with the rise of intelligence.

It is easy to understand the mental stimuli in two alley cats squabbling over a scrap of food, but it would be a mistake to attribute as simple a state of mind to a terrorist planting a bomb in an airport.” (PP 2)  In other words, you must raise your level of thinking/awareness to a higher level in order to see the truth.

War is an effective tool for political and social control over a large population.   It can be used to keep a people divided as well.   If a people are divided they are less likely to realize the truth.  Conflicts and turmoil cover earth’s history like a rash.   But very few even realize who started these wars and for what purpose simply because they are not looking at the world from the proper perspective.

In 1990 I started studying UFOs.  I came home from work one evening, turned on the Television like most other people do and airing on the FOX Network was a show called, “Sightings“.  It was a show dedicated to the unexplained.   It often showed UFO footaqe from around the world.  The footage they were playing that night was very convincing to me so I decided to look into the subject further.  As time went by I expande my research to the Bible and ancient civilizations.  I had no idea where this research would lead me.

A couple years went by and in those I managed to collect an impressive store of UFO video footage from television. I would listen to UFO “experts” such as Stanton Freedman talk about the U.S. Governments involvement in the secrecy of UFOs. As time went on I realized that individuals like Stanton were part of an evil scheme.  I listened to Art Bell late at night every night gathering as much information as I could.  But even with Art Bell I grew suspicious.

A friend of mine gave me a copy of Bramley’s book and I began to read it.  As my level of awareness rose I realized secret societies and how they worked.   As time went on it all became much clearer to me.  I also realized that people are not always what they seem.

When my level of awareness rose to a certain point I had to write about it.  I’m not the type of person to sit on something so awesome.  I had to tell others of the things I was realizing.  In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.   So I am doing just that.

Bramley mentions the conflict in the Bible between “God” and the Serpent.  “God” was trying to keep a certain type of  knowledge away from Mankind and the Serpent was trying to teach Mankind that knowledge.  The victor of that conflict would be the ones (yes plural!) who controlled earth.

In Eden the members of “God” made it a sin to eat of the fruit. The fruit is an apple and it is symbolic for a certain kind of knowledge.  To help keep Man away from that knowledge they taught that if Man learned it he would die.

Asking the question, “Why should learning knowledge be a sin?” (the original sin) and comparing it to modern day observations ought to wake you up to the fact that you live within societal system that was engineered by the members of “God” to empower themselves while keeping those who live within it ignorant.   Do you want to test this theory?

Write down on a piece of paper all the things that you own.  Next, for each item ask yourself, “Did I design and manufacture this item?”  A majority of things within your home you purchased and have no knowledge of how they were designed or built.  “The Custodians [God] clearly did not want mankind to begin traveling the road to spiritual recovery.” PP  48.   One sure way is to keep knowledge away from the human race.  The information they do not want you to learn however is not of the technological kind, it is The Forbidden Knowledge.  Methods used to control an entire world and to keep the personalities who live in that world spiritually ignorant and unaware of the prison system they are caught in.  Did you learn anything about Freemasonry’s dominate presence on earth in grade school?

The bible says Satan is a destroyer, it also says in II Corinthians 4 that he controls earth.  This should be of no surprise to you with what you just learned because it coincides with modern day observations.

The social system you live within lies to you.  It conditions your mind to think that you are the most advanced human earth has ever seen when in fact, the reverse is true.   You are dependant on it for all your basic needs.  Everything is already prepare for you.  Your clothes come from department stores, your food comes from grocery stores, and your home was most likely not designed and built by you either.   Do you think that is progress?   The bottom line is, you can use technology but you cannot design and build your own unless you have a lot of money and who controls the money?   Freemasonry.

The Custodial-designed societal system includes an education sub system that produces robots, people who all think the same way and an employment sub system which furthers that robotic behavior. This makes it easier for them to control the people because a robot never questions authority and does what everyone else does.  Bramley’s book reveals that Satan traded places with God in Eden and fooled the human race.  Modern day observations prove this.

– – –

 And God said, Let “us” make man in “our” image, after “our” likeness

— Genesis 1:26

The Custodial Creators – Adam, a slave to the gods

Creation stories from all around the ancient world all have a common theme, where mankind is created from dirt, mud or clay by a divine being.   These stories are all similar to the biblical Adam & Eve story.   This similarity extends to the Tower of Babel and the Great Flood stories as well.   The Alaskan Eskimos, ancient Egyptians, Japanese, and South Americans all tell us that their ancestors either were transported by their gods or their gods taught them their languages or writing.   One place where you wouldn’t expect a creation story to be similar to the Adam & Eve epic, is Australia.

The Aborigines in Australia tell of a creator being named Indjuwanydjuwa. Indjuwanydjuwa is said to have created this world. He created everything Himself. He created a man and a woman from the mud. He then told the man and woman to make more people to fill the country. This creator told the Aborigines they could eat the fruits of the plain, fish, turtles etc.  “It tasted good,” He said.

The tail of how Mankind (Adam) was created is a difficult one to believe at first, however, extensive research will reveal the truth to you.  The above mentioned similarities within the creation stories of mankind, The Flood and the Tower of Babel all have a common root, Sumeria.

The editing and summarizing by the compilers of the Book of Genesis have left us dumbed down versions of the events.  Earlier texts offer more detail.

If Christians were to study the Hebrew bible, which is the ORIGINAL, they would discover that, first of all, the creative act is attributed to a certain ELOHIM —- a plural term that at the least should be translated as “gods,” not “God”.    “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”    Then the suggestion was carried out:  “And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”  The suggestion originates from a plural entity who addresses a plural audience.   And second, Christians would become aware that the quoted verse also explains why “The Adam” was created: “For there was no Adam to till the land.”   These are two important — and unsettling — hints to who had created Man and why.

Bramley refers to the creators of Mankind as “Custodial gods”.  That term can be safely interpreted as the biblical Elohim/modern day Elite Freemasons because of their occultic signature they encoded within human DNA.  These are the same individuals who were part of “God”, the very same who control the world (II Corinthians 4).  Genesis 6:3 also says they are flesh and blood beings just as you and I are.

The Details

Ancient Mesopotamian tablets say there once was a time where there were no humans on earth at all.   Instead, earth was inhabited by the gods.  The gods were mining and exploiting earth’s resources.   Life on earth wasn’t easy for these gods, as one tablet says:

When the gods like men
Bore the work and suffered the toil-
The toil of the gods was great,
The work was heavy, the distress was much—

The gods were not happy with their situation.  They were prone to complaining, backstabbing, and rebellion against their leaders.  They needed a solution, a new race of slaves to take over their back breaking work.   And of course the solution to their problem was the Adam.

The Biblical Garden of Eden is not a mythological place but a real location.  It was located in what we call modern day Iraq.

The Biblical Adam & Eve story in the Bible is commonly misunderstood.  Most think the original sin had something to do with sex or nudity.  When properly researched one would discover it was the learning of certain types of knowledge that was made a sin.   The Elite Masons (Elohim) didn’t want Man to learn that knowledge.  Knowledge that when studied, leads to the realization that earth is a prison where  spiritual beings can get trapped and that unless they study this knowledge they would be forever controlled by evil and never be free.   Freedom is something they do not want you to have that is why they designed an education system that produces individuals who all think the same way.  It is much easier for them to control a robot then it is to control a rebel.

Ancient Mesopotamian texts reflect that the gods (Elohim) were fully clothed while being served by nude humans.  Adam & Eve were mortified by what their nakedness represented.   It represented slavery.  These texts also reflect that the gods had male and female bodies, and they bred by sexual intercourse.  Ancient Mesopotamians even state that they provided these ruling gods with human prostitutes.  That is reminiscent of the way modern day politicians in Washington D.C. behave.

Bramley’s book introduces you to The Brotherhood.  Some people mistakenly think the term “Big Brother” refers only to the U.S. government when in fact it refers to something much bigger.  Today the Brotherhood is a world-wide network of secret societies which do evil to Mankind.  A group of evil individuals both male and female who hide behind the good works dimension of Freemasonry.  They plot and scheme for their own amusement and benefit.

The Brotherhood was formed to teach Man spiritual truth (the forbidden knowledge).  Prince Ea was the individual who founded the organization.  As biblical, ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian texts say, Ea and his Brotherhood were quickly defeated by members of God.  They taught lies that Ea was evil and should be destroyed.  They pinned evil names to his character such as, Prince of Darkness and Evil Incarnate.

“God’s” behavior in Genesis is a dead give-a-way.  “God” was clearly not Christ’s Father because Christ’s Father would not lie and deceive to prevent knowledge from being known to the human race.

Ea was later known as the Serpent in Genesis.  You see him in the bible trying to teach the forbidden knowledge to man while Satanic forces took on the image of God and taught that it was sin to learn that knowledge.  Comparing the behavior of God in Eden to the way those who run modern day government (Elite Masons) behave will reveal that they are one and the same.  They also are responsible for the structure of the societal system.  You know, the one that has made you so DEPENDANT.


Ancient Mesopotamian tablets credit Ea with the supervising of the genetic manufacture of Homo sapiens.   Ea was the son of Anu, who was the ruler of another world.  Prince Ea was known by the title, “EN.KI,” which means “Lord [or Prince] of Earth.”

Mesopotamian texts portray Prince Ea as an advocate who spoke before the council of the gods on behalf of the new earth race.   Ea opposed many of the cruelties that other “gods,” including his half brother, Enlil, inflicted upon human beings.

Many people are unaware of the sudden extinction of the Neanderthals and the sudden appearance of human civilization.  Evolution isn’t that fast!   Messrs. Howell and White pondered this question and concluded:

. . . the utter, almost abrupt disappearance of Neanderthal people remains one of the enigmas and critical problems in studies of human evolution.

Encyclopedia Britannica concurs; “The factors responsible for the disappearance of the Neanderthal peoples are an important problem to which there is still no clear solution.

When the idea of creating a primitive worker made it to the council of the gods, they wondered how can you create a being intelligent enough to use tools and to follow orders?    A Sumerian text has immortalized the answer given by EA to the assembled Anunnaki, who saw in the creation of an Adamu the solution to their unbearable toil:

The creature whose name you uttered —

        All you have to do, he added, is to
                                        Bind upon it the image of the gods.

These are the words which hold the key to mankind’s creation.  The bomb which blows both Creationism (as taught by the church) and Evolution out of the water.   They talk of a creature that already exists on earth.   What is this creature?

The process envisioned by Ea was to “Bind” upon the existing Apeman/Apewoman through genetic manipulation.  In other words, they combined their genes with that of the Neanderthals, upgrading Neanderthals to human beings.

The ancient Sumerians saw with their own eyes the Neanderthals, they called them “Apemen/Apewomen.”  They also considered them to be a totally separate species, unrelated to humans.

The term Adamu, which is clearly the inspiration for the biblical name “Adam,” and the use of the term “image” in Sumerian text, which is repeated intact in the biblical text, are not the only clues to the Sumerian/Mesopotamian origin of the Genesis creation of Mankind.  The biblical use of the plural pronoun and the depiction of a group of Elohim reaching a consensus and following it up with the necessary action also lose their enigmatic aspects when the Mesopotamian sources are taken into account.

The verse, “God said, Let us make men in our image, after our likeness”; reveals not only God in the plural but it also reflects that we humans are genetically connected to the Elohim.   So, here we have a bible stating that “God” is plural and He addresses a plural audience, and we also have Sumerian texts which tell us the gods upgraded a primitive creature.

Primitive Creature God/Elohim Slave


 This strange creation story answers the riddle of the of the sudden disappearance of the Neanderthals.   It also answers the riddle as to why we see VERY hairy people in the modern world.  Ever seen actor/comedian Robin Williams with his shirt off?  To many this creation story is off the wall.  It doesn’t reflect what is taught in the church and it is not taught in government controlled schools and I will ask,


It is what I believe.  It is the only theory I have run across which answers many hard to answer questions.

Creationism as taught by the church doesn’t account for the pluralness of “God” as depicted in the bible and Sumerian writings.  It also doesn’t reveal why “God” used the master numbers within human DNA.  Nor does it offer an answer for the sudden disappearance of Neanderthals or modern hairy people.   The theory of Evolution doesn’t give an acceptable conclusion for me either.   I believe both parties ought to dust off their bibles and read them.

How would you account for the numbers 11, 22, and 33 being encoded within human DNA?  How would you account for their connection to Freemasonry, World Control and Satanism?  What theory do you have that would answer the many riddles which accompany this subject?

Do you have the feeling I just said the church is a liar? EXACTLY!  The church has never taught the truth.  Freemasonry is to blame for it too.

William Bramley does a wonderful job tracing the Brotherhood’s influence on Mankind back through time and revealing its motives.  All through time The Brotherhood was busy teaching falsehoods to the human race to control and enslave it.   Creating wars just for fun and centering them around astronomical ritual alignments of 19.5 and 33 degrees in tribute to their god, Satan.

The Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt William tells us The Brotherhood was known as “The Mystery Schools”, where it continued its misleading practices.    “The powerful human drives for spiritual integrity and immortality were twisted into an obsessive quest to preserve bodies.” PP 65   The preservation techniques of the Egyptians were quite good.   Mummification was nothing more than a joke which was taught to the pharaohs.  It was clear that their minds were being taught falsehoods because a lot of what was taught never came true.

The Presidential Seal (right) sports an eagle. 

The eagle replaced the Phoenix (left; the original national bird) in 1841 as the national bird. The Phoenix has been a Brotherhood symbol since ancient Egypt. The Phoenix was adopted by the Founding Fathers (Freemasons) for use on the reverse of the first official seal of the United States after a design proposed by Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Continental Congress.

Both these seals have more than one instance of the number 13, an important number within Freemasonry.

The eye of Horus (below left), is a symbol found in ancient Egypt, the modern equivalent is the Illuminati symbol, the All-Seeing Eye of God seen on the reverse of the American one dollar bill.  The pyramid with the eye is a symbol for the Illuminati, a spin-off of the Brotherhood.

The word “Illuminati” is Latin for “Illuminated (enlightened) ones.”
Egypt’s Custodial “gods” were said to of participated in the up-bringing of the pharaohs.  In the picture (right), the Pharaoh Thutmose III is being taught an archery lesson by one of his “gods.”   Thutmose was famous for his military exploits.   The gods of ancient Egypt were portrayed with the heads of animals.

The Pharaohs and priests of ancient Egypt acted on behalf of the “gods” and were unpopular with the Egyptian people.    The Old Kingdom (ca. 2685-2180 B.C) was followed by a period of weakness and unrest.  Even the Great Pyramid of Cheops had been broken into by unhappy Egyptians.   According to historian Ahmed Fakhry:

The Egyptians so hated the builders of the pyramids that they threatened to enter these great tombs and destroy the mummies of the kings.

Today we share the same HATRED for our government leaders as the ancients did for their “gods.”  There is NO difference between the ancient gods and certain modern leaders whether they be government, military or religious.  We have come to know them as the gods of war or the War Pigs.

Bramley does an excellent job in tracing The Brotherhood all through history.  If you want to further your research into The Brotherhood, I highly recommend you add the book to your library.   You will most likely have to read it four or five times to absorb all the information.  My first copy is falling apart, so I bought a new copy.

Bramley will teach you that members of The Brotherhood were in Germany and were part of the Nazi hell in World War II.   Any opportunity they had to create war they did it.

When you compare modern day observations (such as the Luciferic design of Washington D.C.) with what transpired in Eden and how they relate to each other you will realize it is based on actual events.  The modern day Elite Freemasons were busy all through history taking truth, mixing it in a blender with falsehoods and letting man drink.  Unless you take on the job of righting these wrongs within your mind you will not recover spiritually.

Take their falsehoods and pour them through a filter (which prevents them from passing through) into a glass.   Then drink the contents of the glass so that it becomes a part of you.

bramley.jpg (8208 bytes)

They came to earth millions of years ago to spread the poison of hatred , war and catastrophe. . . they are with us still…” 

Source: http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/godsofeden/




  • Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (1988),
    by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky, is an analysis of the news media as business.
    The propaganda model
    Using the propaganda model, Manufacturing Consent posits that corporate – owned news mass communication media — print, radio, television — are businesses subject to commercial competition for advertising revenue and profit. As such, their distortion (editorial bias) of news reportage — i.e. what types of news, which items, and how they are reported — is a consequence of the profit motive that requires establishing a stable, profitable business; therefore, news businesses favoring profit over the public interest succeed, while those favoring reportorial accuracy over profits fail, and are relegated to the margins of their markets (low sales and ratings).
    Government and news media
    Editorial distortion is aggravated by the news media’s dependence upon private and governmental news sources. If a given newspaper, television station, magazine, etc., incurs governmental disfavor, it is subtly excluded from access to information. Consequently, it loses readers or viewers, and ultimately, advertisers. To minimize such financial danger, news media businesses editorially distort their reporting to favor government and corporate policies in order to stay in business. [ Source: Wikipedia]  Noam-Chomskys-statement-on-wall-street

Worth a Thought…

 The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, bethought himself of saying This is mine, and found people simple enough to believe him, was the real founder of civil society. From how many crimes, wars, and murders, from how many horrors and misfortunes might not any one have saved mankind, by pulling up the stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this imposter; you are undone if you once forget that the fruits of the earth belong to us all, and the earth itself to nobody.  — Jean Jacques Rousseau

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“…Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory; and he said to Him, “All these things will I give You, if You fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Begone, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.'” Then the devil left Him; and behold, angels came and began to minister to Him.”   — Matt.4: 8-11    Can you give something that is not yours? Does Satan rule the world?    

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.   — Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president of US (1743 – 1826)

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a novel by George Orwell (published in 1949) describing a society ruled by the oligarchical dictatorship…  a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control, accomplished with a political system  which is administrated by a privileged elite… official deception and manipulation of the past and current events in service to a totalitarian political agenda.
Could this novel  be a warning about the crisis predicted by many for 2012?  Strangely 1984  encodes  20 ( 19+1) and 12 (8+4) which results in 2012

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today —  Mahatma Gandhi, Indian Philosopher

More Things to Ponder:

What is Money?

Political Chess Game

“Keep looking below surface appearances. Don’t shrink from doing so just because you might not like what you find.” — Colin Powell, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93)

Recent Official News

Help for Africa

The Associated Press,  Date: Friday Oct. 14, 2011  10:25 PM ET
Obama sending troops to Africa

WASHINGTON — U.S. President Barack Obama said Friday he has dispatched 100 U.S. troops to central Africa to support a years-long fight against a guerrilla group accused of horrific atrocities. Obama said they were sent to advise, not engage in combat, unless forced to defend themselves. In a letter to Congress, Obama said the troops will act as advisers in a long-running battle against the Lord’s Resistance Army, considered one of Africa’s most ruthless rebel groups, and help to hunt down its notorious leader, Joseph Kony. The first of the troops arrived in Uganda on Wednesday, the White House said, and others will be sent to South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. […]  Article Source: http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/World/20111014/us-troops-africa-111014/#ixzz1b370zAiR

“Keep looking below surface appearances. Don’t shrink from doing so just because you might not like what you find.” — Colin Powell, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff (1989-93)

US Combat Troops Ordered to Africa (CNN update)

South Sudan. The economy of South Sudan is one of the world’s weakest and most underdeveloped.  The region contains many natural resources such as petroleum, iron ore, copper, chromium ore, zinc, tungsten, mica, silver, gold, and hydropower. The country’s economy, as in many other developing countries, is heavily dependent on agriculture. The oilfields in the South have kept the region’s economy alive since 1999.  It is estimated that around 80% of the untapped oil deposit in Sudan is in South Sudan. The oil revenues according to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), were split equally for the duration of the agreement period. Since South Sudan relies on pipelines, refineries, and Port Sudan’s facilities in Red Sea state in Sudan, the agreement stated that the government of Sudan in Khartoum would receive 50% share of all oil revenues. Oil revenues constitute more than 98% of the government of South Sudan’s budget according to the southern government’s Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and this has amounted to more than $8 billion in revenue since the signing of the peace agreement.  [ Source: Wikipedia]

Uganda is also known as the “Pearl of Africa”. It is bordered on the east by Kenya, on the north by South Sudan, on the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the southwest by Rwanda, and on the south by Tanzania.
Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizable mineral deposits of copper and cobalt. The country has largely untapped reserves of both crude oil and natural gas. [ Source: Wikipedia.]   Uganda’s reserves include copper, tungsten, cobalt, columbite-tantalite, gold, phosphate, iron ore, and limestone. Gold, cobalt, and columbite-tantalite are mined. Gold is an important export, but it is complicated by the fact that gold has been smuggled into Uganda from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Exploration for petroleum, which had long showed geological potential, particularly under Lakes Albert and Edward, proceeded slowly until 2006, when oil was struck. Significant quantities of petroleum were discovered in the Lake Albertine rift basin in 2008 and 2009. [ Source: Encyclopedia Britannica.]

Democratic Republic of Congo. Although citizens of the DRC are among the poorest in the world, having the second lowest nominal GDP per capita, the Democratic Republic of Congo is widely considered to be the richest country in the world regarding natural resources; its untapped deposits of raw minerals are estimated to be worth in excess of US$ 24 trillion.[…]In 2007, The World Bank decided to grant the Democratic Republic of Congo up to $1.3 billion in assistance funds over the next three years. [Source: Wikipedia]

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It borders Chad in the north, Sudan in the north east, South Sudan in the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo in the south, and Cameroon in the west. The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world and among the ten poorest countries in Africa. The Central African Republic relies heavily on its exports, of which the most important are timber, diamonds, cotton, and coffee. Situated on a fertile plateau and abundant in water resources, the Central African Republic has considerable agricultural potential. It also has a wealth of mineral resources, including diamonds, which account for nearly half of the country’s total export earnings. Gold, uranium, iron ore, copper, and manganese are mined in smaller quantities. [Sources: Wikipedia, britannica, CIA The World Fact Book]

South Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and The Central African Republic on the map of Africa:

Obama: Iraq war will be over by year’s end; troops coming home

By the CNN Wire Staff,  updated 8:18 PM EST, Fri October 21, 2011

(CNN) — President Barack Obama on Friday announced that virtually all U.S. troops will come home from Iraq by the end of the year — at which point he can declare an end to America’s long and costly war in that Middle Eastern nation.
“After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” Obama said. “The coming months will be a season of homecomings. Our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays.”
Of the 39,000 troops in Iraq, about 150, a negligible force, will remain to assist in arms sales, a U.S. official told CNN. The rest will be out of Iraq by December 31.
The president said he was making good on his 2008 campaign pledge to end a war that has divided the nation since it began in 2003 and claimed more than 4,400 American lives.The announcement also came after talks that might have allowed a continued major military presence broke down amid disputes about whether U.S. troops would be immune to prosecution by Iraqi authorities.
Obama spoke with Iraqi President Nuri al-Maliki in a video conference Friday, after which he said both nations were comfortable with the decision on how to move forward.


State Department spokesman Mark Toner described Friday’s development as the start of “a new chapter in our relationship” with Iraq — while acknowledging the challenges of the change.
“You can’t flip a switch and go from a military operation to a civilian operation; there has to be a transition and we’re working on that transition,” he said. “But we believe we’re ready.”
Toner also noted substantial improvements in the capabilities of the Iraqis, even as he admitted the continued importance of addressing “security needs” of the hundreds of nonmilitary U.S. personnel who will remain there.
That includes about 1,700 diplomats, law enforcement officers and various economic, agriculture and other professionals and experts who will be in Iraq into 2012, according to the State Department. In addition, 5,000 security contractors will protect the U.S. diplomats and another 4,500 contractors will serve other roles, such as helping provide food and medical services, until they can be done locally.
Toner said the U.S. and Iraqi governments are still talking about security and other matters, though he stressed any such discussions should not change the basic decision announced Friday.
“We continue to talk about the post-December 31 arrangement (and) security relationship,” Toner said. “At the same time, we are very committed to meeting the December 31 deadline.”
Panetta, too, did not rule out the possibility that U.S. forces would head to Iraq to train forces there.
“As we … look at developing this normal relationship, a lot of it is going to depend on what they want, what their needs are and how we can best meet them,” he said.

[ Article Source: http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/21/world/meast/iraq-us-troops/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 ]

The accusations against Iran, the oil, the dollar and the foreign debt…

What Iraq, Libya and Iran had in common?

World’s oil and gas is traded in US-dollars. Since 1971 the US has had the advantage to be the petrodollar supplier of the world. Supplying dollars to foreign countries means, the US can print money and purchase goods, services and investments with it. Since the foreigners need these dollars to buy oil, and keep them also in use in the international trade outside the US, the US has never had to deliver anything in return. Merely supplying money means free shopping. [ Read More:  http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2006/05/08/usiran_raid_on_nuclear_fuel.htm ]

The average American is consuming 4 times more energy than the average European or 32 times more energy than the average African.  North America and Europe may soon run out of oil at their current rate of consumption and production. Current technologies might provide alternatives to oil for energy but not to oil for plastics. The Middle-East holds 70% of the world’s oil reserves. Iraq is a country known to possess the second largest oil reserves in the world… Is it a coincidence that George Bush targeted Iraq in the so called “war-on-terror”? Is it another coincidence that U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Africa are based near oil and natural gas resources? Was invading Iraq and Afghanistan really meant to reduce terrorist threats against the United States?


The internet we know and love is at risk. Help save it.

Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could profoundly affect the future of the internet. It’s called the Stop Online Piracy Act. The fact is that this legislation as written won’t stop piracy. But it would pose a serious threat to social media and user generated content sites (like YouTube) across the internet. It could also undermine some of the core technical systems underlying the internet, creating new cybersecurity risks.  More: http://blog.mozilla.com/blog/2011/11/15/mozilla/


  1. laurent says

    My name is laurent Boer ([email protected]), and I have been harrassed and manipulated by an unknown hidden cult organization
    They drugged me insidiously, hypnotized me, they programmed my mind with hypnosis and several different kind of drugs, and they didn’t hesitated to do many illegal things including:
    – Under hypnosis, mental conditioning to make me feel terror to talk about them and what they do
    – use some addiction drugs to enforce the power of the hypnotizer on me
    – At work, air spray some kind of GHB drugs to train me to work harder
    – Under hypnosis, format my personality to fit their needs
    – Follow me in shops and coffee places to make me feel paranoid, harassed and under their control
    – Under hypnosys make me watch horror and homo movies every day under addictive drugs to get addicted to this
    – Installed software on my computer so they can remotely send subliminal trigger images
    – Under hypnosis make me hear for hours daily their speech teaching me that what they do to me is great and usefull

    How to get rid of this kind of secured powerfull worldwide organizations?

    Best Regards,

    • J.a. says

      Just a report faithfully mystery lodgement of document about the potential event scheme towards society members that might have connections with stated concerns with the brief the control methods placed on citizens could be under suspicious elite or government manufactured programmes major concerns about the potential threat against our liberties who would trust them if they are planing to use certain information abstained from citizens they might use financial documents received never should have given them that trust because they might have what we are concerned about I’ve lodged requests at some government departments my self just like plenty others but had no idea they could use it against us totally frieightening realisation that would also explain the hostile aggressive use of force against members and myself please include variables but if what is pronounced through here these are extremely dangerous situation just another concern however all truth prevail.

  2. J.a. says

    The purpose of the debriefing seems to tell about our abilities as nation and the social fabric in which we can force a issue to our governments that they work for us and all millitary and police measures are subjected to international overview the sense deprived are to be explained too its easy get out corruption has gone to far thats why the people rage when they are unable to understand the meaning of the term managment so here we are its time to make a change for the better and yep i am expecting a lot money for this so take that to a cell.

  3. Jason says

    What on earth is this all about,Traditional values there are plenty of you”s and them in this domain of earth far from by now we should have and just maybe have made a functional earth to live in however the big business causes effects that ripple through values that effect certain opperating models makes change to the better maybe any way this could be a little more of helpfull benefit to the learned values.

    • j.a. says

      Africa is to be develop that is what the people of the land have been requesting,the amount of money that gets made from the land from resources is huge and yet it is the most poverty stricken area what sort of managment is that they dont want western war machines flying in their sky droping explosives or obama getting his thrills chasing kony who is in control and what can the africans do to survive.

  4. says

    The Hegemonic Crescendo Effect of the Liberal Left

    Much of my life I have watched the political scene with special interest on what seems fair and free of influences from unsavory practitioners with selfish special interests. I have written paper after paper on how we humans leverage for power and control in virtually every circumstance of our lives and I wrote a column about it too. I did not hold back and I guess that is why I am now retired. When it comes to our way of life we either leverage in truths or illusions that seem true but are “silvery” lies. As an advertising marketing expert who was also a newspaperman immersed in the total “Informational Float” of Journalism — I know whereof I speak and think when it comes to the manipulation of the citizenry for political gain.

    No words can describe how inept I feel in trying to tell Humanity how I feel about what is happening to my nation during this present fiasco of electing a candidate for the office of president of these United States. Pure and simple, we the people are being hyped to the ultimate extent with the caliber of flawed character being touted. I fear we will be deprived of our liberty and pursuit of happiness in the very near future due to our lack of understanding and their (the Liberal Media’s) lack of producing the Truth for a change. I am speaking of the media’s responsibility in bringing nothing but the truth. For the life of me, I do not know what hold the Democrats have on the members of the elite media other than hands wrapped around their throats or some universal threat binds them in lies. And, some call this a free nation? I have lived in the newsrooms and know whereof they leverage as a mutual admiration society. I fear they all have something on each other.

    Will someone tell me why Glenn Beck tells it like it is and perhaps Limbaugh and Hanity do also, but after those guys it seems there is no one else who has the balls to report the truth. If I were the FBI or the FBI of my youth that solved every criminal case on TV, I would investigate this to the core — but I fear they have been subsumed by the Obama Administration. The idealistic world of my youth filled with the honesty of John Wayne is not the real world apparently. I truly hate what the Democratic Party has become since I once was a practicing member of that organization. I actually hate what all politics has become no mater what party is in the limelight. I want truth and see no one of import stepping forward to express such. I pray this will change soon.

    What is it? Is it that everyone in Washington is on drugs or, are they all criminals and are criminally vetted by the secret syndicate before they can even get a job and the rest of us citizens in the hinterland are just jokers and the duped. At times I think the general public is a Kept Public. I guess we just do not get it. But the practitioners of this Hegemonic Data just keep pushing it down our throats. They think they can sell anything to the mentality of their target audiences, which includes mostly children and women. With special effects (eye candy) and the power of the secret nature of fantasia or fashion we endure their Laughing Tracks. Hollywood’s writers continue to sell a plethora of fantasia reels that are nothing more than the Triumph of Will (Hitler’s old propaganda movie) for Liberals who want to fragment American Culture for their own use.

    For the past sixty years, we Americans have been watching the “hyping of America” by a shrewdly contrived strategy for manipulation of the human mind. It (the propaganda) has penetrated and permeated the average mentality on a daily basis, and has been pounded home with the frequency necessary to brainwash any average moron too wrapped up in their selves to even recognize the crime. Many feel that they have been the victims of a “spell” cast by a Jedi master – “You will believe everything I/we say.” Most could care less and just believe the sound bites fed to them by the willing media. Most of it (85%) comes from the Liberal Press but there is more. There is high collusion by the participants to the point of believing there is a mastermind organization that is coordinating this concert of Leftist music piped by the piper on a very sophisticated level (see Saul Alinsky or George Soros).

    There is something in the background of all this orchestrated information that we should know about but who are the players? Where are they ensconced and from what source do they get their marching orders? Who is the director of this show? How many major organizations are involved in the dissemination of the information? The American people want to know who and what is in the background of the propaganda of the Left because it is indeed just that, massive and penetrating. We Be Hyped!!!

    The propaganda that is tilting our minds to believe the repetition of the verbiage and the smiling faces that are being pushed upon our wills on a daily basis needs to be known for what it is trying to accomplish. Our minds are being subsumed and mixed up bit by bit. Their plan needs to be laid bare and known and no news organization is trying to go deeper behind the ever-expanding story that is our national wellspring of Freedom. We want to know who is a player and a pawn. We want names and their strategy. We want to know who the opinion leaders are and why they think the way they do. Who is paying whom???

    Please someone give us the MACHINE, so we can know who and what to believe in this coming election. It might be too late to stop some of the lies but at least we will know them for what they are.

    Liberals from Youth to old age seem committed to the Wussing of America for their own hegemonic selfishness. When I was very young, I had my first run-in with Liberalism. I tried to talk to a fellow human being asking if I might get to swing on a playground swing that had just been vacated by a young man whose slot I had been waiting on for a few minutes. The little girl ran up to take the swing away from my grasp and then slapped me in the face. I said I was sorry. I was trying to be nice per my mom’s teachings. From that day forward to this day, folks who, I now know as liberal, to do just what they want to do come hell or high water, have maligned me. Being nice and playing nice are two different things according to them. Advantage Liberalism.

    In high school, I was told that I had won a few honors during the personalities votes by the student body. Many students told me they had voted for me in the lunchroom. My old high school buddy, who happened to be on the student counsel, said he saw the “In kids” on the staff, tear up all the votes for me and throw them away. I won nothing. No sweat. My girl friend that was on the staff at the time felt sorry for me but did not betray her friends, later gave me a token title of Most Witty. I also was the most bid-on slave during Sadie Hawkins Day (an American folk event, made its debut in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner strip November 15, 1937). Some folks liked me enough then. Later when I got my letter jacket for football, I was the only Senior to have a standing ovation after the coach said something about me being less than self-serving and deserved being an all-district candidate. Well, OK.

    Well it was like this the rest of my life. Taking the back seat to the more vociferous guys and gals who always stepped in front to grab life away from my efforts. Well I was just a good old West Texas boy who really didn’t care about the limelight. My mom always hated the way my friends treated me and how I was good to take it. She always said, “If they didn’t like me, they wouldn’t tease me.” That was good enough for me. But at times I really wondered about my “so-called “ friends.

    Then we grew up and I became a member of the demo party for some 20 years and also a journalist and an assistant publisher for a metro newspaper. Well that is where I finally saw how the world was controlled by well-placed opinion-leaders. It was certainly an eye-opening affair. Later I consulted for a Democratic Congressman and a Democratic Governor. I served on the Southern Conference Committee and saw how the inside really worked. I was appalled by the methods used by the party but stayed anyway until I saw who was running for president against President Bush (41). After seeing the new plans and the strategy of the future with informal fallacy wrapped all around the edges, I got out of the party. I became just an American after I saw the Independent Ross Perot dilute the vote of the next election.

    For over fifty years, America has existed, until the war on terror, within the advancing influence of dark issues held in an unholy alliance not unlike the evil shepherds of ancient witchery. These flippant and wicked forces work within the broadcastors of today’s pop-culture to conjure lies for political power-gains to control the uneducated and uninformed masses (80%of the population). Much of America’s Media is culpable in the perpetuation of this liberally controlled alliance. Much of the rest of the world is also on board.

    Issues once held “hallowed” have been “positioned” by liberals into fallacies that corrupt American strategy against terrorism and human freedom. Aid and comfort to the enemy has been the apparent result of such positioning. It seems their (liberals) selfishness is more important than a nation’s security or its individual freedoms. To maintain a national will is counter to their strategy to perpetrate division and fragmentation for selfish gain to their “power” desires.

    Frequently, their rhetoric borders on sedition or treason rather than patriotism…and all of this is amplifying today, in this critical time of a war against terror brought on by September 11, 2001 or 9/11. With friends like this, who needs enemies? All of America needs to stand in unison behind a war against our national interests and the perpetuation of our revered freedom from fear.

    Psychological warfare is the reality of the methodology used by liberals associated with the Democratic Party. It represents a wealth of brainpower designed to create discourse in our nation for their power needs. With insurmountable ties to academic professionals, the party has access to some of the best practitioners of propaganda expertise. Their system is to break down moral fiber and amplify self-indulgent behavior in the electorate. These researchers who profess knowledge of sophisticated propaganda techniques, target audiences preoccupied with their own hardened narcissistic pursuits. Hedonistic music and visual amplification of such can be found within all they purvey and strive to create points of civil contention.

    Liberal Feminism is the human leveraging tool of the Democratic Party’s strategists. This shallow mindset represents impertinence against serious issues that were once part of our national founding principles. Their mission seems pointed at a tendency of human preoccupation with the self rather than an understanding of our national well being for the long term. Domestic issues are reinforced and touted over national security to drive a wedge into our societal makeup. Many in this audience, stir away from any immersion into the political reality until a “sound-bite-moment” prior to the election and then pen their future on false hype.

    This barefaced liberality is birthed and sheathed within the womb of the Democratic Party and then unleashed for any campaign against its vested interests. Its focus and appeal is to our more feminine side and has lately penetrated and metastasized within the mentality of our insecurities and fears as never before. It has recently burgeoned into public acceptance through advertising, marketing strategy and reiteration of the same dismissive slogans and messages broadcast by a one-sided media seeking to change America psychologically if not morally and sexually. If this can be accomplished, they will create a nation “wussed” beyond the pale – one weak and acquiescent.

    Many are unknowing participants in the spread of this selfish mentality, having been emotionally blackmailed via human leveraging methods built on amplification or allaying feelings of guilt not in line with our traditional moral existence. Such morality was once the base from which our nation issued forth set by our forefathers. Now honest citizens are being hyped by a strategy that impacts the selfish needs of individual wants rather than the future welfare of the many. It is high in self-oriented fulfillment not unlike the attitude of a spoiled and recalcitrant child.

    Its appeal is through “soft-entry” slogans and diatribe of the “play nice” politically-correct paradigm of social engineering centered on appeasement or a permissive attitude. It suggests tolerance by its foe, but never shows such in return. It is liberalism’s tool to attack and maintain the human psyche for “their” programmed manipulation. Once in this cauldron, escape is uncertain. Its calling is reiterated constantly through the media of major networks and newspapers via the liberal collective and their agenda, thus reinforcing their manipulative points. This strategy represents a co-opting of the human will designed to create a nation of easily milked cows.

    Strategically placed federal practitioners (read liberal bureaucrats) have done the rest of the social engineering in collusion with their litigious bureaucrats emanating from the beltway of Washington D.C. This liberal attitude has amplified over the last 50 years via their politically emplaced media pundits developed via their strong hold in academic circles. Many of the aforementioned professionals are their own children. Almost as a “Coven of the Wussery”, they have prepared our minds during those years of influence to be politically inept and patriotically dense. We are expected to be more concerned with the more feminine side of existence (showbiz existence) rather than the nation’s security, which is positioned as a moot point and not very much fun.

    The Coven’s messages have been and currently are, couched in singular emotional truths such as “for the children” or “for the environment”—slogans for the bandwagon-effect of Informal Fallacy (lies clothed in tiny truths). These messages are usually found to be outright lies, upon critical dissection, but the sound bites are left in the Information-float (media) that we Americans swim in daily. As an example: Nationally, we have thrown money and programs into education, “for the children,” but the end product produces an adult population reading at less than an eighth grade level and getting dumber as our schools become administratively rich and teacher poor. Support by the liberal NEA provides another control point for the social engineering of our children and their mindsets. Other associations are also culpable in this one-sided manipulation that reaches into the mentality of many parents.

    The characteristic methodology used by the Wussery is “soft entry” hype – designed to hook feminists, soccer-mom audiences or left-leaning kooks. Usually these short messages were powerful, emotional slogans designed to reinforce political correctness or an issue-oriented special interest group like the environmentalists. It always is pabulum for the pop-culture of the “thoroughly modern Millies” who pass it on via their “networked” cell phone collective.

    The American public is completely saturated in liberal sound bites and to say that our nation is over 50 percent wussed-out by the feminist fallacy is an understatement. Though many of us are men, we feel like women. We have become emotional neurotics due to an overly sold pop-culture that is hell-bent on selfish-esteem and pandering. We have been made to play the game of politics as if deference and fawning were the watchwords that built our great culture in the past. But we are wrong. Reality was 9/11.

    But, sweet, precocious little girls did not build this nation. It has been built by hardy ladies and gentlemen who were fearless of other nations and feared God’s fulfillment over potential immoral consequences. The Establishing Generations long ago had moral character and staying power that is now co-opted by the social engineering of the politically correct practitioners. An example of what we once were is reinforced by the recent funeral of Ronald Reagan. He was one in a billion. One we all should emulate.

    Liberal Feminism springs from the shallows of precocious innocence that hides a most evil devil willing to strike an unsuspecting soul from underneath and within. Its smile is a grimace pasted on like smirks flashed by the high-kick chorus line. Smiling faces of the clown and pats on the back have become the “false tools” of the Coven. Playing false is the coven’s means to our end and its persona of innocence is a misrepresentation to our unsuspecting senses couched on “easy” street. It is just one big gay-old (the old version) time. This attitude continues to decay America’s youth.

    Men, who are preoccupied with the mundane, have become too comfortable to recognize the craft of the Wussery or the politically correct. They have been shunted out of the social mix as major players in a liberalized media focused on the female psyche and its perpetuation of eternal security. What women want is the focus and spearhead of the liberal charge at America’s mindset.

    The tenets of emotional blackmail and informal fallacy have saturated every political and social issue presented by the liberal feminists. When faced with truth many liberals become loud and ranting – methods to co-opt another’s defense via controlled chaos. Conversely, they routinely try to make a joke of an issue to tease away the pressure with a “soft-entry” method of cajole – isn’t life funny? Tears are not beyond the techniques of empowerment. These sly practitioners continue to cloud a patriot’s convictions with the dictates of informal fallacy or lie positioned as truths. The selfishness of the temptress has become hard to defray now that it is part of their perceived persona via psychological hardening – “I’m worth it.”

    Because their numbers are astronomical when it comes to support from media, advertising, entertainment and litigation, they have had the clout in all the right places to persuade and perpetuate their case. Compared to the population, the liberal femininists are small in numbers but their methods stress humanity’s overpowering desire for gratification, narcissism and nesting. Selfishness is their over powering trait. The left’s methods are sound-looped into the soft and complacent masses, where they are positioned, leveraged and sold as outright lies positioned as truths or the reality.

    The factions that compose this escalating “coven of the wussery” are easily identified. They are those who would do anything to usurp power from any organization that seeks to conserve America’s foundations or our way of existence. If you are not part of their collective, you are their target and must be subsumed (see Rush Limbaugh). Abject evil is at the root of this wussing of America due to the ferocity evident in its attacks on George W. Bush, a president who tried to reach out to the opposition and had a war to buttress it to the people. Where is the union?

    If the primary methodology is a lie presented as a truth, in persuading our humanity, then negative results always follow. If one were to analyze each and every means used to manipulate our freedoms away from us, the “Lie” is always found within the method. The use of Informal fallacy (see Aristotle’s list of fallacies) using a truth to conceal a lie is their touchstone. Lies can only be maintained by willing experts seeking to leverage an agenda through corrupt information hidden in a singular truth. Once their bandwagon begins to roll, the embedded media emplacements just fall into line in a roaring chorus.

    When one knows the power of self-sustenance and rugged individualism driven by merit, the wussed alternative of victimization, narcissism and false-play seems like a no-brainer. But no—Liberalism created a passion for this alternative life-style positioned as a better power-vehicle for gays, women and politicians seeking to buy their votes. They have created the modern Stepford Wives Syndrome in their own image. Add the skills of the victim’s ploy, to divide and conquer, and a nation is ripe for the terrorism of September 11, 2001. We were too busy being liberally hyped to see it coming. Now we must be aware of the enemy within.

    America must awaken after the many tragedies that continue to fall upon us. When the thousands of lives were taken at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the many other related deaths of innocents aboard the hijacked airlines, America should have never looked back. We must follow through in Iraq and support the actions we as a nation know is necessary for our future. Now, September 11 must not be forgotten and we must never stand in the “darkness of the wussery”. We must “collectively” awaken to the treason that they are laying at our feet and be prepared to stand for our ancient freedoms. They must be exposed for playing this psychological game with the minds of our people. Though subtle, their methods are just as killing as a sword to the throat of Lady Liberty.

    • j.a says

      Ron what do you think of combatants deployed to nations such as africa that work out the legal grounds to serve the interests of a new world order and would they go as far to claim mining rights then serve the public a scam with costs in the millions let alone to mention the trauma that underdeveloped nations have to endure a board of union serves the populace for basic health standards and that should be met these places realy have to get thier act together do you remember those pictures of children of starvation many years ago that was broadcast from the media has anything realy changed not to mention the administrations activities from america just a slight warning to agencies at the momment they might never know how they might end up just ask a child soldier from the jungle.

  5. JASON APOYAN says

    The true league could be here for that is where god-ess stakes the claim,you get support from known forces even when you feel like have been thrown out the world must seem small when in the jungle of trails or on the plains of endless, shared agreement allows for little mistakes.

  6. says

    The kingdom of God is not of this world but of a world to come where it speaks of a world that is inherited by his son Jesus christ. The kingdom is built upon him as the rock of which people were to except him . This world is temporary. Where the kingdom of God is where those who believe and trust will be. the Garden of Eden is eternal or eternity.

    I am not so sure if it is the knowledge in itself that made God mad, it was the fact that she did something she was not suppose to. She was disobedient. Maybe if she would have ask God himself first maybe things would have been differentdifferent


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