Magnetite and Alchemical Embryo of Immortality

Magnetite and Alchemical Embryo of Immortality

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On the Forbidden Letters – by Daniel Witzen

 Part 1 – On magnetite   

“In the human brain, pyramidal cells are present and arranged in layers in the cortex of the two cerebra.”[H. Coetzee, Ph.D.]

[ Brain Magnetite ]

 Many people ask themselves, why did Egypt’s pyramids have the shape of a pentahedron? And was the first pentahedron designed by an Egyptian, or did Egypt look at mother nature for the pyramidal shape? Because both the pentahedron and the double pentahedron, the octahedron, exist in nature: as lodestone.
Lodestone is found in most parts of the world, usually in the form of magnetite (Fe3O4). It is the only natural magnet on earth:

 [ Magnetite ]

Either way, designed by man, or copied from the shape of magnetite, the pyramid represents the microcosmic Ben-ben Stone, also known as the Grailstone or Philosopher’s Stone: the agent to the alchemical fire of kundalini in the human body. Hence pyramid, meaning: ‘fire in the middle,’ or ‘fire in there.’
Now, the Paris 4 say that that stone is ‘pointy.’ And this could then imply a penta-, or octahedron. This possibility is all the more gripping, since magnetite is also found in the human brain and the Stone of Transmutation conceivably produced of that brain. ‘First the head is decapitated, then the Stone is produced.'[The Paris 4] (The ancient alchemists of Greece even called that stone the lithos egkefalos, meaning: brain-stone / Jung, MC, pars 626.)
John Raven, commenting on the Forbidden Letters, also conjectured that it’s ‘a possibility that the Stone is produced of the old microcosmic head And that the head placed back after the Kundalini-fire is again that Stone. This would mean that there are as many Grails as there are human heads.'[Raven]
Animals too possess biogenic magnetite and it is believed that this helps them to detect the earth’s magnetic field. In the human body, to be complete, magnetite is found in

  • a) the cerebral cortex,
  • b) the cerebellum, and
  • c) in meninges (membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord).

In other words: in the Tree of Life.

Part 2 – On the Alchemical Embryo of Immortality     


In his 1962 book Patanjali and Yoga Mircea Eliade tells us that, according to Chinese alchemy, ‘the tan-t’ien, the ‘fields of cinnabar,’ are to be found in the most secret recesses of the brain and belly; here it is that the embryo of immortality is alchemically prepared.’ [Eliade, 1962:111] This is strange, because only parts of the Tree of Life and it’s cakra’s are located in the brain and belly. The root-, heart-, and throat-cakra for instance are not. So what is preparing that embryo of immortality that brain and belly are involved? Do the brain and belly have something in common for instance? The answer is yes: braincells. Because it was discovered ‘that both our gut and our brain originate early in embryogenesis from the same clump of tissue which divides during fetal development. While one section turns into the central nervous system, another piece migrates to become the enteric nervous system. Later the two nervous systems connect via a cable called the vagus nerve — the longest of all the cranial nerves whose name is derived from Latin, meaning “wandering.” The vagus nerve meanders from the brain stem through the neck and finally ends up in the abdomen.There’s the brain-gut connection.‘[J.S. Rubin]
The gut’s brain, or second brain, known as the enteric nervous system (ENS), ‘is located in sheaths of tissue lining the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and colon.'[Ibid.]
Dr. Michael Gershon, a professor of anatomy and cell biology at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, dubs ‘the entire gastrointestinal system the body’s second nervous system. “The brain is not the only place in the body that’s full of neurotransmitters,” says Dr. Gershon. “A hundred million neurotransmitters line the length of the gut, approximately the same number that is found in the brain.” – ‘[Ibid.]
If we then ‘add the nerve cells of the esophagus, stomach and large intestine, there are more nerve cells in the gut than there are in the entire remainder of the peripheral nervous system. Nearly every chemical that controls the brain in the head has been identified in the gut, including hormones and neurotransmitters.'[Ibid.]
This all could mean that the ancient alchemists already new about the gut-brain. Just like they new about biophotons, before these photons were ‘discovered’ by scientists in 1938. From the Pedro Caz-article on the Forbidden Letters at World Mysteries:

[ Biophoton-image (left) of the human hand ]

‘That cells emitted light was first suggested in 1938 by the Russian biologist Alexander Gurwitsj. ‘Every living system emits, absorbs, and stores light, (…) and every living cell emits at least 100.000 light particles per second.'[Boswinkel] Untill today though ‘nobody knows how biophotons are being produced. A thing that seems certain is that they are messengers or bosons. They carry information.'[Boswinkel]'[Richard Morley at  ]
‘The “refracted rays of the Divine in the world and in created things (Caussin)” correspond to the “certain luminosity” which the alchemists said was inherent in the natural world.‘[Jung, MC, par. 344/emphasis added]



from the Editor

God having human Experience?

We are God having a human experience. [ Bernard Haisch ]

I believe that consciousness and its contents are all that exists. Spacetime, matter and fields never were the fundamental denizens of the universe but have always been, from their beginning, among the humbler contents of consciousness, dependent on it for their very being.
The world of our daily experience—the world of tables, chairs, stars and people, with their attendant shapes, smells, feels and sounds—is a species-specific user interface to a realm far more complex, a realm whose essential character is conscious. It is unlikely that the contents of our interface in any way resemble that realm. Indeed the usefulness of an interface requires, in general, that they do not. For the point of an interface, such as the windows interface on a computer, is simplification and ease of use. We click icons because this is quicker and less prone to error than editing megabytes of software or toggling voltages in circuits.

Evolutionary pressures dictate that our species-specific interface, this world of our daily experience, should itself be a radical simplification, selected not for the exhaustive depiction of truth but for the mutable pragmatics of survival. If this is right, if consciousness is fundamental, then we should not be surprised that, despite centuries of effort by the most brilliant of minds, there is as yet no physicalist theory of consciousness, no theory that explains how mindless matter or energy or fields could be, or cause, conscious experience. There are, of course, many proposals for where to find such a theory—perhaps in information, complexity, neurobiology, neural darwinism, discriminative mechanisms, quantum effects, or functional organization. But no proposal remotely approaches the minimal standards for a scientific theory: quantitative precision and novel prediction. If matter is but one of the humbler products of consciousness, then we should expect that consciousness itself cannot be theoretically derived from matter. [ DONALD HOFFMAN, Cognitive Scientist, UC, Irvine; Author, Visual Intelligence ]

Reflect on this sequence of images:

M31 – The Andromeda Galaxy. Courtesy of NASA

Electron microsope photo of human chromosomes.

Human egg cell

Human egg cell and sperm

8 cell human embryo

Human development starts when a sperm fuses with an egg to create a zygote. A zygote is a single-cell that contains two copies of chromosomes—one copy from each parent. In the week following fertilization, the zygote undergoes rapid cell division and becomes a mass of cells known as a blastocyst. After more cell division, the blastocyst splits in half.   One half of the blastocyst will become the placenta and the other half will become the fetus. But just 12 days after fertilization, the cells destined to become the fetus turn into something else first: the embryo.   By the month’s end, this embryo is about the size of a grain of rice, and it looks more tadpole than human, donning a tail in lieu of legs. But already, its surface features and major organs—the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys—are starting to take shape. Source:

Human embryo four weeks after conception

Six week old human embryo. Photo:Getty

9 month fetus – ready to be born

Human Experience

Your life is another chance for the Universe to become self-aware…
or at least to perpetuate the cycle of life.

“The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”[ The Kybalion ]

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’
As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’
[ The Bible, Acts 17:28 ]

“As above, so below” [ The Emerald Tablet – Hermes Trismegistus] 
‘That which is above is the same as that which is below” … Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos.
The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries.
All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula.

“The Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine.”
[ Sir James Jeans, astrophysicist ]

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
[ Teihard de Chardin ]

Not that which the eye can see, but that whereby the eye can see:
know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
Not that which the ear can hear, but that whereby the ear can hear:
know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
Not that which speech can illuminate, but that by which speech can be illuminated:
know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore;
Not that which the mind can think, but that whereby the mind can think:
know that to be Brahman the eternal, and not what people here adore.
[ The Kena Upanishad ]

The seeker is he who is in search of himself. Give up all questions except one: ‘Who am I?’ After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are. The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’ is not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality. To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not. Discover all that you are not — body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that — nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you. The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive. The clearer you understand that on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end of your search and realise that you are the limitless being.
[ Nisargadatta Maharaj ]

“Why are you unhappy? Because 99.9 per cent of everything you think, and of everything you do, is for “yourself “- and there isn’t one.  [ Terence Gray ]

When you renounce your attachment, there is nothing to shake you. It is the feeling of possession, of clinging, that disturbs the mind. [ Buddha’s teaching paraphrased by Satchidananda ]

Advaita is a sanskrit word that literally means “not two”. Synonyms of Advaita are non-duality (nonduality, non duality). Advaita is not a philosophy or a religion. Non-duality is an experience in which there is no separation between subject and object; a “me” and the rest of the universe; a “me” and God. It is the experience of consciousness, our true nature, which reveals itself as absolute happiness, love and beauty. Consciousness is defined as that, whatever that is, which is aware of these very words right here, right now. [ Francis Lucille ]

Please read the entire post on our BLOGThe Self-Aware Universe

PS: What is Love?

“Fireflies out on a warm summer’s night, seeing the urgent, flashing, yellow-white phosphorescence below them, go crazy with desire; moths cast to the winds an enchantment potion that draws the opposite sex, wings beating hurriedly, from kilometers away; peacocks display a devastating corona of blue and green and the peahens are all aflutter; competing pollen grains extrude tiny tubes that race each other down the female flower’s orifice to the waiting egg below; luminescent squid present rhapsodic light shows, altering the pattern, brightness and color radiated from their heads, tentacles, and eyeballs; a tapeworm diligently lays a hundred thousand fertilized eggs in a single day; a great whale rumbles through the ocean depths uttering plaintive cries that are understood hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, where another lonely behemoth is attentively listening; bacteria sidle up to one another and merge; cicadas chorus in a collective serenade of love; honeybee couples soar on matrimonial flights from which only one partner returns; male fish spray their spunk over a slimy clutch of eggs laid by God-knows-who; dogs, out cruising, sniff each other’s nether parts, seeking erotic stimuli; flowers exude sultry perfumes and decorate their petals with garish ultraviolet advertisements for passing insects, birds, and bats; and men and women sing, dance, dress, adorn, paint, posture, self-mutilate, demand, coerce, dissemble, plead, succumb, and risk their lives.

To say that love makes the world go around is to go too far. The Earth spins because it did so as it was formed and there has been nothing to stop it since. But the nearly maniacal devotion to sex and love by most of the plants, animals, and microbes with which we are familiar is a pervasive and striking aspect of life on Earth. It cries out for explanation. What is all this in aid of? What is the torrent of passion and obsession about? Why will organisms go without sleep, without food, gladly put themselves in mortal danger for sex? … For more than half the history of life on Earth organisms seem to have done perfectly well without it. What good is sex?… Through 4 billion years of natural selection, instructions have been honed and fine-tuned…sequences of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts, manuals written out in the alphabet of life in competition with other similar manuals published by other firms. The organisms become the means through which the instructions flow and copy themselves, by which new instructions are tried out, on which selection operates.

‘The hen,’ said Samuel Butler, ‘is the egg’s way of making another egg.’ It is on this level that we must understand what sex is for. … The sockeye salmon exhaust themselves swimming up the mighty Columbia River to spawn, heroically hurdling cataracts, in a single-minded effort that works to propagate their DNA sequences into future generation. The moment their work is done, they fall to pieces. Scales flake off, fins drop, and soon–often within hours of spawning–they are dead and becoming distinctly aromatic.

They’ve served their purpose.  Nature is unsentimental.  Death is built in.”    – Carl Sagan


  1. Thomas James Segel says

    “For the Dream of Peace”
    By: Thomas J. Segel

    The sky so blue, the sea so green.
    A more lovely sight is seldom seen.
    The wind blows and carries my mind away.
    To a distant land, and another day.

    I see a village by the shore.
    A thatch-roofed hut and an open door.
    The nets are strung on a beam outside.
    They are being sewn with strings of hide.

    I can hear the pounding drum.
    Calling in each and every one.
    From their work and from their play.
    For this was a special day.

    The yield of the sea had been kind.
    There was food for all to find.
    And offered for a special feast.
    To ride the wind, to tame the beast.

    All who came did dance and eat.
    Some sat down by the Master’s feet.
    To listen to the words he spoke.
    Within their hearts the silence broke.

    I am here to reveal to you.
    The causes of the things you do.
    To plant within your heart a seed.
    To fill even your deepest need.

    To share the mystery of love.
    To show you dreams from up above.
    To lift your heart and make you whole.
    To begin the stirring of your soul.

    Be still and know the silence now.
    A small still voice will tell you how.
    To kindle the fire that dwells within.
    Which is the place you must begin.

    In silence your soul will speak.
    Of the things that men do seek.
    Softly spoken and seldom heard.
    Comes the most enchanting word.

    I am who you are.
    Together we are a rising star.
    To shine above for all to see.
    To find who they must really be.

    The journey of your soul must start.
    In the essence of your heart.
    For it is that precious seed.
    That overpowers hate and greed.

    To build anew compassion’s fire.
    To make love your heart’s desire.
    Let your heart direct your course.
    Yielding to its tender force.

    Standing naked at love’s door.
    Cross the threshold with nothing more.
    For only love may enter in.
    Then from the heart flow out again.

    Filled with joy and filled with pain.
    The journey of your soul remains.
    A mystery in your conscious mind.
    Bound by space, locked in time.

    In love is found the key.
    To open up eternity.
    For love cannot be bound.
    Within it is the freedom found.
    To lift your heart and make you high.
    The answer to the question why.

    And to love what would you give.
    For it allows your soul to live.
    Asking nothing in return.
    Hoping every heart will learn.

    Love needs nothing but itself to grow.
    Once the heart is full, it overflows.
    To spill out across the skies.
    To open up the blinded eyes.
    To remind the heart of man.
    So that you may take a stand.

    And do all that must be done.
    For you are the only one.
    Who can make the change today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    Again he lifted high his voice.
    And said that peace must be the choice.
    Too long has war been on the land.
    Too long has man been killing man.

    What causes the killing need.
    That comes from fear and comes from greed.
    You have forgotten where you come from.
    The journey back is hard for some.

    To hear the calling of your soul.
    To remember the things you know.
    That have always been a part of you.

    It is part of the job at hand.
    To raise the consciousness of man.
    To stop the war that wages within.
    The only place you can begin.

    When peace is found one heart at a time.
    The nations will follow down the line.
    For when you realize you are your brother.
    You can no longer hurt one another.

    Peace will come from the inside out.
    Then no longer will you shout.
    Filled with hurt and filled with pain.
    For only peace will then remain.

    In passing time, all wounds will heal.
    And you will know then what is real.
    Peace may shape the destiny of man.
    Then once again rule the land.

    But it is you who must choose.
    Will humanity win or lose.
    The changes must start today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    The words I speak draw you near.
    It is the truth you long to hear.
    Truth is a gem among the coal.
    It is the food that feeds the soul.

    Forged again in passion’s fire.
    And becomes the soul’s desire.
    It is in truth that love can grow.
    It is in truth that peace we know.

    It is life and love you give.
    When within the truth you live.
    In truth awakening begins.
    In truth the light may enter in.
    May the light fill your soul.
    May the higher calling be your goal.

    By now many people had come.
    Brought by the pounding of the drum.
    To the Master they pressed near.
    He climbed a hill so all could hear.

    As he lifted up his hand.
    A stillness fell upon the land.
    You have all become my heart.
    More words to you will I impart.

    The deepness of the truth you feel.
    Bears witness to what is real.
    And what you know within your soul.
    Shows forth in the brightness of your being.

    When enlightened is the path you walk.
    Joy is found in the way you talk.
    What causes this enlightening.
    From what does this joy now spring.
    Again the trail will lead within.
    To the place you must begin.

    For only in silent thought.
    Is the power of creation caught.
    From there it is the light does flow.
    And in your heart you will know.

    The light is meant to share with all.
    And any who will hear the call.
    Knowing when the call is heard.
    That you will receive the word.
    The word is love, peace, truth, and joy.
    Found in the heart of girl and boy.

    As my gaze falls upon the sea.
    I know this joy is meant to be.
    Now others pay while I go free.
    For the doors are open to me.

    I behold the wonder of it all.
    And listen to my spirit call.
    In recent dreams and ancient time.
    Live eternal thoughts sublime.

    In the shadowed light I seek.
    The meaning of the words I speak.
    Found in the heart of all.
    Indwelling in the trees so tall.

    Heard in the muted breath.
    Intertwined in life and death.
    Reaching for the faded thing.
    Listening to freedom ring
    And sound aloud for all mankind.
    Marking well for all who find.
    That simple peace within your heart.
    Again the place that you must start.

    So, beloved, take the chance.
    Join me in the sacred dance.
    Rise and let your spirit fly.
    Racing through the windswept sky.
    That you may touch the silver strand.
    Tied to us by God’s own hand.

    As the sun sets upon the shore.
    The knowledge of your heart will soar.
    Awake again in mystic dreams.
    The knowledge of eternal things.
    Found at the point of peace within.
    Again the place you must begin.

    And the truth that you do find.
    Must be shared with human kind.
    We stand in the temple of the sun.
    With no place for us to run.

    We must be at peace in our home.
    We will never be alone.
    All creation reaches out.
    It shows us without a doubt.

    That we will never cease to be.
    It is the same for you and me.
    Eternal dreams are now.
    In your heart you know how.

    Though we stand on the line.
    The wind blows the sand of time.
    From here and now to evermore.
    So together let’s step through the door.

    To make the world a better place.
    At this point in time and space.
    When you realize that we are one.
    The people, the planet, and the setting sun.

    Be then mindful of what you do.
    For what touches one touches all of you.
    To the Earth you must be kind.
    Learning well from what you find.

    In each treasure you behold.
    Is a sacred story told.
    Of awesome wonder, bold delight.
    The precious gift, the clearest sight.
    Is there for any who will see.
    And in the knowing you will be.

    Darkness settled on the land.
    In the torch light he did stand.
    The people hungered for his words.
    And cherished the treasures heard.

    Old and young, big and small.
    Silence was upon them all.
    The Master called a young one near.
    Then said to all that would hear.

    If you could look through this one’s eyes.
    You would see the truth and hear the cries.
    Of all of those yet to come.
    You would do what must be done.

    Your thoughts are of yesterday.
    But tomorrow’s child will lead the way.
    And follow him you must.
    If in love and peace you trust.

    We stand upon common ground.
    Together our lives are bound.
    By the one within us all.
    Hoping we will hear the call.

    Whispered from that timeless place.
    Found upon the child’s face.
    In the touch of a stranger’s hand.
    Compassion in a foreign land.

    The song that causes the heart to sing.
    The tenderness that love does bring.
    Helping the helpless child.
    The gentle spirit, meek and mild.

    Let this moment fill your soul.
    Listen to the things you know.
    Take another by the hand.
    Help someone to understand.
    What has been given, give away.
    Let us start a brand new day.

    It is you I treasure in my heart.
    What draws you here marks the start.
    Of changes in your world today.
    Within your heart you’ll find the way.

    The moon had risen in the sky.
    The people stood with a watchful eye.
    One said Master, tell us more.
    How may we pass through the door?

    With his words he firmly said.
    From the darkness you were led.
    Now for you the time has come.
    To share the light with everyone.

    Let your highest thought be love.
    The kind that flows from up above.
    Let your clearest word be spoken.
    Healing hearts that have been broken.

    Let every heart beat as one.
    Under the temple of the sun.
    Let everyone become his brother.
    In the heart of God there is no other.

    Let compassion fill your soul.
    Teaching well from what you know.
    Let peace be the path you walk.
    Showing forth in how you talk.

    Let your truth light the way.
    Breaking darkness of the day.
    Let everyone do his part.
    To heal our planet from the heart.

    Let everyone hear the voice within.
    Which will direct you home again.
    It was now the second day of the feast.
    Of riding the wind, of taming the beast.

    The people watched for the Master to come.
    While they danced to the sound of the drum.
    He was the treasure of their land.
    For he helped them to understand.

    Though alone, he was never apart.
    For he was held dearly in each one’s heart.
    He arrived on the fourth hour of the day.
    All of the people made clear his way.

    For him was made a special seat.
    Built with love to the flow of the beat.
    In their midst he sat above them all.
    With outstretched arms, let his spirit call.
    To any there that would hear.
    So he could once again draw them near.

    As silence fell upon that place.
    He began to speak with heavenly grace.
    My eyes have seen the love you hold.
    From my heart another story told.

    In dreams of this boundless sea.
    Timeless visions come to me.
    We are but a vapor in the wind.
    But our soul continues without end.

    So that when a life falls away.
    It is to begin a brand new day.
    The sorrow belongs to those left behind.
    The departed enters a joy hard to find.
    So let your sorrow be brief.
    May you feel joy and not grief.

    The love that has passed between is forever.
    Deep within your heart you will never.
    Have to say good-bye, but farewell.
    In another place, another time.
    Locked inside an ancient rhyme.
    You shall see each other again.
    It is only the soul that knows when.

    I feel the Earth breathe with the surge of the sea.
    I am filled with the power it gives to me.
    I once again dwell in that timeless place.
    I feel the love of the gentle race.
    That lives within every heart.
    Again the place that you must start.

    The message I give is clear.
    He who has ears, let him hear.
    He who has eyes, let him see.
    The wondrous glory meant to be.

    Thus were the words he spoke at the feast.
    It was he who rode the wind and tamed the beast.
    For all who heard let their spirits fly.
    On mystic winds of eternal sky.
    Within each heart the beast was tamed.
    So no one would ever be the blame.

    And so it is that this story is told.
    To any who will hear and take hold.
    Of the truth contained within.
    Again the place you must begin.

    Thomas James Segel

  2. Ab Asaff says

    “I think therefor I am.”
    There you are my bright little star. Miles and files of your forfather’s fruit and now to suit our great computer, your magnificences.

    “I am more than that, at least I think I must be.”

    There you go man, keep as cool as you can. Face piles of trials with smiles. It beguiles them that you see the web they weave, and keep on thinking free.

    “The Moody Blues”, Ride My Seesaw from the album, “In Search Of The Lost Chord.” Circa 1967

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