The Overlords Prey Upon Our Mental Sloth!

The Overlords Prey Upon Our Mental Sloth! 

The psycho-technique of third-party manipulation will make slaves of us all

By Ron O. Cook
MachiavelliNiccolo Machiavelli, the great Italian philosopher was considered the master of the “third-party manipulation theory” which allowed rulers, leaders, lovers, and thieves to leverage undetectable power for the eventual benefit of covert megalomania. He created the secrets to human exploitation for the benefit of evil practitioners.  Machiavelli was the sixteenth century political consultant to despots of principalities scattered all over Europe.  In his dissertation called The Prince, he described methods that created conflict in populations so that a third-party could create factions that bickered among themselves while the prince secretly maneuvered each group toward social war via spin and propaganda that was strategically planned beforehand.  It was Human Chess.  His words are just as applicable today.  While the parties at war (such as our own liberals and conservatives) are stealthily coaxed and counseled by the puppet strings of the hidden (prince) whose social engineering is also being manifest to create new wealth for the (prince’s) power needs…humanity suffers from too much governance.   Such chicanery gave Bill Clinton his present-day finances…(remember Clinton’s legal defense fund)? Obama is following the same pathway via Machiavelli’s courseware.
Machiavelli described the method this way:
First, win the confidence of the city, group, or suitor which is disgruntled or disunited and be seen as the great arbitrator of their differences (see Racial Declarations).  While agents of the prince create fragmentation of the groups, which polarize outside entitles, the prince gives slight support to the weaker of the parties — they are useful victims to his propaganda and strategic endeavors.  Subjugation is to be avoided for fear that they will attack you directly and in force. 

The objective is to exhaust the energy of the participants at odds through their own wailing, fighting, killing, courting, and bickering to the point that they all seek the middle man’s dictate.  Of course, one needs very good agents,” (read fawning or compromised media).

One wonders about this concept of third-party manipulationHumanity could be the butt of this omnipotent joke.  Consider that wars have been manipulating the masses throughout history — who really won?  Certainly — not the people who died and suffered in those wars. Many times the third-party is not truthfully known to be the real manipulating cause of humanity’s plight.  Is he god or is he a hidden overlord who we will never discern?  He or They are never known publicly. This is real power.  Dark shepherds are those who hide and reap the power of their manipulations.  They use others to whisper in your ear.

Who would benefit from a war among nations? Manufacturers of war apparatuses for sure.  Eventually, there is much money to be made by those in power; though, they merely sit back and give consolation and maybe even fiery language to irradiate the processes of devious flux. It is all to keep your focus off of the ball.  Keeping the people volatile, ready to flame forth with just a spark, is the key to custodial success if you are one for whom strategic-watching is an occupation.

To cause wealth and health to move while in turmoil, along with an uninformed populous in confusion, is the point of making constant changes in laws and policies.  Keep the serfs guessing.  Lady Clinton’s National Health Plan was perhaps one of the greatest tools for hoodwinking the public. Obamacare became the result of this massive takeover of American Freedom. Hillary Clinton just set it up for the future which is Now.  Politicos may always tout its benefits to humanity while Universal Health Planning usurps freedoms, increases hidden taxes, encourages immigration (for more voters) and represents a tool for eradication of the sickest even though not ill…in truth, only spirit.
Factionalism is perhaps the ultimate tool for slight-of-the-hand governance.  If a third-party wished to gain power over an old power, it could create many little issues plagued by petty wars or political infighting so that numerous groups and individuals could see themselves as victims that need the arbitration of a strong government of socialistic commitment. Victims and the weak are easily taken in when bought out with trinkets or toys.  Positioning a popular wrong in the mind of the populace starts the body to raging, then secret action can be marshaled — sort of like the last election where Obama forcefully held all the cards unbeknownst to Romney Strategists. When they woke up, the election was over and they had been had by a political criminality that few conservatives would have conceived (see vote buying).  Liberals with media, entertainment ties circumvented conventional means by targeting the uninformed voter.  The Republicans probably don’t know how to manipulate via third party leveraging or they just don’t have the agents (read liberal media propagandists of psychographic means).
Rush Limbaugh, and other radio talk shows will survive until a third-party gig is put on them.  Hopefully people like Chris Matthews and the other talking-head gods of the media will have long fallen to the awakening patriots of real democracy pointed at a free media since the media’s freedom is held by threatening gatekeepers.  Limbaugh’s future will be dependent upon his knowledge of the pitfalls of too much wrangling and not enough research into liberalism’s broad-minded technique of wussing America.  If the opposition to Limbaugh were to position him as a third-party manipulation-device, a mere tool for some hidden dark shepherd of custodial demeanor, then the liberals would be rid of him much to our loss of balance in the presentation of political wisdom. One problem — Limbaugh is seemingly truthful and does not fall in to being manipulated by shrewd yet evil strategists Hell-bent upon his destruction.
The point of this tiny treatise is that we are being had by ulterior and perhaps exterior motives.  We are the slaves of their design due to our universal lack of insight and awareness. Once a victim, we are destroyed. The general populace always treads upon the grounds of slavery when it succumbs to manipulation that takes its freedoms away for a level playing field/s.  Usually in the end, we slaves lose to the very causes we believe in.  An example is the feminist movement; which will cause us to lose our jobs, our children, our spouses, our self-respect, and our nation if we believe that one part of our multicultural society is better than all the rest. Currently, Womanhood is being leveraged to destroy our own humanity by the major “Kiss Up” to female wants (See the Malls of Soft-Entry) that are selfish and one-sided.  Special privileges to certain “eccentric” factions will kill our military and then open our nation to the nihilist invaders because we couldn’t see that the media was controlled by a brotherhood of third-party “man-ip-ulators”— positioning ideas to take our lives and livelihood away. They are dividing us through our own families at every turn of the dial or click of the texting device. Are we lost?
In some nations of the world, when a government gets out of hand and no longer is condoned by its constituencies; such a government may be voted out of office with a “No Confidence Vote” by its parliamentary representatives or its people. This can happen in America’s Congress if there are enough votes to bring it to the floor. Currently we the people have little voice to bring this to the fore. Citizens of America need to consider a media blitz that would allow the current Democratic controlled government in our nation to be deposed by a national vote to bring it to the Obama administration’s attention that we are already fed up with what they are putting on the Taxpaying American People who do not care to pay out their future livelihood/s for those who do not strive of their own volition.
The American People are being “Put Upon” by design of the Democratic Party to bring back their socialist agenda that fully one half of us do not give a damn to entertain. We need some voice to stop this government from following through.   
Make war on the third-party manipulators instead of your fellow humans. This could be our best Machiavellian strategy!  Now, see if you can find the “Dark Shepherds” hiding in plain sight.

Copyright 2013 Ron O. Cook



  1. says

    Good article, Mr. Cook. Satan, or the Devil, is the progenitor of chaos and lies. He is behind much of the manipulation and power-seeking on this planet. Our fallen nature provides plenty of greed and its ultimate objective: power. Remember Orwell’s dictum in 1984: The object of power is power. The shadow government seeks to level culture and economics preparatory to establishing a world state. Conquest can be through jihad or socialism–violence or economic levelling. The end result will be the same. Machiavelli understood this perfectly.

    • says

      Indeed so Daniel. It is axiomatic to me to see this happening to our world. But, there are those who cannot see the happenstance whereby this situation is manifesting right before our eyes.

      Thank you,
      Ron O.

  2. Doug Yurchey says

    Hemp, which is what we are talking about; not the made-up word ‘marihuana,’ destroys nothing and is God’s great gift to be USED. It has too many wonderful and important uses to be ignored or misunderstood by people who will not learn. Every week new ‘pot’ stores legally open up in this town of LA.
    You are wrong, Ron…about your friends and students. It was other things! You don’t know it was weed alone – it is YOUR belief that pot was the culprit and you are wrong. You WANT to believe that for some crazy reason…while the rest of the world knows better. Try telling other countries it’s BAD or the AMA before 1937 when they realized it’s amazing benefits. The world isn’t wrong, Ron.
    It relaxes you – you are not in a state of disease, but EASE. You are not a victim of stress under its influences; you relax; you move your bowels; you have a smile on your face and one of the most important benefits to the sick…it makes YOU EAT…while illnesses take away appetite.
    What kind of teacher wears blinders and only sees what he wants to see? Not a person of science. Someone like Archie Bunker – and certainly not any kind of futurist.

    • says

      One of my greatest — a student, friend, employee and great state representative passed away two days ago with cancer. He tried everything and had the best doctors to help. He died alone and they did not find his body for days. Hemp did not help him. Hemp destroyed four of my students and caused deterioration of their brain cells. I don’t know Doug, I just cannot buy into your viewpoint but you have a right to your thoughts. I have an association with many universities and institutions here in Texas and have consulted for them as well as the state government. I guess it is different from place to place. But do not make the mistake that I am not scientific, philosophical nor futuristic in my pronouncements. I try as well as you to know whereof we exist. Cheers…and good luck.

  3. says

    See… This is exactly how it works…

    “First, win the confidence of the city, group, or suitor which is disgruntled or disunited and be seen as the great arbitrator of their differences (see Racial Declarations). While agents of the prince create fragmentation of the groups, which polarize outside entitles, the prince gives slight support to the weaker of the parties — they are useful victims to his propaganda and strategic endeavors. Subjugation is to be avoided for fear that they will attack you directly and in force.

  4. Doug Yurchey says

    btw…RON. You’ve screwed up plenty of my articles. I’m glad I could return the favor…only with some sanity.

  5. Doug Yurchey says

    But the only ones that have and continue to make slaves of us are the RICH, the bankers, the NWO, the Royalty, the Vatican, the 1% on top of your social pyramid. Why don’t I hear you condemn the rich or secret societies? Common man? You condemn people who smoke POT and you continue to mention ‘POT’…when the truth is it is the healthiest thing you can put into your lungs; CURING CANCER!! You are thinking of TOBACCO and THAT is what you should rage against…and also rage against a dependence on BOOZE. But, I only hear you fight against our industrial salvation and health salvation…that is WEED, my friend…or, I should say its proper usage: industrially and internally…the way it once was before the fascists (which you and people like Jordan Maxwell seem to admire!) took over and killed true Democracy.
    Common man? And you stick up for them? I’ve heard or read your words where you BASH GAYS. I’m not gay, but I will defend their rights. I’m not a woman, but I will defend their rights. You’ll defend the common man as long as we think like YOU. Dare be different and you’re in trouble. Gee, what fascist leader does that sound like? ALL OF THEM…

    • says

      Doug, I have seen Pot destroy many of my students and that is why I always address some of your posts. Some of them are dead due to Pot. If it cures cancer, why did it not help my good buddy who just died yesterday of cancer. I do not bash gays for being gay, I bash those who use them to leverage political decay and immorality. If you have not noticed, I am different from most. I stand for the right to have our own opinion about many things; but, I do not shout in their faces and demand that they give up their hard earned money for those who sat in our classrooms making jokes and playing away their lives having a BLAST. I am for moderation if anything and I believe you know that. I am for the middle way.

      Secondly, if I messed up any of your work, I am sincerely sorry. I do believe in everyone’s right to voice their own opinions. I have enjoyed many of your creations and until now, I truly admired your work.

      I suggest we just step back and agree that some things we write about just do not fit our other sides…Anon.

  6. Doug Yurchey says

    Machiavelli is NO hero. He’s only a hero to the masons and Illuminati which Mr. Cook is a card-carrying member; figuratively speaking, but maybe not. All I read was ‘Mental Sloth’ and I knew this was a Ron O. special…and I was right. We need a secret-decoder-ring to translate anything written from this man. I really wish the webmaster would stop posting people who have AGENDAS…and are really part of the problem. They, of course, are the first people to tell us what’s going on RATHER than letting us see what is really going on without the NWO’s tinted lenses. Just STOP. No one’s listening and it all doesn’t matter…

    • says

      I don’t think you read this properly. Unless you are just pot-shot, I am trying to stand up for common man. I do know that California taints some views with smoke — are you sure your agendas are not lurking in the background??? Anon.

      Have a good day, Doug
      Ron O. Cook

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